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tv   Good Day 430  FOX  March 16, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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i'm luanne sorrell. thanks for waking up with us! here are the stories we are working on this morning. first-- brevard county authorites are now trying to determine how an iconic mansion burst into flames in cocoa beach. the details, coming up. plus this-- plus--the votes are in! we are breaking down the results of yesterday's big primary in florida.
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investigators are trying to figure out what sparked a massive fire.. that destroyed an iconic cocoa beach mansion. the fire broke out around 9 o'clock last night.... on "third street" and "atlantic avenue." "florida today" reports -- firefighters had a hard time fighting the blaze... because of high winds and issues with water supply. the home was once owned by "al
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founded "u-s-a today" and "florida today." he died 3-years ago. here is a picture of the mansion from "florida today." the 10-thousand square foot home was built in 19-75... and had 11 bedrooms and 12 bathrooms. the property 5-million dollars... ever paid for a house last night-- lined the streets to watch history burn. firefighters say no fire. breaking news-- police say two gunmen burst into an orlando apartment.. robbed the homeowner.. and killed his dog. now, there is an all-out manhunt for the suspects. this happened at the "park at cambridge apartments", along conway road. just after midnight-- police say the suspects robbed the victim's apartment... and also stole their vehicle.
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way out-- the suspects shot and killed the victim's dog. the suspects were last seen leaving in the stolen vehicle-- which is a silver 2004 mercedes. we will keep you updated on this breaking story-- in the 5 o'clock hour. you decide 20-16-- a couple of races are still too close to call... as the presidential primary votes are in for florida... and four other states. hilary clinton and donald trump winning big. on the democratic side... it appears hillary clinton has swept the map... winning 4 of 5 contests.. including florida. no winner has been officially declared in missouri ... but clinton is claming a victory there.. tuesday was a significant set-back for sanders... who has half the delegates that clinton has. trump won 3 states, including florida-- a victory that forced marco rubio to abandon the race. right now, the race in missouri is also too close to call... with only 2-thousand votes separating trump and ted cruz.
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home state of ohio... his first and only victory of the primary season. during trump's palm beach last night-- he took on a more "presidential" tone. fox 35's mike synan was there. john kasich celebrated his
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j\hhhhhhh\hhh\;n@ohjohomll a speech--there in ohio. meanwhile-- ted cruz gave a speech in texas. here is what each of those candidates had to say. after a hard push for voters in the sunshine state--
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rubio" has officially suspended his campaign. he told his supporters in miami -- to make the right decisions moving forward. on the democratic e-- in west palm beach--
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primary wins. fox 35's derrol nail was there. despite not having a good night-- bernie sanders had an
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444444444444for his supporters... during his speech in arizona. per his speech-- sanders is sticking
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cracking down on the "one percent," and treating all americans... with equal respect. this morning we're hearing from friends and family.... as they come together to remember a 15-year- old boy killed over the weekend in ocoee. police.... are still searching for his killer. 15-year-old antwan davis was found dead early sunday morning near north lakewood avenue and anderson place. deputies say davis was found on the sidewalk with a gunshot wound to the head. and loved ones honored davis at a family members say they are touched by all who came out. family members say davis had been having problems with some other
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deputies say they are still searching for his killer. coming up-- police in daytona beach are cracking down on crime during spring break! why officers say this year is busier than ever. plus-- a major announcement expected today from president barack obama. how it could impact the future of america's highest
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welcome back-- spring breakers have descended on daytona beach-- and police officers are out in full force. authorities say they have already made hundreds of arrests. more than 2- hundred of those were for underage drinking. police say this year seems busier than ever-- even though the city is trying to promote a family- friendly atmosphere. beach patrol wants to remind people you are not allowed to
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developing at this hour-- an american-- accused of trying to steal propaganda in north korea-- will spend the next 15 years in prison, 21-year-old "otto warmbier" has been convicted of "subversion". the university of virginia undergrad admits he was trying to take a banner home from his hotel as a "trophy". he was arrested in january... and will be forced to work hard labor while serving out his sentence. president obama is expected to announce his supreme court pick-- as early as today. a group of advisers-- who are helping him vet the candidates-- wrapped-up their work yesterday. "justice antonin scalia" died last month. in orange county-- winter park is getting a brand new library-- thanks to voters. a referendum to build a new facility was just approved. fox 35's tiffany
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still ahead on good day orlando--
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through many hurdles... the plans for a downtown u- c-f campus are ready we will have the details on the state funding-- that was just approved for the project. plus this-- deputies need your help finding the man-- accused of brutally beating another man outside of a bar. the details on the attack... and how the
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welcome back-- the downtown- orlando campus for "the university of central florida" is finally a go. governor rick scott signed off on g 20-million dollars of state- budget money... for the project. u-c-f is also gathering 16-million dollars in donations... and putting in 20-million dollars out of pocket. the search is on for a group of home invasion suspects, who t-boned a car and then took off. that story kicks off the morning rush. this happened yesterday morning-- along "good holmes road" and "state road 50" in winter garden. troopers say the suspects raided a home in ocoee-- where they beat...pistol- whipped... and tied-up the people who lived there. the driver of the other car-- was
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hospital-- but is expected to recover. f-h-p says they are reviewing evidence from the suspects' getaway car-- which was left behind. authorities need your help identifying this man-- accused of hitting a man in the head at an orlando bar. investigators released this composite sketch. it happened at "tavern at the creek"-- on south john young parkway last wednesday. according to deputies... the victim confronted the suspect, after the suspect groped the victim's female friend. investigators say the victim suffered brain trauma after the attack. the suspect got away in a silver s-u-v. if you think you recognize this man, call crimeline right away.
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turning now to sports-- the orlando magic celebrating a win against the denver nuggets. it was a close one... the magic winning by just 6 points. here's fox sports
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bailiff is now in trouble with the law. find out what he is accused of \*jn.--coming up. a florida woman is fighting to keep an unusual pet inside of her home. why she says this alligator... is a
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i can't believe it has 40% fewer calories than butter. i can't believe it's made with real, simple ingredients. i can't believe... we're on a whale. i can't believe my role isn't bigger. real ingredients. unbelievable taste. enjoy i can't believe it's not butter! around florida. a broward county sheriff's bailiff was arrested for allegedly stabbing a kendrick busby is facing charges of sexual battery and attempted murder. he has been pay. according to a police report-- back picked up the woman station-- and agreed after a woman told police
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her multiple times in the neck, back, and stomach. she managed to get away .. and drove herself to a hospital. busby turned himself in on monday. 444444444444 :]l crime coming out of bike week in daytona beach. a biker says... someone stole his parrot! mike mularz says someone took his blue and gold macaw "spyke" right off his motorcycle. mularz says spyke can not fly-- and probably put up a fight. he is offering a 1- thousand dollar reward for information leading to spyke's safe return a lakeland woman is fighting to keep her pet alligator at home. mary thorn says "rambo" wears clothes.. rides on the back of motorcycles .. and is even trained not to bite. she has had a license to own him for 11 years... but he recently grew to 6- feet. under f-w-c
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must live on at least 2-and-a half acres of land. thorn says rambo cannot be left outside... because he has senstivity to sunlight. wildlife officials say rambo's case is currently under review. coming up-- the presidential primary votes are in... but some races are too close to call. we have the latest on those results. and-- we are going live violent home find out the latest on that investigation. it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer.
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