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tv   Cleveland 19 News at Noon  CBS  February 10, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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>> live from cleveland's news center, cleveland 19 news starts now. >> law enforcement moved in on a brook park hotel known for seedy situations. >> they raided the travel lodge on 160th and brook park. paul joins us now live from brook park. paul, this place has been bad fuse for a pretty longtime, right? >> it has. 650 calls for service in a single year at this travel lodge hotel. we were here when police arrived. pulling up multi units of sheriff's department and brook park police who at times had a car stationed here. it was swift and they got in there and they had notice of a nuisance and they got to the judge.
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place. in the past year or two drug over doses and prostitution and gunfire, that's why s.w.a.t was here. the residents, some who did nothing wrong were down on their luck had to be evicted. they are carrying a steady stream of belongings out of the building right now as we speak. some of them are going to church out reach next door. the prosecutor is still talking right now. the press conference just began. it is a tough case to make because obviously several agencies have to participate in this and collect evidence and such. let me see if i can grab prosecutor, can we talk over here? he is in the middle of that. we will wrp it up and when the prosecutor is free if need be
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>> thank you, paul. i know you will keep us abreast as to what is going on there. what you are looking at is video that just came into the newsroom moments ago. that's what it looks like driving on i-77 right now. snowflakes steadily hitting the windshield and drivers slowing down all day long. it is dangerous driving in those conditions. i was out there earlier this morning and 19 degrees and it was snowing then and snowing now. will it continue? >> oh yes, we will see it off and on. the worst is moving through the cleveland metro and quickly moving south. let's take you out and show you what we are dealing with. this is a live look outside from our roof cam. it is 22 in cleveland. it feels colder because it is so windy. we have the wind out of the west and the flow over a relatively mild lake for this time of the year. lots of good moisture and good juice to work with. we have lake affect snow
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place. been watching. it is up through lake and ashtabula counties. right around achardon and then into cuyahoga county and then to the north of the interstate. it is just to the north of 17. shaker heights and chesterland and almost into the rock creek area. that's where the assisteddest snow is. this is drifting to the east, southeast and we have additional flakes in sandusky, norwalk, worcester, akron, revena. this is moving toward the east, southeast. heads up if you are ahead of that squall there in the snow belt. you will likely see snow-covered roads in southern giaga and south side of cleveland as well. because of the snow, the
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alerts. we have a lake lake effect snow advisory in place. cuyahoga county is now included in the lake effect snow advisory through 4:00 tomorrow. guys, we still have snow to go. you i will time it -- we will time it out for you and talk about the really cold weekend. lent has begun. today is ash wednesday and people lined up for ashes today at saint john caw cathedral. we just saw paul with his ashes on his forehead. it is 46 days before easter and it is a season of fasting and prayer. some christians wear ashes to symbolize the dust from which god made us. students and faculty protested outside a board of trustees meeting this morning. the board chairman is calling the protest a bargaining tactic by the faculty union. the faculty senate says many
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bargaining unit and still voted no confidence in university president scott scarborough's leadership abilities. and police are still looking for answers after a body was found in a burning car. yesterday the officers responded to the area of east 121st after reports of gunshots in the area. a man was found shot several times. it is going to take an autopsy. the county cor coroner's office ruled a baby boy killed by a dog was an accident. he died to a puncture wound to his head. his mom brought him home on saturday and mom slept on the couch and aidan slept in a laundry basket used as a makeshift bassinette. when she woke she saw her three day old son bleeding from the head. the coroner's office believes the dog was trying to pick up the child and was never
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a retired k9 lost his battle with cancer last night. hanz served the police mike. two shaker heights police officers were signing autographs at an h&r block last night when who shows up? shumpart. he showed up to get their signature. they pose with shump for this picture which rumor has it the q. the 2016 presidential race turns to south carolina following last night's primary. donald trump scored a decisive victory in the crowded gop field and bernie sanders overwhelm ledee feeted hillary clinton by 20 percentage points. now to manchester new hampshire. >> reporter: donald trump dominated the republican primary winning 35% of the vote. he appeared on cbs this
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will continue to grow. >> we will have at least 10,000 people. >> reporter: ohio governor placed second with his largely positive message. but he says he will fight back if attacked. >> i am not going to take a pounding. i am not some kind of pin cushion or marshmellow. >> reporter: ted cruz came in third followed by jeb bush who said he is ready for a long fight. >> i am a patient person. >> reporter: and marco rubio who stumbled at the last debate. >> i did not do well on this. that will never happen again. >> reporter: on the democratic side, hillary clinton is trying to recover from a brutal loss to bernie sanders. he won across the board especially with young people. >> because of a huge voter turnout, and i say huge! we won.
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do, particularly with young people. >> reporter: the clinton camp quickly released a memo explaining why she is expected to do better in southern states where there are more communities of color. sanders is is reaching out to minorities. he met with the reverend al sharpton this morning in harlem. cleveland 19. we are taking a live picture right now. this is a kasich rally in south carolina. he is obviously feeling good after taking second place in yesterday's primary in new hampshire. coming up on cleveland 19 news, we are talking valentine's day and just how much people spend. we are here to tell you age apparently does matter. >> and we are also talking millennials and their cash. how this generation looks at their finance could be a big problem for big banks.
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live from cleveland's news center driven by don joseph toyota in kent, this is cleveland 19 news. >> ladies, the millennial men out there like q here want to spoil their sweetheart for valentine's day. nerd wallets surveyed thousands about valentine's day and on average people who are celebrating plan to spend about $180. but millennial men will apparently shell out on average about $371 to treat their loved ones to gifts, events, travel and meals. >> do anything to keep the ladies happy.
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millennials , traditional banks may be missing out. 83 million americans make up the millennials born in the early 1980s to 2000 and they have a in you approach to handling their cash that may disrupt the banking industry. danielle shows you how the banks may be the problem here. >> reporter: 32-year-old surgical resident travis sheba hasn't walked into a bank in years. >> everything is on-line, money transfers, everything. >> reporter: more young adults are finding less use for them. lil -- millennial experts say many don't have a checking and savings account. >> between the student loan and the great recession in the price of their parents' house and its value, they have come to be extraordinarily distrustful of america's banks. >> reporter: hidden fees from the big banks are pushing technology dependent
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and affirm which gives out debit cards and small loans. mobile payment services allow peer to peer transactions and processes hundreds of millions of dollars a year. >> they don't see the purpose banks when everything can be done on right. >> reporter: bank rate said mill millennials don't even have a credit card. >> you have to think about trying to maximize your limited financial power so that you are not putting yourself in a hole for the future. >> reporter: analysts say the big banks need to pay attention. a recent survey by viacom they would rather go to the dentist than listen to the banker. cbs news, los angeles. well look at this. here is a live look outside. that's i-77 and the 408. it is snowy out there. hopefully those vehicles are
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speaking of vehicles takata air bags strike again. hundreds of cars and vans are headed to the recall list. >> all right, here is how that snow translates on the radar. let's go straight to our doppler and show you exactly what we have going on. persistent moisture coming off lake erie. northern giaga county i am willing to bet you have some snow-covered roads out there.
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welcome back. the takata air bags are causing more recalls. sounds like deja vu. this time per say -- mercedes-benz and chrysler are recalling them. 136,000 daimler vans are on the list for precautionary measures. replacing the air bags will cost the company, get this, about -- excuse me $380 million. mercedes and daimler owners should be notified by the company if the vehicles are under recall. model ashley graham is making sports history again. the plus side model made the swimsuit edition and not just like last year. she is in the running for rookie of the year in the swimsuit edition. she says everyone who stood up with her and everyone else
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i have to default to the man here. are you the ones who read it. >> i think it is great. i think it is great. women are beautiful in all shapes and sizes. and colors and heights. >> he says that because he is surrounded by us here. not sure if you can hear but jeff said so are men. we love you, jeff. >> great stuff. moving on, listen, just when parents were suffering ptfd, post traumatic frozen again. >> let it go let it go anymore >> that's right, folks. it's back. "frozen" the musical is hitting broadway in spring of 2018. in 2013 you may remember the film made $1.3 billion worldwide and won an oscar for
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now. no word who will be cast for the lead roles. speaking of frozen -- right? i am elsa with dark hair. wasn't elsa blonde? i have never seen the movie, but now that song is stuck in frozen. it is chilly today. we have snow showers out there. here is the radar and satellite and there is snow moving generally off to the east and southeast. here is the assisteddest stuff -- the steadiest stuff south of may feel heights between mayfield heights and sullen. i would get ready for gusty winds which may cause some blowing and drifting snow as well as snow-covered roads. out toward northern giaga county and western ashtabula.
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into orwell and twinsville and brecksville. we have flurries back to the west. sandusky, norwalk, medina and even into akron and ravenna, some light snow there. what will happen with this band of snow over the course of the next couple hours? it will continue to drift generally off toward the east, southeast. i don't think we're done. jeff and i were just talking about this, and we have a lot of moisture to work with. we could see additional lake afternoon. here is 6:00. your evening drive could feature some lake effect which could be steady creating slow travel for the drive home tonight and then 11:00 tonight there is more scattered snow showers. if it is going to keep snowing through the day tomorrow off and on, how much are we going to see? this is the newest map. this is new snow on top of what we have already. i think my big winners will be
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lake giaga and up to 10 inches there. 6 to 10 is our range. four to eight in the out lying areas. cleveland, west side and south into akron two to six. this is all the way through tomorrow from now through tomorrow. one to three sandusky south to canton and then we start to see less and less as we get west. so we're not done with snow. we will see some more as we get to the day tomorrow. additional snow showers possible on friday as well and the other big story we can't forget about in addition to the cold and the snow, it is going to be really cold 11 degrees on saturday. valentine's day woke end, the whole -- week end, the whole thing is gonna be cold. well this next story may warm you up some. just in time for valentine's day a special love story. a 93-year-old world war ii veteran from virginia finally reunited with his wartime
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>> what a cool story. after dating and then losing touch the internet helped bring the two back together after they spent decades apart. >> reporter: if love is truly patient -- >> you are vertical. >> reporter: then thomas and joyce could be the definition of true love. >> so, so very long. >> reporter: they embraced each other for the first time in more than 70 years tuesday. the two first met in london shortly before d-day when -- d-day. when the war ended he went back to the u.s. and she moved never died. >> oh he was full of fun. he was full of fun. he was a cheeky fellow. >> reporter: but between mailed love letters and even a botched marriage proposal they lost touch. and then technology rekindled the flame. >> this is joyce? >> yes, i am here.
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reconnected over skype late last year after one of joyce's sons found norwood in an on-line article about d-day. when word of their virtual of people donated money to ensure the couple reunited in person. >> she is the most wonderful thing that could have happened to me. >> reporter: if the giggles in uh australia are any indication the couple will now day together. >> to find somebody who loves you and you love them, the letter of your life it would rather be special. >> proof true love overcomes space and time. >> reporter: cleveland 19. >> by the way, joyce is now divorced and norwood is a widower. norwood and his son will be in
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word of plans beyond that. we stop arthritis pain so you don't have to sto because you believe in go. onward today's the day. carpe diem tylenol 8hr arthritis pain has two layers of pain relief. the first is fast. the second lasts all day. we g ive you your day back. what you do with it is up to yo
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all right, q, if you think wrangling those little ones at bedtime can be difficult, be glad you are not in this situation right here. >> i can't complain. they have a 2-year-old and 8-month-old triplets. they taped the nightly shanannigans as mom tried to get them ready for bed. watch as olivia, levi and
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and 2-year-old emily hops around them. mom says the hardest part of getting them ready for bed is making sure none of them fall off the bed. >> maybe put them on the floor. >> that's an idea. well this next video may not have gone viral or anything, but it is dear to my heart. >> vivien. hey! >> pretty cute. that's how little vivien greets her dad every day when he picks her up from school. a smile ear to ear and her dad's heart melts every single time. she doesn't care who is in her way because she will push her little brother out of the way to get to him. if you are wondering, that's my little girl. that's baby girl, that's what i call her. she is two years old today and happy birthday, baby girl. dada and mama and son will be celebrating in about three hours. >> happy birthday. >> a little snow for her
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she will be all right. >> god. >> so we have cake planned and
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