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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  January 13, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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. >> romona: welcome to cleveland 19 news at 6:30, a special edition. we are waiting for a live press conference out at the headquarters in berea browns headquarters where hopefully, we will get to hear from hue jackson our new head coach in a few minutes. >> tony: 16th head coach in history and 8th since they came back and obviously hoping he can do what the previous 7 has not been able to do. >> since 1999. it will be interesting. i can't wait to see this whole thing comes out. i like him again and like the way he coaches and the guys got 15 years experience and i think
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>> tony: great point 9 years in the afc north. >> it's important. we play a different style of ball in the afc north as we do in the rest of the league and if you look at all the teams in the afc north all have the quarterback with ben roethlisberger and you have flacco and we are the only ones really that don't have that quarterback and tony, it goes back when we were afc south -- central and now we are the north and we all used to, the division was so good and now we are the only weak link in the division. >> romona: hanford, explain to me how browns were able to pull this out. picture this hue jackson was about to board a plane to go visit with the new york giants where he would have eli manning and o'dell beckham, jr. what did browns say to him to convince him not to get on the plane. >> i think jimmy had a lot to do with this.
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owners meeting and he didn't do that. obviously, they talked to hue and they liked him and didn't want to see him get away. i actually believed if he would have left and went somewhere else and interviewed with someone else they would have probably locked him up. he wasn't going to take the chance and brought him in and obviously, said the right words. hue is here and next cleveland browns next head coach. >> tony: i think hue jackson was wise. for a guy who got a raw deal in oakland he was wise to know the offer in hand is more valuable than going to new york and having that fall through and browns moved on and you are 50 and don't have the shot again. he wanted the shot badly. >> this is good for us, obviously he's had a little experience and we say failed, i don't think he failed. the guy went 8-8 as a head football coach. >> romona: i'll take it. >> we all would take that.
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handle the press. that was one of the things that, you know, he left. he didn't do such a good job with the press conference but probably learned from that. i am excited and can't wait to see him. >> romona: doesn't he like the media? >> tony: we are about to find out: >> if he doesn't like the media in cleveland we are in trouble. >> tony: we will go to browns headquarters in a moment and take the press conference live and will you see it on cleveland 19. you know what, listen, there's so much optimism, the fans were comparing this to urban meyer landing ohio state. urban's body of work was deeper than hue's as a head coach. when you bring in a guy with offensive mind and to the right of the screen we are waiting for the door to open and hue jackson to walk in. when you bring in an experienced coach and offensive mind and greatly respected and make andy dalton look as good as he did, that matters with the offensive
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>> again, the history of our quarterbacks go way back to the history of our head football coaches and obviously, this guy is a great mind and he knows how to turn a quarterback from an average quarterback to a decent quarterback and that's what he has done with dalton. when you look at dalton's ratings, 106 this year near the top that's the type of coaching that -- and creative guy he is. the most important thing with these guys they have to collaborate and talking with the front office and they will do that and jimmy wouldn't have it any on other way. >> romona: a lot of people have a lot to say. we will go to dan deroos. what are people saying on social media. >> dan: i love social media instant gratification to see what you are saying and overwhelmingly positive. you want to make it to the big board go to twitter, facebook, instagram and use #19browns. anthony. finally we are on the right track.
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this was interesting. i am so freakin' pumped, i wanted him before we even fired pettine. he was at the top of the list. let's go here, hiring hue came back. that's positive. not everybody is on the same boat. john saying i'm sorry what has hue jackson won? i follow football. i have never heard of him. coach. they will have pessimists out there. you have pictures like this. take a close look. that's hue jackson holding a hypothetical lombardi trophy and he is wearing a browns jacket. some people getting creative with computers and pictures out there. a lot of reaction coming in. remember you have to use #19browns. get on your phone. you are trying to wait for the press conference. get on the phone. what do you think of the hire.
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how long will browns give him to stick around. let's go back to the desk. >> romona: all right. we are still watching the door at berea headquarters. >> tony: a lot of people walked through the door. >> romona: hopefully hue jackson will walk through any minute. >> i was going to say, i think it is important this time. i think we have the right people in place we have to give them some time. after one year or two years get rid of this guy, let's give him some time and let him develop this football team. >> romona: it's been so long. we have suffered so long. even if he went 8-8 the first year, do you know how excited this town would be. >> tony: i thought a tweet dan was reading what has he won and a proven winner. i don't think tom coughlin will work work with sashi brown. but you found a football guy with a great offensive mind and open to working with new guys in
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>> that's what's important. you have to be open and again, i keep saying the word collaborate and they have to work together and also we have a guy, again, hate to go back to it, 15 years of coaching experience. nine in the afc north. the guy has been the offensive coordinator and offensive coordinator four different teams. the guy knows football and knows x's and o's and he can put points on the board. >> romona: talk to us about johnny manziel in this equation. from all reports we are hearing hue jackson will have a say in quarterback. from what we are hearing it is not johnny manziel. >> i think it is very unfortunate with johnny because obviously there's something else going on out there. i don't think it is a football issue. it is something going on. he is a guy that you know, such, the ceiling could be so high with him.
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not the top priority. when you are the quarterback of any players and you are not in college or high school this is your profession. football has got to be your number one thing and obviously, that's not the route with him. and hue, i called him earlier, romona, he is a player's coach. this guy is not going to put up with any of those shenanigans that manziel will bring to the football team. >> romona: even if he is still on the team and we have another quarterback because tmz follows him, he is still going to be the manziel. >> tony: i don't think he will be on the team. this point. another factor in this and doesn't hurt, bengals were probably going to lose hue jackson and made a last-ditch effort stick around when marvin goes you will be the head coach. they were going to lose him. it doesn't hurt to hurt a division rival in the process and bengals lose a little bit losing the offensive
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>> that's why marvin didn't want to lose him and were going to offer him more money to stay with the cincinnati bengals. he should have been a head coach already again. i am glad we have him as ours. >> romona: we have been praising hue jackson a lot talking about his upside. what are you hearing as far as some of, you know, problems he might have other than not liking the media. not including me. you guys. >> let me take this back. for everyone to understand that, hue does like the media. he does like the media, i was just -- what happened, romona, when he left the raiders, he had a press conference. it just didn't go well. >> romona: i saw part of that. >> yeah. media. you could telecomming into the already. i love it. jimmy probably --
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>> jimmy probably gave him that one. he is a player's coach and the players want to play for him and he knows how to coach. when you could put players in the right position to make plays, they like that and the guy wins football games. >> when you say he is a player's coach he will have the power. >> no that is peter. the head pr guy for the browns. >> romona: wrong guy. we thought peter was coming through. >> romona: when you say he is a player's coach how much of this brown's roster do you think we will have starting next season. >> obviously, there will be some changes. >> you know. i don't think necessarily you have to have your guys when you come in. i think you have to have the right guys and i think he will find the right guys and have the right fit with this football team and obviously there will be a lot of players and some players will not fit what he is trying to do in cleveland.
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how much, i don't know we will have some. >> i hear a.j. green really likes them. could he get that player to come. >> you and i can only wish on that one. hey. he is just a super receiver. i wish i -- >> tony: did you cover him. >> not now. back in the day. i would take him out big dog. >> tony: of the 7 previous head coaches hired since 1999 only one was a head coach before and that was erik mangini and not letting him get on the plane and he was on other team's radars and not the 5th, 6th option that wasn't being locked at coordinator of the month kind of thing. >> he would definitely get hired as a head coach on someone's team. we all realize that and this year. that's why i am happy. jimmy is a smart guy.
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coach here in cleveland. but hue -- when you look at him on the sidelines and things he is doing in the control and command he has on the sideline with cincinnati bengals is amazing to watch this guy in action. smart guy, too. >> something's happening in berea. >> here we go. >> looks like we are about to come out, right. >> tony: they keep teasing us. >> i saw peter back there. he will lead the walkout. >> there he is. you can see. you. >> that's him. win right away. >> there he is. >> here we go. >> they are about to take the
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jimmy haslam there. >> okay, 10 days ago we were at the stadium and announced we were making changes in the browns organization. and we announced we would set off on a coaching search. and talked about who would be part of that coaching search and talked a little bit about the process. and first of all, i want to thank sashi who will you hear from in a bit and paul depedestrian stow and talked to 7 outstanding candidates and really good people fine men and good coaches and one is named head coach and i have no doubt others will be named head coach. cleveland browns. he is smart. he is tough. he is confident. he is competitive. he's been a head coach before. he's got a great offensive mind and he's got a tremendous track record developing quarterbacks.
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you will see it when you hear from him and see it when you are around him. he is very competitive and understands the afc north. he has been part of the afc north and i think he will be a great head coach for the cleveland browns. before we hear from hue and i know that's who everyone wants to hear from tonight sashi will make a few remarks about the process and give you an update on the personnel search. sashi? >> thank you, jimmy. really i am honored to be here and be able to introduce the next head coach of the cleveland browns as we set out to move forward and find the next head coach and leader and face of our franchise, we immediately knew after great meetings we had with players at the end of our season we needed to establish a culture and set a tone for our building and find a head coach that could bring confidence and instill confidence in our players where we would expect to win every sunday.
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we had a tremendous process with jed and paul and jimmy, d and myself and hue will bring a toughness and certainly an experience in terms of bringing the winning back to cleveland that we set out to accomplish. we are happy we accomplished that goal. for the dog pound and players i am pleased to introduce hue jackson as the next head coach of the cleveland browns. >> oh, wow. first of all, thank you. there's so many people i need to thank. first i would be remiss if i didn't go back and first thank the people in cincinnati mike brown, katie, troy and obviously marvin a real good friend of mine, sandy and jamie, some people there, the coaching staff i worked with for sew many years and mike decemberer in minnesota that helped me get to where i am today and i can never repay them for the opportunity they gave me.
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that brought me here, obviously jimmy and d, wow. what outstanding people. i just can't, again, thank you guys enough for this opportunity and i am looking forward to representing the cleveland browns and helping this organization get to where we know it should be. sashi and paul, these guys are tremendous. i know everybody is talking about analytics and all those things and everybody is smiling out there now. please trust me. i am going to have an opportunity to work with some of the smartest men in football. i have been in a lot of different buildings but i have never had an opportunity in two settings to sit down with some of the brightest minds in sashi, thank you. tonight. >> paul is back in california. paul, thank you for this, again, the time spent with me, giving me an opportunity to find out if i had what it takes to be the next cleveland brown coach.
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different things to talk about as we continue to move forward. but i am so excited for this opportunity. as you said i have been in the afc north. i kinda know the lay of the land and i understand where we are and trying to go. i understand cincinnati is one of the top teams in the league. pittsburgh is still playing and obviously, when you look at baltimore they had a down year this year and we understand where cleveland browns are. we know there's a lot of work to do and a lot of things we need to do to get there. what i am most excited about thinking of jimmy and d and their commitment to me and the commitment we have for this building and players and what we are trying to accomplish there is none other. i have been in of two these organizations in the afc north. i have been in cincinnati and baltimore. i can tell you firsthand there's nothing like the feeling of walking through these doors, nothing. there's a rabid fan base excited dog pound.
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i am excited. i want to jump in that pound. and when we get ab opportunity can play. there's a lot of work to do. i am excited about the work that needs to be done. i am ready to roll up my sleeves and ready to go and i know you guys have a a ton of questions. let's have at it. >> this is one of 32 coveted positions. the short stint in oakland did you worry about not getting a second chance. >> i think what you do in the assistant coach in the national football league you work. you put your head down and work. everybody has aspirations and sometimes it doesn't work out for some. i have been fortunate to have the opportunity to do it again. i am looking forward to this opportunity. >> and you talked about it last sunday that this would be a several year process and between
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year turn around everybody going to happen. >> i am glad he said that. [ laughter ] >> i truly understand that. i really respect jim saying that. at the same time that's not my mindset. i don't want that to be the mindset. we want to go and expect to win every game we play. that being said there's a lot of things that need to happen to have that opportunity to come forth. at the same time we are not going to be a football team that walks out there to say give. i am not interested in that. i did not come here for that. i came here to win. i came to help our team and have an opportunity to win football games. we will not care where we play. we understand afc north and are good football teams and we expect to have a really good
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>> you are working for basically sashi has control of salary caps and attorney and stats guy from baseball. people say how is a hard core football guy and these guys. >> i like the way you say it stats guy from baseball. >> actually i am a baseball guy. how do you deal with that? these are different ways to look at the game and personalities and so on. >> i think that's the beautiful part. there are all kinda ways to make things happen. there's more than one way to do things. my conversations with sashi and paul, we are on point. we understand exactly what is going to take to put this roster together to give us the best opportunity to be successful. part of it. it is not the whole part but a piece of it. if we can find another way of doing things good and give us an opportunity to have success, we all would do that.
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room that wouldn't do that. i like being cutting edge. i try to be innovative and cutting o.j. offense and ebb vein and cutting edge on everything we do in this building. eventually everybody will be doing what we are doing. that's the fun part of this. >> and from espn cleveland. i'm sure you didn't just sit and listen during the interview. can you give us an idea what your biggest question to them was? >> do we have a chance to win? that's the biggest question. >> yes. hue, what do you think it will take to give this opportunity to win in cleveland to me those questions were met with no problem. that's why i am sitting here today. if i didn't think we didn't have a chance to do something special here i wouldn't be here. no question about that. again, i cannot thank jimmy and d enough for this opportunity.
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success. i said to jimmy the other day. he's had success in doing most things he's done. what did you say to me, jimmy. >> accept this. let me tell you. i am here now. we want to change that. he deserves, him and his wife and this organization and city deserves a winner. that's what i am here to do is help this organization win. >> what are your thoughts on johnny manziel and do you want him as a quarterback on this team? >> this is what i would say to that. i need to get in this building and have an opportunity and sit down and watch tape. i don't know johnny personally. i know who he is. at the same time, i think i have to give everybody on our football team the fair opportunity to see who they are. it truly learn who they are and make decisions from there. >> tom reid from >> one play i am sure you are familiar with and offensive guy was joe thomas left tackle all pro.
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season and first time he had talked about maybe i don't know if i want to go through another rebuilding process and i don't know if they want me here in the rebuilding process. at some point do you want to sit down and talk to joe and what would you tell him how he could help this team in the next couple of years. >> honestly, i want to sit down and talk to all our players. joe thomas is one of the best left tackles in this league bar none. and he does deserve an opportunity to win. he is a tremendous football player and has been. has been one of the cornerstones of this organization and this football team and i can't wait to have the opportunity to talk to him to give him our plan and hopefully, i believe in my heart he will get excited about what we are trying to accomplish. >> how long will it take to put together a competitive stat in the context of i think when mike pettine got here and first time head coach who kind of put together a good staff and
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>> are you done with me? can i go upstairs right now? >> now. there are some tremendous football coaches sitting by the phone waiting on me to call. you would be surprised and you would be i have 142 text messages on my phone. i never knew my phone could go that long. most are coaches. and they are not just saying hue, congratulations they are saying hue, will you help me get to the cleveland browns and have an opportunity to sit in front of jimmy and staff and have a chance to come and help you win. to me that's what this is all about. i mean, i will attract some good coaches and some great coaches. but to me, we have to find the right fit for us. how fast that process will go, i don't know. i need to get on the phone and return some of those text messages. >> hue, will you be at the lead
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gm-type position. are you involved in that? >> i am going to do whatever is asked of me. i know i will have opportunity obviously to meet that person, know who that person is. >> this organization i am so comfortable we will make decisions whether hue jackson is involved or if hue jackson is not that's best for our organization. what i want to do is get the people to help us win regardless who it is. >> but you asked the question will i be involved? i think i am involved in all those things. will i make the decisions? i don't think i need to make the decisions. i need to know who it is. >> we are going to set out in earnest to find the top personnel person this week. we will start our interviews and hope to have that concluded as i said in earnest obviously tonight this conversation is about hue jackson and excited about our head coach and we will
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hue will be involved certainly. >> as hue said this is a clavin arab innovative partnership with jimmy certainly and he will be involved as we move forward. >> and any coach that sat there talked about turning the culture around and it hasn't happened. how difficult a task is that? >> it is hard for me to tell about you the other coaches. i know what hue jackson can do. i feel very comfortable and confident that i can get it turned. >> i believe that. i know that. and i expect to get that done. >> but how. >> it is a process. it is a lot of work to it and no question about that. i just say let's see how that goes. let's talk about this a month or two months, three months, four months from now and see where we are. >> hue, can you answer this question and this information came out since we last talked to you. you took a year to go around and
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and baseball teams and the thunder. why did you do that? what have you learned about your organization after talking to their organizations as far as how you wanted to turn this thing around? >> i think we stated on a lot of cases there's a learning curve to being an owner. we talked to a lot of nfl former nfl people, individuals who retired, many of whom you are familiar with. but not a lot of nfl teams want to tell you how they do things because it is competitive and we talked to baseball and basketball teams and the current theme from every single one of them was a lineman. you need everybody aligned. we, and i will take the responsibility did not do that the first couple of times. i think you will be surprised how well aligned we are. really intense because you are covering a lot of ground. >> romona: they want to bring back winning. i love hearing that. >> tony: of course.
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doug, i want to know this, are to hue jackson. >> you know i sent him one. coach. someone to teach them. that was good, tony. how did you know that? >> tony: i am on it, man. >> romona: all right. we have enjoyed that news conference. we will have reaction coming up at 11:00. right now we are going to join wheel of fortune. >> tony: thank you for watching, everybody.
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