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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 4PM  CBS  January 18, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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p. p live from cleveland's news pcenter, cleveland 19 news starts pnow. p>> mark: and we begin. pbreaking news right now. pcleveland 19 news, cleveland olice investigating after psomeone fired several shots at pthe home of a young murder pvictim. p3-year-old major howard killed pin a drive by last september. ptwo people facing charges. phis grandfather called police ptoday and said someone in a blue pvan shot at his home on east p131st street. pno one was hurt. pthe home wasn't even hit. pnow the story today you saw a plittle bit of it right there, pweather, you can see the plake-effect snow on the first palert radar right here behind pus.
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pis one thing. pjeff tanchak is here with a pfirst look at the forecast. pany good news for us, jeff? p>> jeff: not tonight. pmore lake-effect. pmore dangerous colds. pthe wind chills are ridiculous. pwell below 0. pheaviest snow falling in pashtabula county, a ton of paccidents reported since this pmorning. pand you can see here we have pmore bands of lake-effect snow pon the way. pwe're going to get additional psignificant accumulation tonight pright through lake county. retty bad. palso northern geauga county. pwinds going to shift more to the pnorthwest. pthat can spread the snow a plittle bit further inland. pand even more into the greater pcleveland area. pnow, we have a lake-effect snow pwarning in effect eastern pcuyahoga county. plake geauga. pashtabula county. pwind chill advisory tonight pthrough early morning outside of pthe lake-effect areas. p10 below wind chills. pthat can happen. pwe do have an alert, of course,
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pand also the lake-effect snow. pin the lake-effect areas, travel pis going to be very treacherous. pso i would plan on that. pthis could be one of those neets pwhere if you don't have to go pout, i wouldn't. pup to 8 inches more in the plake-effect area. pbad travel tomorrow morning. pthe lake-effect will eventually pend, though, by afternoon. pforecast details on all of this pcoming up at about 4:18. pcatherine. p>> anchor: jeff, thank you. pof course with all of this, pyou're going to have a number of pweather related crashes pespecially on this one. pan suv slid into water this pmorning. pagain, this is just one of many paccidents today. plake county was hit especially phard. pan 8 car crash closed part of proute 2 and even more accidents pon the 306 bridge there. p>> mark: yes. pit is a little calmer outside pfor our afternoon rush. pour commute dannie carlson live pin lake county. phey, dannie, what's it looking plike out there right now? p>> reporter: well, do you know pwhat, you heard jeff talking pabout the snow in lake county.
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pyou can see the snow is coming pdown pretty consistently. pit has been for the last couple pof hours that we've been here. pat about 9:00 this morning, the pnational weather service precorded eight inches of snow palready on the ground here, and pit has been coming down pconsistently. pbut despite the very real pdangers that this snow can poffer, especially if you're out pon the roadway, some of the eople that we talked to here on pthe east side aren't bothered by pit. phe shoveled just a path in his pdriveway and isn't even wearing pa hat, gloves or boots. p>> i might build a snowman. pthis is good stuff. p>> reporter: casey wendel says pthis winter blast in his opinion pis paying the piper for the mild pwinter we've had so far, which pis not to say it's safe. pnot by any means. pwe've seen slide offs and paccidents on the roads, and olice are encouraging drivers pto go slow, saying roads are pslick. psnow warning is in effect here pin lake county until noon ptomorrow. p>> personally i love it. pi love the snow. pit's not bad at all. pi see cars sliding all over the
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pi see businesses closing down. pthis is for the east side of pcleveland, this is a piece of pcake, man. p>> reporter: but for a lot of pyou if you're planning on pheading out to the roadway, olice are saying if you don't phave to, don't. pif you do have to be out on the proadways, drive slow, drive pcautiously. pand it is very cold, so you pdefinitely want to make sure pyou're paying attention to try pnot to get in a slide off or paccident-type condition. pand coming up tonight on pcleveland 19 news at 5:00, today pwe actually got a chance to pspeak so a man who was involved pin a slide off, and he'll pexplain what was going through phis head at that very moment. plive in willoughby tonight, pdannie carlson, cleveland 19. p>> mark: dannie, thanks. pyou, too, can stay ahead of the pweather here in northwest ohio por anywhere in the country. pit's the first alert iphone app pright there on your iphone or in pyour tablet. p it's now three weeks from ptoday since a cuyahoga county
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pin the shooting death of p12-year-old tamir rice. p>> anchor: it's not stopping phis mother with a push for pchange. pscott carlson is live with pdetails on that. pscott. p>> scott: i'm at the cudell rec pcenter. pi want to show you the memorial pstill here for tamir rice. pa little snow covered, but still phere. psamaria rice still fighting for pjustice for her son and telling pme she feels sorry for the olice officer who shot tamir. psamaria rice tells me every day pis an emotional struggle. p>> i'm in this fight for justice pfor tamir, and that's my pmotivation of getting things a om pcome plishd, you know -- paccomplished paccomplished, you know, and phoping to get some exchange. p>> scott: some have attacked pher. pmany posts are filled with pracism and hate. p>> it doesn't bother me to a
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pgoing to entertain stupidity. p>> scott: samaria is still in pshock on how the cuyahoga county poffice treated her and her pfamily. p>> i believe the way the rosecutors tried to make me pthem. pthey was almost like attacking pand that was a little puncomfortable. pbut i still held my composure. p>> scott: a grand jury holding pdown no indictment of lowman or phis partner. ptim mcginty recommended no pcharges and has said a number of ptimes he was just doing his job. olice. pi'm terrified of the police. pbeing pulled over by the police pright now these day and ages, pyou just don't know what to pexpect. p>> scott: samaria is now an padvocate for special independent olice-involved shootings and pwants federal criminal charges phanded down against timothy ploehmann.
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pbut there definitely has to be psome accountability for the pmurder of my son. pand it's just quite sad. p>> scott: coming up at 6:00, psamaria thanks all of her psupporters and also takes on the eople who say that tamir's pdeath is her fault. pwe'll have that coming up at p6:00. plive in cleveland, scott taylor, pcleveland 19. p>> mark: scott, thank you. p a man in custody after olice say he shot and killed a olice officer over night. pher shall jones iii told his pex-girlfriend he was looking to pkill a cop. pdanville police officer was pfound shot behind the municipal pbuilding. phis weapon and cruiser were pmissing. olice found and arrested jones pabout an hour and a half later. p this, of course, is martin pluther king day and, of course, pit's more than just a day off pschool.
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pthis morning at mount zion pbaptist church. pbaldwin university is planning a pcandlelight vigil. pother events this week, a gospel pconcert, a chapel service and a pstudent artist exhibit. pand elsewhere to celebrate the pmlk holiday, admission was free pall day to the rock 'n' roll phall of fame, the greater pcleveland aquarium, the pbotanical gardens and all of the pmuseums in university circle. p this is no holiday from olitics. pthere is just two more weeks pbefore the big iowa caucus. p>> mark: the candidates are ushing hard, especially the pdemocrats, after the contentious pdebate last night. pweijia jiang is covering pcampaign 2016. p>> reporter: visitors reflected pat the martin luther king pmemorial on monday. p singing p. p>> reporter: while the residential candidates pchanneled his legacy on the pcampaign trail. p>> we should pay tribute to eople who helped bring us to
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pcontinue their work. p>> what is important is that we premember his vision. pthe world that he wanted to see, pthe america that he wanted to psee. p>> reporter: all three pdemocratic contenders pcommemorated the civil rights pleader on the steps of the south pcarolina state house in columbia pfresh off their most contentious pdebate yet hosted sunday night. phillary clinton and bernie psanders had several heated pexchanges over gun control, phealth care and wall street, pwhile martin o'malley struggled pto get a word in. p>> can i get 30 seconds too. p>> reporter: with just two pweeks to go before voting begins pin the presidential race, the prepublican candidates are pgetting aggressive too. pbut many of them also took the ptime to recognize dr. king. p[ applause ] p. p>> reporter: front runner
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pvirginia. p>> so we'll dead indicate pmartin luther king, a great man. p>> reporter: jeb bush posted a icture of martin luther king pworld. p>> mark: rallies and events pthe civil lights -- rights p thousands of people signed pan online position calling for ptrump to be blocked from pbritain. pit follows trumps calling for a pban on muslims following all of pthe recent terrorist attacks. pbritish law forces debate, but pno formal votes with over p100,000 signatures. p now on to some cavs talk and pthe huge game tonight with those pgolden state warriors. p>> mark: those guys. pit's a rematch. pwe're calling it part two since pchristmas. psports director tony zarrella is plive at the q with a pre view.
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p>> tony: no doubt about it. pwe all happened what happened pwhen they were in this building. pseth curry asked about coming pback to cleveland and he says i phope the building still smells plike champagne. phopefully they can erase that ptaste tonight. pthe first as a fully healthy pteam. pyou go back to the meeting. pcavaliers lost. pit was a tight game. pbut they fell at oracle arena by p6. pwhen you talk about measuring up pagainst the best of the west, pthen you look when the cavs fell pin san antonio. pstill went 5-1 on the trip. plosing to the best of the west. ptonight is a big night. pkeep it in perspective. p>> not to me. pto some people. pi believe it's a great test for pus. pwe plan to -- as far as the pdefending champs coming into our pbuilding. pin that facet, it should be a retty meaningful game in a psense of we just trying to pcontinue to get better. pi don't know. peveryone classifies a big game pdifferently than i would. p>> tony: all right.
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ptonight is a special night in pmore ways than one. pin fact, behind me they're going pthrough the routine. pthe special presentation in phonor of martin luther king, jr. pthat they will present at half ptime. ptia ewing will be a part of it. pwe'll see you coming up in time poutin just a minute. p>> anchor: exciting night. pthat makes it exciting. p>> mark: one of the things in ptimeout is we'll be talking pabout a dirty delly. p>> anchor: this is a shocker.
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p. p live from cleveland's news pcenter, driven by don joseph ptoyota in kent, this is pcleveland 19 news. p>> catherine: cleveland 19 news pcontinues with a warning for any pwomen who like nail polish, and pthat is, indeed, a lot of us. p>> mark: dangerous chemicals pfrom the pom lish now are getting pinside your body. pjulie with the alert. p>> i'm going to use yellow now. p>> reporter: from the nursery pto the nail salon, polish is opular from girls of all ages. pbut a new study finds chemicals pin some polishes can get inside pyour body. pewg's tasha soyberg tested women pfor a retardant tphp. pevery women had elevated levels.
4:16 pm
pnail polishes have tphp which is palso known as a flame retardant pcouches. pand while the group says more presearch is needed on the peffects of this chemical in phumans, animal studies indicate ptphp is linked to reproductive pand developmental issues. pthat's surprising to genna high pwho lets her kids play with nail olish often. p>> i was shocked. pi would say i'm pretty cautious pabout what i expose my kids to, pand nail polish is definitely pnot one of the things i worried pabout. p>> reporter: in a statement pthey call the research pspeculative and misleading and oints out tphp has been widely pand safely used across many pindustries, including to prevent pelectrical, automobile and pfurniture fires. p>> i think i will continue to plet my kids use nail polish pevery once in awhile because pit's a fun thing they obviously penjoy doing. p>> reporter: julie watts, cbs pnews, san francisco.
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pthere's a lot of brands that say pthey're all natural or pnon-toxic. pcatherine. p federal aid is heading to pflint, michigan, to help the pcity with a toxic water crisis. eople there have been exposed pto dangerous levels of lead psince 2014. resident obama declared now a pstate of emergency over the weekend, and pthat really -- state of the punion over the weekend. p heads up fans for fans of pitunes radio. papple will start charging for pthe music now. pthey will require a subscription pand that will cost you $9.99 a pmonth. pthe company sent out an e-mail pwarning customers last week. pthe changes take place. pi recommend i heart radio. p the post office was closed ptoday for the holiday, but ptomorrow you could be paying pmore. pthe u.s. postal service has praised its rates by as much as p14% for some services. pfedex and ups raised their
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pstamp prices stay the same at p49%. p all right. pwell, i'm sure we can all agree pstill pretty brutal out there pwhen you factor in that wind. pwe have wind chills below zero. pthat's going to be the case ptonight because the wind isn't pgoing to die down a whole lot. p23 mile an hour wind in mentor pand in warren. pit's a west wind. pso right now we have the heavier plake-effect snow. pthis is the squall right here pjust north of mentor. pmentor on the lake here heavy psnow through painesville. pand that's a bad stretch of pi-90. pit's not a very wide band. pbut you can see it right here plining up. pwe have another disturbance pcrossing over the lake tonight. pthat's one of the things we pwatch out for. pthat's why the lake-effect is pbeginning to pick up again. pthere's another band moving into pkontiat and into the northwest pof pennsylvania. phere is the wider view. pinland is not much right now. pi think the wind is going to pshift more to the northwest ptonight. pthat could spread the
4:19 pm
phere you see it coming in off of pmake lich lich. phere is 7:00 -- lake michigan. phere is 7:00 tonight. pfuture few is still seeing pmainly east side. pwe'll have to keep a close eye pon it. pno doubt where the ban is set up pand the heavier squalls, you're plooking at potentially six or pmore inches of snow. pthis is additional on top of the pfoot in some cases out here. pnotice how later on tonight it pdoes sneak into the cleveland parea, eastern cuyahoga county. platest future view run here is pgiving an additional three plus pinches. pthis is on top of what you've palready picked up. pi think isolated cases we can psee more out here. pbut further inland not much. pwind chill factor. pand, boy, oh boy, this is going pto be dangerous. pthis may delay schools in and of pitself. pmaybe close schools in the pmorning, even though you may not pbe getting much snow out to the pwest. p10 to 15 below. pwe're going to be in that range, pespecially outside of the
4:20 pm
pthat's dangerous stuff. pwe'll hold steady in temperature pi think in cleveland around 12. p1 to 4 inches of snow. pand because of that wind, it premains frigid. pakron-canton into the single pdigits. pcould see an inch to two, maybe pa little more. pespecially north of akron. pand then this will finally shut poff tomorrow. p10:00 to 1:00 in the afternoon, pdryer air works in. pstill going to be a very cold pday. pbut we'll even start to see some psunshine around here. pso the worst of the lake-effect pwill be tonight into early ptomorrow morning. pand then gradual clearing. p17 the high with a west wind at p12 to 24. pafter this, it's a slow warmup. pquiet. pcould see some flurries develop pon wednesday with a weak pdisturbance and a lot of cloud pcover here. pbut thursday expect a mixed sky
4:21 pm
pthere's going to be a big system psouth and east of us that could pdevelop into a big east coast pstorm, and that could give us pwind but not much in the way of psnow here. p32 the high. pthat wind will linger into the pweekend. pbut, again, i'm not looking for pa whole lot of snow after ptonight. p30 degrees on saturday. pso we do moderate in ptemperature. p22 saturday night. psunday a mix of clouds and sun pand 34 degrees. pso as you can see, the worst of pit pretty much happening right pnow. pthere's another system next pmonday that we'll worry about. pbut things do kind of get back pto normal in the extended pforecast. pbut as far as tonight is pconcerned, lake-effect areas pstill pretty bad. p>> catherine: a big difference, pisn't it, between the west side pand east side? p>> jeff: yes. pthis is classic stuff. p>> mark: it is. pi was hearing two inches an hour pof snow dropping. p>> jeff: yes. pearlier today. pwe may see something like that ptonight. p>> mark: be careful. p>> catherine: tough one.
4:22 pm
p coming up here, this actor pnailed it in his acceptance pspeech at the critic choice pawards. p and what the creator of sex pand the city thought of the pfinal episode.
4:23 pm
p. p now it's time for the buzz psponsored by national carpet pmill outlet. p>> mark: yes, it is buzz time. phold on. pthe creator of sex and the city pended up with mr. big. p>> an adorable seven acceptance speech pin today's buzz. phere we go. p>> this is super cool. pthis is the best day of my life. p>> anchor: oh, yes, the best pday of his 9-year-old life. p>> mark: wow. p>> catherine: that's jacob
4:24 pm
peveryone's heart after his great pacceptance award last night. p>> mark: if darren star had his pway, carrie bradshaw would not phave lived happy ever after with pmr. big. phe thought carrie marrying pmr. big betrayed the powerment pof the show. pthey had fiercely independent pcarrie finding happiness by pgetting married to mr. big. p>> catherine: as owe osed to pmoving on? p>> mark: that ended up in the pmovie. p>> catherine: maybe we should pbring it back. p>> mark: i hear there are preruns. p>> catherine: it's kind of a pculture for people. p>> mark: yes, it is. p on martin luther king day, pwe celebrate the man who wanted eople judged on the content of ptheir character. pcoming up, cleveland 19 takes a
4:25 pm
p. p if you're just joining us pthis half-hour, here are some of pthe top stories making news pright now. p>> mark: the big one plake-effect snow in effect for a pwide area, especially east of pcleveland. pit triggered a lot of accidents, pespecially certain areas. psome spots could get an padditional 4 to 8 inches of snow phere p a man is in custody after olice say he killed a police pofficer in knox county. olice arrested hershel jones piii. p it has now been three weeks pto the day since the cuyahoga pcounty jury did not charge two pofficers. pthe reality is painful, but it's pnot stopping her push for pchange. p today is a national holiday. pset aside to honor the work and pmemory of dr. martin luther pking. p>> catherine: this is a day of pservice.
4:26 pm
pthe country's racial divide. pstory. pwhat did you find out. p>> harry: well, catherine, i pfound out what america is. pracism is still alive and well pbecause of a dream deferred. p>> i have a dream. p>> harry: in his most famous pspeech, dr. martin luther king, pjr. spoke of an america where peach of us would be judged by pthe content of our person, not pas our skin color. pthe mayor of maple heights knows pshe stands on the shoulders of pdr. king. p>> every time you went into panybody's room, here is your pgreat picture. pi don't care how big of a shack, pthat small of a shack. pi grew up every day being preminded of a man with a dream. p>> harry: 53 years later, there pis hope in his dream. p>> i'm the first openly gay pcouncil president of ohio. pbeing a person that is a pminority, i've looked at him for pinspiration and for strength. p>> we don't want to just
4:27 pm
pwe want to emulate, ex ten wait p-- extenuate what is going on. p>> harry: when you hear the pname, what do you think? p>> i think equality and justice. p>> reporter: his dream, his pdeath, his legacy still resonate pin the hearts and minds of pamericans. pblack and white, young and old. p>> we still have things to fix. pbut i think with the hope in eople's hearts, they can still pmove forward and be able to have pbetter race relations in pamerica. p>> harry: and dr. king was artially inspired by the pnon-violent teachings of gand de pwho said be the change you want pto see in the world. pjudging from who i talked today, pthat's a lesson many of us have pnot learned. pat 5:00 an interview with pdr. campbell. pshe knew dr. king. pharry boomer, cleveland 19. p>> mark: harry, thank you very pmuch. p what a day we have still pgoing on here. p>> catherine: a holiday. p>> jeff: i guess fortunately it
4:28 pm
p>> mark: yes. p>> jeff: so not as trafficy out pthere. p>> catherine: right. p>> mark: that's an official pword. p>> jeff: is that a word. ptrafficy. p>> mark: i'm going to use it. p>> jeff: let's look at the platest here. pobviously we have the word out ptonight, especially in the plake-effect area. peven in the cleveland area, i pthink we'll see a little snow. pwe're seeing the downtown. psouth of cleveland not much. pbut lake-effect areas travel pimpacted big time. pvery slippery out there. pthe cold -- you know, that just padds to it because that snow pjust cakes right on to the roads pthere. phere. pthat's a wind chill advisory. pthey issue an advisory when the plower. pashtabula county, that's your pwarning. pwe have this one main band that pthe squall here and at least an
4:29 pm
prates around mentor through the pcentral part of lake county. pthat's the main band. plater on tonight that wind is pgoing to shift more to the pnorthwest. pand that could spread the snow a plittle bit further inland. ptemps low to mid teens and wind pchills here -- well, there you pgo. pthese are the current numbers. p7 below mansfield and wooster. p8 below is how it feels there in pwarren. pdon't forget about the pets in pweather like this. pthat's why i have the cute plittle puppy there. pespecially young dogs. pthey cannot stay out in this plong. pit looks like around 10 degrees por so. pi don't think we're going to pdrop too much in temperature. pup to 8 more inches of snow ossible in the lake-effect pareas, especially inland. pso tomorrow morning bad travels pstill. pagain, in the lake-effect areas. peverybody else dealing with the pbitter cold. pand i think in the afternoon, pthe lake snow eventually will pcome to an end.
4:30 pm
platest run of the future view pmodel, especially the east side, plure pyou're looking at another 3, 4 pinches or more. pi even have some isolated cases pup to 8 more inches of snow out pthere tonight. pand then, like i said, that snow pwill end early. pa clearing sky. pblustery. p17 your high in cleveland. p14 only in the akron-canton parea. pmark. p>> mark: okay. pjeff, thanks. p northeast ohio not alone phere dealing with record cold pand snow. pcheck this out. pconditions in eastern europe. pthis is video from romania. owerful winter storm dumped pnearly a foot and a half and pthat is not lake-effect. pit shut down schools and pairports there. p and now we're talking about pthat deal with iran that led to risoners. p>> catherine: yes. pit comes as sanctions are lifted pas pat of that historic nuclear pideal with iran. pbut some question the timing. pgreg boswell is in dc with the pupdate.
4:31 pm
pthe first pictures of american pamir hekmati, a former marine. phis reunion with family members ptaking place in germany where he pis undergoing medical checkups pcaptivity. p>> this is like surreal. pi'm still in disbelief. pand honestly, everything just phappened so quickly. p>> reporter: in all, iran preleased five americans over the pweekend. pthree were on this plane which pincluded washington post preporter jason rezion who was preunited with his family. p>> he's been deprived of pinformation. phe's been deprived of human pinteraction for almost 18 pmonths. phe knows he's got some work to pdo to get back. p>> reporter: of the other two pamericans, matt flew directly to pboston while another decided to pstay in iran. ponly four of the prisoners were art of a swap the white house preleased to that with seven piranians in the u.s. pthe fifth was not part of the pdeal. palso not included in the risoner exchange was robert 11
4:32 pm
pin iran in 2007 and remains pmissing. phis family talked with cbs this pmorning. p>> we were not told in advance. pi actually had to turn on the tv pto find out what was going on, pwhich was really disappointing. p>> reporter: shortly after the risoner swap, the u.s. and pother world power lifted peconomic sanctions freed up pbillions of dollars. pcraig boswell, cleveland 19. p>> mark: craig, thank you. p a cleveland woman escaped pfrom a house fire earlier this pmorning on the west side. pcrews were called to the 3900 pblock of storer avenue. pfirefighters had to wear extra players there due to the extreme pcold conditions. pthe cause of the fire still punder investigation at this phour. p can you believe it? pit is that time of year. pthe 2016 convention. pand this year something pdifferent. pfour new flavors are competing pto become the next few taste psensation. pthe winning flavor will be
4:33 pm
pchampagne and polka celebration. pso that's coming up because ash pwednesday is february 10th. p>> mark: that is -- p>> catherine: this is all too pearly. p>> mark: it's happening too pfast. p>> catherine: never too early. p coming up on cleveland 19 pnews, dirty dellavedova. pnew polls fans favorite with pgolden state in town here and phis performance during the
4:34 pm
p this is exciting. pa local teen is taking part in pthe glass slipper challenge. pit's part of dreams come true. pshe's the first person to take art in the half marathon race pwhile being pushed in her pwheelchair. psia nyorkor with her story. p>> reporter: dan and christina pboils say they lovingly pushed ptheir daughter courtney even pthough shoes e's a princess. pabout three years ago they pstarted running with dan pushing pcourtney's wheelchair. pcourtney is diagnosed with pintestinal failure. p>> she gets a lot of love from eople when she's running. p>> reporter: the duo started prunning marathons much to pcourtney's delight. p>> we had entered a lot of pdifferent 5 ks and i found she preally, really enjoyed being ushed. pi think she liked the wind in
4:35 pm
pabout the disney princess half pmarathon, he knew it was the erfect race for them to run. pexcept disney didn't allow pwheelchairs for safety reasons. pdan was baffled. p>> we run all over northeast pohio and we've had no problems. p>> reporter: so he started pmaking calls and after almost pfour months of persistence, he pgot a call from disney and they pinvited him and courtney to run pthe race. pit's the first time someone will pcompete in a wheelchair. p>> like we're able to help pchange one thing that disney pdoes. pand because of it, others are pable to participate now. pi called courtney a trail pblazer, and she's making a pchange. p>> reporter: the daddy-daughter pduo is running the race for many preasons. pto celebrate courtney's life. pbut also to help raise money for prena, a special needs woman ptheir family sponsors in el psalvador. pso next month, courtney will pshow the world that she won't plet being in a wheelchair keep pher back. pin seven hills, sia nyorkor, pcleveland 19.
4:36 pm
promona and tony. p>> mark: okay. pso listen, romona may be off ptoday, but the timeout pcontinues. psports director tony zarrella pjoining me live now from the q. pthe cavs taking on golden state. pand, tony, this is where we've pgot to start here. prepeat of the nba finals last pyear. pthat big game on christmas day. pthere's got to be a pretty pinteresting vibe going on there ptoday. p>> tony: yes, it will be a big pnight. pyou go back to christmas day. pdon't forget, shumpert and kyrie pwere back in the lineup. pthey weren't at their peak. pthey had literally just gotten pback in the lineup. pthe cavs are healthy now. pso if they want to gauge pthemselves, i'm sure they do pagainst the best of the west, ptonight is the best night to do pit. pi talked about this earlier. pyou have to beat these teams, pwin these games. pthe cavs have only lost one time pin this building this year. pand that was a fluke to the pwizards back on december 1st. pthey don't want to let it happen pto these guys again. p>> mark: and, you know, you pmentioned it a little there. peverybody was back for the
4:37 pm
pbut hadn't played together in pawhile. pyou guys really, it's been two por three weeks now since they've pbeen at full capacity. p>> tony: yeah. pand that christmas day game had pa bizarre, to use your term, day pto it. pkyrie only played 26 minutes. phe scored 13 points. plebron had a good game. pbut overall green was the high pscorer in that game. phe had a monster day for the pwarriors. pit just wasn't according to pscript. p>> mark: okay. pnow, we have to talk about a pdirty delly here and it's not pscott taylor to clean it up. pthis weekend the la times called pmatt dellavedova the dirtiest layer in the nba. pcome on. p>> tony: i guess we know who pvoted. ptaj gibson. pkyle korver. pdelly plays hard. psome people think he goes over pthe line. phe will roll over guy. phe took out korver and broke the pankle. pthere's a degree of truth that pdelly crosses the line psometimes. p>> mark: do you know what i
4:38 pm
pthe guys that were considered pwere enforcers like rambus, the pguys under the basket. p>> tony: yeah, big guy. p>> mark: this guy is 6 foot 2, p6 foot 3 maybe in the program pand he's causing e ing trouble. p>> tony: two of the five guys pare big giems. pi will say -- guys. pi will say this, kind of a pbizarre stat, use it for your ptrivia, three of the five guys, pone from australia. p>> mark: it's the odd football p [ laughing ] p>> mark: real quick, let's talk pabout johnny manziel. phe's making the headlines. pbuying booze. pthe strongest comments by the pway, the most important thing by pthe new coach and his future phere. p>> tony: i think he's gone. pyou know, he's down in fort pworth. phe probably wants to stay in ptexas. p>> mark: i guess that's robably it. pnow, i heard one rumor over the pweekend that he might have pbought a bar or something like pthat. pi don't know. p>> tony: good luck to him. pgood luck to him. p>> mark: exactly. p>> tony: happy trails.
4:39 pm
p>> mark: you are clearly on the phue jackson band wagon, as are pmost in ohio. pi think we've done justice to ptime out here today. p>> tony: you always do. p>> mark: romona will do what pshe can to tell us how bad it pwas. p>> tony: thanks, bud. p>> catherine: all right, guys. p on to this, the stock market pwas closed today for the martin pluther king holiday. pbut experts predict a volatile pweek ahead. pthe dow jones opens down nearly p400 points. pcrude is around 40 bucks a pbarrel. ptraders are also worried about pthe wild swings on the chinese pmarkets. p new numbers on christmas psales are not giving anyone preason to celebrate here. pthe national retail federation psays sales rose just 3% for the pseason. pthat's below the original pforecast. pbut, but, online sales exceeded pexpectations and jumped by paround 9%. p coming up tonight at 5:00, a
4:40 pm
pnow a celebrity is pitching in pto help people living in that parea. p plus a book about the slaves pof george washington pulled from pthe shelves. pwe go inside the controversy. pthat's coming up. pdownload the cleveland 19 news papp sponsored by kisling, pnestico and redick. hurt in a
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p. p a cleveland 19 health alert, pand we are talking about sore pthroats. pwhat a pain. pand the benefits for an adult of pgetting a tons electricity me. pa new study shows it can improve pyour life. pit tracked 100 adults and most phad fewer sore throats, that's preally important, doctors visits pand work absence as well. p another warning about those pe cigarettes. pbut this is kind of a no pbrainer. pbritish researchers tested pnearly 600 children and they
4:42 pm
pflavors like chocolate and pbubble gum. pthey're more likely to attract pchildren than ads featuring pnon-flavored e cigarettes. p forbes magazine offers new roof now that the growing pfinancial divide between the prichest and the poorest people. pa global poverty group found 62 prichest people in the world pcollectively have as much wealth pas half of the population on the lanet. pthere's another stunning fact pthat this report also found the ptop 1% owe more than anyone else pcombined. p the australian open is now punder way. pbut under a potential tennis pscandal. pthe bbc and buzz feed news claim pthey have proof of widespread pmatch fixing. pbut the four governing bodies of ptennis strongly denounce these pexplosive charges. p all right. pthis is the time of the newscast pwhere we solely focus on the pseven day forecast. pand needless to say, when this
4:43 pm
pstay this way. pyes, still very cold tomorrow. pwe're still going to have plake-effect snow around early. pand then on wednesday we've got pthis weak disturbance that could pgive us some flurries. pnotice temperatures still in the pteens here. pthen it will start to warm up a plittle more on thursday with a pmixed sky here. pactually increasing clouds pthroughout the day on thursday. pand 29. pi do have an alert, though, on pfriday for wind. pbig east coast storm is going to pramp up. pit looks like the bulk of the psnow with this will miss us, palthough we'll have to watch out pfor the southern part of ohio. pso stay tuned. pit could be interesting at the pend of the week here. p32 will be the high. pand now over the weekend, that pwind is going to be a factor on psaturday out of the north. p30 the high. psaturday night 22. pand sunday a mix of clouds and psun and 34. phey, how about that? ptemperatures actually getting pabove freezing. pa little clipper system on
4:44 pm
pas you can see, not too many palerts there. pand the trend is going to be up pafter a very bitter cold start pto the week here. pit looks like things as far as pcomfortable factor outside pgetting a little better towards pthe end of the week. p>> catherine: that's important pbecause people do like the pwinter sports. p>> mark: sure. pthey can have it for a little pwhile. premember those 60 in december? p>> jeff: i remember. p>> catherine: we're paying the rice, i would say. p coming up on cleveland 19
4:45 pm
p. p some dramatic video now of pwhat a california firefighter psaw as he rescued several people pfrom two active fire scenes, peven pulling a baby from a pwindow. phis helmet cam captured all of pit. p>> hey, out of my way. pyou got a good grip? p>> yes. p>> hold on to her from inside. p>> mark: wow. pno one hurt in either fire. pbut the helmet cam video shows pwhat crews are up against when pthey respond to a fire. p and then we have this.
4:46 pm
roblem for a private jet owned pby tv's judge judy. plook at this. pwind gusts of up to 80 miles per phour damaged the plane at a pflorida airport. pthe nose of the jet was left ointing up and that tail was pright down there on the ground. pthe underbelly exposed. pthat's a problem. p>> mark: holy cow. p [ laughing ] p coming up on cleveland 19 pnews at 5:00, antibiotics alert. pthis is the season for colds, pcoughs and sore throats, but pthere is a new warning on what pdoctors may use to help make you pfeel better.
4:47 pm
live from cleveland's newscenter, cleveland 19 news starts now. right now at 5:00 a live look from willoughby. you could see right there the lake-effect snow machine has been very busy dumping plenty of snow on many parts of the snowbelt as people are out on the roads on top of that snow we have dangerous wind chill
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