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tv   Cleveland 19 News This Morning  CBS  February 10, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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live from cleveland's news center, this is "cleveland 19 news" brought to you by spanky's carpet and flooring outlet. "cleveland 19 news" starts now. >> nichole: the odot fleet is keeping busy this morning. just about everyone got snow overnight, and it's still coming down. so prepare for a slow go this morning. >> brian: good morning. it's wednesday, february 10th, 6:00. thank you so much for joining us i'm brian duffy. >> nichole: i'm nichole vrsansky in for tia ewing this morning. we have of one delay so far at the bolt tom of the screen and find them at let's get to sam roberts right away. it sounds like an all-day event. >> samantha: we will have snow
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especially in the snowbelt. this afternoon you might see a few additional snowshowers. get ready for that and the cold, too. it's a big story into the weekend. 22 right now in cleveland. good morning to you in canton. we're at 20. doesn't feel like it, though. it feels like it's in the single digits and it will feel like it's in the single digits and teens pretty much all day. this is your forecast windchill through time. look at that. feeling like 11 degrees at 2:00. that wind, it just bites you, right? it doesn't really feel that bad wind. so where is the snow now? if you wake up with me downtown, you walk outside and be like, my car is covered in snow. what do i do? right? most of the falling snow has moved out of downtown cleveland. there's still a little bit falling to the south of
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in the snowbelt now. ashtabula county, good morning to you. pierpont into jefferson and south of geneva. in lake county we have steady snow throughout the morning especially the around painesville and mentor as well. we took you out to lake county throughout the morning where meteorologist john louf man has tracked the latest. he's en route too, now, so if you come in from lake county, we want you to know what to expect as you hop in the car. let's take you out to john now. meteorologist john loufman. what are you seeing out there? i know you got your camera. you can show us the inside of the car and the outside. >> john: yeah. well, i'm taking a look at this, the cleveland 19 weather app, which anyone can use to track the snow just as you and i do, sam. it's a free download, and i encourage you to take a look at it.
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route 2. the road is snow-covered. all the lanes on route 2 are snow-covered, and you mentioned earlier, sam, the fact that the wind is blowing, so you want to keep a couple of hands on the steering wheel. that is not helping the snow situation because the snow falls, and then it blows across the highway. as active as the odot crews have been and laura has talked about how they're out on the roads. they and the private snowplow drivers are loving this and so are the people that sell stalt. when we hit february 1st we had 8.8 inches of snow. by tomorrow we should have doubled that amount on the season. so this is coming down at a pretty good clip, and out here we've been running into bands of snow that have been flying pretty vigorously in moderate snow, and ever once in a while you get a break, the likes of which we're looking at right now. route 2 is very well-traveled.
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route 2 from the painesville area and points east. you have to take extra time. we're traveling in the right lane. that's the one closest to the curb. that's the one that's most traveled in, and it is snow-covered and folks are moving along just as we are at about 35, 40 miles per hour except for this guy who is to pass us now. he's probably going 45. i wouldn't do it. you're taking your chances if you try to do that. now, he's pulling into our lane because he doesn't want to go as fast as that either. it's slippery out here on the east side as sam pointed out. it's slippery at other places and easier going other places. laura is here to tell us about what the rest of the traffic picture looks like. laura. >> laura: that's scary to see cars go by so quickly out there. the roads are far from clear, not like what we see here. this is i-90 at east 55th. very well-cleared in this area. the roads are wet and slippery. odot is all over the place trying to get the roads all
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morning rush. good conditions on the roadways right now in terms of being accident-free. we had a couple throughout the cleared. i would bet there's plenty of spinouts that aren't getting reported because people are often able to kind of back their cars out of the spots they're stuck in. you really don't want to put yourself in that position. when you see the roadways looking what the john just had, take it easy out there. we're spending time talking about that, because we're so early in the morning right now, we see a lot of green, still mostly staying up to speed out there. when you're over on the farther east side driving in those conditions, take it easy. this is i-71 past the airport here and over 480 through linndale, through brooklyn right on into downtown. a little slowdown there as you pass by the steelyard. of course, remember, get out the door earlier if you can. drive times look good from mentor, north olmstead, elyria and akron. we're still on time and take the
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coming up in 10 minutes. nicky. >> nichole: our team weather coverage will continue throughout the morning. our school closings, none yet, one delay at crestview will run at the bottom of the screen as they come in. traffic anchor laura demaria will update about every ten minutes. we have live reports from the ohio department of transportation coming up in the next half hour. send us the snow picture via facebook or twitter using the #wakeup19. >> brian: thank you for joining us. some success for ohio governor john kasich in the new hampshire primary. he finished second to donald trump who won with 35% of the vote. still, this was a big step for kasich. mainly because he easily beat out the rest of the republican field. kasich is already in south carolina where they will hold the next primary in ten days. for the democrats it was a huge win for vermont senator bernie sanders.
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hillary clinton. clinton beat barack obama in the new hampshire primary back in 2008, but obviously did not win the nomination. the win for sanders, who is jewish, makes him the first non-christian to win a presidential primary in u.s. history. again, the next primary is in south carolina on february 20th. until then look for continuing coverage on the campaign for 2016 on our website, and when news breaks look for push alerts on the cleveland 19 mobile app. >> nichole: the kent state community continues to mourn the lost of one of their own. a prayer vigil for 18-year-old freshman nicholas massa. you see dozens of students and family members gathered at manchester field to remember nick. he was shot and killed in an off-campus apartment building on sunday. the westlake native had just joined alpha tau omega fraternity and picked his major
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the 17-year-old teen accused of killing massa is charged with murders and now prosecutors are asking he be tried as an adult. police are still looking for two other men possibly involved in this crime. >> brian: an update from twinsburg where someone posted naked pictures of teenage girls. police tell us there are 14 victims. not all of the pictures show the girls' faces, but some do. so far no arrests there and no pictures are currently still online. browns original jimmy haslam is not included in the new federal charges for flying pilot j. he made his billions as the ceo of the truck stop company. eight former employees were indicted for conspiracy to commit fraud. this stems from a federal investigation into pilot flying j not giving customers promised fuel rebates. >> nichole: today you'll see people at work or around town with ashes on their forehead.
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the beginning of the lenten season. it all means many will give meat on friday. the silver lining? the start of those church fish fries. >> brian: people love those, don't they? it seems like everybody has a fish fry, too. >> nichole: they have one specific church they go to. >> brian: the problem is i don't eat fish early. what do you do? >> brian: cheese pizza, which we eat three times a week. >> nichole: i'm trying to think of the friday meals. you have macaroni and cheese. >> brian: nobody in my family eats fish. let's go to this great fish place. >> nichole: i love fish. >> brian: we won't go. what do you do? pizza all around. if you haven't looked outside yet, you're in for a surprise. everyone is getting hit with lake-effect snow this morning. hey, sam. >> samantha: we have that lake-effect on the east side, but just briefly i want to show you something cool i just noticed on the wide scale
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we get lake-effect here, but did you know that you can also get ocean and river-effect snow? this is in kentucky. look at that coming off the mississippi river there. we have some river-effect snow, right? it's not just here in the great lakes where we deal with the stuff. speaking of that stuff, our own q. mccray is out there live, and he shows us what we look like right now downtown because there is a lot of snow down here, too. tia. >> q.: the snow may have stopped falling here in downtown cleveland, but it definitely left its mark. i'll show you what you need to look out for on the roads here in downtown cleveland coming up
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>> brian: welcome back everybody. just about 6:14 on your wednesday morning. this is a live look outside from our storm chaser. john loufman has been out there doing a great job for us all morning, and you can see that there is snow on the roads. so you've got to be a little bit more careful as you drive around. that's route 2 in painesville. so just take it nice and slow, right? >> samantha: yeah. you come in from the west side, and you're like, what? why are they talking about it? >> brian: today we're dealing with snow, but through the weekend we deal with something else as well. >> samantha: oh, my gosh. it's going to be so cold and windy. the coldest weather all winter really. we have single-digit temperatures this weekend. wouldn't surprise me at all if
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oh, it is going to be chilly out there. this morning it's not so bad. it is february. it's supposed to be cold, right? vermilion 22, lorain and elyria 21. when you factor in the breeze it feels colder. it feels like 8 in cleveland. that will wake you up. your current windchill down in mansfield is a nice, comfortable 3 degrees there. so bundle up. big, heavy coat. laura says brr in the background. scarf, gloves, all that stuff this morning, and even the snow boots, especially if you're downtown where we had periods of snow overnight. so you probably wake up to some snow on the ground even though we're not seeing any steady snow falling, you go out into the snowbelt. that is where we have most of the snow. lake county, good morning to you. you saw that camera shot a few minutes ago. that was meteorologist john loufman showing you snowy roads here in lake county. driving in from fairport harbor,
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down into thompson and chardon could be tricky in some spots, but i think the worst of it right now in lake county. so we showed you what's happening now. now let's help you plan your day and take you through time. here's the forecast models starting off early this morning. as we mentioned, most of this is out to the east ride now. as we progress through the day, we could see some of this start to shift even out to the west. so mid to late morning into the afternoon. you could be seeing a few additional snowshowers, and then look at this. here's the forecast model at 1:00 in the afternoon. fairly steady snow out there for some of us. so, you know, be prepared for on i don't think it will snow on you constantly every minute or second, but periods of snowshowers is how we describe it today. snow. tomorrow you could wake up to snow on the ground on top of what we already have. so if it's going to snow from today off and on through tonight, how much more snow are
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i think our big winners, of course, will be out here in the primary snowbelt, geauga county, ashtabula, southern lake. we could see up to 6 inches if not a little bit more in these areas. 2 to 5 for most of us out on the eastside. back to the west side 1 to 3 and south side same kind of thing. down 71 past mansfield we start to see less and less. up to an inch if that much in the areas. that might have been a little bit generous for you, but i think it's do-able with all the moisture that we have going on. so lake-effect not just today and tonight but tomorrow and on friday and maybe again on saturday. so just prepare for on again/off again snowshowers especially in the snowbelt as we round out the work week. then comes the cold. 11 on saturday, 18 on sunday. oh, that valentine's day forecast, and i know ladies want to look beautiful, but, you know, we might have some ice out
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wear the sensible shoes on your date. i hate to be the bearer of bad news, but take the heels with you, right, laura? >> laura: it's 6:17. >> samantha: we want to take you outside where q. is downtown. when i came in, it was a mess downtown. are things better from your vantage point? >> q.: yeah, they're looking better as far as i'm concerned. listen, we've been outside for about an hour or so now. the city has done a good job clearing the sidewalks, which people are out here doing their own work as well clearing the walkways for customers as they come in this morning. even across the street there, you see guys shoveling down the sidewalk. when it comes to the streets, like i said, we've been downtown for about an hour or so driving around. what we noticed is all the major streets like ninth here are clear. they've been treated. they're wet, obviously, but there's no ice or snow to talk about. it's the side streets like rockwell that we're showing you
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there. listen, there's no way your tires will get any traction on that road, so that's why it is imperative that if you're on a side street in downtown cleveland that you take it slowly. you don't want to land up on ninth street and get into an accident. so laura, as she has you covered for the rest of northeast ohio, how are things looking out there, laura? >> laura: you're summing it up. what you see with him, those really close shots of the roadways, that's a good idea of what you deal with downtown but very likely right outside your driveway, right outside your neighborhood. a lot of the side streets really haven't been touch that had well, and you can see the sidewalks, too. once you get to work, be extra careful. a good idea to get the pair of shoes. the ladies out there with heels and i'm looking down at my feet. wear those good shoes as you walk into work this morning.
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roads look good on the highways. it's those side streets as we kept saying. look at the highways there and we're in the green for most of the part of the map here. you see that 40-mile-per-hour marker, that's typical for 6:20 in the morning. as we look over farther on the east side, 50 miles per hour, 59 miles per hour on 480 eastbound. both of those really no hang-ups there across broadway. still staying up to speed and drive times are still on time. strongsville, mentor, elyria and canton, if you're headed out the door, you have a good-looking drive just a cautious one ahead of you. guys. >> nichole: time is 6:20. one of the greatest players in nba history making his last visit to the q tonight. >> brian: that's right. next, these cookies are considered colossal in college towns evidently. never had one. sam's all fired up, though.
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>> nichole: welcome back. you may have seen them in college towns, bowling green, akron and now cleveland. insomnia cookies is opening in the warehouse district downtown later this spring. you can get these delectable delights at a bakery in the bradley building on west sixth. it's called insomnia cookies because it's open until 3:00 a.m. sam is jumping up and down over there. they deliver. >> brian: she's very excited. a huge night at the q. the lakers are in town, and kobe bryant is playing in the big city here for the last time. the 18-time all-star, five-time nba champ is hanging it up at the end of this season. well, it was 20 years ago this spring kobe bryant wasn't kobe bryant yet. he was just some high school kid playing in his last high school game. lucky for me, as a former college basketball player, i was hired to be the analyst for the tv broadcast of the game and i
6:21 am
start of kobe's sensational career. >> i'm mike gallagher along with brian duffy. >> it was the 1996 big school pa state championship game. he was the consensus number one high school player in the country at lower marion high. >> he's a good jump shooter. kobe bryant is really dangerous splitting seams to get to the basket. >> lower marion was a big favorite. kobe who was dropping 31 a game was the reason why. >> he's a special player, and he showed us that right there. the prep has done a great job on him, but in a running game, that is exactly why prep wants to avoid a running game. that's what he does in the fast-paced uptempo game. >> they double-teamed him out of a match-up zone all night, but whether he zipped into the open floor he was something else. >> tough shot. awfully tough to do. how about that! oh, no.
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>> bryant scored only 17 points, 14 under his average, but it was clear he was special. >> you have to appreciate a beautiful basketball player, and we've gotten a quick glimpse of why kobe bryant is talked about the way he is. >> kobe came up with the key rebound to push and assist that gave lower marion a 4-point lead and put the game away. lower marion won 48-43. shortly after the game bryant declared for the nba draft. >> he's a great player. i mean, he really is. kobe bryant is the real deal. >> kobe bryant is the real deal. the charlotte hour knots took kobe, and they made a horrible move and traded him to the lakers. let me tell you about another bad move. with the 12th pick the cavs picked tally patopico. a nice player but not kobe bryant. >> nichole: that's really cool. >> brian: it ended up on, and a friend said you
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i hadn't seen that or heard it for years. >> nichole: how cool for you. >> brian: i remember it like it was yesterday, because the buildup to him, i mean, it was huge. he was clearly a dominant player as a high school player and has proved how good he is in the last 20 years. >> nichole: you think? >> brian: yeah, pretty good. >> nichole: time is 6:27. if you're trying to pick away, no matter what you find snow. maybe allow for extra time out there.
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what? we have some snow overnight. still coming down out there. it's not too bad, really. you just have to be careful in some spots. there is a school delay out there. it's only one. it's crestview local. they're delayed two hours. if there are any more that pop up, you will see them on the bottom of the screen. >> nichole: the worst is falling in the snowbelt communities out east. >> they're dealing with it and are used to, aren't they? we have you covered this morning with live team weather coverage. q. mccray is keeping an eye on conditions downtown and the near west side. our meteorologist john loufman is in the first alert storm chaser checking the roads. they've been snowy out east all morning, but we start with our meteorologist sam roberts in the first alert weather center talking about the snow and, of course, the cold that is coming. >> samantha: oh, guys. so cold this weekend. i mean, it hasn't been this cold all season long as what we're looking at through the weekend. right now it's not too bad and still cold, but this weekend just wait.
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the extended forecast mainly because after the colder weather we have warmer stuff to look forward to. don't worry. we'll talk about that in a minute. you see the persistent lake-effect snow out on the east side of things, especially in lake county. we're still under a lake-effect snow advisory there and along the lakeshore in ashtabula county. we have lake-effect snow warning still in play for geauga and inland ashtabula counties. these are in place now through tomorrow afternoon. so during that time in all those areas you may encounter snow-covered roads, visibility may be poor from time to time and we may have some blowing and there it is. snow? i'm fine. i didn't have any trouble morning. but, of course, on the east side that is where most of the snow is. hey, lake county you've been the morning. you can see from mentor up
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and even out into ashtabula county towards geneva, jefferson and ashtabula, pretty steady snow there. good morning to you in painesville. is that where you're waking up this morning? i hope that you're off to a great start at 6:33. that is where we have steady snow, and it's where we also find meteorologist john loufman in the cleveland 19 storm chaser. john, okay, so you've been out there all morning, and you've been showing us these snow-covered roads. what are you seeing now? still kind of the same thing? >> john: yeah, we're seeing the same thing, because these roads have had a powdering of snow, and then as soon as the odot crews come through and they've been very, very diligent, the highways. situation. we're just about to get onto route 2. we're coming up on the entrance ramp, and here i've hit the wrong button. there we go. we take a look outside. you see all the snow.
6:28 am
ramp as we get onto 2 and we head into town. that's where the morning commute for the most part is headed and you can see how much snow is here and route 2 is not faring very well either. the right hand lane, the one most traveled in, is the one most clear, but the center lane and you get off into -- we'll see it here as we come up onto route 2. the passing lane, they are both still pretty snow-covered, and a lot of cars are going through here. this traffic is getting a little bit thick. we're still just under an hour away from sunrise, and the crews have been putting the salt down. this is a good day to fill up the gas tank, make sure that windchill wiper fluid is full. as these temperatures fall as sam pointed out, it's going to get uglier out here and the wind will pick up and deal with conditions that don't allow snow to work on the roadways. but for right now it's a snowy go in lake county, but sam told you it would be. what about the rest of the region?
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there, and she'll let us know what the traffic situation is in her part of the world. laura. >> laura: snowy, wet, slushy. just some of the adjectives we hear to describe the road conditions out there. we look at i-77 at harvard here. i saw another school bus pass on by. those schools are open. of course, we will run those all morning long on the bottom of the screen. we also have those online on we'll be tweeting and facebooking about all of that stuff as well. we want you to see right now the road conditions. now, the highways, i got to say odot is doing a fantastic job at trying to keep up on the roadways. the highways look fantastic. now, the side streets and neighborhoods, i can't speak as much for those, and state route 2 where john loufman is, not so great out that. farther east seeing more problems. out here on the west side is looks good and look how well traffic is flowing. the 20 miles per hour don't
6:30 am
has to do with road conditions. that's going to be more people out on the roads right now. as for the highways to our south, 71 and 77. both seem to be moving perfectly from the south right now through strongsville and also through seven hills. no troubles there. our drive times, look at those. mentor, north olmstead and time. coming up, we have another brian. >> brian: odot is out in full force this morning as laura mentioned. this is video from lorain county on 90 east. it's a convoy of plows. in cuyahoga county 80 trucks and 110 drivers putting in 12-hour shifts to keep the roads clear. we will speak with an odot rep in about ten minutes. a kent state senior and former player on the dpoelden flashes softball is suing the university.
6:31 am
ksu's former softball coach raped her. she filed a report and they say they didn't follow sexual assault protocol and instead tried to cover up the incident. kent state said when we are formally served with the lawsuit, we will file the complaint and answer accordingly accordingly. >> nichole: the cdc has confirmed two zika virus cases here in ohio. a 30-year-old woman in cleveland and a 21-year-old stark county man. both had traveled to haiti recently. according to the cdc, the only way an infected person can spread the virus is through sexual contact. the main way people contract zika is when they're infected by an infected mosquitos, but those are not native to our region. it would have been it's 25th year in cleveland, but this summer's great american rib cookoff is canceled. it's one of the city's biggest food festivals, but the producers of the event live nation said it won't happen, at
6:32 am
kind of a big surprise. >> brian: it is. the reason i read into this a little bit further, and we have more coming up at 7:00. the reason is that live nation feels that the market is oversaturated. >> nichole: there's another big one in berea. >> brian: i don't know. somebody else could sponsor it. you never know. a lot of snow out there. >> nichole: especially downtown. q., how is it looking? >> q.: it's definitely a white morning here in downtown cleveland. the snow is falling and letting up just a little bit now. the roads are what i'll talk about in a few moments. what you need to do to be safe coming up. how are the temperatures? >> samantha: it's cold. i feel like i can't say anything, because what i do i know? i'm in here looking at numbers and out there standing in it. it's colder for the weekend. we talk about it all in just a moment. definitely hot coffee weather here, but i want to see your
6:33 am
you can send them to me. you can reach me on facebook, samantha roberts or on twitter and instagram, samrobertswx.
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>> brian: feazel roof cam on your wednesday morning. >> nichole: ash wednesday. >> brian: thank you for joining us. we have a weather issue going on out there today. >> nichole: we finally have snow. it finally feels like winter. >> samantha: the song makes me feel warm. some of the music we play sounds kind of beachy, right?
6:35 am
>> nichole: get some snow boots ready today. toss out the flip flops, we need the snow boots. >> samantha: i know. you probably need them every day for the next five days. get ready for cold weatherment a really cold stretch here starting right now. temperatures are in the 20s, but it feels as if it's in the single digits. especially on your exposed skin. so we want you to bundle up this morning. you can see that thatch of snow off of lake erie into the snowbelt here. to the south and west no problems, but if you're out in southern geauga county and northern portage county, we have light snow there. ashtabula. but the steadiest snow is in lake county right now north of mentor. east side of cleveland you are also seeing light snow around that 271 corridor. here the steadiest stuff. fairport harbor through madison
6:36 am
to the pierpont area and well. this is where most of it will be through the morning. as we get deeper into the day, i can't rule out the development of additional lake-effect snow even in cleveland. a little bit in akron possible, too. it could spread out to the west along the lakeshore, so we have to watch this closely. cold today, 25 for a high, but of course with the wind factored in, it will feel like the teens into this afternoon. for tonight periods of lake-effect snow again windy today and tonight. look, we drop down to 11. it's going to be so cold out there tonight. it's going to feel like it's below zero because of the wind. so if it's going to snow off and on from today through tonight, how much are we going to see? well, i think once you start to get outside of mansfield, really up to an inch, a dusting if that. most of this will be north of there, one to three inches sandusky, akron, canton, over into youngstown and the west
6:37 am
2 to 5 out in the primary and secondary snowbelts, most of these areas, again, 2 to 5. look here. i've got my bull's eye right there on geauga county, southern lake and southwestern ashtabula where i think we could see 6 or more inches of snow. of course, we'll have to watch. again, it's on again lsh off again snow from today through tonight. snowshowers in the forecast for tomorrow and friday. as we get deeper into the end of the week, a lot of this confined to the east side communities. again, we just have to watch to see where those bands set up through the end of the week. it will be cold everywhere. 18 on thursday, 22 on friday. and then there it is. the real cold stuff there for the weekend. 11 on saturday, valentine's day 18 degrees, and each morning this weekend it's going to be in the single digits. we do get a little warmer next week, but we've also got
6:38 am
i think we could see some pretty steady snow. that bears watching very closely. q., what are you doing out there? last time i saw you you had a shovel in your hand. >> q.: no shovel this time, sam. listen, i've been checking out the thermometer down the street here on ninth also known as rock 'n roll boulevard, and the temperature out here right now is 19 degrees. that's cold, man. we're at the intersection of ninth and superior. one of the busier intersections in downtown cleveland. you notice the cars and buses going by. we have seen plenty of plows salting the area and treats the roads to make sure the streets are safe for drivers and pedestrians like the one right now. there are some areas like the area she's walking through that are slushy. that dirty slush that no one likes to walk through. be cautious of that. on the streets and sidewalks, they've been cleared, so that's
6:39 am
if you are going to be outside today, make sure you budged up. do better than i did. i might have some gloves on, but i need a scarf, the cold air is going right down the jacket. laura, how are the roads? >> laura: not too bad on the highways, q., but you see what it looks like on the side streets and the sidewalks not well-treated yet. there will be people out there working on it all day long. fortunately, we have great people that go out and help us get to work every day. big thanks to all the crews from odot, all the city crews and all the folks out there clearing the sidewalks for us as we walk around outside. let's look at the maps here. i see different slowdowns in the area. most of those accidents that were out there, the major accidents, those cleared. we look good closer to rush hour. this is a little peculiar if i see this. this is a westbound slowdown on i-90. so i'll watch out and see if it's an accident that has been reported. as of last check there was no accident reported there.
6:40 am
look mostly in the green, and this is that ride up 77 that i wanted to take a look at. a lot of folks take that ride from akron this morning or cleveland. we stayed up to speed the whole way. about there. the travel times, canton to cleveland is still under an hour and still on time. elyria to cleveland, 29 minutes and mentor to cleveland 30 minutes and strongsville to cleveland it's a 23-minute commute for you. guys. >> brian: we've been reporting on this all morning. the entire odot fleet out there working the roads right now. joining us by phone is amanda mcfarland. >> nichole: they have been working overnight. what are the target spots right now and the problem areas you're seeing? good morning. thanks for having me. this morning we're not really see inning i trouble spots. this is a widespread snowstorm that we see, and our crews were able to catch up overnight and all the roads are running pretty wet this morning.
6:41 am
this has not been a bad year, and i know that's probably helping your budget a little bit. the budget's massive because you guys expect so much snow and do a nice job when it happens. really hasn't been a troublesome year for you guys, has it? >> no, it's a mild winter. we have plenty of extra salt on hand and our drivers are ready for snow. the drivers gear up all summer long and ready for winter, so it's kind of strange for them. >> brian: slow year. thanks, a manda amanda. we'll talk to you again soon, and i'm sure at some point the big snow is comingful we're not going to get that lucky. >> nichole: winter in cleveland, you kind of expect it, right. this morning we remember the life of jesse owens. a film is re-creating his historical feats and inspirational life. >> brian: a lot of people are looking forward to this. tia ewing spoke with his
6:42 am
actor that played jesse owens. >> you're the best. >> the fastest man on the earth. >> tia: it's a story 88 years in the making. it started in cleveland back in 1928. that's when jesse cleveland owens, the son of a sharecropper and grandson of a slave, started to break records in junior high. >> he was not one who would sit you down and say, well, let me tell you about the olympics. >> tia: the world is still talking about him. >> i have this tremendous honor in the upcoming race. >> tia: stephon james is 22 years old. for five months he had to live, breathe and run just like jesse owens. >> i had to pay attention to how he started his race, how his stride looked and his face looked when he ran. there was things he didn't do correctly as a runner. i would to learn how to not do them good and then do them good. >> tia: it was her in berlin where owens was still remembered. he was the first american track
6:43 am
olympiad. he defied racial tension as nazi symbols surrounded him with hitler standing by. the cavaliers just honored jesse owens in his hometown. he's been honored before even with this statue in cleveland erected in the early '80s here in huntington park. his presence is still felt at the ohio state university. this statue was unveiled in 2011. known best for this, his youngest daughter marlene owens rankin says her father was so much more off the track. >> he believed in paying back, so he did a great deal for the university. they could call on him, and never did he say no. >> tia: his family did say no, reviewing the script for the movie "race" several times over the course of five years. even traveling to france and
6:44 am
their father's story was told accurately and historically. >> they were very cooperative with that process. >> tia: he's already left his mark on all of us. >> you get a chance to be part of a history, and you're going to walk away from it? >> i have people looking at me. >> tia: this film will impact lives not just for black history month. >> i don't care about any of that! >> yeah, well, you're white, larry. you don't have to. >> tia: but for the rest of our lives telling a story of beating the odds that will live in our history forever. >> brian: that's tia ewing reporting. the film "race" hits theaters on february 18th. >> nichole: the time is 6:52. this story certainly warms you up. in the 7:00 hour on cle43 couples yoga. judy barr from cleveland clinic will show us poses to do with your sweetie just in time for valentine's day.
6:45 am
>> brian: sam, what do you got? >> samantha: i thought i saw a flash. laura's bright pink dress. maybe you can make spring happen early. we have periods of lake-effect snow out there, of course, this morning and that's where the issues are out to the east of the occasional on again/off again lake-effect throughout the day. >> nichole: slow go out there, huh? >> laura: it looked slow on i-90 and there's an accident on warren road. we always want people to be aware. >> brian: we'll keep our eye on that. click, click right now.
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