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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 11PM  CBS  November 3, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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cleveland 19 news sponsored by national carpet mill outlet. ohio's flooring superstore. asking questions, getting answers, cleveland 19 news starts now. >> they are scheduled could get rid of that guilt a little bit and see him if i need to. den ken it is a -- >> denise: it is a struggle a lot of moms have to go through. not seeing their children so they can go to work. tonight we have answers on how you cannibal your job -- can balance your job with being a parent. first, they are investigating four armed robberies in a week and all in university circle. the crimes have neighbors on
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woman who says she is not leaving her house without pepper spray. allison bruenner has answers on what police plan to do to make the area safer. >> this is one of those areas. it is not well lit. the first insurance department department -- the first insurance department -- incident involved a lady and a person demanding money. they are making sure they are walking inrs aware of their surroundings the -- not only outside, but making friends. >> i could hear somebody approaching the door and the pones are locked and everything is distracting and it is out of the picture and you are aware of your surroundings. it seems like in the past few months it has gone downhill. carrying around a mace or pepper spray in case anybody ryes to approach me. -- anybody tries to approach
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getting more lighting in the area, but they tell me to put the cell phone down. it is a distraction when walking. always remember there is strength in numbers. getting answers, cleveland 19 news. >> romona: and chris tanaka is at the alert desk tracking several developing stories chris -- >> chris: according to the fbi they found new e-mails as clinton's stint as secretary of state on a laptop of anthonyie were on her private server. it remains to be seen if it is significant into the investigation of mrs. clinton or how many there even are. >> chris: more than 3,000 people have been evacuated from the paris hotel and casino in las vegas after construction crews knocked out the electricity. workers are trying to book guests into other hotels along the strip because the power won't be back on tonight.
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>> chris: a missing south carolina woman has been found alive chained up in a shipping con thaner. she told police there may booy as many as -- there may be as many as four other women held by the suspect. >> denise: cleveland police really need your help tonight to find the driver who hit and killed 24-year-old mccormick and took off. tonight his parents are still looking for answers. >> we want to know this to our son? who could actually go home and sleep and rest and live on? >> denise: the crash happened in august, but after all this time investigators do not have any description of the car or the driver who killed lanelle. if you know anything give cleveland police a call. >> romona: things stayed relatively calm as several thousand people packed downtown and cheering on the
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in a 10-hour span. eight were for intoxicating disorderly conduct and three people were arrested for selling counterfeit items. one was an assault charge and another was arrested for do mess sick violence and -- domestic violence and another was picked up on an outstanding warrant. >> tiffani: some are calling for a new addition. it is a dome. they started a go fund me account to raise money to put and to stop any rain delays like the one we had last night. this is a live look at the page right now. only one donation so far. it is $5. the group estimates they will have to raise about $1.2 million for the project to become a possible reality. we have a link on our page and on our app if you would like to make a donation. >> i didn't really think voter fraud because i am still -- it
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what i want with it and it is my decision. i really have no idea how this this -- >> romona: why did this cleveland woman even have to ask if she was committing voter fraud. she is swapping her vote. there is another turn in this unique election. >> denise: swapping is happening in northeast ohio. tonight she is getting answers on what it is and whether it is legal. >> this is the platform in which we can discuss ourdi to trade and connect with the treater. >> what? >> i have mark as a trotter. >> with a couple of messages in a couple of minutes she decided for her first vote in her first presidential election she will trade her all important swing state vote. >> it is not under the table. i'm keeping my -- i'm trading my vote with you.
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there is nothing shady. >> she will now vote for hillary clinton in ohio and trusts a complete stranger across the country who casts his ballot for the candidate she said she really wants to vote for, jill stein. >> this is so perfect. i am able to do both. i am able to help a state that is a swing state. i was just so thrilled. >> all of this, she says, for one real reason. >> is your number one priority keeping donald trump out of the white house? >> yes, absolutely. possibly illegal? it may be the first, but it is legal. it is called trump trading or # never trump. here is what happens. two voters, one in a swing state who wants to vote for a third waryt canned -- third party candidate and one in a safe state who wants clinton to win will swap votes with the goal of keeping trump out of the white house. it is all based on the honor system and it is legal because
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real commitment and you aren't compensated or coerced. sure we double checked with the ohio secretary of state, but it is strange. even the republican who started it agrees on that. >> he has created april environment that is so extraordinary that you have now republicans and jill stein supporters on the same side. >> with modern technology you can double the impact of the third party vote and make sure this guy loses. >> reporter: john he got the idea of trump trading from the 2000 election. remember that one? except back then they were called nader traders pulling for al gore. i wanted to know why stubbs thinks it will work this time since there obviously wasn't a president gore. >> this time around we have much better technology. >> reporter: apps, websites and social media and they say 10,000 people have signed up in a couple of days. and even though the organized movement this time around
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trump there is nothing to stop people on the other side from doing the same thing and trying to keep hillary out. i signed up to see what happened and as a hypothetical third party voter in ohio i had a lot of people offering to trade with me. some were very insistent. >> every vote matters, but a vote in ohio matters more. >> a vote in ohio matters more this year than in other years. it is a purple state. it is one that has a big electoral votes. it is important for voters around the country to understand that the electoral college influences the election. >> there are people who say you are cheating the system. >> sure. >> what would you say to that person? >> you know, well, that's a great question. i am not really sure what i can say to those people. it is something trump has made
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system is rigged against him. >> reporter: this is obviously a controversial idea. i have seen supporters on both sides have issues with vote trading. those who support trump saying it is cheating the system and those voting for clinton saying the popular vote needs to be high in every state to send a message. but there is nothing legally stopping anyone on either side from swapping their vote. as the secretary of state spokesman says every person's vote is their own to make. however yome conclusion on how you will cast your ballot, it is your right to do so. getting answers, danny -- dani carlson, cleveland 19 news. >> denise: according to a poll just released donald trump has a five-point lead in ohio, 46-41. with the two third party candidates x gary johnson and jill stein far behind. >> every time i drop her off she cries.
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m. >> romona: it can be tough to deal with, mom guilt. tonight we are getting answers with how women can solve the problem of balancing baying a mom -- being a mom and work. >> denise: students at one high school are upset after being told some of their classmates were dead. it was a hoax. how a teachable moment went horribly wrong. jeff? >> jeff: 55 degrees downtown. will detail you in the first alert forecast straight ahead. >> get breaking news and weather now on the cleveland 19 news app. powered by the calvetta
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live from cleveland's news center driven by don joseph toyota in kept, this is -- in kent this is c 19 news. >> romona: it is something most moms struggle with, spending time with children and concentrating on a career. >> denise: it is not easy especially with the guilt of leaving your kids and going to work. jen is getting answers on how to balance parenting and a job. >> reporter: the joys of motherhood often comes with the agony of guilt. working mommy guilt. >> i have that idea in my mind
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there doing all of the stuff with the kids and also being at work. wanting to fulfill that part of my existence. >> reporter: and there is the dreaded daycare dropoff. >> dropping him off every day was heartbreaking. i would take him in there kicking and screaming and it was one of those thens that you just have to rip them off of you and hand them to another person and walk out the door. >> i knew cognitively it would be a good thing for him, but apart. >> every time i drop her off she cries. she is in that separation anxiety stage. >> reporter: for a research coordinator at akron city hall, preparation, organization and staying flexible are key to raising eva and grace. she also takes cues from them. >> sometimes they will play well on their own together and i can let them do that and take care of what i need to. if they are at my feet and wanting me to do something i
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more important right now? >> reporter: they are part of a working mom play group that gives them opportunities to provide for and play with their kids. family counselor lenai white says building a support system like this will help you get through the snow days and the sick days when you are thrown for a loop. >> know your neighbors and know your kid's friends parents and offer to help them and ask for help when you need it. >> reporter: joanne gnaw works through her working mom guilt by reminding is fostering independence and setting an example for her sons jay we all have to -- >> we all have to work one day and pay the bills. there are lessons and that's how i rationalize it. >> reporter: she chooses to spend concentrated, quality time with her boys. >> we instituted wednesday is family play day. this is the one evening after work where i am supposed to not do any housework and not do yardwork and no laundry and
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play. >> reporter: at fundamentals children center they have an in house daycare to serve their 1200 employees. they say it is not only helping their working moms get back to work and saving them time at dropoff and pick up, but it helps recruitment and retention. >> for our full time employees it is less than a 10% turnover rate. and that's an extra -- an industry low jievment we rearranged the schedule so i could get rid of the g need to. >> we have lunch dates and he will come out and eat lunch with me. >> reporter: for nursing moms like megan this was invaluable. >> it was busy and stressful, but having the bonding time was important. you don't get that throughout the week. you only get it on the weekend. >> reporter: if your employer doesn't offer that, the creators of work, a marketplace with flexible opportunities say find something that will help you build the life you want.
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reasons. we absolutely contend that flexibility is the future of work. >> reporter: they made dozens of placements in three months and partnering with more than 50 companies that value what working moms have to offer. they say women of demanding of themselves and the guilt is self-imposed. she said start by giving yourself permission. >> it is okay to buy the cookies for the bake sale. it is okay if here and there you miss a soccer game or grandma is taking baby who has a fever. it is okay for there to be times you are not 100%. >> reporter: stop striving to have it all and start focusing on having enough. >> i have enough time with my children and i have enough time with my spouse and i have enough time at work that it is okay. nothing is perfect, but i have enough to be happy. >> reporter: and when you are feeling stretched thin, she says make your limited time count with quality over quantity. >> i know one day they will
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before it gets there -- >> mommy! >> reporter: cleveland 19. >> denise: a lot of good ideas. moms we approached about this story had lots of information they shared with us for feeling less guilty and more satisfied. use your vacation days to volunteer at your child's school or daycare. set up a group chat to provide a safety net for emergencies like when you are stuck in traffic and it is your turn for carpool. give your children gifts of experiences or memories instead of and be present. put the phone down when you are around your kids. >> romona: people across the country are warning people who own those push button start cars more and more thieves are targeting those vehicles because drivers don't have to physically use the key to start it. most just leave the key fab in the car. that allows anyone who breaks into the car to steal it. police say always take your fab.
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alert forecast. >> jeff: it is the plan your day segment here. you know, it is not too bad out there right now. yeah, we saw the cool down. most areas are in the 50s and this is where we should be. one lone shot over the lake. this is what we mean by isolated showers. this could be moving into the geneva area and ashtabula. other than that it is a dry forecast. there are no alert days the it is a tranquil pattern and it is going to eventually be a warmer pattern here and not so mop tomorrow with the high of 50 -- not so much tomorrow with a high of 50 is increasing sunshine in the afternoon. look what happens over the weekend. near 60 on saturday. it is a sun-filled weekend. sunday up to 64. it is pleasant for the browns game and on monday it get warmer. we will tack on parts and
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and 66 is the forecast. we will carry the dry stretch into election day. don't see any issues with rain and no big fronts and no big systems. it is one of those patterns where we don't have much affecting us. isolated showers, 46 the low. the weather impact is a 1. 46 at 6:00 a.m. and 48 at 8:00 a.m. and it should booy an easy commute. kids need their jackets heg 54 is the high. still mostly cloudy, but i think after 2:00 in the afternoon we should see a little more in the way of sunshine. 48 at 8:00 a.m. and 51 at 11:00 and 53 at 2:00 in the afternoon. akron-canton mostly cloudy. 54. which can out the weekend near 60 saturday and the clocks are back an hour before you go to bed on saturday night. everybody is looking forward
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saturday night. monday and sunny and 66 and election day mostly cloudy and dry and cooler. a mostly cloudy sky and 58. >> denise: thanks. researchers in britain are hoping a device that is like a fit bit will help them learn about people with dementia. doctors have come up with the device that tracks details like activity and sleep patterns and would help spot problems before serious. some critics question whether it is ethical to track a patient's personal data. >> romona: it is already november which means the holidays are not very far away. and some local kids and teenagers are getting ready to take part in a holiday tradition. this week's ramona's kids are from the akron area. the ballet theater of ohio is presenting the nutcracker for the 24th year.
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from kindergarten through 12th grade and a few professionals. the dancers from monroe falls paid me a visit and showed me a few moves too. >> my first year i was actually asked to be in it and then i wanted to do it again the next year and kept doing it. it is really fun. >> what are some of the things you are learning. >> i am learning to help others, make friends and inspire people all over the world to hopefully do this some day. >> romona: aren't they cute? the dancers even put on a special performance for akron schoolkids. good luck to them. >> a wisconsin hall is in hot water after a lesson for students may have gone too far. they made an announcement and four students were killed in a crash because one was texting while driving. it turns out that never happened. >> a lot of our friends and students started crying because they thought these
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a lot of them called their parents at school. >> it wasn't effective. they were trying to teach using scare tactics which doesn't teach. it makes you not trust the teachers. >> denise: the school made an announcement saying it was just an exercise. administrators and student organizers say they didn't mean to upset anyone. >> romona: what were they thinking? they have if they come over the loud speakery and say there is a shooter in the billing, will the children believe them? zen den you can't cry -- >> denise: you can't cry wolf with something that serious. bring in the car like madd does. not good. >> romona: a former buckeye great comes back to ohio. what ezekiel elliott thinks
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now, this is the serpentini chevrolet sports report. >> mark: the calf raw leers are off to -- cavaliers are off to a great start. good guys come in 4-0 and you can bet your bart they left 5- 0. all lebron off the glass and that's how you finish a play. the king 30.7 assists and 12 rebound. there is a fade away jumper. he scored outside and he would score inside. lay it up and good. and watch the pass here to kyrie. just go get that. cavaliers win it 128-122. the biggest issue right now is bore dom.
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so easy you debt bored the a times. score and then get a three. we have to get over that. it is hard for teams to stop us and we let our guard down and focus on the offensive end instead of getting stops and you can get your rest in the fourth quarter. >> mark: they are just toying with teams. browns and cowboys at the stadium. dallas is off to a great start, 6-0 since -- and haven't lost since opener. ezekiel el let is averaging five a touch and scored 5 times and catching passes. he is doing everything. the former buckeye is excited to get back to the buckeye state. >> excited to go back to ohio and play in front of my old college state. i will go up there and try to play in another game. >> you have to set the tone and let them know you are a physical player.
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player they don't want to tackle you. those guys don't want to tackle me at the second level. >> mark: what kind of game will elliott have? they kick off on sunday at 11:00 a.m. it is the best tailgate in town. it is the first time we are rooting -- not rooting for
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>> jeff: 47 at 7:00 a.m. and more sunshine later in the day. 53 is the temperature at 5:00. >> denise: and thank you for joining us. be sure to join our morning
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