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tv   Cleveland 19 News Sunday Morning  CBS  November 6, 2016 7:30am-8:30am EST

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cleveland 19 news starts now. >> good morning to you. it is the sun just coming up right now. it is 49? outside the studios in downtown cleveland but everywhere else is a lot cooler, i'm denise. let's go ahead and take a look, live look outside, look at that, beautiful morning, we hope you remember to turn back clocks. daylight savings time ended at 2:00 this morning and also gets
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that's the part i don't like about the winter. >> short days of winter. >> i woke up in the middle of the night my alarm clock said one thing and phone said the other because it wasn't 2:00 and i was panicking. i was what's the right time. >> it is funny with today's technology you don't have to flip back too many clocks, so wait a little bit and won't be telling people to change their clocks. >> because they do it
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39 cold start for you in norwalk but everyone seeing the sunshine. good morning, shaker heights 41, 41 in strongville. everyone waking up to a little chilly. look at that. that's an old graphic. makes me a little sad. even though the forecast is so fantastic. >> what are you trying to do to us, beth. it said dog walking and dog picture loaded in there. >> hey, you know what, i'm going to go for cowboys taking today and browns and hope we get a first one. we will be in the 60s for kickoff and tailgaters might need extra layer out there and keep in mind 5:16, it is going to be dark and warming it up and then do you see that little word at the bottom of the screen? snow. it is actually in the forecast. i will let you noy who will get
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we begin with developing news in campaign 2016, donald trump is rushed off the stage as you see there at rally in reno, nevada. someone in the crowd yelled gun and secret service was not taking any chances. man blamed for the security scare is speaking out and hillary clinton rallied with a pop star in pennsylvania. mark albert covering campaign 2016. >> secret s people off the stage saturday night after someone yelled gun. man was quickly taken into custody and escorted out of the building but no weapon was found and protesters was released. >> somebody yelled something about a gun and so that's where things really got out of hand. i mean people were kicking me, grabbing arms, twisting them and finally very thankful for the law enforcement who was able to
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and thanked the secret service. >> you were amazing. thank you, fellas. i saw what you were doing. that's a tough group. thank you. >> another campaign scare, car slammed into the side of the media bus while motorcade headed to the airport. one reporter said he was thrown into the aisle. ? ? clinton says the race is about the future. >> to make sure america lives up to promise to every one of the people, especially one of our children. >> a sign that the race may be tightening more than they expected, president obama has added a campaign stop in michigan monday to help get young voters to the polls before meeting up with the democratic nominee for a final rally in philadelphia.
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house. >> hillary clinton is back in cleveland later on today she is leading another campaign rally and cav star lebron james expected to share the stage with her. this is clinton's third trip to ohio in a week, bill. we are seeing a lot of her. >> yeah, definitely. absolutely. we have good morning to you and everyone else, but this proves once again how important our state is not just to the campaign but the trump team as well. even more so because in recent history no republican has won the white house without winning ohio. so it is important for hillary to keep it out of trump's hands. to do that she is calling on lebron james, and he proudly stepping up to the plate to support clinton. he has from the very beginning of her campaign stood by her and he will continue to do so here at the cleveland music hall.
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stage at about 4:30 this afternoon so you can expect huge crowds to come down here, that's what they are expecting and hoping for. of course, this is all about lebron supporting his candidate and he tells us why and how important the community service and family believe in and that's what we want. >> 4:30 make the remark and start the pep rally and like to
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sweeps but. >> didn't take long and scored on 76ers and james tenth on nba's all time scoring list. lebron 26,946 points in his career and counting. the highlights from the game last night are coming up in sunday sports. >> 54,000 voted early in 2008 and 45,000 cast a ballot four years later in 2012 but only about 38,000 expected to vote early this year and tomorrow 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at the board of elections on euclid
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getting answers on the fight. >> coordinator for citizens lakewood, group of residents want to overturn deal to close lakewood hospital. she says she never understood the effect of the deal until about a year ago when her husband had a heart attack at the home right across the street from >> across the street i live an hour until my husband can be treated for heart attack. >> she told me paramedics had to take husband to fair view hospital because lakewood lacked the resources to treat them as it was preparing to close. >> we are very fortunate that those minutes didn't mean the end of his life. >> now she and others are telling the community to vote against issue 64 so that lakewood can return to full functioning hospital. it was largest employer,
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owned by the city. city asset and help people most vulnerable in the community. >> under the deal between the city and cleveland clinic the hospital will be replaced by family healthcare in emergency department. the community deserves more and she is pushing for change. >> we make a lot of phone calls, we knock on a lot of doors and more often than not people are saying we are with you, we want to vote against this. >> cleveland 19. >> it is not guaranteed the hospital will reopen, even if the deal overturned but the city can reclaim the hospital and can use it for other healthcare needs. stay here and find updates on cleveland, facebook or twitter. police and fbi looking for accused bank robbery.
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teller on saturday and happened on northwest saving bank. no one was hurt but call police if you recognize the guy. >> dayton investigating apparent homicide there. fire examine rescue crews called to home for reports of man that was not breathing. they found a 47-year-old man with traumatic brain injuries. police have no suspects or motive. the coroner will rule on the official cause of >> 76-year-old brian meadows accused of hiding camera at sports club and he disguised the camera as power adapter but someone saw it in changing room and sensed something wasn't right. meadows is former physics professor, school official say he retired in and not teaching for two years. and a lot of people car crash
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trying to figure out how it happened but some drivers struck behind the accident ended up getting helped the cars and sitting on highway waiting for the richard woodin to be -- roadway to be cleared. snow leopards at acron zoo all part of the into at the zoo event yesterday. see it right behind me. zoo always stood pumpkin pallooza and that's where they pumpkins. it was like a kids dream come true in cleveland. lego fest returns today and 3 acres with challenge zones and other activities, children of all ages and builders of all skills and levels are welcome. coming up on cleveland 19 news sunday morning a man with a gun is arrested near the white house. what he did to make secret
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plus a new app to get kids to do their whichers. we will tell you how it motivates them to get work done. beth? >> tough to be inside today. gorgeous day. gorgeous couple days and next weather issue comes in actually on election day. cold front comes through. if you like to vote early in the morning you will be dry. as a matter of fact, we will be warm. there's no weather worries until later in the evening time where we could see scattered showers.
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candlelight vigil in iowa for two fallen officers. hundreds of people gathered outside the police department. police department here in.
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rooks. scott michael green has been arrested with two counts of murder. police in d.c. arrest a man carrying man near the white house. weapon was in a holster but when secret service agents confronted the guy there was a brief struggle and later arrested carrying without a license. guy also charged with committing a crime while wearing a mask. more trouble for the hillary clinton campaign overlap top computers. this time it is because someone stole three of them from a c in philadelphia. they were they were on clinton's campaign schedule and investigators were searching for surveillance video that may show the theft. >> getting kids to do their chores can be a struggle but now there are apps that can reward kids digitally. kenneth craig getting answers on how this works. >> dustingil -- i will get 1 dollar. >> no longer gets cash. chores managed and paid for by
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he uploads the money, assigns it is tasks and waits for results. >> when interactive and on device, seems to make them more excited to do it. >> takes before and after photos to prove the chores are done and data text message and approves the job and money instantly appears in online account. >> power of authority and small tasks get done >> chore monster parents make a list of chores and kids get points that could be used for rewards like toys or tv privileges. on you rule app kids get coins which can then be redeemed for things on wish list. hourly allows kids to get cash or variety of online gift cards through amazon or itunes. >> everything is digital. allowing parents to understand you want to have conversation
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format they understand. >> checking the ipad. >> charges for the apps vary. chore monster free and funded by advertising. hourly charges a small fee each time the account is reloaded and lively says it is well worth it. kenneth craig cbs news new >> what that be enough of incentive, pops up on screen? >> money for me for unloading the dish wash and her feeding the dog i would make a fortune. >> i got up in the middle of the night i turned on the heat. i never expected to do that because it was so nice. >> today a little warmer but still very cold and cool at nice and fantastic out there.
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roof cam because it is gorgeous. take it all in because you know. go ahead and take look at first graphic which i'm assuming i have up. i do. there we go. wasn't so sure. right now clear 45? and 8:00 in some areas near 50, sunshine galore clear skies and it is going to feel great. did you like yesterday? and you will proy degree or two warmer, no alerts, haven't done anything to change the forecast yet. there's a few chances to showers. thursday late in the day you could just bump into some spotty showers first cold front comes through and tuesday into wednesday. friday night, however, that's a little more shocking thing. rain snow mix. yeah, i said that four letter word. snow. could be mixing in with rain as we wake up saturday morning.
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think it will be accumulation at this point but it will be cold. right now not tracking anything. we got nothing out there. this is the same weather headlines as yesterday. sunshine galore for just not us but entire region doing fantastic. our next system will come with canadian air that's going to make it a little cooler, although i did type out colder. it is actually just going to give spotty showers tuesday night into wednesday morning and give us gray skies on wednesday and knock the temperature back to being on the a little cool start for you on future view. you could see 9:00 in the morning and 53? and 49 yet in norwalk and morning time to get to 1:00 in the afternoon. brunch maybe now or doing brunch down at tailgate for the browns and 60s are starting to pop out, as a matter of fact 64, 64?
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afternoon time at 64? and 60 along the lake shore and beautiful warm day and once the sun sets after 5:00, temperatures will start to fizzle quite quickly and going to be in the same boat as what we are right now. 35 in new philly, 41 in canton, these are the current temperatures. 45 out at hopkins airport. chilly start, warm day, chilly end. that's what we got on tap. no rain in sight for today, no rain in sight for tomorrow either. as a matter of fact, tomorrow, monday, some areas will top near 70?. tuesday we start off the same but things fizzle in the afternoon time where we could see afternoon spotty showers. i'm talking late day like evening times and heading to the polls. wednesday cold back to normal. thursday we rebound nicely at 60? and veterans day friday, some afternoon showers possibly but denise when we are down into the 30s you know what happens when we get showers, a little lake enhancement saturday
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>> i know, we are doing facebook live. >> some people like the snow and they really want it to come in but i have news for you, even if we get the wet slop it will not accumulate saturday morning, cold and dreary but the next sunday sunny and 60. buck eye battle cornhuskers and cavs defend unbeaten record
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buckeyes dismantled 62-three and ohio state returned intersection on survive on opening drive and buckeyes never
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favorite and game for reason and two proud programs nebraska tommy armstrong junior was carted off the field after slamming head to the turf in the second quarter and returned in the second half in street clothes. nick cameano with sunday sports. >> city of brotherly live taken to battle winless cavs weren't playing around here early but neither was joe. check out the philly big man with the block. probably should have been. watch him do his thing here. three ball to jr smith cavs cruising and her nice to see everybody mixing themselves in. see lebron again giving it off to donely this time three pointer goes.
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tight here as the 76ers worked themselves back into this one. finished with 22 points on the night, puts it up and in, philly up by five at that point and cavs down 2lbj finds channing fry on this play here, the big man boom knocks it down and they take a lead by two points at this point. cavaliers leading 102-101, gerald henderson wait a chance to give 76ers win. ball goes off the tonight 102-101 and six and two on the season. don't forget the tailgate sports, don't want to miss this, guys do a great job. get you set up for nfl sunday with the tailgate show. don't miss that.
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controversy local peewee football team and now there's a police investigation. getting ready for the thanksgiving parade. it is not as easy as you think to guide the giant balloons and
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putting a wife to work is a very dangerous thing.
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when you're a star, they let you do it. you can do anything. more accusers coming forward to say they were sexually assaulted by donald trump. i'll go backstage before a show... yes.. and everyone's getting dressed. donald trump walked into the dressing room while contestants, some as young as 15 were changing. standing there with no clothes. you see these incredible looking women. i'd look her right in that fat ugly face of hers. a person who's flat-chested is very hard to be a 10. do you treat women with respect? uh... i can't say that either. alright, good.
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look at blue sky. wow. did you like yesterday? if you have a repeat today. little advertise of what's ahead
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local peewee football team did not play and getting answers on playoff controversy. >> the kids you're looking at are champions. many pioneers, peewee team went eight-11. teach kids sportsmanship. the team is back on practicefi one of the coaches of the team they were beating last week ran on to the field and punched this 11-year-old in the gut. >> they are just wondering why this man targeted them and the truth is, he targeted them i believe because of their color and because of their height. their big, they are the biggest on the team. >> both of erica twins were on the team. and were in that game playing
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the hospital, he was spitting up blood and she took these pictures of bruises. she says he is recovering from a broken rib. police are investigating. >> for this man to come out on this field i mean what kind of example is that? >> i saw the whole thing. only reason why i ran across the field in the first place. >> coach stevenson on the field and saw what happened and that adult was way out of line. >> hurt me to see that these through that and that was not fair to them. >> the pioneer coaches say the boys worked hard and earned that top spot but the other coaches told them they couldn't play north ridgeville's kids any more and not to come back for the big super bowl game. championship game or not, as you could see, these kids quickly got over it and got back to doing what they loved, may go football and learning about life's hard knocks. >> we deserve to play.
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19. >> the pioneer coach says organizers of the north ridgeville team invited the boys to pick upward but most parents declined the offer. scare of lifetime for elderly couple, they woke up to robbers ransacking home. 99-year-old john douglas and 89-year-old wife elaine they were left helpless while masked mean went through the home in prairie village, kansas. >> when they bedroom light they were standing at the foot of the bed with their guns pointed at us. >> the couple was not hurt, just shaken up. the burglars took jewelry, a pistol and hidden money. police are investigating. a series of chemical attacks in a quiet new york town. police say someone grabbed a 55-year-old woman in her driveway and just blocks away man attacked 16-year-old girl
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north of new york city and each case the guy through some sort of liquid in their face. >> very scary for idea of person coming say from shopping and getting out of the car and being attacked. >> both of these occurred in darkness and remember they are coming from behind so obviously we will look at all options it the try to identify this individual. >> police believe the liquid used in attacks may have been amoney yoand cases they took off. massive fire in chicago, flames tearing through warehouse. this was in the little village neighborhood. no one was hurt in the fire but nearly 200 firefighters battled the flames for hours. the chicago fire commissioner says it may have been started by homeless people trying to stay warm. >> now a cleveland 19 news health alert. revenuers say smoking can reduce the lifespan of people living
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develop related diseases such as long cancer, more often than those who aren't infected and it cut their life responsible -- span by more than eight years. i hope you enjoyed the extra hour of sleep last night. daylight savings time ended at 2:00 this morning. new research finds that not getting enough sleep may cause people to eat more. doctors in u.k. looked at 11 previous studies and sleep deprived people of extra 385 calories and much came from higher fat, lower protein foods. been there, done that. another reason to take a bike ride everyday can lower risk of heart problems. two new studies suggest people that bike regularly to work or just for fun are less likely to develop cardiovascular trouble. doctors found biking even just a half hour a week can provide protection.
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weeks away -- couple weeks away but this is rehearsal weekend for the big parade. volunteers learning how to handle huge balloons and getting answers on the training. it takes military like precision. >> stay to the outside, take three steps forward. >> hundreds of enthuse as tick volunteers to fly giant balloons that are center piece of the macy's thanksgiving parade. serves as pilot after ten years of volunteerin the back of the new diary of the wimpy kid balloon. >> what i want you to do is listen to us. >> more team were challenge new giant balloons, charlie brown
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character balloon in 1927. >> we developed accordion >> it is awesome. >> hope it will be more awesome thanksgiving day. you have to work at macy's. this is the ninetieth annual thanksgiving day parade. coming up on cleveland 19 news sunday morning. turkey takeover and one neighborhood, wild bird they are
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you can decide coming up. see how superheroes open new game. >> technically we should be in the mid-50s only but today it is going to feel like beautiful spring like day for our browns and cowboys. kickoff is at 1:00 and by then we should be 60?. some of you into the mid-60s today and can you believe 70 on monday and some snow by the end of the week?
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dream for a game room is about to come industrial products is having a surprise party for him. superheroes to kids in ohio were there too. christian has pompey disease which causes muscles to weaken
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odds. >> great to see him so happy. >> love to see smile on his face everyday. >> smile says it all. >> watch all the superhero friends. >> yeah. >> we deliver hope right now when it is needed right now in the family and hope like faith is incredibly powerful thing. it means people want to think about the next day, next week and next year and focuses forward and that's the magic of make a wish. >> are you happy? >> making kids happy is why the employees at state give so generously. this is the twenty-first wish they have granted. their efforts started when their boss' son got a wish. >> think about this.
8:12 am
giving to kid to really make a difference in his or her life and watch him glow today made my day. >> certainly brought a tear for those of us that got to witness the power of a wish. denise, cleveland 19 news. >> weather will make you smile just like the story did. little bit after 7:00, comes up a little earlier and going to set a little earlier and in between we end with tons of sunshine and going to warm nicely. nice keep in mind we should only be at about 55? which is where we are going to be in a short bit. by lunchtime many of us will already be near 60? if not a degree over or two. the weather headlines, i will tell you what, there's no alert out there. there's no big weather changer.
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there's also the opportunity for some snow, rain-snow mix for the snow belt communities. friday night into saturday. the first batch of showers spotty in nature comes through late tuesday, voting day. but it is nothing big, not a big deal. feel like if you're going to vote, maybe you should vote earlier. friday night rain showers come in and temperatures drop enough and add a little north breeze over the lake and could end up with lake enhancement. election day brings on first chance of mild side, a little chilly but not bad. lunch time at 60? and then we will fizzle out temperaturewise because cloud cover going to take over. by dinner time or if you want to vote late in the day, you could be bumping into some of the spotty showers. so not really a big deal. no game changers today and no problems no matter what you want to do, raking leaves you will
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tuesday night cold front come down and not developed yet and ultimately put clouds and lingering little nasty showers for wednesday morning as well. future view starts off the day in the mid-50s. at about 10:00 for most of us and lunchtime with all the sunshine we will warm nicely and by game time at 1:00 a lot of areas away from the lake shore and inland will be into the low to mid-60s, along the lake shore about 60 and then as the game goes on i think most areas will hit 60?, along the lake doesn't totally agree with that and going to be at 60. overall most of you will see 62, 63?. beautiful day like yesterday with degree or two more. current temperatures though we are starting off in the chilly side. 38 in worcester, 37 in new philly, slow to warm up this morning, a little haze, a little fog out in couple areas patch nenature, not a big deal. gorges day ahead, sunshine need
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because no clouds to protect you. some of you will see the 70 degree mark on monday. tuesday squash temperatures and cold front cloudy day on wednesday and no big weather maker there. on thursday back to 60, friday, veterans day, that's the good news, bad news, denise, showers develop in the afternoon on friday. then we will see the temperatures drop friday night into saturday morning and people with the snow belt could see wet snowflakes mixed in with the rain. it is shocking. >> tis the season. >> it is. >> coming up on cleveland 19, favorite part of the day.
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incorporate music into what we do,. music good for them and health and he local artist do a song just for our shelter that's on
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it. honey creek is incredible and let's talk about sampson. >> this is greg willy from the friendship apl and sampson could not wait for the close-up this morning. >> sampson loves everybody. two-year-old border collie and he is really excited to be here. >> a lot to say. >> yes. >> knows all the basic commands. he actually lost home. they were moving. >> show me the commands. >> get them boy, other paw. there you go. dawn. good boy. he is a really really good doing i was telling. >> husky mix and only problem was fenced in backyard and some problems with the leash skills
8:20 am
thought he was house broken and available today. >> as well as others. >> we have tons right now. >> what about kids? >> absence of sheep border collies. >> they grab your pant leg and want to take you with them. >> kind of intimidating for small children and kind of herd nipping at heels of children to get in the room they are most in front of the tv chilling out or playing in the backyard to keep an eye on everybody so that can be a little bit on frustrating side for families so i had say something in the older kids because he loves to play. play frisbee, plai with toys all day long and love this dog. >> friendship apl open 11 until
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(440)322-4321 and beth and i will be facebooking and tweeting about sampson and keeping you updated. final check of weekend forecast
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thanksgiving still a few weeks away and dealing with rogue turkey. home security camera captures the trouble. take look. more than two dozen bold and fearless turkeys, they block traffic and slowdown a school bus. a man in antioch, california,
8:24 am
>> through the window. turkey through the window. >> i have to screen -- window open but through the screen. >> into the house? >> i never saw this many turkeys. >> kids love them. kids like to see them walking around. >> animal control says there isn't much the agency can do. wild turkeys are common in parts of california but even the experts admit a flock this large is unusual. well they know what's going on in thet they are not stupid. >> warriors. flown through his window too. come on. hey, i said there was wild turkey crossing the entrance on i-91 day and i was like what is that? we got it too. >> a lot of them out where i live too. they come out especially with the weather this nice. oh my gosh, i love it. >> today absolutely gorgeous. low 60s for just about everybody. sunshine gallor and no
8:25 am
super cold. i'm telling you so i went with 65 today, some might be a little struggle to get that warm, tomorrow went with 67 and i will say this good possibility that we see some 70? pop up. a small cold front comes through late tuesday night which could set off some showers later on tuesday and it is not a game changer, not even a big deal. wednesday gray. friday night into saturday though we get cold enough on veterans day saturday morning we could see rain-snow mix. no worry. >> thank you so much for watching. cleveland 19 news editorial is next. tailgate 19 is at 11:00 too.
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