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tv   Cleveland 19 News at Noon  CBS  November 3, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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>> they need to walk with their head held high, because they left nothing on the field and that's all the things we e they tried until it was -- there was nothing left. >> tia: now at noon on cleveland 19 news, the indians give us a world series to remember but fall short of winning it all. the cubs take it 8-7 in the 10th inning of game seven. no one is happy with the way this series ended, but it was a fantastic effort from our indians last night. the tribe had to play catch-up the entire night but in the
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indians' hopes alive with a home run to left. the game went to a soth inning and the cubs struck first with two in the top of the 10th. tribe tried to put a rally together but just couldn't get the job done. cubs win it 8-7. >> best group i've ever been around. i think we played as well as we could play to be able to force game seven and to have probably one of the better world series i've ever seen. >> that's what this team does. we grind out every d. grind out every at-bat and go for it. >> tia: an incredible season comes to an end with a game no one will ever forget. that sums up the season this year. we are all still saying go tribe. lebron included. of course l.b.j. has been showing support for the indians all throughout the season and he had a special message for the team after their tough loss last night. >> y'all post game at the world series game seven, just want to
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you guys did something that nobody would ever think you guys could do and we are very proud of you, you know, the whole cavs organization, all the fans, the whole city of cleveland, we are all proud of you guys. you guys got nothing to hang your heads low about. use this as inspiration, get ready for next year and also want to congratulate the chicago cubs on winning the world series. the first one in i think it's 100-plus years. magical sean y'all were the best team in baseball all year man and you guys showed why. so -- much respect to both ball clubs. like i said, congratulations to the chicago cubs. and much respect to my hometown cleveland indians. looking forward to seeing you guys back out there next year. so, all good. uninterrupted. >> tia: exactly. that's what happened to the cavs. right? and then they did it. hopefully that happens for the indians.
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media to congratulate the team for a great season and look ahead to next year. laura demaria has that side of the story. >> laura: it's barely been 12 hours since the end of the game and the tribe, well they are trending all over the internet. we want to give you some of the examples of what people are saying from coast to coast about our indians and our tribe. so here are just a few of the things. we will start with this one. here we go, this one comes in from shane kerns. at indians are there any plans to celra when it s. spring training? well they are going to be out there very, very soon. then we have this shirt that's trending. i like this one. this is gold and i might just buy it. hashtag rally together. this is coming from ray p. you can see it's kind of a pun on cleveland and the 3-1 that we did have earlier on. oh, where did that go away to? then we have another here, this is all over. you will find it everywhere. this could coming in from
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next year you will win it all. he's referencing where the cleveland indians said just waking up. can someone tell us when game 8 starts? don't we wish we could re-set and get one more game? what could happen. right? more thoughts. i'm telling you this stuff is all over the web. this is coming in from tyler fletcher. tyler says i know baseball is way harder to repeat in, but cubs, indians world series next year? we get two starters back and our hashtag go tribe and hashtag rally together, you can search these hashtags online and it's everywhere. they are getting support from not just cleveland, we have been saying cleveland against the world but we are really everywhere and it's so great to see the support of everyone backing our indians and so that's why i've called this hashtag tribe trending. we are trending everywhere. i'm laura demaria, cleveland 19. >> all right. well we have to tip our hats to chicago, right?
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started long before game seven and went on well into the morning. the cubs won their last world series in october of 1908. that's a long time. dean reynolds reports from chicago's wrigley field. [cheering] >> reporter: across chicago -- [cheering] -- it was a once in a lifetime celebration. some games you watch, a few you remember. but, only blazenned on your soul. ? >> and for cub fans, this was such a game. >> it's not easy being a cubs fan. >> it is now. you're world champs. >> this makes it all worth it. >> the longest drought in the history of american sports is over.
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>> reporter: lifelong faithfuls cheered from their living rooms, favorite bars, or nearest street corners to exalt in the victory of the loveable losers and shed the superstition that surrounded this franchise for decades. go cubs go! >> the reality of the cubs' victory is still sinking in around here. the city of chicago plans a big parade for the team in the next couple of days and president obama, a noted white sox at the white house. >> tia: well if you were wondering what the front page of the plain dealer looks like, well, this is it. after one of the greatest world series ever played, here's your answer. there's a picture of indians outfielder michael martinez after making the final out. the headline reads -- curses,
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continues. >> both election sides are focusing on the issues they think resonates most with voters. craig boswell is at the white house were the very latest. >> hillary clinton drew one of her largest crowds while campaigning in arizona wednesday night. a state that traditionally votes republican. >> we have a real chance to turn this state blue again. >> clinton told hispanic supporters their lives will be worse if donald trump wins the presidency. >> people treated like criminals or traitors or strangers because of their race or their religion. >> reporter: campaigning in florida, trump said the f.b.i. reopening its investigation of clinton's e-mails makes her unqualified to be president. >> it would create an unprecedented constitutional crisis. you know what's going to happen. and in all fairness we went through it with her husband. he was impeached. do we want to go through this again? >> trump's confident he will win the election if he can just avoid any slips of the tongue.
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stay on point. >> reporter: trump has narrowed the gap with clinton in the latest cbs news "new york times" poll but only 8% of voters are still up for grabs. both candidates will get help from big-named surrogates today. president obama stumps for hillary clinton in florida while donald trump sends his wife, melania, out to campaign for him in pennsylvania. she will give a speech taylored to suburban women voters. clinton has a 15-point lead over trump with female voters in pennlv you want in life. >> this is her first public speech since the republican convention where she was accused of plagerizizing from a speech michelle obama gave in 2008. >> tia: well this next story is really interesting. a very luxurious bust on the ohio turnpike in western ohio. troopers stopped a chevy express van on october 26 for speeding in a construction zone in wood county. this is what they found.
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11 boxes full of 452 furs worth about $2 million. u.s. customs were able to confirm they were illegally imported. well, students are in class today in the louisville school district but their teachers are staying home once again. they are on strike after contract talks broke down. all 180 full and part-time teachers have worked without a contract since june 30. the school board hired substitute teachers. both the school board and bargaining table to get a deal done. still to come here on cleveland 19 news at noon, faith in flying. what u.s. airports are doing to help passengers take some spiritual time before they get on board. then, health alert. what kids are eating that puts them at risk for heart problems later on in life.
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putting a wife to work is a very dangerous thing. when i come home and dinner's not ready i go through the roof. grab 'em by the p****". when you're a star, they let you do it.
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s coming forward to say they were sexually assaulted by donald trump. i'll go backstage before a show... yes.. and everyone's getting dressed. donald trump walked into the dressing room while contestants, some as young as 15 were changing. standing there with no clothes. you see these incredible looking women. i'd look her right in that fat ugly face of hers. she ate like a pig. a person who's flat-chested is very hard to be a 10. do you treat women with respect? alright, good.
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>> tia: traveling can be ss becoming more common at u.s. airports. marlee hall shows us more and more people are using them to stay grounded way before they fly. >> reporter: flying to morocco for business, his nearly 12-hour journey began here at the islamic center at j.f.k. airport. >> by doing this, i am fulfilling my duties. >> reporter: this small mosque is filled with travelers and
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growing. >> for muslims, it is very important to have a space like this so they can go inside without disturbing anybody, pray, connect with god, and go on their way. >> reporter: more than half of the nation's bussiest airports have a dedicated space for worship. most are interfaith. but here at j.f.k., there are four separate chapels. one for each major religion. the islamic center, a synagogue, and a catholic and protestant church are terminal 4. father christian piasta heads up the catholic chapel our lady of the skies. there's a full-fleged congregation here. >> yes. well, j.f.k. is a city that employs about 36,000 employees. that's bigger than many parishes. >> reporter: but he spends most of his time reaching out to passengers on the go. he calls it sweeping the terminal. >> i am looking for any sign of distress. >> reporter: most of the time
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others need more. >> people are very stressed when they enter the airport. and, we find that the chapel is a place where they can find some peace. >> reporter: and for many travelers, it's time well spent. >> tia: well in today's health alert, why starting school later in the day could help teens learn. but first, we start out with this story. health experts say nearly 90% of american children eat too much salt. guidelines, a study looked at the eating habits of more than 2,000 children . researchers say a preference for salty foods developed early in life and it continues into adulthood. putting them at greater risk for cardiovascular problems. and, doctors blame daytime sleepiness in a tendency to stay up late on teens being out of sync with school schedules. researcherssay their findings support starting school later in
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natural body clock patterns. straight ahead on cleveland 19 news, food waste. how some businesses are finding a way to repurpose food before it goes right into the dumpster. jon? >> jon: all right, our feazel roof-cam shows the city in mourning. those gray skies are going to clear up. we will talk about the weekend and election day and the changes therein, coming up. hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you? seriously..."vo: clear thinking... donald trump: "i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me." vo: and calm judgment. donald trump: "and you can tell them to go fu_k themselves." vo: because all it takes is one wrong move.
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>> tia: welcome bam. well we have all done it, thrown food out. but listen it these numbers. u.s. department of agriculture says more than 130 billion pounds of food is tossed out each year. in the u.k., it's about 34 billion. the numbers are so staggering, some activists there are putting food destined for the dumpster right on to supermarket they tell terri okita food waste is an environmental crisis. >> reporter: this is the third time in two weeks that sarah glover has shopped at what's being called the antisupermarket. anti, because many of these items have expired, sell-by or best-by dates. >> we are all disgusted with the way the world is going. we are exploiting it and not appreciating what the earth gives us. >> each week as much as 20,000
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in england. it show cases just how much edible food is being discarded from supermarkets, restaurants, hotels and cafes. places that donate these items to the store. do you think a concept like this would work in the united states? >> yeah. i think this concept could work anywhere. wherever food is wasted. >> reporter: keith helps run the market and notes britain is the biggest food-waste offender in the european union. >> what we want to do is get the food out of those bins and just offer it to >> they test for safety by smelling, sampling and visually inspecting the food. if it's bad, they throw it away. since all items are donated, customers pay whatever they want. >> absolutely brilliant to think that all of this stuff is being saved from going to the land fill. >> the real junk food project hopes this is the start of a global movement getting consumers to think twice before tossing.
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to schools and runs more than 125 food-waste cafes around the world. project managers say they have had calls from people living in new york and indiana about creating cafes right here in the u.s. >> jon: hello, everyone. i'm meteorologist jon loufman in for sam. it is a day of grey skies. where will we go from here? as temperatures continue to we got enough breaks in the cloud deck by 3:00 in the afternon and start the tumble back into president mid 50s by 11:00 at night. the next weather maker will be on election day when we look at the possibility of a few showers around on tuesday. risk of showers under variable skies. temperatures in the low 60s on election day. between now and then, things much quieter. you can see the breaks in the cloud deck that we have now. we will see some then through the afternoon and then as we make our way through the
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impossible to see that cold canadian air coming across lake erie and generating a lake-effect rain shower. if we get anything, it's going to be stray, it's going to be brief, and, if you walk out today, as compared to yesterday, you are going to find it's 16 degrees colder and that record high temperature of 78 has been replaced by temperatures in the 50s now. there are the 50s. still a couple of 60s south of us because the colder air really hasn't filtered i but, it will. and those temperatures, too, will tumble. norwalk is the cool spot with 53. and mainly cloudy skies across the board. as we top at 60 today, there is, again, a couple of degrees on either side, depending on how much cloud cover and how many breaks we get, there is a risk of a stray shower. a lake-effect rain shower not out of the question. after all, it's november and at least it's rain. clouds decrease tonight as we dip to 46 degrees. little bit chillier sleeping weather and we will make our way
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improvement. we will start with clouds, we will wind up with sunshine. but a high temperature of only 54 on a day when the average high is 56. 60 on saturday. increasingly more and more sunshine sunday will live up to its name. 61?. don't forget -- set the clocks back an hour saturday night as you go to sleep on monday, we are at 62. election day, there's that chance of showers we are alerting you to that possibility. but a temperature of 63 is bonus rr looking at readings in the upper 50s with a sun/clouds mix. all in all, pretty quiet stuff. some time to recover and, unfortunately, despite the great weather on the weekend, tia, it would have been terrific parade weather. but -- our guys, they lost but they weren't defeated. >> tia: that's true. >> jon: they are a class act and they showed the world. >> tia: you are right. and you gain an hour of sleep. so hopefully play catchup.
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that you watched. >> jon: we got that going for us, too. >> tia: thank you so much. well there's still more to come right here on cleveland 19 news at noon. a big surprise at the country music awards. beyonce takes the stage with the dixie chicks. we'll have that and much more
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>> grandparents and parents
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it's a consumer alert. this year's holiday toys craze seems to be hatchables. they are already sold out online at wal-mart, toys-r-us, amazon and most toy stores. they retail for $50 but are selling for nearly $1,000 on ebay. country music honors one of its biggest stars. >> garth brooks. [cheering] >> tia: yeah, i dokn garth brooks won the top honor, though, this year at the country music association awards in nashville. it was his fifth win for entertainer of the year. see? dolly parton received the willey nelson lifetime achievement award. parton was honored as a trail blazer in the industry. she's won nine c.m.a. awards including entertainer of the year. ? ? daddy made me dance ? ? daddy held my hand ?
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>> i love this song. beyonce crossed musical genres to perform with the dixie chicks. she sang her song daddy lessons. beyonce was born in houston, texas but owns a house with her husband, jay-z right in new york. >> that's southern. that's good enough to be country. absolutely. well, if you are heading out today, you want to grab an umbrella just in case you get caught beneath a stray lake-effect rain be east of cleveland and our temperature will top around 60. 54 on friday. saturday, sunshine and 60. sunday, a very nice day. 61. set those clocks back and, as tia said, get an extra hour of sleep saturday night into sunday. monday, 62. tuesday a chance of an election-day shower and wednesday, 58 with a sun/clouds mix. >> tia: wow. pretty nice for november. >> jon: really not a bad way to start the month. >> tia: yeah. we will take it. thank you, jon. and thank you so much for joining us.
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next. putting a wife to work is a very dangerous thing. when i come home and dinner's not ready i go through the roof. grab 'em by the p****". when you're a star, they let you do it. you can do anything. more accusers coming forward to say they were sexually assaulted by donald trump.
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and everyone's getting dressed. donald trump walked into the dressing room while contestants, some as young as 15 were changing. standing there with no clothes. you see these incredible looking women. i'd look her right in that fat ugly face of hers. she ate like a pig. a person who's flat-chested is very hard to be a 10. do you treat women with respect? uh... i can't say that either.
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>> chloe: hey. >> chelsea: yeah? >> chloe: [ scoffs ] are you just gonna reorganize everything in the apartment? >> chelsea: oh, i guess i didn't realize i was doing that. >> chloe: i know. you're worried about nick. with good reason. >> chelsea: yeah, i mean, i have a knot in my stomach. this whole thing is a mess. >> chloe: well, that's an understatement. >> chelsea: how could something like this even happen? i mean, sharon finds out that sully isn't hers, and she just -- she just keeps it to


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