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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 11PM  CBS  August 25, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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cleveland 19 news sponsored by the national carpet mill outlet. asking questions and getting answers, cleveland nip teen news starts now. >> denise: we are all getting a break from the humidity humidity tomorrow. r chance of storms? jeff tanchak has the details. >> jeff: we did get storms going this afternoon. there is a small risk of storms a portion of the weekend i will be talking about. right now let's show you what we are talking about. it is rolling off the lake and everybody else is dry. there goes what is left of the storms that popped up this afternoon along the front. from this point forward we will be dry the rest of the
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the tomorrow, the humidity does drop. it is going to be a very nice looking day tomorrow. a warm weekend ahead. this is going to be a threat here for a few storms. this will be a much weaker system, so it will be the tail end of the weekend and here is 7:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. we may see a few downpours with that. the humidity will be going back up over the weekend. the full details on that and i have the updated for the cure forecast. the first alert weather app, let's talk about this constant radar updates. we did have a few severe weather alerts today and you got that on the apple and we got that into the office in the palm of your hand. get down to street level there and with the dopler radar make sure you customize it to your neighborhood. ramona? >> romona: now breaking news in the scandal involving ryan lochte. police in rio charged the
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lochte will be summoned back to brazil to testify in front of the justice department, but he can't be punished for not appearing. lochte and three other swimmers claim they were robbed at gunpoint earlier this month while competing in rio. and back at home we just learned that cake catholic forfeited the football game against a team from toledo because of disciplinary reasons. the school has been dealing with a hazing incident last moh. exact reason for the forfeit and we'll report back when we find out. >> denise: the number of fatal heroin overdoses in cuyahoga county has surpassed last year's total. 300 people have died from overdose so that are this year. so far this year. more than a thousand people died from a deadly mix of
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fentanyl. and the numbers show how bad it has grown in northeast ohio. >> romona: in some treatment centers it was a four to six-week wait for addicts to get the help they need. but tonight, two police departments are joining forces to help people get clean and their life back on track. hair we boomer is -- harry boomer is getting answers. >> reporter: ramona, i have been around here a longtime and i heard something at the safe passages shocked me. the county medical examiner says we are due to see more deaths in 2016. >> we have a country where 10% of our citizens are addicted. 10%. over 30 million people in our country are addicted to drugs. >> reporter: 90% started before they were 18 years old. people including neck coal --
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addicted for seven years. >> i was the girl they didn't want to narcan and the life that was wasted. they toasted me aside. >> reporter: she fought for life. she cleaned up and brought the safe passages program to ohio. it is now being used by police in olmstead township. >> we will do our best to get you into a detox bed. we will try to get you into a facility that will help your addiction. a 28-day facility. >> we had overdose yesterday they were revived with narcan. >> listen closely. >> there is no way to arrest our way out of the problem. >> more and more people are coming to grips with this deadly epidemic. >> look at the communities. i am not seeing downtown cleveland.
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>> reporter: they say an addictive and recovery initiative is outstanding. even with that they can help you deal with that so it it will have to stay away. harry boomer, cleveland 19. >> unfortunately ohio has become a hotspot for heroin over doses. today the state reported more than 1,000 people died from fen tau nil which is often mixed with with heroin. the problem in the bucke the drug was featured on the cbs evening news. police are now worried about carfentanil that is usually used to tranquilize large animals like an elephant. it is so deadly and it is not for use in humans and yet it is easily available on-line. >> just this morning way were able to -- we were able to go on the internet and get a quote for 100-grams of carfentanil and that was
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would -- >> i mean it would kill thousands of people. >> denise: unbelievable, isn't it? emt's need five times the amount of narcan to bring back a person who overdoses on carfentanil. cleveland 19 news is helping you spot the signs of heroin and opioid abuse. log on to cleveland and click on the your health tab for information to help a loved one struggling with >> romona: now to norwalk. they have turned off several drinking fountains and faucets because some of them tested positive for high levels of lead. the district says it will replace the affected fountains and the faucets at three elementary and intermediate and middle schools. the students and teachers can bring in water bottles and they are being provided with safe drinking water. >> denise: 25,000 strollers
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fall out. the strollers are made by step and go and sold under the safety first brand. the company is offering a free repair for the problem. for more information head to our website, cleveland >> tiffani: we have learned the woman who was shot yesterday on i-77 in canton may have been followed by her ex-boyfriend in the past. documents from the stark county sheriff's department show erika larison told them she was chased and nearlun larison and the ex-boyfriend were involved in an on going custody dispute. sometimes victims don't ask for help even though they desperately need it. how can you help them before it is too late? sara gleddenburg is -- sara goldenburg has more. >> the statistics are shocking. one in four women will become victims of domestic abuse or violence during their
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loved one could save their life. >> life hasn't been easy on laura cow wean. >> it is something you will never forget and never get over. >> her boyfriend beat her and raped her and abused her children too. he held them hostage in a california garage for six months. she was able to escape after slipping a note to a postal worker. >> it was horrible. yes, i lived in fear, me and the children. >> they council other domestic violence victims. we are someone you love needs to get help, what can you do? according to the national domestic violence hotline, start by acknowledging they are in a difficult situation and be supportive and listen. let them know the abuse is not their fault. next, help them develop a safety plan. identify safe spaces in their house to hide and ways to escape. have numbers for help programed into your friend or family member's phone and make sure they know where the closest shelter is. their children should know how
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too. offer to go with them to a support group and be there if they need help. lastly you can't rescue them. she is the one who has to make the decision on whether to leave or to stay. and it is important for you to be supportive of the decision. laura now calls herself a survivor. she wants you to know that help is out there for you and your loved one. >> let them know i got out and they can too. they are not alone and they this. >> reporter: why do victims of domestic violence decide to stay in abusive relationships? there are a number of reasons from threats to their children or family to financial dependence or they feel that they just have no where to go. ramona? >> romona: good work laura is doing. thank you. on average one person is physically abused by a partner or spouse every three seconds in the u.s. over one year this means more than 10 million women and men
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violence. women between the ages of 18 to 24 are most likely to be abused. >> denise: the man at the center of a carl monday investigation that exposed waste workers abusing the city's over time system was sentenced today. a judge gave smith 30 days in jail and 150 days probation for getting paid for work he didn't do. no one else was charged in the case, but nearly 30 waist workers were -- were disciplined after the investigation aired. >> jeff: let's look at the feazel roof camera. downtown cleveland and the storm threat is over and yeah it is pretty muggy out there. we will bring that down a little bit. the weekend forecast will be another warm one in the first alert forecast details. >> romona: and a warning about your iphone. it could be a target for hackers.
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information. >> today your meal is on my wife and i. enjoy the baby boy as long as god intends. >> denise: first, a note a father never expected to see. his emotional story next. >> get breaking news and weather now on the cleveland 19 news app. powered by the calvetta
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live from cleveland's news center driven by don joseph toyota in kent, this is cleveland 19 news. >> romona: you've heard the phrase a small gesture goes a long way. as tiffani tucker explains, a stranger's kindness and generosity touched a local dad's heart. >> we need more black dads like you. >> reporter: he was out at breakfast at thera three and a half-month-old son. >> it is great for me to be able to do this and do it the right way, you know, be there for him. i know when he gets older i will still be there for him and he can talk to me about different things. "today your meal is on my wife and i. enjoy that baby boy as long as god intends." i noticed this couple in the corner smiling at me and looking at my son and i was like what is going on?
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father-son moment. what he didn't realize is they would perform a random act of kindness. he walked out and noticed something on the windshield. that something was a note along with cash to pay for his breakfast. >> keep doing what you are doing, the masons. >> reporter: touched by the strangers' generosity and especially because he didn't have a father figure growing up. making the time he spends with his son even more >> ? going somewhere with daddy ? >> there are a lot of guys i know that are not taking care of their kids. to show not all of us are out here being gang bangers, some of us are being fathers. >> reporter: a father out with his baby. he says he will share the story with his son when he grows up and teach him how kindness really does go a long way. >> i just want to say thank you.
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i will make sure i pay it forward. i get blessed when i want to bless someone else. >> ? going somewhere with daddy ? ? where we gonna go ? >> romona: it is the best story of the year. >> denise: it is. >> romona: and the year isn't up yet. >> denise: we are both tearing up. if you need a babysitter i want that baby! >> romona: you are great, but we want to hug and kiss >> denise: if we can carry on and if we can see this, if you have an iphone you could be at risk of being thatted. the security flaw would let the hackers into your personal information on apps like e-mail and facebook and several others. apple just came out with an update to prevent this from happening. and we are getting answers on how you can install the important safety update. go to the settings and select general. mine didn't even say one.
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it will then ask you to download and install ios9.3.5. >> romona: the soaring prices of life-saving medication is topic. now add insulin to the list. the cost of the drug has tripled in the last 10 years going from about 150 a month to 450. the price hike has caused some to reduce their injections or stop them altogether. theses >> romona: and the maker of epipen has increased prices. mylan is giving out savings cards that will cover up to $300 of a the $600 it costs for two epipens and it will allow more patients into assistance programs that makes them free for low income families. >> denise: the zika virus continues to spread across
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pesticides to kill mosquitoes that carry the virus. those chemicals could also be harmful for the unborn babies. >> it is essentially a neuro toxin and result in unborn children having neuro developmental problems. >> it has been banned in several european countries, but both cdc and the epa insist it is safe. the agencies pointut tablespoons are used to spray an area the size of a football field. they claim that small amount does not pose any health risk. >> denise: we are less than 36 hours from the susan g komen race for the cure right here in cleveland. >> romona: cleveland 19 is a proud sponsor. you can make a difference. sign up to be on our team, team 19. we have a link on our website so you can join us this
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registration starts at 6:00 a.m. >> denise: and finally it may be rain-free this year. >> jeff: funny you mens that because i have the forecast right now. denise is nice enough because the button on my suit fell off and she was nice enough to sew it. >> denise: i still know how to sew. >> jeff: there are pictures all over fack. >> romona: why didn't you put it back on? jeff -- >> jeff: because i am a guy and i don't know how to. >> romona: i'm sure that some guys know how to. >> jeff: this guy doesn't. >> denise: becky home-ecky. >> jeff: we will have a rapid warm up and sunshine. not too humid, but it will be warming up throughout the morning. 80 at 10:00 and 83 at 11:00
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be going up on saturday. it will be another warm weekend ahead. there you can see the storms as they exited the area. around parma we had the downpours. but they didn't last too long. heavier rain in strongsville and north royal ton and northern summit county. other than the left over shower that may affect jaw intoe saw brief -- affect geneva. the humidity is it is a warm night tomorrow and it does go down a little bit and more comfortable. friday night football games are looking great and up we go again on saturday afternoon. here is the big picture. 85 is the high after today's 92. so that is a little cooler. saturday, 88 is the high with some high clouds and this weak front on sunday could spark off an isolated storm later in the day.
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monday it is back to dry weather and 85 degrees. it is going to be a warm stretch here. don't see any big cool downs. 83 dover new philly and 81 in cleveland now. 73 in warren and we have 72ashtabula. a partly cloudy sky the rest of the night. tomorrow morning a 2 for the weather impact on a scale of 1 to 10. sun glare eastbound and right around a 70 to start things warming to around 80 at 11:00 a.m. the high is 85 tomorrow. but that will be a pleasant 85. 83 at 2:00. akron-canton, there you go and 87 and a light lake breeze will kick in by the afternoon. waves one to three feet. the weekend and there is the 88 on saturday. saturday night is humid and near 70 and sunday is upper 80s. a small chance of a storm in the afternoon. could see a few storms on sunday night.
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during the day, no alerts. a pretty dry forecast. monday 85 and sunny and a few more clouds. wednesday partly cloudy and 86. ramona? >> romona: all right, jeff. a group of local kids are doing everything from food collections to a pie in the face. it is a raffle to benefit a hunger task force. the kids from the greener fields 4h cluber wal-mart earlier this month. and it was a huge success. they will match the donations up to $20,000. so far they are close to $8,000. one of the youngest 4h members, margo raised $118 with a lemonade stand. good for them. they are also selling raffle tickets for the noter game-cathedral louden pep
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coaches were volunteered to get hit in the face with a pie. nice they didn't ask me to do that. >> denise: nice to see that, though. them, not you, ramona! them, not you. deep in the heart of texas, but josh tomlin had a hard time keeping the ball in the park. highlights or should we say low lights coming up. >> high school football is back and so is the risk of side of my head. >> how to decrease the risk of long-term damage to your child's brain. >> the most important thing to
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now, this is the serpentini chevrolet sports report on cleveland 19 news. >> mark: the indians dropped the last two games of that series in oakland.
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the first of four with the rangers. they needed a win and bounce back. josh tomlin on the mound trying to bounce back and turn around his month of august. an e.r.a of 10 in the month. second inning and two outs and nobody on. rangers got two on and gomez hit a three-run homer and they lead it 3-0. move to the fifth. an r.b.i single and a pretty deep one, but still an r.b.i seng gel. 4- single. 4-0 rangers. mike napoli chucked it to field. 5-0. follow me. it will get worse. a 3-run bomb out of adrian beltray. i don't want to hear from the manager. i don't want to hear from anybody. turn off the highlights. they lost it 9-0. we don't need to see more of that. they dropped three in a row. by the way, tigers won. they were up 3-0 when mccann clobbered a three-run homer to put them up 6-0 over
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double over mike tomkin. cowan is huffing and puffing and he came home. francisco rodriguez with his 35th save. they win it 8-5. >> with the 6th pick in the 2013 nfl draft, the cleveland browns select mingo. defensive end. lsu. mike mike there were a lot of -- >> mr. were a lot of good players on the board when his name was called and he was not one of them. the browns managed to get a fifth round pick for the pass rush linebacker who, get this, can't rush the passer. it is true. they even tried him as inside backer and that didn't work out. he was pretty good on special teams which was fine if he was a 6th round pick, but not the 6th overall pick. look at their first round pick since joe hayden in 2010 who
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they haven't hit on one yet. not one. >> romona: that means we're do. >> mark: we were due for
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donald trump facing new criticism - he appeared to mock a reporter with a disability. 'uhhhh i don't know what i said, i don't remember.' he's going like 'i don't remember'." "putting a wife to work is a very dangerous thing. i don't want to sound too much like a chauvinist." "you have to be wealthy in order to be great. i'm sorry to say it." "he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured."
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>> jeff: did you figure it out? >> romona: no rain forays for the cure? >> jeff: it is looking good. get the information on the weather app in case mu missed something. right around 70 at 7:00 a.m. warming up to 80 at 11:00. quite a bit of sun tomorrow. mid80s. >> romona: denise is mad because you called her out. >> denise: after i sewed his button on for him.
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growing up his family lost a house in a flood.
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ted strickland learned early in life what one bad break... what one missed pay check can do to a family. the first in his family to go to college - his dad worked in a steel mill, his brothers finished concrete. that's why he's fought against every bad trade deal - from nafta to to most favored nation status for china. ted strickland: ohio, heart and soul.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> stephen: senator kaine, thanks so much for being here. >> absolutely. >> stephen: it's so exciting to have a potential veep on. >> i'm a i never miss an episode of-- (whispering) >> the "late show." >> -- the "late show!" with -- (whispering) >> stephen colbert. >> -- stephen colbert. >> stephen: thanks! have you met my other guest, the great tony hale from hbo? >> yes, i love his show-- ( inaudible ) >> ah.


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