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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 11PM  CBS  January 18, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> live from cleveland's news center, cleveland 19 news starts now. >> tonight's big story, we have a lake affect warning. there are school closings at the bottom of your screen. >> we got this in a few minutes ago cuyahoga officials say they will not open until 9:00 a.m. all nonessential county officials should report a little after 9 and it does not include court employees who will start at 8:30. let's go to jeff tanchek. for the latest, this is snow and windchills is what we are
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chills if you are in the snow you have that and the dangerous windchill. let's get to the latest. not much as changed -- in fact nothing has changed with the lake affect warning. you can see the windchill advisory for the rest of the area. they issued a windchill advisory for 10 below or a lower windchill values. the snow is really coming down and we have reports of about a foot in chardon and madison. you can see two main bands. this band around euclid and willowby. northern ashtabula county where it is coming an inch an hour and near zero visibility. travel is not recommended in the snow belt. the wind? a problem ped along the lakeshore and travel is not recommended east of cleveland. you can see the temperatures are single digits.
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windchills, 10 below there. slow improvement tomorrow and vently we shut off the lake affect. >> dan: the snowy and icy weather made for a lot of accidents especially in mentor. a scary moment in the parking lot of the tyler center plaza at tyler boulevard. someone lost control of the suv and it slid into a nearby retention popped. retention pond. there was an eight-vehicle crash that forced police to detour traffic at route 306 until it was all cleared up. accidents like that are common during bad weather. it makes you wonder if the people with longer commutes may be better off leaving the driving to the pro's. now a look at current conditions. you look a little cold. sorry. >> reporter: yes, it is the kind of windchill where it stings your face.
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we have driven into cuyahoga county from menor and i will say that it was west of eastlake before there was more than one passable lane on the highway. the side roads there is snow cover. the visibility is still poor. the wind is absolutely brutal. the eastside can't seem to catch up or catch a break. it was bitter and blinding out there today. roads were snow-covered for the whole of the day as plows struggled to keep up with the blowing snow. highways in mentor slowed to a crawl and even closed at some points and visibility remained poor into the evening hours. >> terrible. >> reporter: the deep drifts proved treacherous for this semi. it was one of five rescued by this tow truck driver alone today. >> what's the worst part about it? >> it's the thickness of it. they haven't shoveled the stuff.
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i was stuck back there and had to be pulled out. >> commuters who opted to rely on lake tran were happy and on time because they did. >> i don't think about it. i do my thing and take the bus. >> i have been taking the bus since october and i ain't never been late to work, not one time. >> reporter: they say an arrangement with odot allows them to navigate around the trouble spots on a snowy day. >> when traffic goes below 35 miles an hour we can go over to the shoulders and as long as they are clear we can drive the shaller into cleveland making sure our buses arrive on time. >> reporter: lake tran said they got a lot of thank you e-mails from passengers today because it is a holiday and they were operating. people were relieved to have someone else do the driving. today is good for tow truck drivers. they are making some money and some delivery people some of
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cleveland, they say their orders are up 20% from the warmer temperatures we had last week. who wants to be out in this? reporting live in cleveland, cleveland 19. >> tiffani: jen, you can finally warm up. eastsideers were shoveling up this morning and they willy shoveling again as you know. those with pets will be trying to clear out a path on the sidewalk or the backyard to get their animals exercise. we say this each and every year. if you are cold outside, so are your pets. some people will leave their animals out in the dangerous and deadly cold. lydia esparra was out with animal protection investigators. she is here with more. lydia? >> reporter: dogs left tied up outside with no shelter or cats roaming around trying to find one. on cleveland's west side an unusual animal left outside,
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>> they do their best to stay warm as they make their way up and down the snow-covered streets. and driving up and down those streets the cleveland animal protective league. >> they say this is no weather foreman or beast, but unfortunately it is always the animal is the beast that end up getting tied outside. >> reporter: this is one beast he didn't expect to see. a goat living in this dog house-type shelter outside on puritas avenue. >> we got in contact with the owner and he has consented to keep the goat for awhile. >> reporter: billy jean came out quickly to denise murray. she took the goat by the collar leading her to safety. >> just to see her out in the cold every night. she can't talk. she is helpless out here. >> reporter: helpless animals that will go anywhere seeking warmth like this one found on someone's porch on west 54th street.
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all day about pets left in the cold. and they respond to every call which leads me back to billy jean. she was grateful to denise and because she can't talk she showed her. even the goat knows this baaad weather is not safe for animals who oftentimes don't mind it. >> with this type of weather what might serve as shelter in mild weather is no shell they are -- shelter on a day like today. >> she looked so happy. what a cutie. the apl tells us when it gets cold like this, even if you have a dog in a covered porch you need to bring them inside. oftentimes when you let your pet outside, they stay out a little too long and that can be dangerous. finally, check your pet's paws and make sure there is no cracking or bleeding because of the cold weather can affect that too. dan? >> dan: thanks, lidia. you will need to stay ahead of
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you should download the cleveland 19, first alert forecast weather app. you can find the radar down to your street level and you can submit pictures and really stay ahead of it depending on where you live. >> tiffani: today we honor the life and legacy and the work of reverend dr. martin luther king, junior. community activists use the holiday to call attention to inequality in the criminal justice system. united pastors and missions and congregations held a rally on the steps of the justice center before the prayer service at the united church of christ on prospect. the group is calling for a legislative action to ensure that a special prosecutor is used in all police involved shootings where charges are being considered. >> dan: the city of berea is marking the holiday. it was a week long recognition of his legacy and service at mount zion baptist church.
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candlelight march on the bw campus. a gospel concert and day of learning and a panel on socially responsible careers. >> tiffani: american families are reuniting with prisoners. this after sanctions were lifted. the white house agreed and released seven iranians being held in the u.s. and a fifth was not part of the deal. shortly after the swap the u.s. and other world powers lifted economic sanctions leaded to the nuclear program freeing up billions of dollars for tehran. three prisoners are being treated in germany and a fourth flew to boston and a fifth decided to remain in iran. >> dan: clinton police are looking at shots fired at the home of major howard. he was shot and killed at a drive by. his grandfather called and
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fired shots at his home on east 131st street. no one was hurt and the house was not hit, but some shell casings were taken as evidence. aaron dunnings was charged with major howard's murder and donell lyndsay remains on the loose. >> tiffani: a small community a police officer. police found the body of officer thomas catrell behind the municipal building late last night. his gun and cruiser were taken. the knox county sheriff's office said they arrested herschell jones and he told his ex-girlfriend he was looking to kill an officer and she tipped off deputies. >> this is a close community, and everybody knew everybody and helped look out, and he was trying to keep us safe. >> tiffani: deputies found his police cruiser a half mile from the station. jones is being held in the jokes con -- in the knox county jail and charges are pending. >> tiffani: the cavaliers
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champions. the warriors were playing like a top team in the league and cavs, not so much. tony is live at the q with more. tony, all i can say is what happened? >> tony: it is awful. i was just in there with david blatt and he can't explain it. lebron has done just about everything in his career. a couple things lebron james has never done. he has never trailed by 43 in an nba game. anywhere. he has never lost by 34 on this his home court. both things happened tonight as the defending champions came out and simply embarrassed the cavaliers. they lead by 13 in the second quarter and then it spiraled out of control. lebron couldn't get a handle on it and jefferson couldn't. it would get worse, much worse. they would lead by 30 at one point in the second quarter. curry steals it from lebron and it goes the other way. they would lead by 40 in the
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jr smith wasn't around to see it. he was ejected after a flagrant foul. i don't know about that call. he was done for the night. we lose badly. >> we had a break down and we didn't respond to it. you know, that and that lack of mental preparation more than anything else really hurts. i told my guys if they are not mentally ready to play. >> tony: he was then asked how can your team not be mentally ready to play the defending nba champions? how is that possible? we will talk about that coming up in sports in a little bit. rough night here, guys. >> it was ugly. the cavaliers took the time out to pay their respect to
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one of our morning anchors helped take part in the half time presentation to honor dr. king. the performance had an interpretation of the speech he gave at glenville high school in 1967. >> dan: it is time for a pantry check. trader joe's is recalling some packaged cashew's. we have more on the product recall. >> tiffani: you may be sniffling and sneezing more, but doctors prescribing antibiotics less. the simple reason they are holding off on the meds. >> jeff: bad on the eastside. let's check out doppler network. geneva on the lake and ashtabula and starting to drift south. we will talk about the windchills coming up. >> breaking news and weather 24/7. download the cleveland 19 news
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guy this is cleveland 19 -- >> this is cleveland 19 news. >> dan: it is time to check your pantry shelves. trader joe's is issuing a nut recall. the grocery store chain is recalling the cashew pieces over a possible salmonella con tap nation. contamination. they were sent to stores in two dozen states including ohio.
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throw their product out or return it for a full refund at the store. you can find the bar code and the lot number for this specific product in the story at cleveland >> dan: it is a season for colds, cough, sore throat. >> tiffani: you were fighting it last week. we are all fighting it. they told doctors to prescribe antibiotics only when necessary. correspondent kenneth craig has this alert. >> do you feel congested at all? >> a little bit. >> reporter: mackenzie mire has a -- mackenzie meyer had a sore throat and a cough. >> i decided to stop it and just make sure that it wasn't strep. >> reporter: the city md doctor determined it was not strep throat, a back bacterial infection, but more likely a virus which is not treated with antibiotics. >> seems like people think antibiotics are the reason for everything. >> kenneth, it is important to remember that most coughs,
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throats are caused by viruses. >> reporter: the american college of physicians together with the cdc want to cut down on prescribing antibiotics for the common respiratory infections. they say 50% of antibiotic prescriptions may be unnecessary. >> the goal is this is to prevent apartment particular over use which would cause antibiotic resistance which is literally killing people in this country. >> reporter: the recommendations include prescribing antibiotics when strep is confirmed. for sinus infections that last more than 10 days or if severe symptoms last three days. meyer was told to rest and take over the counter meds. >> i want to make sure when i am really sick my body can fight it off and the antibiotics will be able to help. >> reporter: she was told to come back if her symptoms got worse. kenneth craig, cleveland 19. >> tiffani: doctors found when they prescribed antibiotics for the sinus
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affects. >> jeff: all right, guys here we go. an update on the morning commute. windchills are below zero. weather impact will be a six. worst conditions east, and the latest model run has downtown cleveland around 10 degrees. snow showers around and then we bust out sun as the morning wears on and the lake affect shuts off. this is an intense band that is now starting to drift south. i have been waiting for this to happen. geneva on the lake and the snow is starting to pick up around north perry as well. there is another band not as intense around chesterland and beechwood right here. it is the eastern part of cuyahoga county lake and giaga and ashtabula. the winds are 10 to 15 sustained . we have an 18 mile an hour wind and we are gusting up to 31 in downtown cleveland. that's going to whip the snow
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windchills are 10 to 15 below. dangerous stuff. overnight and into tomorrow morning the lowest windchill readings are west and south. it looks like about 7 below at 7:00 a.m. in cleveland. watch how the lake affect starts to go a little west and south by morning. even impacting downtown and east before that dryer air comes in. i am thinking one to four inches and heavier eastside. the eastern suburbs will hold steady about 8 degrees here. this is 10:00 in the morning. you have the northwest wind and the dryer air. finally we are able to shut off the lake affect. additional snow on top of what you have already picked up as of 11:00. it looks like another two to four inches here. euclid around two and chardon
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inches. 17 the high and still blustery and very cold. we gradually clear out and 14 your high akron canton. frigid day. lake snow will mix in sun at noon. 14. 5:00 14 degrees and still below zero. windchills in the morning. things do quiet down. although it will be cold on wednesday. cloudy sky and some flurries around with a weak disturbance. thursday increasing clouds and 29. east coast storm develops and this is going to be a big one. this will make the national news at the end of the week. right now i think the worst of the snow will miss most of our area. the southern part of ohio will have to watch out. windy on saturday and 30 as we start to warm up. 22 on saturday night. and right now i have the weekend dry with a mixed sky on sunday and 34. could be another system on monday. snow showers and wind. but 34 degrees as we lose the arctic grip by the end of the week.
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>> now, it's time for the buzz sponsored by national carpet mill outlet. >> tiffani: we want to pass along some sad entertainment news. co-founder of the eagles glen frey has died. >> dan: it has been a rough couple weeks for the music industry. frey was dealing with some medical issues the past few weeks. he formed the eagles with don henley in the 70s 70s and could-wrote hits like "hotel california" and" life in the fast line." the eagles were inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame in 1998 and frey was 67. >> tiffani: jada pin cet smith -- jada pin cet smith and spike lee are boycotting the oscars. they encouraged people of color to recognize the power they do have and not beg for acknowledgment. lee thanked the academy for
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but he says he and his wife will also not be attending. >> tiffani: the cavs were not so good for the nba finals. the colden state showing everyone they are the champs.
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>> now, this is the serpantini sports report on cleveland 19 news. >> the cavaliers are playing what many consider their biggest regular season game of the year. golden state at the q and a chance to show what they can do when they are all healthy and playing as a team and all that jazz and wow. this thing lubed bad. the warriors, they came out swinging in a hurry. 10 points in less than two minutes and they never took their foot off the gas. they kept shooting and
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making and making and making. they shot 65% in the first half. 59% from the free point line. the second half wasn't any better. they lead by 40 multiple times. this was disgusting to watch. steph curry poured in 35. lebron lead the cavs with sixteen. this game was over in the second quarter. the warriors crushed them 132-98. let's go live to quicken loans arena. tony is there and he has the pleasure of trying to wrap this blood bath up. tony, i can't wait to hear what the guys had to say. >> tony: they are pretty blunt as you would imagine. it is one night, but what is discouraging is we spent the past seven months saying if only we had kyrie and kevin love in the finals things would be different. we had them tonight and they combined to give us 11 points. more alarming david blatt saying our guys just weren't ready to play.
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>> it is not so much who they are. we could have played anybody tonight and i don't know if we would have had a vastly different result. you know there is a lot of things that go into having a day that is bad. i can't deny that. it was the kind of game they wanted to play. >> lebron just talked and said it shows how far they have to go. 43 games left and they can certainly do better than this. >> june is five months away. thank you, tony. appreciate the leg work after this one. >> asking questions after that
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>> dan: one last look at weather. >> jeff: coverage at 4:30 let's show you the latest. the windchill advisory already a number of school closings and more to come. eastern cuyahoga lake and giaga, there is your lake affect warning. it is starting to snow now in downtown. that's telling me the wind is starting to shift so look for the smoa to go further inland. we have a heavy squall in eastern lake county and ashtabula county. looks like around 10:00 or so warming into downtown. >> tiffani: thank you for joining us. cleveland 19 begins at 4:30 a.m. >> dan: try and stay safe, bundle up.
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