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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 5PM  CBS  November 8, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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count. he drove a mower to cast his ballot at the fathima family center. buckle up northeast ohio, the commercials, the rallies, the campaigning is over. get ready for a long and interesting night. >> it certainly will. cleveland 19 with live team coverage. we are covering both local presidential campaigns and important races and issues in our area. we kick it off with shelby county board of elections. good evening. >> hey, chris. you see the line behind us. not really too bad at the board of elections in cleveland. in fact, this is the longest i have seen a line since i have gotten here. it speaks to how not bad it is to get out and vote. if you are worried about a line, i wouldn't be concerned at all. voters survey show voters waited 10 minutes or less today and the director told us the longest
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early this morning. a question a voter had was how security was being handled. this has been a tense election and we got answers about that. board of elections officials have been working with the sheriff's department, homeland security, f.b.i. and i asked if there were any issues today and he said there was one. someone threatened to bring a gun to the polling location in cleveland afterol redirected him. they say it is handled and can never be too safe in these type of situations. >> because of the heightened, i guess, chatter out there that we could have problems where two campaigns would -- and it would basically merge together and cause chaos and commotion at the polling locations. >> all right.
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yesterday for the board of elections. they need people to come on down. you have plenty of time to vote tonight and expect it to pick up as people get off work and polls close at 7:30. coming up on cleveland 19 news i talk about how important cuyahoga county is to the republicans and democrats in this election here in ohio. live in cleveland shelby miller, cleveland 19 news. >> chris: thanks for that, shelby. and the race that effects trump for president of the united states after hundreds of campaign appearances, rallies and those commercials. it is up to the voters to make their final choice for the white house. the candidates themselves headed to new york city tonight. each with a camp and strong presence in the incrediblely important battleground state of ohio. >> denise: we begin with the hillary clinton campaign. harry boomer is live at the democratic headquarters.
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headquarters on superior avenue. this is where the party faithful will gather tonight to see if hillary clinton will carry the county and country by reaching the 270 electoral votes before her rival donald trump and i asked the chairman of the cuyahoga county democratic party why voter turnout appears to be less than 2012 this was his response. >> we lost a week of early voting. we would have made up those numbers, i t an extra week. voter suppression and people behind it know exactly what they are doing. notwithstanding they will be deterred and we will work harder. we have hundreds of people on the ground at various precincts working and handing out literature and canvassing and getting people out of their houses making sure they vote today and there's no voting after 7:30 and getting them to the polls. >> and folks will be gathering
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on the giant screen and look how their candidate is doing. that being hillary clinton, the democrat, in the country and we will gauge their moves and we will have that on later editions of cleveland 19 news. >> reporter: at the democratic party headquarters harry boomer, cleveland 19. >> denise: thank you, harry. local republicans are setting up a watch party hoping for a donald trump victory. >> chris: paul orlousky is there live with a preview of wh paul? >> reporter: we are at a popular cleveland restaurant and historic building here. we are outside for a bit of time and didn't think we would get inside. the signage has gone up and here is video of what's going on and we can describe the room. here is a large screen tv so results can be monitored by everyone and vip room where elected officials are gathered to watch and time to time come
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crowd. the whole peer is results coming in will be enough to charge up the crowd and won't need a lot of speeches. i am told if things are going well, mary taylor will be here and it is unique and a different position she has taken and governor kasich is not supporting donald trump. too early to tell if they are planning anything but there's time for a party. >> i hope we have a great time in ohio and cuyahoga county seeing great numbers republican base to get out and vote. we are excited to see cuyahoga republicans and statewide for donald trump. >> reporter: at 4:00 i theorized how long it would take for leaders to get here to switch from cnn to foxx. about four minutes as near as i could tell. and people will continue to arrive and as results coming in. >> reporting live.
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>> denise: thank you, paul. humaner there. >> chris: we will need it tonight. the morning clear and then the clouds rolled in. >> chris: voters looking at umbrella weather. >> jeff: you will need it through a good portion of the night. we will basically have two waves of rain with the actual system itself. it is coming down. in fact, the steadiest rain is right in cuyahoga county at the moment. it is more of a lighter rain as you get u.s. 30 corridor and hasn't even started to rain in youngstown. back edge of this is moving through sandusky. right now downtown to the eastern suburbs now, i-271 and i-480 eastbound you will be dealing with this rain. cleveland heights, mayfield heights, solon. we have the alert through the night. basically now up until about 7 a.m. when i think the steadiest
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gear for voting and the wind will continue to increase as well. mid-50s after being in the 60s this afternoon before the rain hit and we will hold steady next few hours. 6:00 about 56 with showers, 7:00, 8:00 same deal. as the front comes through, we turn much colder. you will feel that. don't worry, it warms up again thursday. the up a details later in the half hour. here is traffic. >> first alert traffic on cleveland 19 news is sponsored by ford. >> denise: all right, jeff. no question that rain out there is affecting traffic. this is a live look 77 and 480 the cloverleaf. 77 and moving and 480 is backed up. there's an accident we want to tell you about on the jennings freeway northbound lanes at west 14th. be aware if you are expecting
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polls, it might be slow going right now. two big questions come to mind on this election day. why are elections on a work day and why is election season so long? >> chris: good questions both. cleveland 19 news getting answer and dan deroos has answers in the explanation center. >> dan: hopefully you will be smarter when you see this and questions of why we vote the first tuesday after the first monday in november. let's circle this. our first tuesday. we didn't have a monday. it all comes down to farming if you can believe that in 1776 when they set up rules for voting. they had a 34 day window all states could vote within the 134 days. the problem with that, well, when one state would vote a candidate it would have an influence on another state down
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how did they come up with a tuesday. it all comes down to farming. we knew farmers would have to travel to county seat to vote and nobody voting on weekend because that's prayer and church and needed one day to travel to the county seat. they figured tuesday was a good day. you can't have it on wednesday. for farmers that's a market day and that's how it came to be on a tuesday. they set that final dated in 1845. getting answers in the answer center, chris, back to you. >> chris: good information there. thank you, dan. good turn out at the church in cleveland. people exercising their rights in kamm's corner. no reports of any trouble here. just minor complaints in other areas. cleveland 19 news is watching for any potential problems. cleveland 19 has several resources you can use to make your voice heard.
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monday. you can see their addresses on the screen or send an e-mail and tweet. a federal official is also investigating potential terror threats linked to the election. >> local, state law enforcement are helping out and increased security at polling sites across the country. the department of homeland security is also worried about on-line threats. this is a rare look inside the government's secret cyber command center. several agencies are watching a big concern of course russia trying to interfere with the polling process. federal officials say they wouldn't put anything past putin. >> he is definitely trying to effect the american political process and trying to erode it. i think he is happy enough to do what i said to be messing with our heads. >> denise: the feds are working with dozens of states to ensure security. any cyber attack could not affect ballot totals tonight
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connected to the internet. >> chris: one of the things people look forward to after voting is getting the sticker, like a badge of honor saying you did your civic responsibility. some cities got rid of stickers as a cost-cutting measure. one started a gofundme campaign to buy stickers for their town. cities like chicago traded in stickers for wristbands. before you snap the pic for social media i take a selfie inside any polling place in ohio. you can take a picture of yourself with the i voted sticker and send one to us. use #i voted oh. >> denise: cleveland 19 news will bring you nonstop election coverage until 11:30, channel 43 and on cleveland 19 news at 11:00.
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closer look at the income tax proposal in cleveland. why the people impacted the most
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live from cleveland's newscenter driven by don joseph toyota in kent, this is cleveland 19 news. >> chris: welcome. we continue our election coverage. one of the big issues on the ballot today is right here in cleveland. >> denise: yeah. voters are deciding on an income tax hike, the first in years. jen picciano is live in cleveland with details on this.
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it's been 35 years since the city of cleveland passed an income tax hike. mayor jackson is asking for 2 to 2 1/2% and 80% of funds generated will come from suburb nights who live and work in the city. >> the city is facing a deficit of $40 million next year. mayor jackson says passing issue 32 will erase that deficit completely and leave the city with 35 maintain and improve city services garbage collection, snow removal and city services. if they shoot it down, the mayor tells me there will be layoffs and cutbacks and elimination of services all together t. will prevent the police department from hiring more officers and affect the ability to reform the force. >> with those things able to do under the consent decree in
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for this year. we are covered this year. going into next year, if i have a $40 million deficit then cuts will be across the board no matter if it is consent decree or police on sweeping streets or snowplowing and recreation, it will be across the board because you have to make up $40 million. >> reporter: the mayor followed up that answer in our conversation also saying if the issue does not pass or stop plowing streets to pay for the consent decree if the issue does not pass. >> reporter: getting answers in cleveland today, jen picciano, cleveland 19. >> chris: cleveland 19 news consumer alert. wall street closely watching the election today. some believe a democratic sweep could spark a selloff. the finance and health care worried about more regulations. a republican sweep as tepid.
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trade policies. you may have heard jokes about people moving to canada depending on who wins the presidential election. turns out more people are really looking for jobs there. the search general monster worldwide reports a 60% jump in the number of people looking for work in canada. >> denise: it is a beautiful country. can't blame them. >> check out special edition covers of "newsweek." topics media created one madam president hillary clinton and another for president donald trump. "newsweek" plans to destroy the cover of the losing candidate. >> more and more people are getting news on-line or social media these days. sites like or cleveland 19 news app and they are printing extra copies tomorrow just in case and hope people want to save the front
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>> jeff: okay. an update on the weather. boy, it got nasty this afternoon. a lot of changes happening starting out sunny and all of a sudden the clouds came in. here comes the rain. it is really coming down now. this is a steady rain euclid. cleveland heights, parma and downtown cleveland. this is moving east. it will start to pick up. moreland hills and chesterland lawn and peninsula and another batch of steadier rain coming out of richland county around blooming grove, ruggles bailey lakes and here you see the whole swath. this runway of rain that's coming through. it will be two parts here. we have showers with the front itself. and then you can see a lot of cloud cover as this colder air
5:19 pm
develop lake-effect rain and rain will be with us through the night. >> here is a look at 7:00 temps low to mid-50s. not super cold. showers with the system will wind down later this evening. by midnight we could get a bit of a break from steadier rain attempts in the low 50s and lake-effect will kick in later tonight into the morning commute. you will be dodging isolated showers and even some drizzle and it will be one of those days tomorrow. a north wind coming in off the lake, 10:00 in the morning and still spotty showers and temperaturewise we will hold steady in the 40s. how much rain are we talking here, a pretty good soaking quarter to half inch most areas and you can see in that blue color that's where we could be looking at the half inch in the higher terrain as the north wind kicks in. 47 the low. showers picking up and
5:20 pm
well and you've got some rain. tomorrow we hold steady in the upper 40s. spotty morning showers and windy day. so it will feel colder than what the actual air temperature is. by noon, i think the rain will be over. 5:00 cloudy and 46 degrees eventually dropping in the 30s tomorrow night. look what happens thursday. sunny, windy and back up to 3. and windy. just some spotty showers. 49 and falling, eventually in the 30s friday night. friday night football games will be cold. saturday partly cloudy 46. weekend looks dry. windy on sunday. sunshine, 58 and monday mid-50s there. and we decided, you know, we are not going to mention the snow thing that we were talking about yesterday. i don't think it will set up
5:21 pm
>> denise: that's good. so the football games wet and cold? >> jeff: just spotty showers. >> chris: run the football. >> denise: thank you, jeff. still ahead at 5:00, one of the luckiest lottery locations in northeast ohio living up to its name. see how much someone woman with ach (ingrid) i take pride in getting things done.
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little break from the election coverage and check on the other news headlines here in northeast ohio. >> chris: that's right we start with police investigating an assault at kent state university happening near university oaks apartments. a man approached the victim and said he was having trouble with his car and the guy attacked that person who tried to help. he was able to run away. ksu warning other students. two more robberies overnight near the case campus in
5:25 pm
east 115th street. three students were robbed of a cell phone and money. there have been four other similar crimes in that same area. police warn students to look out and be careful. >> denise: a centra ohio man accused of donating money to isis. he was arrested trying to leave columbus to join the terrorist network. daniels is in federal custody and daniels is accused of creating e-mail addresses and social media accounts talked about joining the jihad. >> browns player josh gordon due in court claiming he is the father of the 1-year-old girl. gordon submitted to a dna test in september and results prove he is the father. gordon is going to appear in front of a magistrate. that case is continued. a scratch off lottery ticket. a local walked away with
5:26 pm
shell station in brook park touted as being one of the luckiest lottery station in the state. that station has had several winners in the past, 1,000, $100,000 and $250,000 and $12 million winner. >> denise: i never think of buying a scratch off. i think to do it when the jackpot is big. >> chris: got to do it. a divisive presidential campaign finally coming to an
5:27 pm
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failure study ever, entresto? was proven to help more people stay alive and out of the hospital than a leading heart failure medicine. women who are pregnant must not take entresto?. it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto? with an ace inhibitor or or aliskiren. if you've had angioedema while taking an ace or arb medicine, don't take entresto?. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high potassium in your blood. tomorrow, i'm gonna step out with my favorite girl. ask your heart doctor about entresto?. and help make the gift of tomorrow possible. >> chris: continuing coverage. the presidential campaign. despite the nastiness both candidates hoping to make history tonight. >> denise: that's right.
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season and most voters are glad it is almost over. ryan nobles is in new york covering campaign 2016. ryan? >> reporter: yes, denise and chris, it will be over hopefully tonight. we are confident and we are here in manhattan where supporters will gather in the next few hours and you can remember a glass ceiling above me, certainly symbolic as clinton hopes to be the first woman ever elected president of the united statesnd casting a ballot for herself as she is the first woman ever nominated by a major american political party for president. >> after casting her ballot at an elementary school in chap kaui, new york she described how humbling it is. >> i know how much responsibility goes with this and so many people are counting on the outcome of this election and what it means for our country and i will do the very best we can if i am fortunate to win today.
5:31 pm
donald trump voted in his hometown and sounded confident what lies ahead. >> looking very good. right now looking very good. >> the vote came hours after clinton and trump held last-minute late night rallies and trump in michigan where the race tightened. >> we will win the great state of michigan and we are going to win back the white house. >> the victory has to include winning one state that usually goes to michigan and people need to pick up two toss-upstates like florida or north carolina. that's where clinton chose to burn the midnight oil. >> in years from today when your kids and grandkids ask what you did in 2016 when everything was on the line, will you be able to say you voted for a stronger, fairer, better america. >> reporter: meanwhile the campaigns have been divided on major issues. this is the first time since
5:32 pm
presidential candidates are from the same state. supporters from both sides will watch returns less than two miles apart. there have been some votes cast and counted in this race for president. three small presinks in new hampshire registered their votes and donald trump with a small lead among the small sample size and we have 100 million votes yet to count and new hampshire is a state we will keep an eye on. of course ohio among the many states election here tonight. denise and chris? >> chris: ryan, we have had our first law enforcement filed by trump's attorney in nevada. tell us about that and the result, please. >> reporter: the question is, will this be the first of many. trump's lawyers trying to separate a group of votes cast in early voting after the polls closed and a number of people who had gotten in line before the polls closed. the law in nevada is if you are
5:33 pm
closed your vote counts and trump and team were concerned some were not in line at the time and asked the judge to separate the votes to be a adjudicated later and the judge said that's not necessary and they will not do it and all those votes go in the same pile. is trump setting the stage for more lawsuits down the road especially if results don't go his way tonight. >> denise: that's for sure, ryan. hundreds made a pilgrimage of rt ballots today. tell us about that. what a visual there. >> reporter: this is really a remarkable scene regardless of your political affiliation happening outside of rochester, new york near seneca falls and gravesite of susan b. anthony and fame in us her role in helping women get their right to vote and there have been hundreds of thousands of people who have gone to their web site
5:34 pm
their i voted sticker on her gravestone near her grave and the pilgrimage continued all day long and going on for several days and casting votes in new york and continuing in earnest today on election day. a remarkable sight. regardless who you plan to vote for, the idea you have a woman who could be on the cusp of becoming president is historic and many people wanted toe anthony's gravesite. >> denise: remarkable, ryan. thank you. >> chris: tell you what, we had a little rain come in now. weekend not so bad. >> denise: that's right. not enough rain to upset the voting. you just need an umbrella. it hasn't been too bad. >> jeff: it is not super cold. rain coming down and temperatures around normal.
5:35 pm
sure and the wind will pick up a little bit as the night wears on. showers in the forecast now at 7 a.m. and come in one of two ways. system rain and lake-effect rain developing later tonight. wet travel out there and it's a slow go on the roads. right now the steadiest rain if you are headed to the polls in lake county, around mentor, kirtland and chester. and steady steady raining cleveland and medina county and rain picking up. akron-canton. steadier rain richland and ashland county and the back edge of this system rain you see is now moving through sandusky. things are drying out for a little while in sandusky. all the information you need to know on the cleveland 19 first alert weather app will keep it generally in the mid-50s at midnight. about 52 degrees.
5:36 pm
turning blustery and dropping in the 40s by morning. we've got the showers tonight. much colder feel tomorrow. a lot of cloud cover. we've got the raw wind off the lake and temperatures will be holding steady in the 40s for one day because it warms up again thursday. a lot of change is happening in the old weather world here in the next few. 7 a.m. to 9:00 a.m., the percentage of vain at its highest starts to go down by afternoon. so you will be dodging some isolated showers i think, for the morning drive tomorrow. a windy, colder day and we basically hold steady here about 48 for an afternoon high and combine it with a north wind gusting over 25 and feel colder than that. here is what i am talking about with steady temps. 48 at 8:00 a.m. 48 at 11:00 and
5:37 pm
night we will be down to 45. not a ton of rain in the forecast tomorrow. some spotty morning showers in akron-canton and blustery day and obviously colder for you as well. 47 for the high. here is how the temps will go. you can't see much movement tomorrow morning at 7 a.m. on the way to work and school with the isolated showers mid to upper 40s and we don't really move much throughout the day. 1:00 in the 45 canton. 48 in downtown cleveland and you can see area wide we will generally be in the 40s here. and the rain situation goes like this. at 7:00 just about an hour and a half from now. most rain will be south and east of cleveland. so akron-canton, dover new philly and by 10:00 still showers around. but then you will see what happens after 1:00 a.m. that's
5:38 pm
lake-effect rain as the north wind develops. here you go. at 7:00 in the morning some lake-effect showers around and then those will diminish as the morning wears on. again, a lot of cloud cover out there. and with that wind it will feel colder. future view rainfall and how much rain are we talking here. in the higher terrain, once the lake effect kicks in looking at a half inch of rain total with quarter to half inch of rain. more changes in veteran's day and the weekend and i will talk about that my next time out. denise? >> thank you, jeff. we are looking at the u.s. senate race. rob portman versus ted strickland. the incumbent running against a former governor of course and it's been probably the most high profile contest. the political ads in this race has been almost nonstop and
5:39 pm
columbus. sara goldenberg is with the portman campaign. >> to the strickland campaign. the former governor popular in parts and trailing in most polls sizeably so losing the battle to portman and raised money 2 1/2 to 1 and catherine bosley live in columbus, how is the mood down there, catherine? >> reporter: well, despite how things are looking for looking for a victory party indeed. here at the hyatt can you see balloons all over the place and ready to begin their celebration. about 7:00 about a half hour before the polls close at 7:30. the state democrats not expecting this party to include a victory for former ohio governor ted strickland and he started to lose ground early in this race against rob portman a
5:40 pm
the incumbent. >> democrats blamed $60 million in attack ads against strickland and stranger things have happened on election night. strickland has won as an underdog in the past. right now the true victory as far as the state goes is with the presidential race. here is what the party chairman david pepper had to say as far as that goes. >> we saw really good trends in the early vote. 57% of people who voted early were women and for hillary clinton. if that continues today she will win ohio. we saw in the early vote a lot of people who voted republicans in early vote, 10% actually voted for hillary clinton. far fewer democrats voted for donald trump. if that continues today i think she will win. >> reporter: interesting numbers and that essentially means it will be a nail biter and late night as far as democrats go in ohio here at the hyatt in
5:41 pm
hundreds expected to be here tonight to watch it all unfold together, nail biting and we will be here throughout it all. >> reporter: reporting live in columbus, catherine bosley getting answers cleveland 19. >> chris: all right catherine. thank you for that. it could be an uphill climb for the former governor. we will keep our eyes on that sara goldenberg will check in with the portman side of things. >> denise: still ahead
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this certainly has been a vicious presidential campaign and taking a heavy toll on a lot of people. >> chris: it really has. fortunately enough "saturday night live" made it easier to take jeanne moos taking a look back at laughs. >> reporter: like the real clinton and trump. >> i think it is >> they have sniffled and shimied and lurked and stalinged through this endless campaign. by the next snl. >> number 4. . reporter: one of these two will have won the presidency. >> secretary clinton, what do you think about that? >> i think i'm going to be president. >> reporter: the last snl before the election had erin burnett asking the questions.
5:45 pm
your tweets. >> really? >> and i'm still in this thing? >> reporter: comedy could barely keep up with reality. >> the f.b.i. is not trying to help me. the f.b.i. doesn't like me. what even is the f.b.i.? >> i will grab some coffee. want something? >> no. i'm good. thanks, sweetie. >> the next day the f.b.i. gave e-mails the all clear. >> the real candidates made appearances. >> donald trump? isn't he the one oh, you are all losers? >> reporter: one snl skit predicted a meeting between the donald and mexico's president 10 months before it happened. >> donald! >> enrique! >> i brought you the check for the wall. >> not since tina fey have comedians so identified with candidates they impersonate. >> he is either not that rich, not that charitable and never paid taxes in his life. >> warmer.
5:46 pm
off my chair. >> donald didn't. >> he is portraying somebody mean and nasty and i am not mean and nasty. >> alec baldwin and kim came out of character to complain about the campaign. >> don't you feel gross about this. >> off they went hugging each other's supporters. just don't expect the real donald to carry the real hillary around on his back after we finally get this election o jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >> denise: you got to admit they have been funny no matter what your preference. >> chris: easy. easy to spoof. >> denise: very easy. yeah.
5:47 pm
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5:50 pm
from election coverage and check out other news headlines. >> denise: we begin with tennessee, a road rage racist, a man attacking a man with racial slurs. >> i told you, people can't keep their pants up and put other people's lives in danger. >> denise: that rant is tough to watch. a man seen cursing a black driver and it all started when he tried to change lanes. this video went viral on social media. a lot of people in this does not represent their city. a wild police chase in california. officers were after a suspected car thief. the pursuit went on more than an hour and ended with a dramatic crash in the san fernando valley in west l.a. >> amazingly the driver was not hurt. incredible video out of japan. a huge sinkhole swallows an entire road. check it out.
5:51 pm
50 feet deep and filled with water and thankfully amazingly no one was hurt and people living nearby had to be evacuated. more incredible video. a huge tornado hitting central italy. at least two people were killed. the tornado hit two towns close to rome. the storm took out dozens of trees and picked up and moved some fishing boats. pinpointing the weather where you live. now your alert forecast. we have the rain coming down now. this will transition over to spotty lake-effect showers. we think towards morning. look at the temperature change. we hit 65 before the rain hit. >> the high not so much. only 48. it will be a windy day and make it feel even colder. tomorrow night we will drop down to 34. we are looking at dry conditions.
5:52 pm
thursday, subpoenay, windy and back up to 63. we got another front for veteran's day. it will bring isolated showers. we took out the alert for friday here. a lot of cloud cover. windy and friday night football will be chilly as we will be dropping in the 30s. over the weekend it is looking dry. partly cloudy on saturday. 46. still rather chilly. saturday night 39 and sy warming up to 58 with a mostly sunny sky and windy. monday partly cloudy and 54 and tuesday partly cloudy 55. after tonight no alerts in the forecast. we are getting into another dry stretch of weather for the most part. look at the up and down temperature swings here. 48 tomorrow. 63 thursday and back down to 40s on friday for veteran's
5:53 pm
chris, over to you. >> chris: all right, jeff. thanks. coming up on cleveland 19 news a scare in the air like no other. >> denise: can you imagine? a human snake forced a plane to make an emergency landing and
5:54 pm
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>> denise: now a real scare in the air. >> chris: a giant snake appeared in the middle of the flight. take a look at the video. something out of a movie. which by the way one was made. a passenger shot this cell phone video of a snake emerging from behind -- oh, right there. partially dropped down into the cabin. the plane made an emergency landing and the airline investigating how it even got on there. any ideas, denise? >> denise: i don't know. somebody missed something on airport scanners. >> somebody trying to smuggle a pet on there. >> denise: still ahead at 6:00 continuing coverage of
5:57 pm
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cleveland 19 news sponsored by empire window company your local, window and siding and door expert since 1960. live from cleveland's newscenter we are getting answers for you. cleveland 19 news starts now. from the race to the white house to any problems at the polls. and a senate seat decision in ohio. we have live team coverage all day long. this is campaign 2016. >> mark: it is decision day after a long contentious presidential race. we are near the end. >> romona: the candidates themselves voted in new york where we will watch the results roll in tonight. >> we'll see what happens. it will be interesting. >> romona: donald trump is thanking his biggest supporters after campaigning all over the
6:00 pm
herself was humbling. >> i know how much responsibility goes with this. so many people are counting on the outcome of this election so tonight the magic number is 270. that's the number of electoral votes needed to win the election. tonight we are getting reaction on both sides. paul orlousky is with touch supporters. we begin with harry boomer with the clinton followers. >> followers are out at polling places trying to make secretary clinton the next president and leaving no stone unturned because ohio is a traditional battleground state. if polls are to be believed it is neck-and-neck in the buckeye state. stuart is chairman of the democratic party in cuyahoga county and he is holding to the party line. >> i think things are going very well. i am looking for turn out, turn out, turn out. we have a little drizzle out


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