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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 5PM  CBS  February 9, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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live from cleveland's newscenter, cleveland 19 news starts now. >> denise: and we are following two major breaking stories tonight. first the cleveland browns are accused of lying about johnny manziel having a concussion to cover up the fact he was showing up you to practice drunk. the former president of jimmy haslam's company flying j is indicted on charges of the massive rebate fraud scheme. we begin tonight with the >> lake-effect system could dump more than a foot of snow on some meteorologist jeff tanchak is alert forecast. >> jeff: as the case of every lake-effect situation, parts of
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foot and not everybody, some areas. let's get to the radar. we have snow coming through. this is not necessarily the lake-effect kicking in. but it is basically from elyria, mansfield east and we have a steady snow coming down that is reducing the visibility through mentor, even in cleveland right now, the eastern part of cuyahoga county, medina and down through akron, lake, ashtabula county where the snow kicks in inland, geauga and ashtabula inland and lake-effect snow warning tonight and tomorrow. there's your alert for the snow and wind that will be heavy at times and that's why on the cleveland 19 weather app you can get the latest information there. you can see we drop in the mid-20s. it will be windy with snow flying. we are watching things right now with denise zarrella in the storm chaser.
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>> reporter: jeff, we are headed east broadway and lorain headed to interstate 90 when we bring you another live report. as can you see, the roadways are pretty much wet. we are seeing precipitation and some snow. the roadways must be pretty warm still. again, it is mainly wet. our car temperature gauge is about 29 and as you mentioned earlier, the temperature will drop and we will have to watch that. for now, things looking pretty good now and i'm sure live reports go on, the situation is likely to change. we will bring you another live report coming up in about a half hour, denise? >> denise: all right, can you follow the weather in northeast ohio or anywhere in the country with your first alert app on your smart phone or tablet. breaking news at 5:00 the former president of flying pilot j is hit with federal fraud charges. >> jimmy haslam is c.e.o. of the
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and he is not one of those named in the indictment. harry boomer is here with the late-breaking details. >> reporter: dan and denise, it has taken some time but the wheels of justice continue to turn. after three years 8 more flying court. the former president of pilot flying j mark hayeselwood was indicted today. he faces charges of conspiracy to commit fraud and mail fraud and witness tampering. they argue pilot promised fuel rebates to customers and never actually paid them out. a u.s. district's court indictment named former employee scott wine bold, john freeman, vicky and kathy and heather jones and karen man. freeman, the former director and vice president of the direct sale division was deeply involved in the rebate scheme according to browns authorities. browns owner jimmy haslam was
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he always said he knew nothing about the scheme that authorities say grassedded trucking company rebates of $56 million. hazelwood pleaded not guilty during a court appearance tuesday. according to the indictment his compensation was tied to the profitability of diesel fuel sales at the company. the initial story broke after jimmy haslam bought the browns and charges came to light after federal authorities raided pilot j's corporate headquarters in knoxville in 2013. the alleged conspiracy took april 2013. >> reporter: by the way, 10 former pilot employees pleaded guilty to charges related to the rebate scheme. flying j paid tens of millions in settlements to some of its trucking customers. >> reporter: harry boomer, >> dan: like we said it is a busy afternoon more breaking news on cleveland 19 news at 5:00.
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covered up and lied about johnny manziel having a concussion at practice late in the season. >> denise: how about that. the report claims manziel was actually drunk at the time. sports director tony zarrella is here with the fallout. >> tony: guys this is a serious allegation and possibly the neurologist who placed johnny in a concussion protocol. it caught us all by surprised johnny was placed in the concussion protocol. he played well against the chiefs and had another start against the steelers, according to michael silver, johnny showed up drunk for work and the serious allegation is browns lied about it and covered it up by placing him in a concussion protocol and browns denied that saying he complained of the symptoms and tested by an independent neurologist and stayed in concussion protocol
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followed it up tweeting saying if the browns didn't lie he takes them on the word and stands by his story that johnny was drunk that day. >> denise: incredible, tony. what happens if the nfl finds that they did lie? nfl. i have not heard back. this is a gray area f. johnny was drunk and considering his rehab history the browns under the law will not be able to talk about his situation in that sense. if he complained about headaches their job is to get him in the doesn't mean browns lied. >> denise: all right. we are following breaking news. a cleveland woman is diagnosed with zika virus. she contracted the virus while in haiti. zika is usually transmitted through a mosquito bite and it through casual contact the cdc contact.
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county and officials hope to continue the trend. >> dan: the medina health department started an education program to keep people informed. sia nyorkor explains how it works. >> reporter: you mentioned no reported cases here but the health commissioner is not taking any chances. they are trying to stay ahead of the public health emergency. public health nurses at medina county say they received calls about the zika virus. >> primary concerns about news about possible sexual transmission. >> medina county health department has a travel clinic set up year-round and people can call and get an assessment or come in for vaccines. the health commissioner says zika is a virus they have known about many years and with the recent outbreak in latin america and confirmed case in cleveland, now is the time to inform the public. >> making sure the residents of our county are safe when they travel outside the country and
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that's important for the health of the entire population. >> reporter: zika is not high risk and not a virus spread from person to person. the health department says four of five people who contract zika have no symptoms. >> the way zika is spread, someone has to have the virus and a mosquito capable of transmitting that has to bite that person who is infected and bite another person to infect that other person. >> reporter: there is a travel advisory from the cdc. >> what we are seeing with this travel advisory is not -- there's no prohibition on travel, it is just making sure people who are traveling are aware of the potential risks. >> the health department says take an insect repellent with you if you are traveling or give nurses a call. >> reporter: nurses at the med yeah health department will put together packets of information about your upcoming trip and can you go to for more information on travel
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back to you. >> dan: let's talk politics. volters in new hampshire are at the polls right now in the first of the nation primary. republican frontrunner donald trump has his sights set on a win, while rival ted cruz, marco rubio, kasich and rubio locked in a battle for second place. bernie sanders could come away with a win after losing iowa to hillary clinton. a live report from new hampshire is coming up in the next half hour. first alert traffic on cleveland 19 news is sponsored by ford. >> denise: all right. let's take a live look out there. whoa. 77 and independence, the cloverleaf, can you see it is coming down. we don't have any major accidents to tell about you from odot. we will keep an eye on the roads and on top of the forecast as well. the great big home and flower show kicked off another season at the i-x center.
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for northeast ohio. jen picciano is live in cleveland at the outdoor showcase. hey, jen. >> reporter: hey there. the she shed had its own. this is why guys come to the home and garden show. high-tech entertainment home. of course you know they have the home theater with the comfy recliners and big television. what i think is really cool for those of you know your way around an ipad nick can tell you everything you can do in this house with this ipad. nick, go for it. >> you can control everything from the ipad and it is magnetic and take it and move it if you need to. you can control all the lights and music in each room and adjust the temperature. you can select what shows up on what tv's. >> reporter: security, too. >> absolutely. >> reporter: you don't have to get up to answer the door. you can select security right there and go ahead and pull up and see who is at your front door.
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the backyard, too, is decked out with surround sound and everything like that, too. >> we do. out on the patio, a system built into the mulch beds. you can hear music everywhere you are at. there's a tv out there and if you want to watch the football game in the fall or watch the cavs in the playoffs. >> awesome. >> this is where you can come and explore if you are a techie at the great big home and garden show. more coming up. back to you guys. >> denise: i want all of that for my house, jen or maybe valentine's day. it is around the corner, this sunday. did you know cleveland landed in the top 10 in a new poll on the most romantic city list. groupon looked at several factors and tallied up the cities where people bought the most candelight dinners, massages, hot air balloon rides and other romantic items. >> st. louis, missouri topped
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and minneapolis, st. paul and overall cleveland ranked as the 10th romantic city. i am not surprised by that. >> dan: no. great restaurants. >> denise: did you get your gift for your sweetie. [ laughter ] >> denise: why are you looking at jeff? why are you turning red? >> dan: i am a guy. it is still tuesday. i have time. >> denise: all right. >> dan: coming up on cleveland 19 news at 5:00, some call it the party of the year.
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live from cleveland's newscenter driven by don joseph toyota in kent this is cleveland 19 news. >> denise: the stow 17-year-old arrested in the murder of the kent state college student was in court today. the prosecutor asked the boy be charged as an adult. police say he shot and killed nicholas massa sunday at the ryan place apartments. a 911 caller said there were three suspects. police are still searching for two more. a coshocton county man pleaded guilty to murdering an elderly company. the court sentenced jeffrey stewart 50 years to life for the murders of doyle and lillian chumney. clark is serving a life sentence. >> dan: hopefully, you got to night. paul orlousky digging deeper into the new dragon cameras. in 2014, voters said no more red light speed cameras unless an
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new technology lets officers like newburgh heights, this is harvard crossing over 77. you have probably seen an officer standing on the bridge pointing a radar gun. he checks to see if you are speeding and takes a picture of in the mail. two sides to the argument. well, they are speeding and breaking the law and should get a ticket. others say they are speeding they should be stopped and shouldn't be a danger. we wondered how fast you have to be going to get a ticket and we were told the answer. if you are on 17 it is 14 miles per hour and over. if you are on a city street, a regular street like in purse in middleburg heights it is 10 miles per hour and school zones as you might expect like down here they are more strict. if you are 6 miles per hour over and get zapped by the dragon radar gun you will get the
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$150. denise? >> denise: all right, dan. >> hey it is push kei day. fans waited more than an hour to get the fix. rudy's make more than 25 flavors and expect to sell 65,000 paczkis. did you get yours? >> i did not. i hear they are very bad. >> paczkis are a tradition for mardi gras. >> dan: parties end in 7 hours and lent begins for christians. omar villafranca is celebrating in new orleans. >> reporter: thousands of mardi gras revelers lined the french quarter to sip booze, catch beads and watch parades. for many big easy
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spectator sport. jim gabor is part of the crew of saint ann's, a neighborhood party society for the past 47 years has been dressing up and marching to their own tune. >> nobody watches this parade, everybody participates. they are coming out of their houses onto the sidewalk waiting for us to join in. >> the crew spends months hand sewing, glueing and painting costumes from masks to headdresses, ornate. >> if you show up in the same costume the next year, we will throw you out. it is a group of hundreds and those who passed away are brought along and honored for one more good time. >> this year, i am carrying my buddy mike destined for his spot back in the river at the end of
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the st. ann's crew is dozens of neighborhood and pleasure clubs letting good times roll in new orleans on the final day of mardi gras. omar villafranca, cbs news, new orleans. >> jeff: most of us now seeing a steady, light snow. not really sticking to the roads just yet. i think it will be changing as the night wears on. i would plan on a slow morning commute. wind, snow, falling temperatures. even further inland we are seeing light snow, medina county through akron and even wooster. this is where we are seeing the heavier stuff up 90 through leroy, kirtland and southern lake county and cleveland heights. this stretch of i-271, reduced visibility and snowing in cleveland and in parma. wind is 23 in sandusky.
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and 18 in mentor. notice the temperatures here. it is colder in dayton and cincinnati. colder air is wrapping in from the southwest. we are at 30 in cleveland. look at this. we've got snow developing now from cleveland all the way to michigan. some of this is -- well, most of lake-effect. this is telling me right here, looking at this, there's a lot of moisture available. so, you know, we will get snow all over the place and the heavier stuff will be along the lakeshore counties tonight and we are seeing it pick up. future view is picking up on the fact we will see snow showers inland, an inch or less of accumulation. but in the snowbelt and the cleveland area we could be looking at heavier snow totals. in the commute tomorrow we will have snow, heavy at times. i think by morning, the heaviest
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but i am thinking in parts of cuyahoga county, we could see 4 to 8 inches of snow tonight before it shifts east by morning. akron-canton, 24 the low, inch or less of additional snow after 7:00. through the day tomorrow west to northwest wind here. snow will be flying. wind and falling temperatures. here is a look at the future view forecast. it is giving cleveland 3, 6 or more inches in northern geauga county and southern lake county and even 3 inches in fair lawn through the night and day tomorrow. weather impact tomorrow morning will be a 7. about 24, 25 degrees there and falling throughout the day. inch or less of snow in cleveland. look at the drop in temperature. 23 at noon and 19 at 5:00. here comes the arctic air.
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snow showers and wind. 22 friday. an alert there and more snow saturday. only 11. it will be the worst of the arctic stuff. dangerous wind chills and rebound to 20 on valentine's day. denise, over to you. >> denise: all right, jeff. thanks. coming up on cleveland 19 news at 5:00 the beyonce bounce, why the singer is having an
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>> dan: you've heard the saying and proof out of south america there's no fury like a woman scorned. watch this wife when she catches her husband with another woman. >> denise: oh, my. >> dan: goes and jumps on the car and kicking out the windshield until it breaks and her husband eventually drove away and witnesses were heard encouraging the woman to go after him. >> denise: all right.
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plug by peyton manning for budweiser. >> yeah, i'm going to drink a lot of budweiser tonight, tracy, i promise you that. anheuser-busch says they did not pay the quarterback for his plug but "delighted he did." the unscripted moment is worth millions in free advertising. some people call it the beyonce bounce. sales soared at red lobster this weekend after the pop star released her latest album called formation and mentions the restaurant chain in its lyrics. red lobster workers renamed menu items after the superstar like those awesome cheddar bisquits called cheddar bay bisquits now. >> ford first alert doppler snow steadier on the east side. this is the spot where we could
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>> denise: cleveland 19 news at 5:00 continues with the countdown to november. the primary election season kicks off in new hampshire. >> dan: this is actually a very big night for the road to the white house. ryan nobles is live in new hampshire. we expect no less. good evening. >> reporter: good evening to you dan and denise. so far, the turnout in new hampshire is strong and steady according to officials. the weather has been relatively nice and no issues there. there were still a lot of folks up to the last minute trying to decide who they would vote for and exit poll numbers we just got in says 46% of republican voters made up their minds in the last two days, no surprise at all from what i found talking
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>> there is perhaps no state in america where citizens get more exposure to the candidates for president than new hampshire. >> we in new hampshire we all feel entitled to face contact with anyone thinking about being president. >> reporter: voters here have had plenty of opportunities for just that. many candidates held dozens of town halls over the past few months hoping for the one personal inner action that could lead to locking up a voter's support. >> a job that continued right up until the last minute. >> with a mad dash in the last 24 hours, candidates sprinkled across new hampshire packing crowds into small coffee houses like this, hoping to get the final undecided votes. >> reporter: at a chris christie event in hampstead jim is weighing his options. >> for me, the three candidates i am seriously considering, rubio, cristie and kasich. i like them all. >> he likes what he heard from
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to back a winner. >> do you want to be on the side of the person that wins? is that important to you at all? >> it is. that's the one thing that gives me pause. >> and it is similar to fellow granite staters, making sure the candidate they pick is the one best positioned to become the next president. >> if you made up your mind what do you mean you have made up your minds. >> reporter: with voting underway, time's up for new hampshire voters to make up their minds. one thing to keep in mind we should find out earlier who wins tonight's primary than iowa's caucuses. polls close at 7 p.m. eastern time and the iowa caucus didn't even begin until 8:00 central time and polls close two hours before polls begin in iowa. we may not have to stay up too late to figure out who the winners are.
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let's talk about john kasich. are there early exit polls? he is really counting on this state. >> reporter: we don't have exit poll information telling us about the overall vote. we know john kasich did well in the dixville notch primary votes cast at midnight in the far northern part of new hampshire. and you know, that doesn't tell us anything about the state at large. i think where we could maybe find an indicator, kasich took the time to call all nine registered voters at dixville notch and turns out that was the difference of him being victorious and tells us what this state is like at large. candidates take the time and meet the voters, shake their hands and that's something john kasich is committed to in the last couple of months. >> let's see what happens when votes come in. >> dan: ryan, you had guests on earlier and interesting to
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between bernie and hillary they kasich. what is that about? >> reporter: well, that's one of hampshire. if you are a registered independent voter, when you walk to the polling place you can say i will vote in the republican or democratic primary and bernie sanders had support with independent voters for a good portion of this race. when some of these new hampshire voters who want to be consequential with votes look at sanders with a big lead and john kasich with a moderate streak and what they like, they think they will vote for kasich to keep him alive in the primary process and no doubt that the tone kasich struck in this primary and kind of the positive attitude he's had. helping with independent voters and the problem with the ohio governor is beyond the new hampshire and south carolina,
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moderate tone doesn't play well with the primary. at the very least it could get him a ticket out of new hampshire. >> denise: okay, ryan. thank you. see you soon. >> dan: stay with cleveland 19 news for continuing coverage of 2016 campaign. this will be a big night for results. check out 9:00, 10:00 and 11:00 news and latest updates on or our facebook and twitter pages. a cold day in new hampshire. also here in northeast ohio. >> denise: some snow is falling out there. this is just the beginning. jeff tanchak is in the weather center now tracking the latest storm. jeff? >> jeff: as the night goes on, i have a hunch we will have school closings out there in the morning. the snow will be coming down. heavy snow in lake-effect areas and i think we could see heavy snow in cuyahoga county before it shifts east by tomorrow morning. wind chills will get bad and travel of course will be impacted and school closings.
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weather service, lake and ashtabula county lake-snow advisory and inland ashtabula county and geauga county lake-snow warning. the warning is where the weather service thinks that the heavier snow totals will be a foot-plus. but we are already starting to see the snow pick up now in this area including eastern cuyahoga county. it is snowing in cleveland. can you see even some lighter snow. but it is a steadier snow developing west side as well and also inland. there's a ton of moisture available tonight. so everybody will get something and then you have heavy lake-effect snow that sets up tonight and tomorrow. windy as well as the arctic air pours in. it means dangerous wind chills and talking below zero wind chills tomorrow night. 31 cleveland west wind 22 and it is snowing akron-canton snowing as well. west wind at 13 and the wind chills are in the teens right
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boy, those will get worse. cleveland 19 weather app indicating temperatures dropping to the mid-20s. that's not too bad. but that wind will make it feel colder with wind chills in the teens. and tomorrow it is an inch or less in cleveland. east. but temperatures will be falling akron-canton, inch or less of snow for you. here you see the forecast, the planner, 27 at 7:00 a.m., 23 at noon and 5:00 and down to 19. here it comes. snow showers flying heavy lake-effect snow tomorrow mainly east. denise and dan, over to you. >> denise: all right. we have been lucky so far. we can't complain. rush hour traffic not too bad out there right now despite the ice and snow in some places. >> dan: that's why it is important to see live pictures. we put denise zarrella in the storm chaser. denise, tell us what it's like right now. where are you at?
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we are headed -- driving along interstate 90 heading eastbound. i want to show you what i am looking at right now. mainly just some wet roadways. we do see some precipitation beginning to fall right now. we went through an area where the visibility started to get a little bit challenged, i guess. again, we are headed into the cleveland area where we expect to see things kick up a little bit. odot sent information to us saying they have trucks and drivers, 80 trucks and drivers in cuyahoga and lake and geauga counties working around the clock, 12 hour shifts treating roadways to make sure you get to dan? >> thank you, denise. the weather may mean school closings on the east side and rely on cleveland 19 news for list. we will roll them on the bottom
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morning and can you see the full list on the state fire marshall says the deadly house explosion in tuscarawas was caused by a natural gas leak. we showed you images when it happened. 77 dean taylor died when his home exploded. the house was leveled sending pieces of it all over the neighborhood. a mansfield judge is holding walter rents on a quarter million dollar bond for charges he used his neighbor's stolen credit card. the neighbor, patsy hudson went missing about the same time rents and linda buckner moved out of the house next door. human remains were found in the locations in richland county and believed to be those much hudson. investigators are waiting uighurs identification. >> a crime alert in wadsworth. police are warning of a sharp increase in burglary and home invasion investigations. officers ask people who live
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they notice any unusual or unfamiliar vehicles or people or anything unusual going on in their neighborhood. hey, it is that time of year, the american red cross is holding its annual give from the heart blood drive. can you roll up your sleeve and donate until 7:00 tonight in mayfield heights. everyone who shows up there can get free food and gifts. there is even live entertainment while you donate. >> reporter: coming up on cleveland 19 news a massive train derailment south of cleveland and getting word of
5:34 pm
two people hurt after this train derailed in marysville, ohio. two engines jumped the rails on the way to the honda plant causing cars to flip. the cause is under investigation. emergency responders were on the scene after two trains collided in germany. trains crashed head on derailing several cars killing at least 9 people injuring more than 100 others. they are looking for a cause on this one as well. a cruise ship is headed to port after suffering severe damage from a storm. royal caribbean anthem of the seas faced 100mile-an-hour winds and massive waves. damage was mostly cosmetic breaking glass, knocking over chairs and enough to send the
5:35 pm
a florida senator is calling on the n.t.s.b. to investigate royal caribbean for going forward with that cruise despite the bad weather conditions flint, michigan mayor's proposed a $55 million plan to fix the city's toxic water crisis. the plan includes removing all lead piping from the city's water system. high-risk households are the first priority. the mayor says the effort will require coordination between the romona? >> romona: tonight at 6:00 we continue to follow a health alert in cleveland. a woman returning from has the zika virus. what you need to know about the virus and how it is spread. plus johnny manziel continues to make headlines this time for what happens at practice. those stories and more when you
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>> denise: nothing says love like coffee and chocolate. retail giant starbucks is brewing up 3 special drinks for valentine's day. can you choose from a molten chocolate latte and molten chocolate frappuccino and molten hot chocolate. they are only available until this saturday. they all look and sound so good. >> dan: valentine's day is sunday. >> denise: yeah. i don't know. it is the great big home and garden show offering an early taste of spring. endeavour took us on a tour early hour and is back with another exhibiter. >> i know we are inside the i-x center and smells like we are outdoors at the garden exhibit area and we have a meeting with falling waters ohio and celebration is the theme. you are celebrating with water. tell me about the display.
5:37 pm
water display. we carved in this stone and it is all sand stone. everything you do is unique and custom. yes. >> we try to do unique stuff that not many people have. >> reporter: it is a serene environment here. i could hang out here for awhile. >> and we have a fire pit and try to get it close to the water. >> reporter: you can enjoy the fire and water. what's the turn around on this if you have clients you pick up at a show and how quickly can you turn their backyard into something like this? >> usually takes a couple weeks to build something like this at a person's house. >> reporter: get on it if you want to enjoy this environment come spring and summer? >> yeah. we fill up pretty quick. we are not a big company and we do good work. stuff. >> reporter: head to the home
5:38 pm
>> denise: or if you want to be warm with the snow out there. >> dan: last week we could have believed the home and garden show. this week not so much. >> jeff: every time i have been there it is almost like bad weather. you look at the gardens and think spring instantly and it gets you in the mood, i'm telling you. let me show you the radar before i get to the 7-day. i will show you how things are picking up. most is steady snow and reduced visibility. the majority of our area with the exception of sandusky down at mansfield. seeing the snow and i think tonight we could be looking at some pretty good accumulations even in cleveland. i am going 4 to 8. kind of going against what the weather service is thinking cuyahoga county is not under an advisory or warning before heavier stuff shifts east by morning. >> we will see a drop in temperature tomorrow, though. this 27 will be the morning high.
5:39 pm
by noon, 23. 19 at 5:00 as arctic air comes in. tomorrow night wind chills below zero. thursday snow showers, windy, 17 and alert there. friday 22. a little warmer. the next shot of real arctic air saturday. only around 10:00 or 11 for a high. more snow showers flying here. so this is where we could be looking at good snow totals as on saturday. sunday for valentine's day, though, a little warmer. 20. i did keep it dry. if you have plans saturday night just, you know keep in mind we are dropping in the single digits and dangerous wind chills there. more snow showers monday and an alert. >> we warm up to 37 degrees. denise? >> denise: thanks. we are following more breaking news. we just sent this out in a push. there's another case of the zika virus found in northeast ohio.
5:40 pm
county man who has the zika returning from haiti. we will have more on that breaking news coming up at 6:00.
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now it's time for "the buzz" sponsored by national carpet mill outlook. in the raging most popular artist and monkeys announce a new tour. >> denise: we begin with a cancer diagnosis for popular a- lister actor hugh jackman revealed on facebook he is dealing with another bout of skin cancer and warning everyone to wear sunscreen. jackman is treated for the mildest form. this is the third time he's been diagnosed with skin cancer. hello, it's me. >> dan: well hello, adele. everyone knows who you are. it should come as no surprise that the british songbird is named the most popular artist in the world. the international industry group
5:42 pm
adele topped global rankings by ed sheren and taylor swift was third on the list. hey, hey, we're the monkeys, keep monkeying around we're too busy singing to put anybody down. >> denise: they are the monkeys, they are coming to cleveland. lead singer davey jones died of cancer in 2012 but the surviving members of the band are going on tour. they will play the rocksino sunday june 5th. tickets start at 47.50 and go on sale this friday. >> i actually may want to go see them. >> denise: yep. grew up with them. >> dan: coming up next on cleveland 19 news at we are uncovering details on the dragon cameras, the new tool for police
5:43 pm
live from cleveland's newscenter, cleveland 19 news starts now. >> mark: we have a lot of big stories to get to tonight including the weather. more snow moving into our area. team coverage beginning with jeff tanchak in the first alert weather center. >> jeff: yep. snow is coming down now. everybody is getting some. let's get to the warnings and advisories. this is a lake-snow warning tonight and tomorrow. geauga inland ashtabula county lake-snow advisory. lake northern ashtabula county. i am even thinking in the cleveland area we could look at some pretty good snow totals. temperatures in the 20s to 30s, upper 20s. >> and look at this inland montrose and wadsworth and lake county, the snow is picking up
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