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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 5PM  CBS  November 1, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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asking questions, getting answers, cleveland 19 news starts now. >> into left. at the wall. good-bye! >> chris: roberto perez got it going a week ago tonight in game 1 and tonight in game 6 your cleveland indians try to finish the deal. hello and welcome to downtown cleveland on a beautiful night chris tanaka alongside denise dufala. denise, we keep talking about 1948, the last time the tribe won the series. 1920 against the brooklyn robins in game 7. 66 in lexington. that was a long time ago. >> denise: a long time ago. a lot of people hoping to see a championship in their lifetime. i know, tonight we are going to see it happen right here in
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to town early for their game. let's bring in tony zarrella. tony, we will face tonight and people are saying he has got to get his slider together because he has been all over the place. what do you expect to see. >> tony: napoli called him wild. because of trevor bauer, we didn't know what we would get out of bauer and i didn't like the game 5 match up. if you look at t is the one guy that's come through and tomlin great in game 3. i will give you a stat and schwaby, i will bring you in on this. andrew miller, 17 innings, one run and struck out 29. cody allen has been lights out as well with 6 saves in the playoffs, zero runs and if josh tomlin could give them four or five innings, get ready to celebrate. what do you think, mark?
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i think they will go to the bullpen early especially if they have a lead and if you see tomlin in the danger zone with the cub line up with people on base and rizzo and bryan who hit the home run. the pitching is tremendous, partially because of tomlin. if they win and he throws well i can make a case he is the mvp. i would make that argument if he throws well and if they win. pitching is the story tribe this postseason. five shutouts. that's incredible considering the offenses they face. boston and toronto and shut out the cubs twice. once here, once in chicago and the guy behind the plate is roberto perez considered the back-up catcher and he is starter right now and called some incredible games. of course he is giving credit to the guys on the mound now. >> he is fine with the pitching
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baseball and everybody talks about me calling the game and all that. you have to give credit to them, too. they are the ones that are pitching and executing pitches on the team. that's key the whole postseason. and here in the world series, too. they are keeping the ball down and executing pitches with runners on and no runners on. and they have been doing a fantastic job. >> perez has been a the team in all the series they play and everything he has done behind the plate unsung. if lou croix and doing what he is doing. guys? >> tony: thanks, schwaby. mickey calloway and perez has been excellent. mike napoli celebrated his birthday yesterday.
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today. coco crisp delivered in the series and napoli's bat needs to come together. it better. >> denise: we are ready for a party. >> one place they are partying and downtown east 4th street for sure. it is always a zoo. when the cavs open this season it took 30, 45 minutes to make your way down the distance. sara goldenberg is live. sara, have you even tried something like that? >> it is hopping out here over the last hour. we have watched this place get packed and again, this awesome weather. all the patios are open. fans are everywhere getting ready for the game. in fact, we will walk over if we can get to the crowd of cubs fans and indians fans and everybody is getting along today. we will walk to our friends. joran and ashley, thank you for being here today. >> what does it feel like to be
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>> it is incredible. awesome to be here. fans everywhere and excited for the game. do you feel like tonight is the night? >> tonight has to be the night. i can't handle a game 7. my body can't handle it. tonight has to be the night. >> reporter: what's it been like for cleveland this year. we have the cavs and how big has this year been? >> it's been crazy. everyone is supportive and happy with the hockey team winning and basketball team and now we w the indians. >> tonight's the night. >> i feel it. tonight is the night. >> thank you very much. as can you see, a lot of excitement out here. fans are everywhere and the weather is perfect. everyone pulling for a win. back to you, guys. >> chris: all right, sara, thanks. people out for cavs and indians and just to enjoy being downtown among so many people and this weather.
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being this warm. jeff tanchak, what do the record books say. >> the record in cleveland 82. we are just shy of that. we might have hit 80, maybe a record in mansfield hitting 79 there. and based on where we are right now, the current temperature 78 downtown cleveland and i have increased my 8:00 temperature forecast downtown. 74 as the wind continues to go light, though, relatively light and we will 64. could you ask for better weather? >> if you were to say what's the perfect day for baseball it would be today or the perfect night. we are at 78 now. 73 at 6:00 or so and by 8:00 near 70 and warmer. what i am thinking downtown cleveland and there you go. sandusky 79, mansfield 77 with your record there and unbelievable.
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dry out. we have some rain coming by thursday morning. that's the next cold front and i will bring you the details on that when we return. i will send it out to chris and denise. >> all right, jeff. we are joined by famous tribe slugger jim thome, so nice to have you with us tonight. and landon, how old are you? >> i am 8. >> denise: this is what it is all about when you are a baseball family with you and kids with you at the world series. >> no doubt. cross our fingers everything happens tonight and he will get to share that great moment with the rest of the city and truly enjoy this time. it is all about our young guys and as much as all the young kids running around the ballpark now to let them experience this would be amazing. >> chris: it will be a big moment when the tribe wins and jim sprinkled in the game there
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as a former player, take me inside the moments. how do you enter your mechanism so to speak and block them out. >> at this point they have kind of been through it. now it is about routine and basically them locking in and doing what they can do when that time does come up and they get that pitch to hit or make the big pitch if you are the pitcher >> denise: let's talk about arrieta. he is unpredictable. >> i will say this. he has been wild this year more than last year. i think with that you have to be kind of patient and ready to hit. there's a fine line of both. if they can get good pitches to hit and not swing at what he wants to throw we will be okay. >> all right. >> he was wild. they let him off the hook in game 2. >> they did.
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it is due and our guys have done a wonderful job. >> we need to hit them tonight for sure. thank you. >> not bad for a 13th round pick out of peoria, illinois. five all-star games and win i gather ugg and comeback player of the year. thank you for joining us. >> tonight a lot is going on. we want to update ow the cavs game. dan gilbert tweeted out he is moving up the interference with the world series and also after the game should end at 8:20, 8:30 they will put the telecast up on the humongotron. fans attending can stay and watch them inside the q. >> denise: you know they are going to. they will stay around until we win. absolutely. >> denise: a lot of people coming downtown.
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>> dan: a lot of technology at our fingertips and we are monitoring the entire situation. two exclamation points. they say incident and slow traffic. if you look closer to where they are at, people are getting off downtown and can you see the red line to dead man's be curve and slocombing in and out of downtown. let's take a look at our live picture of the cold storage. this is not too bad considering we have a world series game and the cavre than an hour. when you see the traffic coming into downtown and it is wide open and you can thank the fact the innerbelt bridge is wide open now and traffic at full strength on multiple areas. that's a huge help for everything. >> we will keep an eye on traffic and later talking about ticket prices as we get closer to game 6 and hopefully a championship. >> getting answers in the answer
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you. first alert traffic on cleveland 19 news is sponsored by ford. >> denise: all right. we are a couple of hours away from the big game here. fans are pouring in. >> there's an excitement in downtown cleveland tonight. it is as if we are expecting to win. now that we have won a championship, we know what it feels like and ready to do it again. >> as long as we do everything the way we did it won the three games we will be okay. >> denise: that's right. fans are superstitious and doing specific things today that they did in the games we won. we will talk about that coming
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live from cleveland's newscenter driven by don joseph toyota in kent, this is cleveland 19 news. >> denise: and welcome to live coverage of the world series game 6 from downtown cleveland where it is all going to take place just a few hours from now. you know, i think baseballs some of the most superstitious people on the planet. chris, just for me, we won game 1 and i was wearing these red pants and i put the red pants back on knowing that would help of course and i was inside for game when we lost and i am not going in the ballpark on purpose so i don't jinx us. >> chris: i think that 390 nigh out became a 420-foot home run. brian duffy taking us inside
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surrounding the great old past time. >> mustache. i have not shaved my mustache. >> reporter: this is a playoff mustache? >> yeah. >> reporter: whatever works. mike pulled the idea from the ice. >> i am a hockey guy. i am a big supporter of like the playoff beard. >> reporter: it is working. don't shave, man. you have a couple days. superstitions have been a big part of baseball, played on that. >> curveball. that's it. >> i asked him to come. take fear from bats. >> joe bue or joe buck. >> for world series i bad mouth joe buck. >> reporter: a lot of people are doing that. >> make sure you are locked down
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for the tribe. we just cannot take any chances. >> i was there saturday. >> you can't be home. >> i cannot be home apparently. i have to come downtown and have a good time. >> brian duffy, cleveland 19. >> denise: that's it. got any lucky socks? >> you know what, i dress from right to left. it's got to be the right sock and right shoe and right sleeve. tonight we put all our faith in tito and his >> denise: that's right. they will get it done tonight for sure. >> let's send it inside to tiffani tucker. >> i am eating the same dinner i ate last time they won. superstitious. >> there are still no arrests after a man and 19-month-old girl were shot in cleveland. breaking news last night the 9:00, 10:00 and 11:00. it happened at j.f.k. and whitney young school. victims were sitting inside a car at lee and harvard with
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the hospital has not released any word on their conditions. >> the richland coroner's office confirming the body found in a burned out house in madison township is candace cunningham. we broke this on our cleveland 19 news app. she is the starke county resident missing since late spring. her remains were identified through dna testing and she is the third of five victims murdered by serial killer shawn grate. case western campus days after a similar crime near the institute of music. the recent robbery was near the he is already and smith cutter resident halls. no one was hurt in the hold ups. >> a police cruiser stolen in oakwood village with a robbery suspect later abandoned in cleveland. we are told a handgun was missing from inside the cruiser. officers believe the suspect may be armed.
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suffered minor injuries during a scuffle with the suspect. a box of ammunition was left inside the cruiser? if you are wondering what to do with extra halloween candy. how about donating the sweet treats to a local group. take some of the candy to the ronald mcdonald house. many of the kids didn't get to trick-or-treat. can you send it to operation gratitude and operation stars and stripes. both ship it overseas to men and women serving in the military. check with offer trade-ins to the kids. >> jeff: all right yeah. bring it to the dentist. they will like that. well, we did hit 80 officially in cleveland. not bad for november 1. perfect timing on that obviously for game 6. we are at 78 degrees. and we do have high cloud cover out there.
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eller and no rain in sight and a front lurking and eventually find its way in here and not tonight. 70 at 8:00 and we could be warmer than that in downtown cleveland. future temps, 11:00 well in the 60s along the lakeshore at 2:00 and dropping in the 50s inland and it is warm this time 8:00 around 60 and we do it all over again tomorrow and find our way back into the 70s. perhaps a spot shower around with this front. this is the forecast map tomorrow afternoon at 2:00. you can see for the most part rain-free. as we get into tomorrow night especially late tomorrow night and late tomorrow night i should say that's when the rain and
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here very wet thursday morning drive and most of the rain on thursday will come the first half of the day. 3:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. on thursday with rain likely. wet travel and wind gusts over 30 and temperatures going back down. that will be it for this warm spurt we are seeing. perhaps a few overnight hoyt showers around tonight. otherwise look for increasing clouds. akron-canton partly cloudy sky for you. you will drop 55 tomorrow and i went with 77. just isolated shower threat. 60 at 8:00 a.m. 67 at 11:00 and 2:00 in the afternoon. we will be at 73 degrees on our way to a high of 77. later tomorrow night and thursday the party is over there as we will be dropping through
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gusty northwest wind and most of the rain thursday coming in the morning and even mixing in sunshine there during the afternoon. thursday evening perhaps a little bit of lake-effect rain dropping in the 40s. friday will be a cool day only around 50. and saturday sunshine and back up to 58 degrees. this is the weekend. we go to eastern standard time. more cloud cover on sunday 52 and monday sunshine and 57 degrees. >> tiffani: i like we are getting extra sleep. i think we will need an hour extra sleep after the weekend is over. cross our fingers. >> jeff: we'll see what happens. >> tiffani: coming up on cleveland 19 news at 5:00 disney is expanding its movie horizon
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welcome. time for eye on entertainment. get ready for a live action snow white. first look at space thriller life and we begin with adele opening up in troubled time. ? i wish nothing but the best for you, too.? >> a beautiful voice. the singer revealed her battle with postpartum in "vanity fai magazine. she gave birth in 2012 and felt inadequate and frightened. the pop star says she has recovered and finding the right work remains a challenge. >>. >> life and on earth. >> tiffani: astronauts discover aliens in the space thriller "life." they find a ghost from
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ryan reynolds and jake gyllenhaal star in the movie and doesn't open in local theaters until next may. you have to wait. ? whistle while you work ? ? and cheerfully and together we can able toly have some play.? >> tiffani: snow white is the latest princess to make the leap from animation. disney is working on a live action version of the movie classic. the new movie will expandn snow white came out almost 80 years ago in 1937 and it is considered one of the most successful animated films of all time. >> let's take a live look outside in downtown cleveland and can you see tribe fans getting ready to walk into progressive field. we are less than three hours away to the big game. denise dufala and chris tanaka are out there.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. when it came to atlantic city it was all glitz and glamor, but it turned out to be a gold-plated scam. the trump taj mahal, trump castle and trump plaza all went bankrupt. but he walked away with millions. it was the carpenters, landscapers, small businesses who helped build the place that got stiffed.
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>> chris: welcome. take a look. fans literally running into progressive field to get their choice spots for game 6. denise, so many fans in downtown cleveland >> denise: they are pouring in. they made the announcement a couple of minutes ago. fans withstanding room only tickets want to get a choice spot. they are making a dash for it. >> we know a lot of fans are still outside. and jen picciano has been with them this afternoon. general, how is the food out there by the plaza? >> reporter: it is so good, i am telling you, denise, five seconds ago they opened the
5:31 pm
everybody started filing in at progressive field and the mood is extremely electric and energetic and this crowd is ready to win. >> so ready to win a game tonight. look at the line. some people like you said, denise have been ready for standing room only ticket since 2:00 this afternoon. believe land not playoff bound but championship bound and so many cool signs. they are excited to go to this world series game. >> they are so young and it is a great experience. >> any predictions about the game? >> yes. we will win. we will see a blow out against the cubs tonight. >> they win tonight? >> they win tonight. >> they win. >> go be there. get excited connor. go, tribe. >> can i get a go, tribe from you, little man?
5:32 pm
you have a great time. we have a huge crowd. cavaliers are playing in a half hour. people are actually watching out the window from quicken loans arena. the game will be played at gateway plaza and people set up with lawn chairs for hours. lots and lots of fun and energy and party in gateway plaza, getting answers in downtown cleveland where we will win a world series. jen picciano, cleveland 19. >> of course we are. absolutely. it's a very expensive ticket for a lot of people. some want that experience of being down here with all the fans and gates here and you can see in and get a lawn chair. why not. >> people who have tickets keep them as flat as possible and frame them the night the cleveland indians won the world series. >> absolutely. >> it is a huge affair like a giant ice cream sundae and cherry on top.
5:33 pm
cream sundae. for the boys of summer. >> jeff: we hit 80 in cleveland initially. pretty good stuff. beautiful night for the world series win and for all the celebrations afterwards. let's do this. very warm again tomorrow. if there happens to be a game 7 other than perhaps spotty showers around and we are good to go and later wednesday night that's when the more widespread rain with the front will be getting in here. here we go. 74 upped the temperature at 8:00 and dropping in the 60s. 68 at 9:00 and partly cloudy sky and 4 degrees. akron-canton 74 right now. we have high clouds out there. current temperature in downtown
5:34 pm
at the forecast. tomorrow morning 57 at 5:00 a.m., 60 degrees at 8:00 in the morning. a couple of computer models forecasting a few light showers towards morning overnight and into the morning and i don't think those had be a big deal and won't mess up the morning drive. thursday likely, 3 a.m. to 2 p.m. and commute thursday will be wet and we will keep you posted on that. wind gusts over 30 miles an hour and 77 the high tomorrow and spotty showers and not much more than that and as we look at the forecast at 57 and spotty showers at noon. partly cloudy and another warm day and 75 degrees. send it back out to chris and
5:35 pm
perfect weather for getting into town. it is comfortable for everybody walking. it is hard to get parking really close to the ballpark. >> foot traffic and shelby miller keeping an eye on it. ontario and carnegie. how is it looking out there. >> there are people all over downtown and at progressive field gates opened not long ago. there are people all over the sleeve shirt and i walked to the team shop and change and buy a party at napoli. and you heard jeff talking about how walking around here of course increased foot traffic with the game going on. it is not just indians we have cavs playing next door as well. and the traffic if you are driving here trying to get out of downtown and it will be increased and i have been
5:36 pm
us and they have not had much difficulty getting around. if you get down here atmosphere is great and weather is great and they have police directing traffic when you are walking around. once down here it is not too bad. you mentioned finding those parking spots and we know how expensive they can be. and hey, we could win all. i think we will win it all tonigh insane it will be out here in a few hours. if you are headed down here around this time you won't have too much of an issue. shelby miller, cleveland 19 news. >> chris: all right, shelby. thanks for that. the only harder than to getting a parking spot downtown is getting a ticket to the game. >> denise: ticket prices have started coming down. there may be an opportunity to
5:37 pm
with more on ticket prices. >> pretty much, your ticket guru prices falling and people are nervous trying to get rid of their tickets and stub hub, we know there are markets out there. there are more than 1,000 tickets available and people nervously getting rid of tickets and let's look at the prices getting to the field to get in the door with when i came to work this afternoon this is around $800. it is not great but you are talking about watching a world series game standing room only for $700. and stay in the 700s for standing room only and first time we get an actual seat and let's scroll down a bit. standing room only.
5:38 pm
actual seat. one ticket. that's a lot for that. let's talk game 7 and if there's a clinching deciding game 7 we can flip this. the same standing room-only ticket is $15,000 just to get in and watch a possible game 7. that could get pricey if there is a need for game 7. >> getting answers in the answer center, back to you guys. >> still a what they were asking for in chicago. you can't get in the door without spending $2,400. >> hard to believe a week ago the world series started and a week from now it will be the presidential election. >> denise: i know. it is all moving so quickly. >> chris: my gosh. when we return we will talk presidential politics. are you sick of the ads? keep your tv on for the next
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>> tiffani: welcome. at least six people died after a school bus crashed into a commuter bus in maryland. 10 more have been rushed to the hospital with injuries ranging minor to critical. fortunately, no children were aboard the school bus at the time of the accident. the school bus struck the rear of the car and hit a concrete pillar before coming into oncoming traffic.
5:42 pm
died. bill cosby arrived for a pretrial hearing in philadelphia facing three counts of aggravated indecent assault. cosby's attorneys recently filed paperwork saying the comedian is legally blind which they say will hatcher his ability to defend himself at a trial against his accusers. >> cosby's trial is set for next summer and faces up to 10 years in prison if convict >> time to talk about politics. we are one week away before the election and both candidates are planning advertising blitz. commercials and cash may not be important factors. ryan nobles has more. >> in september alone hillary clinton raised more than $154 million. that money turned into hundreds of ads running constantly in swing states like florida. no other tv market in the
5:43 pm
than orlando with $25 million on pro-clinton ads and $7.7 million for donald trump. >> i don't want bullies in my life and not in the white house. >> the investment is not necessarily translating to results. >> in the old days you would get credit if you would spend less money and have victory. that would be a good thing. >> touch did not start headlining fundraisers until after his primary victory. a win he captured after being outspent by opponents. >> the billionaire vowed to invest $100 million in his election bid and so far he chipped in 2/3 of that pledge. >> i will have $100 million in the campaign and prepare to go much more than that. >> trump personally donated 3
5:44 pm
$10 million friday. the question for this up conventional candidate who's support is built on big personality, social media and outsized rallies will need an infusion of cash and if it matters. >> donald trump didn't think he needed to do it. he relied on media and people covering him. >> and it won't be fully understood until voters head to polls on election day. >> in washington, i'm ryan nobles. >> tiffani: president obama is getting ready for life outside of the presidency. staying up late to snap selfies or play on-line games keeping kids away. 125,000 children worldwide were analyzed and results concluded a strong and consistent connection between the phones and poor sleep.
5:45 pm
before going to bed. coming up on cleveland 19 news at 5:00. continuing live team coverage with indians in the world series. uber is under fire. the transportation service facing serious accusations over the type of people it leaves
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19 news consumer alert. a new study claims uber and lyft drivers discriminate between black and female drivers. researchers looked at 1500 rides in seattle and boston. people who appeared to have african-american-sounding names have longer wait times and more likely to have their ride cancel. this report claims women often pay more because they get chatty with drivers. >> tiffani: and some help for
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making the thanksgiving turkey. butterball is coming to the rescue. struggling cooks can text questions in the week leading up to thanksgiving. butterball will staff a telephone help line. starbucks is getting into the holiday spirit as well. a picture of this year's holiday cups was leaked out. as you can see, the design has more of a holiday theme. the coffee giant was criticized last year for selling solid red cups without any holiday images. today marks the start of the halloween season for amazon. is launching black friday deals. the shopping web site is offering new deals every five minutes now through december 22. pip pointing the weather where you live. your cleveland 19 news first alert forecast. >> jeff: you know, it is
5:50 pm
this on november 1. here it is game 6. tomorrow we will have one very warm day and i have us warming to 77. there's a chance anyway of spotty showers around throughout the day especially in the morning. the better opportunity will come by thursday morning. that's the next cold front that comes through. you can see the temperature change here. in fact, this 58 that you see on thursday will be the morning high and most likely few notches during the day. we will mix in sunshine after the morning rain. it will be a windy day and will you definitely feel the change there. in fact, thursday night 44 for the low. friday partly cloudy and cool, 50 and beauty the weekend we rebound up to 58 saturday. partly cloudy and saturday 45 and sunday the latest data suggesting a mostly cloudy sky and as a result we will be
5:51 pm
it will feel a little more like early november through the weekend. but dry. in fact thursday is the only alert day i have, the next 7 and early next week. sunshine monday 57 and next tuesday that's election day. right now i have it dry and 56 degrees for the high. yep, we've got the 77. it sticks out like a sore thumb and the trend 58 saturday and cool 52 with windy conditions sunday. tiffani. >> tiffani: thank you, jeff. can you say go tribe? coming up next on cleveland 19 news a live look outside of downtown cleveland. it is a sea of indians fans and their first pitch is a little over two hours away.
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>> denise: one of the cool things about walking around at halloween last night with my son was noticing all the indians players, all the outfits out there.
5:55 pm
player for halloween and had to get him a new jersey. the stuff is flying off the shelves. >> the red sea isn't in the middle east it is down here f. and when the tribe win the world series more and more want that. allison is standing by live at westlake at dick sporting goods. are they ready and stocked up? >> they are, you guys. fans are getting last-minute attire ahead of tonight's game. the crew here is preparing to attire. before we can get our hands on that attire i want to show you this rally. take a look. fans are writing well wishes to our team a held of the big game. i will sign something from our newsroom saying we rally together, if i can find a spot. together. cleveland 19 news. and now earlier today we did catch up with some eager and
5:56 pm
>> super excited. hopefully they came to win it. are you ready to get the championship merchandise here? >> are you ready? >> go, tribe! >> go, tribe. and right now a live look at some fans riding on the rally. what do you want to say? >> i want to say congratulations to cleveland for bringing numerous pride at home. >> go tribe! bring a win. >> give me your best go, tribe! >> go, tribe! >> well done. that's the winning tribe for now. coming up at 6:00 i will show you boxes of that secret championship attire. and we will look at that at 6:00 back to you, guys. >> denise: all right. we want to welcome you, allison. first day on-the-job on cleveland 19 news and she gets to cover the world series.
5:57 pm
can you get it. stay with cleveland 19 news after the break. mark, romona and tony z and jim thome continue our countdown to first pitch in downtown
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cleveland 19 news sponsored by empire window company your local window and siding door expert since 1960 livero cleveland's newscenter we are getting answers for you. cleveland 19 news starts now. >> we are live overlooking
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cleveland indians get set for game six against the cubs. we want to clinch this tonight right here in cleveland to end that 68 year drought. >> mark: do you even go to bed at this point. if they catholicism tonight do you even bother going to bed. >> 80-degree night in november. >> great match up. you have josml phenomenal game 3 and didn't go 5 innings, 4 2/3 and zero runs f. he were to do that and get an early lead it is lights out for the cubs. >> romona: what can we expect different from terry francona? he has been everywhere with this team and genius with pieces and parts he's had to put out there. he will keep doing what he is doing. especially game 7 if they have the early lead. coco crisp in the line up and


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