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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 4PM  CBS  February 1, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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p. p live from cleveland's news pcenter, cleveland 19 news starts pnow. p>> hopefully, you know, seven, peight years from now when he's pready to retire, i can walk out pthe door with him and look back pand say that we did jethro roud. p>> mark: well, it's finally phere. ptoday's tuco's first day on the pjob. p>> romona: camden's police are pwelcoming their newest canine pafter the loss of jethro. psia nyorkor has this story. p>> reporter: he's 14 months old pand still playful like a puppy. pand he's got big paws to fill as
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pdepartment. p>> i'm excited to get training. pbut never expected to have to go pthrough it again. p>> reporter: officer davis's pother partner jethro was killed pin the line of duty. pnon-profit for canines out of phouston, texas, gifted davis pwith this new dog. phe told cleveland 19 in houston pthat he and tuco clicked. p>> for me, the bond was there. p>> reporter: tuco won't replace pcanine. phe's got a rigorous schedule. p>> it's monday through friday p8:00 to 3:00 until about the end pof april. pso almost, you know, about 12 pweeks, maybe a little longer. pit depends on the dog and the phandler and how it goes. p>> reporter: tuco will pdetection. phis handler says it seems like pthe duo. p>> i think just the whole story pand the pictures and how sad peverybody was and the effect pthat it has on the handler, on pryan. pthat.
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pdogs and the handlers are ptogether as one. pso i think it really got him. p>> ready to go to work? p>> reporter: for the next two pmonths, tuco will train on the phandlers. pif all goes well, tuco will pgraduate at the end of april pwith his canine certificate. psia nyorkor, cleveland 19. p>> mark: thank you, sia. phe will work the midnight shift. phere. pcaucus goers in iowa picked ptheir candidates ned didates in the first pvoting event of the election ptonight. pa poll out this morning puts pdonald trump in the lead over pan pand sanders with a 3 point lead pover hillary clinton. pcraig boswell reports.
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pclinton brought breakfast to pthank her campaign workers in pdes moines. p>> i'm feeling so energized pbecause of all of you. p>> we're going to win. p [ cheers and applause ] p>> reporter: clinton is in a pdead heat with senator bernie psanders in the latest polls. psanders says coming out on top pdepends on one thing. p>> we will win tonight if the pvoter turnout is high. p>> reporter: the polls show if pfirst time voters caucus sanders pbenefit. p>> so this is it. pit's crunch time, right? p>> reporter: in waterloo, trump pthanked his supporters. p>> hopefully tonight we're going pto have the beginning of what is pgoing to be in a certain way a pvery positive revolution. p>> reporter: trump is leading pthe gop pack polling seven oints ahead of senator ted cruz pwho held his own rally in pjefferson. p>> if we stand together, we can pdo it again. pand we can restore that last pbest hope for man kind. p>> reporter: four years ago, pamber wise caucused for barack pobama.
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pcalled a shift in issues. p>> just have been feeling the pneed to make a change. p>> reporter: but like many in piowa, wise has yet to decide on pa candidate. pcraig boswell, cleveland 19. p>> romona: straight ahead at p4:30, we're talking to political pscience professor dr. jason pjohnson who is in iowa. pthat's in our next half-hour. pmark. omona. p jeff, weekend fantastic. pi told everybody listen tanchak psaid we would get close to 60. p>> jeff: yes. pthe rain hit. phow about that. pit was a tremendous weekend. pi told you you weren't going to pbe thinking about winter over pthe weekend here. pand still mild today, even pthough with had this front that pcame through last night. pwe're at 37. pa little bit cooler along the plakeshore. pthe wind is pretty light. pyou have a cloudy sky pakron-canton and 44. pwith the light wind, partly pcloudy sky, downtown cleveland plooks like we'll be dropping to
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pi do have us dropping into the p20s with enough of that pclearing. pbut in general, it's going to premain above average in the ptemperature department. pthere you see the -- now it plooks like partly cloudy sky. pit is going to be quiet. pdry tonight. pand during the day tomorrow. pbut tomorrow night we do have an palert for rain, wind and there pcould even be a little thunder pin there. pthis is going to be the next big pfront that comes through early pwednesday. pwe do dry out on wednesday. pit will be windy. pand then over all after that it plooks like a fairly quiet pweather pattern, all though we pwill be turning a little colder pthe second half of the week. pi'll explain coming up at 4:13 por so. p jeff, a man accused of being pdrunk when two pedestrians were pkilled had his day in court. pdani carlson pdani carlson joins us now with pwhat happened with the psituation.
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p>> dani: rudolph bank was pcharged with driving drunk and ptwo counts of vehicular phomicide. pwe did get a chance to talk to a pnurse who tried to help the pvictims after the crash who pwe're told the victims leave pbehind a daughter and a young pgrandson. p>> they were young. pthey were in their 50s. pthey had a lot of time left. pyou know, a grandson. pa young daughter. pthey don't get to see what she pgets to do what the rest of her plife. pand that was taken from her. pthat was taken from them. eople. pthat they were going to a pfriends house. pthey were just walking. pit was niceous. p>> reporter: christine is a pnurse. pshe pthey came up on the couple right pafter they were hit. pshe tried stabilize ing them but
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p>> that's devastating. pthat's devastating. pit's a small, you know, road. pand i get that. pbut he had on a light colored psweatshirt. pif he would have just been pdriving and you hadn't been pintoxicated, he would have seen pthem. p>> reporter: the man behind the pwheel, police say, is p73-year-old rudolph bait. pcourt records say he admitted to phitting them and had a blood palcohol level of .15, almost ptwice the legal limit. p>> i'm not, you know, saying pthat people should never have a pdrink, but i think our actions pcan have consequences. pand unfortunately in this psituation, alcohol was the pissue. pyou got pulled over and got a pticket. pyou took two people away from ptheir daughter and grandson for pthose actions. p>> dani: now, bait was given a p$50,000 bond today. pi just checked and i'm told he pis still in custody. phe is scheduled to be back in pcourt later this week. plive in willoughby tonight, dan pni carlson, cleveland 19. p>> mark: thank you.
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eople shot and killed in an psuv. pmichael lewis and his wife fanny pwere inside the rental vehicle pwith new york license plates on pfox hill lane. pthe lewises are from elyria. p two virginia tech students pfacing charges in the death of a p13-year-old girl in blacksberg pappeared briefly in court today pbut did not enter pleas in the pcourt today. pnicole's body was found 100 pmiles away from her home in pblacksburg over the weekend. pauthorities believe one of . the psuspects knew her and used her prelationship to lure her out of pthe house. pthe motive isn't clear, though. olice haven't revealed how plevell was killed. p the world health porganization just declared the pspread of the zika virus as an pinsurance. pzika is transmitted by pmosquitoes. pit began last may in brazil and phas moved to over 20 countries pin latin america.
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pborn with unusually small heads pand brain damage. p well, back here at home. pthe cleveland police department phas come up with a new use of pforce policy and have officers ptrained to implement it by the pend of the year. pnow, that's according to the pfirst year plan for a consent pdecree. pit's aimed at reforming the ptroubled cleveland department. pit was to be submitted today by pthe independent monitoring team poverseeing the city's efforts. p the justice center in pdowntown cleveland has been pclosed since noon today. pthe court administrator blames pit on an issue with water ressure. pmost court operation wrs s were pcancelled, but they still plaeed ptraffic a rainments afternoon. p first alert traffic is psponsored by ford. p>> mark: boy, it was a good plooking day. pwe are still dry out there. phow about that. p77 at 480 down at independence.
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pit looks like volume is down. peverybody is moving along just pright. p caught on camera. pa huge fireball in the sky over pohio. pall right. pthere was supposed to be sound pthere. p [ laughing ] p>> romona: what as that? phere is a close-up picture. pmore than 500 people in ohio and pseveral other states reported pseeing a fireball on saturday pnight. pthe experts say it was a meteor. pobservers describe colorful pfragments that looked like it pfell apart or exploded. p>> mark: that's what they want pyou to think. p a health alert for moms that pbreastfeed. pjust how many lives can that psimple act save? pwe're going to tell you. p and how would you like to go pto superbowl 50. psome lucky students are headed pto san francisco. pwe'll talk to them.
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p live from cleveland's news pcenter, driven by don joseph ptoyota in kent, this is pcleveland 19 news. p a cleveland 19 news health palert. pa new report is out on the pbenefits of breastfeeding your pchildren. pexperts say it can save pthousands of lives. presearchers say breastfeeding phelps boost your baby's immune psystem and makes them healthier. pmothers who breastfeed their pbabies for six months or longer pcould also reduce their child's prisk of developing leukemia. pthis report says making
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ractice could save more than p800,000 infant lives each year. p and an ounce of prevention pmay be worth a pound of cure, pbut a new report claims that pannual physical exam may pactually be a big waste of your ptime and money. pmany people are getting tests pand treatments they do not need pand may actually hurt their phealth. pthis is a big topic of debate in pthe medical community. pother doctors call that yearly pcheckup an important indicator pof your overall health. p yes. pget that yearly checkup. pand eat an apple a day. pthat's what they say, right. pokay. pwe've got some high cloud cover pthis afternoon. pbut look at what's happening. pthat is clearing out of here. pso we're actually going partly pcloudy from west to east. pcontinue. pmore seasonable. pwe're not going to be in the 50s
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plast night out there. pso over all, you know, not too pshabby. pthe main weather story right phere -- is what's occurring out phere in colorado. pthis is a major midwest storm. pand check this out. pthey were actually concerned pthat this might impact the iowa pcaucuses. pbut it looks like they're going pto get hit tomorrow. pnot necessarily tonight. pbut these are blizzard warnings pnow for the northwest part of piowa. pthese are all winter storm pwarnings. pbut you can see the track of pthat storm. pwe'll keep it away from us. pat least the cold stuff. pwe're going to be on the warmer pside of things. pso tomorrow night it is rain, pwind and perhaps even some pthunder. p42 in cleveland. pnote the warmer stuff coming in. pi think we'll be in the upper p40s tomorrow. pbut down to 26 tonight with a artly cloudy sky and seasonable pwith that light wind. pakron-canton 26 will be your low pas well. ptomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m., pit looks like right around 30.
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psome sunshine in the morning. pby 10:00 a.m., we're going to be pwell in the 30s. phere is 1:00 in the afternoon. pin the 40s. pbut as the system approaches, pthe wind is going to be picking pup later on in the afternoon. pupper 40s at 4:00. pand we'll probably still go up pin temperature tomorrow night. pdry during the day. pwarm. pand that wind picks up late day pabout 49 for the high. ptomorrow night is your first palert for rain and wind. pand even some thunder. pit's going to be a high risk, pespecially after 10:00 at night. pand, boy, is it going to be pwindy with 40 mile an hour pgusts. pcould see a little heavy rain in pthere, and that will be pimpacting travel. peven into early wednesday. phere is 7:00 tomorrow evening. pand here it comes. pshowers and even a little pthunder. pit looks like the best threat of pthunder will be in the southern pcounties. p7:00 a.m. on wednesday, the pshowers begin to lift out.
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pit's still going to be warm on pwednesday. pbut windy. pso 49 tomorrow. pwe'll drop down to 47 tomorrow pnight as the rain moves in. p52 on wednesday. pthursday snow and wind. pby the way, groundhog day is ptomorrow. p31 on thursday. pso an alert for snow and wind. pfriday we're down to 34 for the phigh. pthat snow, by the way, on pthursday doesn't appear to be ptoo heavy. pover the weekend, 45 saturday pand windy. pand superbowl sunday around here pwill be mild. p>> mark: yes. p>> jeff: and 43 degrees. pso no huge cold spells coming pany time soon. p>> romona: they were asking me pin the newsroom if punxsutawney psees his shadow. pi forget. p>> jeff: we have more on that pcoming up later on. p>> mark: okay. p>> romona: you hate that. p>> jeff: no. psix weeks if he sees it. psix more weeks of winter. p>> romona: okay.
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p>> mark: thank you very much. p>> romona: sorry i brought him pup. p>> mark: it hurts me too. p here i am. pit is the fourth straight year pthat a group of students get a pchance to experience the psuperbowl. pharry boomer talks to him about pthis rare and extremely fun pexperience. p>> that was great. p>> harry: talk about the nfl pexperience, nothing beats the psuperbowl except going there as pa student getting paid and pgetting credit too. p>> they can rattle off all of pthe stats and all of the history pof who the half time show was, pwon. pwhat happened specifically at pthe superbowl to make it pinteresting. p>> harry: these lucky students pare going to superbowl 50 as art of their studies. pthey'll get to see everything pbehind the scenes plus they do p>> gaining wise experience to be pable to put this on their pexperience and say, look, we phave all of this experience. pwe're able to work the superbowl pand we're not afraid to work pbigger events. pthat's what is important.
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pdone that. pthis trip will be his fourth. p>> the most amazing part is pseeing all of the moving parts. pwhether it's the fans, the pvolunteers, the work staff, the layers, the coaches, the media. uently and pit's amazing they communicate pthe way they do. pagent. pso this year actually i'm lucky penough to have connected with plee steinberg's office and i'll pbe able to attend the party and pvolunteer there this year. pit's all about networking. p>> harry: paul can't wait to pland in san fran on tuesday. p>> don't take anything for pgranted. pbe grateful for the opportunity. pthis is great. pfor somebody who wants to go pinto sports, it's a great resume pbuilder. pi think it puts you a step pahead. pmare hair p>> harry: for all of you psuperbowl fanatics, it has peverything you need to know pabout superbowl 1-49. pof course, you can watch the psuperbowl 50 right here on cbs p19 on february 7th. pthat's sunday.
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pharry boomer, cleveland 19. p>> romona: i think those pcollege students need a pchaperone to go to the psuperbowl. p [ laughing ] p>> romona: i'm just saying. p>> mark: the one guy had the pnfl and his under armor hat on. phe was ready to go. p>> romona: i know. phe sounded great. p is it a rumor? pthe word is adel is all fired up pabout politicians using her pmusic.
4:19 pm
p. p now it's time for the buzz psponsored by national carpet pmill outlet. p>> mark: all right. phere we go. ptoday's buzz we announce a new pstar did something sweet for a plong time friend. p>> romona: she brought her prom pdate with to the sac awards. p>> mark: she did a tweet from pher prom date in high school
4:20 pm
phe asked me to the sags, he said pyes. pshe regularly posts pictures of pthem together and says they have pbeen best friends ever since the pfirst grade. p>> romona: how sweet is that. pa supermodel is turning the big p5-0 and she's beginning to ptransition into a new phase by pstepping away from her model pcareer. pmom of two cindy crawford made pthe surprising admission in an pinterview saying she has had penough of life in the fast lane. pcindy crawford did a recent pcampaign for the spring summer p2016 campaign. pcrawford turns 50 on february p24th. pwhoa, they look good. p think of me in the depths of pyour despair p>> mark: well, have you heard pthe rumor? pit's more than that. padele does not want donald trump pusing her songs after he took pthe stage in waterloo, iowa, to
4:21 pm
phe's been using that song and pher song sky fall is in his pre prally play list. pnow adele wants everyone to know pshe never gave him permission to puse her music. oor adele. p going viral now, any time, a pbernie sanders t-shirt has eople cracking up. p>> mark: yes. pcheck out all of these bernie pheads. pthis guy from iowa, he bought pthe -- he bought the shirt. phe wore it at a couple of prallies. p [ laughing ] p>> mark: and all of the psupporters started tweeting pabout it. pnow it's the fashion trend of pthe season. p>> romona: i tell you -- p>> mark: i like it. p>> romona: young people love phim. p if you like your emojis, pyou'll be happy to know there pmay be new ones coming your way. p>> romona: butterfly, clinking
4:22 pm
pand an avocado. pif you wonder how many people puse them, 74% of americans use pthem every day. p>> mark: i've used them pmultiple times. pi love the emoji. pthat's how i emote. p>> romona: okay. pi get them all of the time. eople send me smiley faces. p [ laughing ]. p good news for chipotle plovers.
4:23 pm
p. p welcome back, gang. pit is a quiet monday on the pweather front. pnot even a lot of wind out there p>> romona: i understand we pshould get those umbrella handy. p>> jeff: tomorrow night. peven during the day tomorrow is pgoing to be nice. pand eventually that wind is pgoing to be picking up again. pmajor storm we're going to be on
4:24 pm
pall will be seasonable tonight. pthe forecast temps in downtown pcleveland here takes us to paround 30. pbut outside of the city limits pwe'll be dropping into the 20s phere. artly cloudy sky. plook at the current numbers. pnot bad considering we had a pcold front that came through plast night. p45 in sandusky still. p44 akron-canton. pthis is how you know you're in a pwarm pattern when you get cold pfronts that come through and pyou're still above average on pthe other side of it. pa little cooler along the lake pwhere lakewood is it at 37. plook at that sunshine now over pdowntown cleveland. pquiet tonight and tomorrow. pthe alert tomorrow night for prain and wind. pcould be looking at wind gusts phere up to 40. pand then i think we'll dry out pon wednesday. pso tomorrow night is your alert pfor rain and even some thunder paround. p40 mile an hour wind gusts. pcould see some brief, heavy prains. pand that's going to be impacting ptravel into the early part of
4:25 pm
p7:00 in the morning right around p30. pand there you see the warmup ptomorrow where by 1:00 in the pafternoon, well in the 40s. pthe only exception could be paround sandusky with an east pwind. pyou've got that wind off of the plake. pupper 40s. pand then the rain will be parriving tomorrow night. pi'll have much more on the seven pday forecast in a few minutes pthere. pmark. p>> mark: all right, jeff. pthanks. p our top story now today is pin iowa. pa winter storm is expected to pmake a big impact until after pcaucus results are turned in. pthe time for campaigning there pis almost over now. pand tonight people in iowa will pkick off the presidential pnominating process with those pcaucuses. pwith that in mind, let's go live pnow to iowa. pthat's where dr. jason johnson pis. p>> romona: jason, thanks for pjoining us. pthis is it. pi mean, what do you think? pwho wins iowa on the republican pside and on the democratic side. p>> reporter: well, if i were a pgambling man, which i am not, pbut if i were a gambling man,
4:26 pm
pthink that ted cruz has the best pon the ground team. pand if that ends up making a pdifference, then this could be a pvery good night for him. pthe fact that it's incredibly pwarm out here, i was here four pyears ago. pit was freezing cold. pit's much more warm tonight. pthat's probably going to end up phelping out donald trump. pso i think it could be very pclose. pbut this could be ted cruz's pnight, at least on the prepublican side. p>> romona: what about the pdemocrats? p>> reporter: for the democrats, pi think it's up in the air. pi've talked to a lot of people pwho are working with the clinton pcampaign. pthey feel confident. pthe sanders campaign feels pconfident. pthe only person that doesn't pfeel confident is martin po'malley. pthat's not surprising. pso i don't know. pi think it could be a real coin pflip. pwe could be up until 2:00 in the pmorning like we were four years pago to determine who really ends pup winning. pbut the fact of the matter is, peveryone in the democratic party pwins because the truth is phillary clinton and bernie psanders do better if they have a plong race, because then the ress focus will continue to be
4:27 pm
p>> mark: jason, where is the phuge throng of college kids that pfollow him around everywhere? pthat is impressive. p>> reporter: it is impressive. pin fact, i was at grand valley pcollege last night in des pmoines, iowa. pnot only did he have tons and ptons of college students there, pbut he had josh hutcherson, pita pfrom "the hunger games." eople screamed and jumped up pand down. pif this raise ce was up to a bunch pof 13-year-olds, he would win. p>> romona: we have so many pcandidates on the republican pside, when will we start to see pthat number dwindle down? pwill it be in february or march? p>> reporter: i think it's very plikely going to be in march. pif you noticed in the last pdebate, our governor john kasich pin ohio, he made it very clear pin the last debate. phe's not getting out any time psoon. phe's touting all of the pendorsement. pi don't think anyone, except for pmaybe the undercard candidates pwill be gone after tonight.
4:28 pm
pleast a good six or seven who pwill continue all the way to psuper tuesday. p>> mark: dr. jason johnson live pthere. pso far so good. pthanks for taking the time with pus. pwe appreciate it. p and we will continue to p2016. oll numbers. p and some good news here for pchipotle. pthey've officially been given a pclean bill of health. pthe centers for disease control pand prevention closed its pinvestigation and said the e pcoli outbreakllness from pa chipotle restaurant was on pdecember 1st. pthey didn't find a cause for the pe coli and norovirus outbreaks. p>> romona: i've been waiting to phave some. p did you notice something pwith google doodle today. pit's celebrating the black phistory month by honoring the plife and work of frederick pdouglas.
4:29 pm
pduring the 1888 republican pnational convention and went on pto fight for the right to pfreedom of black americans. p and the black history fact ptoday with an ohio connection. pthe first celebration of black phistory month took place on the pcampus of which ohio university? pthe answer? pkent state university. p there are a lot of black phistory month celebrations going pon right now, and you can check pthem all out on the seen on psection of p tomorrow is groundhog day. p>> romona: oh, it is tomorrow? p>> mark: yes, it's official. pwe want to know just how paccurate is punxsutawney phil. p>> jeff: your parents tell you pyou should learn something every pday. pdid you know another name for pgroundhog is a whistlepig. pthere you go. pthere is your trivia for the pday.
4:30 pm
psince 1988, and this is really pwhen the oceanic people were pable to take a look at climates pand was punxsutawney phil right por wrong. premember, if he sees his shadow, pmeaning the sun is out. pif the sun is out, sees his pshadow, six more weeks of pwinter. pif it's cloudy and he doesn't psee his shadow, then it's psupposed to be an early spring. pi always thought that was pbackwards pbackwards. pif the sun is out, you would pthink it would be an early pspring. phow many times has he been right psince 1988? p13 times. phow many times has he been pwrong? p15 times. pso it's basically a coin flip. pone person who i know does not plike the punxsutawney phil pcelebration. p>> mark: i don't like him. phe's cute. p>> jeff: you don't agree with pthe early spring. eople can believe what they pwant to believe. pbut let's go with more pscientific explanation as to pwhether or not --.
4:31 pm
p>> anchor: it's a whistlepig. p>> jeff: i'm more of a buckeye pchuck eye. pwoo pwoodchuck, i didn't know this. unxsutawney phil, the same pthing. pthey're all the same thing. pso choose which one. pi'm going to go with whistlepig pfrom now on. p>> jeff: okay. pi'll give you a little hint, pthough. pwe don't know if it's going to pbe six more weeks of winter or pnot. p>> anchor: you can't tell right pnow? p>> jeff: no. pwe don't know. p>> anchor: there you go. pyou heard it from the man phimself. promona. p [ laughing ] p a message from behind bars pfrom a former nfl athlete. pwe're talking about that in ptimeout. p plus you have to see plebron's little ones. pthey have got game. p>> mark: yes. pand they're not hammer pants. pjust call them cam pants. pthey're going to cost you a retty penny too. pwe're going to talk -- p>> romona: look. p>> mark: oh, boy. p [ laughing ]
4:32 pm
p. p welcome back. phow about a johnny manziel free pfebruary. psome fans are saying absolutely. pi had a johnny free january. pit was great. pa few have started a johnny free pfebruary movement on twitter. pso far hundreds have signed on pfor this campaign. pnot to tweet, retweet or mention pjohnny manziel on twitter in
4:33 pm
plonger a cleveland brown. pthe tipping point for many fans pwas the latest news concerning pthe quarterback manziel being pinvestigated for a possible passault of his ex-girlfriend in ptexas where police used a phelicopter to try to track him pdown. p now for a quick timeout with promona and tony. p>> romona: okay. ptime for timeout. pwe're talking about aaron phernandez, the nfl player who layed with the patriots. p>> tony: yes. p>> romona: he wrote a letter to atriots. p>> tony: jail house pen pals. pi think this was a dead spin. pit's making the circuit on the pinterwebs. pso basically what he did was he psaid he's still a patriots fan. phe loves the team. phe still loves tom brady. pthat's his guy. pgreatest tight end ever. pthe owner is a lying sack of you pknow what. pthe owner said i love you, man, phe's really loyal. pand then later he said he wasn't ployal. p>> romona: but he's convicted pof murder. p>> tony: that's the thing. pgenerally when you kill a guy,
4:34 pm
pmost people are going to put you p>> romona: exactly. pi love this video. plebron's kids. plebron junior. phe likes to be called brony. pmaximus. p>> tony: you have to say pmaximus because it's awesome. pskills. p>> anchor: we really don't have pmuch to add other than watch pthis incredible video. pthey can shoot. pthey pass. pi mean, they're breaking -- pthere's crossover dribbles. p>> romona: and i always thought ptalent like that was god given. pbut since they're lebron's pchildren, it has to be inherited pa little bit, don't you think? p>> certainly. phere is the thing, we don't know phow long -- you know, jordan's psongs were good as kids but they pdidn't go off and be in the nba. pwow, the kid's got moves. p>> romona: i tweeted out about
4:35 pm
phe's wearing these versace video pasking ladies what they saw. p>> anchor: i can't believe he pgot dressed in the room. pat some point, romona, he looked pin the mirror and said, man, i plook good. p [ laughing ] p>> romona: these are $800 pversace jeans. pi assume you wouldn't wear pthose? p>> if they were 800 less pdollars than that. p>> romona: i think you could prock them, mark. p>> mark: you think i could rock pthe versace zebra pants. pdon't we have a dress code? p>> romona: we do. p>> mark: that's not on it. p>> romona: all right, mark. pversace, is that how that is ronounced. p>> versace. p>> mark: cam newton did make a pbig -- don't read that, melanie, por do read that? p [ laughing ] p>> mark: e10. pi wanted to say versace again. pyou said go to e8. pgo to mark.
4:36 pm
p>> mark: hey, look at this pcrazy surfer. pholy cow. pthis guy got an award for being pabout just as crazy as you can pbe as a professional surfer. pa giant wave in maui. phe says it sounded like being in pa car crash. phe says he felt like he was pblinded for a few seconds. phe survived with just a broken pboard and, wow, a stiff neck. p>> romona: that's incredible. p>> mark: thanks anyway. pi'll sit on the beach. p what is coming up at 5:00? p>> quite a jam-packed show, promona. pa lot going on this monday, as pyou know. p and coming up at 5:00, it is ptators. pfind out how much -- pliquidators. pfind out how much the company phas to pay after unsafe levels pof fer mald hide were found in pthe products. pwe'll show you a commercial pbringing together generations of pfootball fans. p and sentence ing today for a
4:37 pm
pdrunk driving charges. pthat and more coming up at 5:00. psee you p>> breaking news and weather p24/7. download the cleveland 19 pnestico and redick. hurt in a
4:38 pm
p. p this is the part where we do pthe seven day focus. pand, you know, over all i think pyou're going to see above paverage temperatures showing up phere. psome swings here and there. plet's get to the seven day here pand show you what's beginning pon. ptomorrow about 49. pand increasing wind. pwe have rain and thunder ptomorrow night. pbut i think by wednesday morning pafter 7:00 a.m., we dry out pagain. pa mixed sky. pwindy on wednesday. pand 52. pbut then some colder air comes pin by thursday. pand we drop into the low 30s.
4:39 pm
pand we'll start out at about 27 pat 7:00 a.m. retty seasonable night. pmixed sky at noon. p43. pand then 48 at 5:00. pi told you about the 52 on pwednesday. psnow showers, though, on pthursday. pshould mainly be light, windy pand a little bit of lake-effect psnow east of cleveland. p31 only. pso there's a drop. pfriday mostly cloudy. p34. pwind picks up again on saturday. p45 degrees and superbowl sunday p43. pthe next system early next week pwill be the late day mix. pbut that's not until monday. pso here is your weekend. p45 on saturday. p33 saturday night. pi know last year, remember, we psunday. pit will be a different story pthis year. p43 the high. pand then on monday, like i said, plate day mix. pthere are signs that by the pmiddle part of next week we do pget into some arctic air.
4:40 pm
plet's see what's trending. p well, let me tell you what's ptrending today. pthere's actually a new trend in phome buying. pit's changed since your mom and pdad bought their new home. says buying a house pwith a friend is becoming more pand more common. pwhy? pwell, many folks just can't seem pto swing the price of a home on ptheir own, so if you're buying pwith friends, here are some pground rules. pyou should probably lay down in pthe homeownership pre newspaper. up. pthis is really important. pyou must address these concerns pwhen thousands of dollars are at pstake. pwhat are the ownership ercentages? phow are ongoing expenses pdivided? pand what happens when one pco-owner wants to sell? pso important to get those things pin writing. p>> mark: i keep visualizing the pmovie old school, vince vaughn pand will ferrell. peverybody gets together and pstarts a frat house. pthat i'm in for. p>> romona: i didn't see that
4:41 pm
pit sounds like a fun time. p>> mark: snoop dog was? p first he moved the team out pof town and now we're getting a lace in re max reality sold the phouse for 1 million. pi think it's worth more than pthat. pit took two years of pnegotiations, mortgages and pnumerous other obstacles. pthey're hoping the sale will preverse the curse. pit's going to take more than pthat. p>> romona: yes. p double dipping in a chip pbowl is typically a big no-no. pdeal. p>> romona: there's a slight pchance you may get sick if panother party goer is, but it's phighly unlikely. pmany viruses can't live outside pthe body for more than an hour, phour. pand even if they did, your own pbacteria would take -- wouldn't ptake very kindly to theirs and pwould fight it off. pi used to double dip when i was pyounger in my 20s when i didn't pknow any better.
4:42 pm
pthat's good to know. p>> romona: now not so much. panymore either. pi got away from that this year. p>> romona: people watch you and pdip. p>> mark: i saw you double dip. pbeauty trend sweeping the pinternet. prainbow freckles. pinstead of hiding natural ones, pwomen are creating their own by pexperimenting with different pcolors and placement of the pcolorful dots on their faces. pall you need to create the look pis brightly colored lipstick and pa liner brush. pwhat do you think, mark? pyou like that. p>> mark: it looks like they phave skittles pucks. phave you seen that commercial? paren't they contagious? p [ laughing ] p>> romona: whatever works for pyou. pwe know how some teachers spend psnow days, and now we're getting
4:43 pm
p>> mark: it's i'm for a little puseless trivia with me. phey, romona. p>> romona: what do you want. p>> mark: romona, it's time for puseless trivia. p>> romona: i know it. p>> mark: 42% of us do this pbefore we go to bed. p>> romona: turn out on white pnoise machine. p>> mark: no. pturn on a night light.
4:44 pm
p. p boy, romona, do you know pwhat makes monday a little pbetter? p>> romona: what? p>> mark: a day that looks like pthat. phigh, thin clouds. pbeautiful day. p [ laughing ] p>> mark: very nice. p>> romona: you sound like pyou're? pthe p-- like you're in the radio pbooth. p>> romona: sweet. p>> mark: do you know what pschool principals do on school pdays? p>> romona: no. pwhat do they do. pthis video was created by a pschool principal. p take the video off the shelf p p
4:45 pm
p>> romona: was that tom cruise? p>> mark: i don't think so. p [ laughing ] p>> romona: this video created pby waterloo elementary principal poffers a comedic look inside the pschool. p>> oh, man. p [ laughing ] p>> mark: oh, my god. p [ laughing ] p>> romona: the principal goes paround taking a moment to thank pcustodial workers for their hard pwork clearing the snow and pgetting the school ready to popen. pthe video went viral with more pthan 650,000 views. psounds like a fun principal. p>> mark: actually it really pdoes. ponce the kids see the video, pthey'll think, oh, he's great. phe's just like us. p>> romona: still can't act up, pthough. p>> mark: smart move. p how to be single. it's a pnew movie starring these ladies.
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