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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 6PM  CBS  February 10, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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this is a half mile visibility or less cutting across solon, the eastern part of cuyahoga county here south of cleveland approaching parma through north olmsted and avon area and lake snow warnings for geauga, ashtabula counties and advisory on the lakeshore and greater cleveland area. we have an alert tonight for the snow and the wind. 1 to 4 inches more snow and wind chill will drop below zero and we have more travel issues out there. cleveland 19 weather app is indicating temperatures dropping to the teens tonight. again, snow showers and the wind will be whipping the snow around and remember with temperatures this cold, that will be duff on the roads. romona, over to you. >> romona: all right. now we want to get to harry boomer out on the east side. they were having serious problems today. harry, how is it going out there
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>> reporter: well, romona, i am stuck in traffic on i-90 eastbound making our way close to vrooman road, a multivehicle accident with 16 semis and multiple cars. the lake county sheriff told me himself one person was ejected from the vehicle and we do not know the person's identity or the person's condition. we do know there were multiple injuries as well as you look at video from the scene. lots of people injured taken to local hospitals to be treated. we debate know at this point what caused it but looking at pictures from the lake county sheriff's department there were semis that were spattered all over the road and one of the cabs torn completely off a semi and it is devastating out here. a number of injuries. at least 15 tractor-trailers involved. we are again stuck in traffic
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make our way closer to the accident scene. we will have more as soon as we get it. back to you. >> well, we are taking a look at traffic conditions here in the city of cleveland at east 9th and carnegie before you get to the highway. things are moving smoothly. the snow let up a bit. as you heard from jeff, every couple of minutes, about five minutes ago it looked much, much different. talking to the city of cleveland they want to make it their golden gate to have main roads in fair conditions by 5:00 rush hour and what we have seen they seem to have met that. we reached out to see did they, in fact meet the goal and traffic is moving smoothly. we did get a chance to talk to clevelanders to get an idea what they think about this winter storm. >> it is bad. it is terrible. >> it is terrible. >> it is terrible.
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this a month or two i will take it for six months like it usually is. >> reporter: the city has 43 crews out and about tonight and tomorrow morning. they are asking if you can don't park on the streets and leave more space in front of you and the car in front of you, most importantly. be careful. >> live in cleveland, dani carlson, cleveland 19. >> romona: all right, dani. can you track the snow in your neighborhood get live radar on your phone and download the free first alert weather app. >> mark: from browns players to ultimately suspects. denise zarrella joins with us details on two indictments that came down today. denise? >> reporter: this stems from a christmas day arrest. the ohio highway patrol pulled over de'ante saunders near brook park. saunders was driving and dash cam caught bryant so-calling his friend on his apple watch and guessing the amount of marijuana
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>> i probably have less than three grams. you think it will be on the news? >> reporter: troopers say they found a gun in the car. saunders is charged with improperly handling a firearm in a vehicle and bryant was indicted for drug possession and found prescription drug adderall and bryant did not have a prescription. both men will be in court february 24th. saunders is no longer with the team. this is the first incident since 2012 and placed on five years probation for getting caught selling marijuana at the university before drafted and previous dui conviction in 2013. in cleveland's newscenter denise zarrella. >> romona: lorain police searching for a thief with a gun. he beat, bound and robbed a woman and stole her car a gray 2006 toyota camry with ohio plates. the 69-year-old victim is out of the hospital.
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view motel on west erie and police shut it down. they say it was dangerous. >> a local hotel is now closed. authorities raided it today and the city hopes to eventually tear it down. paul orlousky and our cameras were first ones there at the start of today's raid. >> we were rolling as a task force of state, county and local police swept into the travel lodge. investigators spent months documenting any number of crimes here gunfire, drugs, thefts, fights. prostitution and drug deaths. prosecutor tim tebow mig's numbers were taggerring. >> 650 service calls took place >> one allegation is particularly troubling, one of human trafficking. >> that led us to the problem here more serious than we thought.
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>> the raid ends a 30-year problem for tom coyne. >> this is an achievement long and coming. >> i have nowhere to go. i am homeless. >> that's the downside, albeit a temporary one down on their luck and did nothing wrong. they had to leave because the city will be boarded up. >> many left with their belongings. >> it may take a couple of days to close the motel down. no one is allowed in. some left and paid in advance and confronted the owner. >> this needs to stop now. >> okay. will you refund the people's money? people need their money back. they have nowhere to go. >> the man in charge offered no explanation when we tried to get help for the homeless. >> i paid for this room two weeks and she does not want to give my money back or nothing. >> the church from the red cross are helping. >> paul orlousky, cleveland 19. >> romona: ownership changed over the years and problems
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we checked records and the current owner has had the property 10 years. mark? >> more candidates dropping out of the race for president including republican candidate carly fiorina and governor chris christie finished 6th in new hampshire ending his run for the white house. ohio governor john kasich is definitely not leaving the race and campaigned in south carolina today and finished second in new hampshire behind donald trump on the democrat side bernie sanders is working on keeping up the momentum from his win over hillary clinton. bill clinton will be in cincinnati friday and cbs evening news. >> romona: last night we were planning to bring you a carl monday investigation on social security fraud but hours before the story was scheduled to air, we were shocked to learn the man at the center of our investigation had been found dead in his home.
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waited for more information. so far all we know is foul play was not involved. after careful discussion today we decided to show you this investigation tonight at 11:00. i talked with carl about that decision earlier today. carl, obviously tragic developments last night. but we felt like your story is an important one that needed to be told. tell us a little bit about it. >> even i was surprised 100,000 cases of fraud each year with social security. atop of that, we found a case locally we thought was a perfect example of that, a guy for the past 10 years has been posing as a paraplegic and collecting social security disability about $1,500 a month. we thought it was a gross example of the kind of fraud going on out there. >> romona: 100,000 people. one of the reasons we wanted to
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more people who need social security disability and they can't get it. >> reporter: oh, yeah. we met a woman named doris, only 50-years-old with heart disease, cancer, seizures and diabetes. for five years she hasn't been able to receive disability if you can imagine that. we were flabbergast this had woman wasn't getting social security disability and this other guy named john barker, faking his disease was basis. >> romona: which is so hard to believe. my sister who has muscular dystrophy, every single year she has to prove to social security she still has muscular dystrophy and we know there's no cure. how does someone like her get scrutinized every year, as they should. it shows social security is doing their job with people. how do people fall through the
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>> even this guy had what they call a t-10 problem with his spine. and for that type of injury, when you have a severed spine you have ton seen by a doctor every 7 years and was collecting for 10 years. he had to be seen by another doctor. >> again, an important story that has to be told and looking forward to seeing it at 11:00. and still to come at 6:00, up next what you need to know about a hack attack on the i.r.s. and how identity thieves tried a bunch of times to file tax returns.
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live from cleveland's newscenter driven by don joseph toyota in kent this is cleveland 19 news. not even the i.r.s. is immune to hackers now. >> romona: that's right. it is scary. dan deroos joins us with what identity thieves try to do. >> dan: mark and romona, at least let it be comforting to
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place to stop a level of attackers. this is for people filing electronically. when you file through e- file they give you a pin number. here is what the hackers did. the hackers had 464,000 social security numbers they had gotten through something else, through a scam or other hack and what they tried to do is go in the i.r.s. system and get in the e- file pin numbers that gets you to the personal information. the i.r.s. is saying 101,000 social security numbers were successfully accessed for e- file pin numbers and basically set up accounts with a number. that's as far as they got. there's no other information according to i.r.s., no personal data was gotten into, no social addresses or money values and what you made last year and talking about 101,000 people. the i.r.s. will send you a
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accounts so nothing further can really get through by the hackers. >> again, some level of security was in place to stop the hackers. if you were involved you would get a letter. not an e-mail. don't reply to the e-mails and i.r.s. and that's where they will try to get you. if you were impacted you will get a letter in the mail from the i.r.s. >> romona: thank you, dan. let's talk about cavs for a moment. kobe bryant comes to the q tonight to face the cavaliers part of his farewell tour. brian duffy with a unique perspective on the nba star. >> reporter: it was 20 years ago this spring kobe bryant wasn't kobe bryant just yet playing in his last high school game and lucky for me, i was the analyst for the tv broadcast, a front row seat to the start of an all-time great career. his, not mine. it was the 1996 big school state championship game. kobe bryant was the consensus
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the country at lower marion high. he is a good jump shooter and kobe bryant can split seams and get to the basket. lower marion was a big favorite over lake erie prep and kobe dropping 31 a game was the reason why. >> well he is a special player and showed us that right there. prep has done a great job on him. when you get out in a running game that's exactly why prep want to avoid a running game. >> prep double teamed kobe out of a match-up zone all night. when he zipped in the open floor he was something else. >> tough shot. he was floating. tough shot. oh, no. wow. >> bryant scored only 17 points, 14 under average, but it was clear he was special. >> you have to appreciate a beautiful basketball player and we have gotten a quick glimpse why kobe bryant is talked about
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>> kobe came up with a key rebound and assist to give marion the lead and put them away. shortly after the game bryant declared for the nba draft. >> he is a great player he really is. kobe bryant is the real deal. >> charlotte hornets took him and traded to lakers, bad move. another bad move with the 12th pick before kobe went to the hornets cavs picked. >> interesting. >> and here is what we know about lake-effect snow, when you think it is done it is not. >> it is scattered and clear up and bam. all of a sudden in a white out and seeing that now on ford first alert doppler. notice how far south the bands are going. in fact, kind of interesting, new future view model gives the canton area more snow and
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let's switch to the live scan in geauga county. russell township, newbury. auburn along 422. beachwood, garfield heights and parma heavy snow clearing out of downtown. we have heavier snow shower tracking across the lakeshore approaching lakewood and moving to downtown cleveland in the next half hour. winds about 10 to 15 miles an hour. it will be a windy night and wind chills drop it down to 4 in mansfield. still above zero. eventually that will drop below zero. here we go. earlier today, that was the heavy band of snow that came through and caused all of those accidents, a quick 1 to 2 inches of snow that came down in a hurry. we are getting additional moisture off lake michigan as well. we are still in that northwest
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we have to keep the lake-effect going and looks like additional 1 to 4 inches. at 10:00 this band moving across the canton, wayne county richland and ashland county and northwest wind snow showers continue and by tomorrow morning it will start to break up a little bit here. i don't think we will see as much tomorrow. if that band sets up, 2 to 4 inches across wooster and canton area and i think it will be a general 1 to 4. we will go with that and drop down to 12 and wind chills dropping below 11 akron-canton 1 to 4 inches of snow for you and additional trace to 3 tomorrow. 16 only for the high. we have another wave of snow that develops by friday afternoon, friday night. we will briefly shoot up in the 20s on friday and on saturday
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definitely an alert here. 9 your high. saturday night 4 degrees and very cold on sunday. but warmer, 19 valentine's day and we've got more snow on the way monday. but we are up to 34 degrees. tony? >> tony: all right. big, big night as you talked about at the q lebron and kobe bryant squaring off for the final time in cleveland. one thing they have never done.
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now, this is the serpentini chevrolet sports report on cleveland 19 news. >> any time i even watch his games when i am not playing it is emotional knowing it is his last harrah, you know and doing so much for the lakers organization and me as a kid growing up watching kobe and
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>> tony: all right. lebron talking about kobe bryant who of course makes his final trip to the q tonight. 20 years in the league, amazing. kobe will go out never having played lebron in the nba finals and has done everything else and kobe shaking his head saying lebron has been in the league 13 years. he can't get over that. time does fly and you make a list of the greatest players in the game kobe and lebron are on the list and near the top and mutual respect and kobe go out with five nba titles, 18 all-star appearances and two medals and memorable meeting with high school lebron in 2002. >> i remember it. i remember sitting down, talking with him. you know, the advice i gave him with so much coming at him, stay focused on the game and stay true to the craft. everything else kind of sorts itself out.
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piece of advice i could have given at the time. >> this place is electric tonight. the game of course at 8:00 and fans already in the building. byron scott and lakers head coach and former cavs head coach talking about what it's like to travel in the good-bye tour with kobe bryant. >> and pretty fun to watch and get the respect he deserves. there's a lot of love everywhere we have gone and what he has done in this league and the biggest challenge is trying to manage his minutes and making sure he is fresh as possible and integrate young guys into what we are trying to do. other than that it's a lot of fun watching the respect he is getting. >> all right. kobe at the q. one final time. 8:00 catch it, it is a national game.
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>> jeff: all right. well that's a snowball moving through the western bushes approaching cleveland right now parma, garfield heights, solon. this is moving across cuyahoga county and will be this way throughout the night, on and off
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be prepared for rapid changes and short distances. >> mark: be careful. thanks for joining us at
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