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tv   Cleveland 19 News This Morning  CBS  November 1, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> tia: oh, yeah. you see it where it says world series. tonight is the night and the stage is set or progressive field where tonight the indians hope to drop the curtain on a world series drought dating back to 1948. that's a long time ago. we're live at the ballpark this morning getting fans ready and fired up for game 6 of the world series. if you're not fired up b don't know what it takes. >> brian: well, it's time. the indians did a wonderful job in chicago. they won 2-3 there so they have a 3-2 advantage in the world series. we're calling this closeout tuesday, because we want the indians to finish tonight. if they don't, they still have an opportunity tomorrow night to close out on wednesday night. all the pressure right now is on the chicago cubs, and that's why the indians need to get it done tonight. good morning, everyone. it's tuesday, and it's november.
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i'm tia ewing. of course, we have indians team coverage for you live from progressive field, but, of course, if you're leaving your house right now, you want to know what the weather is like. we're bundled up but he heard it's going to be warm told. meteorologist samantha roberts can sort it all out. good morning, sam. >> samantha: good morning, if you're just waking up with us, it is one of those days in the fall we get them fairly often where it's really cold in the morning and then by the you're like, get rid of this jacket. i have to take this thing off. today is one of those days, by the time you head to the ballpark, it should feel good outside. at 8:00 tonight we're in the upper 60s and a few clouds around and no rain in the forecast for this game. we will get through it just fine. temperatures dropping into the mid-60s by the final out. we've got dry weather area-wide this morning.
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walk to the bus stop. we're totally fine. the only issue is it's cold outside. i have some of you that dropped into the 30s. most of us are in the 40s. we have temperatures hitting about 62 by 11:00 in the morning and then look at that. laura, it's 75 this afternoon. you have the heat on in the car this morning, and then this afternoon you fire up the air-conditioning. >> laura: isn't that a change? something you don't expect for november, right, what's coming up later. out there on the roads, though, also looking really, really good. talking to you if you're headed out there, really no problems no matter where you come from. everything looks very, very green. west side, here you go, 60 miles per hour through lakewood towards the innerbelt bridge running on time and same thing with 71. no major accidents at least on the major highways. as we look at the 19-minute commute, that's from
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minutes right now. 17 minutes from north olmstead. mentor to cleveland 28 minutes for you. akron to cleveland looks like 37 minutes. as i mentioned, really we're all running on time out there. no problems at all to start off your early morning commute. things will change later on, right? because of the game today the cavs have moved up their tip-off time to 6:00. more than 60,000 people are expected downtown, so be prepared to wait in some traffic if you're heading into town. you're being 25,000 took the rapid red line last tuesday for game one and the cavs championship ceremony. there's extra trains running to help with large crowds, but as for parking prices, well expect a huge markup, somewhere in the $75 range for lots all around the ballpark. there are also several parking restrictions around the gateway complex because of both games taking place.
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parts of east ninth and huron will be off limits and the gait way garage is open only to cavaliers and indian parking pass holders. back out to tia and brian at progressive field ready to kick off the indians world series coverage. >> tia: thank you so much, laura. it's november 1st, so a lot of people think november 1st? that means my money is history. i have to pay rent and the gas bill. no. this is a whole other reason for it to be way before first pitch is ever thrown out, this day will go down in history. >> brian: it really will. it has everything to do with what day it is. it's november 1st, making this just the fifth world series in 112 seasons to be played in the month of november, which makes tonight' game the first time baseball is played at progressive field in november. that means it's also the first time fans can buy great lakes
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game. >> tia: still a lot of questions, but this is what we know. gates open at the ballpark at 6:00. we are still waiting, though, to hear back from the indians on who will sing that national anthem and who will throw out the ceremonial first pitch. that all begins at 7:56, and then 7:59, of course, you know by now game six will kick off at 8:08. >> brian: throws that first pitch for indians is josh tomlin. he's been absolutely fantastic for the stretch. tomlin has started 16 times after the indians have loss. the indians record in those game and this includes, obviously, the regular season, is 1-5. he's a great guy on the mound today. he's fantastic in the postseason. the indians bounced back after losing game two. tomlin went 4 2/3 inning and
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tonight t. we'll see what he has tonight. tomlin is pitching on three days' rest. he says he's ready for the opportunity to try and close it out tonight. >> it means a lot not just to 25 guys in the locker room but the organization as a whole. there's a lot of guys here a long time and never experienced anything like this. for us to experience this as an organization is very special to us and something we are humbled to be able to do. so, you know, we understand it's not just trying to win as well. >> tia: they put up nine runs compared to the seven they scored the previous three. so it's simple. you score more runs, and you win. indians second baseman jason kipnis says it would be great to celebrate in front of the home crowd tonight. >> it will be ideal. we have a better situation to do it now.
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it would nice to finally do it in cleveland in front of our fans. you look at beating detroit and boston and toronto, both on the road. it will be nice to do in front of the home crowd. we hope to get it done. >> tia: some are getting ready for work and thinking about 8:08. a lot of anticipation over this game tonight. >> brian: i don't know how much work is going to be done in cleveland today. people on the internet trying to see how this game is going to go tonight. i tell you the night we get it done. cleveland 19's nichole vrsansky joins us now, and she caught up with a super fan who wears her love for the tribe on her sleeve, nicki. >> nichole: she certainly does and all over her house. betty sullivan loves they are indians sports themed stuff decorating her house with sports gear.
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for the tribe this time it's no different. she went all out. >> people wait for my house to be decorated. >> nichole: they wait, and this year it was worth the wait. check out the up indians-inspired spray painted yard. everyone who goes by her brooklyn home loves it and comments on it. not only is her house ready, her outknit is too. this is her lucky indians vest. she's series. in her 83 years she doesn't remember any other quite like it. >> that i can remember way back. i think it's wonderful! i think it's just super bringing cleveland on the map. g good, yeah. >> it was betty's grandson that spray painted her yard for her. he did his own in parma. the whole family has a nice indians decorated spray painted
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for sunday's game, and she thinks that's the reason the team lost. she's making sure she has it on tonight. live on the field at progressive, back to you guys. >> brian: nicki, thank you. you think betty is superstitious? i would say so. do you have to sit on the same spot on the couch or wear the same hat or t-shirt during the game? a lot of us are like that. what exactly are you doing to ensure that the indians win this baseball game. >> mustache. i haven't shaved my >> yeah, yeah. i can't get rid of it. >> whatever works. mike pulled the idea from the ice. >> i'm a hockey guy, so i'm a big supporter of like the playoff beard. >> it's working. don't shave, man. you have a couple more days. >> i have to now. >> brian: superstitions have always been a big part of baseball. "major league" did that.
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straight ball i het it very much. curveball, that's it. i asked joe to come and take feet from bats. >> joe boo or joe buck? take your pick. >> for the world series, i bad mouth joe buck. >> a lot of people are doing that. make sure you're locked down and loaded up for whatever superstition you believe does it for the tribe. we just cannot take any chances. >> i was down at the jake saturday. >> brian: that's the key. you can't be home? >> i cannot be home apparently. have to come downtown and have a good time. >> brian: you better go downtown, then, because we can't take any chances tonight. 6:10 on your closeout tuesday morning. coming up in 15 minutes, we hear from terry francona on how wrapped up he got in the cavaliers rolling to the nba championship. >> this is a glove that i played with in the world series.
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>> tia: he played first base for the 1948 cleveland indians, and it's the last surviving member from that team. coming up, we will introduce you to eddie robinson. harry. >> harry: cleveland police looking for suspects that shot a toddler and teen on the city's east side. i have the details on what
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good morning. it's 6:14. cleveland police still looking for whoever shot a 19-month-old girl and a 19-year-old man. it was a drive-by shooting near lee and harvard. we're told the baby is still alive. she was hit in the shoulder and hand. the man was so the in his chest. they were lifeflighted to metro. cleveland police say the shooting happened just before jfk high school. they say two men and an suv fired at a white car and hit the baby girl and the man. we counted nine bullet holes in the passenger side of the car. police say a woman was driving the car with the victims in it, and she dropped them off at south point hospital. after that they were transferred over to metro. police are still looking for want suspects involved, and neither the names nor the conditions of the victims have been released yet.
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broke. if we get more information, we will have it for you and send out another alert on the free cleveland 19 mobile app. laura. >> laura: thank you, harry. we could find out if shawn grate is tied to another homicide today. richland county officials hold a press conference at 10:00. they may release the identity of remains found earlier in fall, and let us know if shawn grate is suspected in that person's death. he already faces charges for the murders of two women and the kidnapping and raping woman. grate could face the death penalty if he's convicted. he'll be back in court on november 6th. meanwhile, parma city schools will have until the end of the day today to turn their financial plan over to the board of education. there has been talk of merging high schools and closing at least five schools, which could bring some serious layoffs. the district has a $15 million budget deficit. we'll keep you updated with the latest information. those are some of the stories
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i'll update you on the current traffic in a couple of minutes. first, back out to progressive field where we find sam, and it's a picture-perfect evening for baseball, right, sam? >> samantha: hey, laura. good morning. you're absolute right. the weather looks fantastic this evening, and wait you hear about this afternoon. but you probably think it's cold outside, right? look at how i'm dressed. i have a coat and scarf and you might want to dress like that this mo especially if you're outside for a prolonged period of time. most of us are waking up in the 40s, and there are some 30s out there. again, bundle up. you might find yourself turning on the seat warmer in the car. the good news is we're off to a dry start. i don't expect rainshowers out there. i think we'll be completely fine today. morning commute, mid-day commute and evening drive, it all looks good. it's going to be a quick warm-up, okay? you would think this time of the year if we started off in the
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that is the average high today, about 57. we're headed for 67 by midday. then this afternoon we're getting into the mid-70s. it will feel incredible out there this afternoon. not record temperatures but still very warm for this time of the year. overall a blend of sun and clouds, a little breezy as well. that light breeze will be with us for the game tonight. a southwest wind, and temperatures in the upper 60s at firstc middle 60s by the final out. hopefully we're all celebrating and going crazy at this point. if not, well, there's a game seven that will be played tomorrow. for that you can expect temperatures to be right around where they are tonight. there is a little chance of rain tomorrow night, so we're hoping that we will not have to play a game 7, right? mid-70s again tomorrow. just an incredible start to the
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weather. rain returns to our forecast by your thursday. end of the week into the weekend, laura, the weather looks fantastic. look at the weekend. we're in the upper 50s with a time change, by the way, saturday night into sunday. we turn the clocks back. laura. >> laura: get that extra hour of sleep, right? loving this. looks like a great november so far, and looks like a great morning on the roads. if you head out there, it's been an easygoing morning. come later tonight. commute could be rough later on. right now, look at everything around the metro curve. 71 northbound and 176 joins in, nothing but green there. that's where we start to slow down. from canton towards akron. you're moving smoothly across the city and outbound along 77 if that's where you're headed. 65 miles per hour. northbound along route 8, 55 miles per hour there.
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there's the drive times. on time strongsville, mentor and akron. if you're headed out the door, everything looks green in your path. your east side commute is coming up at 6:33. guys, headed back out to you at the ballpark. tia, brian. >> tia: enjoy it while we can, right? the fact we're up, because tomorrow we're going to be groggy as all get tout. i think i'm staying up 24 hours. a lot are looking forward to the ceremonial first pitch, but we the ball out. >> brian: we have an interesting gentleman who will be here at the ballpark. we don't know if he'll throw out the first pitch. his name is eddie robinson and he's 95 years old and he placed first base for the world series champion indians. sia, a great gesture by the tribe as they got mr. robinson here to cleveland. >> sia: that's right, brian and tia. good morning.
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legend and evidence of that 1948 championship team. he began his career in 1942 when they won that title, and he went on to work in baseball all through the 1980s. he's 95 years old. he lives in his home state of texas with his wife, but today he's back here in cleveland. local star telegram out of fort worth, texas talked to robinson. he told him the indians called him up the past weekend if he would join the team for game six of the world series. in an interview with our sister station in fort worth, he painted a different picture to how his team celebrated 68 years ago to how teams celebrate today. >> the big celebration they have today with the champagne and the glasses and all of that, we just patted each other on the back, went in and got our shower after
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that night at the hotel. >> sia: robinson was born in 1920. that is the last time the indian -- that's when they won their first actually world series title. now he's the only player left living from that 1948 team. so maybe just being here at progressive today, he could be a good luck charm for this team, and maybe they can get their title, too. so i'm going to send it back over to you >> tia: thank you so much. time is 6:21. you know, the cavs championship really turned cleveland into believeland. it certainly has helped the indians, too. >> brian: that's right. up next, we hear from indians manager terry francona on how that cavaliers championship is kind of motivating him and his
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ay don't earn what they need and don't have the opportunities they deserve. i believe families deserve quality education for their kids, childcare they can trust and afford, equal pay for women, and jobs they can really live on. people ask me what will be different if i'm president? well kids and families have been the passion of my life and they will be the
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[ music ] >> brian: we're ready to go. this day in rock history 1976.
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>> tia: i wasn't born, brian. >> brian: i think i was 1 or something like that. keep on rocking me baby by the steve miller band was the number one song in the country. go to our facebook page and check out the rock trivia and enter to win tickets to dinner and a show at the hard rock rocksino. >> tia: '76, how old was i? you know i wasn't born. can you believe it's been 135 days since the cavs won the championship? >> brian: what a championship drought we've endured in cleveland. i don't know how we got through 100 and it's crazy. >> tia: you laugh, but think about in terms of the indian, it's a long time since they went this far. >> since they won in '48. it's no secret that this baseball team is grabs a little motivation. it's not helping, but it provides motivation from the cleveland cavaliers, especially manager terry francona. >> i thought it was wonderful for the city.
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not to get caught up in it. shoot, the day of the parade, i know myself and there's a lot of us. i went to the upper deck just because i wanted to watch the parade, and from that vantage point i think there were expecting 700,000. i think they about doubled it. from up in the upper deck, you could see the people coming across the bridge in droves, and then -- so you saw how the city reacted, but then also, you kind of saw i thought it was really cool all the way around. i mean, there was shear joy, but i also thought the way the cavs handled it, they were so outgoing with the fans. i mean, i just thought it was really cool. it was hard, like i said, not to get caught up in it. in the last game i was watching the game downstairs where i
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packed. when kyrie stepped back into that three-pointer, you know, it was kind of hard not to -- to kind of remind myself i'm 57, and you know, when low lebron clocked that breakup on the break-away, it was hard not to get excited. i can understand how people -- i mean, it is hard for me to understand how people get so caught up in baseball sometimes except when it's another sport, i get >> tia: it's just amazing to me as we get to this point how we're breaking so many different records in terms of the history books. believe it or not, in the 112-year history of the world series -- i thought this was crazy -- only eight games total have been played in november. tonight makes nine. that's insane. >> brian: that's incredible. you probably wonder what the weather will be like for this baseball game. we'll get a check from sam here
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>> brian: certainly hope to see the tribe jumping around celebrating tonight around the pitcher's mound around 11:30 or so this evening as cleveland could be celebrating the first world championship since 1948 tonight. we are live from progressive field all morning long. indians and cubs, game six right here tonight, and we couldn't be more fired up. closeout tuesday.
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the last game of the series will be tonight. good tuesday morning. it's november 1st, and i'm tia ewing. >> brian: thanks for joining us. i'm brian duffy. the weather is a big deal tonight for the people who will be flocking down here for the game. let's check in with sam roberts. hey, sam. >> samantha: hey, guys. good morning, and good morning if you're just waking up. it's a cold morning out here at progressive field. i'm bundled up, and you saw tia this morning, but later today anything but winter-like. let's go straight to the maps. i want to show you what to expect at game time. the game time forecast is upper 60s at first pitch with just a few clouds, a light wind in our forecast now. it will be a little on the breezy side, but tonight it shouldn't be quite as breezy. southwest sustained at about 10
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looking to wake up. you know, sometimes you wake up on a tuesday morning, and you're a little groggy. i guarantee if you step outside, you'll wake right up. some of you are in the 30s. we've got low 40s, upper 40s. with the breeze factored in, it does feel quite cool. it's one of those days where you bundle up in the morning, and then by midday you're sweating trying to get out of that coat. we're looking at temperatures this afternoon in the middle 70s. first day of november, and we're playing baseball and it's going laura. >> laura: and we're going to head out on the roads now this morning. really, haven't had many problems. we're actually moving pretty well, so actually, it's a good start. everything is looking very, very green on the roads. check that out. look at the main map there. i 990 coming in from the west side everything is looking up to speed. little 50-mile-per-hour spot, but it's not showing yellow and
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way. as we move to the east side now, it's 60 miles per hour from 480 here as lieu being from 77 to 271. no slowdowns along 271 to the south or to the north. that's out a little farther to the east through solon. 60 miles per hour as you get closer to 271. that's the normal speed you would be driving. here we have the drive times now. mentor to cleveland 28 minutes and 56 minutes inbound right elyria to cleveland is 27 minutes and the commute in is 19 min minutes. back to the ballpark, tia and brian, having fun out there. >> i'm having a great time there. some of the chicago media is strolling by in the cubs gear. you're in our house. wear some indians gear. fans tonight at the ballpark will witness history before the first pitch is ever thrown out. >> brian: that has everything to do with what day today is.
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baseball. we're not getting ready for a football game here. this will make it the fifth world series in 112 seasons to be played in the month of november, which makes tonight's game the first time baseball will ever be played at progressive field in november. that means it's also the first time fans combine baseball and great lakes christmas ale. how about that? >> tia: exciting. gates open at the ballpark a 6:00. keep in mind, that's the same time that the cavs game will get sta started. get down here early. we're waiting to hear back from the indians on who is singing the national anthem and throwing out the ceremonial first pitch. that begins at 7:56, and then 7:59. game six starts up at 8:08. >> brian: you know what's cool tonight, i think, for the city and fans? the tribe gets an opportunity to clench at home. this would be great for the fans
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i mean, even the cavs clenched on the road. the tribe clenched the central on the road. the american league divisional series in boston. the american league championship series in toronto. we're not complaining, but it would be nice to get one at home. tribe really wants to get one for the fans, and skipper terry francona says they have a huge advantage playing at home. >> there's some obvious ones. when you're on the road, one, it's kind of you against the world, which is okay. when you're the home team, you hit last. so you get to use your bull pen differently. that's a huge advantage. >> tia: >> brian: it will be a big advantage tonight. there's so much strategy that goes into it. i think terry francona has been absolutely perfect pushing the right buttons. if you want to see this closeout
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credit card or big wad of cash. >> tia: you might have to dip into your savings to come to the game. this is the ticket prices over the course of two games, but we know we won't need game seven for sure, only game six. that's where we're going down in history tomorrow. to get today or tomorrow costs $625 for standing room only, and that's without the added fees. the next best price is in the nose nosebleeds. in the bleachers the tickets are 750 and lower reserve tickets bucks. that's a whole lot of cash, isn't it? not everybody can afford to come to the game. you may still be an indians fan. there's a lot of them. some may watch from the comfort of their own home. >> brian: a lot of them do. nichole vrsansky has the story of one fan who is putting that certainly out there on display.
6:37 am
83-year-old betty sullivan never thought she'd live to see a year like this for cleveland sports. frankly, i don't think any of us did, right is this she's been a sports fan her entire life and really wanted to do something to show her support for the indians. look at the lawn. her lawn outside of her brooklyn home completely spray painted to show her love for the indians. her grandson actually did it for her. he also did his own lawn in parma as involved. betty has a vest she wearing for the game. she says it's lucky. she didn't have it on sunday, so maybe that's why they lost she said. she will wear it tonight. 2016 has been a year she won't soon forget. >> wonderful. i'm glad i can enjoy it. i wish it was tonight already. i can't wait. you get excited.
6:38 am
excited, and i feel that. i feel like a day like today at game day at 8:00 we will wait for that. the day drags so long. she's a little nervous about tonight's game, but she's confident the tribe can pull it off. live at the field at progressive, nichole vrsansky, back up to you guys. >> tia: thank you so much. it doesn't seem like we can escape the number 19. get this. i had to type this up, because the list is so long. cleveland players and davis all born on the 19th. is that a coincidence or is 19 really the cleveland indians lucky number? i went out to get some answers. [ music ] >> tia: this may make you jump and down, but the 19 we want to focus on. >> at 52 years the waiting, mr. calder, welcome home to cleveland! >> tia: turns out cleveland
6:39 am
in common. they had 1.9 seconds remains in o.t. 1.9 take away the decimal point, and that's the number 19. then this happened. >> rebound tipped into the space. final seconds. it's over, it's over! cleveland is a city of champions once again! >> tia: the cavs championship win will forever go down in the history books on june 19th. euclid native and current ufv heavyweight champion was born on august 19th. bernie kosar known for plays as a qb for the browns wore number 19. then there's baseball hall-of-famer bob feller that played several seens for the indians. he, too, wore 19. >> santana makes the catch! ball game. the indians have won the american league pennant. >> tia: indians win game five
6:40 am
against the blue jays, earning them the spot to the world series, their first appearance since 1997. >> forget about the sox. it's the way he socked that baseball that matters. >> tia: just 19 years ago. and if you need a little bit more convincing that 19 is a lucky number, lebron james became rookie of the year in the nba when he was just 19 years old. so 19. very lucky number. we every championship team has an unsung hero. this morning we tell the story 68 years in the making. >> i'm the only guy that's alive off of that '48 team. >> brian: that's eddy robinson, first baseman to the cleveland indians in 1948. what a story. that's coming up. harry. >> harry: a shooting in the lee
6:41 am
and teenager wounded as well.
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? ? ? ? can you say i love it? ? ? oh love it? ? ? can you say hey? ? ? hey! ? e spirit! oooooh.? ? ooh ooh ? ? wooh ooh ? ? wooh ooh ? ? sing sing, baby baby i love you. oh yes.? ? ooooh oooh.?
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good morning. it's 6:44.
6:44 am
whoever shot a 19-month-old girl and 19-year-old man. it was a drive-by shooting near lee and harvard. the baby is still alive. she was shot in her shoulder and hand and the man shot in her chest. they were taken to metro. in cleveland they say the shooting happened just before 5:00 last night on harvard near jfk high school. they say two men and an suv fired at a white car and the baby girl was hit and so was the man. we counted the passenger side of the car. police say a woman was driving the car with the victims in it. she dropped them off at south point hospital. police are still looking for the suspects involved. neither of the names of the victims nor the conditions of of the victims have been released. we sent out a push alert when the story first broke. i called cpd and sent out an e-mail this morning for an update. when we get more answers, we'll
6:45 am
free cleveland 19 mobile app. laura. >> laura: election day is seven days away, one week. john kasich voted by absentee ballot last night and said he wrote in john mccain. because he's not on the list of certified canadas in ohio, kasich's vote doesn't count. as far as the rest of his ballot, he, of course, stayed in within his party. before we go to progressive field, we're running all in the all major highways still looking good. might see a little slowing down there on 480 as you pass over the broadway area eastbound moving towards solon this morning. that still looks good though, and 58 miles per hour is not a big complaint. up 77 towards 90 there's slowing here. i would expect that slows down more and more like it has over the last week and a half now because of that left lane now blooked. it used to be open. we were used to it being open
6:46 am
for a check on collisons in the area. this is greensburg rote road add aultman. not a major issue. we want 117th at thrush avenue, that is a car into a pole. we go outside where sam roberts is. i'm inside in here in short sleeves and you're out there all bundled up. i got your morning e-mail. you said it was warming up, right? >> samantha: ye you're absolutely right. i think short sleeves are perfect, but in the morning if you're going to be outside, you need to throw a little something on top of the short sleeves because we are in the 40s. i even have some of you in the 30s. let's start off with what's happening in cleveland. this is a live look outside from high atop the feazel room camera. it's in the 40s in cleveland. we have a mix of moonlight and clouds outside, but no rain. that is wonderful news for the
6:47 am
your hour-by-hour forecast looks like this. 9:00 in the morning we finally start to get into the 50s. so we will thaw out fairly quickly for this time of year. midday is 67, and then an afternoon high today of 75 degrees. fantastic weather. can you believe the first day of november. it's not record-breaking but it's very warm for today. breezy weather, but a very, very nice day. and tonight that nice weather is a few clouds in your forecast, no rain, upper 60s for game six dropping into the mid-60s by the final out. if you don't have time to get outside and enjoy today's weather, i understand it's tuesday, right? you have to work and pay some bills and tia was saying earlier it's the first of the month, so we got to goat those bills taken care of today, right? but tomorrow after you're done working hard you can maybe schedule an extra long lunch
6:48 am
weather, mid-70s tomorrow and a little morning shower chance out there. there's also an overnight shower chance, which we would need to watch closely if there were to be a game seven tomorrow night. but i have my fingers crossed that we won't have to give you a game seven forecast, just knock it out tonight. weather alert day on thursday for the threat of rainshowers. those will slow down the morning and midday commutes, but by thursday night we look good, end of the week into the weekend looks very nice as well. guys, i know that you're excited about this. we're going to get an extra hour of sleep on sunday, and that means an extra hour of sleep on monday as well. back to you. >> tia: oh, i'm laughing because i can't stop shivering. i'm really trying. of course, you know the last time the indians won a world series championship was back in 1948. the coaches back then were budro
6:49 am
bob feller and and larry doeby. all of those guys have passed away. there's only one player still alive from that 1948 championship team. sia nyorkor joins us now to tell us all about 95-year-old eddie robinson. >> sia: yes. good morning, brian and tia. eddie robinson was born in 1920, the same year that the won their first title, and he played first base on their championship team in 1948. well, tonight he's back here at progressive field to see if this team can do the same thing his team did 68 years ago. robinson lives in fort worth, texas with his wife, bette. his hometown newspaper talked to him, and he said the indians called him up this past weekend and asked him to join the team
6:50 am
cleveland on monday morning. robinson, a four-time all-star talked with our sister station in fort worth. he described how different the game is played these days. >> they look to hit home runs and swinging at balls in the dirt. they swing at so many balls in the dirt, you know? they never choke up on the bat. >> sia: the indians have not said anything about who will throw out that first pitch, but don't bepr mr. eddie robinson or don't be surprised if they honor him in some way. coming up in the next half hour, i'll tell you what mr. robinson says about the way they celebrate their wins now versus how they celebrated them back then. brian, tia. >> tia: thank you so much, sia. time is 6:51. coming up we recap the events at progressive field ahead of game six. >> brian: closeout tuesday. next, we have an update on the
6:51 am
investigators are expected to
6:52 am
? ? with ingredients like roasted hazelnuts and cocoa, nutella adds a smile to any morning.
6:53 am
>> tia: welcome back. before you head out the door, here are some stories to know
6:54 am
developments in rick land county this morning where inspectors are expected to identify remains found earlier this fall that could be tied to the shawn grate multiple murder investigation. ha harry. >> harry: thank you, brian. i'm looking for a manhunt that's underway right now on cleveland's east side. cleveland police are looking for two men that shot a man and baby and it happened on harvard avenue near john f. kennedy high school. we'll send out a push alert if and when an arrest is made. downstairs towards the q today or progressive field where we have some baseball action going on, picture this. tons and tons of traffic downtown. my biggest suggestion? not really to go for one of these parking lots selling parking prices at a premium. i would say go for the area of terminal tower. what i mean by that is there's parking lots out that we. you could really take the rta of the there's extra trains around. you can take one of those trains
6:55 am
park-and-ride locations farther on the west or east side and take the train in. 5 bucks a person round trip. what a savings. nicki. >> nichole: i'm nichole vrsansky live at progressive field where the indians looking to make history tonight with their first world series win since 1948. the gates here open at 6:00, and we're waiting to hear back from the indians as to who is singing the national anthem and who is throwing out the ceremonial first pitch. game six begins at 8:08. sam. >> samantha: all right, nichole. thanks so much. we're approaching 7:00 now. i might be bundled up out here at the ballpark, but tonight i don't think you'll be quite as budgeded up. we're headed for the mid-70s this afternoon. that means a game time temperature in the upper 60s, and we've got another warm day in the forecast for tomorrow. no rain until tomorrow morning.
6:56 am
better chances for rain on thursday, and then after thursday things are very quiet going into the weekend. this is a fall-back weekend. we'll have to turn our clocks back, guys, one hour before we go to bed on saturday. over to you. >> tia: all right. this is an exciting day. what did you call it? closeout tuesday? >> brian: closeout tuesday. i want to come back for the celebration tomorrow, if that's what they're going to do, but i think the indians need to get it done tonight, and i think will. >> tia: i think they'll get it done tonight. get down here early because the cavs game kicks off at 6:00. first pitch at the ballpark is 8:08. >> brian: we're fired up. >> tia: we are. go tribe. make the switch to cle43. we will continue our indians make the switch to cle43. we will continue our indians coverage there.
6:57 am
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6:59 am
7:00 am
? good morning, it is tuesday, november 1st, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." the election is one week away. and the fbi is e-mails that may be tied to hillary clinton. top aide huma abedin promises to cooperate. a deadly pipeline explosion sparks a forest fire in alabama. could face higher gas prices. voters in five states will decide next week if recreational marijuana shop illegal. you should how their votes affects the rest of america. >> but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds.


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