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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 5PM  CBS  November 2, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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? don't stop believing hold on to that feeling.? >> denise: don't stop believe indeed. indians fans game 7 of the world series is only three hours away. this is it. do or die. we do not want a repeat of '95 or '97. we are a c.h.p. city and we want another parade. >> chris: you can't ask for anything more. this is what it's all 36 winner take all in game 7's in major league baseball history and the home team won 18 and road team won 18. cleveland 19 news sports director tony zarrella joins us now. home team won 9 out of 10 and sets up well for the tribe. >> tony: they couldn't ask for more dory kluber on the mound. bats can't get in a hole. they have to jump for a lead
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run at wrigley. coco crisp r.b.i. they need more than that f. they get to a situation with 6 out of kluber in the previous two starts in the world series and get to the bullpen, mark schwab they would be in phenomenal shape. jason kipnis needs help at the plate. he is the only one hitting right now. >> mark: oh, yeah t. would be nice if some of the guys get going. they have not hit well postseason. fortunately, this is where you feel if you can scratch water kluber is enough. you would like more than one or two. the way they have done this, winning the games one and two runs it's been unreal to see this run and how they have done it with things they have had to overcome. i said it a few days ago, i believe we would have botched the greatest indians story in cleveland history. the things they have overcome
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think they have no business winning it and they win it. kluber was asked what the past 28 days meant to the club. >> first and foremost it's been a blast. we have enjoyed ourselves and take a lot from how we approached it and not treating it more than each game is another game and we try to win it and not look too far ahead. there's value to taking the approach with season 2. >> i am not trying to sound it is straightforward. if they win this, it is the greatest indians story ever told. they are told if they lose it it is the latest time they broke our heart and they have done that a few times. they need to get one tonight. guys? >> denise: they sure do. tony hendrix is no slouch. we had a tough time beating him in game 3. >> he is solid in the playoffs for the cubs.
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there's an old theory in the 7-game series and the more the weaker team is exposed. i am hoping that's not the case with the tribe. they deserve to be here. bats are not alive. as this plays out, the only concern i have they can't generate early offense in the game. i hope that's not the case. >> it will help kevin raga. >> i love tyler naquim. he has 14 strikeou at-bats. >> chris: not a good night for him last night. we don't want to speak to much of last night. it started bad and went down hill from there. >> denise: it wasn't too bad for one fan, it was a memorable night for him. in fact, he was able to catch one of the dingers off the cubs. >> we were sitting here. it went right to us and i saw it coming in. i missed it for a second and it bounced out the seat behind me
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the guys are saying throw it back, throw it back, i am thinking to myself, this is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of thing. >> john maddox decided to hang onto it. >> no harm in that. he is under no obligation. >> chris: being here on a glorious day and fans coming alive and ballpark starts to come alive. last night was a atmosphere. we've got this. i am wondering what it is like. >> fans have been camping out a couple of hours to get standing room-only choice spots. catherine bosley has been hanging out with some of them at gateway plaza. catherine, good crowd so far? >> reporter: let me show you this. this is what you do when you have been waiting since 1:00 and you have standing room only tickets. you sit here like this and watch everything that takes place
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doing. you have been here since 1:00. any little thing in here and movement is fun. >> looking for anything that moves we can watch. it gets interesting from this couple coming all the way from omaha, nebraska. >> nice drive first in and last out. >> you have been out here since 1:00. taking turns going to the restrooms maybe. >> we don't want to miss it. we will catch the winning home run tonight. how are you a fan f >> i grew up in the early 90s kenny lofton got traded houston to cleveland and i have been an instant tribe fan '95, 'the 7. 13. >> reporter: bring us luck. they have been waiting in line for several hours including this gentleman who came from florida, right. >> yes, ma'am. how are you doing? >> good. so it was worth it, right. >> it was worth it. we will make it more worth it.
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and world series 1, 2 and back for 6 and 7. >> kenny, we need to yell louder than the cubs fans. >> hey, let's go, tribe! >> reporter: that's good. of course we will be out here and hopefully out here throughout the night for a big party overnight. back to you guys. >> denise: all right, catherine. i loved seeing kenny lofton while in town throwing ceremonial first pitch and jim thome will be there tonight doing the honors. we are hoping jim will be our good luck charm. >> chris: he won't have wind to deal with on the first pitch. it is gorgeous tonight. >> jeff d we hit a record today? it was close. >> jeff: we did. records across the board 78 officially at cleveland. akron-canton you broke records, mansfield well in the 70s. tonight we will be in the 60s
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more of a temperature drop and don't drop much temperaturewise. >> and right around midnight. that's when the rain will begin to move in from the west. light showers out over the lake. this is the batch of showers tham continues to get itself organized with the next system. again, that will be here around the midnight hour. so the alert will kick in overnight and firstf day tomorrow and showers affecting this. the morning drive tomorrow. we do think it will be raining tomorrow morning with the very warm night, morning rain and cooldown tomorrow and dry stretch will start again friday. details coming up later in the half hour. first alert traffic on cleveland 19 news is sponsored by ford. >> in the answer center to keep
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traffic today. best part is we will not have traffic going into the q because the cavaliers are not playing tonight. let's look at ohgo, the ohio department of transportation as we look at this. the only red we see on this map is at dead man's curve at the top of the screen. that's what we expect this time of day. yesterday we were red on the innerbelt bridge and that area and taking a look at the cold st out of downtown. that's great news for anybody coming in to watch the tribe today. this will be a great night. you have perfect weather for it, perfect traffic getting in and out of downtown. we expect it to get heavier in maybe the 6:00 hour. for now getting answers in the answer center let's get back out to chris and denise. >> denise: thank you, dan.
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was trending on social media today. he tweets out picture of his backpack, coming to cleveland as if he will throw out the first pitch. of course he is not. that honor's jim thome. the wild thing is here in cleveland for game 7. landed a little bit again. >> allison brunner has been hot on his trail. what do you got? >> reporter: fans got their wish. it's been more than two decades since we introduced you to ricky wild thing vaughn and he is in he spoke with our crew. we will bring you that sound in a moment. first, earlier, i just got back from talking to the two locals earlier who helped make this a reality and brought him and two local businesses fresh brewed tea and both guys telling us that charlie will energyize the fans and expect to see him in his typical movie fashion and we will get straight to the sound
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amazing. i didn't know the reception would be quite like this and we still have a game to play. i am a spectator. >> and we met six months ago and back in town and mentioned to bobby, let's do this. and it is sarin dip advertise and now he is coming. >> to be honest i think tony and i were working on this previously from game 1. tony and i were great friends. >> reporter: how did you put two and two. >> we both kept getting denied and stumped and not coming and ran to tony and told him what i was doing. he told me what he was doing and brought gt in the picture and closed the deal with us. >> coming up at 6:00 more from charlie and you will see charlie near the indians dugout during the game and after he is hanging out with the crew at barley house. >> reporter: allison brunner, cleveland 19 news. >> denise: only in cleveland.
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brought back for every important game. >> mark: and that's okay. as long as they get the w. >> denise: exactly. whatever it takes. >> chris: we are getting started. when we get back we will check with tiffani tucker news of the day and problems with security
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live from cleveland's newscenter driven by don joseph toyota in kent this is cleveland 19 news.
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and killed in what authorities call an ambush. a man named scott green is in custody for the deaths. police say he surrendered to a state wildlife worker ending an hours long manhunt. green is accused of killing two officers in separate attacks. authorities say they never had a chance. >> definitely was no opportunity for the police officers to defend themselves or respond to the attack. both officers were seated in their cars and shot while they were sitting. >> tiffani: the man in st enforcement. he was issued a warning for waving a confederate flag during the national anthem before a football game at his daughter's high school. the growing insecurity over social security over a high-tech safety option. the problem is you need a cell phone for it to work. many seniors are not too text savvy. julie watson is getting answers on the issue. >> i thought it was a scam.
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got an e-mail about social security benefits. >> something about a one-time only text code. >> the agency began requiring people to enter a code sent via text message to sign into their on-line accounts. >> it seems all wrong to me. the e-mail was legit. >> how do they know i have a smart phone. >> signing an executive order to make on-line accounts secure, they issued multifactor authentic. the security measure require them to use a pass code. not all seniors have text-enabled cell phones. >> 70 to 80% of people getting onto the social security site probably don't have a smart phone and will not necessarily understand authentications. >> and rolling back the message requirement admitting it inconvenienced or restricted
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>> many applaud the agency for attempting to increase social security and the national institute of standards and technology recently recommended the agencies move away from text messages as authentication because they can be intercepted. they are working on an alternate authentication option. >> reporter: in san francisco, i'm julie watts. >> tiffani: stay with cleveland 19 news. we will let you know what social security decides for the alternative option. >> to tell you about. you can see it right there for yourself. that is more than is 11 kilos of cocaine more than 25 pounds of the stuff. police tried to stop a guy at kenmore and 16th street and he took off and later caught by the highway patrol. police believe it will lead to other dealers. take a look at the pictures.
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robbed the dollar store on richmond heights road. we are told he gave the teller a threatening note. if you recognize him, call the f.b.i. or police. heritage college closed all 10 campuses. the for-profit school offered programs. heritage blamed financial problems for shutting down. some students paid roughly $15,000 and many are days away nine-month program. jeff? >> all right. as i mentioned before, record high temperatures 78 and the old record 77. akron-canton you busted a record high mansfield and the only shower we had right there that cruised maybe conneaut and a brief spritz ashtabula and north
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located to the front north of us getting down here and not until tomorrow morning which is good. if this thing were to come through tonight and talking about a whole different set of circumstances and notice we have showers pooling along with this front and thunderstorms in illinois and around chicago right now. and in fact flight delays at o'hare at around an hour because of the storms. 76 the warm side 80 athens. all right. the all important future view model and i will watch this closely. the models update every 3, 4 hours or so. i am liking what it is showing now. 8:00 to 11:00, dry. by levin here notice we have the rain in sandusky and in the cleveland area i am thinking around midnight. by 2:00 in the morning, showers
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thunder and another steadier wave tomorrow morning. and after this moves the steady rain will be ending late morning and by 2:00 in the afternoon for the most part rain is out. we will see drop in temperature after that. future rainfall has heavier stuff and half inch on the blue color and lakeshore counties quarter inch or less inland. that's the latest on check out how warm it will be. temps in the 60s and temperatures holding steady in the 60s here until the front sneaks through. it will by 8:00 tomorrow morning and we will drop and then 11:00 a.m. in the 50s. i have us briefly warming to 60. obviously that's cooler than what we have been. overnight showers developing
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akron-canton, late night showers and you will drop to around 60. morning showers tomorrow and mostly cloudy, 62 and blustery at times and the lakeshore and a.m. 60. 59 at noon and still some showers around and those will definitely end by afternoon upper 50s this time tomorrow. down to 45 tomorrow night. friday, partly cloudy and 54. after tomorrow's rain that's it for the m it is pretty much a dry forecast. weekend looks good. 60 saturday. 46 saturday night. sunday 63 for the browns game and you get an extra hour of sleep this weekend as we go to eastern standard time. turn the clocks back an hour before going to bed. monday 65 and sunny. election day increasing clouds. 61. dry during the day and could be rain around tuesday night that
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system and spotty showers on wednesday of next week as we cool back down to 53. >> tiffani: hopefully, we need the extra sleep sunday because we are celebrating all week. >> extra hour of sleep is always good. >> got to have faith. coming up next on 5:00 on cleveland 19 news this is a special day for a sesame street favorite. why the cookie monster is ready
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hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you? seriously..."vo: clear thinking... donald trump: "i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me." vo: and calm judgment. donald trump: "and you can tell them to go fu_k themselves." vo: because all it takes is one wrong move. donald trump audio only: "i would bomb the sh_t out of
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>> tiffani: it's time for eye on entertainment and special birthday wishes to the cookie monster and special for lady gaga and we begin with fantastic beast and high-tech pr. >> strange things going on all over the city. >> tiffani: the spin off and prequel to the harry potter movies is set york. google maps plans to display all the places for the fantasy film taking you inside the watering hole among other places fantastic beast and where to find them opens in two weeks. ?[ music ] ? >> it was love ? ? it was a perfect illusion. >> tiffani: no illusion for pop star lady gaga staying busy
5:26 pm
fashion show in paris after performing at the american music awards and before headlining the superbowl halftime show. busy lady. ?[ music ] ? ? happy birthday.? >> tiffani: happy birthday to cookie monster. the loveable cookie-obsessed character is ready to celebrate. cookie monster is 47-years-old today. he looks pretty g in sesame street since the first episode and his song c is for cookie is the most popular tunes on the show. all right. a live look outside at progressive field in cleveland. we are hoping our indians can pull off game 7 tonight. cleveland 19 news continues live team coverage coming up.
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[ cheering ] >> chris: welcome back to downtown cleveland. the gates opened over my shoulder. far more methodical and we are seeing cubbies blue interspersed with the tribe red. >> denise: we knew this would happen. a short drive from chicago h loud last night. we need tribe fans to step up tonight and get rally towels going and we know tons of tribe fans are gathered over downtown. sara goldenberg is catching up with them on east 4th. sara? >> crowd is really picking up right now. speaking of cubs fans we have seen a lot here. it's a sea of blue and white.
5:31 pm
here. and this is great for local businesses and well across the country including duct tape headquartered in avon, ohio. thank you for joining us. >> how does it feel to be part of this excitement? >> words can't describe how exciting this is. we have been waiting for so long and being here in cleveland and we will root out the home team. >> made. >> here with duct tape we have mlb inspired duct tape you can buy on-line. we have a giant hat as you can see and really great signs. it's great to see the excitement here today. it has to be a good feeling to be headquartered in the center of it. >> absolutely. great to be here. >> thank you for joining us. a lot of fun on east 4th
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here before the game begins. live on east 4th street, sara goldenberg, cleveland 19 news. >> denise: a lot of people sitting where sara is over there at the tables and inside the bars and a lot of people running inside progressive field trying to get that choice spot. >> chris: standing room only. you better get it. squatters rights over there. hopefully, it will stay dry for the duration of the game. it is beautiful. >> maybe sprinkles. >> threat of rain later and is gorgeous. >> jeff: it will be warm tonight. cooler last night because of the light wind. we will see a temperature drop. we think the rain will hold off until midnight. that's the key hour. if the game happens to go until midnight, we could watch light showers come in and not before then we have alerts starting at midnight through 2:00 tomorrow
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morning drive tomorrow and create slow conditions. right now can you see no threat of rain. we had a light sprinkle move through northern ashtabula county. here is your big break and seeing showers develop out west. storms around chicago. that's the system moving in. here is my forecast. 66 at 8:00 with a mixed sky. 10:00, 66 when the rain will begin to move in. broke the record today in cleveland. we officially hit 78. i will explain. 76 and cooler in meant we are a lake breeze and ashtabula and we have 77 akron and around 80 in sandusky. wow. 66 at 7:00 and around 9:11 showers west of cleveland and 1:00, 3:00 in the morning it will be raining cleveland
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celebration, big celebration after the game it might start to rain during that. >> very warm tonight. we have the rain overnight into tomorrow morning and then the cooldown will start. after this will system moves in we get to another dry stretch of weather. that will begin friday. 90% chance of rain tomorrow early and there's a big drop-off by noon and 2:00 as the system moves throu morning showers and 88 and by 5:00 downtown dropping in the mid-50s. denise and chris. back out to you. >> i love how he said a storm brewing over chicago. >> chris: yeah. >> denise: maybe that's symbolic. >> chris: jeff said overnight showers may affect anyone if
5:35 pm
>> denise: that's right. >> chris: there will be a celebration. we just don't know who. >> denise: if you are trying to get a ticket there are seats left. dan deroos has a look at ticket prices. they will set you back. >> dan: in all actuality a fire sale. we are seeing a major drop in the price of game 7 tickets if you can get on-line and buy the tickets and still get downtown. we are using stub hub. they i want to show you here the ticket prices. this last night during the game when we were down 7-0 this ticket shot up to 1900. standing room only just to get in looking at thousand dollars. look at it now. it is still not very reasonable. but at $1,000 it is $1,000 cheaper than some people ran out and paid last night. you can see the prices go up fairly quickly.
5:36 pm
find if we can get a seat upper reserve getting a seat for 1171. still, wow, that's a lot of money. let's take a look at bleachers. can you see here there are a lot of tickets bleacher seats people paying $1,500 to get in there. i also want to show you we have been harsh on tribe fans selling their tickets because we think they know where they are going. here is the to tick pick who was buying the games. 30% of sales in ohio. 15% in illinois. >> watch what happened now, though. after the game last night. 39% of ticket sales are going to illinois fans. >> i think that's where chicago is. that means a lot of cubby fans in progressive field tonight getting answers in the answer center, back to you guys.
5:37 pm
the cubs fans are very much disappointed. no offense, chicago. we love you. but not your team. >> chris: dan has been following the on-line metrics with the site test and shelby miller is on carnegie. what shirts are you seeing foot and vehicle traffic are you seeing? >> i am seeing more red than we did earlier. that's positivity and all the cubs fans we are expecting here. we are seeing a lot of them. especially by progressive. a lot of cubs blue happening there especially before the gates opened. you mentioned traffic as you can see it is backed up at carnegie and ontario. the light is red and once it turns green traffic will get out in no time and talking to fans down here not too much of a
5:38 pm
town or getting in here for the game tonight. i am seeing a lot of blue. even more than yesterday. i think more people need to get downtown. come down here and wear your red and root on your tribe. i am bummed out. we saw even more yesterday. we will send it back to you and keep you posted in the next half live at progressive field shelby miller cleveland 19 news. >> don't worry once corey kluber starts dealing her mood will improve. >> denise: i was checking out the fans here tribe fans wearing blue shirts. you think it is a cubs fan and see the front it says indians. we will do it tonight for sure. much more ahead on cleveland 19 news at 5:00 including news of a teacher strike to tell you about in a local school
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>> tiffani: schools were open in louisville and no regular teachers in the classrooms. a strike went into effect at midnight. harry boomer is getting answers on the impact. >> reporter: the teachers in lewisville are walking the picket line. >> we are trying to get a contract.
5:42 pm
teachers education. the board and union didn't reach an agreement and they move to the next step leaving classrooms in protest at 5:30. contracts broke off june 23 and working without a contract since june 30th. >> we tried multiple times to come to the table and they refused to talk to us. >> when cleveland19 on the board side i was given the letter schools will remain o during the strike and the district is working on a safe environment. certified teachers who meet certification requirements of the state department of education passed criminal background checks substituting the classes and buildings. >> the lewisville education association represented 180 teachers and oddly enough they are not asking for money. >> they want us to accept the fact finders report and too much ambiguous language in there to
5:43 pm
three nieces in the lewisville city schools support is strong for the teachers. >> right now the board is acting selfish and it is getting taken out on the kids. >> in all the academic classes there's no teachers and main classes no substitutes and i feel like it is not a good thing for the community. >> reporter: there are no new talks scheduled. >> getting answers, harry boomer, cleveland 19. >> t ready to resume talks and neither side buzzed on the respective positions. cleveland 19 will let00 that changes. looking to book a flight around the thanksgiving holiday? well, you will be in record company. an estimated 27 million people will fly between november 18 and 29th. that basically equates to 2.3 million people flying daily a 1/2% increase from last year. the sunday after thanksgiving is
5:44 pm
for air travel. maybe you might want to try driving on-line travel is expected this year. more people are going on-line instead of fighting the crowds at the malls. an estimated $95 billion will be spent this year in on-line sales. that's $14 billion more than
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we are talking presidential politics. candidates are on a campaign blitz and polls are tightening. something is missing. enthusiasm. a low voter turnout could be trouble. ryan nobles is covering campaign 2016. from the beginning donald trump's campaign has been different cobbled together
5:48 pm
establishment support. >> there's a great thing happening in our country, folks. reality stars motivated a base of voters that in many respects have not been traditionally active in the political process. >> trump's us against the world mentality has his base ready to go to the polls. the problem has been there may not be enough to win the election. that dynamic changes if democrats who prefer hillary clinton but aren't passionate about her stay home. >> i want to make sure t these next 7 days thinking about what's at stake in this election. >> clinton's team isn't ignoring the problem. they are strategically attacking it by making a pitch to group like african-american voters heavily motivated to vote for president obama but seemed less enthused about clinton and are bringing in a big gun to make the case. >> wait, wait, wait.
5:49 pm
>> the president himself is pleading with black voters if they care about his legacy they must collect clinton. >> obama's legacy as a motivator for trump supporters as well. >> if hillary clinton wants to expand obamacare and make it more expensive. >> reporter: as the election day nears both sides will use every tool available to make sure their supporters get to the polls. >> reporter: in washington, i'm >> donald trump is urging supporters that are slightly losing to drive up enthusiasm in the background of florida. >> pinpointing the weather where you live, your cleveland 19 first alert forecast. we have this front on the way tomorrow morning. that's when the bulk of the rain will hit. we think the rain won't get in here until midnight.
5:50 pm
game depending where it goes depends on celebration and the alert tomorrow is basically for the morning here. 62 the high. quite a bit cooler and could drop in temperature as the afternoon goes on along the lakeshore. 45 the low tomorrow night with spotty lake-effect showers. friday dry. partly cloudy. 54. getting into the weekend how about sunshine saturday near 60. saturday night turn the clocks back an hour. saturday night before you head to bed. browns game looking good. sunny sky and 6 and warmer monday 65. election day we have increasing clouds. i kept it dry during the day 61. we could get showers tuesday night. that's another front coming through and spotty showers wednesday. after tomorrow look at that. no alert days in the forecast.
5:51 pm
of weather here after tomorrow morning. we have the high of 62, tomorrow 54 friday and cooler and the trend is up new the weekend and monday next week and we start to head back down election day and into wednesday with that high of 53 degrees. tiffani. >> tiffani: all right, jeff. thank you. coming up next on cleveland 19 news free taco wednesday. you can fayetteville francisco lindor.
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>> denise: it's a very special day in cleveland not because indians are in the world series, it is free taco wednesday. at local taco bells and all because of tribe short stop francisco lindor. >> chris: that's right. taco bell promised if anyone stole a base in games 1, 2, 3 of the world series lindor would take care of that. you are either satisfied or
5:55 pm
shanice. >> reporter: will you be disappointed if you are not here at the taco bell because it ends at 6:00 this is thanks to francisco lindor stealing a base and tribe fans, can i get a go, tribe! they will get a free taco. looks like there's a 10 minute wait i should say but nobody around here complaining too much. tacos taste better when they are free. yeah. i got a lot of head nods. this promotion going on taco bell. we are at steel yard who participated and packed crowd inside and outside. a line of cars for people to get the free tacos. tribe fans telling me think we will win tonight, guys? >> got it? they got it. plenty of fuel with the free tacos to cheer on the tribe tonight reporting live in cleveland shanice dunning,
5:56 pm
>> denise: i think if the tribe wins a lot of people will make a run for the border at 2 a.m. after they are done partying here. >> chris: and they will not care how much it costs. >> denise: they will need some chow. >> chris: two hours until first pitch. mark and romona and tony coming back as first pitch flies. go, tribe! ? come on, it ? ? come on. it's tribe time.? ? are you ready to rock?
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expert since 1960. live from cleveland's newscenter we're getting answers for you. cleveland 19 news starts now. ?[ music ] ? ? open up the champagne ? ? it's my house, come on, turn it up.? >> people here in cleveland have a passion unlike any place i have ever been. >> when you get down to game 7 it doesn't get better ? pour yourself some.? >> romona: oh, my goodness. game 7. we are here. it is do or die. the tribe has not gotten it done since 1948. we are ready tonight. you guys feeling it? >> mark: i know when flo rida hits tony and romona will drop the beat. >> tony: search meaning of drop the beat. >> romona: come on, tony.
6:00 pm
1974 when a little known british band named paper lace broke out "chicago died." and billy don't be a hero. there are no billies on the roster. look at this, kluber against hendrix. what a match up here. indians on the home turf they have the ace and relievers and everything they want. mark schwab inside progressive field time and time again game 7 and usually a guy you are not big. >> especially -- you are right. and it doesn't have to be. one of your big boppers. it can be one guy than runs into one and goes over a wall and double and could be perez and somebody like that. who knows. the indians chances tonight live with corey kluber's right arm and talk about getting him on the mound for game 7. he is there and kluber for him


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