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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 4PM  CBS  March 9, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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p. p live from cleveland's news pcenter, cleveland 19 news starts pnow. p breaking news now at 4:00. pthe cleveland clinic announced ptoday that the first uterus ptransplant recipient lindsey had pa sudden complication and the ptransplanted uterus had to be premoved. pthe clinic says the complication pof the transplant is being previewed. pcatherine bosley will bring us pthe latest on this coming up at p5:00 as well. p also breaking or perhaps pnot, will the browns cut johnny pmanziel pmanziel
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pvery latest on who the browns phave lost so far. p>> tony: thanks, ro. pthe market officially opened. pall eyes on the browns who palready lost alex mack, a 5 year pdeal almost worth 50 million. ptravis benjamin to the san diego pchargers. p6 million a year. phe made 600 grand last year. pand for mitchell schwartz the pbrowns have pulled their offer poff the table. pas for johnny, it's a matter of pwhen, not if they cut him loose. pthere's been a lot of talk. pif you've been wapg tching us, the pbrowns may wait to see if he is psuspended and the browns could pget bonus money back. pas we told you last night, the pbrowns may already have caused pto just void his contract and psave the money anyway pconsidering johnny's behavior. pa lot of things happening. pwe're following that situation pclosely. pmany more things. pthings happening fast in the nfl pright now for a lot of teams.
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preceivers, goes to the lions. pthe lions probably overpaid at p40 million. pfor him. pone more thing. pjason of cbs tweeted ptoday that a lot of agents are punhappy with the browns front poffice over the talks. pthat would include schwartz. pnobody likes agents. pi don't blame the browns for pthat. phowever, you see a lot of layers changing teams here ptoday. pthere's a lot going on and p>> mark: is this our first ptaste of analytic thing. pjust looking at numbers. p>> tony: i think we're looking pfor a complete overhaul. p>> romona: why would they pull pthe offer from schwartz? phe's actually good. p>> tony: because it's the phe is good. pthe theory is that maybe pmitchell because no other team pare flying in at mitchell pschwartz. pmaybe mitchell's agent is pinflating the market falsely and
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pbluff and saying, really, if pthey can get that, go get it. p>> romona: wow. p>> tony: i'll be back at 4:40 pfor a timeout. pwe have live chat going on. pschwabby and i are answering pquestions. p>> romona: thank you. p it was another awesome day pout there, but there's a soggy pturn in the forecast. pjeff tanchak is going to tell us pall about it. p>> jeff: yes. pwe got quite a bit of rain pmoving in tonight and tomorrow. pokay. pakron-canton broke your record phigh. pmansfield broke your record phigh. p71 there. pyoungstown 72. ptoledo and erie. pcleveland did not break the precord high, at least at last pcheck. pwe might have been a degree off. phere is the alert tonight and ptomorrow as we change things up. psteady showers. pin fact, the rain could be heavy pat times through the day ptomorrow. pthis rain will be coming in plater this evening over an inch pin spots. pand watch out for ponding out
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phere is the beginning stages of pthe moisture approaching pmansfield. phere is a look at the current ptemperatures. pupper 60s. pwe're at 69 now in cleveland. pstill 73 in akron. pand 74 dover-new philly. p60 at 7:00. pthis rain comes in by 10:00. pthere you see the rain icon. p58. pand we'll drop into the mid 50s. pstill very warm. pnow, what you want to do go over pto the cleveland 19 first alert pweather app there. pyou get the hour-by-hour. pmake sure you customize it to pyour neighborhood. pi'm going to click on the radar phere. pand i'm going to show you all pthis moisture as we look pupstream right here through pwestern iowa, southern indiana. pthat's the rain that's going to pbe moving in. robably won't produce flooding. pbut certainly going to make pthings very wet here. pi'll have all of the forecast pdetails coming up in a little pbit. promona. p>> romona: all right, jeff. p a real nightmare for a pgartsville family.
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ptheir home. pdani carlson spoke to the family pand joins us now live with their pstory. pdani. p>> dani: romona, we're at the phouse right now. pas you mentioned, they're not pliving in it. pthe fuel oil has actually been pcleaned up. pbut we can still smell it here. pyou can still see some of the poutward signs, including this pactual sign on the intake pipe pthat says do not fill because pthat oil fuel tank is out of pservice. pthis is it. photel room where the zaccari pfamily of 7. ptwo parents and kids ranging pfrom 2 to 12 is living until who pknows when. p>> nobody is sleeping. peveryone is bumping heads. pthere's no space. p>> dani: their nightmare pstarted the end of february when pa fuel oil truck pumped oil into ptheir basement fuel tank. pthey say the technician ignored pa clogged air vent, ended up pslowing a seem in the tank and umped all of this oil right pinto the basement.
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pimmediate threat to life. pthe fumes towards the end of the pday. p>> dani: we reached out to ol polman today and we had to talk pto the insurance company in pminnesota. pthe insurance company hasn't preturned our call. pthey say the company and the pinsurance company are "acting in pgood faith in the abatement paction". pno liability has been determined pwhatsoever on the part of the polman oil company. pbut we do know who the ohio epa pthinks is at fault. pit's olman oil. pthey have told them to clean up pthe mess and test the soil and pwell to see if it's pcontaminated. p>> i don't think any parents in ptheir right mind would move ptheir children back in there. p>> dani: if all of this isn't pbad enough, their temporary photel home is a work in progress pwith fans and heaters in the phallway drying out after the
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p>> i said you should pick us pout. pwe have a black cloud over our phead. p>> dani: now, the family is pgoing to be put up in that hotel puntil march 16th. pthey say they're fighting with pthe oil company right now to fry pto figure out their next step. pwe can also tell you they do phave a go fund me page, and pwe'll have that information on pour website plive in harrisburg, dani carlson pcarlson, cleveland 19. p>> mark: all right. pthank you. p a candidate running against ptim mcginty is asking for a pspecial investigator. plast week investigative reporter pscott taylor raised questions as pto why a financial background pcheck was never done on davies. phe had numerous personal money pissues in the past and mcginty pnow says davies charged $400 pgrill to an office credit card pand had it delivered to his phome. p>> over the last several weeks,
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preports regarding the financial phandling within the cuyahoga pcounty prosecutor's office. pwe've seen stories from scott ptaylor where he highlighted pmarvin day ilies and his trouble pfinancial management. pthere is a lack of financial pmanagement in the cuyahoga pcounty prosecutor's office. p>> mark: davies reimbursed the poffice for the grill and now rosecutor mcginty is asking the psheriff to look into the matter pand for the state auditor to pconduct an audit on his office. p the number of people pbattling the flu in ohio is now ptaking a big jump. pthe ohio department of health psays that last week there were p203 new confirmed cases of the pflu at the hospital compared to pjust 93 from the week before. pthis brings the total to 653. psince flu season began last poctober. p a carjacking in broad
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pcoming neighborhood on high palert. pjen picciano joins us now with pdetails. pwhere did this happen, jen? p>> jen: this happened in the pgordon square area yesterday pafternoon at about 4:30. pvictim richard boils says he pexited the west shore way and pstopped at a stop sign to go psouth when a newer white jeep ulled up on his right side. pa suspect jumped out of the assenger side with a gun. pthe suspect threatened to shoot pboils if he made a move. phe stole his wallet and his van pand inside that van tools and a pladder the victim needs for pwork. p>> it's just coming forward pbecause i want everybody to know pwhat's happening out here pbecause i need the vehicle. pi need it. pmy daughter is a special phandicap. pand we just need our vehicle pback.
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pdodge caravan license sky3121 pwith a world war ii veterans psticker on it. phe hopes somebody spots it. pso far no sign of his van or the psuspects. pthere were three actually in the pvehicle. pmark. p>> mark: thank you. p former first lady nancy preagan will lay in repose today pand tomorrow. pshe will be buried in reagan pcemetery next to her husband pformer president ronald reagan. plive pictures right now where pformer first lady lying repose. pshe died sunday of congestive pheart failure. pshe was 94. promona. p donald trump appears well on phis way to the republican pnomination for president after pwinning three of four states on ptuesday. pand hillary clinton is moving pahead as the front runner on the pdemocratic side despite a psurprising loss to bernie psanders in michigan. pmarley hall reports from miami. p>> reporter: donald trump is pshowing broad appeal with
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pelection victories and pdelegates. p>> the single biggest story in olitics today is what's phappening at the booth. p>> reporter: trump picked up 58 pmore delegates after winning in pmichigan, mississippi and phawaii. pted cruz won in idaho, picking pup 45 delegates. p>> there are only two candidates pnomination. pdelegates. pand that is donald trump who is pmyself. p>> reporter: cruz who picked up pan endorsement from former gop prival karly fiorina once again pdropout of the race. p>> thank you. pdoesn't it. p>> reporter: rubio failed to pwendell gits tuesday night but pdid pick up endorsements from pthe chicago tribune. pstill the florida senator is ptrailing in the polls. p>> it is marco rubio's last pstand in florida. pif he doesn't win florida, his pcampaign is probably over. p>> reporter: gregory kroger psays florida should be good to
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pvoters. pand a lot of non-white voters. pand so it's sort of good pterritory for hillary clinton. p>> reporter: kroger says bernie psanders will probably do well in ptonight's debate. pbut it still won't be enough to povertake clinton in the sunshine pstate. p>> romona: and speaking of that pdebate, the democrats will pdebate in florida tonight. pit will be the republicans turn ptomorrow. p still to come here at 4:00, pa valid battle over voting in pthe ohio primary. pthe aclu taking on the secretary pof state.
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p live from cleveland's news pcenter, driven by don joseph ptoyota in kent, this is pcleveland 19 news. p>> romona: another controversy pbrewing over next tuesday's residential primary in ohio. pcan 17-year-olds who are allowed pto vote if they'll be 18 by the pnovember election be barred from pvoting for the presidential ortion of the primary ballot? pthe secretary of state's office psays yes and as paul orlousky plearned today, the aclu is pcrying foul. p>> paul: primary voting for resident is a ritual all pcitizens who are members of a olitical party and over 18 pexercise every year. pbut this year there's a pcomplaint by the aclu. pcitizens who are 17 but will be p18 by the november election are pbeing denied the right to vote
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pthe primary, thus are being pdenied in a voice of who their arty is. pthey have made the distinction pbetween the ability of the p17-year-old with the ability to pnominate. pthey can elect but not nominate. psince primaries are to elect residential delegates who are pthe actual electors, he reasons pthey can vote for other races pbut not president. pagain, because they're just pnominating other candidates, if pthey were allowed to elect pdelegates for president, they pwould be illegally voting for resident. pthe aclu sent a letter pcomplaining about it saying it pclearly allows 17-year-old vote pand they are interpreting the plaw in a way to prevent the p17-year-old vote. p>> this is a population that we pwant to empower to participate pin our democracy. pand unfortunately, we're pdisencouraging them. pwe're pulling the rug out from punderneath of them. p>> paul: the aclu calls it a pmurky situation where some are phowing 17-year-olds to vote and
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pthe group wants husted to issue pan elective to cast their pballot, including in the residential race. aul orlousky, cleveland 19. p>> romona: we reached out to pthe secretary of state's office pto see if he would issue a pclarification letter or if he phad any other comments. pno one has responded. pmark. p a massachusetts chipotle prestaurant temporarily closed pbecause at least one worker ptested positive for the pnorovirus. pthat's a very contagious virus pthat can cause symptoms like pvomiting. ptwo other workers at the prestaurant are suspected of phaving the virus. pno customers appear to be pinfected. pcleaning crews arrived last pnight. pthis comes as the restaurant pchain is still reeling from an e pcoli outbreak at several plocations. p facebook is trying to catch pnew slang before it becomes pmainstream. pthey just patented software that pwill scan the social network for pemerging words and nicknames and pstore them in a social glossary.
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pfacebook will take them off the plist. p all right. phope you enjoyed today. pa little more cloud cover out pthere than yesterday. pbut sure we didn't get too many pcomplaints on that. pjust about everybody up above 70 pagain. pall right. pso we've got some light showers papproaching mansfield. pthere's a lot more where that pcame from. pthis is just the beginning pstages of this. retty much once it starts to prain later this evening, it's pnot going to stop through the pday tomorrow. pwe're going to have waves of prain. ptomorrow is just going to be a pwashout. pthis is the front that comes pthrough with a temperature drop pon the other side of this thing pby the time we get to friday. phere we are by 70. pstill 60 in chicago. pbut 47 green bay. pand 42 in minneapolis. pbut as you'll see on the seven pday, the overall forecast is pstill looking way above average. pso let's time this out.
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pthrough the evening commute dry. pbut then 7:00 this evening, rain pfrom sandusky to the toledo parea. phere is 10:00. pand it starts out as a light prain. pand, you know, i don't see real pheavy rain during the night. pbut tomorrow morning it does ick up a little bit. pit's going to be a wet morning pcommute with wet roadways out pthere. p56 will be the low temperature pwith the showers developing and p56 as well in the akron-canton parea. pshowers in the forecast. pnow, here is 10:00 a.m. ptomorrow. pso we got rain most of the area. p1:00 in the afternoon it looks plike the better threat along the plakeshore and then west of pcleveland it will be right paround this time tomorrow pafternoon. pthis is where the rain could be pheavy at times where a total, pokay, once it starts tonight, pyou can see our future view pmodel here over an inch.
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pof ponding on the roads. pi don't think this is going to pcause major flooding issues. pbut it's got one and a quarter pinches there in mansfield. pwe could have some minor pflooding in spots, but this is pgoing to be an all day thing. p59 the high. pthe rain will diminish to a plight rain and drizzle tomorrow pevening. pand then eventually coming to an pend so that on friday it will be pcooler. p49. pwind off of the lake with a pmostly cloudy sky. pbut more sunshine during the pafternoon. pthen we get to the weekend. pand check this out. psaturday is looking dry. pwe're back up to 65. p45 saturday night. pand on sunday afternoon showers pand storms. pmid 60s. pdon't forget this is the weekend pwhere we go to daylight savings ptime. pso clocks ahead an hour before pyou go to bed there saturday pnight. psunday as i mentioned, the pafternoon storms. pand then afternoon showers on pmonday. pso an alert there.
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p72. ptuesday 67. pand another threat of rain and pstorms on wednesday. p68. pso other than this day right phere on friday, temps way above pnormal the next seven days. pwe'll see. pguys, back to you. p first alert traffic on pcleveland 19 news is sponsored pby ford. p>> mark: yes. pand, you know, we're dry now and pthings are looking okay traffic pwise. pthat's 77 and 480 in pindependence. pit looks like the volume is just pabout where it should be for pthis time of day. pand everybody moving along just pfine. robably heard the old phrase pget a tiger in your tank. p [ laughing ] p>> mark: just be glad you're pnot seeing what some drivers saw pthis week. pthat's right. pa tiger. phow about this. pbetween cars. pwhole thing caught on camera. peventually the cat is rangeled pby a fearless motorist.
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pi've got you, fella. p>> romona: i would. p>> mark: oh, okay. pthey're trying to figure out pexactly where it came from. p>> p>> romona: you don't believe pme, but denise knows i want to et a tiger. p>> mark: okay. p the kennedy center is going
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p. p now it's time for the buzz psponsored by national carpet pmill outlet. p>> romona: in tonight's buzz, a pbig name coming to the kennedy pcenter as the first director of phip-hop. p>> mark: yes. pbut first the angels are back on pcbs tonight.
4:26 pm
pwe'll have to show you. pthe victoria secret angels, that pis, for the swimsuits. pstrutting their stuff in the platest swim wear tonight at 9:00 pright here on cbs. pdid he pdemi lavato and nick jonas erforming. p>> romona: i normally wouldn't plike that, but i like demi plavato. p>> mark: yes. p>> romona: q tip and i go way pback to the kennedy center. phe just made the first director pof hip-hop. pq tip is a founding member of pthe hip-hop group. pa tribe called qwest. pthey're bringing the rapper on pto direct the first ever hip-hop pculture series. pthe center has announced six pevents already, including poetry pslam and a dance competition. p>> mark: i'll be there. p>> romona: the center is pcelebrating john f. kennedy's
4:27 pm
p>> mark: yes. pyou knew him as q like me. p [ laughing ] p have a seat or don't. pwhy sitting on your dupa is pbeing pegged as more dangerous
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tv-commercial tv-commercial
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. her life's work has been about breaking barriers. and so would her presidency. which is why, for every american who's not being paid what they're worth... who's held back by student debt or a system tilted against them- and there are far too many of you- she understands that our country can't reach it's potential... unless we all do. together.
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p. p a top story today. pthe cleveland clinic announced pthat the first uterus transplant precipient lindsey had a sudden pcomplication and the ptransplanted uterus had to be premoved. pthe clinic says circumstances of pthe complication is under preview. pcatherine bosley will bring us pthe latest on this coming up at p5:00. p and the nfl league new year pis -- well, it is right now. pright now it's a matter of when, pnot if they will cut johnny pmanziel loose. pour sports department following pthat situation very closely. pwe'll keep you updated on that. p the aclu says that p17-year-olds must be allowed to
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pthe aclu sent a letter to psecretary of state john husted pcomplaining about it. phusted says 17-year-olds who pwill be 18 before the november pelection can vote in the primary pelection next week but they pcan't vote for presidential pnominees. p a cleveland grandmother is pfed up with all of the violence pon the city's east side. p>> mark: ruby bell says she pwants it to end and today sia pnyorkor is here to have her pstory for you. p>> reporter: yes. pit's sad to say ruby bell is no pstranger to violence. pless than two years ago, five eople were murdered right next pdoor. pbut this time those bullets hit pa little too close to home. p>> all these killings. p>> reporter: miss ruby bell psays she doesn't feel safe in pher own home. pmonday night someone drove by pher house on east 92nd street pand fired shots. pfive children were in the home pbut thankfully no one was hurt.
4:32 pm
pit's after 10:00 at night. p>> yes. p>> reporter: and all of a psudden. p>> pow pow pow. pit was about 10 rounds i want to psay. pand it was very close. p>> reporter: she's lived in pthis house for almost two pdecades and says this is too pclose for comfort. p>> when you're in your own phouse, that's a problem. pand this has been going on pregularly. pa lot of gang violence. pit needs to stop. p>> reporter: police are pinvestigating but don't have any psuspects. pless than two years ago, five eople were brutally murdered pnext door. olice arrested 19-year-old pjames sparks henderson for the pmurders and he's currently being pheld on a $7.5 million bond. pmiss ruby says it's not psomething you forget. p>> it's very extremely hard, pextremely hard. pand it just does something to pme. pmemories. p>> reporter: she says people poften ask her why she doesn't pmove, but she says that would be pgiving into the violence.
4:33 pm
pi don't plan on going nowhere. pi'm just going to fight back. pi'm fighting back. p>> reporter: miss ruby plans to ptalk with her local council men pthere in ward 7. pshe also wants to stop a pviolence group and advocate for pyoung people. pas for james sparks henderson, pthe man accused of murdering the pfive people next door, his trial pis set for early may. p>> romona: all right. pthank you. p the city has agreed to let a pnightclub that's dealt with its pshare of violence reopen. pthis comes a little more than a pyear after a man was shot in the pbathroom. pthe mayor's office says club fly phigh at east 70th and superior phas to be renamed and be a prestaurant or reception hall. pthere also needs to be security pcameras installed and one off pduty cleveland officer has to be pthere for 100 customers at a ptime. pfolks in the neighborhood have pdescribed the place as a death ptrap.
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pis leading john kasich here in pthe governor's home state. pdan deroos is here to break it pdown. p>> dan: they keep saying you pmust win your home state. pif you can't win your home pstate, then you should probably pdropout of the race. plet's look at florida first. pand this race according to the olls isn't even close. pdonald trump at 45%. pmarco rubio, his own state, only pat 22%. pnow, remember, polls can be pwrong. plast night hillary clinton was psupposed to win michigan fairly peasily but bernie sanders had pthe big surprise there. pohio governor gets 8%. pthat's in florida with a plus or pminus four points. pnow let's focus on ohio. pohio john kasich needs to stay pin the race. pthis latest poll plus or minus 4 perror points, 38% for donald ptrump. p32 for john kasich. pwe can fill in the rest of pthese. pted cruz gets 16 and 9 for marco prubio.
4:35 pm
pbecause at 38 to 32 it's pbecause at 38 to 32 it's pwidening the gap just three or pfour weeks ago this exact same oll had donald trump at 32 and p26. pso it was a 6 point margin. pit's still a 6 point margin. pbut the votes have been lost for pted cruz and marco rubio and psort of been split between the ptwo. pvery interesting as we get pcloser to tuesday's ohio rimary. plet's get over to weather. pjark p>> mark: dan, thanks. pvery important. p will my walk home tonight be pdry? pthat's the big question. p>> jeff: you want to know. p>> mark: that's the big pquestion. pis nolan going to stay dry ptonight? p>> jeff: we're good until after p7:00. pyou're fine. p>> mark: good. p>> jeff: it will be mainly plater this evening and over pnight it's going to be rabing. pwe're starting to -- raining. pwe're starting to see the pmoisture come in here. pthat stuff around mansfield, psprinkles at worst. pthe bulk of the rain is still pupstream. pbut it will be moving in. pso tonight and tomorrow first
4:36 pm
prain in the forecast here. pover an inch in spots. pit's pretty much going to be a psteady rain through the day ptomorrow. obd onding of the roadways isn't pgoing to be a major issue. pwe'll still be in the mid 60s at p8:00. pright there. p8:00 we'll have rain coming in phere from the west. p10:00 rain. pmidnight rain. p2:00 in the morning. pyes. pit will be raining. plook at the temperatures, pthough. pwow. pwe did break a record. pakron-canton, man's feed sfield, you pbroke a record. pdover-new philly, little cooler. pso we got the steady showers in pthe forecast through tomorrow. pdry. pbut a temperature change on pfriday for one day because over pthe weekend it gets very warm pagain. pand even some showers and storms pin the forecast later sunday. pthere you go. p59 the high. pshowers likely.
4:37 pm
pyou on this as we move along. promona. p well, your favorite italian pdressing is getting more pricey. pthe cost of olive oil spiked. pit's now up 20%. pthe jump in price is being pblamed on drought and disease pthat devastated a big part of peurope's olive crop. p all right. pa health alert today about a hrase we are hearing more of pthese days. psitting is the new smoking. phealth reporter catherine bosley pjoins us now with a look at what pthat is all about. pa lot of studies done on this. pthe health risks of sitting too plong. pit's too the point where experts pare stressing, especially people pwith desk jocks, bs, it's time to ptake a stand. pworkers pushing away the chairs pand getting on their two feet is pquite the trend. pwe're even seeing -- p>> it's been fantastic. p>> catherine: a lot of our pcolleagues getting into the paction.
4:38 pm
psitting for six hours, seven phours. pit wasn't the way i wanted to be pspending my day. p>> catherine: and then joanne pbecause of an injury ended up phaving to stand only to find she refers it. p>> i was keeping myself more up pright and everything. pi feel that i'm more alert. pi'm paying more attention to pwhat i'm doing. p>> catherine: it's just what pmichael likes to hear. pa physical therapist at the pcleveland clinics. pwhy he treats many who hurt from ptoo much sitting, he's more palarmed by the potential plife-threatening issues it's psaid to bring on. p>> what the studies have pconcluded, the more we sit, the pmore harmful it is. pthe big concern is increases our prisks for all kinds of pmortality. pso all of the things that can pcause harm and death. p>> catherine: he's talking pthings like diabetes, pcardiovascular disease, even pcancer. pthe same issues caused by psmoking. pthe research shows a 2% pincreased risk for every hour poff your feet. pthe number goes up the longer pyou're down. p>> if you're looking at what is
4:39 pm
pto working out, this might be pone of the number one things pthat could impact your overall phealth is standing throughout pthe day. p>> catherine: it seems it's palso becoming the number one pthing. pthose who tried it whether with pa homemade standing desk or pcommercial one are not willing pto give up. pso, of course, no one is pexpected to stand through a pwhole straight eight hour day pright away, right? p [ laughing ] p>> catherine: it's advised you pstart with a few minutes and add pmore time the more comfortable pyou get with it. pit's training. p>> romona: yes. pand you have to mentally tell pyourself i've been sitting too plong. pi should get up. p>> mark: get up and move. p>> romona: catherine, tell us pwhy it's so dangerous to sit all pday? p>> catherine: more research papparently needs to be done on pthat. pit has to do with improving your pcirculation and metabolism and pthe weight bearing is believed pto be help. utting weight on the bones and pstrengthening them. p>> mark: what if you work out a plot.
4:40 pm
p>> catherine: that's what is preally surprising. pthe answer is exercise off sets pthe risk of sitting somewhat but pnot entirely. pin other words, there's no way pof completely undoing a full day pof sitting. pand many of us have to change. pjark jark p>> mark: i'm with you, sister. p>> catherine: if we're going to pbe standing a lot. p>> romona: i'm embarrassed to pshow what i have. pi'm hiding the foot. pall right. pthank you. p i am back and talking in ptimeout to tony. pwe're going to talk about johnny pmanziel. ptalk about who is tired of plebron james? pyep. pthat's interesting. lus tech rules from kids to arents.
4:43 pm
p. p now for a quick timeout with pramone pramone promona and tony. p>> romona: let's talk about pmanziel's fate. pi thought at 4:00 he would be pgone. p>> tony: it's interesting. pi was talking to mark schwab pabout this. pit's not like the browns have a pguy sitting with the hand on the pbutton and at 4:01 they're going pto make a statement and pembarrass johnny. phe can do that himself. pi think we know what they're pgoing to do. pdo i think the browns should pmake a statement? pyes, i do.
4:44 pm
pbrowns quarterback johnny pmanziel in trouble. p>> romona: are they waiting to psee if another team would want phim? p>> tony: that's a very slim poption. pmore than the guaranteed money pdh is over $2 million. pif he gets suspended by the pleague, then they'll probably pget a lot of that back. pthat's $2 million. peasy for me to say. pit's not my money. pbut you've been on record, guys. pthe new regime is saying we are pchanging the culture here. pwe don't want to do this panymore. pand this is a way to come out of pthe gate and say we told you pit's over. p>> romona: yes. pand i don't like putting my own ersonal spin on it, but i'm a phuge fan of the browns. pand so i'm like the rest of the pfans. pwe just want to move on. pwe want this over and we want to pstop talking about them. pokay. pwe have to talk about lebron. pa columnist is talking about plebron is destroying himself. p>> tony: yes. pthis is a national columnist
4:45 pm
pmiami and i'm starting to see i pcovered lebron from 2010. plebron is physically the best layer in the league. pnobody can beat lebron james pexcept lebron james. pthis is his take. phe's self-destructive. phe actually compares him to pother geniuses. plike all geniuses, they have a pself de instruct mode. phe's -- destruct mode. phe's starting to see blame going pto kyrie in twitter that he pnoticed back in 2010. pi always knew or felt that plebron seemed a little different pbefore he left town. pi had only been here for a few pyears. p>> romona: different how. p>> tony: than he had been a few pyears before that. pthat was towards the cleveland pmedia in my opinion. pand he was a changed guy by the ptime he came back. pnow, do i think -- i'm not ptaking this to lebron is pleaving. pthat's not what we're doing. p>> romona: no, not at all. p>> tony: there's something pmissing with that team. p>> romona: i don't think that psomething missing is lebron. pi think it's something else pwithin the team. p>> tony: well, you know, but
4:46 pm
lease check yourself. at riley did it in miami. lease don't let this spiral. p>> romona: i'm going to have to pside with lebron on this one pbecause he wants to get us a pchampionship. pthat's all he wants. p>> tony: yes. pi'm with you on that. p>> romona: he gets frustrated. phe's so talented. phe wants the people around him pto rally and get that pchampionship. p>> tony: i'm with you. pgood stuff. p>> romona: mark. p>> mark: okay. p take a look at this. pa kid showing their love to mvp psteph curry by pouring water on pthe star. pcurry was a good sport about it pand he allowed it. phe's used to it. pteammate green does it all the ptime and says, there you go. pmore cleveland 19 news at 4:00
4:47 pm
4:48 pm
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pvisit pand learn how botox pcan be a low cost option. p.
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pfalls teenager has been found psafe and unhurt. p15-year-old mikayla barrett was pfound in cleveland. pshe was reported missing tuesday pafternoon. pchagrin falls police are pthanking everyone who helped to plook for mikayla. p all right. pwe're going to start out with pthe feazel roof camera here. pand what camera do we have? pwhat are we looking at? poh, there it is. pdowntown cleveland. pall right. pcloudy sky. pi got the rain moving in to pdowntown around 10:00. pso watch out for that. pit looks like early evening pwe're going to be good to go. peven with the cloud cover in lace. pbut it is still very warm out pthere. pwe did slide back into the upper p60s because of the clouds prolling in. pbut i don't think we broke the precord high in cleveland anyway. pit's rain tomorrow. pand a good shot of it. pwe're looking at over an inch pwhen you combine the rainfall ptonight and then through the day ptomorrow. retty much an all day thing.
4:51 pm
pand watch out there on the proads. p59 will be the high. pthe rain will eventually end ptomorrow night. pthe evening. p49. pbut dry. pmostly cloudy. pthat cool down will be for one pday because we warm back up to p65 on saturday. artly cloudy. pnice looking saturday. p45 saturday night. pstill dry. p65. pso an alert there. pand it's clocks ahead this pweekend as we go to daylight psaving time. pafternoon rain monday. pand look at that high. p72. ptuesday 67. panother threat of showers and pstorms wednesday. pand 68 degrees. pwhat's trending? p>> romona: what's trending is ptall men have a big advantage paccording to a new study. p>> mark: research published in pthe medical journal found that
4:52 pm
psocioeconomic status than their ptaller peers. pthe connection was higher for pmen while the connection between pweight and earnings was more ronounced for women. p>> romona: the study found that pas little as an extra two and a phalf inches of height raised pmen's incomes by nearly 4200 pbucks while an extra 15 pounds psaw women's annual income drop pto $1,600. p>> mark: honestly had no idea. p>> romona: yep. p>> mark: there you go. p put your phone away when i'm ptalking to you, mark. p>> mark: i'm sorry. p>> romona: don't text and don't pdrive. pkids hear it all the time from pmom and dad. pa new study by researchers at pthe university of michigan and pthe university of washington preveal the tech rules kids 10 to p17 would set for their parents, pand here is a few. pbe present. pwow. pkids felt that there shouldn't pbe technology at all in certain psituations, like when a child is
4:53 pm
pdon't use while driving. pno hypocrisy. pkids feel parents should ractice what they preach. pand, finally, stop over sharing. p>> mark: oh, clicking around on psocial media and there's mom. p>> romona: i know. pwell, they're proud. p>> mark: all right. p what kid does not love the pcircus? p>> romona: apparently this kid. pwhere he wanted to go instead. pthe video is now going viral.
4:54 pm
p. p it's time for a little pnolan. phey, romona. p>> romona: hey, mark.
4:55 pm
p>> romona: thank you. p>> mark: 31% of fellas have pborrowed this from a girlfriend. pwhat is it? p>> romona: our razor. p>> mark: never. pno. pdeodorant. p>> romona: that's close enough.
4:56 pm
p. p finally we'll give you a plittle cute kid video to pbrighten up your day. p>> romona: this little guy was
4:57 pm
pto the circus. ptake a listen. p>> listen. pwe're not at a broccoli farm. p>> where are we? p>> we're at the circus. poh, i wanted to go to the pbroccoli farm. p>> wait. pmax. p [ laughing ] p>> romona: seems like p4-year-old max really loves his pbroccoli. phis family assured him that they pwould go to the farm soon. pnow, max's dad says this is popposite of the reaction they pexpected. pwhile folks love little max's pspongs presponse, the video has gotten pmore than 544,000 views on pyoutube and counting. p>> mark: i'm with max. pbroccoli with butter and salt. p>> romona: who knew. pyou thought he'd get excited pabout the circus.
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
live from cleveland's
5:00 pm
news brought to you by bill dougherty kia of streetsboro. kia, what's in your driveway? cleveland 19 news starts now. we start with breaking news right now at 5:00. we have new details on the historic uterus transplant performed last month at the cleveland clinic. >> dan: unfortunately we learned the patient suffered complications and her donor uterus had to be removed. catherine bosley joins us now. do we know what happened yet. >> we are only getting answers. we were told the circumstances is under review and more information will be shared as it becomes available. certainly a disappointment for so many people. monday the press conference was held introducing 26-year-old lindsey, the patient and how excited they were to the success of this point. the transplant surgery took place february 24th, a first in our country. whatever the complication, the uterus had to be removed yesterday and in a statement the


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