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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 6PM  CBS  January 21, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> thank you, all. professor under investigation responds to the question. would he resign from kent state university. today dr. julio pino spoke about the allegations against him. >> despite an f.b.i. investigation he claims he has no ties to isis. pino says he never discussed the politics of islam with students. dani carlson reports from kent. >> dr. pino, do you sympathies with isis? >> absolutely not. >> that question-and-answer came moments after this. dr. julio pino walked out of his history class talking with a student thronged by media acting as if it was any other day. except today he immediately walked into a kept state conference room to talk about isis. >> i have never talked about the politics of islam, the islamic state or any other political
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with the faculty. or anyone else on camps. >> kent state university confirmed there's an f.b.i. investigation and say they are cooperating with it. they say there's no indication of a threat on campus. at this point they can't say much more than that. >> pino, tenured at kent state more than 15 years has a history of making controversial statements in person and on-line. and there's a picture of him in front of the u.s. capitol saying i have come to bury d.c. not praise it. >> social media is a form of entertainment. and that's how i take those posts to be or anybody else's posts for that matter. >> but today he wouldn't go as far as to say anything he puts on-line is a joke. >> people may interpret it how they may. >> reporter: dani carlson, cleveland 19. >> what are the students saying today about pino? he walked past media on the way to his class this afternoon
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dr. pino did not cut class time short. after we caught up with a few students. >> right now he is doing his job. >> he is not letting this interfere with him teaching us. i just want a good grade. >> i feel safe and nothing to worry about. our president said there's nothing to worry about and there is concern. >> we have continuing coverage on the kent state associate professor under investigation and we have an in-depth look at julio pino's app on major winter storm could cripple much of the east coast this weekend and some could get 2 feet of snow. hundreds of salt trucks and trucks are getting ready for a blizzard in d.c just an inch of snow paralyzed the nation's capitol last night. >> jeff: that was a small coming up. >> that's not even an appetizer. >> they have a big meal. >> 2 feet possible in washington.
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see 30 inches of snow out of this. unbelievable storm shaping up. you could see the winter storm warnings all winter storm warnings here. notice it does include the southern part of ohio, the far southern part. there's your blizzard warning for washington and baltimore and of course travel will be possible along the east coast. 24 cleveland, 21 norwalk. 1 in ashtabula and the hour-by-hour forecast, 21 at 9:00, downtown we drop in the upper teens and where the clouds break up that's where we will see colder numbers here overnight. it is dry and chilly and the big storm will miss us with with wind and flurries and gradual warming trend and details about 6:17. mark. >> mark: jeff, thanks. changes could be coming to the cuyahoga county pleas court covering the decision not to
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the shooting death of tamir rice. dan deroos joins with us details of a review of the grand jury process. dan. >> dan: mark, this is interesting with the timing coming up. also the administrative and presiding judge john russo oversees the cuyahoga county common pleas court. he is asking for a committee to be formed to review the grand jury process. he is very clear, though about why he is asking for it now. he says the purpose of the committee is look at the grand jury process and determine if there are potential ways to make it more efficient and i know what you are thinking as it pertains to the tamir rice case and says in his statement even though the grand jury process made headlines, his review is something i have been considering since i was administrative judge in 2014. it shouldn't be interpreted as anything more than making sure
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efficiently as possible. >> nothing to really do with the tamir rice case per se but after everything is said and done they need to look at how it appears in cuyahoga county. >> new details on an early morning stabbing, chase and crash. it started at a home invasion in parma. three men salt assaulted a man, tied him up and ransacked his home and took off in the van. officers spotted it and a chase began and ended in brooklyn when the van crashed into the home in delaura. officers tracked them down. an arrest in a string of little italy robbery in december. we are not naming this person and he has not been charged yet. cleveland arrested harrison after phillips appeared in court accused of pistol whipping and robbing a priest. >> mark: your cleveland browns continue to look to the future
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players. >> tony joins us with what they had to say about johnny manziel and josh gordon. >> sashi brown and paul depodesta have decisions to make and doesn't take an analytical genius. they have not made a decision on gordon and will not until he is reinstated. as for johnny if you listen to hue jackson sounds like that decision is made, the coach wants a new quarterback. sashi brown says it is exciting on have josh mccown and of course johnny is on the roster. hardly a show of support for manziel. they were not about to announce a decision on manziel today. >> for johnny, he is an individual and man and obviously has to own a lot of this in terms of his future career and we will not comment on the off-field stuff now or go into internal conversations with him and important they come back and understand perfectly, the circumstances where he is in in
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our expectation is we talked about it upstairs and comes back ready to go and focused on being a great teammate. >> of course sashi brown will say it like that. if you picked up what i said and about quarterbacks it is great to have josh in our building and johnny is on the roster. >> they don't want to show their hand. who knows what can happen on draft day. >> i believe hue jackson needs to start his tenure with everybody 100% in his corner and johnny is a distraction and guys that like him or don't respect him and you can't start your coaching tenure like that. >> he won't change his ways. >> clearly not. >> mark: save lakewood hospital committee delivered 334 signatures to put a refer couple did on the ballot and close the hospital and create an open-bidding process to include multiple health care providers.
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center across the street and in-patient services end february 5th at the hospital. >> flint continues to deal with lead water woes. michigan's house approved the governor's request for $28 million more to pay for filters, bottled water, school nurses and testing. a north olmsted church is trying to help out. the baptist church left this morning with 300 cases of bottled water. >> if i were in that situation i% would want somebody to help me. >> the church is taking donations for another trip. thousands of flint residents are affected by the tainted water supply and started complaining about the salt back in april 2014. >> you know, every week on romona's kids children making their communities better. tonight a local cub scout is helping people who can't afford items most of us take advantage.
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to find out how. >> and yes, sir. >> you're welcome. >> 9-year-old kayden is at the refugee of hope shelter in canton delivering blessing bags full of personal hygiene items for the homeless. here for the meal ministry he came up with the idea while studying communities and cub scouts. >> there's a homeless community and it made me sad because how it is. they can't afford stuff. we got home and i said mom, can i help the homeless. we came up with kayden blessing bags. >> his family helps pack the bags with donated items. >> kleenex and wet wipes, water. lotion. chap stick. soap. two razors, one shampoo. >> it is a great meeting when
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basic personal hygiene products. it is a necessity. >> it melts my heart. there are tough times and hard spots. and everybody needs a little blessing sometimes. >> giving them a little bit of hope in a bag and watching my son be the one to do it, it's been an amazing journey. >> how does it make kayden feel? >> happy a little. it is about me helping somebody who has -- who don't have the things they need. >> mark: these kids. every time you see one of these, romona's kids you think i have to do better from here on in. >> it raises the bar, doesn't it. >> good for him. it is awesome. cleveland 19 getting answers for a family who says a birthday cake they ordered appeared to have a racial slur. the cake mistake coming up. jeff? >> look at downtown cleveland reserve square tower cam.
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will be picking up. the wind chill will come back
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live from cleveland's newscenter driven by don joseph toyota in kent this is cleveland 19 news. >> tony: a family came to us and told us they received an unwanted birthday surprise. >> mark: harry boomer joins us with the big cake mistake. >> reporter: mark and denise at first glance one of the two cakes ordered for a girl's birthday did have a racial slur on it. was it intentional? that's the question the family and cleveland 19 had. >> that was not right at all. that upset a lot of people at her party and her. >> ronnell tucker is 6-year-old le maia's grandmother and ordered two cakes over the phone. this cake came out just fine. but the second cake had a major misspelling. instead of lameya it had appear a variation of the n- word. >> i was upset and felt it was racist. >> how do you get one cake wrong
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you had to notice the mistake. >> her mom noticed the mistake as she was taking pictures at her daughter's birthday party. >> reporter: she was upset and the kids knew the words and oh, they put that on her cake. we all was like in shock. >> they called the store and things escalated. >> it was no mistakes with an m, n, g or y and it upset me. >> i called the man who runs it and he got busy finding out what happened and why. >> if you look at this m could be an n and this, the y could have been and the girl was, she had a bunch of cake that is day. >> ronnell, tucker and bert looked at the paperwork and discussed the possibilities. >> i do have to apologize. the fella, the manager that handled it could have handled it
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>> we will work it out and leave it and everything. >> well, apology accepted and her family is satisfy with the way things worked out. i have to give bert saltzman credit for not ducking the issue and the family being credited for accepting a mistake. all's well that ends well. harry boomer, cleveland 19. >> tony: thank you, harry. browns quarterback johnny manziel did not have to show up in court and was cited in north olmsted for having an expired license plate and paid the $125 ticket. >> mark: after the $1 billion jackpot a $1 million winner was sold in the galleria. the cleveland area family claimed prize. the four will split $710,000 after taxes. delua brewer says they will pay bills and purchase a few reliable cars. >> denise: that will be nice.
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of year. >> denise: maybe snow tires. >> mark: absolutely. >> i am glad i am not in the washington, d.c. area. >> jeff: will you need more than snow tires for sure. when something like this happens obviously in washington, everything is shutdown like the end of the world. all right. here we go with future view. i will show you the timing tomorrow morning in memphis, tennessee heavy snow, kentucky freezing sleet and rain perhaps mixing in. and then this will move to baltimore and washington by tomorrow evening. southern ohio will get snow along the ohio river perhaps over six inches of snow. that's how close it is. >> it is not going to get further north than the u.s. 30 corridor. that's the worst and furthest north that it gets. here is saturday morning heavy snow baltimore washington blizzard conditions moving to new jersey or through new jersey
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and getting to the east coast impossible or impossible. >> mostly cloudy sky in place most areas. a few flurries here and there. tonight i will keep it dry. 13 the low in cleveland but the wind is light. you are not dealing with the wind chill. akron-canton mostly cloudy sky and 18 degrees well a mainly light wind and tomorrow at about 10:00 a.m. we will start to warm into the 20s. we will be warmer than the 24 that we saw today for the high. i am thinking mid to upper 20s tomorrow. and that's a mostly cloudy sky. how do we get affected by the system? we will increase the wind during the afternoon and it becomes blustery and windy tomorrow and saturday and we could see flurries here and there off the lake. >> 26 the high east to northeast wind at 12 to 24.
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saturday. we missed the east coast system for the most part sunday we warm to 32 and here comes the next system not until monday night. notice how we warm to 41 in the form of rain. 28 saturday. 22 saturday night and the wind diminishes on sunday. 7-day forecast. there's the 41 on monday. an alert tuesday for rain and 36. we turn colder by next wednesday. so that means snow showers at that time. as well. >> so, you know, if that storm were, you know any further north it would be a different ballgame will happen. >> they can have it. >> tony: i agree. i will take 20-degree
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tonight on cbs 19th: join us for cleveland 19 news at 11:00. well, we have talked about the browns new regime. let's get specific. what exactly will they look for
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now, this is the serpentini chevrolet sports report on cleveland 19 news. >> tony: all right jimmy has lum made interesting hires and has to give them time, years. the only way it will work if the guys are around to see this through. sashi brown and paul depodesta
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to tackle a lot of questions and how analytics will translate to the nfl and what exactly are they looking for and why exactly is a baseball guy helping to run an nfl team. they realize there are doubters. >> it is something i am accustomed to. no, that doesn't provide extra incentive for me. quite frankly, i understand the skepticism. i am hugely passionate about football. i have played football in college. i really wanted to work many football and my first job was the cfl and those jobs qualify me no way whatsoever for an nfl team. >> tony: what qualifies him is years and years of acquiring data and building a roster. >> in football a football team won four football games. rarely do they win four, then eight and 12 it is usually four, seven, five, 1 and you didn't necessarily sort of see it
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change of state that occurred or this tipping point that then made them a completely different team previous to that. >> i think one of the first steps in pursuing that change that paul talked about was going out and finding a head coach to change the tone and set a tone and change the culture so our players are going out with more confidence sunday expecting to win and we feel we have found that. >> this is something around in football forever. when we time players in the 40-yard dash or test them in different things at the combine to help us make a better decision that's analytics and deciding what plays to call on 3rd and 9 based on what the defense does and your capabilities you are using analytics and it is not novel but we will seek out information and better information to help
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>> tony: analytics have been around for a long time and i have proof. if you look at my 40-yard dash time and i was no before near nfl that was clearly employing
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flurries and turns windy tomorrow and flurries friday and saturday and that's about the worst of it for us next couple of days. cbs evening news is next. thanks for joining us.
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