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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 4PM  CBS  February 15, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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p. p live from cleveland's news pcenter, cleveland 19 news starts pnow. p hey, there. pthings are calm right now. pbut later this evening, a bit of pa turn. p>> romona: jeff tanchak is pjoining us now to explain why pthat morning commute will be a preal pain. p>> jeff: yes, it will. pand this snow that we're getting pis a system snow. pthis is not lake-effect. pi'm going to say that right out pof the gate here. pwe've got temperatures around pthat 32 to 33 degree mark, and pthat's going to make things pchallenging. pit is that kind of forecast. phere is what we have the latest pon the winter storm warnings and pthe advisories. pthe winter storm warning is for
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poutside of that, we have winter pweather advisories that does pinclude akron, canton, dover, pwooster. pit does not include the pcleveland area. pso where we have those padvisories and warnings, that's pwhere we think the heaviest snow pis going to be. pall is quiet right now. pit will be especially later on pthis evening. psnow heaviest south and east. pthat could mix with some sleet por rain. pthat's what is going to lead to pa messy morning commute. pif we could look at the ptemperatures here, guys, we've pgot temps right now around 32, p33. pi expect that throughout the pevening. pand that's why this could mix in pspots with a little bit of sleet pand/or rain before it switches pnight. pso hour-by-hour break down on pthis coming up. podot is ready. pthe trucks -- they had a deal pwith it over the weekend. pnow we have a system snow on the pway. pfor more on that, here is denise
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p>> denise: odot trucks line up. pcrews hoor have ere have been working for p167 hours. pmother nature has pummeled the parea with snow and wind gust pthat's has made keeping the proads clear and safe a pchallenge. pnow we're in for another winter pweather special. p>> we have some crews working pout right now. pthey're pushing back the gores pand pushing back the shoulders pand keeping the roads running pwet by treating them. paround 10:00 we're going to ramp pup again. pwe'll be fully staffed with our pcrews in lake and geauga county. p>> denise: as you can see, ptraffic moving along just fine pnow. pthe surfaces looking okay. ptomorrow morning total different pstory. pright now we also know that odot pis monitoring those surface ptemperatures because once the ptemperature dips into the teens pand possibly the single digits pover night, they may need to add psome calcium chloride to that pdeicer. preporting live here in pcleveland, denise zarrella, pcleveland 19.
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pchelsea clinton stumped for her pmom in cleveland today. pchelsea spoke at a get out the pvote organizing event at the pmurder's taylor community center pon kinsman road. pand she was greeted by a big pcrowd of supporters. pchelsea talked about how hillary pclinton will make a difference pfor families as president. p meanwhile, supporters of pclinton's opponent bernie psanders opened another volunteer poffice. pit is on kirsteter way in pelyria. pthe office is not affiliated pwith the campaign. pit is staffed and funded by plocal contributors. psanders volunteers, opened poffices in lakewood and akron. . p and the supreme court's plongest serving justice died of pnatural causes over the weekend. pthe death of the man whom pcolleagues called a legal titan phas set up a political battle on pwho the president will appoint pto replace him. pweijia jiang joins us now with pthe latest. p>> very suddenly, the pain went
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pi was on pain meds early. p [ beeping ] p>> reporter: i'm sure you're pused to that. p>> mark: oh, hi. pjudge, we'll get to that package pthere whenever we can ultimately pget a chance. pthe judge ruled he died of pnatural causes. pwe did have a history of heart pdisease. phe did have a history of heart pdisease. phis body flown from texas to pvirginia yesterday. p a deadly wrong way crash pover the weekend. pa 20-year-old woman was killed pwhen her car was hit on i480. pfamily members identified the pvictim as kahla coats. pshe was a baldwin sophomore pstudying accounting. olice say the accused wrong way pdriver was treated at metro. pthey are not releasing his name. olice say this was the second pwrong way crash on a local phighway in the last two weeks. p we've got a large response pcalled dragon cams. pthese are devices used by
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pget around regulations limiting pthe use of speed cameras to pticket people. p>> mark: the biggest question pyou ask, what is being done pabout it. preporter paul orlousky got the panswer today. p>> paul: in an instant, you're pcaught speeding. pa month later, you get a ticket pin the mail. pthe camera doesn't end around psenate bill 342 which pulled the preigns in on speed ticketing. p>> they could argue could the pcows come home about safety. pif you're getting a ticket one pmonth after you committed the poffense, you're snot being preminded to slow down or be pcareful. p>> reporter: the state senator phas introduced four bills that pdon't ban cameras but would plimit the use. pthe bills say no more than twice pthe population. pno more than 30% of the budget pfrom tickets. pthe area would have to have a pfire department and ems and no parea with fewer than 200 people pcan ticket. pthe bills create multiple
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ptwo of the four propose als hit phard here. pyou can look far. pyou won't find a fire department por ems. pit falls below 2900 resident pthreshold. pand now a not a lot has changed. pwhen the influx of money, the pmayor went full-time at five ptimes the salary and a police pand fire department are being pbuilt. pthere is another thing to pconsider. eople with clean driving precords. p. p>> and they listen to it and pthey believe. pthey say i'm going to give you a pwarning. pthat's compassion in the heart. pcameras have no compassion. p>> paul: safety or revenue? pyou be the judge. aul orlousky, cleveland 19. p>> mark: okay. pso we checked with other pagencies and found there are pseveral benefits to officers pactually pulling over a car to pticket the driver. pat times they spot drunk
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peven stolen cars in some cases. pdragon cameras do none of that. p gun violence is taking lives pand keeping communities in fear. pone akron group is working to pchange all of that through the pgame of basketball. p>> romona: harry boomer takes pus to a gym where kids are plearning to play, not fight. p>> harry: instead of staying phome on this president's day, phundreds of young people in the pac pakron area spent much of the day pshooting hoops and learning plessons about staying alive. p>> don't stop. pdon't stop. p>> harry: steve king is a math pteacher and he and others from pthe school in akron are teaching pskills. p>> always come to the ball. p>> harry: i'm at a gym here. pone of three where young people pare gathered today to end the pfundamentals of basketball and a pvery important concept. pshoot basketballs, not people.
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peach kid takes a pledge they pwill be non-violent, listen to ptheir parents. p>> harry: the scoreboard pdoesn't matter today but the pmessage does. p>> you're not supposed to shoot eople. pyou're supposed to shoot a ball. pyou play basketball. p>> harry: change the mindset pand hopefully the actions will palso change. p>> non-violence is very pimportant. pa lot of people being gunned pdown in the streets. p>> harry: just ask aramis pfletcher. pher 10-year-old son is here. pand she also has another reason pfor supporting the concept of pshoot basketballs, not people. p>> we lost my cousin last year. pit's been a year today. pshirt. p>> harry: okay. p>> to gun violence. p>> harry: middle and high pschoolers are also taking part. ptoday's activities are also pabout fun and learning. pready to run. pyou can get anything that you ut your mind to. pif i hear it, you're going to prun. p>> harry: and run and have fun pthey did today.
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pthe thing is, if you plant a pseed and it falls on fertile pground, good stuff grows. pthat's is what is happening phere. p>> romona: did you have any pwords of wisdom for them? p>> harry: i stayed out of it. pi would be there still preaching pthe message. p>> romona: exactly. pi know, you harry. pthank you. p>> harry: thank you. p madison village is pconsidering getting rid of the olice force. pthey will discuss dropping the olice department at its meeting ptomorrow. pmayor sam britain junior says pthe department is too coastly to pkeep open. p-- costly to keep open. pa financial decision will take pseveral weeks. p the wait is almost over, pteam. pthe 58th annual grammy awards pwill be handed out tonight. pthe ceremony will feature a wide pvariety of musical performances, pincluding the performance of padele to the grammy stage. p hello from the other side p
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ptimes p to tell you -- p>> mark: i have not heard that psong. pis that new? p [ laughing ] p>> mark: we talk with danielle pnottingham live from the pgrammies coming up in our next phalf-hour. p and in today's buzz, tie ra yra pgives us a look at her new plittle bundle of joy.
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p live from cleveland's news pcenter, driven by don joseph ptoyota in kent, this is pcleveland 19 news. p a little bit of good news.
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pturnpike today, the system pupgrade is complete and you can pnow use your credit card to pay pfor tolls. pthe system wasn't supposed to be prestored until about 4:00. pbut has actually been up and prunning since around 1:00 this pafternoon. p first alert traffic on pcleveland 19 news is sponsored pby ford. p>> mark: and a peek outside phere. plooking at 77 north and south in pand out of the city. pby way of our friends at feasle proof. peverything seems to be moving palong okay. pthe roads are wet. potherwise we're in pretty good pshape here this afternoon. p despite fire hazards and pfalls, hover boards are coming pto a store near you and soon. pwal-mart and toys "r" us are padding the two wheeled self pbalancing scooters to their pstore inventory. pretailers are turning to name pbrands after authorities blamed pfires on bad lithium ion pbatteries from manufacturers in pchina.
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pis rolling out new options for pjava junkies starting tomorrow. pyou can get two limited edition pflavors on the menu, a smoked pbutter scotch latte and a citrus pgreen tea latte. pthe smoked butter scotch starts pat $4.20 while the green tea pstarts around $3.85. pyou have a tall. p>> jeff: that's a vinty. p>> mark: i believe that's pitalian. p [ laughing ]. p a bit of a mess all up and pdown the east coast. pthis is it the east coast storm. pwe're going to be on the wern stern pside of it. pyou can see the radar. peverything fine right now. pit could be a few flurries or peven areas of drizzle out there. pas i widen out, you'll see what pis coming at us. pit's going to be coming up from pthe south here. pand you can start to see some
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pthey had a wave of snow that pwent through washington. pthis is where we're expecting pice and snow from new york city pdown to washington. pbut this is the moisture that pwill be moving in. pand especially areas south and peast of cleveland. pit's going to be a heavy, wet psnow. erhaps mixing with some sleet pand/or rain. pyou can see that temperature pright around 32. pwe're just going to hold steady pthere, i think, throughout the pnight. phere is a look at 7:00. pand it will start first in the psouthern counties from south to pnorth. robably won't hit cleveland puntil after 10:00. pbut this right here is all pheavy, wet snow. erhaps mixing with some sleet pand rain at times. pbut over night this is when the pworst of it is going to be. pa solid shield of wet snow. pand that will greet you for your pearly morning commute. pthis is what we're thinking as pfar as snow accumulations. pand this is our future view pmodel. pand it's looking like about 1 to p3 in cleveland.
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pthe south. pnow, it's got canton here at 9 pinches. pwarren at 9 inches. pi expect the heaviest snow in pthe youngstown area where we phave that winter storm warning. ersonalized snow forecast for pbarberton. pfive inches throughout the pnight. pand that's certainly going to pslow things down tomorrow pmorning and there could be some pschool closings there, pespecially in the southern kuhn pcounties. pone to three inches in pcleveland. pwe'll hold steady around the 33 pdegree mark. pbut 4 to 6 inches of that heavy pwet snow akron-canton could mix pwith rain and/or sleet. ptonight at 8:00, i'm going to pgive you a live facebook chat so pyou can ask me questions. pi'll be answering them. pwith video. pyou'll see it. pyou'll see me. pso make sure 8:00 on our pcleveland 19 facebook page. ptomorrow morning still light
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pbut by afternoon, i think this pwill be winding down. pbut the weather impact is going pto be a 6. pcleveland. plow 30s. pand mainly light snow, i think, ptomorrow morning. pbut then flurries after that. pwe'll just hold steady around 33 pdegrees. pso we got the alert tonight. pno alert tomorrow because it pwill be flurries. pand then a little bit of light psnow on the way wednesday. pwe're up to 32 wednesday night pas we clear out we could drop pdown to 11. pso it's going to be cold pwednesday night. pthursday increasing clouds. p29. pbut dry. pand then look at what happens on pfriday. pjust like that. p55, very windy. pand a shot of some light rain. psaturday will be windy as well pbut sunny. p49. pthe weekend actually looks nice. psaturday night 39 degrees and psunday mostly sunny and windy
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pand even into early next week, pit is looking fairly quiet. pso twe we got the system tonight pwith that heavy wet snow. pafter that, it looks like things pquiet down with that big spike pin temperature friday. p55. pwestlake i'm going to give you pyour personalized snow forecast pcoming up in the next half-hour. pmark over to you. p>> mark: all right. pvery good, jeff. pthank you. p it's president's day. pthat means a lot of schools are pout. pit's the perfect time to go ptobaganning. pyou have until 5:00 if you want pto get out there and get a few pruns in. p now it's time for the buzz psponsored by national carpet pmill outlet. p>> mark: the first look at the pson of a former fab life host. p>> romona: and i new pannouncement about star wars. p>> mark: tyra marks banking on pgood genes. pthe supermodel just shared a few
4:19 pm
pyork bank osla was born pjanuary 28th via surrogate. pbanks posted this is the phappiest day of my life. pyork, daddy and i send you so pmuch love. p>> romona: how sweet. p star wars fans rejoice. pthe first production trailer for pstar wars episode 8 today. p>> mark: they announced filming pis under way at pine wood pstudios right outside of london. p music p. p>> cut. pbeautiful. p music p. p>> ladies and gentlemen, welcome pto episode 8. p [ cheers and applause ] p>> mark: whoa.
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pnew cast members. pthe movie won't hit theaters puntil december of 2017. p oprah winfrey's weight pwatcher ads are everybody. plast october she bought a 10% pstake in the company and joined pthe board. pshe also revealed her personal pweight loss journey with the pcompany. pthe 64-year-old media mogul pshared her slimmer physique in pthis valentine's day snapshot pwith long time love steadman pgraham. pshe looks awesome. p>> mark: very nice. pgood for her. p>> romona: she said she can eat pbread every day. pa woman after my own heart. p>> mark: bless her heart. pi'd like to be able to do that. p straight ahead, i have to pmake sure i get this right. p>> romona: you do. p>> mark: ta ta.
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ptechnology helping people get prid of their unwanted tattoos. pdoctors say it's powerful and peffective more than anything pelse on the market apparently. pcatherine bosley explains how pit's helping one man turn over a pnew leaf. p>> good to see you. p>> welcome. p>> catherine: tommy is 38 years pold, married and ready to start pa family. pfor him that means getting rid pof this large arm tattoo he got pwhen he was 18. p>> at what point did you start pthinking, man, that was a bad pmood? pi don't want this. p>> probably in my 20s. p>> catherine: dr. mitchell is pworking to erase it. phe's using the latest fda papproved technology called peek p04. pin just three visits, tommy's p20-year-old tattoo is nearly pgone. pthe laser has four different pwave lengths and speeds to ptarget different colors of ink. p>> how does this compare? p>> this is by far the most
4:24 pm
p>> catherine: for patient that pmeans fewer treatments and less pskin damage. ptreatments cost several hundred pdollars a session. pother than readiness and dness and ptenderness, there is no problem. p>> we don't see the scarring and pchanges of the skin. p>> catherine: these before and pafter pictures shows tommy's rogress. p>> i was just blown away at how pquick it happened. p>> catherine: he said he's pfinally comfortable in his own pskin again. p>> romona: if you want to get a ptattoo, limit the design to dark pgreen or black ink blaus ecause those
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pclinton stumped for her mom in pcleveland. pchelsea spoke at a get out the pvote organizing event at the mer ptest taylor community center on pkinsman road and talked about phow hillary clinton will make a pdifference for families as resident. pcrews here have been working in pmedina for 157 straight hours. pmother nature has pummeled the pmedina county area with snow and pwind gusts that has made keeping pthe roads clear and safe a huge pchallenge. pmark. p>> mark: all right. pspeaking of a challenge, it psounds exactly like what ptomorrow's commute is going to pbe. p>> jeff: yes. p>> mark: oh, man. p>> jeff: not a lot of wind with pthis system. pit's going to be a heavy, wet psnow. pdifferent kind of snow than what pwe saw over the weekend because ptemperatures have warmed. pso it's going to be that -- you pknow, that snow that makes it plike a winter wonderland. pit will stick to everything. p>> mark: good snow balls. p>> jeff: yes. pbut bad for travel. pbecause the ground is cold. pwe have the alert for tonight. pit looks like the hef
4:28 pm
pbe south and east of the pbe south and east of the pcleveland area. pwe will get a few inches in pcleveland. pcould even mix with a little psleet and rain. pand, yes, a messy morning drive. pthere could even be school pclosings. phere's the latest on the pwarnings and advisories. pfor the youngstown area a winter pstorm warning. pto the west of there, winter pweather advisory. pnotice cleveland, medina county, oints west, not included in any pkind of advisory. pbut everybody is going to see at pleast a little something. pat least most areas. phere is 10:00 tonight. pand we got that heavy, wet snow pworking its way north. pstarting out perhaps as a little psleet or rain south and east of pcanton. pover night it looks like mainly pa wet snow situation. phere is 4:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. ptomorrow morning. pand especially east. pthat's where the worst travel is pgoing to be. pone to three after 10:00 in pcleveland.
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pand to the south. pmixing with sleet and rain pakron-canton area. p4 to 6 inches of snow by p7:00 a.m. pand for the westlake area, ersonalized forecast two inches pis what i'm thinking. p32 in the akron-canton area pright now. psouth wind at 10. pthat's what is making the pforecast tricky. pin fact, downtown cleveland a plittle bit above freezing. p34. pso at least we're out of that pdeep freeze that we've been in. pand temperatures for the most art will be holding steady ptonight. p32 at 7:00. p33 at 10:00. pmaybe dropping to about 31, 32 pdegrees in spots with that snow pmainly over night and then ptomorrow this will diminish to pflurries. pso no alert tomorrow. pbut we're going to have snow on pthe ground. pabout 33 in cleveland. peven a little freezing drizzle
4:30 pm
pakron-canton 33 degrees. pand then forecast tomorrow p7:00 a.m. 33 the planner. pstill light snow at 7:00 a.m. pand then 5:00, cloudy skies, pflurries and 32. pnothing too cold. pnow, coming up at 8:00, live pfacebook chat. pi'll be doing it on our pcleveland 19 facebook page from p8:00 to 9:00 ask me a question. panything you want. pand i will answer it, especially pregarding that messy morning pcommute. pwilloughby you're up next during pthe 5:00 half-hour with your ersonalized forecast there. promona. p all right. plet's talk more about politics pnow. prepublican jeb bush is getting psome help in his push for the pwhite house. pand it's coming from his pbrother, former president george pw. bush. p>> experience and judgment count pin the oval office. p>> i'm proud of my dad, i'm roud of my brother, i'm proud
4:31 pm
p>> romona: this is the first ptime george w. bush has hit the ptrail. phe will join his brother ptonight. pjeb is hoping for a strong pshowing there. psouth carolina had nded primary pvictories to his father and pbrother. p>> mark: if you want to head to pthe ohio primaries, you have puntil tomorrow to sign up. pthe board of elects will stay popen until 9:00 and you can also pregister at all public plibraries. p the help wanted sign is pgoing up at the new hilton hotel pin downtown cleveland. philton plans to hire 300 people pand no hospitality experience is pnecessary. pthe hotel offers full benefits ackage. ositions will be filled in pmarch and april. pthe 600 room hotel opens up in pjune. pif you're interested, preview
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pand 26th of this month. pthe sessions run from noon until p1:00 and 6:00 until 7:00 on both pof those days. p well, we all know the pgrammies are tonight right here pon cbs. pbut before the big awards dan pderoos has some facts and trivia pto grill us on today. p>> dan: yes. pand, mark and romona, we're pgoing to bring you in in a plittle box. pwe're going to play a little pgrammy guessing game. pfirst of all, this is the first ptime it's ever been on monday pnight. pit's usually on sunday. pso let's get going with the ptrivia. phow much does an actual grammy paward weigh? pwe're talking a little statue. pmark and romona, how much do you pthink it weighs? 2, 5 or 6 ounds. p>> romona: i'm going to say 6. p>> mark: i'm going to say 2. p>> dan: romona is correct. pwho is the youngest person in phistory to ever win a grammy? pthe youngest. pbonus points if you can give me pthe age. pthis is a little tougher.
4:33 pm
p>> romona: taylor swift. p>> dan: you're close. pit is a country young female partist. p>> romona: carrie underwood. p>> dan: how about leann rhymes pat the age of 14 years old. pthis one. pi'm going to give you points if pyou can get any of this. pwe've had three presidents win a pgrammy award. pmost of these are reading books pon tapes. pthree presidents. pcan you give me one? p>> romona: i know this. pi know this. p>> mark: i'll say jimmy carter. p>> romona: george w. p>> dan: mark gets the point. pwe'll have more trivia at 6:00. pof course we're doing this pbecause of the big grammys ptonight. pyou're not going to want to miss pthis. pi've seen behind the scenes pfootage of what lady gaga is pgoing to do. pher performance is high tech pbeyond belief. pof course, she's doing a tribute pto the late david bowie.
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p. p now for a quick timeout with promona and tony. p>> tony: i'm doing spacing. p>> romona: you're always trying pto jump in front of me. pspeaking of the cavaliers and plebron, he said he's excited pabout getting the second half of
4:36 pm
pbut i was surprised when he said pthat the warriors have consist pteb ptenancy all of the time. p>> tony: they do. p>> romona: never complacent. p>> tony: you know what he's pdoing. phe's sending messages to his pteammates when he's doing that. plebron is a master motivator. phe knows exactly what he's pdoing. phe's also well aware as is and pof course the playoffs don't pstart today. pas is they're not good enough to pwin an nba title. pthey're probably good enough to pget through the east. pthat's not the goal. pwe're approaching the trading pdeadline on thursday. pthe latest to come out today pshumpert is available. p>> romona: i think that will be pa reaction. p>> tony: i'm going to tell you pwhy. pthey have paid 11 games under plue. pthey've scored more. pthey've gotten worse pdefensively. p>> romona: i read that ty lue psays our offense is better but pwe're not in shape and we're not laying good defense.
4:37 pm
pstill not be in shape? pwhat am i not getting? p>> tony: that's a great pquestion. pthe type of pace. pyour body being acclimated to laying that type of pace. pthose many minutes in the course pof an nba game. pit's not really being out of pshape. pit's just being oak acclimated to prun the floor like they're pdoing. pthe point is, they're going to phave to figure this out pdefensively. pdo you want to do it? pdo you want to go into the layoffs saying we'll outscore pevery team. pi don't think that's wise plooking to who could be in the pwest. pdo i want kyle korver? pabsolutely. pwould i give up shumpert. p>> romona: no. pwe keep changing. pthis is the second half of the pseason. pwe keep changing. pwe're not going to have any pconsistency. p>> tony: that's great point. pi think a change is coming pbefore thursday's deadline. p>> romona: all right. pquickly earl sanders says we pneed to help manziel.
4:38 pm
p>> tony: a lot of hall of pfamers being asked. pjohnny and erl campbell are from ptyler texas. pearl spoke out and said i don't pwant him to be my age looking pback at what might have been. phe has to embrace the help that pall of these former football layers, many of the them the pgram's grates are trying -- pgame's greats are trying to preach out to him. pthey asked earl about it. phe's a texas guy. phe knows exactly the area that pjohnny has gone through in his plife. phe's just another guy trying to preach out and say, come on, kid, pget some sense. p>> romona: ultimately it's up pto johnny. p>> tony: yes. p>> romona: let's go over to pmark. p>> mark: sounds good. pdo you want to go to denise or pnot? p>> denise: hello. p coming up at 5:00, another pwrong way deadly crash. pthat's three in the state of pohio in just the last month phere. pa 20-year-old woman hit and pkilled by a reckless driver over pthe weekend.
4:39 pm
pvictim and how a local college lans to pay tribute to her. p campaigning for the residency is more than just a pfull-time job. pso how do candidates keep their penergy up? pa local doctor weighs?.
4:40 pm
4:41 pm
4:42 pm
p. p we're off. phey, meteorologist jeff tanchak pback with you here. pand look at this. pi have a special guest. pthis is emily levindusky. phi, emily. p>> hi. p>> jeff: emily was the winner pof a silent auction at an event. pcome up and join me and you can pdo the weather. p>> yes. p>> jeff: are you ready to do a pseven day?
4:43 pm
p>> jeff: you're from bath. pwhere do you go to school? p>> old trail. p>> jeff: old trail. pi heard you're a bit of a pdancer? p>> yes. p>> jeff: do you want to dance? pno, you don't have to dance. p>> yes. p>> jeff: you're not nervous at pall? p>> no. p>> jeff: that's good. pbecause i am. pdo you want to say hello to your pclassmates pclassmates? pdo you have a boyfriend or psomething? pit was just valentine's day. pi don't know. p>> i want to thank a few minute. palex, megan and lucy. p>> jeff: all right. pyou learned about weather in pschool? p>> yes. p>> jeff: you're in fourth pgrade? p>> uh-huh. p>> jeff: at old trail. plove old trail. phere is the deal. pi'm going to give you the pclicker. pwe're going to do the seven day. pyou're going to hit the green pbutton. pso you see yourself on that pmonitor right there. p>> yes. p>> jeff: why don't you back up pa little bit. phit the button. pwe have some snow coming tonight pthat we're going to be all over. pbut what's the forecast for ptomorrow? p>> tomorrow is 32 and light psnow.
4:44 pm
pwell, that's wednesday. ptomorrow we've got -- p [ laughing ] p>> jeff: flurries. pbut we're going to have snow ptonight diminishing to flurries pand 33. pand then what's wednesday? p>> light snow and 32 degrees. p>> jeff: light snow. pwhat about thursday? pit looks dry. p>> yes. pdry with 29. p>> jeff: okay. phit the button again. pthat was the three days. pall right. pnow look at that on friday. pholy cow. p>> oh. p>> jeff: so we have an alert on pfriday. pthat means, you know, you might pget some wind and light rain. pbut look at that temperature. pdo you like it warm? p>> i don't know. p>> jeff: you like the snow? p>> yes. p>> jeff: it looks like you're pgoing to get some snow in bath. pthat's for sure. p>> yes. p>> jeff: after that. pwe warm up. pwhat do we have over the pweekend? p>> windy, windy and 49 and 47. p>> jeff: yes. pwell, don't talk to me. pyou have to talk to them out pthere. p [ laughing ] p>> jeff: all right. pso we've got sunshine on psaturday. p49. pand sunday 47. pwhy don't we look at the pweekend. pso click it again. pwe'll look at the weekend in pdetail. pand then what we'll do is -- pwhoa.
4:45 pm
pso let's walk over here, emily. p>> okay. p>> jeff: we're going to walk pover to the set and we're going pto say hello to romona and mark. p>> romona: hi, emily. p>> jeff: why you're doing that, pi'll talk about the weekend. pwe have 49 on saturday. p39 saturday night. pand sunday 47. pall right. pwhy don't you hit the button pagain there, emily. p>> okay. p>> jeff: yes. pthere is the rest of the seven pday. pnow, just so you know that emily pdoes learn about the weather. plook at that. pshe made this for me. p>> romona: oh. p>> jeff: it has the clouds on pit. pthe sun. pwow. pwhat's your favorite part about pthe weather? p>> probably -- maybe snow. p>> romona: oh. p>> mark: maybe snow days. p>> jeff: you may get one ptomorrow. p>> mark: you did a great job. pwhen you win, you get to hill pthe bell. pthere you go. p>> thank you. p>> jeff: thank you, emily.
4:46 pm
p>> jeff: i have that effect. p well, if you're looking for pa way to save a buck, you're in pluck. pnicole sat down with couponing pqueen and blocker rachel krich pto talk about the top items to psave money on in february. p>> reporter: sale and signs are pgreat for february. pthis is the best month to stock pup on apparel and not just pwinter stuff. p>> i was able to find clothes pmarked down to $1.99 at my local pjcpenny store. pand also i was able to find some preally cute slip on shoes at ayless. pthey even had some clearance pflip-flops for 3 bucks, which pare great for upcoming spring pbreak trips and things like pthat. p>> reporter: not quite as fun pto talk about or purchase, but pnow is also the time to buy tax rep software. p>> you can score 30 to 50% off. pand the deals really don't get pany lower as we approach april.
4:47 pm
pmonth of love, and rachel says pyou'll love the after pvalentine's day sales. p>> i'm able to score up to 90% poff. pthere are decorations out there. pthere's red silverware and red aper plates. pthat is the time to buy. pand you can put it away for pchristmas. p>> reporter: and we found out pnational canned food month is in pfebruary. prachel says this is the best pmonth to stock up on pantry pitems and donate to your local pfood bank. p>> stores not only have pdiscounted items, but they also phave high value coupons all pthroughout february. p>> reporter: nicole, cleveland p19. p>> romona: that's good stuff. p>> mark: yep. p the 58th annual grammy pawards are here. phere to talk about the biggest pnight is danielle nottingham. p>> mark: we say hello from the pother side side side of the pcountry. pokay, danielle, who is kicking poff the opening number here? p>> reporter: all right.
4:48 pm
ptonight's awards. pshe's up for seven awards. pbut kendrick lamar, he has the pmost tonight. phe has 11 nominations. pthat is just one nomination shy pof the record held by, of pcourse, michael jackson. pso some other names we're plooking out for. padele returns to the stage. peveryone is excited to see her erform off of her hit album. ptonight. plady gaga is scheduled to have a ptribute for david bowie. pthat's something everyone is plooking out for. pand also eagles member glenn pfry, a tribute to him tonight, pof course. phe recently passed away. pso a lot in store tonight. robably a lot of surprises. pi'm looking forward to that. pand right now here on the red pcarpet, things are getting pstarted. pthere's action here. pusually we see the rush of the pbig stars right up until show ptime. pso usually that's when they come pthrough or they come after the pred carpet closes sometimes. pso it's a big night ahead. p>> romona: danielle, let me ask
4:49 pm
pi was hearing some of the grammy pwinners could possibly deliver olitical speeches in light of phash tag oscars so white. pare you hearing that, or what pare you hearing? p>> reporter: yes, that's not puncommon. pespecially for an award show. pthis is hollywood. pthis is la. pstars are pretty progressive. pwe may hear people speaking out olitical messages on the stage. pwe never know until they win and ptake that grammy to hear what pthey're going to say. p>> mark: very good. phave fun. pwe'll be watching back here. p>> romona: she looks beautiful. p>> mark: yes. p>> romona: don't forget the pgrammy ies start tonight at 8:00 pand tomorrow at 4:00 a very
4:50 pm
p it's i'm for a little puseless trivia with me, mark pnolan. phey, romona. p>> romona: hi, mark. p>> mark: let's say we put this pshow to bed. pthe average person does this 26% pless than they think they do. pwhat do you think it is? p>> romona: eat healthy. p>> mark: no. pit's smile. p>> romona: no one at home got pthat. preally? p [ laughing ]
4:51 pm
p. p finally we have a video that pis going viral now. pa famous youtube prankster pulls pa stunt on his own family. p>> romona: look at this. proman turned his entire kitchen pand family room into a psnowstorm. pobviously his kids love this. pthe vibe. pjust posted yesterday, the pvideo, has more than a million pviews today. p>> mark: look at that. p>> romona: the kids and the dog plove it. pthe wife i'm not sure. p [ laughing ] p if facebook determined our resident, who would win? pwe check into social media and pthe primary at 5:00.
4:52 pm
4:53 pm
4:54 pm
live from cleveland's newscenter, cleveland 19 news starts now. >> dan: we are warming up this week we promise. get ready for another blast of snow first. some areas could see as much as >> denise: it is already coming down and a chance of sleet could mess up the morning commute. >> jeff: this will be the heavier yet snow and not over the weekend because of the warmer temperatures. we will be around the 32-degree mark which makes things challenging as a meteorologist. let's go to the radar and flurries around middlefield.
4:55 pm
drizzle and some freezing drizzle when the temperature is above 32. we have winter warnings in youngstown and columbiana county and this is a winter advisory outside of that. notice cleveland and medina and points west not included in an advisory. looks like everybody will see something with the heaviest snow south and east of cleveland that could mix in with a little sleet and rain and that's what will make things slushy out there. it will be a messy morning commute and school closings in southern counties come morning. look at the temperatures. we have warmed out of the deep freeze 34 and akron 33 in cleveland and mansfield at 31. forecast temperatures we hold steady in the low 30s and it looks like south to north that
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