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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 4PM  CBS  November 1, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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. cleveland 19 news sponsored by value city furniture, bringing you styles to fit your life at prices that fit your budget. getting answers for you, cleveland 19 news starts now. ? music ? . and we begin ourri coverage. pretty much everywhere. we're on east 4th street where tribe fans have no shortage of excitement as the team tries to close it out this tuesday. >> reporter: and dicks is gearing up with gear just in case the indians do win the world series. and we know they will. [ laughing ]. >> reporter: we're checking out the world series winning attire. that's in a live report. >> reporter: and naturally gateway plaza will be crowded with folks too. a lot of people are coming downtown just to feel the excitement. we'll check in with our crew
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moments. but first, good afternoon, w welcome to cleveland 19 news at 4:00. i'm mark nolan. breathe it out. >> reporter: i'm so nervous all day. this could be the day that we win the world series. not since 1948. and i can tell you, the people that have been coming down here to the ballpark, they are so excited about tonight. >> reporter: people coming down to the ballpark are so excited about tonight. but also people that are outside of the ballpark. they're running around downt like west 6th. and of course over on east 4th. that's where we find sarah goldenberg. sarah. >> reporter: hey, guys. i have to tell you, the excitement out here, it is hard to describe. but look at all of the people we have out here on this beautiful day. all of the patios and porches opened in the area. everyone ready to cheer on the tribe. look at this for game six. now, we did find some cubs fans out here. but everyone seems to be getting along and a lot of tribe fans
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in fact, we're going to take a walk to our friends over here patti and tim from north field center. how are you guys doing? >> great. it's awesome. they're going to win. they're going to win 3-1. >> reporter: and you are very excited for game six but you're actually going to the cavs game tonight but wanted to be a part of this atmosphere. >> oh, yeah. i couldn't afford the tickets for the indians. i'll be honest. i got $40 seats from my sister. so, yes, we're going to cheer them on. the watch party is going to be awesome. hopefully we come home vicktors. that's what we're hoping for tonight. thank you so much, guys. have fun at both games. you'll be watching both, right? >> yes. >> reporter: we'll send it back to you guys. >> reporter: once again, sarah goldenberg out on east 4th street. spent some time out there. i seems like a nice enough area. [ laughing ]. >> reporter: we're going to bring in sports director tony zarrella right now. tony, this is a huge night for josh tomlin. he has been sensational. he gets his second start
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>> reporter: more of the same, which is great control. this is the kind of stuff that cubs batters don't like to face because he can pinpoint with accuracy where he's throwing the ball. he doesn't overpower you. we talked about that in chicago, by the way. he was very effective there in game three. he looked phenomenal in that game. i expect more from the same. the challenge is jake arrieta who beat us here in game two. >> reporter: yes. >> reporter: he was him. so much movement on his ball. he may very well be the cubs best pitcher. this is what you get with home field advantage. they have home field advantage. corey kluber got that win, by the way. and now here we are in great shape. let's go inside the ballpark to mark schwab. arrieta is a tough one. the indians are exactly where they want to be going into game
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we could take two or three, that would be great. that was their mindset. you shouldn't be upset coming home 3-2. they have two cracks to win one game. tomlin is the key tonight. if there's a concern here, it's the fact that he's going on three days rest. he has been outstanding in these playoffs for the indians against b boston, toronto and once against the cubs. he's never done it on three days. remember three days. tomlin has never done three days rest before. but maybe they've learned some stuff now with kluber doing it and he might be all right. best part, he only threw 58 pitches in his first game. >> the 58 pitches is, yes, 58 pitches. so obviously better than throwing 100 or 110. in this environment, you're still getting up and down five
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start. the body is feeling good. everything is feeling the same as it did the last start. so hopefully that bodes well for me. >> reporter: 58 pitches is not a lot. so there's not a lot to recover from. even though he is on short rest. i think terry is going to manage this game like a game seven. you might see quick hooks, aggressive bullpen work and things you probably wouldn't see earlier on in a series. let's go over to jen picciano. you know, it is already a party here in gateway plaza. and i couldn't help but think that my walk over from the station that cleveland is already to win tonight. all ready. there are people waiting in line at the gates for their standing room only position and it's only 4:00. we're four hours from game time. already i saw people at the teen shop inside progressive field stacking tons and tons of boxes of new t-shirts. i wonder when they say.
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we're good four hours away from first pitch. what time did you get here today? >> about 3:00. >> reporter: 3:00 this afternoon? >> yes. >> reporter: awesome. so do you expect to have first row seats for this watch party here? >> i did not. [ laughing ] >> i did not. >> reporter: so what do you want to see tonight? are you feeling good? >> oh, yeah. we're done. tonight is it. >> reporter: tonight is it. >> tonight is it. >> reporter: clearly you were not alive with the last time the indians won. but what does it mean to you as a young man that they're going for it tonight and they could possibly win the world series? >> yes. it's here it's crazy at a young age. >> reporter: yes. are you having such a good time? >> yes. >> reporter: how late do you get to stay up tonight? >> about 4:00 in the morning. [ laughing ]. >> reporter: you heard it here first, right. bob, what do you think is the key to winning tonight? >> just like any other baseball game. pitching. >> reporter: pitching. >> that's the name of the game. >> reporter: okay. the. >> i think our pitching staff, you put that up against their pitching staff, we win. >> reporter: all right. and you know what's a factor also in games, weather. we want to make sure it's going
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now. right, jeff tanchak, tell us what it's going to being like out there in progressive field. >> jeff: let me tell you something, jen. one of the top headlines to the game is going to be the weather. because you just couldn't ask for a better night. it's a total 180 from what we saw the last time we played a game at progressive field. game two. 71. and this may even be too cool. i'm going to see what the next hourly temperature observation is. but 71 at 9:00, 68. and 11:00 we're still going to be in the 60s. realistically, you can probably wear shorts to the game tonight and still be comfortable through the entire game. what a night it is going to be for a world series win. very warm tomorrow. just some spotty rain showers around. might have a few showers even develop later on tonight. but these will not be big rain showers here. but will is an alert on thursday. and that's when the next front
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day. that's also when the temperatures drop again. all right. look at this. cleveland 79. sandusky is at 80. these are the current numbers. akron-canton a little cooler there at 74. and wooster 77. again, gorgeous evening. so i'll tell you more about that rain situation thursday. but for now, let's get a check on the traffic situation out there. >> first alert traffic on cleveland 19 news is sponsored by ford. >> you probably already made your plans on how you're going to get this is just a reminder. the best bet you've got is the rta that's going to drop you off at tower city. we already know they've added extra cars to the trains. we know the trains will be after the last pitch. that's even if it goes into extra innings. so that's your best bet. if you were going to park, boy, don't forget about all of those surface lots over in the west 6th, the warehouse district. i also would come all the way over here.
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csu and playhouse square. a lot of surface there. there are a ton of people. because, remember, you have the 6:00 start for the cavs. the gateway parking garage is closed for ticket holders only and 8:00 at progressive field is first pitch. 8:08 i guess. let's take a live look outside if we can. our cold storage camera. this is one of the best ways to monitor how busy it is so far getting into downtown. and as you look there, hey, we're in pretty good shape as people are going to trickling in. but we know that that's going to change here in the next hour or two. so we're going to make sure we keep an eye on the traffic situation for you and so that we can get you in downtown and ready for the big game and the big party. getting answers in the answer center, dan deroos, cleveland 19. ? i don't want easy ? ? i wasn't crazy ? ? are you with me ? ? baby, let's be crazy ? . country music fans know that
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face. hunter hayes singing the national anthem tonight at the game. delivering the first pitch el presidente dennis martinez. he might brush somebody back just for the heck of it when he throws out the pitch. >> reporter: it is might i say for november, it is hot out here. >> reporter: november 1st upper 70s downtown cleveland does not compute. >> reporter: oh, my goodness. all right. [ laughing ]. >> reporter: we are set, ready to win this thing tonight. >> reporter: get it done. >> reporter: this is close out this is it. we're going to toss it back into tiffani. but we are rallying together. we are ready for this win. >> reporter: yes. >> reporter: tiffani. >> tiffani: you think just a little bit there. coming up at 4:00, the man oakwood police are looking for and why they're calling him armed and dangerous. plus donald trump says the affordable care act makes the clinton presidency unaffordable as clinton argues donald trump's treatment of women is one example of being unfit for
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hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you? seriously..."vo: clear thinking... donald trump: "i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me." vo: and calm judgment. donald trump: "and you can tell them to donald trump audio only: "i would bomb the sh_t out of
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. live from cleveland's news center, driven by don joseph toyota in kent, this is cleveland 19 news. we now know the identity of a fifth woman who may have been killed by a richland county serial killer. cleveland 19 broke the story on our app around 9:30 when the
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she's a native missing since late april or early may. her remains were identified through dna testing. shawn grate is charged with murdering five women. he led investigators to cunningham's body behind a burned out house. he is scheduled to stand trial next november. oakwood village police are looking for a man they believe is armed and dangerous. officer mike smith stopped a robbery suspect this morning at i-271 and forbes. the two scuffled, the suspect then drove off in the cruiser and but not before taking a handgun and a box of ammo. now, the officer was treated and released with minor injuries. with just one week left until election day, donald trump and hillary clinton are focused on issues they believe will galvanize supporters to get to the polls. craig boswell is at the white house with the story. >> reporter: donald trump says getting rid of obama care is his top priority.
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convene a special session so we can repeal and replace. >> reporter: trump says the recent hike on premiums for people with insurance through the affordable care act proves the president's plan doesn't work and trump's running mate mike pence says hillary clinton is the wrong person to try to fix the system. >> we can't trust hillary clinton with our health care anymore than we can trust her with classified information. >> reporter: hillary clinton is dealing with the fallout from the fbi reopening its investigation into her handling private e-mail server while she was secretary of state. clinton says she has nothing to hide and the fbi won't discover anything incriminating in the newly found cash of e-mails. >> if they want to look at some more e-mails of one of my staffers, by all means, go ahead. look at them. >> reporter: clinton's campaign hopes to throw attention back on to trump's handling of women. >> thank you very much for all of the people that are supporting me right now.
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trump criticized for gaining weight will introduce secretary clinton at an event in florida today. it's all part of clinton's camp says it's the final pitch of female voters ahead of next week's election. craig boswell, cbs news, the white house. >> of the three of us. >> i took one of you guys. just one day after halloween, amazon is dreaming of a green christmas. amazon is launching its black friday deals. that you can find new deals every five minutes from now until december 22nd. if your husband is self-conscious about that tummy pudge, here is what you need to tell him. dad bobs are bringing the sexy back. that's what they're saying. fathers who carry a little extra weight live longer, have better relationships with their kids and are more attractive to women. in fact, pudgy middle aged men are better at passing on their genes. a little pudge is okay. >> jeff: just a little.
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>> jeff: okay. i'm trying to determine if i have that or not. >> tiffani: you're okay. especially during the wintertime. okay. today it feels like summer. >> ramona said it was hot out there. >> tiffani: too hot. >> jeff: we're right around 80 degrees. can you believe that? just a little shy of the record high, by the way, which is 82. i don't think we're going to hit that. and we are definitely on the warm side of this front that eventually will cross. but not until thursday morning. it's actually going to stall north of us, which could spark off a few showers. but not until well after the game is over later on tonight. look at these temperatures on future view. we're still going to be around 70 at 8:00 in cleveland. unbelievable. 11:00 here, still in the 60s. and 66 in cleveland. at 2:00 a.m., you'll be a little cooler inland there. dropping just into the upper 50s, mid to upper 50s by morning. but 8:00 a.m. in downtown
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that's in downtown. and another very warm day on the way tomorrow. by 2:00 in the afternoon, 70 or better across the area. now, the next alert is on thursday. rain likely. it actually develops later wednesday night and through the morning on thursday. it's also going to be windy. and that's also when we'll see the drop in temperature. this is future view for your wednesday. again, still very warm. but watch the front as it starts to approach by thursday morning. that's what's going to give us the rain, even perhaps some thunder. this rain could be heavy at times. but then by 2:00 in the afternoon on thursday, even though it's going to be windy, i think most of the rain should be over at that time. the low tonight is 58. well above normal, with a few over night light showers possible going into the morning commute. but inland you'll be dry. partly cloudy.
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along the lakeshore. 77 the high tomorrow with just some spotty showers around. 60 at 8:00 a.m. you can see by afternoon well in the 70s here. once again here. and then it's rain and wind mainly the first half of the day on thursday. otherwise a mixed sky. 58. friday partly cloudy. 50. weekend looks dry. more cloud cover on sunday. generally in the 50s. and turn the clocks back an hour before you head to bed we're going to head back to mark and ramona outside enjoying the beautiful day. guys, take it away. [ laughing ]. >> reporter: oh, man. >> reporter: well, jeff, i hope the tribe bats are as hot as the temperatures around here. >> reporter: no kidding. i think he enjoys talking about it. november 1st talking about upper 70s like thoo. >> reporter: he really does. what do you think, mark, because the nation seems to be for the cubbies. >> reporter: yes. >> reporter: i understand why.
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we don't care about that. >> reporter: no. around here over in lakewood they're going ape for the tribe. >> reporter: they really are. and i have a little trivia for you. >> reporter: okay. >> reporter: what do the monsters, the cavaliers, ajds the '97 indians have in common? >> reporter: i don't know. >> reporter: well, they all share the number 19. >> reporter: i did not know that. >> reporter: yes. that's true. [ laughing ]. >> reporter: well, apparently that number 19 is actually something pretty hot. and tia ewing tells us more about that ? tonight i'm going to party like it's 1999 ? . >> reporter: this may make you jump up and down, but it's the 19 we want to focus on. >> after 52 years of waiting, welcome home to cleveland. >> reporter: it turns out cleveland's sports winners have the number in common. they became champions with just 1.9 seconds remaining in ot.
4:21 pm
point, and that's the number 19. then this happened. >> rebound tip taken. final seconds. it's over. it's over. cleveland is a city of champions once again! >> reporter: the cavs championship win will forever go down in the history books on june 19th. ? music ? . >> reporter: euclid native and current ufc heavyweight champion was born on august 19th. bernie c a qb for the cleveland browns wore number 19. then there is baseball hall of famer bob feller who played several seasons for the cleveland indians. he too wore 19. >> santana makes the catch! ball game, the indians have won the american league pennant! >> reporter: indians would win game five of the alcs on october 19th against the bluejays, earning them the spot to the world series.
4:22 pm
1997. >> for get about the sox. it's the way he socked that baseball that matters. >> reporter: just 19 years ago. tia ewing, cleveland 19. >> reporter: love the number 19. i play it in the lotto sometimes. >> reporter: do you really? >> reporter: yes. it hasn't been lucky for me. >> reporter: i think it's been really lucky for you. [ laughing ]. >> reporter: if you know what i mean. [ laughing ]. >> reporter: all right. listen, we are outside of progressive field for game six of [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: we have plenty more to come here. listen, gang, we're here through 6:30. then it's pelly's down the street. we'll talk to him later on too. >> portions of this program
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wins tonight. we'll take you to dick's sporting goods.
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. josh's dad sees his boy go 1-2-3. what a job h now the 2-2. swing and a miss. ball game! and the indians have beaten the chicago cubs in a brilliant ball game here at wrigley field. how about corey kluber again tonight? he goes six. the indians lead the cubs 4-1. there is a game breaker. jason kipnis with a 3-run blast to right. and it's 7-1 indians.
4:31 pm
championship! ? this is our time ? . >> the battle gets harder the closer you are to victory. the fight isn't over. we're ready to show the world who we are. it's us versus them. it's cleveland against the world. welcome to world series game six. >> reporter: welcome back. just outside of progressive field. once again, world series game six. i'm losing my mind over here. [ laughing ]. >> reporter: i know. we cannot wait until tonight after the game when we clinch. >> reporter: we have a guy that's been through this before. jim told me tribe slugger and tribe hall of famer. you might even be able to see the statue over my shoulder. i'm not even real sure. this is a game six.
4:32 pm
what are these guys feeling right now? >> excitement. what's ahead of them, you know. the unknown. that's the greatest part of this moment of being in this special time as i think the routine is the same but they obviously -- they look to what could be later on tonight. so much fun. >> reporter: jim, you talked about what the team right now is feeling. what about you? someone who you had many great years here in cleveland. but you guys just didn't get there. when they win tonight, do you think you will feel as if you won. becausne the cavs won, the former players, like ac, they cried. >> yes. >> reporter: they felt like they were a part of it. will you feel that way? >> you definitely feel what they're going through and you feel for the city and the passion. and the fact that personally i think cleveland should be getting a little more love in all of this. >> reporter: yes. >> amen. >> which is my opinion. and instead of saying what the cubs aren't doing, let's talk about what the indians have
4:33 pm
point. josh tomlin at game three went out and pitched four and 2-thirds, gave up only two hits, exactly what they wanted, then they went to the bullpen. if it's the same situation tonight, same move for tedo? >> i think possibly. i think the game i think tedo does a very good job. kind of letting the moment present itself. he's got a full arsenal. he's got the bullpen ready. and tomlin -- let's give josh a lot of credit. josh has done a wonderful job. and he's pitched with a lot of emotion. it would be absolutely great if he could go out and give six or seven and then turn it over. [ laughing ]. >> reporter: yeah, right. that would be what we okay too. we'll be good with that. jim, we appreciate you being here with us. stick with us a little bit too. all the way through 6:30. you love the game and the history of the game as much as you love playing it. e early today i got to talk to the last of the survivor.
4:34 pm
he was a great guy. here we are. tonight is game six for us. >> yes. we're going to win tonight. >> reporter: you're making the call right now. >> oh, yeah. [ laughing ] >> we're facing a good pitcher. he had an off night the first time he pitched. but this cleveland bunch, they just have a knack. >> reporter: they really do. >> for winning. and they throw those hits. i'm a napoli fan. >> reporter: all right. >> we had a napoli in texas. >> reporter: that's right. >> and he's one of my favorites. but i think this young i think the manager -- i think ted-- i mean jerry has done a marvelous job. >> reporter: did i hear you played with his dad? >> i played with tedo in baltimore. it was his second year in the big leagues and my last. >> reporter: no kidding. did you have a lot of interaction with him? >> i seen him and kept up with tedo. we see each other often. and that's always -- he's always got his wife with him and i always have betty with him.
4:35 pm
and you seem like you love the game. when i watched this team that we have this year, they seemed to love the game. they seemed to love each other. they seemed to really enjoy playing the game. >> they do. they do. there's a cohesiveness that forms. and they talk about family love and team love. we didn't talk about that. we just -- it was just natural. you picked each other up. ? right. >> we had joe gordon had a monto. blank blank or a castle. [ laughing ]. >> reporter: we'll let you fill in. >> we went with the castle. [ laughing ]. >> reporter: you have been -- mr. robinson, i have to tell you, it's been a great pleasure speaking with you. thank you so much for taking the time. we appreciate you being a good luck charm. >> there you go. [ laughing ]. >> reporter: and he was fantastic. and he was ready to go.
4:36 pm
i think, as he was back in '48. and i couldn't have been -- i could have talked to him for a half-hour. he was fantastic. >> reporter: such a pleasure meeting him. >> reporter: i'm glad you're sticking around. i have a lot to talk to you about. >> reporter: do you know who has tribe fever, shelby miller. she was coming out. >> reporter: are you going to indians or cavs? okay. all right, yes, we are here at carneige and ontario. >> if you're not from cleveland, what's the point of living. >> reporter: game six will be here. we can win it all tonight in cleveland. >> it's great. world series, nba championship. you just have to be here. it's great feeling being downtown right now. >> reporter: did you get cavs tickets because you couldn't get indians tickets, or how did you make that decision? >> we have season tickets for
4:37 pm
there and going to stay for the party afterwards. it's going to be great. >> reporter: representing both tonight. i love it. thank you a all. have so much fun tonight. >>. [ cheers and applause ]. >> reporter: all right. and traffic not looking too bad out here right now. but a lot of foot traffic out here. so if you're driving, do keep that in mind this evening. we will be out here for the next two hours keeping you posted as well. but we're also at dick's sporting goods this evening. i'm sure a lot of gear on the shelves there. we have allison over how is it looking? it's looking great, guys. it's always a great night when you can talk baseball in november. not only are fans pumped to win it all tonight, but the folks here at dick's sporting goods are as well. in fact, they already have the championship merchandise spread out across the store in secret locations, i'm told, so they're ready to open that once we win tonight. but right now i have a bunch of fans pumped and ready for tonight's game. what do you want to say?
4:38 pm
>> reporter: can you say go tribe. >> go tribe. >> reporter: go tribe! are you guys excited? >> we are really excited. beat the cubbies. >> reporter: go tribe. come on. let's hear you say it. go tribe. a little camera shy. of course, when we do beat the cubbies tonight, you can get that gear here at dicks sporting goods. doors will open immediately following the game and they'll reopen tomorrow at 6:00 a.m. coming up tomorrow at 5:00, i'm take you to the rally wall behind me and what some neighbors are sharing as we head into tonight's game. back to you guys. let's check in with weather. >> jeff: all right. i was just imitating that kid that didn't want to say anything. all right. never mind. 74 is where we are right now akron-canton. south wind at 16. and, yep, let's head downtown. 77. that's at burke lakefront airport. south wind at 14.
4:39 pm
keep us very warm right into the evening here. not a big drop in temperature. 71 at 8:00 at first pitch. 68 at 9:00. and 11:00. partly cloudy skies. 64. it's just an unbelievable night. it just does not feel like november 1st weather wise out there. i need to remind you of that. we are now in november, ladies and gentlemen. 72 at 7:00 across the cleveland going to be well into the 50s. about 57 or so in downtown. so beautiful night for that world series. very warm still tomorrow. just some spotty rain showers possible throughout the day. but if there is a game seven, if, we hope that doesn't happen, it is looking fine, kind of similar to what we're seeing right now tomorrow night. the alert will come in thursday. and we're talking mainly morning
4:40 pm
we'll see the drop in temperature. but thursday is not a very pretty day here. 3:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., the timing wet travel, especially that morning commute. and wind gusts over 30 coming right in off of the lake. so it's going to be a different story on thursday. more on that in the seven day forecast details coming up. right now we're going to go to mr. dan deroos. >> dan: thank you, jeff. we're continuing to get answers in the answer center. one of the answers we want to give you now is the economic impact we started talking hotels and digging in for research. now, according to expedia, 40% of the hotels in downtown are rented tonight. now i want to get into the true economic impact. how much this means to downtown and our businesses when you look at these prices. we started calling around. of what's left available, the cheapest really is the intercontinental. that's out by cleveland clinic clear out here to the east. $359. but if you want to stay
4:41 pm
the convention, right now you're looking at $649 for the night. that's to stay downtown, and that's pretty much the running price that we found. we did some checking. there's a firm out there called str. they're a data research firm. what they do is they track the annual cost of hotel rooms. if you were to go back to november 1st of last year, what do you think a hotel in downtown cleveland, november 1st, nothing isoi average. so when you see the 129 and you hear that they're charging 600 and they're getting it, that is a gigantic economic boost. and just for a frame of reference, when the rnc was here, the average hotel room for the rnc was $343. so we are way, way above that making a lot of money and making
4:42 pm
let's get back out to ramona robinson. >> reporter: dan, thank you. coming up in time out, i'm going to talk to tony. we talk about the one thing the
4:43 pm
i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. when it came to atlantic city it was all glitz and glamor, but it turned out to be a gold-plated scam. all went bankrupt. but he walked away with millions. it was the carpenters, landscapers, small businesses who helped build the place that got stiffed. and hundreds of workers have lost their jobs. if that's what donald trump did here,
4:44 pm
now for a quick timeout with ramona and tony. >> reporter: all right. we're out here live for the world series game six. time for timeout with napoli and santana back in their primary
4:45 pm
well, in a way it favors us. it certainly makes life a little more comfortable for carlos santana because he was put out in left field and did okay. he didn't have to worry about being in a new position with an ivey wall behind him and fans. i think the problem with that is now kyle swar ber gets into the lineup. he's on base a lot in this series. he was a non-factor in chicago because of the dh. in that sense it helps the cubs. >> reporter: and what's this thing that the cubs can't let me tell you, game five, rocky was everywhere in chicago. i guess anthony rizzo throughout the day made every clubhouse tv be put on the rocky movies. they took the field to the theme from rocky. his at-bat movie was rocky. everyone is picking you to win. you can't take from that cleveland. that belongs to us [ laughing ] . >> reporter: and when you look
4:46 pm
mazing. so, yes, keep that to yourself. >> reporter: are you ready for kyrie to be mvp? >> reporter: i hear lebron thinks he could be. >> reporter: he can be. kyrie what he did in the final last year and the signature moment, i remember thinking at that time he took it to a different level. now this year he picked up where he left off. throwing down 25 a game for the cavaliers. they have three guys throwing down at least 20. kyrie irving could easily be the league mvp. >> reporter: so you think it could happen this year? >> reporter: we have a lot of basketball to play. >> reporter: no. you're right. i'm not trying to jump on you. i think part of lebron wants to make that happen. >> reporter: because he wants to rest a little. >> reporter: maybe. [ laughing ]. >> reporter: kyrie, you go on and do it. >> reporter: please take the shot this time. okay. you made it last time. [ laughing ]. >> reporter: okay. good stuff, tony. >> reporter: mark nolan is coming back in here. >> reporter: yes. here i am. [ laughing ]. >> reporter: that's not something to say in timeout. >> reporter: i think that's a
4:47 pm
end up being the mvp. and lebron wants to pass the torch, right. >> reporter: . >> reporter: it's good. we have a wealth of talent on this team. it's not just that team out west that has all of the talent. >> reporter: we are winning. i don't know -- we should be so excited about winning. >> reporter: i'm in shock. >> reporter: but my stomach is in shock because we're winning so much. >> reporter: it's what we do in the land. we win titles. >> reporter: we'll get this over with tonight. >> reporter: i have to get used to this. all right. are we going back inside? >> reporter: yes. take a break. >> reporter: yes, take a break.
4:48 pm
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putting a wife to work is a very dangerous thing. when i come home and dinner's not ready i go through the roof. grab 'em by the p****". when you're a star, they let you do it. you can do anything. more accusers coming forward to say they were sexually assaulted by donald trump. i'll go backstage before a show...
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. all right. here you go. progressive field. there's a shot at east 4th street. excitement is in the air. boy, as we get into that first pitch, you can just feel it. cle rally together to defend the land. i'll have what that guy is having right there. all right. let's look at the planning forecast. and, do you know what, we're going to do it all over again here tomorrow. 77 degrees will that will be the last of the real warm days here for a bit. just some spotty showers around. but then late tomorrow night into thursday, there's your alert for rain and wind. most of the rain on thursday will be the first half of the day. in fact, we'll even mix in some sunshine during the afternoon. but a gusty north wind. this 58 the morning high. and then we'll probably drop through the 50s during the day. friday partly cloudy and kind of
4:52 pm
saturday. saturday night 45. sunday more of a mostly cloudy sky. windy. 52. clocks back an hour this weekend. we're going to go to the skipper. terry francona is speaking right now. >> taking so much responsibility and so much pride in it that he's been terrific. >> jerry. >> terry, players all have different routines to make themselves comfortable. as a manager, this is a huge game today. do you have a certain routine earln and you've mentioned a couple times you swim. i'm just curious, is that a stress reliever for you or an exercise? >> it helps. i mean, the reason i do it is just because my body is so banged up that -- i could it during the year. even on the road, i'll go find a place. because i'm a -- i'm able to do more at the ballpark if i swim. but, yes, like in times of like now getting an hour by myself
4:53 pm
different person when i get out. yes, for sure. not just my legs, but my head, yes. >> in the middle on the left. >> tedo, cocoa crisp will be playing today on his birthday. how big of a pickup has he been for you guys this season and how cool has it been for you personally when you were playing to be playing on your birthday? >> i didn't like my -- i never did well on my birthday. i was never -- i was always 0-4. so i was [ laughing ] >> and didn't hit very well. not a big fan of that. on coco's part, though, it's been great having him. you add a player that late and you kind of have to be a little careful. because your team has formed its personality and things like that. but coco, i had a history with coco. he had been in cleveland. it was a really -- i'm guessing he would say this too, really easy transition. and we knew that if we were able
4:54 pm
abe. so we tried to kind of the last five, four, five, six weeks played both of them and as we neared the end start to play coco a little more. he has helped us a ton. >> tiffani: there you have it. tedo speaking. we're a little more than three hours away to the big game. and during the week, a lot of the players said they're treating this like a normal game. it's hard to treat it like a normal game because you know it could be on the line tonight. tonight do be our night. we could wrap this thing we're glad it came back up. wanted it to wrap up in chicago. that didn't happen. but, again, players just trying
4:55 pm
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asking questions, getting answers, cleveland 19 news starts now. >> into left. at the wall. good-bye! >> chris: roberto perez got it going a week ago tonight in game 1 and tonight in game 6 your cleveland indians try to finish the deal. hello and welcome to downtown cleveland on a beautiful night chris tanaka alongside denise dufala. denise, we keep talking about 1948, the last time the tribe won the series. 1920 against the brooklyn robins in game 7. 66 in lexington. that was a long time ago. >> denise: a long time ago. a lot of people hoping to see a championship in their lifetime. i know, tonight we are going to see it happen right here in


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