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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 5PM  CBS  February 15, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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drizzle and some freezing drizzle when the temperature is above 32. we have winter warnings in youngstown and columbiana county and this is a winter advisory outside of that. notice cleveland and medina and points west not included in an advisory. looks like everybody will see something with the heaviest snow south and east of cleveland that could mix in with a little sleet and rain and that's what will make things slushy out there. it will be a messy morning commute and school closings in southern counties come morning. look at the temperatures. we have warmed out of the deep freeze 34 and akron 33 in cleveland and mansfield at 31. forecast temperatures we hold steady in the low 30s and it looks like south to north that
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my latest thought is 1 to 3 inches in cleveland and 3 to 10 in cleveland and 5 and then six and akron-canton by 7 a.m. mixing with sleet and rain at times and this is a challenging forecast, a tricky one, affecting most of the east coast and hour by hour forecast coming up. denise? >> denise: all right, jeff. a problem we see year after year, drivers crowding the plows. >> dan: there have been several accidents this winter. the plows will be back at it again this winter and we sent denise zarrella and joins us live with a warning from odot. denise? >> denise: actually we have seen the snowplow trucks out there all day and we did an interview with the ox dot spokesman and it might be a good time to warn everybody to stay a good distance back and let the snowplow trucks do what they do
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>> cars and truck buzz near 71 in medina. close to 6 inches of new snow could fall here for crews working for more than 157 hours straight. it is time to gear up yet again. one way to make their jobs easier, steer clear of their trucks and give them plenty of room to work. there have been accidents involving the trucks this season. luckily, nothing major. >> we have not had a lot of accidents. when you see green lights on our trucks, just stay back. the safest place as many car lengths behind them and they are >> >> reporter: that's right. let them clear the way. there are 80 crews working around the clock, 12 hour shifts until this latest snow event moves through. live in downtown cleveland denise zarrella, cleveland 19.
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new information on a deadly crash on i-480. a woman was killed when a wrong way driver hit her on the highway. >> dan: miss say this was the second wrong-way crash in two weeks. dani carlson has the latest on the investigation. dani? >> reporter: guys, there will be a memorial service on the campus of baldwin wallace university at the union ballroom. that will be remembering kayla coates tomorrow night at 9:30. it is one of the ways we found today that the campus is coming together to remember one of their own. >> dear bw students. the bw community is filled with incredible sadness at the loss of one of their own. kayla coates. >> that's how they learned of the tragic death of kayla coates, through an e-mail. a few words written by a life lost making the school of more
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we have a tightknit community and hear one of our own has been hurt. >> she was only 20-years-old and had a whole life to live and going to college for the experience and it is heartbreaking and she won't experience turning 21 or graduating college. >> coates was driving the right way yesterday at 4:30 and police say her car was hit by a 48-year-old man driving the wrong way. coates was pronounced dead at the scene and the driver of the other car was taken to the hospital. >> we are terribly shocked and saddened by news she passed away. >> according to her facebook post she was headed to open the local mcdonald's where she worked. it was the last time she was scheduled to open the restaurant. >> i spoke to kayla's father and assured them that our thoughts and prayers are with her family during this time of sorrow. >> reporter: today i had a chance to speak with the
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to release an update on this case tomorrow. coates sister set up a gofundme page for funeral experiences. we have details of that to that web site on our web site on live in berea, dani carlson, cleveland 19. >> dan: thank you, dani. five people in dayton are dead after a wrong-way crash. a man arrested for ovi two days ago was driving southbound in the northbound lanes of i-75 when he slammed head on into an s.u.v. four people in the s.u.v. were way driver. we went in search of new numbers from the state and found the number of wrong way crashes in ohio was actually increasing. >> there were 467 wrong-way crashes in 2014 compared to 446 the year before. the number for last year doesn't come out until july.
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night and over half are under the influence of drugs and >> denise: all right, now the 2016. chelsea clinton stumped for her mother in cleveland. and a big crowd greeted the former first daughter. chelsea spoke at the get out the vote event. it is on kinsman road. she talked about how hillary clinton will make a difference for families as president. the ohio primary election is march 15th. the deadline to register to vote is tomorrow. eligible voters can register by mail or person and you can sign up at your local city hall, board of elections. tomorrow is the deadline to or address. you can find out if you are registered to vote at the ohio secretary of state's office.
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section of what if the election were todayment and you had the base who would win on the number of likes on social media. it is a very interesting way to look at the campaign. 538 oddly is how many votes are in the college, electoral college to get in has done a great interactive web site looking at the number of likes if you just used facebook. it will skew towards a candidate like bernie sanders very popular among the younger vote. you can see the orange throughout the country is donald trump. these high density purple areas are bernie sanders. but we wanted to come in. let's look at the state of ohio. a lot of orange based on likes. these are not polls just likes on facebook touch would win 22%, sanders 17 and our ohio governor
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columbus and only two candidates kasich wins. let's break this down. sanders wins 32%, big in some areas. and very interesting way to look as we get closer to our own primary in march. again a little skewed because we are just talking about social media. denise? >> thanks. funeral plans are underway for antonin scalia. his death over the weekend set off a big political battle. scalia died in his sleep during a hunting trip in texas. the president plans to nominate a replacement for him. some republicans vowed to delay or block any vote and the next president to name a new justice. the u.s. senate has to approve a nominee and are in recess until next monday. coming up at 5:30 we will take you live to washington, d.c. and talk about the challenges president obama will
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confirmed during the election year. >> dan: a ribbon cutting in cleveland heights as metro health opened a new emergency department. it is the former health span urgent care on severance circle. the emergency department will be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. metro is planning to open up several in parma and brecksville. the hilton cleveland in downtown is hiring. the holtz needs 300 people preparing for the june 1 opening. positions will be filled in march and april. no hospitality experience is necessary. the hotel offers benefit packages, travel discounts, tuition assistance and free meals. you can check things out next week at two preview events next thursday and friday. for details how to get a job head to >> denise: turnpike travelers couldn't use credit cards to pay tolls part of the day today.
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the technology network and drivers had to pay with cash or e-zpass and everything is back up and running tonight. let's take a live look at traffic up there now. this is the cloverleaf, 77 and 480. smooth sailing so that's good news if you are expecting someone coming home tonight. of course you can get the latest traffic by checking out our cleveland 19 app and hitting the traffic tab. first alert traffic on cleveland 19 news is sponsored by ford. >> denise: coming up next at 5:00 we have a health alert for nurses. find out caring for others is putting you at greater risk for heart disease. it takes a ton of energy to be on the campaign trail. presidential candidates bouncing state to state for rallies and debates. a local doctor shares how you
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cases of red bull. >> dan: excitement building for the grammy awards tonight. who was nominated and who will take the stage on music's
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live from cleveland's newscenter driven by don joseph toyota in kent, this is cleveland 19 news. >> denise: a health alert for women physically demanding jobs. if you have high blood pressure, you may be three times more likely to develop heart disease. it is especially bad news for nurses.
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12,000 nurses and found the ones with hypertension who did a lot of lifting and carrying tripled their risk of heart problems. we often hear pregnant women shouldn't eat too much fish because it is high in mercury. tonight a new warning, moms who ate fish more than three times a week were more likely to have overweight kids at age 4 and 6. a mother's high fish consumption was more pronounced if they had a baby girl. omega 3 fatty acids in fish might cause fetal stem cells to turn into fat cells. anyone following the u.s. presidential race can see how the schedule of the campaign trail can take a toll on a candidate's health. candidates work long days and spend many hours on the campaign trail lasting several months. dr. recognizen is a best selling author and country's leading wellness experience.
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for president it is a good idea to keep your mind and body in presidential shape. >> exercise routinely, keep your friends close, talk to them. learn to manage stress. avoid toxins. eat. avoid simple sugar added syrups, stripped carbohydrates and trans fat. >> there are lessons we can learn from candidates on staying healthy and energetic on the campaign trail that benefit all of us. once you reach middle age it is necessary to keep up your stamina and health and that's when you will notice a increase in fatigue. the doctor stresses the importance of keeping close with friends no matter how busy you are and finding effective ways to manage stress such as meditation. >> denise: nordstrom is making
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returns. the high end retailer will accept returns at discount stores nordstrom rack and nordstrom rack customers can return items to nordstrom's main department stores. whole foods customers can soon add tattoos to their shopping list in hopes of luring young shoppers, they have been toying with the idea of adding tattoo parlors and music shops to its less expensive 365 chain of grocery stores. very interesting. >> dan: we are hours away from the biggest night in music. the 58th grammy awards in l.a. with taylor swift, adele and more. >> danielle nottingham is watching the red carpet tonight for us. >> the stars are arriving on the red carpet as excitement builds for tonight's grammy awards. >> taylor swift opens the show with the song from her
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never performed live before. swift is up for several award. >> i respect kendrick as an artist. i love the incorporation of jazz and funk and not shying away because it is not mainstream. and there will be a duet. and adele will give a much-anticipated performance from her record smashing album 25. tonight's grammy awards will be filled with tributes to music legends who passed away this year. bonnie rate will join clark and honoring bb king. >> he meant so much to so many people and it is really. >>ist to have this moment to honor him. >> eagles will honor glen fry who died last month.
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>> denise: the 58th annual grammy awards are live here on cbs 19. the show starts at 8:00 but we kick off our coverage with red carpet special at 7:00. be sure to tune in afterwards to cleveland 19 news after the awards show. some special guests will join us in studio to talk about the night's big winners and losers. >> dan: coming up in a few minutes how to get exclusive behind the scenes access to tonight's grammy awards. it was very cool actually. >> a lot of powerful women at the grammys. adele. >> and day, my gosh, if you haven't heard her, she is amazing. >> lady gaga performance. i have seen behind-the-scenes stuff. technology-wise is what everybody will be talking about tomorrow. >> it is a good night to stay in and watch the grammys, huh, jeff. >> jeff: it will be kind of
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a systems snow and heaviest snow totals will be in the southern counties around canton and akron as well, you are in there and youngstown. here is the thing. these temperatures will not move much. we will not get into frigid conditions. this is a heavy wet snow. we will hang around the low to mid-30s tonight. this is affecting the east coast. we have snow in new york, philadelphia. winter storm warnings for ice. they saw snow earlier in washington. so a ton of moisture and you see it working into the southeast part of ohio and carroll county and canton. you will be the first to get in on this. it could start out as a mix of some rain and sleet before it transitions over to snow. here is the forecast map at 10:00. still for the most part, dry in cleveland.
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youngstown area and overnight this is when the snow could be heavy at times getting heavy, thick wet snow. here is 4:00 in the morning and 7 a.m. on the latest future view model snowing basically across the entire area and heavier stuff and east of i-77 and latest future view run. it is going aggressive here giving canton the inches half foot akron and 9 warren and more concentrated here. about 3 inches in cleveland and lesser amounts further to the west. in willoughby my forecast is 7 inches out of this. 3, maybe more than that with 1 to 3 in cleveland. 33 the 7 a.m. temperature. so there you go. it will be tricky.
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weather impact will be a for the morning commute with the worse conditions south and east. that's slush. it will be real slushy. by 10:00 between 10:00 and 1 p.m. tomorrow that's when the steady snow will end. this will diminish to flurries and temperatures not moving much to 33 and this will wind to flurries in cleveland after 7:00 a.m. tomorrow night looks dry and a weak little guy wednesday bringing us some light snow. so after tonight, no alerts until we get to friday and that will be rain and wind. in the meantime, 32 wednesday. we will drop to 11 wednesday night increasing clouds thursday 29. 55 friday. a big warm up and very windy friday with wind gusts over 40 and a shot of some light rain and the weekend not too shabby,
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49 saturday and 39 sat night and sunday, 47 and windy. at 8:00 watching the grammys, i will do a facebook chat on the facebook page about the weather tonight and morning commute from 8:00 to 9:00. and cleveland 19 news returns
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>> dan: the grammy awards are tonight and the youngest nominees will be among the performers. >> incredible. joey alexander is 12-years-old and plays jazz piano like a veteran. [ music ] did i mention he was 12? alexander taught himself to play
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he was born in indonesia and tours the world. >> dan: how would you like to see the behind-the-scenes stuff and red carpet stuff that's actually happening right now. the billboards teamed up with the grammys on an instagram page. this is happening live. we are getting pictures already in of red carpet stuff last night from their event. i want to scroll up a bit because they gave us a preview of lady gaga's performance and how high-tech it will be. so you can see this video. it is really cool. they are using projection and computers that will follow her. see how it traces where she is stepping? it will be one of a kind performance. if you want the behind-the-scenes stuff go to the cleveland 19 web page and click on "the buzz." we have listed a lot of stuff from behind-the-scenes in "the buzz" on the grammys. and one of the things that i wanted to show on that was the
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because it is behind, behind the scenes. not red captain stuff. you can see what they are eating. it is kinda cool. >> denise: speaking behind-the-scenes, dan is 6'4" and this is our real height. >> and i normally have to stand on a box and i am 5'6". >> jeff is 6'4". >> all right. let's look at the feazel roof camera. and low clouds right now. all is dry. but that will be changing as the night goes on. we have a heavy wet snow on the way.
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>> denise: well, there's a new
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campaign 2016 following the sudden death of supreme court justice antonin scalia. the consistently conservative voice spent three decades on the nation's highest bench. the battle is over who should name his replacement, president barack obama or president this november. diane gallagher joins us from washington with the new tug-of-war on the campaign trail. diane? >> reporter: dan, denise, as if this particular campaign season couldn't get more intense. you throw it into the mix. for both parties this is the most crucial elections in recent history. all three branches of government up for grabs here. you have both sides of the aisle trying to fight over the white house and senate but the supreme court as well. >> the death of justice antonin scalia and who will replace him will be topic number 1 on the campaign trail. hours after news of his passing broke candidates weigh in during
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>> the next president needs to a point someone with a proven record. >> we are one justice away from a supreme court striking down every restriction of abortion adopted by the united states. >> i can say this, if i was president i would want to try to nominate a justice. >> i do not believe the justice should appoint someone. >> mitch mcconnell threatened to block president obama's pick saying the next president should nominate and harry reed says obama should choose immediately and nominee should be confirmed right away. something democrats candidates agree on. >> i don't think it looks very good that republicans would deny this president the right to exercise his constitutional responsibility, which is to appoint members to the supreme court. >> barack obama is president of the united states until
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>> that is a fact, my friends. like it or not. >> and just to further explain this is a high stakes situation and why the republicans are worried if president obama were to nominate a judge that had a liberal interpretation of the law and other two nominees justice kagan and sotomayor shifting the balance of the court to a far more liberal direction and experts agree if they get a nominee through confirmation it has to be someone with a bit more moderate viewpoints and swing vote, kennedy, who interestingly enough was last supreme court justice to be confirmed of a president's final year in office and that president was ronald reagan. >> denise: diane, it's been 48 hours, any names of potential replacements tossed around yet? >> denise, they don't wait long
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name game. the scotus blog widely respected around these parts are saying it could be u.s. attorney general loretta lynch seen as an obama confirmation process and experts are saying it may be one of these three and top three names we are seeing tossed around: kelly and paul wofford seen as more moderate and clerked for conservative judges and may be edesier for the republicans stomach putting the nominee through. >> dan: like you said, as if we needed anything to be thrown in the mix to make it more interesting. diane gallagher in washington, thanks for the time. >> jeff: all right, as the evening wears on, we have an alert for snow and could mix with sleet and rain in the southern counties. this will be mainly snow as the
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heaviest south and east and rain mix south of cleveland. the way you look at things is a messy drive for most areas especially in the candidates with a winter storm warning for youngstown, trumbull, columbiana and a winter weather advisory outside of that including akron-canton, wooster and dover new philly and i am thinking 1 to 3 inches in cleveland and heavier to the east. here is how it looks by 10:00. the snow will be coming in. this right here is a mix of rain and sleet. in the youngstown area and the latest future view model keeps it mainly snow, heavy at times overnight akron-canton probably won't develop steadily in the cleveland area until overnight. we will watch that. 4:00 a.m. to 7 a.m. we have a solid shield of snow that will
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33 in the area. 32 at 8:00. temperatures don't drop much. this will be heavier wet snow and ending west to east tomorrow morning. we are at 32 right now akron-canton cloudy sky in cleveland and it is 35. nice to get out of that arctic grip. 1 to 3 inches of snow after 10:00 in cleveland. 3 to 5 inches overnight and mixing with sleet, rain south that's where the heaviest snow will be. 4 to inches akron and portage lakes area, 5 inches is what i am thinking throughout the night and could see an? >> a: or so early in the morning before it winds down. 33 is the high tomorrow. after 7:00 a.m., the snow will diminish to flurries. by that time i'm expecting snow-covered roads. it will be the wet slushy stuff
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don't be surprised if we get some school closings tomorrow morning in the southern counties. this will diminish to a freezing drizzle and/or flurries in the akron-canton area 33. here is a look at the planner. 7 a.m. light snow, 33. flurries at lunchtime tomorrow. 33 and 5:00, 32. nothing too cold. but cold enough for heavy wet snow. we will keep you posted. dan, over to you. >> thank you, jeff. more bloodshed in syria. two dozen people were killed in an airstrike at a hospital and school. the attack reduced the buildings to twisted melts and rubble. women and children are among the dead. it was not immediately clear who was responsible for the strikes. the turkish prime minister blamed russia for it. moscow has not responded to the accusation. thousands lined up for a
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mexico. he celebrated mass using three native languages in the region. adrianna diaz is traveling with the pope. >> reporter: pope francis visited a children's hospital in mexico city giving a sick boy medicine. he asked the children to pray for him. a young girl serenaded the pope with a rennes vision of ave maria. >> from here he is taking daily trips across the country. >> it is cool he is here for many people. >> the helicopter traveled sunday. >> there he celebrated an outdoor mass before 300,000. the largest on his historic visit. >> in his homily, the pope urged
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equal opportunity for all. an estimated 2 million people lined his motorcade route waving flags and balloons. >> it is amazing. >> you liked his white car? >> pope francis travels by plane later today to meet with indigenous people living mexico's southern border. >> reporter: adrianna diaz cbs news, mexico city. >> denise: mexican officials were so concerned about the zika viruses they started aerial spraying and fumigations to protect the pope from the disease. >> dan: knowing the difference between life and death, coming
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>> dan: well, the snow will be moving in later tonight. jeff will do a live weather chat from 8:00 to 9:00 on the cleveland 19 facebook page. can you ask him how conditions will be in your area and jeff of course will have his 7-day forecast coming up. well, would you know what to do if someone collapsed from something like a heart attack? >> denise: knowing cpr can be the difference between a life saved and a life lost. as part of our go red campaign
5:42 pm
about the importance of cpr training. >> reporter: let's face it cpr training is something so many of us say we will get to but don't. with it being heart month it may be a good time to visit the idea of equipping your knowledge that's proven again and again to be invaluable. >> when the alarm goes off fire and ems crews like these guys at shaker heights have no time to waste. they never know what kind of life-threatening situation they will find and will never know. if anyone at the scene already will be stepping up. >> quite often paramedics arrive on the scene. there are times cpr isn't being performed. it is troublesome. >> reporter: they can't stress enough the life or death difference cpr or cardiopulmonary resuscitation can make when a person's heart stopped. >> cpr is important to circulate blood and oxygen in a person's body when they go into cardiac arrest.
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>> with our advanced technology. >> lock your elbow in with a straight arm. >> cpr is their first life saving go-to when they get to someone without a pulse. >> average response time is 3 minutes. fast for sure and only takes four minutes before vital organs start to die when the blood stops pumping. the rescuers start off behind the 8 ball. >> patient survival rates and individuals that have had cpr started immediately are tremendous. and compared to when cpr isn't started. >> when larry was saved during his heart attack by his nephew scott. >> started doing cpr and people started coming and helping. >> reporter: it is your help says 2015 university hospitals alone trained ohioans on cpr. most recently orchestrating a cpr training flash mob at a
5:44 pm
game to raise awareness. also helps it is determined chest compressions are all it really takes. as these guys know all too well, honing their own skills, there's so many more people who could learn how to save lives, too, after all, who knows when it could be your loved one who needs your help. >> scary to get involved. rewards are tremendous. >> if you are interested in getting cpr training it is offered all over the place university hospitals offer it free in a variety of times and for more information check it out on our web site on in the newscenter, i'm catherine bosley. >> romona: coming up at 6:00 we will continue to get you ready for what's promising to be a messy commute tomorrow morning. details on a wrong-way crash. a driver on 480 kills a 20-year-old woman. a cleveland 19 investigation
5:45 pm
dragon cameras to bust drivers. now an update on what local departments are actually allowed to use. those stories and more when you
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>> denise: kids in clark county, indiana had a snow day today. it is how they learned of the day off that's going viral on-line. >> you know i am calling on your cell phone to let you know no school today, calling on your cell phone so stay at home, go out and play i know that there is -- >> clark superintendent dr. andrew melon announced his snow day with a snow line bling a parody of the hit hotline bling and even a spanish version sung by the language's coordinator for clark county schools. very cute.
5:49 pm
kids love that. >> dan: might be snow days tomorrow. >> jeff: areas around here mainly in akron-canton area, southern counties. not so much in the cleveland area. but we will have to see. these are the storms with a shift by about 50 miles can impact snow totals here. we have to keep a close eye on things and winter weather advisory in the blue and youngstown trumble county. mahoning down to columbiana, a winter storm warning. it is issued when 6 or more inches of snow falling in a 12 hour time frame and winter weather advisory 3 to 5 as much as 6 inches of snow. that will be tonight and tomorrow and diminishing to flurries and notice temperatures won't be all that cold. around 33 holding steady there
5:50 pm
and tomorrow night we drop down to 28 here. let's look at the planner tomorrow. still snow around 7:00 a.m., 33 and diminish to flurries at noon 33 and flurries at 5:00, 32 and shot of light snow thursday an inch or less, 32 and down to 11 wednesday night as the sky clears. increasing clouds thursday and 29 and all of a sudden we get into a shot of warm air. windy and 55 friday. saturday is windy and sunday 49 and saturday night looks windy and dry. sunday 47 degrees. so not a bad weekend. it will be warm this time of year starting to cool off, monday 312. after tonight, the only alert i have for now is on friday with wind gusts forecast over 40. but temps in the mid-50s out
5:51 pm
for the morning commute, the potential mess. i will be doing a facebook chat 8:00 to 9:00 on the cleveland 19 facebook page so join me there. can you do it while watching the grammys. also the cleveland 19 first alert app the fist place to go as well. make sure you customize it to your neighborhood with the latest hourlies and interactive radar and anywhere here acrosth so: "tt's fe" so: "tt's fe"
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suonylea oinsun may cae lobloosuga tell your door aut l thmedines u ta and if youave y dicacondions so talto yr door,
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. now it's time for "the buzz" sponsored by national carpet mill outlet. >> dan: in "the buzz" a tragic ending to an up and coming rock band from britain. they died in a car crash while in tour in sweden. you make me feel all right. viola beach released their first single swings and water slides last year after playing at a festival in a sweden friday the band's car plunged from a bridge into a canal south of stockholm.
5:55 pm
south by southwest music festival in austin, texas next month. it is anticipated lady gaga will pay tribute to david bowie with a special 8 minute high-tech performance at the grammy awards and paying permanent tribute to the late singer with a tattoo on her rib cage ziggy stardust and shared the photo on snap chat. catch gaga's tribute to bowie on cleveland 19. it is what everyone will be talking about in our office tomorrow. 58th annual grammy awards with red carpet special at 7:00. you folks have a special 11:00. >> check it out with people in the know in the music business. >> who do you want to see win? >> andrea day. >> i am over taylor swift.
5:56 pm
a warning for pet owners at 6:00.
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. live from cleveland's newscenter. cleveland 19 news starts now. now at 6:00, a live look at the radar as we are getting prepared for the next round of snow. >> romona: your morning commute could be dicey. we have you covered ahead of all the mess tracking the winter blast and first alert weather center. >> mark: here with. >> jeff tanchak. how are things shaping up. >> jeff: it will start as a mix changing over to snow. that goes to show you what the temperatures are doing. we are on the threshold. this will be a heavier wet snow. this is a first look at first
5:59 pm
tuscarawas and carroll county and southern counties as a rain-sleet mix. we have winter storm warnings in effect tonight trumbull county, youngstown, columbiana and even into early tomorrow morning. winter weather advisory outside of that in the blue. by this map alone it goes to show you where we think the heavier snow totals will be south and east of cleveland. an alert for heavy light snow rain-sleet mix at first in south cleveland and it will be a messy drive and cancellations in there as well. 1 to 3 inches of snow in cleveland and heavier east and south and 6 inches of snow. hour by hour breakdown on this coming up. romona, over to you. >> romona: well, our crews aren't the only ones keeping a close eye on the conditions, so are those at odot. depp den shows us how they are getting ready.


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