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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 5PM  CBS  January 14, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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family of four found dead monday night. >> denise: their bodies were discovered after the family home exploded. were they dead before the blast. harry boomer is live in summit county now with the new developments. harry? >> reporter: denise and tony, it looks like arson may have been used to cover up what looks like a murder-suicide. the bodies of the family of four found inside their burned out house. >> the house blew up. we are the neighbors. we heard a big boom and it rocked and the neighbor's house is on fire. >> a father, mother and two children dead inside their home on sky haven road in northville center in summit county. the house was rocked by an explosion leading authorities to believe jeff and sydney mathers and 12 and 8-year-old died as a consequence of the blast. it became clear the scenario did
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first the house fire was ruled an arson and now it appears the deaths are due to a murder-suicide. the body was found in the den of the back of the house and body of wife and daughters were found in the dining/office area of the shell of the house. the mother's body on top of the two girls as if she was protecting them from harm. they fell to the ground below and the neighbor tried to rescue them. yelling, is anybody here and going through the house real slow and everything is cracking. you don't know if it will cave in. >> everything but the unthinkable all would die from an apparent murder-suicide in their home. mr. mathers was recently found by the park rangers in the lagoon with a loaded shotgun and taken in for evaluation for admitted depression and that his
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found here and ended here at their home in northville center. i'm harry boomer, cleveland 19. you, harry. i am in the weather center with jeff tonight. made. >> total 180. it was freezing and then like a balmy. >> we got above 40 and tomorrow will be warmer. don't get used to it as the saying goes. we have another shot of arctic air on the way. enjoy it while we've got it, the little break, melting the snow. >> and rain with the next front arriving later tomorrow and tomorrow night and turns sharply colder as the weekend wears on. back down we go. interactive radar and severe weather alerts on the cleveland 19 weather app and forecast video and yeah, there could be a sprinkle or two. headed out this evening looking
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40 holding steady there. there you see the current temperature akron-canton 39 and downtown cleveland 42. mr. on the changes ahead at about 5:16. tony? >> if i didn't think that we had a chance to do something special here, i wouldn't be here. no question about that. >> hue jackson hit the ground running in berea ready to roll up his sleeves and get this turn around underway. i have heard that before. new words from a coach time and time again. hue jackson brings experience and credibility. >> and popularity. colleagues and players saying this is a real cue for the browns. carl arc eye is here with more on that. carl. >> certainly are, denise. he hasn't won a single game yet but tributes to hue jackson is flowing in nonstop. carson palmer says awesome choice and marvin lewis is
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times each season and jackson and browns have to put the puzzle together hiring the right guy to get the right players and great staff to coach them back and talk for ray horton to come back to cleveland and tennessee might not let that happen. if they don't hue may want to give lovie smith a call former nfl coach of the year who took the bears to the superbowl with a defense second in the league. >> there is tremendous football coaches sitting by the phone waiting on me to call. you would be surprised and i am being very honest. i have 142 text messages on my phone. most of them are coaches. and they're not just saying hue, congratulations, they are saying hue, will you help me get to the cleveland browns and have an opportunity to sit in front of jimmy and the rest of your staff and have a chance to come here and help you win.
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as far as finding the right man for browns personnel they are meeting with martin mayhew and fired after a seven year stint with lions seeing playoffs twice during his tenure. >> all right, carl. we have hopes, high hopes and much more on coach jackson's hiring on the cleveland 19 news web site and mobile app and coming up in we know the coach comes to us from cincinnati. what about hue jackson the man. we will have more on his background coming up at 6:00. >> tony: the search continues for a suspect wanted for a brutal attack in akron. a 65-year-old woman beaten with a hammer and robbed. police are releasing the sketch of this suspect 40 to 50-years-old 5'5" to 5'7" purple highlights and small braids
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the victim was a longtime employee at ken's grille. they have teamed up with crimestoppers. a $4,000 reward is up for grabs. if you know who it is call or text your tips to crimestoppers. the number is on the screen. remember you can remain anonymous. >> denise: aaron dunnings in court pleading not guilty in the murder of major howard. the judge wanted the 23-year-old held on $1.5 million. little major was shot and killed in a car on east 133rd street in september. another suspect donnell lindsey is still on the run. a packed house at the canton civic center. they came by to say good-bye to a much loved police dog jethro killed in the line of duty. dani carlson was there. >> reporter: here in canton a few hours ago, a service remembering canton police dog jethro was focused on love.
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appreciating his sacrifice as he was killed in the line of duty. hundreds turned out to honor him with both two legs and four. >> reporter: more than 100 k-9s from across the country as far away as new york city attended the memorial service for killed canton police k-9 jethro. the dogs and handlers formed a five and a half minute long procession with pictures of the playful puppy turned dedicated dog looking down upon them. all was silent except for this. it was an emotional service for hundreds who turned out to honor the first canton police k-9 ever killed in the line of duty. >> and jethro laid down his life with love, honor, respect for his partner officer ryan davis. >> reporter: jethro was shot multiple times as a result as he and his partner ryan davis responded to a burglary call.
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injuries and today after davis was presented with a flag and a fallen officer medal honoring his four-legged best friend, the department officially declared jethro's end of watch. >> we owe it to him. i believe 100% without jethro today is ryan's funeral not the dog's funeral. >> flags in canton are in half-staff in honor of the memory of canton police k-9 jethro. we want to tell you the man accused of shooting jethro is in starke county custody assaulting and killing a police dog is third-degree felony punishable by 1 to 5 years in prison. >> reporter: in canton dani carlson, cleveland 19. >> denise: no question he is a real hero. >> if you missed jethro's funeral and would like to watch it, we have posted the entire video on our web site and can you see it on the cleveland 19
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an update on a crash in streetsboro sending to students and bus driver to the hospital. everybody was treated and released. the worst injury one student suffered a dislocated knee. this crash remains under investigation. first alert traffic on cleveland 19 news sponsored by ford. >> denise: look at that. smooth sailing. this is a live picture out of downtown cleveland on i-77. beautiful out there. no trouble spots to tell about you. of course as always you can download the waze app and join our cleveland 19 news group. it is a home fit for a king and it's on the market. >> do i need to get my powerball ticket out for this. >> denise: what are you doing if you won the powerball. >> tony: i love my job. dan deroos take us in. >> this was one of lebron's first homes when he first got in the league.
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not often we do free advertising. howard hannah listed it. $655,000. if you were that million dollar winner in cleveland yesterday your check is about to cover it. notice the address kings ridge boulevard. i was curious. i called barbara wilson, no. it was named kings ridge boulevard before lebron moved in. that's a huge coincidence. >> let's show you pictures. gorgeous from the outside and better on the inside and nice theater and big bedrooms. your own sauna, of course and gorgeous man cave downstairs. from what we hear some of the added bonuses are of course a very nice basketball hoop that stays with the residence. i guess you could call it an autograph. lebron etched his name in the concrete you out front kind of a permanent reminder it was lebron's house. it is on the market. i talked to the realtor's office. still on the market.
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tony? >> thank you, dan. >> i mentioned powerball. someone in northeast ohio scored $1 million in last night's drawing.
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live from cleveland's newscenter driven by don joseph toyota in kent this is cleveland 19 news. talk about getting rich fast three tickets were sold for the $1.36 billion powerball jackpot winners in california, tennessee and also in florida.
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someone in northeast ohio woke up a millionaire this morning. >> they matched five numbers minus the powerball. sia nyorkor has more where the winning ticket was sold. >> yes. there were many customers stopping curious about the million dollar win hoping it would be them it is all anyone is talking about the winning powerball ticket sold in cleveland. >> i think you sold the $1 million ticket from your store. and i wasn't believing her until i found out from the lottery. >> reporter: lottery officials visited the newsstand thursday morning and delivered these signs. regs popped into the small family-owned business to congratulate the owner.
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that means bottles for everybody. >> reporter: and see if they, too, were winners. >> i got $12 in my office pool. office pool. we have $12. >> i had about five minutes of hope because i hadn't checked one of the two tickets i bought from here yet. so i was like, i could have that $1 million, i may have $1 million and i checked the ticket and realized no, i can't go to hawaii. i can't just call off today. i have to come to work. >> they don't know who the winner is but will be good for business, the largest win for his store. this woman bought her first powerball ticket here and hopes the $1 million luck will rub off. >> it is exciting. i wish i could be that lucky. we'll see. >> this woman says she is even more determined. >> nope. nope. not yet. >> not yet. >> so i am more likely to win
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is buying tickets. >> lottery officials said numbers were hand picked as reward for selling the ticket. the business will receive $1,000 and the owner plans to divide it between all the staffers. back to you. >> how about it. my husband bought a ticket at the store. >> had you the five minutes of hope, too. >> he did. he didn't check until this there. oh well. next time. >> 771,000 tickets sold in ohio won some type of prize from $4 to $1 million. check your ticket. here is another look at your numbers: >> tony: by the way, we check in with a crew who two listeners who found $1,000 worth of powerball tickets during a scavenger hunt jimmy and ginger won $83. >> that's better than nothing.
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>> they have money to buy more tickets. >> in sia's story or tag, i wonder if you should pick the number or let the machine do it. >> he say machine ones won more quickly. >> people pick birthdays and there are only 30 days in a month. >> i don't know how many numbers there are. anyway. hey, sia. [ laughter ] >> i was waiting for that. >> i saw her walking there. you know what, working studio. happens all the time. and speed. it will be a windy night more or less, not real windy and enough to keep the temperatures up. 15mile-an-hour wind going on there in mansfield. and that is, you know, that's the main reason the temperature will be held up and warmer air coming in general, 40 the
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champaign, illinois, 51. cincinnati 52. warmer air is this for a little while until the front passes through tomorrow night. we don't see rain associated with it now. clouds will thin out for a little bit here this evening. right now we are mostly cloudy. but a nice little break from the arctic chill until we get later in the weekend. 42 by 7 a.m. is my forecast. sprinkles, forecast and we have none out there and unseasonally warm this time of year. cannot 1 by 7a .m temperatures. up we go after starting around 40 in the morning. we will be well in the 40s first alert for some late-day night. it looks like we could start out with hazy sun. 1:00 a wave of rain passing
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the main show won't be until tomorrow night. look at the high. 49. windy, warm and late day showers, south wind gusting over 25. here is your cold front coming through between 7:00 and 1:00 a.m. tomorrow night and then we turn colder. a little bit of snow on saturday. i don't think it will get out of control saturday. but by sunday that's when the lake-effect could pick up. 25 and falling. martin luther king day on monday here snow, wind and only 16 degrees. get ready. >> it isn't everything is it, mr. potter? >> just days after david bowie's death another british performer gone.
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now it's time for "the buzz" sponsored by national carpet mill outlet. more sad news tonight celine dion's husband died at the age of 73. he passed away this morning at home in las vegas after a long battle with throat cancer. he served as deion's manager. they married in 1994. they have three children together. >> you were seen by no less than 7 muggles. do you have any idea how serious this is. >> he is best known to modern audiences as professor nape in the harry potter films. alan rickman had a tremendous body of work. >> denise: rickman died in london after a battle with cancer. correspondent tina courthouse looked back on his esteemed
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>> alan rickman made a big first impression on american movie goers in the original diehard movie in 1988. >> do you really think you have a chance against us mr. cowboy. >> rickman made a name for himself on the british stage with the royal shakespeare company. in 1991 he returned to the screen for a memorable turn as bad guy as sheriff of nottingham prince of thieves. >> no more merciful beheadings and call off christmas. >> reporter: rickman won a golden globe award in 1991 playing the title character in a tv movie. he played a lighter role in the romantic comedy love actually opposite emma thompson. >> i am a classic fool. >> he took his turns behind the camera as well directing and
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a little chaos in 2014. but perhaps his most memorable role was dark and mysterious professor in 8 harry potter films. >> mr. potter. >> this morning costar daniel radcliffe payed homage saying film sets are poorer for the loss of this great actor and man. alan rickman was 69-years-old. >> tina krause cbs news, london. >> denise: rickman is survived by rima horton who he married in 2012. all right. a big showdown in south carolina tonight republican candidates getting ready to go head to head again. this could be the most heated debate yet.
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okay get ready to see gloves come off. the south carolina candidates are going head to head on the don't stage. >> before the fist votes are cast and they share their thoughts on major issues. >> and this could get interesting tonight. there's so much at stage. we have seen polls in iowa tighten up between ted cruz and donald trump. in new hampshire trump with a big lead also leading in south carolina where the debate will take place and dealing with drama fox business network decided only 7 candidates meet their criteria to be on the main
5:23 pm
paul not sitting well with the kentucky senator right now. tony and denise. >> denise: rand, i guess he is not going to show and says i'm out. >> this is something we have not seen happen yet in this republican pri marry. candidates have been willing to say i will go to this lower card debate and take advantage of it. there are fewer candidates on the stage and i get more time to talk and it helped chris christie and carly fiorina and rand paul doesn't see it that way lisp to what he had to say about the situation. >> we think it is a big mistake to do it and do not think he should characterize our campaign. we have raised $25 million and we will be on every ballot in our state. >> we think it is a rotten thing to do to try to demonstrate and we will not participate in anything that's not first tier.
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categories and the one that matters, the polls, he is anything but first tier and he won't be in charleston tonight. >> brian, let's talk about a couple of heavy weights. >> donald trump and senator ted cruz are locked neck-and-neck. >> and does this mean their so-called bromance is officially over? >> i think we can finally say the bromance is over and they have waited a long time to stop attacking each other. it is so tight in iowa. donald trump really started the back and forth and planted the seed of doubt about the canadian birthplace of ted cruz and listen how the two interacted in the past 24 hours. >> he has been really, really nice other than the last couple of days getting testy. i have been waiting. got a little problem.
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run. lawyers say you can't run if you do that. you can't be born in canada and can't be a canadian citizen. >> i understand mr. trump and other candidates in the race being disturbed that conservatives are coming together. when they are disturbed they raise attacks. cruz was brushing off what trump had to say without returning fire. that changed as well. cruz is reminding iowa voters donald trump is from new york city and embraces new york city values as he calls them hoping to reach out to socially conservative voters in the caucus of iowa. >> a pretty big shot at new yorkers and first debate since the shake up of ben carson's staff and says he is more excited than others and viewers will notice a change. too little too late for him to make a comeback, ryan? >> it very well may be, denise. we are seeing more problems for
5:26 pm
he lost another high-level staffer in the last hour headed into the debate. his campaign has been in a free-fall since reaching the top of the poll a few weeks ago and has gone downhill since and carson says shake ups in the campaign reinvigorated him and exciting on the stage tonight. listen to how he previews his performance. >> will you see more pep in my step. i don't have such a weight on my shoulders now. i think already people are starting to notice a lot more energy. i think you will see that during the debates thursday. >> they will have to. >> things are really, really bleak for ben carson f. things don't turn around today he will not be in the race much longer. >> denise: i'll say so. thank you, ryan. see you soon. >> campaign 2016 in full swing. stay with cleveland 19 news for continuing coverage throughout this presidential election year.
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candidates on air, on-line and free cleveland 19 news mobile app. >> tony: isis claimed responsibility for deadly stabilizer terror attacks in indonesia capital. six were killed after armed men carried off a series of coordinated gun and bomb attacks >> eyewitness video capturing the moment two suicide bombers struck outside a starbucks in central jakarta. one terrorist set off his vest and a third attacker walked into the coffee shop blowing himself up and injuring a dutch citizen. >> italian police arrested a man in connection with killing of florida native ashley olson. the 35-year-old was found strangled in his apartment over the weekend. alan has the latest from italy. >> reporter: at a press conference this morning
5:28 pm
ashley olson had two fractures to her skull and was strangled and there was evidence of consensual sex beforehand witnesses saw the two enter olson's apartment together and both seen on cct surveillance cameras in the area. according to the police at some point the suspect took olson's phone and put his sim card in it. the apartment was described by the land lady as being in a state of disarray. olson spent friday night in this nightclub. a florence hot spot with a history of problems over drug dealing and public order offenses. her father walter seen laying flowers tuesday at the apartment where she was murdered said in a written statement he had confidence that the perpetrator of a horrible and senseless
5:29 pm
>> ashley olson was living in florence three years and described well-known and popular in her neighborhood and came to florence to be near her father and start life over after a divorce. >> denise: the man suspected of killing olson is charged with murder, aggravated by cruelty. >> all right. nice evening coming up here. i have sprinkles in the forecast and right now i don't see any out there. if we get any developing i will take it out of the forecast and it won't be much if we see some. 42 lakewood. 42 euclid and 34 moreland hills and this could be a night with temperatures all over the place. 35 ashtabula and cooler with the deeper snow cover there. but we are at 41 elyria and dover new philly and cleveland 19 weather app. get the information, 10 day forecast and constantly update
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well. >> and it does have us dropping mid to upper 30s and see what happens generally mostly cloudy and like i said perhaps a few sprinkles. there you see the clouds thinning out here. short lived warm up. the rain with the next big cold front arrives later tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night and turning sharply colder headed into the weekend. forecast at 7 a.m. generally in the 30s to around 40. i think tomorrow especially if we can get a little bit of sun going first half of the day well into the 40s. but we have an alert for the late-day rain better than snowy guess, right. >> could impact the evening commute from west to east and certainly wet friday night plans. here is future view. tomorrow morning dry, if not
5:31 pm
you see a wave of rain moving west of cleveland during the afternoon. here is 5:00 and there you see it coming in. it will bring us wet friday night with late day showers developing there from west to east. south wind gusting over 25. 49 the high in cleveland blustery day cannot and high 47 degrees, tony? >> tony: thank you, dan. in the midst of the flu
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>> tony: there's a dangerous illness affecting pet owners and dogs. adrianna diaz has the story. >> ashley walks dogs in the seattle area and pays extra attention to her four legged friends after warnings of the new strain of dog flu. >> they can get sick like us and i know i inhalant being sick. >> king county health officials say 90 dogs in this kennel outside of seattle may have been exposed to the virus. two have tested positive for flu and further tests are needed to confirm it is the you in strain. >> none of the dogs have immunity to fight it off. when dogs go to dog day cares or dog parks or overnight kennels it can spread rapidly. >> this viral video features this chicago pup putting on a
5:34 pm
>> cases showed up last march in chicago and spread quickly. around 2,000 dogs in 24 states have been infected. a vaccine was made available in november. vets say the disease is rarely fatal but owners should see a vet right away if their dog shows symptoms. >> if your dog doesn't eat well and misses a meal or seeing coughing and lethargy and tired and hoping around it could be sign of a fever. if you see that call your local veterinarian. they will need special medications for it. >> adrianna diaz cbs news, chicago. >> people cannot contract the virus but can give it to a healthy pet if they spent time with a sick dog. >> denise: an insect display at a local museum is getting a lot of attention. let's see if can you see why. this is the world of beetles display at the cleveland museum of natural history.
5:35 pm
humor. >> several types of beetles can be seen in the exhibit including one of the volkswagen on variety. if you look closely, you can see the tiny orange volkswagen on beetle car pinned up with all the bugs. >> museum reps say it's been there more than 10 years and someone recently shared this close up unearthing the joke hidden in plain sight for so long. that's cute. >> very cool. >> great story coming up. >> this is an inspiration to a lot of people to get up, get out and get something. he is over 100-years-old. that is not stopping this great grandfather from shoveling his neighbor's snow. more on the man in this video that has gone viral. here is mark. coming up at 6:00 disturb disturbing details of the death of a family of four.
5:36 pm
a possible murder-suicide. >> and news surrounding browns head coach hue jackson and talked to people in his old stomping ground and suggestions
5:37 pm
>> it is a story going viral on social media a great grandfather getting attention for him helping his neighbors. kate has it from minnesota. >> i was born march 8th, 1914. it makes me over 101. >> richard mann learned a thing or two about work ethic in his long life. >> i was an only boy and it was for me to more or less do a man's job. i called it a man's job. >> after his father died when he was four he took care of work around the house to help a
5:38 pm
>> we had four or five feet of snow for two, three weeks at a time. >> the job never got him much attention until now nearly a century later. >> this is an inspiration to people to get up, get out and get something. >> a video showing him shoveling richard's snow went viral. richard's daughter showed him the video yesterday. >> the number i saw is 138,000 people have seen it. >> that's quite a number. >> i wish i could collect a dollar for each one that has seen it. >> i have always been active always doing something. >> over the years richard lost one wife to cancer, the other to alzheimer. he has not lost his humor and secret to long healthy life? >> clean living. wine, women and money.
5:39 pm
his work ethic and kindness making his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren proud. >> i think people appreciate the video seeing him so many things going on and people are not being kind to each other. kindness is key to having a successful and good life. >> i have had quite a life. >> i have to write this down. wine, women, that's taken care of. >> money. >> kindness. >> denise. >> the man says he plays golf whenever he gets a chance and swears by bacon and eggs for breakfast every day. >> the kindness part. >> i get that, too. >> jeff: i always love to hear the tips, secrets of life from a 100-year-old. you have to listen to that. >> the wine thing, look, italians live to be -- there's medical proof in that wine. >> yes. just saying.
5:40 pm
7-day forecast here. we are -- well, i guess we can call it a heat wave. 49 tomorrow. a few spots coming close to 50. we will get late day rain in here into friday night. that's when i think the bulk of it will be and down we go. saturday we will be seeing a drop in temperature here throughout the day. let me show you the day cast for tomorrow. 422 at 7:00 a.m. 40 for lunch. 46 at 5:00. it will be windy. rain will be arriving around 4:00, 5:00 we are thinking tomorrow. 25 on sunday and then dropping. fall saturday to the mid-20s saturday night and sunday an alert. this is the better opportunity of lake-effect snow. that's when the true arctic air
5:41 pm
luther king day on monday snow, wind, 16. kids are out of school and that could be heavy at times. leftover lake-effect snow tuesday, 20 and next thursday we could be back up above freezing cleveland 19 news returns after
5:42 pm
>> jeff: all right yesterday we told about you a group of first graders who sent words of encouragement to walsh with seahawks and there he is. he went to visit them showed up in the minneapolis elementary school to say thanks and signed autographs and took photos with the kids. >> denise: isn't that awesome. >> tony: walsh has been awesome since the moment he walked off the field and met with every reporter and kept his head up. >> denise: everybody makes a mistake. it is a tough thing to do. i loved the little kid who said
5:43 pm
out of the mouths of babes. 27 yards out. the powerball fever is cooling off. that means scammers will be coming out of the woodwork. at 6:00 find out how they could use the lottery ticket to try to rip you off. >> it is national dress up your dog day. for our view of the day we have carter, the 11-month-old goldendoodle bundled up for the cold. send your pics to . >> now this is a cleveland 19 news editorial. hello. i'm pastor larry macon, sr. united pastor of migrants mount zion oakwood village. soon we will celebrate the holiday that commemorates the birthday of one of our greatest leaders dr. martin luther king. he fought for justice for all people. the great thing about this special time it reminds us all of the successes and great strides we made in our nation
5:44 pm
that is yet to be done. one fact about his legacy dr. king was more than a black civil rights activist. he was a chief proponent of the term justice for all. his story encourages each of us to be nonviolent in our thoughts and actions. >> his hope was one day we would be all judged by the content of our character and not by the color of our skin or by the neighborhood we live in. his legacy is that of a man who brought hope and healing to america. i challenge you today to make a personal commitment to serve humanity and achieve the beloved community dr. king start years ago. it starts with you, cleveland let's dream big and keep his legacy alive. >> dr. king had a dream. you should, too. thank you. >> we encourage your response to this editorial.
5:45 pm
live from cleveland's newscenter cleveland 19 news starts now. >> mark: good evening. the medical examiner is looking at the possibility that monday's house explosion was a murder-suicide. >> romona: a family of four found dead inside their north field center home. we told you yesterday this is now an arson investigation. but how the fire started remains unclear. harry boomer with the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: a father, mother and two children all dead inside their home on sky haven road in north summit county. the house was rocked by an explosion leading authorities to believe jeff and sydney mather and daughters 12-year-old allison and 8-year-old ruthie died as a consequence of the blast. it was clear it did not pass the smell test. a house fire was ruled arson and
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