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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 4PM  CBS  March 2, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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p. p live from cleveland's news pcenter, cleveland 19 news starts pnow. p>> mark: breaking news today at p4:00. pa 35-year-old man facing federal pcharges now for allegedly pthreatening to kill president pobama and hillary clinton. p>> romona: jonathan smeed has a phearing in federal court that pwas set to start in about 15 pminutes. pharry boomer is inside the pcourtroom gathering information, pand we also have a live picture pfrom outside the courtroom right pthere. pthe secret service is handling pthe investigation. pwe will have the very latest and pdetails on this from the pcourtroom as this story pdevelops. p also breaking today, cryptic pcomments from ben carson. pthe republican presidential
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psaying he will not attend ptomorrow night's debate in pdetroit and he doesn't "see a olitical path forward in light pof last evening's super tuesday presults presults". pwe will talk more about super ptuesday coming up in a few pminutes. p but first, a shopping scare pin new philadelphia. olice want to talk to this guy. pthey say he's not accused of panything. olice simply say his behavior pmay be suspicious. p>> romona: dani carlson now pwith why folks are edge about pthis. pdani. p>> dani: well, romona and mark, pnew philadelphia police say they ponly heard about this guy ossibly following women in pstores, making them feel puncomfortable after there were pmultiple social media posts pabout and then someone finally pcalled them there. pso the police are asking two pthings tonight. pthey're asking for your help pidentifying the person that you psee in the surveillance video. pbut they're also asking that you pcall them if you have a concern pbefore you post.
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psomeone is watching you and psomething is not quite right. pafter a series of incidents in pnew philadelphia stores, pdetective shawn nelson wants eople to pay attention to that pfeeling. p>> you get that hair on the back pof your neck feeling. pwhatever. pcall. p>> dani: at least five pdifferent women, each with her pchildren on at least five pseparate occasions have reported pfeeling like a man was watching por falling them and surveillance pvideo of this man from marshalls pseems to back that up. pbut they stress no crime has pbeen committed. p>> if no crime has been pcommitted, why is the police pdepartment even looking into pthis? p>> that's a good question. pbut often times these people are plooking for a victim of popportunity. pso when they're patrolling these pareas where there's large pnumbers of people, they have panonymity. pthey can travel around and be punseen. p>> dani: police tell us they're ptrying to get ahead of a ossible problem and want people pto be aware of their psurroundings and to call police
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psomething just isn't right. p>> sometimes people will become pfixated and it could just be psomebody with an extreme case of eople watching. pbut we want to find out what the psituation is. pwe don't want to take a chance pthat we have some kind of a redator out there that has bad pintentions. p>> dani: so so far police say eople have reported similar pincidents at the local good pwill, the wal-mart and the pmarshalls here in town. pnow, we also asked the detective pif someone sees this guy and you phave a phone that can take ictures, should you take a icture of him? pnow, the detective says if he phas a phone, the first thing he pwould do is call 911. pbut he also says that any pdocumentation is helpful. plive in new philadelphia, dani pcarlson, cleveland 19. p>> romona: dani, it's pinteresting you said five women pwith children reported this man pfollowing or watching them. pdo the women believe he could ossibly be watching their pchildren? p>> dani: well, when we were ptalking to the detective today, phe said that that was one of the
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praised their awareness about pthis issue. phe said that some of the women pseemed to think that this guy pwas focused on the children. pnow, he said another woman said pthat she thought the man was pfocused on her. pbut since children are involved, psince all of the people who have preported these incidents do pinvolve children, that's really panother reason that police are pbeing extra cautious about this. pand as you heard, they're trying pto head off any potential roblems for the future. p>> mark: okay. pdani carlson, live in new hiladelphia. pthank you very much. p all right. pwe've been tracking lake-effect psnow here this afternoon. pit's starting to wind down. pbut in portage county 12 hours psnowfall. pthree and a half inches. pthat was one of the heavier ptotals that we saw from the psystem. pand then the lake-effect. plet's go to doppler max network pright now.
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pa band here of some steadier psnow that's been diminishing. pthe southern part of geauga pcounty. pa few heavier snow showers ptracking into trumbull county, arkman and bristol. pcleveland 19 weather app hourly pupdates here for your pneighborhood. pand as you can see in downtown pcleveland, we basically stay in pthe 20s here this evening. pthat's where we are right now. pby 3:00 a.m. down to 23. pbut where the clouds break up i pthink you're dropping well into pthe teens here tonight. pso it's going to be cold. p26 downtown. pwest wind at 20. pand akron-canton you've got a plittle bit of sun. p27. p15 mile an hour wind. pbut look at the wind chills. p10 to 15 in most spots. pa little bit warmer out to the pwest. pand a lot of cloud cover out pthere. pjust some flurries in downtown pright now. pthe snow will end tonight. panother shot at some light snow ptomorrow afternoon and tomorrow pnight. pthen another shot on saturday pbefore the next big change.
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pin a little bit. promona. p as we told you, ben carson pwill skip tomorrow night's gop pdebate saying he doesn't see a ath forward. phe hasn't won a single state in pthe presidential race. pmeanwhile, donald trump pcontinues his march to the prepublican nomination winning pseven states on tuesday, leaving phis remaining rivals with a lot pof catching up to do. pcraig boswell has the latest. p>> reporter: marco rubio voted pfor himself wednesday morning in phis home state of florida nearly ptwo weeks before that state's rimary. p>> it's my home and we're going pto win florida. pwe feel great about it. p>> reporter: rubio needs pflorida after winning just one pstate on super tuesday. pdonald trump claimed seven pvictories and ted cruz won three pstates. ptrump dismissed rubio's chances pin florida where the billionaire pmaintains a double digit lead in pthe polls. p>> essay light weight as i've psaid many times before. p>> reporter: trump's victories pon super tuesday have split the prepublican party. p>> he's beyond the nightmare pstage.
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pacceptance stage. p>> reporter: there's talk that psome leaders will try to block ptrump's path but they warn pagainst it. p>> if donald trump wins fair and psquare or comes close enough, it pwould be a disaster not to give pit to him. p>> reporter: trump's momentum phas not only stunned the gop pestablishment, ben carson preleased a statement saying he pno longer sees a path forward. p>> what a super tuesday! p. p [ cheers and applause ]. p>> reporter: in the democratic prace, hillary clinton is pstarting to pull away from pbernie sanders. pshe won seven states on super ptuesday. psanders won four. pbut sanders is optimistic. p>> we can win here if there is a plarge voter turnout. lease vote. p [ cheers and applause ] p>> reporter: the vermont psenator raised $12 million more pthan clinton in the last month. pcraig boswell, cbs news, pwashington. p and fresh off of trump's psuper tuesday victory, we previsit an iconic roast with
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pthat's coming up at 4:30. pstay tune for that. p meanwhile six new jersey pnewspapers are calling for kris pchristy to resign. pthe papers all owned by ginette pwere sparked where he would not panswer any questions except his pstate supreme court nominee. pwhen asked why not, he said pbecause he didn't want to. p google searches for "how to pmove to canada" spiked after the psuper tuesday results. pit's unclear whether the results pwere triggered by donald trump ptaking seven states or hillary pclinton also winning seven. p denise zarrella talked to a pnationally known pollster about pall of this and joins us now pfrom akron. pdenise. p>> denise: yeah, mark. pactually early voting is going pon right here at the summit pcounty board of elections. pand as you mentioned, yes, today pwe had the chance to actually
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pnationally known pollster who ptold us what he thought about pwhat happened yesterday on super ptuesday and what we can expect plooking ahead to march 15th. pthe results of super tuesday phave just turned a pgroundbreaking election into psomething even more gripping. p>> i think you're in a position pright here front lines to watch pall hell break loose in pcleveland next summer. p>> reporter: nationally known ollster john zogby says the prepublican party should be pworried. p>> on the republican night, a pbig night. phe didn't close the deal, but phe's very close to closing the pdeal. pi think he set himself up for panother good showing next week. pand then more importantly on pmarch 15th. p>> reporter: ted cruz says pstayed in the race by winning pthree states. p>> however, the question is pwhere does he go from here. pmarco rubio needed to win psomewhere, and he won minnesota. parguably not the biggest state pto win.
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pbut he put himself on life psupport as opposed to pulling pthe plug. p>> reporter: on the democratic pside, obviously a big night for phillary. pbut don't expect bernie sanders pto go away any time soon. p>> hillary clinton is in good pshape. phowever, we saw not only a pcommitment but some numbers for pbernie sanders to indicate that pbernie sanders is going to be paround for a while. p>> reporter: who may we see pdropping out of the race? p>> well, i suppose ben carson. pthere's really no rationale for phim to continue. pin terms of john kasich, kasich phad that strong showing in pvermont. pit would have been better for phim had he won in vermont. pbut, you know, he's counting on pwinner take all right here in pohio. p>> reporter: and this is no psurprise for dicks that kasich pwill take ohio. pas you saw his prediction on ben pcarson. phe didn't see much of a reason pfor him to stay in the race. pnow it looks like ben carson is
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pmark. p>> mark: you know, denise, pevery time i see bernie sanders pspeak behind him, there are long eople. phow will millennials impact the residential election, do you pthink? p>> denise: that's a great pquestion. pthey have done quite a bit of presearch on millennials. phe wrote two books about them. phe says this is a very large opulation. art of the population. pthey are largely democratic. phe says if they turn out to pvote, expect this election to pturn in the way of the pdemocrats. pmark. p>> mark: all right. pvery good. pdenise, thank you very much. p the latest developments now pon that medical break through by pthe cleveland clinic. pthe clinic has scheduled a press pconference to share details on pthe nation's first uterus ptransplant. pthat's set to happen on monday. pthe transplanted uterus which pwas given to a 26-year-old atient came from a deceased porgan donor. pthe operation happened a week pago today. p good news now for lover of
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pweek to get what you need. pthey'll now be open on sundays pstarting april 3rd. phours will be noon to 6:00 p.m. pweekday and saturday hours are pgoing to stay the same. p the cleveland auto show is pat the ix center right through psunday. pand we've got you covered with preports every single day. ptony zarrella is talking hondas ptoday. ptony. p>> tony: all right. pwe're here at honda with dave pwakeman. the northern ohio pdealers. pit's great to see you. p>> it's great to be back. p>> tony: let me show it off pright away. pthis is the new and improved phonda civic coupe. p>> new and improved. pthis is really the first chance pwe're getting to see it as a pdealer. p>> tony: and they've added psomething with this car. p>> they did. pit's a 1.5 turbo liter engine. pit's the first time they brought pa turbo engine into the states. p175 horse power. pwe're really excited about it. p>> tony: i want to ask you pabout the ridge line. pthe one with the goats singing. p>> right. pit's all new for us. pthey did not have a 2016 ridge pline. pthey have the 2017 ridge line. pwe're all excited about it.
4:13 pm
phas a sound system built into pthe bed of the truck. p>> tony: hence the commercial. pgood stuff. pthe leasing, why does it tie so pwell into honda? p>> honda has always been a great please vehicle. pwhat basically makes up a lease ayment is how much the car pdpreech yates, the value it ploses over two to three years. phonda notoriously has had a high please end college. p>> tony: great to see you as palways. p>> thank you so much. p>> tony: collect it out. p>> mark: very good, tone y. p>> romona: yep. p still to come at 4:00, we've pall probably done it. arting and crowd funding. p>> romona: today concerns about
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p. p live from cleveland's news pcenter, driven by don joseph ptoyota in kent, this is pcleveland 19 news. p lawmakers are taking a pcloser look at potential fraud pby some people who organize pcrowd funding campaigns. pwebsites like go fund me and you pcaring are often used to solicit pcharitable donations. pbut the people who should get pthe money don't always see the pfunds they deserve. pdon daler reports. p>> reporter: tyree king was pkilled by a drunk driver last psummer near his home in pspringfield, ohio. pthe next day, the 13-year-old's arents say they were consoled pby a neighbor they had never met pbefore. pthe woman offered to set up a pyou caring crowd funding website pto raise money for tyree's pfuneral expenses. p>> so we definitely thought she
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p>> reporter: but that neighbor, ptina harper, pleaded guilty to ptelecommunications fraud after ptyree's parents accused her of ocketing more than 1,000 of the pnearly $3,000 raised. psites like you caring and go pfund me are increasingly popular pways to raise money for people pwho need help with everything pfrom medical bills to adoption pfees and even college tuition. pcrowd funding sites raise an pestimated $2 billion in 2015 rofiting themselves usually pthrough fees or percentages of pdonations. pbut this multi-billion dollar pindustry is largely unregulated. p>> frankly it's embarrassing. p>> reporter: you caring daniel psayer insists incidents of pfrauds are rare. p>> we're launching hundreds of pthousands of help a year and the pvast majority are good natured eople. p>> reporter: go fund me also pentered a statement and said pfraud it something that happens
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pit says any campaigns that place psuspicious or untrustworthy pbehavior are removed pimmediately. p a u.s. senator is asking the ptrade commission to examine the roblem to ensure grieving pfamilies are protected. pso how do you avoid crowd pfunding fraud? pwell, we have some tips from pcrowd pgoogle the project and the pcreator. pit's the simplest way from being psucked into a scam. inpoint unrealistic promises. pverify need-based campaigns. pand if you have found that it's pa scam, please report it. p and going viral today. pyou have to love new york. ptake a listen. p music p [ laughing ] p>> mark: well, that's an pimpressive subway performer preally proved she had more than pone talent. eople in new york city stopping
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phula hoop while playing the pviolin. pthat is great. p [ laughing ] p>> mark: i think it's cool. p here is one little piggy pthat did not cry mcelwee wee wee, wee pall the way home. pin fact, she needed to get up on pthe doorstep of a westlake pbusiness. etunia was taken into custody pof animal control. pthey found her a real home. pbut they say it's not up to psnuff with the laws for keeping pa pipg g. pyou need to have at least two pacres. p [ laughing ] p>> mark: the residents are also pkeeping other farm animals on pthe residents illegally. p>> romona: petunia. p>> jeff: so the downtown papartment is out. p>> mark: i'm sorry. pthe square footage is not there. p>> romona: what other tricks do pyou have? pa pig, hula hoop and violin. p>> jeff: i don't have anything pbig as we have a couple other pshots of snow before the big pwarmup. pi don't expect this to cause too pmany problems out there. pwe had some snow showers this pafternoon. pit was more of a visibility
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pand this was lake-effect. pbecause it is pretty cold out pthere, guys. p26 only in cleveland. pwind chills are in the teens. pnow, thankfully the wind is pgoing to die down tonight. pbut as the crowds break up a plittle bit, the temperatures, i pthink, will drop into the teens. pso we're locked in this cooler pthan normal pattern at least for pnow. phere is a look at what's left of pthe snow from solon here, pmanaway through the southern phalf of the county. ptrumbull county. pthat's where we still have psteadier snow. pyou can see the wave that came pthrough this afternoon. pit is starting to break up a plittle bit, though. pjust some leftover snow showers paround this evening. pmainly east of cleveland. retty dry out to the west. pthat's why i'm going to keep it ptry tonight. pdeveloping system out here. pright now it looks like the pworst of that, that system is ptracking further south. pso that means less snow for us p3 that we were thinking
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pit's tracking further south. retty windy out there right pnow. p10 to 15 mile an hour winds. pthat's what sending those wind pchills down in the teens. pthe wind is mainly light ptonight. pi have us dropping down to 15 in pcleveland. pand 15 akron-canton with a pmostly cloudy sky. phere is a look at 7:00 tomorrow pmorning. plooking good. plooking dry. pand even up to 1:00. pafter that, we'll start to see psome light snow coming in here. pour future view model saying it pwon't be until late day. pthe next alert isn't until psaturday. pand that's with the next one pwith around an inch of snow pthere. pso that's another minor system pthat we're going to be dealing pwith. p33 the high. pit's light snow after 1:00 in pthe afternoon. pbut we're talking less than an pinch. phere is a look at future view pfor your thursday night. pand, again, we're going to have
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paround. pa little better opportunity in pthe southern counties. pbut it looks like this will be pout of here by the friday pmorning commute. pso we're just talking about plittle guys here. pthere is the 33 tomorrow. pa break in the action on friday pwith a mostly cloudy sky. pbut still chilly. p34. palert on saturday for an inch of psnow. p36 will be the high. p31 saturday night. psome evening light snow. psunday looking dry. p44. pand then let the warmup begin. p53 monday. p62 on tuesday. pan alert on wednesday for the otential of some showers. pbut we could be well into the p60s by the middle part of next pweek. pfeeling a little bit like pspring. promona, over to you. p>> romona: sounds good. p still to come today in the pbuzz, everywhere you look. p>> mark: everywhere you -- all pright. pthat's part of it. eople are talking about the pfull house reboot. pand today is no exception.
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p. p now it's time for the buzz. psponsored by national carpet pmill outlet p>> romona: in today's buzz, a pnew trailer released about the plife of neena samone. p>> mark: but first it was a hit ptwo decades ago, and it seems to pbe even better the second time paround. pthe full house reboot fuller phouse is already renewed for a psecond season. pthe show premiered less than a pweek ago. pit features most of the main pcharacters. pthe familiar story lines follows pd.j. tanner as she actually pmoves back into the iconic house pas a widow and must raise her pthree sons. pno word yet on a premiere date. pin a tweet, netflix only said it pwas coming soon. p a new trailer about the life pof jazz musician vocalist and
4:27 pm
pzoe stars as samone in the pbiopick for the role she wore pmakeup to darken her skin, as pwell as a prosthetic nose. pneena hits theaters april 22nd. p>> mark: that's going to be pinteresting. pvery good. p well, a health alert. pespecially for women. psurprising gaps in ovarian pcancer research according to a pnew report. pwe'll take a closer look after
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p. p police want to talk to this pman in new philadelphia. phe's accused of following women pin stores. pthey say he has not committed a pcrime. pthey're just trying to be roactive. pif you recognize him, let the olice know. p and in the aftermath of psuper tuesday, ben carson pannounced that he "sees no path pforward for his campaign". phe doesn't plan to attend the pgop debate tomorrow either.
4:31 pm
pon super tuesday donald trump. pbut he has seen his fair share pof a little bit of scrutiny too. p>> romona: yep. pjoining us now to talk about the pinfamous donald trump roast. pinside edition deborah. pnow, this roast of donald phappened in 2011. p>> reporter: right. pit was one of the comedy central proasts. pso he knew what he was getting pinto. p [ laughing ] p>> today at inside edition, pwe're going to show some of the pexcerpts of the roast. pwhen they make fun of him now, psnoop dog is on there and he psays donald trump runs for resident. pit wouldn't be the first time he ushes a black family out of ptheir house. p>> mark: oh, my gosh. p>> reporter: that's the level pof zincers that they were pthrowing his way. p>> mark: wow. p>> reporter: and this pexpression right there. p [ laughing ]. p>> reporter: uh-huh. pokay. pwe're having fun, right. pthis is fun. pso he put up with it. pdid he enjoy it? pnot quite so sure. p>> mark: the thing we were
4:32 pm
pbefore we went on, you're pyou know donald. p>> reporter: i've known donald psince i moved to new york. pi've known him for a very long ptime. phe was married to ivana at the ptime. pthe kids were little bitty. pdonald has always been someone pwho is exactly what you would pthink. pnever shy to talk about how pfabulous he is. pin fact, i remember we were on p-- he had a boat that he had pbought and he was redoing the pboat and he was making the boat peven better. pand he's given us the tour and pwe're in a state room and pthere's a big giant picture as plarge as this and a man painting pthe picture. pand he's going off of a book pthat's laying on the bed. pand the book is opened to pmonet's water lillies. pand donald is saying it's better pthan anything monet ever thought pabout doing. p [ laughing ]. p>> reporter: true story. pthat's just donald. p>> romona: well, what do you pthink about what you're seeing pin the campaign?
4:33 pm
p>> reporter: it's crazy. p>> romona: presidential pbefore. p>> reporter: as just a regular pvoter, i'm upset. pit's undignified. olitical job on our planet. pand whoever ends up in it pshouldn't be talking about psomebody's hands being small or pall of this. pi don't think -- look, we're pgirls. pwe never do that stuff. pbut little boys, i don't think pyou were as silly a little boy. p>> mark: you're right. p>> reporter: as these little resident. pthat said, if you listen to pdonald's acceptance speech last pnight as he recognized his many pvictories on super tuesday, he pwas toning it down. phe was more -- as he pointed out p-- dignified. p>> romona: except for paul pryan. phe basically put him on notice. p>> reporter: do you know why, pbecause that's the plan b prepublican. pif, oh, my god, it's donald ptrump. aul ryan to the rescue is i
4:34 pm
pedition every monday through pfriday just across the hall. ptonight we'll get good clips of pthe donald roast. pright here in cleveland. pthank you for the hospitality. p>> mark: she has a good deal. pcan you leave some of the people pbehind. p>> reporter: i am the people. p>> romona: we're going to go pover to jeff. p all right, guys. plet's look at the left poverlake-effect snow we have pgoing on here. pbasically brecksville you're pseeing a steadier snow shower pthere. pand then here in trumbull pcounty. pweaken. pi think that trend will pcontinue. pjust some leftover stuff mainly peast of cleveland. pcome to an end here tonight. pit's going to be chilly. pbut the wind dies down. pi know we have that wind chill pout there right now. pbut the wind will be pdiminishing. pa shot of some light snow in the pafternoon and then tomorrow pnight as well. pit looks like inch or less now.
4:35 pm
plight snow on saturday. pthat could bring us around an pinch. pcurrent temperatures low to mid p20s. pwe do have a 28 in sandusky. ponly 22 ashtabula. phere is a look at that wind pchill. pand it feels like 12 in pcleveland, 11 in mentor and only p8 in ashtabula. pinteractive radar severe weather palerts here, and the hourlies on pthe cleveland 19 weather app. pfor the most part it's 20s pthrough about -- mid 20s through pabout 10:00 in downtown here. pthen by 4:00 a.m. down to 22. pother spots will be going into pthe teens tonight as the clouds pbreak up. pand the next alert day on psaturday with this round snow pafter 10:00 a.m. pit looks like around an inch of paccumulation there. p33 the high tomorrow for your pthursday. plight snow after 1:00 in the pafternoon. pand akron-canton some late pdaylight snow for you it looks plike there. pand 34. pa look at the planner tomorrow.
4:36 pm
p21 at 7:00 a.m. p5:00 some light snow there. pand 32 degrees. pguys, back to you. p first alert traffic on pcleveland 19 news is sponsored pby ford. p>> mark: and a peek outside. p77 and 480. pif the traffic looks a little plight on the 77 south portion pthere, it's because north of pthat we've got an accident and pthat has slowed things down retty good coming out of the pcity. potherwise we are dry at this oint. pit looks like we're moving along panswers. p>> i've never done any banking por any transactions, purchasing ponline. p>> paul: as near as wendy can pfigure, her credit was hacked pwhen she provided her driver's plicense to a doctor's office. pshe's uncertain whether someone pfailed to shred the information
4:37 pm
pshe won't do it again. p>> when somebody says to get a pcopy of your driver's license. pno. pdon't ever. pand if they need your social psecurity number, no. i mean, i pknow medical records are prequiring it. pbut, do you know what, really pfight against it. p>> paul: other tips include previewing your receipts. pit goes without saying. pshred receipts, credit offers pand expired cards. pstore personal information in a psafe place. pinstall fire walls on your home pcomputer. pcreate complex computer asswords and order your credit preport once a year. p>> getting to know all about pyou. p>> paul: and be on guard pwhether this public as shoulder psurfers could be watching over pyour shoulder when you enter asswords. pnever carry your social security pcard in your wallet or purse. pso what can you do when you're phacked? pwhen you report the problem to pyour bank, you'll get a packet plike this. pinside you'll have to go credit
4:38 pm
paccount and then you'll have to pfill out a fraud form. pafter that, you'll have to swear pout an affidavit stating you pdidn't make those charges. phopefully you'll get more help pfrom law enforcement than wendy phas gotten so far. pher thief theresa james jones is pstill on the loose and florida pagencies don't want to arrest pher. p>> they're going to continue to pdo it because nothing is going pto happen to her. p>> reporter: sadly, wendy isn't pthe only victim. aul orlousky, cleveland 19. p>> mark: orlo thanks. pwe're wondering if someone is pdoing something. pcongressman jim renacey learned pfirsthand. psomeone used his information to ptry to get a fraudulent tax preturn. phe introduced legislation to pdeal with that problem. pwe will talk to him tomorrow. promona. p a health alert now about p20,000 women are diagnosed with povarian cancer every year. pmany die since the disease is pfound at late stages. pnow a new report is shedding plight on how doctors might be pable to catch it earlier and
4:39 pm
pcatherine bosley with the story. p>> catherine: hollywood script pwriter brings characters to life pon tv. pbut now she's telling her own pstory. pher battle with advanced stage povarian cancer. p>> it's, you know, incredibly pfrightening. pit knocks you off your feet. p>> catherine: a new report says povarian cancer is not just one pdisease but rather different ptypes of cancers that start in pthe uterus or fallopian tubes. p>> the over ary itself is such a pfertile place to plant that they pdon't begin on the ovary but me ptas p-- metastasize. p>> catherine: the report calls pfor more universal genetic ptesting for women and their pfamilies. p>> as far as i know, there's no pfamily history. p>> catherine: she was tested pand she did carry the gene. pthere were warning signs
4:40 pm
pfour years later she's in premission but know there's an p80% chance of recurrence. p>> most days are overshadowed by phow, you know, happy i am to be phere. p>> catherine: she hopes more presearch will change the odds. pcatherine bosley, cleveland 19. p>> ovarian cancer is the fifth pleading cause of cancer deaths pamong women. p still ahead, alex mack popting out. ptony and i will take timeout to pdiscuss that. p plus i guess we have to say psomething nice about steph curry p3 point revolution. p plus it's in the genes. pgray hair. pthat's what is trending. pcoming up. p>> romona: i wouldn't know
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p. p welcome back. pwe've been following breaking pnews. pan undate on the breaking news pwe had today at 4. pa 35-year-old man has been held pover for more hearings this pafter allegedly threatening to pkill president obama and hillary pclinton. pjonathan smeed had a hearing in pfederal court just about an hour pago. pharry boomer was inside the pcourtroom gathering information. pwe also have a live picture from poutside the courtroom. pyou see it there. psmeed will be back in federal pcourt on march 9th. phe'll remain in custody. pno bond set. pwe'll have the very latest pdetails coming up at 5:00. p time for timeout. p>> now for a quick timeout with promona and tony. p>> romona: all right.
4:44 pm
phe's opting out of his contract pwith the browns. p>> tony: yes. pso i put on official browns gear ptoday. p>> romona: very nice. p>> tony: how good these colors plook. phe looks a lot better in them pthan i do. pno surprise he's doing this pleaving 24 million on the table. pi believe at the age of 30 this pis more to see if a contender pwants him. phe's top five in the money among pnfl centers. pi just really believe he's been pthrough four head coaches palready since 2009. pif you're alex mack and you're p30, you turn the corner there. pyou want to play for a winner. p>> romona: is he still pconsidered one of the premiere pcenters. p>> reporter: p>> tony: absolutely. phe's been to two pro bowls. palex mack can still play. pif this was about the money, he phad the money right here. p>> romona: let's talk about pmark cuban. phe wants to move the three point pline back. pa lot of people are saying that phe's hating on steph curry. p>> tony: it's not going to pmatter.
4:45 pm
phe just drops them. pit's like when they say they pshould raise the rim because pit's too easy to drunk. p [ laughing ] p>> tony: when you benefit big pguys, you should lower the rim pso everybody can dump. pif you move the 3 point line pback, ro, you're benefitting a pman like curry. p>> romona: i don't like curry. phe's smug. phe choose that mouth piece that pdrives me crazy. p>> tony: the guy has his baby pon his lap. pim pi'm not a hater. p>> romona: let's talk about psomeone i was working about. phe was working out in miami with pd wade. pwhat's that all about? p>> tony: they're good buddies, pas we all know. pi think all things considered pwith what's going on with the pcryptic tweet yesterday we all pmake mistake. pit's okay to know it. pyelling at the teammates on the pbench. pthis was not a good look. pyou don't mind it. p>> romona: i don't mind it. phe's probably comfortable with pduane wade. phe knows him.
4:46 pm
pgive him positive feedback. pand tell him it's going to be pall right. p>> tony: i'm just throwing it pout there. pwouldn't it be better to grow pmore comfortable than kyrie and pkevin love. ptake a trip with them. p>> romona: i don't know. pit's kind of like when i'm -pserious about working out, i'd refer my husband because he's pgoing to push me. pget my heart rate up. ptell me not to lift too much. pdon't curve my back. pif i worked out with you, we'd pspend all the time laughing and ptalking. p>> tony: your husband doesn't panchor for another station. pyou're not comparatives. pi'm just saying, i'd rather see plebron spend some of this time pwith his teammates and get this pteam to where it needs to be in pterms of chemistry. p>> romona: i just want to know pthat come playoffs, he's going pto be ready and they're going to pdo what they need to do. p>> tony: well, his thing over pthe last two days didn't bring phim any closer. p>> romona: you stop hating on plebron. p>> tony: i want him to love
4:47 pm
4:48 pm
4:49 pm
4:50 pm
p. p gray hair explained. pjust blame mom and dad. pscientists have pinpointed the pfirst gene known to be presponsible for causing your phair to lose its color. pnow identifying the gene doesn't pmean the gray is gone for good. pjeff, why are you looking at me? p [ laughing ] p>> romona: the team of presearchers says the genetic pcontributions are likely to be pdiscovered, as well as penvironmental factors. p>> mark: that guy looks like pthe highlander. p [ laughing ] p>> jeff: i know. pthat's how you make gray cool pright there. p>> mark: that's what jeff and i pare trying to do. pjeej p>> jeff: i got a little on the pside. p>> romona: you guys have pnothing to worry about. p>> jeff: nothing right now. p>> romona: dark and lovely. p [ laughing ] p>> mark: little no lie relaxer. p here's a look at the feazel proof cam. pcloudy sky.
4:51 pm
pcloudy sky over downtown. pjust a couple of flakes flying paround here. pa few flurries. pbut over all we're good to go phere tonight. pgood travel. pwe got this little system coming pin tomorrow afternoon as we look pat the seven day focus. pnot enough to have an alert day ptomorrow because it will be pgenerally less than an inch of psnow. pso you're dry for the morning. pa little bit of light snow in pthe afternoon. pwe warm up to 33. pbut that's still below average. pwe should be at least low 40s pthis time of year. pand that will linger into ptomorrow night as well. pfriday mostly cloudy sky here pand 34. pnow, on saturday, we have panother little clipper system. pand that's going to bring us paround an inch of snow. pso i do have an alert there on psaturday. pbut we are above freezing. p36. pso not expecting major travel roblems there. psaturday evening some light psnow. pand then sunday we start the ptrend up. pso we're going to be at about 44 pon sunday. pmostly cloudy.
4:52 pm
p62 on tuesday. pmostly cloudy both days. pand some showers on wednesday. pbut look at how far we go on pwednesday. pwell into the 60s. pand here you go. p33 tomorrow. pand the trend is clearly up. pmaybe near 70. pwe'll see what happens. promona. p still to come at 4:00, in pflight announcement. p>> mark: yes. pa loving wife took a gamble as pshe and her husband traveled phome from las vegas.
4:53 pm
4:54 pm
p it's time for a little pnolan. phey, romona. p>> romona: hi, mark. p>> mark: i have useless trivia. p21% of people surveyed said they pdid in this week. p>> romona: worked late. p>> mark: 21% did absolutely pnothing at work.
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
p finally apartment t 4:00, you know phow it is flying. pit can be hard to tune into the pannouncements. p>> romona: one guy closed his peye half listening to the words. pbut when the pilot mentioned his pname, well, he perkd up. p>> well, eric, although you pdidn't strike it rich here in plas vegas, you did hit the pjackpot. pcongratulations. pyou're about to be a dad. p [ laughing ] p>> romona: eric says he was pshocked at first and then pexcited. phe looks a little sleepy there. phe and soon to be mom lisa pshared a kiss after the big preveal. pas you can see, she caught the pmoment on camera. pthe video was recently posted on psocial media, although the recious moment happened back in pjanuary. p>> mark: yes. pi think once he looked down and psaw it was all on selfie, oh, phey p [ laughing ] p>> romona: i know. pbut i can imagine. phe probably looked like he had a
4:57 pm
p>> mark: that's usually the way pit works out. pi mean, not for me. p we continue to follow pbreaking news from the pcourthouse. pthat alleged threat to the resident. pthat is all straight ahead at p5:00.
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
live from cleveland's newscenter, cleveland 19 news starts now. >> denise: and we are following breaking news on cleveland 19 news at 5:00 a man in custody charged with threatening president obama. >> dan: harry boomer was in the courtroom just about an hour ago where cameras were not allowed in the federal courthouse in cleveland. harry, give us details on this case. >> reporter: all right dan and
5:00 pm
smead was in court today wearing a t-shirt with ok coral on it arrested by the secret service because he made a phone call, according to them on sunday february 28th at 11:16 our time threatening the life of president barack obama. he asked the federal agent is this being recorded and before the federal agent could respond he said "i want to kill president obama." and he then talked about two other assassinations those of president lincoln and president kennedy and said he wanted to kill hillary clinton, the lady running for the u.s. presidency right now. again, he was in court today and will be back here at about 11:30 on wednesday. we talked to his attorney charles fleming and this is what he had to say. >> these are initial proceedings like we talked about earlier. we still have to let the wheels


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