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tv   FOX 35 News at 10PM  FOX  March 6, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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now, on fox 35 news. >> police stepping up patrols at bike week. >> marco rubio. his second primary win. talks to us on how he plans to beat donald trump. >> orlando city fans. deja vu coming down to the wire. >> warmer weather in store for your work week. is spring getting a jump start in central florida. we'll let you know. your news starts right now. >> good evening we start with breaking news in volusia county. a pedestrian hit and killed by an suv. it happened less than two hours ago in daytona. live at the scene with the
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>> yeah we do know a man has died after he was hit by an suv here in daytona beach. let's go to video we shot earlier this evening. a man said, he saw the persons body laying in the middle of the road. he was wondering if it was his friend. this man was hit when an suv was in the street. he died there his injuries. let's listen into what this man had to say. >> i see a lot of people crossing back and forth. now, authorities said that driver did stop and is cooperating with police. there is still no word on if that driver may face any charges but again we do know that a man
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suv right here in daytona beach. this road has reopened in 15 or 20 minutes. reporting live david william. >> a major traffic change, construction crews begin work in less than two hours. they won't be done in less than a year. project. look at the area crews will be focused on opinion garland avenue between colonial and markes. tracy joining us live with the details. tracy, good evening. >> high andrea. i'm actually at the intersection where that closure is going to begin at midnight. corner of garland and colonial drive the closure back up behind me a few blocks all the way up to marks treat. 8,000 people travel here each
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maybe not this particular stretch. but you can imagine it's going to be busy. you can good to our website and we'll have a link on the tee tours. >> the signs are everywhere. girning at midnight tonight. garland avenue between colonial and marks street will be closed 414 months. the long closure is negative for construction of drainage and bridge work. and to realign garland after. >> we of a 14 months closure of garland. the closure is necessary for screws to get in here and incompetent stall drainage relocate utilities and realign garland avenue push it to the east so we have room to widen i4. >> while fdot works on garland. city crews will work on marks
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a number of crews to watch out for. recently a construction worker died after a dump truck hit him or her. >> if you're heading northbound head over to magnolia. if you're heading south head to orange avenue. fourteen months a pretty long time. go ahead and good to our website. can you go on to a link that will take you to all the tee tour that's you need to know about. it will make you're commute easier for a long time. >> off a crime alert. orange county deputies searching for two suspect that shot east orlando home. one suspect knocked on the door of a home. said, he was looking for a man at the address. when the suspect learned he was not at the home. the second suspect pulled out a gun and fired several shots
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both suspect ran away. no one hurt. a man robbed a bank and dropped the money outside. he was caught today. he robbed the bank on sea breeze but left the money. in jail on $20,000 bond. one more primary and one more caucus being held tonight. in main ted cruz one the gop caucus late last night. tonight bernie sanders getting the win there. mark yo winner getting the win in puerto rico. he was the only gop candidate to campaign on the island. residences cannot vote on the general election. in 10:30 our one on one interview with marco rubio here what he has to say. >> i earlier morning crash sent
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the car burst into flames. fire rescue officials say that the drivers hit a pole. air lifted to a nearby hospital. no one else was hurt. what a finish. what a game for orlando city soccer. the team caught fire in stop age time and earned a 22 dpraw. adam shadow thoughs us what happened. >> they say it's not how you start but it's how you finish. close things out in a strong to very strong fashion. down 2 - nil. ninety-fourth minute. in fact,. chips a tremendous effort into the net. finally brakes through.p two to one.p less than a minute later on air long clearance. it's larin laying off to vicinitier.
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orlando city$ saves a 22 draw on a game that could have been a 2 - nil loss. i'll have full highlights and postgame reaction and much more. >> fans who left early missed out on the dramatic finish. we found plenty of supporters who stuck around they were ecstatic after the lions second season opening thriller. >> it was basically the last kick of the game was absolutely phenomenal. it felt like a win. we knew it was going to take a miracle to come back and pull it out off. today, we saw say miracle. >> orlando city returns to the citrus bowl for a matchup against the fire.
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>> at the reagan presidential library in simi valley with more. >> the body of former first ladyh nancy reagan driven away from her home. the partner and protector of the fourth president passed way from heart failure. >> it's within the last year, the staff has been on a schedule to think about and decide how this weeks events would go once she pass away. >> reaction began pouring in. president obama releasing a statement that read in part that we remain grateful to her life. thankful for her guidance and prayerful that she and her husband are together again. the one time actress championed the just say no campaign. she promoted several other causes in the white house and
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she lifted restrictions on stem cell research and promoted better treatment of veteran. john kasich and former california governor and schwarzenegger remembered her. >> and i know, she will 911 him, now, in heaven. the love affair between the two of them will start over again. >> she made heur that the people around him were memory that were committed to with a they believe. she. >> she was strong and a class act. several days from now a public viewing in california and then after that mrs. reagan buried next to her husband on the property. in seem y value value california. will car fox news. >> floor governor rick scott share third degree message.
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incredible commitment to her husband and country did not falter. she will inspire us. she made a monumental impact. her legacy will live on. >> rubio released this statement. she was a woman of incredible grace and strength who served as an inspiration. she will be missed by those who knew her and forever be remembered by a grateful nation. march fourth would have been ronald and nancys 64 wedding anniversary. bullets starts flying. locals say it's nothing new. usually the area is not really` safe. especially during the weekend. details and who cops are looking for tonight. >> later plies are there for us. we're going to introduce to a five year old who gave
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finalling the battle of his life. >> nno rain across central
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deputies searching for someone or possibly several people that opened fire on them last night. it happened at mr. heroes on west colonial drive. >> mohammed is a manager on mr. giros on colonial.44444444444 been working here for five years. sniem he feels uneasy. >> usually the area is not really safe. commercially during the weekends. at around 1130 tiesm last night. the popular restaurant quickly became a crime scene.
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responded to the place after they heard reports of a tres passioner. then they say it seemed like the shots were coming towards them. >> we're open late, especially on the weekend. we're having a lot of people come from clubs. people getting drinks and stuff. so it's not safe. >> fortunately no deputies youred. but a dark suburban did pull out and sped away. it's unclear if the people inside the suv were involved. investigators have not said if there is anyone in custody. >> if we feel something is wrong. we call nine. we're all safe. that's all i can say. >> gina benitez, fox 35 fox 35 news. >> the weather was perfect for outdoor activities approximate. the city got into the spirit of
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with it's saint patrick's day parade. those who attended were asked to wear green. the parade started at winter park golf course to lie mon avenue. step dancers showed off their movies for everyone to enjoy. i hope the weather for the rest of the week is going going to be as good as it was this weekend. >> if i tell you, they won't watch. i have to tease you. >> it looks nice. it looks nice next week as well. we're in that pattern. people come here with spring break herb and they all love this kind of stuff. a lot of sunshine for everybody. we got a gorgeous weather setting up for you over the next couple of days. if you are looking for good weather, you've come to the right spot. clear skies tomorrow. pretty forecast for you through out the evening.
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they like to jog late. that looks nice too. fifty-seven our current number. a little cool. numbers will get down to the lower 50s. it was pretty breezy today. winds from ten to 15 miles per hour. those are backing off a bit. most of us keep the temperatures to the lower 50s and upper 40s. our highs in the mid 70s by the most part. seventy-six in orlando and kissimmee. seventy-five in sarn forward. and 70 in daytona beach today. some folks in the 60s over at the coast in bell melbourne. keeping the numbers relatively inactive. seeing the cooling take over. spring has taken over much of the country. eastern has of the u.s. surging with above normal temperatures. not just here but all across the eastern seaborg. it's been warm across the
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be a threat for the central plain physical you have planning traveling it could be rough. for the rest of us. quiet across the state of florida. no cold fronts over the next koim of days. nno rain. or cold fronts orb cold air. the weather stays gorgeous. tonight in the low 50s to upper 40s depending on where you live. if you get into the day tomorrow just a tad warmer than we with were today. not by much. one or 2-degrees. we do warm things up -- we get into next week. daytime highs into the mid-80s. my goodness. we're getting ready for it. tens of thousands of bikers ready to party for bike week. how do you keep everybody safe. we'll tell you what daytonas top cop is saying. >> introducing the world's biggest plane can fly for almost
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where it will be used coming up i'm kristyn -- there is working going on in downtown orlando. i4 east and west bound will have two left lanes closeed from morning. this ends on wednesday march 9. more work going on in the area. right here on division avenue from carter street to anderson street. it's the north bound one right lane will be closed from nine to four. that work with will go into monday march 7th. check out traffic and
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do you here that? it's bhiek week. >> it is. how do you keep everyone safe david william is in daytona beach with the answer. >> as bike week rolls on police are stepping up patrol making their presence known all in the name of keeping you safe. i think it's great. it's a some. >> it's luiss -- first time in bike week. >> all the people and bikes having a good time.
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>> crooks might be trying to enjoy themselves too. michael chitwood have told me they do you believe the numbers of bikes on the ground. >> you can tell. >> what do you think about that? >> i guess as long as they let people have fun, it's okay. >> it's vickys tenth time here at bike week. chief -- wood expects a million visitors. police are keeping a sharp eye on burglars and duis. >> so far at least 12 people were arrested for things like aggravated assault and robbery. >> people should be safe and enjoy themselves without worry about other things happening and stuff like that sthievment you don't worry about stuff like that. >> police say be aware. traffic with motorcycle. >> ride safely. the bottom line said, the chief
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will get caught. david william fox 35 news. >> nfl player tray mason had has been arrested. police say they had hit him twice with a stun stun-gun. >> he's charged with resisting arrest. violence. remembering driving and possession of marijuana. >> big changes can come to the empire state. andrew cuomo said the time is now to increase minimum wage reincrease to $15 and 12 weeks of family leave. >> you look at the situation of the middle class today, earning power wise they're back where they were 20 years ago. the vest bulk of the society is going backwards. that's what's driving the anger,
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in politics. >> he hopes to achieve $15 in mim wage increase by 2021. >> this is the air lander ten. it was reworked to be a commercial plane. does not need a run way. can carry 10,000 pounds of gear. forty-eight passengers. can fly nine stops a day without refueling. it will be used to carry cargo to hard reach places. >> donald trump dominates. but marco rubio has a plan to top them. >> i'm the one that has any chance of beating him in florida. more on our one on one. why he said he had no choice but to attack trump. >> the birthday boy. just what i wanted to do with his money. he wanted to give it to say sick
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meet the boy and the cop who now share a special bond. >> regular gas is 162 in the bp.
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``` it comes down to florida. if we win in florida. it gives us a great chance to be the nominee. i'm the only one in florida to stop donald trump. >> even in you win here. your camp says you're in it to win it. mathematically bb how did you score the nomination. >> if you look at the map now. it's an unusual year.
10:31 pm
one is going to have the majority of the delegate. donald trump even now would havev to winv more than half.` i'm the` only one at this point that has any chance of beatingt him int florida. if donald trump wins florida. it's going to be hard to stop him. the orlando sentinel in doored you. she had backed you intentionally until you got mean in attacking trump. do you think the mud mud slings has hurt or helped. >> first of all the mud slinger here is donald trump. there comes a point where you have to stand up for yourself and the conservative moment. it's unfair to say that he can attack and people cannot respond. the majority of our campaign is not about that. even now. at this point, i've made my point. from this point forward. i'm going to largely focus on what the campaigns been about
10:32 pm
it's the positive message on how great we can be. and the incredible opportunities that await us. . >> if you're not the nominee senator would you accept the invitation to be someone's running mate. >> i'm not running to be vice president. i want to be the nominee of my party. i believe in term limits. i'm not running for reelection of the senate. safe trails on the campaign. >> thank you so much. >> marco rubio will be making a campaign stop at the millionaire hanger. the event begins at eight. reservation re-required. >> new tonight at ten. three families homeless after a fire rips through an apartment building. >44444444444 around three this afternoon. fox's evan lambert shows us the damage.
10:33 pm
just getting ready for the week. all of a sudden we hear this noise. we see flames and smoke coming out of everywhere. >> a quite sunday turns into a race to escape. >> the smoke was like pitch black and the flames. i've never seen flame that's hot. >> lease awe and her daughter made it out savely but watched their homes and most of their things burn. the fire department towards the west was the department was fully involved. >> the fire started at the end unit involving the rest of the unit. just one unit, lisa, was saved from damage. despite the devastating losses. everyone is safe. everybody got out. nobody died. nobody was hurt or injured. thank god for that. evan lambert.
10:34 pm
>> the rid cross is helping the family displaced by the fire. >> a police officer fighting the toughest battle off the force as he battles cancer. the officer has a big smile on his face thanks to a five-year-old boy. he said i can't believe he gave me a present with the money we gave him. >> lesley. >> we have had a gorgeous weekend in sent federal florida. cool morning. warm afternoon. spring just under two weeks away. lemme get a mcpick 2 check out the brand new mix on mcdonald's mcpick 2 menu! lemme get a mcpick 2. now, choose any 2 delicious mickey d's classics for just $5 bucks. mix n match share n savor 2 for $5 name your flavor pick any 2 iconic tastes- a big mac made with 100% beef, flaky filet-o-fish, seared on the grill quarter pounder with cheese or crispy 10-piece chicken
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>> new tonight at ten a five-year-old boy donates his birthday pln to a former south carolina police officer that is battling cancer. >> the youngster is now finding out that good deals do get rewarded. >> up until last week five year old cooper, had no idea how much a small donation he made last year really meant. >> can do cool tricks and spin around. >> cooler is talking about the remote control truck given to him last week anthony white. white says it's a small token of appreciation to the $76 donation
10:38 pm
>> there was plenty of advertising in the city. they had a lot of golf fundraisers. he heard about it going to school. >> whites year long battle with pancreatic cancer has captivated the entire community. he left a lasting impression on every person he came in contact with. even though as young as cooper. it was no surprise his mom said when he decided to hand all of his birthday money over to sergeant white. it instilled character to cooper and helped him understand the true value to life. >> we talked about how extensive it is to get sick. sometimes you can't work and have medical bills and things like too. he thought about it.
10:39 pm
present with the money i gave him. he should have used it for his medical bills. >> cooper continues to learn life lessons, sergeant white continues on his journey to remission. remaining thankful each day and a community filled with people just like cooper. >> i'm blessed. the prayers and the donation and the go fund me page, it all led up to cooper. >> great inspirational story there. big changes in the weather department and also the time change. >> i saw that on twitter. everybody is trying to prep for next weekend. we lose a hour of sleep. next week all red eyed for work. a little cranky. the coffee shops will be brisk. moms a little shorter tempered. at least the forecast is great now.
10:40 pm
we actually are expecting rain next weekend. so that's still six days away. we got a lot of time to watch what's going on enjoy the beautiful weather. clear skies out there. nice and cool. fifty-seven degrees. we expect to get down to the lower 50s and upper 40s in central florida in clear skies. some of us in the 40s through the overnight. a lot of folks travel overnight. especially truckers. a lot of folks like to do things outdoors with their dogs. seeing folks walking or jogging late night. make sure you got a light jacket. the winds still kind of brisk. around 10 miles per hour on average. it helps it feel cooler on your skin. if you're watching on our newscast earlier, you saw they were talking about el nino. it's across the rockies now. moved across the sierra nevada
10:41 pm
it could be a potentially severe weather maker across the plains. severe weather season hasn't gotten started. it starts this month. keep an eye on that on the potential for severe weather across the central plains. plementd of warm air. very warm air across the eastern half of the countries. some of of warm spring air headed your way. starting march 20th. we will be above north this week and into next week as well. no cold fronts coming across central florida. keep it a little rough after the beaches. fifty-three for us on average. clearer to the north with clear skies. tomorrow another beauty. plenty of sunshine for everybody to enjoy. warmer weather on the way. lower 80s through the work week. morning lows through the 60s. nno rain expected. fox 35 sports zone is coming up
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adam -- off here with the preview. memo to orlando city fans. do not leave the citrus bowl@ until the final whistle. two goals in a 32nd span in the final minutes to earn a draw. kyle busch with his first ever win at the xfinity race. doubling down in vegas at the sprint race. shannon green in the house to talk knights hoops and spring
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>> 60,000 fans filled the citrus bowl again for the orlando city season opener. a lot of them in the parking lot for the best action. hosting salt lake. orlando city appears to get on the board first. but a ruled off sides. hard to tell compl whether or not it was really off sides. an automatic red car.
10:46 pm
way with ten men. just it past. into the second half more bad news for city. a red card for an arm to the head. questionable. ten on ten. 2 - nil salt lake. larin chips it in. wall goes bonkers. lessy than a minute later on a clearance. it's larin laying it off to vaid yan vinter, the sub. are you joking. game over. orlando city salvages a 2 - 2 draw. >> it was a tough game. the first one to say thank you for all the supporters who came today. it was a amazing. >> it's crazy emotion. you feel like you won the game. you feel like you got something out of the game. you look at the clock and there's 90 minutes. you don't feel you got anything
10:47 pm
to get a point. we're pleased with that. >> hometown do you believe down. he won the xfinity race saturday night. driving for the cobalt title sunday. a dust storm. man kenseth involved in a wreck. takes out chase elliot. tough day. the key move of the race. kieslowski passes bush. kieslowski wins. lagano second, jimmy johnson third. >> it's hard to believe it's been 34 races. but thrilled to be back in victory lane. thrilled to be locked into the chase. >> ucf trying to close out the rig season. taco fall.
10:48 pm
flushes two of his team high 14. 10 - 10. stacy with the alley oop. yukon wins.p` knights play( thursday at the0 amway center. the warriors lost to the lakers in la. now, they're going to be angry when they host the magic tomorrow night.p out. against them if has to be 40 minutes of pretty much perfect basketball if you want to winx it. we showed that we can play against them. we have to be better especially when they're at home. >> that's super bowl 51. it was his last rodeo. paton manning will announce his retirement. monday after 18 seasons in the
10:49 pm
he was a super bowl mvp and a 14 time pro bowler. shannon green in the house talking spring football and hoops tournament this coming week. this team is hard to predict. one minute they're going to overtime. the next minute they're almost
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ucf basketball. increase speed, full throttle! (over intercom) ann, are you coming in? negative! stay on target. what are you guys doing? r2, thrusters! they're closing in! i'll guard the base. for every family that lives star wars... ...this is the place where star wars lives. where a galaxy far, far away... closer than ever before. come join star wars awakens. now at walt disney world resort. experience the fun of all four theme parks with the florida resident 4-day disney select ticket. >> time, now, for our sports zone sports page conversation with shannon green. >> we got a lot going on. spring football coming up. first basketball. a bizarre season for the knights in basketball. over under. one-and-a-half games in they win in the conference tournament in
10:53 pm
>> this team is hard to predict. one minute going into overtime to beat cook man. next beating temple on the road. if they get a team like tulane. they're going to get a number ten seed. i would hope they would solid five the first giem. maybe upset a team in the next round. >> donnie has time here. hasn't produced results. should he be worried for his job. >> i think in college sports, eemp coach is worried about their performance. because of the mixed nature of the season. it was uneven. a lot of times they did underperform. i think they would have a reason to concern. a new ad. danny white is a huge basketball guy. i'm sure he's thinking about it. but thinking more about winning
10:54 pm
>> ucf football about to start. a bunch of new florida kids. what do you look forward to see. >> i'm curious to watch the right now. they have seven kids. this is before mckenzie milton gets here out of hawaii. that's a lot of quarterbacks to watch as to who's going to be the backup. and the biggest thing is it's a new offense. the zone read is going to call the quarterback to do different things than last season. i'm confident that justin hole man will solidify the starting spot. i'm 1450ur it's going to be his team. i'm confident that he can run the offense well. but there's a lot to learn. >> were you intriez to see how well he did in the recruiting staff.
10:55 pm
he still had a wedding and a lot of things going on in his life. to so wellify the number two impressive. i didn't think they were going to get all of the kids. but he did it.@
10:56 pm
10:57 pm
10:58 pm
likely to involve the >> time, now, for the shadoof shout out. you knew it would have to comex from the wild finish at thej citrus boil. what a day for cyle larin. early goal waived off for a quebl call. thirty seconds he laid off the ball on an assist to vinter for for the game tying goal. larin made 17 goals last season and rookie of the year. headed for a huge season. he gets tonights valuable shadoof shout out. thanks for watching the sport zone. you can follow me on twitter.
10:59 pm
11:00 pm shadoof fox 35 >> today on "tmz" -- >> after decades leonardo dicaprio finally wins an oscar and he almost forgot it at the afterparty. >> you see this guy run out and he has the oscar. do you want this in here with you? >> big update on the o.j. simpson murder case. years ago, o.j.'s estate was knife. >> he sees an lapd cop. oh, my god, look what i found just buried. it could be a murder weapon. the traffic cop doesn't turn the


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