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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 5PM  CBS  March 8, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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board up this building any moment now and it is hitting them what's been lost now. >> at 10:30 monday night brunswick fire got news of the fire. because of the hour, most residents were able to escape on their own. nobody even the neighbor calling about the the 4-year-old's apartment could save them. >> get everybody out of the house. >> we are trying to. smoke is pouring out of the wall. >> reporter: her aunt identifies her as keagan who turned four last month. victims say she didn't have a chance as the fire spread so quickly. >> it was a split second by the time i looked at my porch, a small red glow and by the time we got outside, 30 seconds, the whole building was engulfed in flames. >> one of the things that accelerated the fire was the vinyl siding. some types of vinyl siding are
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start to melt they almost become a liquid fuel. >> brunswick assistant fire chief rick barber suspects the fire started outside and the cause is undetermined. investigating. victims are sick about the loss of life and homes. >> right now it is like, you know, punch in the face and trying to figure out what in the heck will happen and get our life back together and restart. >> now, arson is not suspected in this case. at this point fire investigators are ruling out accidental causes like electrical or smoking and tailed i was told the fire department has been out to this address before for smoking-related fires. dan, catherine. >> dan: jen one of the things we look into and questions we ask, what about smoke detectors, is there a sprinkler system and have they been on the recent
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what can you find out today? >> we can tell you it seems all the smoke detectors, there were smoke detectors in the building and the believe was old enough that did not require them to have sprinklers. there were not sprinklers in the building. the assistant fire chief says there was no outstanding fire violations from the latest inspection which happened less than a year ago. >> dan: thank you, jen. >> denise: while the heartbreak of the fire sets in the people of brunswick step up in an overwhelming effort to help them get back on their feet as quickly as possible. >> brunswick st. ambrose church opening their doors to those who want to open their hearts to fire victims. victims like sara murdoch and her tears are mixed with emotions. >> as soon as we got outside the building went up. >> a similar story for bradley
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night or what they saw right now. >> and giving everything we can think of and things we can't think. it's been a great help. >> minutes after the fire the church offered to be a donation site. it's been nonstop since. >> overnight seeing things and both in donations and volunteers. >> volunteers sorting through every bag and organizing peace by piece making it easy to find. >> we are putting together staple boxes for every family so they can walk by and grab it. >> the plan is to get the estimated 24 families and everything they need for now and for some time to come. for many it goes deeper than that. >> incredible. the -- seeing the community come together is a blessing to us to help.
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more things and picks up a whole new understanding of the good to come out of such bad. >> oh, my goodness. this is helpful. the fact that people are generous to help people out like this so fast we asked how long donations will be accepted and it is not determined yet. the church pastor mentioned it won't be long until they switch to gift cards and monetary donations to determine exactly what each family needs to start over. >> dan: that's incredible. would you or your children know what to do if your home would catch fire. it takes minutes or seconds for a small house fire to rage out of control. the national safety council says first have smoke alarms on every floor of your home and in every bedroom and you need to test them every month and change the batteries at least once a year. make a family fire escape plan. it sounds ridiculous but it is
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month. plan for two ways to escape from each room. fema stresses children as young as three years old can understand an escape plan. a live look at downtown cleveland from the feazel roof cam. what a beautiful shot. what a beautiful day it turned out to be. people in good spirits with the sunshining and not a coat needed for people. jeff, we are loving this. >> jeff: not when you are in the 70s. this was the breakout day warmest day of the year so far and i think we will do it again tomorrow 70 or higher depending on the cloud cover and it is gorgeous this evening and dry and partly to mostly cloudy sky and how warm it is in downtown cleveland. we may not drop down to 56. i have us warmer than what you see here. the average low this time of year is 28. yeah. akron-canton, 70 currently
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wind 15 and it is 74 degrees and another look at downtown. unseasonably warm pattern and tomorrow windy and much better threat of rain thursday and rain heavy at times and in. more details on that coming up at 5:18. >> keep them coming. >> we have new information in the murder of the 3-year-old hailey miku. starke county social workers told the family court a 5-year-old who lived with hailey's father matthew miku said matthew beat hailey in the past. miku is held on a $1 million bond and bender on a quarter million dollars. we have this elyria dad charged with child endangerment after his 3-year-old was wandering the street alone.
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found by herself. chris peterson said they just moved there and will get childproof locks at their home. >> dan: let's talk politics. you might want to call it super tuesday 2 presidential candidates are competing for votes in michigan and mississippi. >> meantime hawaii and idaho are holding contests for three republicans and ohio's primary is next tuesday and two candidates will be in our area tonight. this is exciting for a lot of people. hillary clinton will attend a campaign rally in cleveland at the cuyahoga community college campus on east 30th and the event is at the recreation center and doors open at 7:00. here is a live look at ohio on east royalton road in broadview heights and john kasich is holding a town hall event and we will have much more on the governor's visit to our area at 6:00. >> dan: and like we said there are a number of states holding primaries or caucuses tonight and the one we really want to
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why is michigan important today? it can set up momentum within the midwest as we get on to some of the winner take all and the delegates list, 59 delegates in the state of michigan for republicans and let's come to mississippi. mississippi, results will come in and 40 delegates there. when we look at the delegate count take a look. trump at 378. cruz at 298 and not that far behind and 150 delegates up for grabs and it is very important when we start talking about the democrats. the democrats also competing in michigan tonight. 130 delegates up for grabs and down here in mississippi as we look here. 36 delegates up for grab. a much different story looking at hillary clinton at just over
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2300 and me bernie sanders at 485 live results on twitter and our app as they come in. four important contests up for grabs tonight. catherine? >> candidates looking to campaign in north canton better bring their checkbooks. the city is asking them to pay for their cost of the visit in advance paying overtime wages for added police and fire presence needed. the reason behind this, the city is sitting on an $11,000 unpaid bill from when the mitt romney campaign came to town in 2012 with a visit from paul ryan and north canton mayor does not think residents should have to cover the costs. a new cleveland state university study finds cleveland community is growing. >> dan: cleveland metro area added more jobs in the last year than 20 years. sia nyorkor has the details. >> the study shows in 2015 the region added 23,000 jobs.
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>> some say it's been a long time coming. >> it is a long come back. decades long. >> a new report released by cleveland state university shows strong job growth 23,000 jobs were created here in the region. richey co-authored the study and four industries that saw growth were education and health services and leisure and hospitality and construction and financial services. >> cleveland has the highest concentration of skilled health care workers in the labor country. >> we are becoming the silcon valley of skilled care and that's important. one business will not go out of style and is keeping people alive. cleveland area lost many jobs in the early 2000 and mostly blue collar jobs. >> this region is tied to manufacturing. if you showed up from europe,
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job and you could go to the factory floor and you could get there. now to be employed in the region, you have to be skilled. >> clevelanders say this economic news is welcome. >> it's been a while since we have been able to grow. i think that we have the opportunity and take advantage of our opportunity so our city can continue to grow. >> i think it is wonderful. i hope it continues to grow. that's what we need in cleveland. >> for a closer look at what else the study shows log onto catherine and dan. >> dan: thank you, sia. what was once a downtown cleveland eyesore for literally a decade is restored to its glory. coming up a glimpse of the kimpton hotel. >> this is a bad dream and
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where was gloria. >> next at 5:00 decades after her daughter gloria's murder yvonne pointer is helping others through her heartbreak and her story is an inspirational feature film. >> dan: a scary fact, only half children most vulnerable to lead exposure in flint, michigan have even been tested.
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live from cleveland's newscenter, driven by don joseph toyota in kent this is cleveland 19 news. a 6-year-old girl was shot
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comes through the front door of her home daniel pearl police say a fight broke out on "g" street and the suspects started shooting each other. a steel door slowed the bullet down and the girl received minor injuries and so far they arrested shawndell partin. more arrests are expected. >> catherine: and a body in newburg township. geauga deputies say a jogger spotted the body hidden behind a lot of bushes. deputies say there was no signs of obvious play so far. a mother never gave up hope for closure after her daughter was tragicked murdered is having television. >> dan: many know the story of gloria pointer walking to school murdered. the case was cold almost 30 years before finding the man responsible and investigation discovery has made her story into a feature film. our harry boomer sat down with
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featured in the episode. >> i was apprehensive at first. i didn't want to open it back up again. but they assured me that the story would inspire families who have been victimized by violence i was willing to do it. >> dan: since her daughter's death pointer says she uses services of others to motivate to continue to move forward and vocal advocate of families of missing persons and inspired a difference. hero of the month. the episode of motivates and murders, cracking the case on investigation discovery will air at 9 p.m. on march 10th. a euclid high school guidance counselor is investigated for misconduct. 36-year-old ronetta smith is accused of having a sexual encounter with a student.
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statement saying it is working with police and the faculty member resigned and not permitted on our campus. >> crews replacing corroded water pipes in flint, michigan and the city switched to cheaper and less sanitary supply and detection is critical. weijia jiang reports from flint. >> it will feel a little pinch. >> reporter: nurses in flint, michigan holds clinic several times a week to test lead levels focused on young children >> makes me nervous. >> his grandmother is nervous too for months. >> this all came about when he was two and a half to three and the brain. >> in february, the cdc set a goal for all of flint's 8,000 children under age 6 to be tested for lead exposure by april 1st.
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approaching and half have been screened. >> i don't think, you know it is realistic we will get it done. we still need for families to realize the importance of it. >> nearly 1,000 homes have dangerous leaves of lead in the water and 72 children tested positive for high levels in their blood. the number of cases is growing and so is the frustration. >> my baby can't even take a decent bath. i have to boil water just to clean my baby up. >> once a child tests positive for lead nurses make housecalls to follow up, as many as 10 a week. >> she needs to have one more level that's low. >> reporter: high levels cause developmental or behavioral issues and health officials are urging parents to screen their kids. >> reporter: weijia jiang, flint, michigan. >> catherine: michigan is creating a data base to follow residents for years because lead
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cleveland 19 news is sponsored by ford. >> as we take a look at i-480 and 77, it is clear here. we want to tell you about an accident in the eastbound lanes of i-90 around chester avenue and that will be a severe problem for rush hour. three lanes at one point when this accident was discovered about a half hour ago, three lanes were blocked eastbound i-90 near chester avenue in the curve. it is a slow go for anybody downtown. >> catherine: and you have to wonder if sun glare is causing problems for people on the roads this afternoon. >> jeff: could be. that is a problem. everyone enjoying warmer weather with the windows down. this. >> yeah. >> so what is going on here.
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in fact, i am waiting for the official high at least 72 cleveland hopkins. we were at 74 downtown and no rain in our immediate area, but you do see this front off to the west and moisture gathering around it. that's a little sign of things to come. especially on thursday. that will be our best opportunity of rain. just some spotty showers out there tomorrow partly to mostly cloudy sky and here we are at 71. so all of this warmth able to come in. you can see out to the west around 70. we will be that way tomorrow. 59 only for the low. with a mostly cloudy sky and just unseasonably warm and breezy. with a lighter wind, akron-canton you will drop to around 52 and that's still unseasonably warm. 7 a.m. tomorrow. most areas in the 50s. 10:00 in the morning already
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afternoon upper 60s if not around 70 and that will be the case late day as well. it all depends how much sun we see. i expect us to be cloudy during the afternoon. isolated showers. a windy day preventing the lake breeze and 71. here is 1:00 in the afternoon tomorrow, just some spotty showers. a risk of rain going up as the night wears on tomorrow night and when we get to thursday, well, that's the next alert day and we will get a pretty good shot of rain and wind with this system with this front on thursday. still at 67. up to an inch of rain. that will slow things down and it turns colder friday. 48, mostly cloudy and we are back up to 63 on saturday. saturday night, sunday more rain and 65 degrees. still very warm and looks like we will have rain in the second
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catherine? >> catherine: on top of good weather an exciting day in cleveland.
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>> catherine: governor john kasich there. my gosh, what a busy day for him of course. this voting day in the primary city hoping for a miracle there and then here in ohio. he is at it, too. >> our primary is in a week. let's listen in to his live event at the ohio cat headquarters in broadview heights. >> we were in a car and cross over into ohio and my uncle harry would say johnny, we just entered into the promised land. the state of ohio. and we would go to elyria to vermillion to peck's cottages. has anybody ever heard of that place? huh?
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we would be together and just paddle ball. >> dan: obviously the governor will launch into his speech. this is a town hall and informal setting there. we know kasich is looking for a motor city miracle today presidential primary there as we said and that stayed up north and it is a must-win for the ohio governor. the latest for the campaign trail is coming up. downtown cleveland's new kimpton schofield hotel is finally open with its first guests staying tonight. the building at east 9th and euclid underwent a $50 million renovation across the street from the new nine and hine inns grocery store. comics to the beautiful views of the city and within walking distance of playhouse square, the q and progressive field. >> catherine: speaking of
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indians announced the brew kettle will be at progressive field this season. there will be a new beer garden featuring great lakes brewing company near the main team shop in section 164. out of commission, the thistledown racino is out of commission. the racetrack and casino closed its doors to transform into the new jack thistledown. we told you the change was coming a few weeks ago and thistledown will be open tomorrow morning and horseshoe will be rebranded as jack in may. >> jeff: all right. we were watching this accident on eastbound 90 and chester and looks like that cleared. still some slow traffic and we will keep an eye on this and
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>> catherine: voters in four states are casting their ballots in the presidential primaries. >> dan: in an election with two hotly contested battles, every state matters diane gallagher joins us from our minute from washington, d.c. diane, what's the latest? >> reporter: you know, dan, catherine, we are calling this super tuesday, the sequel. you know what they say about sequels. ted cruz and donald trump hope the second time around is as good as the first super tuesday. and four states are going to the polls today. nobody's campaign will hinge off what happens today at least not exactly. there are a lot of delegates at stake and that is what everybody is after right now. >> crazy year. this is unlike any election ever. >> reporter: the next 7 days could define the election in the
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primary season so far. tonight 150 republican delegates at stake hawaii, idaho, miss many miss and michigan. >> i unwittingly put on michigan colors. don't tell anybody in ohio, okay? >> reporter: for donald trump a strong performance could set the stage to pull away from the rest of the field. >> we will win, win, win. a new poll indicates ted cruz is closing the gap trailing by 9% nationally. >> incredible passion and energy. grassroots. that's the basis of our support why we are surging nationwide. >> after today's contest the republican candidates take the debate stage in miami thursday and on tuesday, the 15th voters in five states head to the polls including john kasich ohio and marco rubio florida both indicating how important the contests are to prospects. >> i need you on the 15th. okay?
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here in florida if you vote for ted cruz or kasich you are voting for donald trump. >> and the bernie sanders campaign argued clinton is a regional candidate who only performs well in the south. a big win in michigan would silence the claim. >> we are going to have returns rolling in literally all night long starting at 8 p.m. in mississippi when polls close going until 1:00 a.m. eastern when they stop caucusing in hawaii and the one everybody is paying attention to is michigan and they will finalize the votes. >> catherine: as far as kasich is concerned how can results impact our contest next week do you think? >> to be honest, i think john kasich has the best chance out of everybody to pull a surprise out of this evening's contest. basically because of recent polling creeping up on donald
5:34 pm
quinnipiac showed outside of the margin of error in michigan and the ohio governor spent quite a bit of time and money in michigan and this is the best day to pull out another strong place second finish like he did in new hampshire and if things get crazy he may pull off michigan all together torpedo his campaign into next week and of course his home state in ohio voting. >> dan: it really has been interesting to watch and where he decides to campaign. diane gallagher live in washington, d.c. we will look for returns tonight. donald trump is coming to cleveland soon at the i-x center this saturday. find out how you can get tickets for the event coming up at 6:00. he fought long and hard against it. the maryland court of appeals says williamsporter must testify against all five of fellow officers in the freddie gray case. it ended in a hung jury and all officers are charged in
5:35 pm
freddie gray who died in police custody in april of 2015. four people were hurt when a commuter train derailed 45 miles east of san francisco. the train hit a tree that fell on the tracks sending the train car full of passengers plunging into a creek. all 214 on board miraculously managed to make it off the train alive. two years ago today malaysia airlines flight 370 simply vanished and investigators still don't know what happened to the jetliner. relatives of the victims remain desperate for answers. tina krause has an update on the search. >> relatives of victims are grieving on the second anniversary of mh370s disappearance. family members of chinese citizens on board the flight from kuala lumpur prayed for answers. my hope is the plane can be found she says.
5:36 pm
that cannot happen. last july a section of the wing washed up on reunion island off the coast of africa. last week a three foot long piece of metal turned up along the coast of mozambique and they are working to confirm it came from the boeing 777. gomez lost her husband patrick who was an in-flight supervisor on malayasian airlines flight 370 when it mysteriously vanished from radar. >> imaging their last moments what they are thinking of. >> malaysia's parliament held a moment of silence for the 230 people lost. the prime minister is confident crews will find the plane and it is the most challenging in aviation history. >> siena krause, cbs news. australia is leading a deep sea search in the indian ocean. if crews do not find anything by
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looking. some quick thinking by a california highway patrol to save two children from a burning car in monterey. take a look. >> take your kid. what are you doing? come on. >> the officer happened to be driving behind the vehicle when he saw it catch fire and start smoking. the car pulled over and the officer jumped into action. you can see one woman who got out of the car and the officer pulled out not one but two screaming children out of the car. the smoking car as it was happening and yelling at the driver to get out. she escaped climbing over the passenger's side. all four family members were treated for smoke inhalation and doing okay. >> catherine: talk about a hero. >> a person at the right place at the right time. >> the right person today is jeff tanchak. one of the days that, you know, you get the pat on the back.
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>> jeff: this was 72 the official high at c- hopkins airport. the last time in the month of march was 2012 in case you are wondering. we don't have that much cloud cover scattered high clouds and what an evening it will be. to head outside i'm sure people perhaps are grilling. this will be a good day to do it. unseasonably warm pattern continues in general. we have some changes happening towards the end of the week. spotty showers tomorrow and an alert thursday and that will be the better opportunity of rain that could be heavy at times. thursday will be a wet, nasty day. 71 ashland, 71 millersburg, dover new philly at 72. we are above 70 at cleveland hopkins. wow. this was clearly the breakout day. 8:00 mostly cloudy and still 63 downtown.
5:39 pm
us dropping to the mid-50s. i even think we could be warmer than that so the average low this time of year is 28. so we will be about 30 degrees warmer than where we should be this time of year. all-day rain threat thursday and this is the next alert day, up to an inch of rain possible in spots and wind gusts over 30. and regarding tomorrow forecast high cleveland 71 record is 73. akron forecast 71. your record tomorrow is 71. mansfield we have you breaking your record and youngstown as well. and we will be back up in the low 70s and it all depends when clouds increase because we do think it will be cloudy sometime during the afternoon. isolated showers and wind picks up out of the south and 71 akron-canton isolated showers and there's the south to
5:40 pm
to 28 and planner 7 a.m. and to noon and small chance of shower comes into play. 5:00 at 66. wow. unbelievable temps. here you see your morning in the 50s and by early afternoon tomorrow futureview has us well in the 60s to right around 70. on the 7-day i will talk about the cooldown. dan, over to you. >> dan: what if i told you i could get a plane ticket to florida $39. one way. how to get the deal next at 5:00. >> catherine: so many foods disguised to healthy what's good for you. coming up the not so healthy health foods you should steer clear from. here is our view of the day. it is great today from the hannah gibbons stem school in cleveland. students spent all of february learning about black history month and today they got to show off what they learned at an
5:41 pm
dancing and the first graders who recited who's here. she has to take a brand name drug. been taking it since the early at that time it cost approximately $180 for 10 shots. the latest refill was $14.700 for the same 10 vials and the company is called valeant pharmaceuticals. i'm going after them. this is predatory pricing and we're going to make sure it is stopped. i'm hillary clinton and i
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>> dan: i promised to tell about you a deal. here it is. getting to disney world is cheaper thanks to alligiant. the airline will add new flights to orlando, florida for as low as $39 each way beginning may 19th, alligiant will offer nonstop service between akron-canton airport and
5:44 pm
45 miles north of the magic kingdom. flights are thursday and sunday and a nice weekend. to get the $39 deal you have to book by this upcoming monday. plan it now and you have to travel through november 6th. >> catherine: how about this one jetblue is looking for pilots, no flying experience necessary. it is part of a new pilot training program. you must have a high school diploma or ged and be 23-years-old at the end of the four year program. two dozen candidates will be chosen and guaranteed a first officer job upon successful completion. well, with so many food items, disguised as healthy it is hard to know what's good for you or not. here are items to avoid for starters skip frozen dinners. they are easy and convenient and filled with preservatives lots of sodium and few vegetables for the most part. you may be tempted to order a
5:45 pm
but croutons dressing and nuts add up calorie counts and veggie thins are stripped and do not have the nutritional items and fat-free yogurt have 15 grams of sugar in a single serving and same for fruit cocktails and bottled teas both often filled with sugar and same with juice. >> dan: if you have a sweet tooth, both catherine and i save your intake for chocolate. scientists who regularly eat chocolate are smarter than those who don't. a study published in the journal appetite and eating chocolate once a week improves memory and abstract thinking. >> catherine: that explains a few things. i gave it up for lent. i have had a few challenges lately. >> mark, eat any chocolate lately? >> mark: no. i did the same thing. gave it up for lent.
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a 4-year-old girl dies in an apartment fire. we will have the latest on the investigation and hear from those left without a home. we will head back live with john kasich bringing his campaign to ohio and so does hillary clinton. will voters see campaign confusion next tuesday?
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yesterday we showed you some hudson firefighters who saved a yorkie trapped in a furnace. on monday it was south euclid police officers that went beyond the call of duty to help a resident get a bat out of her house after the bat made several laps around the living room the officers were able to escape the unwanted houseguest out the front door. >> catherine: that's a horrible feeling.
5:50 pm
the cats go crazy. it is a zoo in the house. hey, how about it, i am seeing some flowers starting to kind of pop out of the ground even. >> i don't really see big-time cold snaps happening. we will cool things down and we will not stay this way. 72 the high and coming close to a record high tomorrow. some areas will be breaking a record high. the record high 79 believe it or not and we are actually far from that at least here in cleveland. tomorrow 71. and the record tomorrow is 73. we'll see what happens. 59 at 7:00 a.m. looking at the planner, clouds on the increase during the afternoon. small chance of a shower and because of a chance of wind it will prevent a lake breeze from forming and drop to 58 tomorrow
5:51 pm
rain and wind thursday. that's the next alert day. rain heavy at times 67 and then the front comes through and down we go. 48 friday. quite a bit cooler all things considered. now i have friday dry with a mostly cloudy sky and saturday we warm back up to 63. small chance of a shower in the afternoon and better threat of rain saturday night down to 47 and sunday and looks like it will rain and 65. clocks ahead an hour. we are going to daylight saving time this weekend and some light rain in the forecast on monday. 60 tuesday. 51. cleveland 19 first alert weather app and get the information and getting watches, warnings and advisories you get them on the app and customize it to your neighborhood. you shook me all night long.
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fans, the band pulled out of the concert weeks before the show. find out why and what happens now.
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now, it's time for "the buzz" sponsored by national carpet mill outlet. >> catherine: oh, yes, rumors are swirling as law and order fans returning to svu. >> is the singer of a rock 'n roll band going deaf? [ music ] >> ac/dc says the front man brian johnson is at risk of going deaf. doctors told him to stop touring right away or he could lose his hearing for good. ac/dc postponed some upcoming u.s. tour dates including their march 26th show at the q here in cleveland. darn. the show will be rescheduled and likely with a guest vocalist. if you have tickets you can keep them for a new date or get a refund.
5:56 pm
guitarist bill wyman diagnosed with prostate cancer. the 79-year-old is undergoing treatment for the disease which was caught in the early stages. he played with stones from 1962 to 1993 and makes an occasional guest appearance and expecting to make a full recovery. despite the rumor eliott victims unit. the actor chris maloney playing the sex crimes cop in the law and order spin off series left the show in 2011 and he told the huffington post he has no idea how the rumors even got started. good news for fans, can you catch him here on monday nights in back-to-back law and order svu reruns over on cleveland 43. >> catherine: thank goodness for those reruns. we showed you outside a short while ago and coming up on
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>> jeff: unseasonably warm pattern hangs around and we could be close to record highs. >> mark: campaign 2016, we are live as governor john kasich comes to town and hillary clinton arrives tonight. plus open for business. you have seen crews working on it for months. now can you stay at the kimpton scofield hotel at east 8th and euclid. live from cleveland's newscenter, cleveland 19 news starts now. >> mark: heartache following this massive fire at a local apartment building. >> it is difficult, you know. it is most all of us, you know, have young children at home, too. >> a girl four-years-old died in the flames while others barely made it out alive. >> i saw him jump out one of the windows with his little girls.
6:00 pm
developing news on this deadly fire. >> this tragedy happened at the hickory hills apartments in brunswick. a community mourning the loss of a child. >> many are left without a home. jen picciano now with the latest on the investigation. >> at this point the cause of the fire is undetermined. fire investigators are currently trying to rule out some accidental causes like electrical and smoking. in all, 24 units were affected and one family suffering an unthinkable loss. >> when glen hartman spotted huge flames at this apartment building he instinctively tried to help. >> i hurled over two fences and i had seen no way of getting inside because the lobby was engulfed and i was bashing every window saying get out, get out. >> he helped coax a man to apartment. >> i said you have to get out of there, buddy.


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