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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 5PM  CBS  November 4, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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day before the election. mark nolan at the alert desk with the latest details. >> mark: i am sure you saw this popping up in your feeds all day long on twitter and facebook, u.s. intelligence alerted joint terrorism task forces al~qaeda could be planning attacks in three states the monday before the presidential election. three states mentioned new york, texas and virginia. cbs news reports threats are being taken seriously and sources stress intelligence are still vice president candidate tim kaine has a planned campaign stop in virginia, in fact. the state safety and security director says all necessary precautions are in place and virginia has been targeted before on 9/11. earlier this week there was an alert for all local police nationwide to keep an eye out for potential lone wolf attacks that could be targets, for instance like polling places.
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>> chris: a verdict in the douglas shine murder trial. >> denise: he is accused of gunning down a man at a warrensville heights barber shop. we want to take to you the courtroom where the verdict has been reached, the cleveland man accused in the february 2015 barber shopat chalk lines. a jury found douglas shine guilty of murder about an hour ago. he was found guilty of several other charges including firearms violations and criminal gang involvement. he could get the death penalty. we'll keep you posted. also today a jury found rolling stone magazine libel for defamation. this is for its explosive and later discredited story about a gang rape at a university of virginia frat house. the school administer was asking
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word yet on the damages. >> denise: when there's a big news day like this and a lot of breaking news, you can be the first to know and get push alert notifications on the cleveland 19 news app or e-mail alerts on one of the big decisions on election day is an income tax hike in cleveland. the last time it was up was 35 years ago. >> answers live on issue 32. jen. >> reporter: chris and denise, cleveland residents will get a chance to weigh in on this proposed income tax hike from 2 to 2 1/2% and mayor frank jackson tells fuss it fails it will affect the city's ability to comply with the consent decree and reform the police department. every winter many of us have the same complaint. potholes that plague the city.
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repairing them. i just had a car repair done $168. >> services like street maintenance and pothole repair that mayor jackson says will suffer if the increase isn't passed. jackson put it off for years. a looming deficit of $44 million has forced his hands. >> we are at a point that you can't juggle it around anymore. >> reporter: passing the tax like erase the deficit and prov services. >> we will hire more police officers and crews on the potholes. we will be able to cut vacant lots maybe time and a half more. >> he says a failure would result in layoffs in safety services and cutbacks of elimination and others and it would generate $88 million annually and come from
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doesn't have a say in where the money goes. >> some think the timing of issue 32 will work in the city's favor. >> i am proud of the city and this is the right time to do it. they are in great moods and they are doing well. >> it will go away quick if your garbage isn't picked up. >> hi to ask the mayor, too, how did we come to this. each year for the last several year $50 million hit due to state cuts. they have taken away revenue sharing and they have seen within that 50 million a $20 million decrease in property tax revenue since the recession. getting answers on the steps of city hall, jen picciano, cleveland 19. >> chris: thank you for that. in a few hours hillary clinton will join jay z and beyonce on stage. take a look. the doors just opened and we
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images. free tickets were handed out to encourage people to vote early. just how much do celebrities really influence us in voting. coming up at the bottom of the hour shanice dunning getting answers from an expert how celebrities impact elections. >> denise: i think there is one thing we can all agree on. if you are outside standing in line or whatever you are doing, it is gorgeous out there. >> chris: it will stay way, jeff tanchak how is the weather looking? >> jeff: it is and even through the weekend and even through most of next week. we are in the beginning stages, ladies and gentlemen of another extended dry spell around here. we are at 55. as the sun goes down, all right, if you are headed to a playoff football game tonight or headed anywhere out to dinner, we will be dropping in the 40s fairly early this evening, 6:00, 50 and
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no rain out there and clouds clear out of here. eventually it will be a clear night. mentor 51. ashtabula at 50. there's cleveland at 55. we hit the upper 50s for a brief time this afternoon. 53 columbiana and the clouds continue to break up and mainly lake-effect clouds we saw throughout the day. clear skies, seasonable night and inland in the 30s and sun-filled weekend and get the extra hour to enjoy it. and the extended dry spell is in play and in fact, the next five days no alerts. we will talk about that and overall temperature trend in the next seven days as well coming up. here's traffic. first alert traffic on cleveland 19 news sponsored by ford. >> chris: friday afternoon. everyone wants to get home and get out to work.
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we have a report of 30 minutes ago of an accident 90 westbound on the innerbelt at carnegie avenue. if you are cut across town be aware of westbound i-90 about that. >> it is day 3 of that teacher's strike in lewisville and students joined the teachers in the picket line. they walked out of class and carried picket signs. there are also threats being made on social media. the district a rejected a fact finder report and no word on any contract talks. >> denise: a huge surprise party for a young boy with a life-threatening illness. a local company came through big time for the 8-year-old who wanted a new game room. i happened to be on hand in mayfield heights and teamed up with make-a-wish program to surprise christian robinson with all kinds of goodies.
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there. christian has a disease causing muscle weakness. what does it mean to you as christian's mom to witness this and see him so happy. >> it means everything to me. he loves video games. everything is clothes. he was excited about this day since he heard about it. i love to see a smile on his face every day. >> christian and his family thought they were just having friends and went home with everything he needed for the special game room. all right the indians making a big announce ballot their future today. >> chris: good news and the team also talking about the cubs fans at progressive field last week. tony, interesting day. two kays removed. >> tony: we are trying to deal with this. in chicago as you know they were
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i am just throwing numbers out. just giving the numbers getting bigger and better. in cleveland they are making plans and tribe with extending francona's contract through 2020 and other business decisions to make including raja and napoli, two key players and the core of this team is intact for a very long time and swept the red sox and blue jays and best team, chicago cubs to the 10th inning of it brings me to the home field advantage not for the tribe, but for the cubs. 15 to 20,000 cub fans spending whatever it took to take over our ballpark and witness history the other night. chris antonetti says there was no way to stop it. >> i think what we saw was two interested fan bases that had built up desire to see their teams win a championship and i think a lot of fans from chicago
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compelling financial alternatives to people holding those tickets. i don't fault anyone making that decision to sell their tickets but those are individual decisions and not something we can control. >> jeff: tribe fans are taking heat nationally for selling those tickets. some radio guys are saying this was karma that game 7 lost. i would say there were 41,000 cubs fans at wgl 4 and indians won both those. it wasn't a great look. i will agree with that for indians fans to do that. >> chris: there was a unique dynamic to the series. the teams were close and this was a pilgrimage. >> tony: if you can pay your mortgage for the next three months because you sell your ticket it is tough to argue that. >> season ticket owners bought these and sold those and cub fans willing to pay it.
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>> great job on the wish. you do that a lot. >> denise: we will get them next year. >> tony: i am fairly confident with that. >> coming up on cleveland 19 news at 5:00, 50 shopping days until christmas. why retailers hope you actually
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live from cleveland's newscenter driven by don joseph toyota in kent, this is cleveland 19 news. >> chris: are you ready? >> denise: no. >> chris: the south park mall in strongsville tomorrow. some people say -- >> denise: it is november. >> chris: some say it is early for the holidays. but a survey says many people already started christmas shopping. >> denise: i am so behind then. i have not purchased one gift. >> chris: likewise. early shoppers are actually bypassing the mall. >> denise: more people are going on-line to fulfill their
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interactive. laura demaria gives us a virtual tour. >> way fair wants its products to jump off the pages of its category and web site and into our homes. here is how they are making virtual reality real. >> it will rotate 18 degrees. take a picture. >> the retailer is creating a whole new way to browse and buy by turning thousands of household items into 3-d images. >> when you are spending a lot of money, you want to be confident what you think it is. >> the la nova, the wear fair app allows users to drop a product into any room and see if it fits. >> see how it looks in your space. >> it uses tango technology. it doesn't just take a photo of your room, it digitally measures it, too. >> way fair isn't stopping with one app. see a room you like while brousing on the web site and one
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virtual rooms like this using google daydream virtual reality headset coming out this month. >> it is a fun experience. >> and the headset won't be just for gamers, shoppers can design a patio, change the fabric, move around furniture and have a fire pit delivered by drone. >> it will inspire and creativeness with people. >> expect to shopping experiences and ikea has a row at and customers can design a new kitchen. laura demaria, cleveland 19 news. >> chris: cleveland 19 news consumer alert. we turn back the clocks this weekend. daylight saving time ends at 2 a.m. sunday and that could be bad news for someone not just wanting sleep but retailers. people spend less money when
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sunshine. grocery and department stores see the biggest drops. a warning you need to hear this christmas spending season. the federal communication commission sounding the alarm over gift cards. scammers pretend to be from the i.r.s. or f.b.i. and they are demanding payment by using a gift card. we have heard this before and keep hammering you with it. the fcc says do not fall this scam. >> denise: new numbers are out on the jobless rate. unemployment is down slightly to 4.9%. the economy added fewer jobs than expected and that could impact interest rates on just about everything you buy. the federal reserve makes a decision on rates next month. more changes at fast food giant mcdonald's. they are making adjustments to the iconic big mac sandwich. the restaurant chain is adding
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junior and bigger grand mac when the regular size is just not enough. that's a jeff tanchak-size meal. >> jeff: oh, yeah. you got that right, baby. >> denise: i love it. >> jeff: grand mac. >> hook me up. >> all right. well, we had quite a bit of cloud cover around this morning. as we expect to remember, yesterday i wasel clouds would break up with more sunshine as the afternoon went on. that's what's happening right now. we have been in the 50s mid to upper 50s which is where we should be this time of year. look at this as i widen out. this is a satellite picture here, guys. we've got nothing out to the west. nothing but a clear sky. this gives you an idea what you can expect for the upcoming
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whatnot. 55 in cleveland and cooler east. warmer stuff moving in. we have low 60s there in illinois. >> 8 a.m. tomorrow morning. you will be in the 30s inland. and on the cool side 45 downtown cleveland and it will be a nice warm up around 50 to 51 at 11:00 a.m. and into the upper 50s by 2:00 in the afternoon if not here is a look at your 5 p.m. saturday temps and a degree or two of 60. i went with 61 for high temperature clear sky saturday night. sunday we are up to 62 for the browns game and lots of sunshine there. if that's not good enough for you, well, monday, 66. that will be the high on election day. 64.
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in here tuesday night. i kept it dry. a couple of computer models bringing in light showers and right now i have no alerts coming up in the next 7 days. certainly no appreciable rain coming up. no snow either in the forecast the next 7 days. clear skies, seasonable night and 40 for the low cleveland akron-canton dropping down to 36 and there could be areas of frost as you get a lake with the light wind. partly cloudy tomorrow 61 and this is for some high, thin clouds during the afternoon. at 8:00 a.m. 53 at 11:00. 60 at 2:00 and 61 at 5:00 and 61 the high. saturday night 42. sunday and sunshine, clocks back an hour as we have been telling you. look at the extended forecast. no alert days and unusual for
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we all know it can get pretty crazy and that forecast does not illustrate that. 66 monday. 64 on election day and increasing afternoon clouds. cloudy wednesday but dry down to 58. next thursday and next friday we will still be around the 60-degree mark which is above normal. i'll say. >> we always look at the weekend and good to see tuesday will be nice and dry for people to get out and get that's the case all over ohio. >> chris: good stuff. >> denise: still ahead at 5:00, the beyonce backlash after her country music surprise.
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hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you? seriously..."vo: clear thinking... donald trump: "i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me." d calm judgment. donald trump: "and you can tell them to go fu_k themselves." vo: because all it takes is one wrong move. donald trump audio only: "i would bomb the sh_t out of
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>> denise: it is time for your eye on entertainment tonight.
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christmas season plus the beyonce backlash after the r.e.m.a's. >> we begin with "starship troopers." the sci fi is in the works. >> what's going on? >> war? we're going to war. >> chris: remember back to the front line for the alien invasion war movie. the sci fi film boasting from the bay watch movie and the men behind "fast and furious," they will produce it. no word from the cast or when it will hit ? came into this world ? ? daddy's little girl ? ? daddy made a soldier out of me.? >> denise: beyonce backlash after her debut at the cma's some took offense to her performance about dixie chicks. they deny erasing beyonce from
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christmas cheer because santa claus comes tonight.? >> chris: mariah carey helped unveiled a christmas window inside a christmas store. carey sang holiday classics and thousands in the streets and hopefully got there on time. it was a two-song performance dnc that was it, huh? >> chris: for all her ups and downs she is really good at holiday music. >> she is good. she still has >> chris: still got it. hey, coming up on cleveland 19 news call the final countdown to election day. both candidates making final
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politics now. less than 100 hours to election day. >> denise: frightening isn't it. the clock is ticking and major party candidates are hitting battle ground states like ohio as they make their final pitch to voters. ryan nobles is live in d.c. covering campaign 2016. hi, ryan. >> reporter: denise, frightening, that's where we are. frightening to think election day is a couple days away. there are probably many americans who feel the same sentiment and especially you in ohio inundated ads. this campaign has gone on almost two years and we are a couple of days away and the polls are close enough that you could make a legitimate case that either candidate could become the next president of the united states. the race is on. let me ask you. are you ready to choose our next president and commander in chief? >> reporter: the candidate imad dash to as many swing states as
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impression that leads to a vote. >> first thing we have to do is keep hillary clinton out of office. >> friday alone both candidates will make three stops in three different states. donald trump starts in new hampshire and onto ohio and closing the night in pennsylvania. his message is clear. hillary clinton is too corrupt to be president. >> how can hillary manage this country when she can't even manage her e-mail? >> reporter: hillary clinton starts in pittsburgh. she then makes a stop michigan and perhaps an indication that democrats are concerned about the blue state before finishing the night in cleveland, ohio where she will hold a big rally with rap star jay z and her message is donald trump is dangerous. >> think what it would mean to entrust the nuclear codes to someone with a very thin skin. >> reporter: there is no doubt the race is much closer than it
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getting voters to the polls. >> this is a make or break moment for the united states. we are going to win back the white house. >> and leaving nothing to chance and soon america will make its final decision. >> reporter: donald trump has gotten a boost in recent polls. as of late he will get an influx of cash. the casino magnet adelson pumping money in a super pack for donald trump spent on tv ads in the closing days of the campaign if you haven't seen enough tv ads. >> real quick, the weekend approaches and when it does, the news cycle slows down and what can we expect of that headed into election tuesday. >> well, it is a great question,
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especially by political hands. if you haven't convinced voters by the friday before election perhaps it is too late. this is a different election in the fact there are so many huge news bombshells that have broken throughout the weekend and the course of this campaign and two candidates who are volatile and people have strong opinions about it and there's a case to be made in the next couple of days and what will happen here saturday and sunday and into monday is all vote, making sure that you know where your voters are and making sure they make their way down to polls to cast their ballots. that's where the clinton team feel they have an advantages and much more professional for the organization and trump believes his supporters are much more passionate and won't need to be prodded to get to the polls and they will do it on their own. >> ryan, explain to us is that
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last couple of days campaigning in their traditional strongholds and hillary clinton coming to cleveland and trump in red states. why is this? >> you are absolutely right. you almost have to make sure that your states normally in your column are shored up. that's what you are getting in the last couple of days and probably won't convinced an undecided voter or democrat to switch to republican or vice versa at this late stage in the game and you going to michigan which is a bit of a surprise telling you perhaps their internal poll numbers show a much closer race than maybe public polling shows us and the campaigns have sophisticated polling that public media outlets do and she needs to make sure she keeps michigan in her column and trump has to win ohio and north carolina and win florida and still needs to pick up a blue state somewhere. they both have a lot of work to
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you can bet neither will give an inch before voters head to the polls. >> denise: all right, ryan thank you so much. have a good weekend. >> chris: stay with cleveland 19 news for continuing coverage of campaign 2016. we will send updates to your mobile device and downhold the cleveland 19 app and check on facebook and twitter pages. >> denise: if you have big plans tonight or the weekend, great weather for it. >>is friday night football and playoffs starting there and no weather issues. the passing game will be on. obviously no rain. temperaturewise dropping in the 40s and that's what we expect in the month of november with a clear sky and light wind. it is seasonable tonight inland further from the lake in the 30s. it will be a sun-filled extra hour. a weekend out there.
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days and 60 if not a little above and extended dry spell and beginning stages of it through the weekend and it looks like into next week as well including election day of course. >> 53 current temperature downtown cleveland. here is what i am talking about with the light wind at burke lakefront airport and mile-an-hour wind akron-canton and it is a light wind tonight and 56 ee weather app great download, free download and constantly updated and send out video push alerts. when we have active weather around. mostly when we have active stuff there. >> and hourly temperature at 55 and 48 at 77 and 45 in cleveland. 44 at 11:00. and holding steady downtown in
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no alerts coming up in the next seven days as i mentioned and no appreciable rains on the way tomorrow. high cloudiness and by afternoon. we are up to 61 on saturday. at 7:00 a.m., 41. noon, 57 and mostly sunny at 5:00 tomorrow, 59 akron-canton partly cloudy and seasonable day for you around 0. sunshine out there as well. >> all right, headed to the friday night football games looking at 40s at 8:00 once the sunsets a pretty good drop in temperature and overnight you guys akron-canton and wooster get ready for a little frost. you are going in the 30s. guys, back to you. >> denise: thank you, jeff. daylight saving time this weekend meaning less sunshine for all of us. >> chris: daylight starts
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dan deroos has the impact. at 4:00 we told you facts about daylight saving time. for fall it is saving not an s and it was created by benjamin franklin and first used in 1914 in world war i to save energy during the war in britain. let's talk about fema. they want you to do a few things. this sort of seems fairly routine. this is rereminder check and test your s carbon monoxide detector. fema wants to push really heavy the fact you have a family emergency kit. great time to make sure it is updated to head into bad storms, bad blizzards and make sure you have food, water, first aid, flashlight and batteries and something to take care of your family for 72 hours. and why not give your insurance company your insurance agent a call and make sure your disaster
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your inventory list. maybe throughout the year you bought jewelry, art work or did an addition to your home. you need to take pictures and video to make sure you have it on hand and tips to get through daylight saving time. in the answer center dan deroos, back to you, chris. >> chris: good information, dan. thank you. cleveland police investigating a deadly shooting near kennard and friendly. a community activist claims someone fired hours before the body was discovered. cleveland 19 news is asking questions about the call. we will let you know what we found out. a cleveland man hit by a car and a car struck near east 93rd road. investigators call it did have. the man was rushed to university hospital. a woman was arrested and police are not releasing any names. >> a heads up for drivers headed
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odot is closing lanes on i-90 this weekend. the right lane of 90 east of 9th street will close tonight at 7:00 and ramps 90 to 7 south and east 14th to 77 south are also closing. crews have work to do. detour and warning signs will be posted. >> i was driving towards town and nice to have ramps open that are normallyse whole innerbelt open now. it is awesome. >> chris: i miss the game day pretraffic on the sidewalks, though. >> all right. more ahead at 5:00. cell phone germs. a college class went looking for
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>> denise: a massive fire in san bernardino, california. take a look at the video. the three-alarm fire spread from a pallet yard to strip mall. the cause is under investigation. the verdict is guilty in the so-called bridge-gate trial in new jersey. two former top aides of governor chris christie were convicted of conspiracy, fraud and civil rights deprivation. they closed lanes on a heavily traveled bridge in 2013 azurite book to a democratic mayor. they each face a maximum of 86
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former penn state coach jerry sandusky was in court fighting to overturn his sex abuse convictions. sandusky is serving 30-60 year sentence for abusing 10 boys. one victim expected to testify. sandusky's lawyer claims prosecutors were hiding information about him. >> chris: harvard canceled what's left of the men's soccer season because of sexual comments made about members of the school's women's soccer team. the school president remarks appalling. he said the investigation began in 2012 and continued through this year. the harvard team by the way was in first place in the ivy league. thursday was expensive for mark zuckerberg. the facebook founder lost $3 billion. that's how much of the value of his stock dropped. it is the biggest one-day loss for a single investor ever. don't feel bad for zuckerberg.
5:45 pm
a kansas college class putting your cell phone to the test. not service. cleanliness. the micro biology students wanted to see how many germs they could find. the answer in a nutshell, way too many. they found thousands of bacteria colonies, even mold. experts say you need to use alcohol wipes to clean your phone every week. >> denise: note to self. >> mark: thanks for that, guys. coming up school. students walk out of classes. teachers are on strike. we're in lewisville getting answers. jay z has a free concert tonight for hillary clinton as she and donald trump are getting
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>> chris: we told you earlier
5:49 pm
democratic nominee hillary clinton. >> denise: we are asking tonight if celebrity endorsements really impact your volt. shanice dunning is here getting answers from the experts. what did you find out, shanice. >> reporter: the answer may be different from what you think. we have a live picture of hillary clinton arriving here in cleveland. yes, i said the answer may be different from what you think. of course celebrities can be powerful public voices influencing audiences aroundhe the expert i spoke with says not so much. >> the hillary clinton campaign is bringing rapper jay z to cleveland and free tickets got snatched up fast. do celebrities really have an impact how voters cast their ballots? >> i think celebrities don't really play an important part in electoral politics. >> case western university professor justin bugler says probably not. here is why. >> it is important to keep in mind somewhere between 80 and
5:50 pm
presidential election are just voters who are partisans voting their party identification which means you only have about 10-20% of the electorate left after you account for party identification. >> bugler says it is easier for democratic candidates to find celebrity reports. >> there's no point in republicans trying because the entertainment industry tends to lean support from dennis rodman and duck dynasty star willie robertson. >> i keep track of endorsements that go on. by and large, no >> reporter: voters in cleveland weighed in on big names sway their decision. >> a lot of females follow beyonce and a lot of guys follow jay z. >> it could be a struggle for people to go as their favorite celebrity has gone but it is important for you to pick
5:51 pm
the right reasons >> reporter: we have another shot of hillary moving through the crowd getting ready for the concert tonight. overall most people on the street say endorsements do not sway them. bugler says where the concert may make a difference is with ground support and with this concert she is probably going to be able to recruit more volunteers >> reporter: shanice dunning, cleveland 19 news. pinpointing the weather where you live. now alert forecast >> jeff: nice evening for the concert. nice evening for friday night football games, whatever you have going on. keep in mind, though, it will be a pretty good drop in temperature as the sun continues to go down. 40s if not 30s later tonight and tomorrow not a bad afternoon at all. we will not get complaints about the weekend just high clouds around time to time. 1 the high.
5:52 pm
on sunday sunshine and 62 as the sun will be setting earlier on sunday because of the time change there as we fall back an hour. monday sunny and 66. we will not have this dry stretch of weather through the weekend. right through next week election day increasing clouds in the afternoon and dry, 64 cloudy, wednesday 58 and next wednesday, thursday, friday i have us dry. chris, over to you. >> chris: thanks, jeff. coming up on cleveland 19 news at 5:00 to rake or not to rake. which is the best option for your yard?
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at longhorn, tonight's special: great steak pairings. a center cut sirloin with a choice of bacon-wrapped shrimp, baby back ribs, or parmesan crusted chicken. you can't fake steak.
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>> denise: well good news, the great gawk crisis of 2016 is over. we told you last month about an avocado shortage. bad weather and trouble more than doubled the price. some restaurants even called it the guac apocalypse. try to say that five times fast.
5:56 pm
the supply is rising and prices are falling. >> chris: i love guac. >> some call it the great rake debate. time to pick up the leaves...or not. >> a landscape web site is asking if raking your yard is worth it. some say falling leaves are good for your lawn and leaves call mold and fungus and smother your grass. experts say both vie the best solution is mulch it and chop up the leaves. i am a raker. >> denise: yeah. we get them off of there. my husband likes the backpack blower. coming up a lost bet. cedar point goes all out after
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>> mark: now at 6:00, four more days for both presidential candidates. we have the latest on the campaigning for donald trump and jay z hillary clinton concert. >> jeff: lack of cloud cover means a sunny weekend for you. i will detail that for you coming up >> romona: plus the drama continues to unfold in a local school district. students leave classes as teachers strike. cleveland 19 by empire window company your local window, siding and door expert since 1960. live from cleveland's newscenter we're getting answers for you. cleveland 19 news starts now >> romona: we continue to follow breaking news in cleveland. late this afternoon there was a verdict that came down for a man accused in a triple murder. >> douglas shine accused of the
6:00 pm
shop. very lengthy verdict reading. so many charges to three murder and attempted murder charges and took the judge more than an hour and a half to read through it all. it was a long afternoon. a total of 49 counts against douglas shine , jr. guilty of all but five less serious charges and stood there quietly with little emotion and the verdict means a possible death penalty. sh killings in february. police say he opened fire at a barber shop in warrensville heights. it is believe it was gang activity. [ no audio ] >> you have the right to know and understand the charges against you. [ no audio ] >> romona: apparently we are


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