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tv   CBS Evening News  CBS  February 27, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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p>> a nice saturday evening as we plook live outside in cleveland. pnot many clouds but we sure did phave plenty of sunshine. pgood evening. pi'm lydia spara. pif you liked today, you'll love ptomorrow. pcall ate spring teaser teaser. phey, beth. p>> oh, yeah, it is definitely a pspring teaser. pit kind of smelled like spring. pdefinitely gorgeous out there. ptease you. pwe have 21 days until spring. pyour current temperatures feel plike something you would
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p42 and 43 in sandusky and pashtabula. p46 in lakewood and in yuk yuklan. pwe topped out officially at 45. plook at temperatures for ptomorrow. pstart off in the low to mid 50's ptomorrow morning. pwe'll p in the mid 50's by plunchtime. pthere you go, 60 degrees in most pareas tomorrow afternoon. pthat's going to come with a lot pof wind. ptonight, not so much. pthe breeze, yeah, that's not pgoing to get you. ptemperatures down to upper 30's, psome areas, akron, kent, canton pwill probably fall in the mid p30's. pthen for sunday night, not a big pdeal. robably get rain develop after p10:00. pthe winds are going to be pkicking it not only tomorrow but pbig time winds on sunday night. pit is all gone by your morning pcommute. pthere is another first alert poutlook you need to look at. p>> following the weather in
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pthe country with the first alert pweather app for your smart phone por your tablet. pin other news, police pinvestigate a double homicide in pcanton. pthe victims are two brothers. pthis one happened on tenth pstreet and northeast. pofficers found 42-year-old ptrenton and his brother dead in pa parking lot. pneighbors reported hearing as pmany as 30 gun shots. olice have made no arrests. pcleveland police are also pshooting. pmlk. pdetectives say someone just popened fire on a car. pwho men were shot. pglass. olice have made no arrests. pthis is a tough weekend for a pmother, she lost her military pveteran son and now she is praising awareness of ptsd or
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p>> three tours of duty in iraq pand afghanistan where he fought pfor the country. pwhen he came home, he was pdiagnosed with severe ptsd. phis mother said he tried to pbattle. p>> you look happy. p>> we were. pnumb. p>> there is an emptiness, a void pthat really can't be replaced. p>> her son sergeant james pfranklin allen iii ended his plife after he couldn't cope with phis grief any longer. p>> can't believe they would lose pall hope. pone minute, be happy. pthey are humiliated to let eople know. pthey feel it affects their pmanhood. p>> sergeant allen was 38 years pold. phe joined the military two days pafter 9/11 and deployed three
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pwhile serving, he suffered pconcussions from ied's. pwhen he returned home, he was pdiagnosed with severe ptsd. phis mother said it was difficult pfor him to return to a regular plife. p>> the military is regulating. psome people work well with that. pmy son loved it. pin civilian life he struggled. p>> these rows and rows of pheadstone at ohio reserve pnational cemetery remind us of pall that have sacrificed for our pcountry and it is here that psergeant james allen iii was plaid to rest with his brothers pand sisters. p>> his mother said sergeant pallen tried to get help but said pthe system failed him. p>> civilians need to understand pwhat ptsd is. p>> now she is pushing for some pchanges pchanges. p>> i'm not blaming anyone. pi think the va works within the pconfines of what their pregulations are.
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pgoing to let this drop. drop. p>> sergeant allen is survived by ptwo children, natalie and ptristan. phis mother plans to be an padvocate for soldiers with ptsd. pshe said it will be her mission pto get veterans appropriate pcare. pback to you. p>> thank you. ptake a good look at these ictures police say they stole a pwallet from a purse and charged p$8,000 worth of stuff with the pcredit card. pthis was at the whole foods at puniversity heights. pcall police if you recognize pthem. p>> all right. pthis is the primary day for psouth carolina. pdemocrats, hillary clinton and pbernie sanders are battling for pdelegates. pcraig is covering campaign 2016. p>> voters headed to the polls in pthe democratic primary. phillary clinton has a huge lead pover bernie sanders in the polls phere. pclinton wants to establish
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p>> when you look at all the pcandidates out there, there is pnobody more qualified. p>> some voters see sanders as pmore relatable. p>> he seems like a nice person. pwhenever he is on tv -- he seems pso nice. p>> clinton crisscrossed the pstate trying to protect her plead. pboth candidates are looking pahead to supertuesday when more pthan 800 delegates are up for pgrabs. ptoday clinton courted voters in palabama. p>> i know there are a lot of eople who-in this state who pwant to continue the progress we phave made. p>> while bernie sanders pstruggled, he shifted to texas. phe spent the day in austin. p>> if all of you come out to pvote and you bring your friends pand your neighbors and your pcoworkers, we are going to win
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p>> 222 delegates are at stake in pthe lone star state, the largest rize for democrats. p>> and texas is the largest rize for democrats next week. p222 delegates are at stake in pthe lone star state. p>> two small protests, the rogram, it has been a pcontroversy for several weeks. psome are upset over how the city pis thinning the herd. pthey say the method is too pbrutal. p>> there is no way this is a eaceful euthanasia. p>> lynn hers claims the deer opulation is unsafe. pit says accidents with deer have pshot up 500% in three years. p>> coming up on cleveland 19, psecret fight club troubling pvideo of a student brawl and
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p>> we had a beautiful spring plike day today. ptomorrow we'll add more. pyesterday. pat this point tomorrow, it will pthis. pi'll let you know how warm we'll pget and where we bottom out this pupcoming week. p>> grab the pancakes. pthis weekend kicks off maple psugar season. pwhere you can tap a tree and
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p>> welcome back. pdisturbing cell phone video osted online. psome teams call it a secret pstudent fight club.
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pschool property and the fighters pused no head gear or protection. pyou can hear the students plaughing and this is from grass pvalley california. pthe school and police are pinvestigating. p>> yoko ono is improving and may pbe going home soon. pshe was rushed to a hospital on pfriday. preports claim she even called pnoib p911 herself. p>> potential problems for weight pwatchers. pthe so-called oprah effect is pnot working t. diet company is preporting a surprise loss. pshares have plunged by almost p30%. pmedia mogul op ra win free pinvested in the company and her pstake dropped by $27 million. p>> ben and jerry's is going pvegan with new flavors that pinclude chocolate fudge, pbrownie, chunky monkey and pcaramel fudge.
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pwith ice almond milk instead of pcream pcream. pi like that. pa live look outside. pnot many cars on the road.
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p>> it is the best in cleveland, pthe president's association pnamed mario as the top place to peat. pthe restaurant opened a year pago. pit is always packed. pa favorite menu -- item on the pmenu is is the taco. pif you are looking for something psweet, head to lake county. pit is maple sugar weekend. pyou can tap a tree and help pcollect and boil the sap. pit has been turned into maple psyrup, grab the pancakes, beth. p>> i actually prefer waffles. pgorgeous out there. pyou can tell the days are pgetting longer. pso nice. psome clouds. pnot a big deal. p46 degrees. pthat is a big deal because pnormally that's not a high ptemperature, not even. pdefinitely a spring like day.
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pt. wind gusts have settled down pa touch. p24 in hopkins airport. pthe wind speed, the wind pdirection out of the southwest. pthat will continue for tomorrow. pit will pick up speed. pit will be windier towards ptoledo. phere you go, sunday afternoon. pthere are some estimates that phave it upwards of 40 miles an phour in certain areas. pnot so much for the greater pcleveland area, just a little pheads up. palthough it will be beautiful, pdon't spend any time on your phair because the wind will win pout. pwe have clouds coming in. pwe have a system to our north pthat is not coming our way yet. pour entire region enjoyed a pbeautiful day. pa similar scenario from last pweek, what is setting up for our ptuesday. pit will come out of the gulf plike last week. premember last week's weather. pthen with the snow, we'll get pthe same scenario.
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pabout monday night, the weather pwill change for tuesday. pfuture view shows nothing for ptomorrow. pthe wind doesn't show up on this pfuture view map. pyou can see, here comes our next psystem sunday night. pit is not a big deal. p10:00 sunday night clouds in lace. pwe are done by monday morning. pthe only problem is temperatures pare going to dip. punfortunately, tuesday is psetting up to be the ugliest of pthe day. pi made it a first alert weather pday. psunday, the rain comes after p10:00. pwe'll start off with snow. pthat will change as we go pthrough the day. pthen for your evening drive phome. pthat's when we'll deal with the ossibility of some freezing prain
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ptuesday night into wednesday, pwe'll see some snow pile up so pthe commute can be tricky. p41 in canton. p43 in sandusky, mainly clear pskies for tonight. pwe are down to 38. pakron, canton, you'll probably pdip below that. ptomorrow, 60 degrees will pop up pall over the place. pwe are definitely winning in the pweather department. phowever, even though everyone pwill be nice and warm, everyone pwill be windy. ptoday it is breezy. pnotch. psunday with the rain coming in, pit will be windier yet. pafternoon. ptuesday is going to be ugliment ptuesday into wednesday, we'll ick up heavy wet know. pthere will be snow for your pmorning commute. pby the afternoon and thursday,
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pwe figure it out by friday, psaturday and sunday. p>> maybe the most important day pin p. pwhose stock is on the rise. pthe cavs were recovering from pyear.
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p>> an uncomfortable amount of peyes. pthe quarterback taking center pstage with cleveland native and pthe national sports commentator psaying they are probably pwatching the next x. pout there, running for their plives or at least their plivelihood. pout there sprinting and throwing pwhile many think northeast pcarson stole the show with his pgiant hands gianted facial hair, pthat's what it is. is.
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pthere is rain, there is snow. pi think guys have big hands can pgrip the ball better. pwe'll look for a guy who fits pimportant? pyes, it is. p>> this is the year where you pshould be happy if browns come paway with buckeyes. pmichigan with just two players. players. p>> faster than winston jamison plast year. pdon't miss mcdonald's sports pzone. pwe'll talk about this, with the platest in cleveland sports with pa special guest. pthat is coming up avenue pcleveland 19 news at 11:00.
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pty loo with cav fans with heads pscratching with the basketball pin flux last night after that ploss to the raptors leaving many pto wonder if getting to the pfinals will be tougher than they pthought. pis that what they called at the pend of the game? prunning things, he did not get pthe shot they were hoping for. plebron guarding, a career night pat 43 points, including this psetback jumper. pwhat happened? p>> when you lose the way we plost, mistake after mistake, you lay better mentally.
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pthe second time so going forward pwe have to get somebody. p>> look at the shot. pdave watson tied. pit is off the redirect. pthe blue jackets would win this pone. p>> weather going to be nice ptomorrow? p>> yes, it is. pit is going to be windy on top pof it. pthe wind might kill it for some pof you. pfor the most part, it is the ptime of year when we see 60 pdegrees, that's going to be pnice. pclouds on the increase as we go pthrough the day. p60's popping up everywhere. pwe are back to winter reality as pwe go through the week. p>> thank you for watching ptonight. pa dominic mancues sew kus man mancuso editorial is
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p>> five years ago, the greater pchooevend community house phorrified to learn about the pstrangulation deaths of 11 pinnocent women at the hands of a pserial killer anthony soul. ptheir bodies were found in and paround his home on the east pside. phe sat in court and mocked his pvictims' families, sometimes pappearing to be sleeping or pdisinterested. pfor months the community had ptestimony that led to his pconviction. pnow soul is asking the ohio psupreme court for another trial. phe claims he didn't get a fair ptrial because of intense media pcoverage. pwhy in the name of justice is he pbeing allowed to drudge up the pheart wrenching details and phorrors of his murderous acts?
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pmore than $500,000 in public pdefender bills. phe was convicted of killing 11 pwomen, raping and assaulting peven more. rosecutors called soul's latest pmove gamesmanship. pif his appeal is allowed to go pforward, this community will get laying again.
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[ whimpering ] [ cuckoos ] [ chomping ] [ burps ] [ clatter ] >> axelrod: this is a campaign 2016 update. i'm jim axelrod. carolina. cbs news projects hillary clinton has defeated bernie sanders in today's democratic primary. it is a big win for clinton in the first-in-the-south contest for the party's nomination. our projection is based on exit polls and interviews conducted throughout the day in south carolina. exit polls suggest african american voters and women were major forces behind clinton's victory. let's bring in nancy cordes, who is in columbia, south carolina. good evening, nancy. >> reporter: hi, jim. and the clinton campaign says that her victory here is a sign


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