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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 4PM  CBS  November 9, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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cleveland 19 news sponsored by value city furniture. bringing you styles that fit your life with styles that fit your budget. getting answers for you. cleveland 19 news starts now. president-elect trump pulls off a stunning upset and of the united states. >> i want to tell the world community that while we will always put america's interest first we will deal fairly with everyone, everyone all people and all nations. >> mark: after a hard fought battle hillary clinton graciously accepts her loss. >> let us not lose heart. there are more seasons to come
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i am incredibly honored and grateful to have had this chance to represent all of you in this consequential election. >> romona: as donald trump prepares to make the transition as smooth as possible. >> mark: students take to the streets in reaction to the election results. the latest at 4:00. >> romona: but first investigators continue to search for ais lakewood mother. today we got new information about the woman. lacy crisp is getting answers at 4:00 lacy? >> this is the area where roaa al dhannoon was last seen october 16th. she has a son who is safe and the f.b.i. are asking for your help to find her. >> she is funny and
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>> and her boss in lakewood is deeply concerned about her employee and friend. >> this is not roaa. >> lakewood police and f.b.i. have been looking for al dhannoon since october 16th. al dhannoon's ex-husband visited her early in the morning before disappearing. >> they had been recently divorced. i think it was finalized in i think that was the result of that and the protection order was issued new domestic relations court. >> al dhannoon's ex-husband was arrested a violation of the protection order and released from jail and he has not been charged with al dhannoon's disappearance. >> at this point we don't have a crime. >> and police were searching in brooklyn hoping to lead them to al dhannoon and came up empty-handed. >> there hasn't been any contact
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from family and friends and there hasn't been any sort of financial activity with her accounts since the 16th. >> friends and co-workers are hoping she is found safely soon. >> it is difficult. we are bonding together and praying for her and wishing for her safe return. >> there is a reward for information. police are asking you to give them a call if you know anything about al dhannoon's disappearance. >> live in cleveland 19 news. >> romona: thank you, lacy. three police officers involved in a shooting leaving one man dead are on paid leave. shanice dunning has the developing story. >> reporter: mark and romona, i am standing in front of the family video where this happened and right now the bureau of criminal investigation is looking into this incident so there can be an embark investigation. bci doesn't know what led up to
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suspect dead. here is what happened. police got a call about the suspect robbing this family video at 7:40 last night. officers spotted the suspect a few minutes from the store. today you can see where the suspect crashed into a pole and set of steps before police shot and killed him. bci tells us the suspect had an air soft pistol in his car and don't know whether the officers saw it before the he showed me how a bullet went through a garbage can in front of his house. >> i ran in the house and told my wife and kid to get in the basement. i am thinking of moving out of ashtabula city. it is getting ridiculous. >> ashtabula police did tell me one officer was injured during the shooting.
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me they believe this suspect, while they have not released his name may be connected to some of the other crimes happening in this area. i will have more information on that story coming up at 6:00. right now getting appears in ashtabula, shanice dunning, cleveland 19 news. >> shanice, thank you. americans get used to saying president-elect donald trump. the billionaire will travel to the white house tomorrow to meet with the man he will >> romona: president obama spoke about the candidate. weijia jiang has the latest. >> this is painful. and it will be for a long time. hillary clinton delivered her concession speech before supporters and campaign workers. the former secretary of state appears to have won more votes she lost in the electoral college to donald trump. >> donald trump is going to be our president. we owe him an open mind and the
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>> trump thanked supporters early this morning and called for cooperation. >> to all republicans and democrats and independents across this nation. i say it is time for us to come together as one united people. >> president obama will host trump at the white house tomorrow to discuss the peaceful transfer of power. >> it is no secret that the president-elect and i have pretty significant differences. we are all rooting for sss in uniting and leading the country. >> trump is meeting with his transition team today to talk about potential cabinet appointments and take office in january with republican majorities in both houses of congress. house speaker paul ryan said with his party in control political log jams are a thing of the past. >> think of laid off coal workers who see relief coming. think about the farmers in wisconsin harassed by the e.p.a. and waters of the u.s.a. this is
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the oath of office 10 weeks from friday. weijia jiang, cbs news, new york. several demonstrations have been staged around the country. a march is scheduled in new york and end up in front of trump tower. >> romona: ohio governor john kasich will not give a speech on the future of the republican party. he canceled it and isn't saying why. kasich, who refused to endorse trump as the party's nominee tweeted congratulations this morning saying the ameca time to come together. congratulations president-elect donald trump. trump won ohio by more than 8 points. >> mark: let's take a live look at the markets as they just closed over 7 minutes ago. major indexes had steep losses aftermarkets careened out of control in volatile trading overnight after a speech by president-elect donald trump and that happened. 256 up on the dow this
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>> mark: donald trump's win over hillary clinton shocked the nation and world and rocked financial markets across the globe. >> talking about the shake up, joe haider, last night when it looked like trump was going to pull out a victory, the dow i noticed dropped 800 points. what caused that volatility and why has it swung back today. >> it is a huge shock. the markets assumed b their behavior yesterday that hillary clinton was going to win the election. and so once trump was the president-elect and hillary clinton had conceded he gave a very conciliatory speech, unlike the way he behaved during the campaign. so investors believe that could be helpful.
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and big losers today. in the aggregate it was up substantially. >> wharp a couple of those. was oil was down or up? i know there were a number of different moved about a bit. >> mark, the energy stocks were up because they believe there will be deregulation. banking was up same reason and lower regular uighurs layingses and things that were hurt today, hospitals -- hospital associations because they were a beneficiary of obamacare and it is assumed it will go away in the present form. the other interesting big loser today was gun manufacturers. >> really? >> yes. >> i have to tell you people are always concerned about their 401-k's and when donald trump takes office in january he has talked about reworking the nafta agreement and also shaking up wall street.
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will happen in january? >> it is always tough to outguess the market as we saw today. the behavior in our financial markets are similar to what happened in the u.k. when the brexit vote kind of did the same thing and their decision to leave the european union shocked everybody. shocked the world. markets went down and rebounded quickly back up. i think it is better in your 401-k by it is a long-term investment and better to stay disciplined and stay the course rather than trying to outguess what the touch presidency is going to be like and what the impact will be on the financial markets. >> joe haider thank you for taking the time. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> some of this stuff brand new in the box. just...make up, brushes. >> romona: would you go through the garbage to get free,
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dumpster diving is becoming a trend. >> mark: a cleveland clinic doctor has advice for donald trump with how to deal with the stress of the new job. jeff? >> jeff: all right. you felt the temperature drop. still empty. the lake effect rain clearing out. 45 at 7:00, warmer day ahead.
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live from cleveland's newscenter driven by don joseph toyota in kent, this is
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getting anymore free coupons from victoria's secret for a free pair of underwear. the columbus-based company said they hoped customers would buy something else like a bra or bottle of perfume when they went in to pick up the free indies, 40% of customers who redeemed coupons didn't buy anything else. >> northeast stores toss out thousands of dollars of products every week. a lot of beauty products like make up testers the trash and some barely even used. we found people opening up the dumpster snelled of their wallet for free beauty supplies. tiah ewing is getting answers on this dumpster diving trend. >> day in and day out. dumpster diving for free beauty products. store testers tossed out for new products throughout the month. >> i am out here dumpster
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junk all over the midwest, it is her job and comes with tons of perks. inside a bag full of beauty products women pay hundreds of dollars for. >> inside of here are a bunch of cosmetics. i got these from a well-known cosmetics store. >> some of the stuff brand new in a box. just make up and brushes and powder pallets. stuff on top of stuff. >> stuff sold for cash and so far it is lucrative. >> yes. i found an apple macbook. >> rewarding and trolling the nash she comes face to face with items and things most wouldn't count as treasure. >> i will show you guys what it is like to open up a garbage bin and see a freaking rat eyeballing you eyeball to
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dumpster instead of her wallet. how much money would you say you have probably gained by selling some of that stuff. >> about 8. >> $8,000? >> yes. 8 grand. >> i lifted the lid to see what i would find going to four different stores. hoping to turn trash into treasure. >> all boxes. >> most discarded items turned out to b on them. >> please wait while we process your request. the balance on your card is zero dollars. >> it is a crap shoot. the last bin i climbed in, i found one item, a make up brush. here you can see it will cost $40 if i have to pay for it. a free $40 make up brush. is this legal? cleveland 19 news checked with lawyers first to make sure we were in the clear.
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trespassing or scavanging depending what city you live. if you are on public property you have to be careful. this police report is from solon. last year they spotted a man going through dumpsters at ultimatea beauty at 9:40 at night and was handed a warning. >> we checked various cosmetic store locations in northeast ohio and found dumpster diving going down. it is not just the police are hidden dangers once inside the can. sometimes waist deep. >> in contact with germs. you have to be careful not to stick yourself because people do, especially diabetic patients tend to throw their what do you call them, needles in the garbage. you have to be careful and it is important to get gloves. >> reporter: you should think
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>> if the seal is broken on the make up, the state board of cosmetology told me on cleveland 19 news you cannot clean make up and can only use single use brushes on each individual. it means even though consumers are opening the dumpsters instead of their wallets. spending money on items you know are safe and unused really is priceless. >> romona: there are even more health risks associated with this. news app to see the dangers. >> always watching. always tracking, your first alert forecast. >> the clearing line making its way through sandusky and vermillion and cloudy in cleveland. that will be changing here the next few hours. gradual clearing as this drier air will take hold of us again. we are at 49. it's been a chilly day.
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and that's the air with us tomorrow for one day before the next front comes through friday morning. >> all right. we are dropping in the 30s tonight inland here. 35 in canton at 7:00 a.m. wooster, most spots and in the mid-30s early tomorrow morning. by 10 a.m. approaching 50 and well in the 50s by 1:00 and by 4:00 in the afternoon around 60. get no alerts in the next 7 days and we have another front on veteran's day. we think isolated showers and another temperature change. i will tell you more about that during the 5:00 hour. a clearing sky tonight. it will be cooler. 35. the wind will go light. but it will be a chilly night and even some areas of frost forming outside the city limits. 34 akron-canton for your low. look at tomorrow.
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warmer up to 63 and beautiful day coming up and southwest wind 14-28 and temperature rise 36 at 7 a.m. and near 60 during lunch and 5:00, 0 degrees. it will be a windy afternoon and that's a key component that will be warming us up. we will drop to 50 tomorrow night and holding steady 50 here on surrenders. isolated lake-effect showers. i don't think it will be a lot of rain. certainly not enough for an alert. temperatures going back down. saturday a little cool but the sun will break out again, 48 the high and saturday night 34. and sunday not too shabby, 55. a dry stretch of weather here. tomorrow right through first half of next week.
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talking about temperatures back up to 60 or better. mark, back to you. >> thank you. if you live or work in downtown cleveland you now have quick access to health care. cleveland clinic opened an express care location in the huntington bank building in 315 euclid. you can walk in. no appointment needed and treated from flu to ear or sinus infections and minor bumps and cuts and staffed practitioners and physician assistance. the cleveland clinic has some health tips for our new president. it is one of the most stressful jobs imaginable. president's aides, two years for everyone year in life for office. i think it is 3-1. the keep to keep aging under control manage lifestyle habits and stress. >> walking 30 minutes a day. avoiding more than two drinks at a time. more than one drink for women.
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doing meditation, five minutes morning and night doing those lengthens it and it decreases your risk of chronic disease over a 28 year period by 80 to 90%. >> doctors say presidents also should have a core group of friends and family to share their problems and talk to. make sure they've got security clearance would be the best call at that point. >> trending today, a social media >> election drinks special ok, anyone like coming in first place... in everything that matters?
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>> romona: we've got some breaking news out of austin, texas we have been watching. about 150 anti-trump protestors are there right now protesting of course the election results last night with donald trump
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the kids are holding signs and chanting that donald trump is not their president. we have seen similar protests. >> it popped up throughout the corrupts in berkeley earlier today and another planned for new york city most likely ending up at trump tower. >> mark: this election drove some people to drink. at least cocktails anyway. >> roma: stayed up to watch the results caused an international incident of sorts. >> mark: as numbers came dwindling in early this morning it was clear donald trump won the presidency. canada's immigration web site crashed and twitter like americans thinking they went and crashed canada's immigration web site and when in reality we took it off line to keep the crazies
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profile pictures to plain black. twitter says more than 75 million election tweets were sent by 3:00 a.m. election comments generated more than 716 million likes on facebook and google says president-elect donald trump also won when it comes to candidates. more people searched for information on the republican candidate than democrat hillary clinton >> 716 million likes will get you. >> the election stress may be over and some wanted a drink over. this is the trump-teen e gold vodka and very muth. the hillarita. delivered in a mason jar by your own private server. >> too much for me.
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little ones. how to talk to them about the
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>> mark: our top stories today president barack obama is instructing his team to make sure there's a peaceful transfer of power to donald trump. >> and in the white house rose garden following trump's upset victory in election. >> hillary clinton says they are more deeply divided than we thought and urging supporters to accept the outcome of the presidential election. investigators continue to search for a missing 24-year-old lakewood mother. new information shows roaa al dhannoon could be in michigan last seen at her apartment in lakewood on october 16th. >> romona: now we will go to some more breaking news this
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where we understand a large number of kids have walked out of class there. they pulled out on that shot. when zoomed in you could see a large group of kids who walked out in class in protest of donald trump winning the election last month. >> phoenix, ut and berkeley and new york later, it looks like this evening. >> we will keep an eye on this throughout the afternoon and evening. >> you live. your cleveland 19 news first alert forecast. pinpointing temperatures in the akron area cuyahoga falls 6:00 mid-40s and 44. wind will diminish. that's good news. 8:00 tonight and still 45 or so. we will start dropping after that. 43 cuyahoga falls at 10:00 and by 1 a.m. there you see we are slipping into the upper 30s. just a little cooler than normal
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right now. 45 in norwalk. most spots in the 40s and 50 in lakewood. the brisk north wind creating wave action on lake erie. and the wind will diminish this evening on the cleveland 19 first alert weather app. you can check out the hourly readings and the rain threat for the most part is over. 10:00, 41 cleveland and overnight we, too will be dropping in the about 37 early tomorrow morning in the cleveland area. we will be clearing tonight. it will be on the cool side. and all of a sudden much warmer tomorrow. what a day. lots of sunshine. we will be back up above 60 only to drop again in temperature on veteran's day. it will be windy as well. no alerts coming up the next 7. how warm tomorrow? how about 63 in cleveland with a
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afternoon. there you see with the 63 going 38 at 8:00 a.m., low 60s late day tomorrow. planning forecast in a bit. mark? >> jeff, thanks. what exactly does president touch mean for your wallet, dan? >> using "usa today" who got chief economists today to try to take a look exactly, these are predictors what trump said on the campaignra on his policy and what we are likely to see in the coming months and first with federal minimum wage and what donald trump was saying and may take it up to $10 an hour to 10.75 or may leave it up to the states. that's more likely to happen. >> when it comes to taxes he wants to reduce marginal tax rates and wants to repeal personal exemptions and cut
4:35 pm
the highest will come to the richest in the country. when it comes to student loans, a lot will have this. he wants to cap repayments at 12 1/2%. >> if somebody is making $100,000 a year they only have to pay 12,500 a year and 15 years after prepayments they can clear the debt. when it comes to the family medical leave act he wants to guarantee six weeks of paid maternity leave with of $300 a week and not for adopted parents or other adopted caregivers. some things to affect your income in the coming years. romona? >> you tell your kids don't be a bully. you tell your kids don't be a bigot. you tell your kids to do their homework and be prepared and you have this outcome and you have people putting children to bed tonight. they are afraid of breakfast.
4:36 pm
i have muslim friends texting me tonight saying should i leave the country? >> i have families of immigrants that are terrified tonight. >> this was many things. this was a rebellion against the elites. true. it was a complete reinvention of politics and polls it is true. >> it is something else. we have talked about race and everything but race tonight and and region and we have not talked about race. this was a white lash. >> romona: cnn commentator van jones comments about the election results going viral today. >> many adults feels like van jones after this highly intense election. >> how do you talk to the kids about the results. >> and joining us to help
4:37 pm
thank you for joining us. how young or how old, i guess they should say before a child is involved in talking about politics. it would depend on the race itself a little bit. >> well, i think talking to kids about sex. you answer the question-and-answer it honestly and succinctly to understand it. >> if you are seeing things on facebook or signs are assaulting or racist or sexist or misogynist you can have that conversation with your child and can you talk about how speech is not as free as people like to believe. you do hurt people when you use ugly speech. >> i was sharing this with mark earleyer today. i received a text earlier from a child and concerned she might have to leave the country.
4:38 pm
overheard her parents talking jokingly moving to another country. i am sure it is safe to say make sure you your children don't overhear you joking about moving they take it as gospel and believe this. >> yes. you are the parent and assume if you say it it is the gospel. answer the questions. life goes on. remember, this country is going through many, we have had revolutionary wars. if this country lost the war of 1812 you and i would be part of canada and people looking like me black and women and not allowed to vote. in the beginning i was counted as 3/5 of a person in the census. we have gone through a lot in this country. remember this year 2015, the first woman to make a four-star
4:39 pm
president of xerox is a black woman. the president of pepsico is an indian woman. you have to remember those things. i understand a lot of people are caught up in a lot of the rhetoric going on now. keep your head above water. don't let all of this drown you. >> doctor, thank you for your good words there and thank you for taking the time with us. we appreciate it. >> new england patriots coach bill belichick is clarifying his relationship with donald we take time out and talk about that. >> smart phone screens and your sleep. a new study has the health risks. >> there's a peek outside now 77 in and out of the city looks like everybody is moving fine. it is dry out there.
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>> mark: welcome. smart phones play a role in every day lives of time you spend on your phones could affect the quality of your sleep. chris martinez explains. >> reporter: like many of us jenna can't go long without staring at her smart phone. she checks her apps once every couple of minutes. >> i think if i were to take an intentional cell phone fast i don't think it would last that long. i think it is a habit. >> reporter: a new study suggests that habit could affect
4:43 pm
tracking how much time they spent on smart phones and sleeping habits over a month. they found extended screen time was linked with poor sleep quality and used smart phones before going to bed. sleep doctors say that may be for reasons. >> maybe if you don't sleep well you look at your phone more often. the only alternative is that phone exposes you to blue light. blue light is alerting your sleep throughout the rest of the night. >> doctors say getting enough quality sleep is critical for your physical and mental health. poor sleep is linked to diabetes and depression. >> jenna says her smart phone habits have thrown off her regular bedtime. >> i go to bed later because of my cell phone. >> reporter: doctors say trading the book for a smart phone could
4:44 pm
rest. chris martinez cbs news, los angeles. >> mark: patients who took part installed an app that recorded the amount of time their screens were actually turned on. >> now for a quick time out with romona and tony. >> romona: all right, we are talking about our president-elect in sports. something between him and belichick? >> mark: yeah, belichick wrote him a note and apparently they have known each other awhile and made waves in the football and pro coming out with trump reads letter allegedly from belichick and disbelief that the new england patriots coach supported him. he was asked about it, i believe yesterday or today. i believe it was today since the election went down last night. it was amusing to listen to bill. >> i have received a number of inquiries relative to a note i
4:45 pm
our friendship goes back many years. i think anybody that spent more than five minutes with me knows i am not a political person. my comments are not politically motivated. i have a friendship and loyalty to donald. >> mark: he went on to say i am also friends with john kerry who was at our facility before. both sides of the aisle here. every time he was asked about it he cut the seattle. seattle. >> they play seahawks. we are onto cincinnati. seattle, seattle. >> romona: that's belichick for you. >> yes. >> i was knee deep in everything election last night and didn't see the cavs lost their first game. >> if cavaliers lose the game, nobody is around to watch it. >> that's what happened last night. they lost to the atlanta hawks. it is a weird game.
4:46 pm
downtown and less than 30%, 26%, something like that. >> they were down at 15. every time they got down big they rallied to a couple and couldn't win it. >> here's an idea. what i took from this is a quote from kent. he said something like these guys have beaten us up so many times and one of the biggest wins for me since i have been here. >> for cleveland it was game 7 of the how often have we been that other team when you beat the champ. this is the biggest regular season in the world. we are on the other end of it. and fans. yeah. >> that doesn't mean anything. >> it is kind of cool to see everybody elevate the cavs to that level beating them. >> they all want to beat us. >> mark: headline stuff. >> romona: we will go back over to mark. >> mark: thank you. the mannequin challenge keeps going and going.
4:47 pm
team to do during practice. >> that is amazing. it takes holy cow. takes a lot of strength to hold those positions. of course romona and i tried it monday, the very first live version and not with the acrobatics. >> look at that. >> the blazer over the shoulder look. >> very nice. is that blue steel? >> deroos called him a j.c. facebook? >> yes. >> and you had your trusted coffee. >> yes. >> we have a lot coming up at 5:00. another armed robbery near the case campus in cleveland. this is the 8th in the past two weeks. we are getting answers for concerned students there and people who visit the area. plus president-elect donald trump is tough for people to say those words.
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disappointment for voters. a new study on your memory. it pretty much confirms what a lot of women already believe. hint, hint. chris and i will see you at 5:00. get breaking news and
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will your business be ready when growth presents itself? american express open cards can help you take on a new job, or fill a big order or expand your office and take on whatever comes next. find out how american express cards and services
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>> jeff: feazel roof cam. we are cloudy for the time being. as we go on through the evening i think the clouds will brake up. it will be a calm night. it is a chilly night as the wind dies down. we will probably develop some areas of frost away from the lakeshore city limits overnight. but look at the warm up tomorrow after a cool start. 63 the high. it will be windy in the afternoon. lots of sunshine and beautiful
4:52 pm
front crossing early friday on veteran's day. not much to it. isolated showers and a lot of cloud cover and more wind with it. friday night football will be rather chilly as well dropping in the 30s. sunshine on saturday, 48 and back up to 55 op sunday. monday next week 53. no shots of any real cold and no er pretty dry stretch. >> mark: impressionive. >> romona: coming up at 4:00, election night had one of the newly elected president's kids all tuckered out. find out which one was getting
4:53 pm
4:54 pm
>> mark: it's time for a little useless trivia with me, mark nolan. hey, romona. >> hi, mark. >> the average job or employment position lasts how many years? >> romona: four? >> mark: you were close. four and a half. >> romona: thank you. nice work.
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4:56 pm
welcome. finally at 4:00, a young baron trump might want to get power naps. >> he is one of the first kids. the 10-year-old is going viral and could barely stay awake during his dad's victory speech. twitter loved it. he was caught accidentally nodding off as donald trump stood at the podium. >> mark: it was a long day and get some rest, young man. >> he is a good looking young man. coming up next at 5:00 on cleveland 19 news, a major investment by general motors. it comes with a big cost to a local plant. hundreds of jobs may be
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cleveland 19 news sponsored by difficult dorty kia and kia streetsboro. kia, what's in your driveway? asking questions, getting answers, cleveland 19 news starts now. >> working together. we will begin the urgent task of rebuilding our nation and renewing the american dream. >> chris: the day after his president-elect donald trump making pledges to the public celebrating and reeling from his shocking win. more on that in a moment. we begin with a growing crime spree in cleveland. >> denise: that's right. it is sparking fear for students at case western university. harry boomer is live in cleveland with this important alert. harry? i'm on juniper street. students at case are learning a
5:00 pm
nobody is exempt. >> we get e-mails every time. taylor black is a student at case western university and knows about the recent rash of robberies happening on or near camp us and in fact, he shows us the e-mail alert he received about a robbery that happened at 8:00 this morning. >> more violence is happening around you and a better chance of being caught up in it. >> are you taking any special precautions, walking in pairs, not having the ear buds in? >> at night. i won't listen to music and i go places with people generally during the day. i am less concerned. >> he has at least 7 good reasons to be concerned. there have been that many armed robberies in case's campus since october 28th. the first happened at 12:15 in the morning. two students were on east 115th street and they were


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