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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 4PM  CBS  January 22, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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pconcerns about how blatt was pusing his rotations, finding the prhythm with the right guys at pthe right time. pit was exposed on monday night pby the golden state warriors. pnow, golden state warriors are phere. pand everybody else in the nba pwas here. pi won't overly concerned with pthe cavaliers. pas you saw, they bounced right pback against another good team, pthe la clippers and put them paway. pthe cavaliers can hang with just pabout anybody. pthe goal is not to hang. pthe goal is to go back to the pfinals and win with lebron at pthis time in his career. pyou have a shorter window than panyone would have at this point. p>> mark: we were tack lking about pit on the radio show. pthis may be the peak of where pthis team could be, and there pneeds to be coalesce ens.
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layed in 15 games. psince those guys have returned, pthey have been out of rhythm at ptimes. pthere's been questions. pyou see the gm david griffin. pthere have been questions on how pblatt was playing. pvarejao has been invisible. p>> anchor: he's been back and pforth. p>> tony: and then tristan pthompson in and went back to pvarejao. pit hasn't flowed. p>> anchor: so now the pspeculation is going to begin it pwho is going it replace him. p>> tony: well, tyrone lou would pbe the main person. pi don't think that would psurprise anybody considering his pexperience and how high he was pon other team's coaches and his prelationship with the players. psense. p>> mark: that's an interesting pway to get into the weekend. p>> tony: yes, it is. pbut, listen, if you're the cavs, pyou have to be all in.
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pif they didn't believe it was pgoing to end with the ultimate pgoal, then the cavaliers felt pthey had to make that move. p>> mark: all right. pwe'll talk to you in a little pbit, tony. pvery good. p there's other stuff going on pespecially along the east coast. pthere's a little storm phappening. pwe're watching the weather. pthe east coast battling a big pblizzard right now. p>> anchor: we won't see any pissues as far as our weather pgoes, jeff says, but travel pmight be a different story. psia nyorkor is at hopkins pchecking out the flight days. pdan deroos is searching for psocial media of the nasty pweather. pwe begin with jeff tanchak in pthe weather center. pjeff. p>> jeff: yes. pand this has the potential being pa historic storm, especially for pthe washington dc area. pblizzard warnings in effect. pwe'll get right to the radar phere. pand as you guys mentioned, it's pgoing to be a minimal impact on pus. pthere is a chance that we may pget a little bit of light snow psouth and east of the canton parea. pyou can see the snow now in the psoutheast part of ohio.
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pkentucky, tennessee, west pvirginia, the state of virginia, pwashington dc and then up ptowards philadelphia here, this pis where we have our blizzard pwarnings. pnow, it is snowing now in pwashington and baltimore. pit's going to be snowing in hiladelphia when all is said pand done. psome areas here two feet or more pof snow. peventually this does make it up pinto the new york city area plater on tonight and tomorrow pmorning. pbut right now new york city is pdry. pone thing that we have here, a plot of cloud cover. pagain, some on and off flurries. ptemps are in the 20s. pit is -- we do have wind with pthis, though. pso expect that. pwindy night ahead and during the pday tomorrow. pso that's going to put wind pcategory. pand as far as the hour-by-hour pforecast goes, i think after pabout 7:00 or so is when we'll pstart to click in some flurries. ptemperatures won't move much.
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p20s here, if not go up a few pnotches. pbut some light snow along and psouth of the u.s. 30 corridor, pespecially south and east of pcanton. pand morning flurries and a windy pday tomorrow. pgradual warmup, though, as we go pon through the weekend. pyou talked about the travel. pthat's a nightmare. pa lot of people already know pabout the flight cancellations. pwe do have the very latest pcoming up now. pi believe it's craig boswell pthere along the east coast with pthe very latest. p>> reporter: a monster storm precreated treacherous driving pconditions. eople used snow blowers and psmall plows to clear the psidewalks. p>> we've had a forecast i don't pthink we've had in 90 years. p>> reporter: this satellite pfrom nasa shows how enormous the pstorm is. pit's expected to sit over pwashington dc for the next 36
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phalf feet of wet, heavy snow. pthey're worried about trees and proots toppling on wires. pit's making snow evacuation proutes a story. p>> get off the streets. plet us handle our business. p>> reporter: air travel has pbeen challenging. pa united airlines play skidded poff the runway at o'hare in pchicago. pno one was injured, but other pairports are suspending flights pas a caution. pnew yorkers are bracing for up pto a foot of snow. p>> i'm an australian guy buying psalt because i'm scared of the pblizzard. p>> reporter: officials say 50 pmillion people are in the pstorm's path. pcraig boswell, cleveland 19. p>> jeff: and social media wise, pwe're already seeing people pstart to post pictures. pand on the get ready side. pthis is what i love about social pmedia and people with access to pcameras.
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phe's on the east coast. ptake a look at his picture at p12:30. phere it is at 3:00. pyes,ist it's not a lot of snow, but pit shows it's coming. phere is a picture at one of the pgrocery stores. pseveral of them. pthese are the milk containers. pthere is nothing left in this pone. pi like this woman's perspective. pali. pshe says netflix and chill with pjonas, because that's the name pof the storm. pbut literally i want to get to ptanya because i think this is pkind of how a lot of us in ohio pfeel. ptanya says buck up, east pcoasters. phere in the midwest, we just pcall this winter. phash tag winter storm, jonas. pand then let me one more because pthis is called jonas. pyou can't get away from the in peft p-- inevitable. pand traveling is going to be the pbig thing. pif any of you have family that pare trying to get to the east pcoast, flying is going to be pchallenging to say the least. pthat's why we sent sia nyorkor
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pcheck out the cancellations and pwhat people are doing to get paround the east coast. psia. p>> reporter: yes. pthank you, dan. pit is very, very busy here. pyou can only imagine we're pgetting to the evening rush phour. eople are hustling and pbustling, moving through this pairport. plet's take a look here at this pboard. pnow, we know that nationwide pthousands of flights have been pcancelled. pyou can see here in cleveland pflight cancelled in nashville. pthe flight cancelled to newark, hiladelphia, washington where pthe storm is supposed to hit. pand then you can see charlotte, pnewark. pall up and down that 95 pcoastline. pthat's where the storm is going pto be hitting. pbut staying on this story all pday and talking with people, pyou'll want to get to the pairport early. pcall and check and see. plog on and find out if your pflight is going to be delayed. pit would be terrible if you came phere and the flight was pcancelled. pwe've seen a lot of people here pin the ticket lines.
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pand looking and seeing if their pflights going to be cancelled. pand a lot of the airlines are poffering vouchers and trying to pget people out of here before pthe storm hits. psome flights are not going to be pable to do that obviously. pbut we'll keep you updated on pair and online. pyou can log on to pback to you. p first alert traffic on pcleveland 19 news is sponsored pby ford. p>> mark: and for once when pthere's a winter storm around, pit's not around here. pso we take a peek at 77 and 480 pdown in independence. pyou have snow along the side of pthe road, but that's about it. pwe're in pretty good shape here ptoday. ptraffic moving along at a leasant clip here this pafternoon. p the governor of michigan psays race was not a factor in pthe state's response to lead pcontamination in the drinking pwater in flint. pit's the poor majority black pcity and the water supply has pbeen severely taint the.
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pthis comes on the heels of the pflint water. pit shows the effects of a child pusing toxic water. p here at home an alert for pfolks that live in part of pmahoney county. pthe ema there will pass out pbottled water for those that pdon't want to drink tap. pthe city said some houses had pelevated levels of lead during a precent test. pharry boomer went out there to pfind out what is going on. pharry. p>> harry: well, mark, i'm pstanding outside the sebring pfiltration plant. pwater from the river is flowing pinto this plant and then out to pthe 8100 homes in sebring, pbeloit, maple ridge and starts pof smith township serviced by pthis particular facility. p>> we're not sure whether the ptests are showing errors or pwhether they're accurate. pwe've been talking to epa prepresentatives all day. pin fact, we had a meeting this pmorning. p>> reporter: richard is the pcity manager for sebring ohio. precently water tests show higher pthan normal levels of lead and pcopper in seven out of 44
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p>> we're retesting the sites, pincluding the original seven pthat came up anonymous. p>> reporter: drew says the pmahoney county health department pcertified labs. psunday and monday. psamples from schools first pbecause kids could be damaged pmore if they drink plead-contaminated water. p>> there isn't any lead or pcopper coming out of the plant, pnor is it in the main pdistribution lines. pif the samples are correct and pthat there is trace lead and pcopper in those samples, what's plikely the cause is what they pcall aggressive water in the pindustry, which means it's pslightly acidic. p>> reporter: to be on the safe pside if you're concerned, pofficials say run your water 30 pseconds to a couple of minutes pto make sure the line is clear pof any water that may have been pjust sitting in your pipes. p>> if you have pvc in your home, pit's not going to be an issue. pit only affects those houses
4:11 pm
pand older plumbing that are made pfrom lead or copper with lead psolder. p>> harry: what do you think pabout that? pdoes that cause you any articular concerns? p>> not really. pi mean, i know not to drink that pmuch if there's lead in it. pso i'll just get bottled water. p>> harry: again, word on this platest round of lead and copper ptesting should be known by psunday or monday. plive outside the sebring pfiltration plant, harry boomer, pcleveland 19. p>> mark: all right. pharry, thanks a lot. p over in the weather center phere, kind of keeping an eye out pon what's going on on the east pcoast. pwe have video from dc. pis that -- live pictures from dc phere. p>> jeff: there we goext . pthe white house. p>> mark: white house in a white phouse. p>> jeff: they're going to see pabout 20 inches. pwestern suburbs could see as pmuch as 30 inches. phave? phow many inches out in hopkins?
4:12 pm
pthey may have up to four times pas much. p>> mark: good lord. pwe'll keep an eye on this. p we're hearing this is a news pconference on david blatt's pfiring from the cavaliers at p5:00. pwe'll bring that to you live. p plus the best part of waking pup is not like this. pan alarm clock thoo at is sure to pannoy.
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p live from cleveland's news
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ptoyota in kent, this is pcleveland 19 news. p>> catherine: two men are dead pafter a shooting at archer papartments downtown, and pcleveland police tell us their pinvestigation also turned up a plarge amount of drugs. pcleveland 19 dani carlson has pthe latest on this developing pstory. p>> dani: people we spoke to ptoday, like danny tharp heard pthere was a shooting. p>> there was a double shooting pin this building here. pit's unheard of. p>> dani: two men shot and pkilled by two others at about p8:30 last night. pthe medical examiner's office phas identified one of the men pkilled last night as 35-year-old prasheed bandy of cleveland. phe was shot in the head and plater died at metro hospital. panother man was shot in the back pin the archer hallway and ronounced dead at the scene. pwe're told both victims lived in pthe building. olice said three other men were pwitnesses to the shooting and pnot injured. psources within the cleveland olice department tell us a plarge amount of drugs was found pat the scene.
4:15 pm
pto be scared of where they're pgoing anywhere, especially pcleveland. pbut the way things are going, pyou don't know what's going to phappen on a daily basis. p>> reporter: so isolated pincident or pattern seem to be a pdebate. pwe looked at the number for pcrimes and found there were no phomicides. pnearly 300 cases of theft or probberies. p>> a little shocked. pit's going to happen. plike any other city. p>> mark: dani carlson reporting pover on west 9th. . p cleveland police searching pfor a man who carjacked a woman. pwitnesses say the man put a gun pto the woman's head in the arking lot and took her car. pso somebody tried to intervene pand at that point the carjacker phit him with the car and took poff. pthe good samaritan not seriously phurt but police are still psearching for the woman's 2003 psilver honda accord with a park
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p in today's consumer news, phow about this. pif you find it hard to get up in pthe mornings, then maybe you're pgoing to want to take a look at pthis mimicker alarm clock app pfrom android. papparently it only dismisses the palarm by mimicking a facial pexpression. pnow, if you find it hard to get pup in the mornings, you might pwant to try this. pit also takes pictures of an pobject or matches the app's pcolor of the day or by repeating pa tongue twister like how much pwood would a woodchuck chuck. pif you don't finish the alarm, pit figures you have fallen pasleep and it will start to ring pagain. p going viral here today. psome crafty kids in chattanooga ptried to fool a tv station into pannouncing a snow day for all pkids in the county wednesday. pthe station replied we're not pthat done. pafter all, superintendents have pto use a secret code. pthe kids eventually got what pthey wanted. pa day later schools closed pyesterday.
4:17 pm
p>> jeff: okay then. pthat's a prank. p>> mark: poor kids. pjust trying to get out of pschool. p>> catherine: yes. p>> jeff: i have to tell you i'm pa little disappointed it isn't phitting us. p>> catherine: he gets so pexcited. p>> jeff: mark, you know what pi'm talking about. p>> mark: i'm happy because i pdon't have to shovel. pbut thankfully for us, it's just pgoing to be flurries and we're pgoing to get some wind out of it ptonight and tomorrow. pnow, you folks south and east of pcanton. pand you start to see just a plittle bit of the moisture here pkind of creeping up. pas the night wears on, and i'll pshow you this, you might get an pinch or less of snow, especially pin tuscarawas county and clom pyan -- columbiana county. pthat's about the worst it's pgoing to get. phere you see the bulk of the psnow with the system right along pthe ohio river in the southeast art of the state and clearly pthis is where the bulk of the paction is. pblizzard conditions will be psetting up tonight.
4:18 pm
pthen we've got ice mixing in pthere as well. pwhat a mess as this continues to pmove up the east coast. phere you see the winds. pgot a 20 mile an hour wind there pin sandusky. phere you see the system. o on through the pnight here and tomorrow morning, pwashington, baltimore, new york pcity, blizzard conditions. pit will move out, though, by psunday morning. pthere you see 7:00 a.m. on psunday. pbut when all is said and done phere, we're looking at padditional snowfall right around ptwo feet in washington. hiladelphia over a foot. pand this is just by 4:00 p.m. ptomorrow. pnew york city ten inches. pand future view, well, there you pgo. pthat's about as far north as pit's going to get for us. pforecast details, 27 by p7:00 a.m. pcloudy, windy and some flurries paround. pwinds are going to be gusting up pto 30 akron-canton. pless than an inch of snow for pyou.
4:19 pm
pwith that north wind at 14 to p28. psome thicker clouds in the pakron-canton area. p26. pthe next alert day not until ptuesday. pso there it goes. pthat system will be moving out pon sunday. pweekend 31 tomorrow. pwindy. p22 saturday night. psunday mostly cloudy and 37. pit is going to be a mainly dry pweekend. pmonday we're actually up to 41, pand it looks like rain to snow ptuesday. pvery windy. pand then on wednesday, some snow pshowers finally around here and p30. poverall the forecast is looking pwarmer than normal as we get pinto the end of the month. p>> mark: all right. pvery good. p so the weather seems to be plooking pretty tame here pcompared to the richmond area. pashley monford joins us live. pwhat are you dealing with? pholy cow. p [ laughing ]. p>> reporter: well, this is the pfirst storm and biggest storm pthat we've had in the area all pwinter. pit started around 10:00 this
4:20 pm
plast i heard it's been two to pfive inches within the past few phours and it's going to pile up pthroughout the night. pnow, where i am is one of the poffices for the virginia pdepartment of fraption transportation. pyou can see some of the trucks phere. pthese are the trucks going out pto treat the roads. pthese guys are working 12 hour pshifts and they're going to be pgoing throughout the night until pthe roads are cleared. pnow, if you go this way, this is pone of the main roads through prichmond, virginia. pand normally around this time, pit would be rush hour and you pwould just see a backup here. pbut there are no cars on the proads or very little cars pbecause emergency officials have ptold people to stay home if pthere are too many cars on the proad then they could get stuck. pwe've seen a number of paccidents. pand that gets in the way of the ptrucks and emergency personnel ptrying to do their job. pall schools are closed today. pall government offices. pand most businesses have shut ptheir doors. pnow, the major concern is for pthe heavy snow and the wind pbecause when that happens, that pcould lead to some major power
4:21 pm
pnot good, especially with these ptemperatures. so we are keeping pa close eye on that. pbut the biggest thing for many eople who don't have to work, pthey're excited for the sledding popportunities that will be pheading our way into the pweekend. preporting in richmond, i'm pashley for cleveland 19 news. p>> jeff: thanks, ashley. pyou may be mixing in sleet and pice. pis that a concern in the prichmond area later on tonight? p>> reporter: yes, that is. pespecially on the roads. pthat's why we are seeing people pout during the day. pbut they are reminding people pjust to stay home, especially ptonight. pand dominion power is going to pbe keeping an eye on the power pline to make sure they can get pthe power on quickly for anyone pthat gets their electricity p>> mark: ashley, thank you very
4:22 pm
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p. p it's time for the buzz psponsored by national carpet pmill outlet. p>> mark: welcome back. pwe're getting a first look at a psuperbowl ad. p>> catherine: that is nice. p we have breaking news from pthe motion pictures arts and psciences. pit's now promising to double the pnumber of men and minorities. pthis is in response to all of pthat outrage over the all white plist of nominees in the major pcategories for the second year pin a row. p back to the superbowl here, p78% of americans say they look pforward to the commercials more pthan the game. p [ laughing ] p>> catherine: not a big psurprise here.
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p. p welcome back. pwe continue to follow new news pon the cavs head coach david pblatt being fired. p>> catherine: there were roblems with the last few pgames. pthat causes some big concerns pwhen you have a head coach who pis so much is expected from. pmash mark p>> mark: well, so much expected pwith the talent on the team. pwe first heard about this five pminutes before we went on the pair. padrienne insider reported that pblatt had been fired. pnow what is coming down is that ptyrone lou is going to get the
4:28 pm
pty lou has agreed with a 3 year pcontract with the cavs. pthat's working quick. pclearly a lot of this has phappened behind the scenes. p>> catherine: some people are pexpecting that david blatt has pbeen under a lot of pressure the plast couple of weeks because the pcavs not doing so good every ponce in awhile. pthat's unacceptable for a lot of eople. p>> mark: this is clearly at the ptop of the 4:00 here. pthis is a team that's clearly pthe best in the east. p>> catherine: right. p>> mark: but where the golden pstate warriors are up here, the pcavaliers we're not quite there pyet. pand that's the road to the nba pfinals and ultimately an nba pchampionship. pnews. pwe have big news on the weather pfront. p>> mark: you are not kidding. pi have to tell you, it is pthere. pjeff tanchak has the latest on ptoo. p>> jeff: all up and down the peast coast from new york city to pbasically north carolina. pi actually have a skype pinterview right now. pcleveland.
4:29 pm
pher and her party. phow have you doing? pit's jeff tanchak from cleveland p19. p>> hi. pwe're good. pwe're staying warm. p>> jeff: are you just visiting pthe charlotte area? p>> nope. p [ laughing ] p>> no. p>> jeff: you live there? p>> yes. p>> jeff: you're from here. p>> we've been here about eight pyears now. p>> jeff: you guys are under a pwinter storm warning. pit looks like right now as i plook at the radar, i don't know pif the guys in the control room pwant to take weather two. pi actually have a radar shot phere in the charlotte area. pit looks like you're getting a plittle bit of sleet and freezing prain. pthat seems to be the concerned pthere. pbut tell me about how people are pdealing with the snow and the pice in charlotte. pof course, you know, you guys pare all used to that in pcharlotte. pyou get a ton of snow. p>> not at all. pnot at all. p [ laughing ]. p>> people are dealing with it pthe best they can. pthe roads are pretty desolate pright now. pbut everybody is getting around pon foot and the light rail. pand the major roadways are
4:30 pm
pbut it's starting to really ice pover now. pfew people are out and about. eople are trying to walk places pfor sure because everybody pbasically has a snow day today. p>> jeff: and i know at the pcharlotte airport there, it's a pmonster airport. pbig hub. pit's pretty much the airport pshut down there? p>> yes. pyes. retty much every flight was pcancelled today. pso it doesn't look like people pare coming or going from pcharlotte today. p>> jeff: all right. pthank a lot. pas i look at the radar, it looks plike the worst is beginning to pwind down for you. pyou still have some ice there. pbe good there in charlotte. pthanks for joining me. p>> okay. p>> io. p>> jeff: io. pthere you go. p>> catherine: she has it down. p>> jeff: that's classic. p>> mark: it's fun. pif you don't have to go anywhere pin the snow, why not p>> catherine: good timing. p we continue to follow all of pthe breaking news on david blatt pand his firing. p>> catherine: the cavaliers pcoach fired. pwe just found this out about an phour or so. ptiffani tucker is live with the
4:31 pm
ptiffani, fans have a lot to say. p>> tiffani: they certainly have pa lot to say. pwe're here at 92.3 the fan. pthey have been getting calls ouring in. pa lot of people in disbelief pthat david blatt has been with pthe team for about a year and a phalf now has officially fired. pa lot of people are still preeling from the loss with pgolden state on monday. pstill in shock about that. pfriday. pto some huge cavs fans and i pbroke the news to them that pthe team. ptake a listen. pcavs just fired david blatt. p>> really? p>> thank god. p>> thank god. pi didn't like him as a coach. phopefully we go get mark pjackson. pi'm a big fan of his philosophy pand i thought they played him pfor the warriors. pgo cavs. pi did not know that. pi swear i didn't. p>> tiffani: are you shocked? p>> i'm very -- p>> i'm not. p>> i'm shocked but then i'm not. pwhen did this happen?
4:32 pm
p>> lebron was the coach is the pteam. p>> tiffani: what did you say? p>> lebron has been the coach of pthe team. pthere has to be some type of prespect level when it comes to pcoaching. pi don't know who you're pcoaching. pso, i mean, i think it was a pgood move, you know, at the pright time. p>> catherine: you heard it pright there. ptwo fans said they heard it's a pgood move. pother cavs fans that might have pa different reaction. pblue and the fox in here talking pto people online. pi just closed the door. pthe red light is on. pthey're talking to fans, hearing pwhat they have to say. pthis is the big story today. pthe snow on the east coast is pthe big one. pbut the firing of david blatt pand the cavs, everyone is ptalking about this one. pback to you guys. p>> catherine: definitely a psurprise move for sure. pof course, they already got his preplacement. p>> mark: yes. pabsolutely. pin fact, they just tweeted out psince last season lebron james phave been strong advocates of plou becoming the head coach.
4:33 pm
psomething was going on in house pthat probably a lot of us aren't paware of. p>> mark: exactly. p>> catherine: it will all come pout too. p>> mark: just when. p north korea's arrest of a pcollege student is inexcusable. pthe student should be released pand returned immediately. ptina krause explains why the puniversity of virginia undergrad pis being accused of hostile pacts. p>> reporter: north korean state pmedia announced the arrest of pu.s. student and said he's paccused of plotting to destroy pnorth korean unity. pthe report said the university pof virginia undergraduate was parrested while perpetrating a phostile act against the pdemocratic people's republic of pkorea after entering it under pthe guise of a tourist and that phe was under the manipulation of pthe u.s. government. phe was in northcally korea for a five pday trip earlier this month and pwas detained at the airport
4:34 pm
pto china. pthe arrest comes as washington pand its allies are pushing hard pto slap tougher sanctions on the pcountry for its recent nuclear ptests. p>> catherine: the china-based ptourer company confirms he has pbeen in custody since the second pof january. phis family has been informed. p still ahead, you'll meet the pworld's oldest barber. p plus the radio host response pthat landed him in hot water.
4:35 pm
p. p now for a quick timeout with promona and tony. p>> mark: anything going on? p>> tony: another slow day in pcleveland sports. pwhat is up with our teams. pbut, listen, this team in articular. pthis isn't a team that's been pspinning its wheels. pthis team only has one goal. p>> mark: that's right. p>> tony: a lot going on. pa lot breaking concerning the pfiring of david blatt. pnow, peter vessy the longer pwriter tweeted blatt told pfriends it's either me or kevin plove. pit is no secret there's pdissatisfaction and frustration pon not only blatt but some of pthe players as he tries to pmotivate guys, get this team to pwhere it needs to be. pespn reporting he lost the
4:36 pm
pthe players are just frustrated. pand don't think that he real low pgets the nba game. phe's still in over his head. p>> mark: okay. pso t ty lou. p>> tony: ty lou is respected. phe's been around longer than pdavid blatt. pyou get this team to the level. pwe saw it monday night. pany other level is not good penough for a team like the pcavaliers. p>> mark: small window. phave to get it done. p>> tony: blatt is going it pleave after a season and a half pwith the best winning ercentage. pbut he has lebron james, kevin plove, kyrie irving. pi like david blatt a lot. pi really wanted this to work for phim. p>> mark: a little bit of good pnews. psmith is cleared to pextracurricular. p>> tony: are they going to play
4:37 pm
pa fan alleged jr choked him. pit was shady. pthe kid took plea days. pthey dropped it today. p>> mark: very good. plet's move on. pradio host kevin kiley made some pcomments here. pi didn't even hear about this. pwhat happened? p>> tony: this was yesterday. pkevin former football player. pi know kevin. pi did the radio show with him pthree years. psaid that women have basically pno place as coaches in the nfl. pand then today he addressed it pagain. plisten to what he said. p>> no way was i disparaging pcatherine smith. pshe's the lady that was hired as pthe quality control coach for pthe bills. pi was not -- it was not about pher really. pi don't know the woman. pand i was not disparaging women pin general or their pqualifications. p>> tony: can i just say one pthing here. pmark, when did we reach the oint, and clearly we have, if pyou voice your opinion and
4:38 pm
pyou're called a neandertal. phe's not an idiot. pwhether you agree with him or pnot, that's his opinion. pif you don't agree with it, pdiscount it. pdon't blow it up. p>> mark: i would say there's ponly 32 people in the country pthat can tell you what a quality pcontrol person does. p>> tony: maybe 33 as of today. p>> mark: exactly. pvery good. pthat will do it for timeout. pmore cleveland news after p>> breaking news and weather p24/7. download the cleveland 19 pnews app sponsored by kisling,
4:39 pm
p. p all right. pjeff, take a look at this. p>> jeff: wow. p>> mark: this is a photo from pthe cleveland park page. ptaken from euclid beach. pthe stunning ice waves on the pshore. pthat looks a little chilly. p>> jeff: it happens every year, pthough.
4:40 pm
p>> jeff: people take more ictures now. pthe same type of deal. pit's the spray from the water pand the strong winds. pthat's what you get with ptemperatures this cold. pand slow warming trend now. pit's not going to be as bad as pwe move along here. plet's look at the roof camera. pwe have a cloudy sky and could psee a few flurries for most of pus. pthat's about the worst that pwe're going to get from this big peast coast blizzard. psouth and east of canton might psee less than an inch of snow. pthank you. plet's check it out. pweekend forecast. pand we are looking at a mostly pcloudy sky and windy day ptomorrow. p31. pcould be some flurries in the pmorning. psaturday night the east coast pstorm continues to move out into pthe atlantic. pand that will decrease the wind pfor us. psunday mostly cloudy and 37. poverall the weekend not looking ptoo shabby around here. pmonday 41 with a partly cloudy psky. pso monday is looking good.
4:41 pm
pinto tuesday morning, it looks plike this is going to be rain. retty strong cold front here. pvery windy. pand that will eventually ptransition over to snow showers. pnot looking for a big snow psituation here right now. p40. pbut there could be some plake-effect snow that developed pmainly in the snow belt east. pso an alert on wednesday. p30 degrees. plight snow on thursday. pand 37. pthat will be a clipper system. pand a cloudy sky on friday and p32. pno arctic air in sight. pand actually the long range pforecast we get into end of pjanuary, early february pindicating above normal ptemperatures again. pwe'll see what happens. pup we go 31. pand the coldest day 30 with the psnow showers. p let's see what's trending. p>> mark: all right, jeff. pthanks a lot. phere is what is trending today. pyou may have heard about this pguy all over the place. p>> catherine: yes. pthis is a pretty big story here. p>> mark: yes. pa very seasoned barber.
4:42 pm
pcalvin coolidge was in the white phouse. p [ laughing ] p>> mark: that is a little bit pof time, as a matter of fact. p>> catherine: i hope his peyesight is still pretty good. p>> mark: i can hope. p105-year-old new york man is the pguinness world record for the plongest practicing barber. panthony panthony panthony ellie is his name. phe works five days a week and phas no plans to retire. p>> catherine: no. p>> working keeps you young. pi says it keeps you young. p>> catherine: he will celebrate phis 105th birthday in a few pweeks, so he plans to do that pby, you guessed it. pworking. pthere you go. p>> mark: good for him. pthat's probably what keeps him pgoing. p>> catherine: oh, yeah. pit keeps his mind going and pfingers going. pgood stuff for you. p also trending, and i hope it pstops. pman buns are out. p>> catherine: oh, good. p>> mark: this year it's all pabout the man braid. ptanchak is working on that this
4:43 pm
pthe latest male hair trend to ptake over the internet. pwe have to bow down to the man pthat started rocking it 30 years pago. pthat will be willie nelson. pand don't forget about coolio procking it. premember him? p>> catherine: oh, yeah. p now try this. pdo you ever get kids to eat ptheir vegetables. pit's usually kind of tough. pbut in several cleveland pschools, the kids are penthusiastic about the green pstuff. p>> mark: that's because they're pgrowing vegetables in their pclassroom. p>> this is the dirt and the psoil. pit's growing right there. p>> this is the worms. p>> reporter: it's not often pthat students are encouraged to ut their hands in the dirt, but ptheir teachers are encouraging pthem to. p>> we have a lot of fun and we pcan make messes and we don't get pin trouble.
4:44 pm
pat orchard stem u are enrolled pin veggie u. pit places gardens in classrooms pacross the country. pstudents participate in a five pweek curriculum that teaches pthem how real food reaches their lates. p>> children don't know that pvegetables grow out of the pground and carrots don't come pfrom grocery stores. p>> reporter: the teachers say pthey've been trying new things. psome of the students had food rejudices. p>> if they were green, they were pturning their nose up too. pand initially when i had all of pthe vegetables play laying out, they pwalked in the room like, no, no, pi don't want that. pno, miss grace, i'm not trying pthis. p>> reporter: but now they're on pboard. pwhat's your favorite vegetable pnow? p>> carrots. p>> reporter: all right. p>> i like when i put the seeds pin the pots. p>> reporter: and they're even pbrave about some of the squirmy pthings like worms. pis it gross to think about worms pin vegetables? p>> uh-huh. psome of the people in my class pwere like, ew, we don't want
4:45 pm
p>> reporter: their teachers are pthrilled and hope they can keep pthis going. p>> there was some confusion with pthings like zucchini and pcucumbers. pthey thought it was the same. pit's really exciting to see them ptaste new vegetables and see pthey actually like them. p>> i can't wait until all of our pvegetables grow because i can't pwait until we can make the soup pand we can taste our -- all of pour hard work.
4:46 pm
p. p and welcome back. pwe continue to follow breaking pnews on david blatt. p>> catherine: this is a pstatement we just got into the pstudio from blatt through riority sports. phere it is. pi'm very grateful to have had pthe opportunity to serve as the phead coach of the cleveland pcavaliers. pi would like to thank dan pgilbert and david griffin for pgiving me this opportunity and pam honored to work with an pamazing group of players from plebron james, kyrie irving and pkevin love through the entire proster. p>> mark: he goes on to say i'd plike to express the extreme pgratitude to the coaching staff. pi'm indebted to them for their phard work and friendship. pi'm proud of what we have paccomplished and wish the
4:47 pm
pthis season and beyond. p>> catherine: it sounds like phe's being very gracious. p>> mark: i'm sure he'll come up psomewhere else. p>> catherine: we'll be pfollowing this the rest of the pday. p coming up at 5:00, we're pchecking in live at cleveland phopkins airport. p>> mark: yep. pthat's where we find sia pnyorkor. phi, sia. p>> reporter: dozens of flights phere have been cancelled. pmany people coming in and pfinding out that their flight pmay not take off. pyou'll want to stay with us at real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company. ty grand -no! we are giving it away for just 3 easy payments of $4.99 plus tax! the lines are blowing up! we've got deborah from poughkeepsie. fl yeah, no, it's flo. you guys realize anyone can use the "name your price" tool for free on right? [ laughing nervously ] [ pickles whines ] i know, it's le they're always on television.
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