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tv   19 Action News at 630  CBS  January 10, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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we were 23 degrees colder than where we were yesterday at this point. your feels-like temperature in cuyahoga county is 10. it feels like 4 in mansfield. and the drop is really just beginning, because tonight we're going to go much colder. yes, we're still dealing with light snow showers, flurries around town. so we're not quite done yet. as a matter of fact, there is still a lake-effect snow advisory out for lake, geauga and ashtabula county. you are going to continue to get hit overnight and your monday morning commute could be a very, very tricky one. so ford first alert outlook, mainly from the east side. the winds will settle down just a little bit more. lake-effect snow for the east side, yes. that could pile up to another 4 inches. but your sunday zero wind chills that's truly what's going to get you as overnight temperatures are down into the low teens. oh, it's going to be a cold start tomorrow morning. i'll get you the details you need to know to get going for tomorrow, coming up next, lydia? >> lydia: thank you, beth. odot trucks are on the road.
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energy reports as many as 5,000 customers are dealing with power outages. but the snow and the cold, as beth mentioned, is everywhere. shanice dunning is live in the snowbelt and, where are you and now? >> reporter: hey, lydia. we are in beachwood and right near i-271 and as beth mentioned, those flurries are here. you can see them flying around. you can take a look right here. this is 271, 271 north. that's behind me. and most people today said that the cold, yes, it bothered them and we all knew that it was on the way. but it was really the wind that was getting people that we talked to who are out and about, picking up those last-minute winter essentials today. we stopped by harvard, that shopping center over there and we're talking to people as they were picking some things up, snowplows were out there getting the parking lots ready. and as people mentioned and they were talking to us, they
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snow, that it was going to come. but, you know, we're getting ready for it today. so you were ready for it? >> i was. i just wish it would have been here for the holidays. would have been really pretty. >> reporter: okay. >> now we're all over it. so it can go away. but i guess it's here to stay, huh. >> reporter: yeah. and i just checked the ohio department of transportation website a few minutes ago. it looks like 271 going both ways is cleared. there have been no accidents. but you always want to remember in this weather to drive carefully and always to make sure that there's gas in the car, too, when it's this cold. for right now reporting live be in beachwood, shanice dunning, cleveland 19. >> lydia: you're right. i'm already over it. so this is the first major storm of the season and it seems that some of us have forgotten how to drive. crews have been on the road all day clearing the slushy few inches of snow. but some people are not slowing down. and that makes plow drivers a little nervous.
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and that's very dangerous. for us it's real bad. >> lydia: of course, plow drivers say you should keep your distance from their trucks and give yourself some extra time to make sure you goat wherever you're going very safely. and you can stay ahead of the weather here in northeast ohio or anywhere in the country with the first alert forecast app for your smartphone or your tablet. in other news, cleveland fire crews are called out to lolita owned by iron chef michael symon. reports claim the fire may have started in a hood above one of the stoves. but no word on the official cause. symon tweeted everyone got out safely, but says the restaurant does have significant damage. police investigate two shootings in mansfield. officers tell us two teens were hurt in a drive-by on west and bowment two hours later on the same street a house was shot up. two word if the two shootings
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a vigil ha wrapped up for cleveland clinic worker steven holten, he was shot and killed two years ago tomorrow at a bus stop on lakeshore boulevard. there is a $20,000 reward for tips leading to the arrest of his killer. and sad news out of stark county. canton k-9 officer jethro has died. he was shot at least three times responding to an armed robbery at the fisher foods on harrison. jethro died from his injuries this morning. one person is in custody facing charges. a police raid in sandusky turned up a table full of drugs, guns and cash. teenagers. scott palmer and onyx chain, where both are 19 years old and both are at the erie county jail being held without bond. all right. no big winner of that powerball jackpot. and that means the top prize is
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staggering $1.3 billion. sarah goldenberg shows you how you can be a winner, even if tu don't get the big prize. >> reporter: it's called the luckiest convenience store in ohio. >> they heard this is the lucky store. so these are the winners. >> reporter: and now that even more money is at stake, $1.3 billion, people are flocking to smith and snow's shell in brookpark. >> somebody will win it and hopefully it's me. >> i have never heard of a jackpot that high before. it would be a miracle to win. >> reporter: wednesday night's one of william's customers won $50,000. the latest jackpot is so big it won't fit on his signs. >> we had to put up a little handwritten sign because they don't have provisions $1.3 billion. >> reporter: williams says you actually have a good chance of winning something. >> you can win on the powerball itself, the powerball with one number. >> reporter: don't throw the ticket away yet if you didn't win the jackpot.
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you could still anywhere from $4 to $2 million. here's how it works. if you win just the powerball number, you get $4. the odds odds are 1 in 38 for that. >> well, i'm rich behind my wildest dreams. $7 i won in the powerball. >> reporter: you need to watch two numbers plus the powerball to win $7 like this guy. tum to three numbers plus the powerball and you'll pocket $100. as the numbers you match go up, you win more. the chances of winning $1 million is 1 in 11.688 million. john is trying his luck again. >> i'm going to reinvest it to win the $1 billion now. >> reporter: the big drawing is on wednesday. in brookpark, sara goldenberg, cleveland 19. >> lydia: all right. i think i'll dot same. and coming up on cleveland 19 news, price prediction. why you could soon be paying $1 or less for a gallon of gas. plus, hollywood history. more proof of the box office gold from harrison ford and "star wars." beth? >> beth: well, officially we
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inch of snow. some of you saw more snow and some of you are going to continue to see snow pile up. i'll let you know who is going
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>> announcer: live from cleveland's news center, driven by don joseph toyota in kent, this is cleveland 19. >> lydia: back to a live look outside tonight from the
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you can see most of the roads are in pretty decent shape, despite all of that snow from earlier today. but, man is it cold. beth mcleod has your first alert forecast coming up in less than five minutes. more potential problems for blue bell ice cream. listeria has been found in a production plant and you might remember blue bell recall last year, after the bacteria was found on a container. blue bell says it is testing every batch of ice cream and no listeria has been found in any of its products. good news for every driver watching right now. the price at the pump is falling and it's falling fast. the average in northeast ohio is $1.86 a gallon. but aaa motor club says plunging oil prices could push gas to $1 a gallon in some places. the force is definitely with harrison ford. he has made more at the box office than any other actor in hollywood history.
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and reports put his earnings so far at an impressive $4.7 billion. need him as friend. harrison owes part of the success to "star wars: the force awakens" is the top movie again dominating the latest weekend box office. "star wars" is now the number three movie of all time. so far earning $1.7 billion. and back to another live look at downtown cleveland. wow, the snow is falling there. the coldest temperatures so far in -- this winter are on their way to northeast ohio.
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>> lydia: all right. talking about the weather again, check out this incredible video. a giant snow octopus. three brothers in minnesota created the huge snow sculpture. it took like 18 hours to form it and it's all for a good cause. the brothers ask visit fors a donation and 100% of the money goes to provide clean water to haiti. that is nice. and they are really struggling in minnesota. >> beth: they really are. >> lydia: the game was like freezing. >> beth: i know, look. oh! i know. it was a little shocking today, not bad. we all handled well. >> lydia: i think so.
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you know, most of you, if you got out to shovel say 1:00, 2:00 this afternoon, still near 30 degrees. so that's not so bad. so the winding, yep, that's howling. we're dealing with lake-effect. gusty winds, though, will start settling down and the wind advisory is all done. although right along the lakeshore, try to tell those to those folks. your current temperatures 25 degrees. 28 in akron. 24 in wooster. sandusky is reporting 25 as well. norwalk you got near 2 inches of snow, so did toledo. and the snow continues to come down at this point. not at the clip it was before. system snow is all done now. that's off towards the east. now we're transitioning into some lake enhancement snow. winds out of the northwest, ultimately will come out of the west, because of the westerly wind overnight tonight, that's going to give a better opportunity for lake, geauga and ashtabula county to pick up additional snow totals. so here you go. your futurecast. it does keep some of those lake-effect snow bands through the early evening tonight. you can see even up until 10:00,
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medina and wooster, out towards lorain and elyria. up to an inch still yet to come, especially for eastern portion of cuyahoga county. once the winds start going overnight and start going to the west. that means the wind is coming right off the warm lake and hitting ashtabula, mentor, and chardon. so definitely going to pick up additional snow there. everybody else, even tomorrow morning, still going to be absolutely fine. because look at all of this open real estate. cloudy yes. tomorrow you'll have a partly cloudy day at akron, canton and wooster. i-90 will be a little tricky. so how much snow are we talking that we're not quite done with yet? okay. so here we go. the snowfall totals at 5:00 a.m., you're talking an additional 2 inches in chardon and 2 inches in jefferson. not quite done yet, maybe you don't get up that early, maybe another inch by 10:00, 11:00. i will say our model is tending to run a little on the lighter side.
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says an additional 4 to 6 inches in the elevations. the higher elevations. so little heads up. tomorrow morning's commute could be awfully tricky. so tonight we're down to 14. lake-effect snow, especially on that east side and windy. still gusty winds. tomorrow 22 degrees for the cleveland area. you are going to see a little bit of sunshine. it's going to be a mostly cloudy day. partly cloudy in akron-canton. it will feel like 7. so it's all about the wind chills for tomorrow. it's going to be icy cold and we're not done with the snow, lydia. look at this, tuesday and wednesday more snow. as a matter of fact, by thursday morning we could have anywhere between 5 and 11 inches of snow that's come down. a little burst of winder and then we warm it right back up for friday. >> >> lydia: remember meteorologist samantha roberts, another one of my friends, has your first alert weather details starting at 4:30 a.m. tomorrow on cleveland 19 news.
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the browns are trying to woo hugh jackson right now. that and another heart stopper, this time in minnesota. today, you have more ways to access the number one care in ohio. simply click in for an express care online visit any hour - day, or night. walk in to our express care clinics or our 24/7 emergency departments or call in today for an appointment today. cleveland clinic is here for you. anytime, anytime. anywhere.
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>> announcer: now this is the serpentini chevrolet sports report on cleveland 19 news. >> day seven of the browns search for a savior. at the moment it's still quiet on the coaching front. no word yet on how today's meeting is going with cincinnati's hugh jackson. or how his conversation went with the niners, who flew to jins this morning. the folks from the coast feel all they've got to do is whistle and jackson will come right back to the bay to coach collin kaepernick. contends jackson really wants to hear what jimmy haslam has to say or maybe hughes is just leveraging the browns to get a better deal in san francisco? you think. just to be on the safe side, cleveland's brain trust also got together for a chat with sean mcdermott this morning down in north carolina. after starting out as scout with the eagles in his career,
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become the own d.c.ry vir awe this. and they lead the league with 39 turnovers. how cold was it in minnesota today? it was colder than a well diggers nose in north country. twas a balmy 6 below zero at kickoff, but hopefully that was a dry cold. i'm no weather man, they tell me the wind chill made it feel like 21 below. obviously it had to affect both teams. but seattle showed signs of thawing out when russell wilson hooks up with doug baldwin on a nifty one-handed catch. still the seahawks were down 9-0 in the fourth quarter, when russell finds baldwin again. it's a two-point game. after seattle kicks a field goal to take lead, minnesota marches down the field, has chance to win it. but the 27-yard kick with 26 seconds to go was, yep, wide left. seattle survives the elements an the vikings 10-9. your frigid final. >> we missed a field goal. we lost the game.
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on defense all day. we missed a chip shot field goal. so, you know, that's life. >> oh, that hurts. much more in store on the mcdonald's sports zone tonight. breaking down the wild card weekend and a busy week for the browns. synchronize those watches for 11:30 p.m. right here on cleveland 19. since we're on the subject, could it be the bengals and steelers are too familiar? they're calling last night's game in cincy the burfict storm. the bungling bengal season left in ruins. bengals had the lead, could have run out the clock, but they fumbled the football. so you're saying there's a chance. steelers think so. big ben could hardly throw at the end. but burfic t 1 helped him out. that's a 15-yard penalty. wait it gets even better, or worse depending on your perspective. pacman jones picks up a dead ball foul, pushing an official
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leading to cincy's demise. >> again i'm not, you know, anemometer about -- not going to single out guys. >> i'm not here to throw shade at anybody. you know, we win together, we lose together. simple as that. >> here's how next week's schedule shapes up on cbs and cleveland 19. the chiefs and the patriots squaring off saturday afternoon. steelers and broncos battling a week from today. be there. aloha. weekend. it was this weekend. >> lydia: did you see like the wind burn on his face from the cold? >> it was colder than well diggers nose. >> lydia: yeah. take it over, beth. >> beth: it will be cold like that tomorrow. chaser out there. odot was owl over this. we had a lot of slop and then the snow. get ready if you live on the east side. we'll still see more snow. the morning commute could be a messy one. not quite done yet with the snow coming down. but mainly lake, geauga and ashtabula counties.
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be unbelievably cold. that 14 tomorrow is going to feel more like 7 or 5 or some areas even 2 below. truthfully it's now about the cold air in place. and everything that's on the ground, if it's there, it will haven't moved. more snow coming for tuesday and wednesday as well. as a matter of fact, we don't really see a really nice day >> lydia: all right. yeah. we need to get like the ice stuff out there to melt for your sidewalks. thanks for watching tonight. a cleveland 19 guest editorial is coming up next. i'm lydia esparra. we'll be back here again at 11:00 and we'll see you at 10:00. good night. >> announcer: now this is a cleveland 19 news editorial. >> i'm sam >> samantha, -- i'm sam rutigliano, former head coach of the cleveland browns. the browns are once again ignoring the pass and writing the same script, they must analyze the effect of past decisions, engage a different
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yet has been given the title of director of football operations. with the final say over the roster and a role in interviewing coaching candidates, hire a coach first will prevent the team from getting the most qualified general manager candidates. look at the history and analytics of hall-of-famer bill polian, g.m. and architect of indianapolis super bowl teams led by peyton manning. he also built the buffaloes four-time super bowl team, which was anchored by a hall-of-famer jim kelly. another example is hall of fame g.m. ron wolf, architect of oakland and green bay's title teams, which were anchored by brett favre. the browns must have a field of dreams vision. if you build it, he will come. talent like john gruden, who is an ohio guy, and super bowl coach or bill cowher who played for the browns and is also a
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cleveland if power breakers like polian or wolf were here. new england, green bay, denver, the list goes on for franchise that rely on tried and true nfl analytics to win. this is the direction we should go. hire the general manager, who then hires the director of player personnel and the two of them hire the head coach. let's find experience decision nightmare. thank you. >> announcer: we encourage your response to this editorial. email your response to i just wish we didn' have to sell mom's piano. pay for her funeral, the medical bills ... i'm a little worried the same position. don't you ha life insurance? of our budget a few years ago, ande never put it back in. you know, massmual
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