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tv   Cleveland 19 News at Noon  CBS  March 8, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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>> "q": we start this noon with breaking news. cleveland police chief calvin williams' son's chevy impala was found abandoned on the side of a speedway overlook. you will remember the car was stolen saturday night at this sunoco station in euclid. a woman reportedly jumped into the running car and drove off. there was a loaded gun in the back seat. it has not been found. >> laura: and a deadly apartment fire in brunswick. the flames claimed the life of a four-year-old girl. the fire started around 10:30 last night. >> "q": we have nichole vrsansky on the story since the wee hours of this morning and she joins us now live with the latest.
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fire chief rick barber is still inside taking questions at this press conference here outside know. the fire investigation has now wrapped up at the scene. the cause is still undetermined. they do believe the fire started outside of building on the ground level. they have ruled out arson, but they are saying barber has said the source could be as simple as a cigarette. they aren't saying that's the cause. they still need to do some testing on some electrical equipment outside. i spoke with a couple whose unit was destroyed. victim. keegan. they told me about her and told me about their nightmare last night. tim parsons and elizabeth miller say they had seconds to escape the blaze that destroyed their third-floor hickory hills apartment. >> happened in a split second. from the time that i looked at my porch with a small red glow,
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to have been a 30-second span. >> reporter: a four-year-old little girl died after being trapped in a basement unit. rescue crews could not get to her in time. >> it's difficult, you know. most all of us, you know, have young children at home, too. so -- it's tough. >> happy, running -- >> happy. >> always wanted to play with the dog. she probably love animals. >> elizabeth says the family had other little ones, too. she saw the victim's father escape. >> i saw him jump out one of his windows with one of his little girls. >> another man jumped to safety from his third-floor balcony. he and five others were hospitalized. tim and elizabeth say despite the overwelming loss, they do have a lot to be thankful for. >> there's been a lot of love and support from family and friends in the community. so we appreciate that.
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department does inspect these apartments in the summer. outstanding violations. they do say there were no sprinklers in this building. it was built in the 1970s so that wouldn't have been code as far as having to have sprinklers inside this building. today. the fire, the assistant fire chief says there were working smoke detecters in the building at the time of the fire. they are still answering our we'll have latest developments as they become available on west rifer road. christopher peterson was arrested sunday. police say this was the second time in two weeks the three-year-old was discovered wandering alone outside. a driver called police sunday afternoon after getting the crying girl out of the middle of the road. she was about 350 yards from her
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now, last time, her parents told police they recently moved there and planned to buy child-proof locks. new information on the murder of three-year-old hayley micu. stark county social workers revealed a five-year-old boy who liveed in the house with hayley's dad, told investigators madeleine albright you beat her in the past. he's now in emergency temporary custody. matthew is being held on $1 million bond for murder charges. >> "q": the geauga county coroner is investigating -- deputies say a jogger found a body near state road 44 and music. the man's body was in the bushes and investigators say it looks like the body's been there for a while. no word on his identity. >> laura: new details about the contaminated water investigation in columbiana county.
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director was notified two months earlier than he said he was notified. the it said that the water failed the lead test. he doesn't recall seeing the >> "q": investigators are at the scene after a commuter train derailed in northern california. last night. four seriously. correspondent jon blackstone reports from niles canyon where the train went off the tracks. >> reporter: train crews are working to clear the tracks the morning after the. a ltemonte corridor express, also known as the ace train, derailed in northern california. >> we hope to get the rail lines cleared out by the end of the day. >> reporter: 214 people were on board as the train twisted through niles canyon during a heavy rainstorm. debris had fallen onto the tracks. >> it was jolting. it was a fairly wild ride. >> we felt a couple sharp jerks and suddenly slowed down.
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slid through the mud into the creek, water rushing around it, the car came to rest on its side. tanner mackenzie was in the ajoining car. it derailed but remained upright. >> the conductor had flown out the window. >> firefighters launched an urgent rescue operation. >> you got people that are screaming. you got people that are panicking. they don't know if the rest of this train is going to tip over. >> considering there's 205 people on this train and we have had nine people that went to the hospital, i call it a minor miracle. >> reporter: the express pay the union pacific for use of these tracks. union pacific investigators are on scene checking the tracks now. >> "q": the ntsb has been notified about the accident but typically they do not send teams to non-fatal derailments. and families of the victims
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gathered in -- beijing -- the families are calling for the chinese government to push malaysia to further investigate the ill-fated flight. it disappeared over the south indian ocean in route to beijing from kuala lampur. 270 passengers were on board. yesterday we told but two firefighters who were suspended for taking a toddler to the hospital in their fire truck because she was having seizures. today, we learned that they are back on job. captain james kelly and virgil bloom arrived alt the scene of an 18-month-old who was having a seizure. dispatchers told them it would take 10 to 15 minutes for medics to arrive so they rushed tore had the nearest hospital saving her life. the fire chief still says they had no authority to take the child to the hospital. well, coming up on cleveland 19 news, apple learning a multi million-dollar lesson about
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right? but all that's labeled healthy or fat-free, just isn't. we expose junk food's disguised as healthy straight ahead. >> laura: plus, you no longer have to join just one gym. coming up, a new app that allows
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>> "q": apple has to pay $450 million to settle a case over
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most of the money will go back to customers. apple was found guilty of conspiring with five major publishers to inflate ebook prices. and yesterday, the supreme court declined to hear apple's appeal. also, facebook says it's in the mix to live stream nfl games this year. a facebook executive tells variety magazine the social media giant is bidding to live stream thursday night football. amazon, verizon, and other streaming leaders are also interested in the package. the nfl is negotiating with companies to live stream the thursday night games. >> laura: and then there's this. it's national pan take kay. that -- pancake day. eye hop is giving away a free short stack of pancakes from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. customers are asked to leave a donation to children's miracle network hospitals. the campaign has raised nearly $20 million since 2006.
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over the moon thanks -- to -- selling girl scout cookies door to door monday when she dropped her hello kitty purse. it had more than $150 inside from all of her cookie sales. her parents posted fliers about the purse all around the neighborhood and reported the missing purse to glendale police. that's when a dispatcher hit up her fellow officers for donations to cover the loss. but, it gets better. another girl scout actually found the hello kitty purse and immediately knew what all had happened. >> i have been a girl scout for like seven years and, just you kind of start to recognize the change and the money. >> yeah, to find the purse's owner, matty's ma'am posted about it on neighborhood blog. a neighbor who saw the flier and the blog connected the dots and the girl scoutings. as a thank you to the police, they even handed out girl scout cookies to the officers. >> "q": oh, that's a win/win right there. >> laura: yeah all the people coming to the.
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>> "q": i actually used to live in glendale. a suburb out of los angeles. great families there. great people. glad it worked out. >> laura: hey t sounds like it. to the girl scout out there, i'm still waiting on my cookies to be delivered to my house. so, while we are talking about this -- >> "q": more straight ahead for you right here on cleveland 19 news at noon. including four states holding primaries today and ohio gaining ground. this story coming up next. >> samantha: all right. let's take a live look outside. weatherwise. 64 is our current temperature at burke. you can see a little bit of blue sky peeking out there. of course you have to look screen. but you can see it. it is there. that's a live look from our feizel roof camera. we will talk about when all this
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. her life's work has been about breaking barriers. which is why, for every american who's not being paid what they're worth... or a system tilted against them-
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you- she understands that our country can't reach it's potential... unless we all do. together. a stronger country. >> michigan and mississippi hold primaries for both sides of the ballot today while republicans will also vote in idaho and hawaii. kenneth craig has a look at how the race for the white house is shaping up. >> reporter: voters are already heading into the booths in michigan. it's the big prize for both democrats and republicans. >> the numbers i just got from
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tremendous numbers. >> reporter: even advisers admit it's been a bad week for the businessman as all of his opponents continue their attack against him. >> so far, every single person down. is that true? >> reporter: one person who has made up ground in the michigan polls is john kasich. the ohio governor has campaigned extensively in the state and says he's going to do better than expected. >> we are going to get some momentum out of michigan. we are going to win ohio. there's going to be campaigning all across the country. it's going to be exciting. >> but texas senator ted cruz is urging kasich and rubio followers to switch sides. >> if you don't want to see donald trump as our nominee, i ask you to join us. we welcome you to our team. [applause] >> reporter: hillary clinton has a big lead over bernie sanders in mississippi and michigan, the two states holding democratic primaries today. >> the sooner i could become now
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to turn our attention to the republicans. >> reporter: clinton moves on to ohio for a rally there tonight. >> laura: ohio and florida are the next big prizes on the election calendar. they both vote next tuesday. >> samantha: all right. 12:18 on this tuesday afternoon. we have a lot of cloudiness out there. but, there are some peeks of blue sky. i've been scanning those local cameras to see if anybody has blue sky. and there are patches of it out there. pretty nice day. i mean, it it's early march. right? and look at some of these numbers. cleveland, 64. hey, if you are joining me down around mansfield, we are already at 65. dover, new philly, also in the mid 60s. akron, 65. warren 62. what? it feels like april out there. the warm-up only continuing. we are headed for the upper 60s today. variable cloudiness.
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overall, a great day for this time of the year when our average high is typically in the lower 40s and our average overnight lows this time of the year are normally in the 20s. 53 tonight and we may even end up bumping that number up. place. tonight. and we will stay dry. now tomorrow, we have added in a showers. i don't think it will be a washout or anything like that, but a few isolated rain showers -- a lot of clouds out there tomorrow and breezy. but that does not stop us from getting up to about 71. we may challenge or even break, record-high temperatures in many areas tomorrow. the record for cleveland is 73. i'm not going to rule it out. ok? we've got the southwest wind, got a really mild, weird air mass for this time of the year in place. so, 73 could happen.
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still in the 70s on your thursday. but, thursday is when the pattern shifts, guys. we have rain on the way thursday will be soggy. we will get a break in the rain friday afternoon. and then the same system that brings us rain thursday, guys, is going to lift back to the north through the weekend. and bring us more rain. but temperatures, yeah, they get a little cooler. they are still way above average even into the weekend. >> "q": yes. >> samantha: i know you are loving it. you are loving it. >> laura: mm-hmm. >> samantha: it's christmas for me. i hope that you get outside and enjoy it. >> laura: yeah. outside, walk outside, walk the dog, walk yourself. any of 'em. >> samantha: it's so nice. >> laura: take advantage of it. >> samantha: wash your neighbor's car. >> "q": you can take care of that. sometimes, listen, it's hard to tell what's healthy and what's not. it's often hard to know what's not. so, first -- listen -- skip the
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they are convenient but they are also loaded with sodium, salt, and preservatives. what they are not loaded with are veggies. and those salads at fast food restaurants have lots of hidden calories like crew tons, nuts and dressings. those veggie chips which i love so much, you think they might be healthy, they are actually processed so much, most of the nutritional value is gone. and, bottled iced teas usually have artificial flavors added. some of those fat-free yogurts -- get this -- have as much as 15 grams of sugar. now, that being said, there is some help out there. a fitness company called class pass is rapidly expanding across country. >> laura: as monthly subscriber, you can take all the fitness classes you want at more than 7500 studios all across the country. even internationally here. this is really cool.
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>> reporter: ashley diamond -- new york city as part of her class pass membership. most of the women here are members of class pass, which is a monthly subscription service offering unlimited classes at thousands of boutique fitness studios and gyms. >> you have access to over 200 classes all day long. so, you can make working outfit into your schedule. >> reporter: it's the largest service of its kind. >> hi. >> the c.e.o. started the company in new york in 2013. it has exploded since then to expand internationally. and, to these 29 metropolitan areas in the u.s. with more on the way. >> we are going to continuously be expanding into new cities with different models through the u.s. this year and into next year. we will be in every market in >> reporter: class pass requires a commitment to your workout. if you cancel a class less than 12 hours before it starts you are charged $15. if you don't show up, the fee goes up to $20. you can't visit any studio more
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model kate michael has cycled at this studio, surfed, bounced and split. >> pilites one week and cardiothe next week. >> class pass makes working out a pleasure rather than a chore. >> laura: you can reserve classes online or by using an app. the monthly fee ranges from about $79 to $125 depending on the city. you can cancel at any time or you can even put your membership on hold. >> "q": you may have seen this next picture that's gone viral. this dad should win dad of the year, no question about it. his name is sean cunningham and he probably saved his son's life by stopping a bat that came right for his son's face. landon was texting his mother
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the bat came flying into the stands. this was landon's first baseball game and an early birthday present. luckily for him, his dad has ninja reflexes. >> laura: that was awesome. he all right. well, there's still more to come. a dele surprises two fans calling them out at a concert. see what happens when they make it up on stage.
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>> "q": when. a dele heard the newest viral mash up, she called the man who did it up on stage at concert. >> laura: sounds amazing. >> "q": that's irish singers glenn murphy and ronan. they covered four of her hits on stage complete with harmony as you just heard. they did not know. a dele was going to call them up on stage to perform. but by the looks on their faces, it was a dream come true. >> laura: they were amazing.
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>> samantha: you never know. >> "q": well listen, thank you very much for joining us this noon. the young and the restless is
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>> summer: i can' t believe that they want to vote you out. i mean, we are family. we need to act like it. you would never abandon one of us, so we shouldn' t abandon you. >> victor: they have already made up their minds, my darling. you' re the only one who showed up for me, and i' ll never forget that, okay? >> summer: maybe i can convince them to -- to change their minds. i mean, you are this company, grandpa. we need you. >> victor: word has it that jabot is projecting enormous revenues. how the hell is that possible? >> billy: "yeah, i slept with victor newman." what? she' d say it, drop the mike, and leave the room? >> phyllis: yeah, basically. but you know what? i think it' s incredibly


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