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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 4PM  CBS  January 20, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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p. p live from cleveland's news pcenter, cleveland 19 news starts pnow. p>> anchor: we begin now with a pstory we've been following now pfor nearly 24 hours. p>> mark: right. pa joint terrorism task force has pbeen investigating julio penio, pthe associate history professor pat kent state is accused of pasking students to join isis. ptoday the university president pis weighing in. phe has been known to have made pcountless anti-israel
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resident beverly warren saying phencible. pharry boomer has been down at there pall day today. pwe'll get answers from him. p>> anchor: this is part of the pstatement we received. pmany of you have heard punsettling news over night that pthe fbi has been on our kent pcampus investigating a very pserious matter. pwe're cooperating with the fbi pand we have been assured that pthere is no indication of a pthreat to the campus, as this is pan ongoing investigation. pit is not prudent to speak pfurther about this case. pso we wanted to know what the pword was about this professor on prate my pso we checked out some of the previews. pdan deroos will have those pcoming up in about 30 minutes. p we also have another plunge pin the price of crude oil that
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pso we take a look live at the pclosing numbers here. pand there it is. pdown 248 just here today. pright now the dow is at 5767. palso breaking u.s. attorneys for pthe northern district of ohio pstephen deddleback is resigning pand he's stepping down to work pat a law firm. phe will leave on february 5th. pcarol rendon, his first passistant, will take over in his pabsence. p all right. pnow to weather where i didn't psee any snow out there. pi was out west covering a story. p>> jeff: a little bit. p>> anchor: i saw snowplow ptrucks getting ready. p>> jeff: we have a little bit. pthis isn't going to be a big psystem. pdusting at most. pand we have this little guy pmoving through. pthis will transition, though, pover into some lake-effect snow, pon. pdoppler. pyou can see most of this snow is
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pwe have some light snow reported pnow in cleveland, mentor. pagain, this is mainly with the psystem. pa little steadier through pcolumbiana county here. pthat darker blue color that you psee. pand that is tracking to the peast. pnow, i do have an alert out palong the lakeshore and east for pthe potential of a couple inches pof snow. pthe four inch may be a little pbit of a stretch here. pso the evening commute in the plake-effect areas, you might pencounter a new slick spots pthere on top of the foot plus psnow that we have out there palready. pand then travel outside of the plake-effect you're looking good. pso that will mainly be here this pevening. pyou can see temperatures really pdon't do much. pit depends on the cloud cover. pgenerally holding steady in the pupper teens here. pif we do see some breaks in the pcloud cover, it will be colder pbecause the wind is going to be retty light. p20 degrees downtown. psome light snow.
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pforecast details 4:18. pa more tranquil weather pattern pfor us. pdenise. p>> denise: thanks, jeff. p an early morning fire that pkilled two sisters that were 85 pand 90 on the city's east side. pit happened just after 2:00 a.m. pthis morning near east 147th and pbartlett. pthat's where we find dani pcarlson this afternoon. pdani, what do we know now? p>> dani: well, you know, just pwithin the past five minutes, we pspoke to three foster children pwho lived in this home for a pgood part of their childhood. pthey're all adults now. pand they describe the women who plived here as kind and caring, pcompassionate people. pnow, they have identified those ptwo women to us. pbut since they haven't been pofficially identified by the pauthorities at this point, we ptheir names. pbut the foster children and peveryone in this community p.
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pi just got up instantly. p>> dani: it all started at pabout 2:20 this morning. p>> i am seeing fire everywhere pand seeing smoke going and going pand the house was just burning. p>> dani: the cleveland fire pdepartment said when they got to pthe house, they knew two women pwere in the house. pthey had two eyewitness, an p85-year-old man who had been pstaying on the second floor and pthe 45-year-old grandson of one pof the victims and nephew of the pothers who had also been there pwhen the fire had started. p>> he had awoke en to his aunt pwho lived on the second floor pscreaming and he initially pjumped up out of bed. ptried to make an attempt to prescue the grandmother. p>> dani: but neither the pfirefighter or the man was able pto save the women. pthe investigation into what pcaused the fire is ongoing with pthe investigators on scene a pfull 12 hours after the initial pcall. pwe also know that the state fire
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p>> this situation is just make pme think it could be my house pright here. pand, like i said, god bless a pwoman's soul that they lost life pthis way. p>> dani: so, again, as we pstated, the investigation into pwhat exactly caused this fire is pstill ongoing at this point. pbut the fire department did want pto get that message out there in pinclement weather like this, pit's always a good idea to never puse something like a stove as a pway to heat your home or a space pheater that is unattended, pbecause that could cause a pdangerous situation. plive in cleveland tonight, dani pcarlson pcarlson, cleveland 19. p>> mark: dani, thank you. p more bumps in the road now pfor presidential candidates. pthis is a sprint to the first pnominating contest in iowa and pnew hampshire. pfor the gop profiles a high pendorsement is now playing a key prole. pand a new poll adds to the
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pcraig boswell following the platest developments now. p>> reporter: donald trump and psarah pal in rallied together pfor the first time since her pendorsement ever the of the gop front prunner tuesday. pare you ready to stump for ptrump? pi'm ready to sponsor. p>> everybody wanted her pendorsement. pshe said what you're doing, pdonald, is amazing. pit's a movement and it is a pmovement. p>> reporter: trump's stop in poklahoma is the first time he pcampaigned in the city of tulsa. phe began the day in iowa where pthere was another first. psome supporters disappointed to psee only trump, not palin. p>> it was advertised he would phave a special guest. pwe were surprised -- my friends pand i were surprised she wasn't phere. p>> reporter: trump and ted cruz pare running neck-and-neck in piowa where cruz also took a hit pwhen the state's republican pgovernor came out against the ptexas senator over ethanol psubsidies. pcrews campaigning in new phampshire turned it into an pattack line. p>> donald trump promised not ponly to protect the ethanol
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p>> reporter: on the democratic pside, bill clinton stumped ptowards his wife in new phampshire. p>> she's got a little lead that pi think is solidifying and maybe pgrowing a little bit. p>> reporter: hillary clinton pleads nationally, but in new phampshire the latest cnn wmur oll shows bernie sanders ahead pof clinton by 27 points. pcraig boswell, cleveland 19. p>> mark: craig, thanks. p new hampshire voters cast pballots on february 9th. piowa voters make their choice pfebruary 1st. p first alert traffic on pcleveland 19 news is sponsored pby ford. p>> mark: well, you know, they psay timing is everything. pthere's a look at 77 and 480. pand just in time for rush hour. pa quick burst of snow pushing pits way through. pbut everybody is moving along at pa pretty good clip and volume peven seems to be just about paverage for this time of day. pdenise. p michigan's governor is romising to do whatever it ptakes to end flint's water pemergency. prick snyder says the michigan
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pquality and the federal epa pdidn't properly address the roblem of lead contaminated pwater when they learned about it pearly last year. pand he's asking the state plegislature for nearly p$30 million in aid. p so how safe is cleveland pwater? pwell, the city of cleveland pwater department says that on pits website that it's well pwithin the very strict pgovernment standards for water urity and absence of lead. pwe add orthophosphate to the pdrinking water to inhibit lead pcorrosion. pbut if you're still planning to pshop for a water filter, we have pa guide to filters and what they premove on our website p wal-mart will give nearly pall of its hourly store pemployees a raise next month. pthis comes as an attempt to pcombat a tighter labor market, pchronic turnover. pall hourly workers who were pemployed in stores as of pdecember 31st will get a 2% pay pbump. pmore than 1.2 million workers in pwal-mart and sam's club stores
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p we'll hear from harry boomer plive down at kent state coming pup in just a little bit. phe's working on this story down pthere. p and coming up at 4:00 in the pbuzz, daytime tv show gets the pax after one season. pfind out which one. p plus stitching success. p>> denise: an ohio-based
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p live from cleveland's news pcenter, driven by don joseph ptoyota in kent, this is pcleveland 19 news. p>> mark: welcome back. pall day. phere we go back to harry boomer
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pinvestigation of a kent state passistant professor there. phey, harry. p>> harry: hey, mark. phow are you. plisten, i found that his wife is prunning interference for him. pwhen i knocked on the door here pat his home, she answered. pbut let's hear from the man phimself from an interview pearlier. p>> i've not broken the law. pi don't advocate anyone break pthe law. pi'll stand by that statement. p>> harry: denial is the first pline of defense for the rofessor. pas you've heard, the fbi is pinvestigating the often poutspoken professor. p>> i fulfill my duties as an pamerican citizen by speaking out pon issues that some people find pcontroversial, of course. pbut, no, i have not violated any pu.s. laws that i'm aware of p>> harry: today when i knocked pon his door near the kent state pcampus, his wife answered the pdoor. p>> hi. p>> harry: hi. pi'm harry boomer for cleveland p19. pi wonder if the professor is pwilling to talk to us. p>> no. phe's not interested.
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pthis. p>> i don't think i know anything pabout it, and his political paffairs are his business. pi'm perfectly happy to have psomebody living there who thinks pdifferently from me. p>> reporter: he is saying more pto kent wire studio before he pwent silent to the media. phere is his answer when asked pdirectly if he is a supporter of pthe islamic state. p>> no, i would not say that. pmy current status is that i'm a pcitizen of the united states pwith all of the rights and pobligations that entails. pi follow the law. pi advocate that others do so palso. pand i ask others to respect my pfreedom of speech as i respect ptheirs. p>> harry: freedom of speech pdoes have its guarantees. pas to where the professor has pbroken the law, a federal court pmay have to decide that. plive in kent state, harry pboomer, cleveland 19. p>> mark: harry, thanks. p and where the snow continues pto fall there, this is not like
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p>> jeff: no. pthis is a little disturbance. pit's pretty white flakes coming pdown. p>> mark: there you go. p>> jeff: even the travel is plooking okay. pthat may change a little bit pthis evening. pnow, let me show you the pvisibility here mark was talking pabout how there is a system psnow. pi like to look at the visibility pbecause this kind of tells us phow hard the snow is coming pdown. pand you see here at cleveland phopkins 5 miles visibility. pthat's basically flurries. pbut then you get here in warren. pthree-quarters of a mile. pthere. palso dover-new philly mile and pthree-quarters. pthat's where we're getting a plittle steadier snow as well. phere you see it rolling in here. pand this darker blue color pcolumbiana county around pyoungstown. pa little dusting following here. pand then it diminishes to pflurries. pbut this will transition over to psome lake-effect snow tonight. pmaybe an inch or two. pi have one to four in there. pbut the way it's looking right
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pon the lower end of the scale of pthat range. pthere you see a little plake-effect coming in off of plake michigan. pand then we dry out. pin fact, i even think the clouds pwill start to break up by pmorning. pand that will determine how low pthe temperatures get tonight. pwe're at 20 in cleveland. pyou can see across the area low p20s out to the west. pthat's still cold for this time pof year. pbut the wind is pretty light. pthat's good. pwe're not dealing with a biting pwind chill. phere is 7:00 this evening on pfuture view. pwatch this band. pit will move in from northwest pto southeast here. pokay. pso this is that little bit of plake-effect snow that we have in pthe forecast. pit looks like mainly this pevening. pi'm going to keep snow showers pin the forecast as the wind goes pnorthwest from cleveland east, plet's say. pand 1 to 2 inches for most pareas. pyou can see on our future view pmodel here as we roll that pthrough the night. pyes, an additional inch or so pout here in the snow belt.
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pand you see this around thompson pand the inland part of ashtabula pcounty. erhaps as much as two, maybe pthree inches of snow there. pfuture view temperatures you can psee we don't do much tonight. pbut watch what happens towards pmorning as the clouds break up. pwe drop a little more further pinland. p7:00 a.m. temperature canton pcould be down to 12. pi do have us dropping down to 12 pin cleveland with 1 to 4 inches pof snow if we break up the pclouds. pbut where the clouds hang on, pmostly cloudy akron-canton and p16. ptomorrow is going to be a little pmilder. pby 1:00 in the afternoon, we're pin the 20s. pa mix of clouds and sun. pstill chilly. pbut it should be a dry day there pand 26 the high. pwarmer tomorrow night. pwe only drop down to 21. pand then the attention will turn pto that big east coast storm. pwhat it will give us some pflurries and maybe some wind.
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pgoing to be increasing friday pafternoon going into saturday. pbut we're going to miss out on pthe snow with that. pi'm going to have much more on pthat storm coming up during the p5:00 news. p28 saturday. psaturday night clearing. p19. psunday up to 36 degrees on psunday. pand then we get into a light pafternoon mix on monday into ptuesday. pso the next alert will be on ptuesday there. pbut temperatures warm mid 30s. pdenise. p>> denise: all right. pthanks so much, jeff. pbnb. ptwo big players in the sharing peconomy. pnow we're introducing you to a pwoman stitching together her own psuccess. pvanita nare explains. p>> you're always going to buy pand own your basic and your pstaples. pfor rental you want those things pthat you wear once or twice that pare really noticeable more pstatement. p>> reporter: despite her pknowledge of a woman's wardrobe, pceo christine hunskerr is the
4:18 pm
pinterested in fashion. pshe started this square foot pfacility in ohio after studying pthe numbers. p>> if you look at it simply from pa financial perspective or from pa business perspective, you've pgot 75% of the adult female opulation is size 10 or above. p67% is size 14 or above. pand traditional retail has pignored and systematically punderserved these women. p>> reporter: when she started pthe company five years ago, phunskerr ran it out of her papartment. pthe steps of her staircase pdoubled as work space. pcompany's warehouse. p>> were you nervous, though? pi think some people might say a pformal dress is one thing. pevery day clothing is a little p>> absolutely. plook, i think that was our pbiggest concern. pthere's this whole issue of pwhere people rent clothing. pwhen you take a look and step pback and say you're renting your pbed, you could get no more of an pintimate place than the bed if pyour home or sleeping in a p>> reporter: and other
4:19 pm
pbusiness of renting clothes and paccessories. p>> the sharing economy began as psomething the millennials did. pbut it's actually a big part of pthe economy right now. p>> reporter: jason tans editor pat large at wired says ptechnology is driving cultural pchange. p>> we are seeing a big shift pbetween buying something once to aying a subscription fee to paccess a whole category of pthings. p>> reporter: as her company has pgrown, hunskerr has developed pher own methods for quality pcontrol. pthat includes washing, drying pand pressing each garment. pand inspecting it at least three ptimes before it's packaged. p>> we're looking for any kind of pdefects, holes, rips, snags, pthings like that. panything that didn't get out in pthe cleaning process. pso every single garment has gone pthrough, as you can see -- p>> reporter: she's smelling it ptoo. p>> absolutely. the clothing has pto come like new. p>> reporter: we wanted to test pthat. pso we set up an account and
4:20 pm
pthey arrived looking and psmelling new. p>> if you're renting, you only paccess it when you need it and pthen everyone else can access it pas well. pyou're splitting the cost amidst pa lot of different customers. pin a lot of ways, it's a lot pmore efficient. p>> i think you've got an entire pgeneration of people growing up pnow that are all about smarter put li putilization and learning how can pfurther. p>> reporter: so far, she says pthey shipped more than 3 million pboxes, but she's pushing for pmore. p>> where do you want it to be? p>> we want it to be a place pwhere managing a rotating pwardrobe is actually the way the pmajority of people interact with pclothing. p>> denise: and it's based in pgrove part near columbus. pfor more information, head to pthe scene on section of our pwebsite p straight ahead for you here, pthe oscar nominations backlash pcontinues as more stars are pweighing in.
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pnow? pthat's after the break. p. p taking a live look outside pat our cam.
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p. p now it's time for the buzz psponsored by national carpet pmill outlet. p>> denise: well, you just saw pit if you were watching pcleveland 19 news. pbut unfortunately fans of the pfab life we have some bad news. p>> mark: yes. pyou're going to need to make panother way to make your life pmore fun and beautiful at the psame time. p>> denise: the daytime talk pshow will not be returning to panother season. pindication of problems came pafter host tyra banks left the pshow mid season.
4:23 pm
pout the season with the pco-hosts. p oscar winner lapedo deyoungo pis protesting the all white cast pat the academy awards posting on pinstagram that it was her pthinking about unconscious rejudice and what merits restige in our culture. pon monday spike lee posted that phe and his wife will skip the poscars and not support it. pthe academy's president promise romising changes and quickly. poscar nominees are chosen by a p6200 member voting body, 93% who pare white. p74% male. p well, weeks after david bow pbowie pbowie's death, many are looking ing. peven kanye west. pthousands of people signed a etition from yeeser. p7,000 signatures showing how
4:24 pm
psince his death nearly two weeks pago, his music sales has pincreased 5,000%. pthat doesn't surprise me. pi've never seen something blow pup on facebook that way. p>> mark: absolutely. pand the last album that he preleased right before he passed paway. pi think we'll be okay without a pkanye cover. p>> denise: something tells me phe might still do it. p>> mark: we'll be fine. p sats optional.
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p. p i've not broken the law. pi don't advocate that anyone pelse breaks the law. pi fulfill my duty of speaking. pbut, no, i have not violated any pu.s. laws that i'm aware of. p>> denise: that's kent state passociate professor julio penio
4:26 pm
pkent state newspaper. pas cleveland 19 has been preporting, penio is accused of pisis. p we first reported on penio pback in 2011 when he became the ptalk of the campus for shouting pdeath to israel during a speech pby a former israeli diplomat. pformer israeli diplomat spoke at pkent state's open forum in 2011 pbut few in the audience expected pthat one of the professors would pspeak against israel. p>> he said death israel three ptimes. p>> the professor stormed out of pthe room three times saying pdeath to israel. p>> mark: we confronted the rofessor at the time, but he phad nothing to say. pthen president lester lefman preleased a statement saying it's pmy obligation as the president pof this university to say that i pfind his words deplorable and phis behavior deeply troubling.
4:27 pm
pright to free speech, something enio expressed tuesday after pnews broke that he was being pinvestigated by the feds. p>> i'm a citizen of the united pstates with all of the rights pand obligations that entails. pi follow the law. pi advocate that others do so palso. pand i ask others to respect my pfreedom of speech as i respect ptheirs. p>> mark: and we wanted to know pexactly what may have influenced psome students to take this rofessor's class. pdan deroos checked out rate my for comments about phim. phey, dan. p>> dan: it's been very pinteresting to look at this pwebsite. pcompare him against other rofessors at kent state puniversity but also some of the pcomments. poverall he gets a 2.7. pnow, these are people who have psupposingly taken his class. pthey go on his website. pyou rate them on a couple of pdifferent areas. pas he gets a 2.7, here are some pof the other professors at kent pstate. pyou can see he sort of falls ptowards the bottom. pyou have other fairly higher prankeled. p2.0.
4:28 pm
pso he's middle to lower ex lon pof the professors there. pand then you can also leave pcomments. pthis is what i find interesting. plet's read this first one here pthat rates him poor. pworst professor i've ever had. pgrading methods completely punclear. pseems based on his own pob point pof view. pnot if you make clear well back psided arguments. pdoesn't give enough source pmaterial. pand weak sources to use for apers and to many films. pnot even documentary. pworked really hard. ptons of time. pwent to the office hours. pstill got nowhere. pbut then the very next person pright below that just this past pdecember rated him good and said pdr. penio is extremely pknowledgeable about all history. phe does not use power point but pwas definitely one of my pfavorite teachers i have had. phe has his own stubborn views pthat may offend you. pif you're not extremely easily poffended, you can write papers pevery two weeks. pyou are golden.
4:29 pm
pbut essays instead. phis grading was inconsistent. pwhat i found interesting here is p42 people said that this message pright here that they didn't find pit useful. pbut for the person who said that pit was the worst professor pthey'd ever had, that person got p37 thumbs up. pso kind of -- you've got two pmixed people putting their popinions here. pand then you've got other people psaying this person is correct pand this person is not correct. pvery interesting to look at it. pwe'll put that link on the pfacebook page for cleveland 19. pyou can be your own judge. pmark. p>> mark: okay, dan. pthank. pwe've been falling it all day. pahead at 5:00 we continue to dig pfor answers. pstudent media reacts to the fbi pinvestigation. pthat's coming up. p all right. plet's look at the first alert. pi do have one for tonight. pand it's not going to be heavy plake-effect snow, but you can
4:30 pm
plead to a few slick spots here pand there. pno advisories or anything like pthat in the forecast. pbut i have the 1 to 4 inch prange. pbut chances are it will be on pthe lower end of that scale. pevening commute, again, a few pslick spots. pbut outside of the lake-effect pareas, you're looking good. pbasically we're at flurries pright now. pno organized lake-effect. pthere you see that steadier snow pthat continues to move to the peast. pand here is a look at pindependence. psome flurries coming down there. ptonight. pdry tomorrow. pactually the rest of the ptranquil. pbut we will be turning windy pfriday afternoon heading into psaturday. pand that's because of that east pcoast storm. pwe're at 20 in cleveland. pso temperatures ranging between p18 and 20 degrees across pcuyahoga county. p21 in westlake and in euclid. pso around 20 across the greater pcleveland area. p7:00 again some snow showers. p18. p10:00, 19.
4:31 pm
pcover here. pand in downtown the future view pmodel is hanging on to the pclouds which means we're not pgoing to drop much. pbut where those clouds break up, pyou will be colder tonight. pthere you see it. pmaybe an inch or two mainly east pthere in the snow belt. pand then by morning, it looks plike for the most part this will pbe over with other than a few prandom snow showers there. pmore on the 7 day forecast pcoming up in just a little bit. pmark over to you. p>> mark: jeff, thanks a lot. p there's a quick look at what phappened on the stocks today. pdown 249, 1.56% off there. p5766 for your dow jones pindustrial average. pand showing us to talk about the pstate of the stock market right pnow, joe hider. pjoe is from serous wealth pmanagement in cleveland. pthanks for taking the time. pi appreciate it. pbusy time during the day. pis the day like today where you ptake a bunch of calls. peverything is going to be fine.
4:32 pm
p>> mark: okay. . p>> and it was to liquidate bonds pstock. p>> p>> mark: there you go. pit was a time to buy a bargain. p>> either that or some clients pwere away perfect it their tv. p>> mark: exactly. pso let's talk about -- i looked pup a little bit before if i'm ptaking a basic finance class, i pwant to talk about correction pversus anything else. p10% off from the 52 week high, pright? p>> mark: and we're about there? p>> right. pit depends on what sector and pwhat time of the day. p>> mark: we got up to a high. pit would be nice to be back pthere but we're not right there. pyou always hear that standard plet's relax and ride this out. pare we bottoming out here? pwhat do you think? p>> it's always tough to tell pwhere the real bottom is. pbut the fundamentals in the peconomy, particularly here in pthe u.s., are very strong. pthis is driven primarily because
4:33 pm
plittle business with. psecondarily they're downturn is pimpacting the price of oil. p>> mark: okay. p>> so people -- it's being pdriven largely because of what's phappening in oil. pwe're a consumer-driven economy. pthat's good for us as consumers. p>> mark: yes. psee, that's what i've been -- pi'm thinking so myself we're plooking to play michigan. pthey were below a buck a gallon pfor gas. pwe haven't seen that since '99. pand everybody else is thinking, pokay, this is great. pbut some people are freaking out pabout it. p>> unless you're involved in the poil business and think it's good pfor all of us. p>> mark: very good. pjoe hider, thanks for coming in pand taking time with us here. pwe really appreciate it. p>> thank you. p>> mark: very good. p on the news, most public pschools closed after a teacher psick out. pthis is used to call attention pto the large class sizes and oor conditions in the city pschools there. pdozens of detroit teachers pcontinued to protest today where resident obama arrived at the pdetroit auto show within the phour.
4:34 pm
pwere closed and only 6 remained popen. pteachers are asking parents to pcome out and join them to fight pfor quality education. p a new report released today roposes some big changes in pcollege admissions. pthose include possibly making pstandardized testing optional or plessening its importance. pthe report sponsored by the pharvard graduate school of peducation wants to reform the rocess to dial down the ressure on high school pstudents. pany changes that could happen pmay not be in place for two to pthree years. pthe report suggests a few of the pfollowing things happen. pdeemphasize standardized ptesting, quality over quantity. pthe students showing more pcommitment to community service pinstead of listing the things pthat they've done. panother thing would be including pan essay question on college papplications for students to pwrite about their contributions pto their families and others. pemphasize a good fit for each pstudent. pthen the idea that few colleges pmatter. p there is a new ohio law that
4:35 pm
powners with liquor permits to pserve alcohol until 4:00 a.m. pduring the rnc. pto qualify for this waiver, your pestablishment has to be in pcuyahoga, geauga, portage or me pdiana counties. p-- medina counties. pthe waiver can be used through pthe entire convention from pjuly 18th through july 21st. p all right, mark. pi didn't want to do it. pbut today it's the z square pattention where my husband and i
4:36 pm
p. p now for a quick timeout with pramona and tony. p>> denise: let's see if we can pdo this. p>> tony: all right. plet's get rolling. p>> denise: all right. p>> tony: no pressure on you. promona, you're replacing -- p>> denise: i know this. pthat's why i didn't want to do pthis. pthe zs have to do it together. p>> tony: we don't argue enough pat home. p>> denise: exactly. pjosh gordon is applying for preinstatement. phow many chances are they going pto give this guy? p>> tony: not just from a pbrown's perspective. phe's played two games since last pseason.
4:37 pm
phis sheet is long of all of his ptransgressions off of the field. pif you're hue jackson, the pinteresting thing is you have a pcouple of things working in your pfavor. pfirst of all, you've dealt with poff the field issues with guys pin cincinnati. phe was very well-respected, the pnew coach. phe may say, do you know what, pi've done this before and i pthink i can get this guy on the pstraight and narrow. pthe second thing it wouldn't pcost the browns anything to keep phim around. p>> denise: do you think they pwill? p>> tony: i think they will. pyou're going to pay josh gordon p1.1 million. pthat's one ninth of what they've pguaranteed duane bow. pthat's all you need to know. p>> denise: all right. plet's get to the cavs with a pi said tough. pyou said, no, d, it was a brutal pnight. p>> tony: it was brutal. pawful, awful night. pcan they make it singular and psay, okay, that was a bad night. pwe get it. pthey're going to have to beat pthe better teams, the best of pthe spurs. pand certainly the warriors are pthe standard right now. pthey have to shake that off. pthey're in brooklyn. pthey're playing one of the worst pteams in basketball.
4:38 pm
pnot the worst. ptalent wise they are. pthey lost eight out of nine. plebron talked about it. phe said they have 42 games left pafter tonight, denise. p>> denise: right. p>> tony: there is a big body of pwork that they can use to go up p3, 4, 5 notches where they need pto be at the right time. pbut, again, it starts tonight. p>> denise: all right. pgo cavs. pand you're in the dog house, by pthe way. p>> tony: what else is new. p>> denise: all right. pmark, over to you. p>> mark: that's fantastic. p for the second year in a prow, lebron james is the nba's phighest paid player. pthe cavaliers very own made p$71 million. phis salary sits at 23 million. pthat's the third highest in the pleague. pit's his off court deals that pare raking in the dough. pand he's not winning when it pcomes to jersey sales, though. pgolden states warrior steph pcurry has that on lock. pfor seahawks fans, the first
4:39 pm
pfelt like pulling teeth and one pfan literally did that. p5-year-old leo and his dad pdecided half time was a great popportunity to take care of pleo's loose tooth. pthey tied it to a football. pthey threw for a complete pass pand the loss of leo's tooth. p>> denise: i think they should phave put some kind of warning up pbefore we showed that video. pas a kid. p>> denise: remember that. pyou just needed that one pull to p all right. pit is 4:46. pwe'll be back with more pcleveland 19 news after this. pstay p>> breaking news and weather p24/7. download the cleveland 19 pnews app sponsored by kisling,
4:40 pm
p. p so a minnesota man is ranking his town just like pthis. ptom is placing upright frozen ants around minneapolis. p>> jeff: pants. p>> mark: here is how he did it. phe soaked the pants in a bucket pof water, placed it out in the pweather and he's been doing this psince the polar vortex back in p2014. pthe prank has gone viral, jeff, pnaturally. ranks even spread right here to pohio. pthis photo we found on pinstagram. pboy, that's a waste of dungarees pout there. p>> jeff: dungarees. pi haven't heard that. pi remember my mother saying that pas a kid. p>> mark: i'm 68 years old. p>> jeff: dungarees. pwho would have thought that pwould go viral. pyou soaked dungarees. p>> p>> mark: hash tag frozen pdungarees.
4:41 pm
plet's look at the seven day pforecast here. p [ laughing ] p>> jeff: and thursday 26. pthat's tomorrow. pand we're going to be dry with a pmix of clouds and sun. pthere. ptonight. pright now i think it's going to pbe a pretty minor situation. pbut you can be dealing with a pcouple of inches along the plakeshore and east of cleveland. pfriday because of the east coast pstorm, that's going to be a big pee. pand, boy, is that going to pimpact travel on the east coast. pi'll have more on that at 5:00. p28 on friday. pbut we're going to get some wind pand maybe some flurries with it pfriday, friday night and psaturday. palthough i have saturday dry. p28 degrees. pnotice how temperatures are pinching up. pthe wind will die down saturday pnight with a clearing sky. pwe're down to 19. p36. pthat 36 looks warm on the seven pday, doesn't it? pso it's going to feel a lot pbetter on sunday because the pwind will be lighter. pnow we get to this next system.
4:42 pm
prain and snow on monday. p37. pbut then the alert will kick in pon tuesday because this could be psome steadier stuff. pwinter mix, most likely rain pback over to snow as colder air pcomes in. pit looks like some snow showers pand wind on wednesday. pbut, again, temperatures not too pcold. pin fact, most of the extended pforecast we are 30 degrees or pbetter. plet's see what's trending. p>> denise: all right. pas a matter of fact, what's ptrending now, mark, i know p>> mark: i am. p>> denise: what's that one pquality that women find most pattractive when finding a artner. p>> mark: dungarees. p>> denise: yes. paccording to a new study, women psay selfless men are more pdesirable for a long-term prelationship. phowever, the ideal man would be pselfless and attractive. pmark. pthings -- phere.
4:43 pm
p>> mark: bless your heart. pat least one of those. pwe don't know this one yet. p [ laughing ] p and now for an awkward ptease. p>> denise: i know. pawkward. p [ laughing ] p>> mark: still to come at 5:00, preptile relaxation.
4:44 pm
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p. p well, talk about a bad day pat work. p>> mark: yes. pa miami, florida, valet had to plearn a tough lesson. pdon't mess with an expensive pcar. phe took the keys for a $400,000 plamb ber geen any. pthe fuel goes into the pipes and pfire shoots out the back. psafe to say he's not getting a ptip. p>> denise: and he may not be pgetting another job as a valet. p finally, talk about an
4:47 pm
pi'll just try a snake massage. p>> denise: hum. pthat's weird. p>> mark: yes. pbuzz feed got together with the ptest friends team. pthey wanted to find out what it pwould be like. phere's what happened when you ut snakes on your body all in pthe name of calming. pwhat do you think -- no. pi don't think. pdenise, what are your thoughts? p>> denise: i was supposed to pread that actually. pwhen i was little i played with pspiders, frogs, all of those. ptotal tomboy. pdo not like snakes. pno way. p>> mark: good call. pvery good. p all right. pcoming up at 5:00, a local salon pcame together to help the people pin flint. pwe'll hear from a stylist pstraight ahead.
4:48 pm
live from cleveland's newscenter, cleveland 19 news starts now. >> dan: boy, we have a lot happening today.
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