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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 4PM  CBS  November 18, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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. cleveland 19 news sponsored by value city furniture, bringing you styles that fit your life with styles that fit your budget the. bring the day out with your family or dog while you this by the end of the weekend. snowfall by saturday night. >> romona: if you thought you were going to escape the snowflakes until december, you were wrong. jeff, the east side where i live will probably bear the brunt, right? but everyone will get a little? >> jeff: everyone is going to get something. but, yes, the higher terrain areas, i cannot stress this enough. inland, okay, it's not right up against the lakeshore. you probably won't see much at all. it's going to be inland in the higher hills.
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coming up. everything coming together so far the way we thought. the record breaking highs across the board today in the 70s. you just saw those pictures there. people out in shorts. but here is the front. it's now moving through chicago. we have some pretty good storms out there. in fact, even a threat of some severe weather. but we're not expecting severe storms with this. front comes through early in the morning for us. we're going to get some rain. and then as is gets colder through the day tomorrow, that will switch over to a winter mix. but then it's snow saturday night and sunday where we could be looking at several inches of accumulation in the higher terrain areas. like i said, mainly east of cleveland. wind gusts up to 50 as all of this happens. and, yep, first accumulations of the season coming up here. 71 akron-canton. look at downtown cleveland. 73. bye bye to that. forecast details throughout the weekend. the important details coming up.
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remember to download the cleveland 21 first alert active map. you can get hour-by-hour forecasts and check conditions for your neighborhood. a parenting alert now at 4:00. elevated lead levels at school district fountains. >> mark: harry boomer joins us now live from one of the schools that had extremely high levels. >> reporter: well, guys, i'm standing outside an elementary school on the weste. school. when the water was tested here back in the summer, a whopping 4,480 parts per billion of lead was found in this water. >> that's a very high level. >> reporter: jos? ramos has a son who attends wilbur wright elementary school. no parent wants to hear that the water at their child's school had lead in it. when wilbur wright elementary was tested over the summer, it had 4,480 parts per billion of
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agency says 15 parts per billion or less is the standard. >> he's in first grade this year. >> reporter: christina's grandson also attends wilbur wright. >> i'm sure he drinks that water. we never was informed they had lead. i'm going to let my daughter know so he can be tested. >> that's terrible. don't like that. i'm glad i came today to know that so i could let her mother know that. ca that can affect all of these kids. >> reporter: vernal is the principal on the city's west side. >> i'm very comfortable with what the district has done in regards to being proactive. >> reporter: they did over 5,000 tests of water samples. 580 of them had elevated levels of lead. the district flushed the systems of 69 schools and replaced faucets and fountains.
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fountains and brought in bottled water. >> i don't want the parents to panic. we're fine, their children are fine. we have good drinking water. >> reporter: cmsd tested the water here over the summer without being told to after the flint, michigan debacle. lead is bad because low levels of the element in the blood can lower a child's iq and the ability to pay attention. now, more from the district at 6:00 where we'll put more on the lead problem in the live outside the elementary school getting answers, harry boomer, cleveland 19. >> mark: harry, thank you. the cleveland school district isn't the only school district revealing lead concerns. berea schools has also revealed there's high levels of laeds in a couple of schools. dani carlson is getting answers as we continue to investigate. >> dani: we had one home that tested positive of laeds and two
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through documents, at least two schools in berea exceeded acceptable levels of lead in their drinking water. now, berea schools had water tested in all of its buildings in september of 2016 by an environmental analysis and management company out of mentor. we reviewed the test results and found two schools had higher than normal lead levels. at middle brook education center, a staff lunchroom sink, sink in two classrooms and a pre-school area sink. that by the district at this time. at berea mid park high school, a music hall water fountain on the school's second floor and a secondary water fountain on the same floor. the testing company recommended these fountains should be taken out of service. the testing company recommended that the fountains should be taken out of service and the school district exchanged the fixtures. now, our exclusive investigation into the berea water system continues coming up tonight at
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cleveland's police union president is now dealing with another issue. >> romona: the cleveland community police commission is asking that he voluntarily resign or be removed from the commission. you'll remember it was formed as part of a consent decree for police reform. the cpc says he consistently misses meetings and they say "we believe it is in the best interest of the cpc and the cppa to have a union representative actively present meetings, respectfully voicing cppa interests and concerns". we told you yesterday loomis is serving a six day suspension after an altercation with another officer. that man shares a child with loomis's daughter. internal affairs is also investigating him for wearing a police officer to an akron donald trump rally. president-elect donald trump has made his first cabinet level decision and he's picked two
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administration. as he focuses on security at home and abroad. today president-elect announced that alabama senator jeff sessions as his first cabinet pick to be attorney general. mr. trump also tapped congressman mike pompeii of kansas as cia director and retired michael flynn for national security advisor. >> we've got a great number of men and women with great serve this new administration. >> romona: president-elect trump will meet with former gop presidential nominee mitt romney on saturday. the meeting is informational. and there is an anti-trump rally, a protest set for 5:00 p.m. in public square here in cleveland. we're hearing that there could be more than 700 people said they would be there. we'll be live there starting at about 5:00. still to come here at 4:00.
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. live from cleveland's news center, driven by don joseph toyota in kent. this is cleveland 19 news. >> romona: cleveland division of police need your help. they want anyone who saw that fatal pedestrian accident on i-90 eastbound yesterday to call
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investigators think the person in this video or photo may have seen what happened. police say andrew shubik's vehicle broke down along the left berm. he tried to cross the highway and fell. the driver tried to stop but couldn't. no one else was hurt. and we have to warn you some viewers may find this next story disturbing. a man went on facebook live after he found two men who had overdosed on heroin. denise dufala has video. >> denise: this is so tough to see. it happened in sandusky. in a mcdonald's parking lot. two people pulling into the restaurant noticed the car with one man passed out in the front seat and another man out cold on the ground next to the back door. >> somebody call 911. >> is he breathing? . >> he's breathing. i don't know about this guy. >> what did you guys take? what did you take? >> heroin. >> heroin. we need to know so we can save
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>> denise: another woman on the scene said she was a nurse and she managed to wake up the man in the car. paramedics gave him narcan and rushed both men to the emergency room. earlier this week, we told you how sandusky's police chief took to social media in hopes of at least slowing down the epidemic of drug overdoses and deaths in his town. more than 20 ods in the past two weeks and four people died. now, police tell us a lot of times users thi heroin but it's actually fentanyl. and even though first responders use narcan, they can't always save these drug users. mark and ramona. >> mark: okay, denise. thank you. one cleveland clinic doctor believes it's up to doctors to slow the overuse and abuse of opioids by not prescribing them. >> romona: cleveland 19 lacy crisp is giving his plans. >> reporter: more people in the
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overuse and abuse than in car accidents. that's a statistic dr. ed benzel hopes doesn't continue. >> he says many people get hooked on the painkillers after surgery and then become dependent on them. he argues doctors need to start rethinking prescribing the p powerful meds and understand the roll they play. >> i think they play a huge role. i hate to disagree with many o my colleagues in all aspects of medicine. but i think we overprescribe the opioids. i think we overoperate on patients who don't need surgery. and i think this is a huge problem. >> reporter: and dr. benzel is working on a new program called back on track that moves patients from painkillers to physical therapy. we'll have more on that program at 6:00. getting answers, lacy crisp, cleveland 19 news. >> mark: lacy, thank you. and cleveland 19 news wants
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heroin abuse. if you think someone you know is struggling with heroin and opioid addiction, click on and the health tab for more information. pinpointing the weather where you live. now your cleveland 19 first alert forecast. >> all right. well, we're really going to pinpoint exactly who is going to get what here coming up. but look at where the front is. here we are at 73. it's crossing chicago right now. and, oops, 41 cedar rapids and they're getting conditions right now in minnesota. so that -- this is a pretty powerful system. and the front associated with it, there you go, that's what is going to be passing through tomorrow morning. we're still dry and very warm tonight. here is 7:00. look at this. we're still in the 60s in a lot of cases. same deal here. by 1:00 a.m., 62 downtown cleveland. but the front is going to get in here between 4:00 and 6:00 a.m., i think.
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some showers, most likely no thunder. we quickly drop into the upper 40s and then continue to drop from there. you can see 10:00 a.m. right around 40. and even slipping into the 30s by late day. and with that second wave of precipitation, this is going to be in the form of a winter mix. rain, sleet and snow and as all of this happens, it's going to be a very windy day as the coldest air of the season comes in. all right. here is tomorrow night. and this is get interesting. damaging wind threat and lake-effect snow that could be heavy at times. south and east of cleveland i'm forecasting several inches of accumulation here and very heavy snow totals in northwest pennsylvania. you can see this is sunday morning during the browns game. it's going to be windy. we're going to have snow showers flying here downtown cleveland. you have to bundle up as if it was like a january game. because wind chills are going to
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here is my snow forecast. saturday night in the hills geauga county, northern portage county. 4 to 8 inches of heavy, wet snow. 1 to 4 inches outside of that. that's just saturday night. we'll get additional snowfall on sunday as well. we'll drop down to 48. but not until morning. increasing clouds. windy and very warm tonight. akron-canton you are clear and 47. we fall through the 40s tomorrow. a winter mix. winds gusting up to 40 miles per hour. 48 at 7:00 a.m. 40 at noon with that winter mix developing. and 5:00 as well down to 38. lake-effect snow and very windy tomorrow night with wind gusts up to 50. sunday snow showers and wind. 33 only for the high.
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it's done by monday. mostly cloudy windy but still cold. 38. 45 on tuesday. mostly cloudy. and that's rain on wednesday into thanksgiving. could see some scattered showers there. thanksgiving looks a little chilly and damp. all right. i want to talk about first alert mobile right here. one cool feature. if you click on the daily -- and, by the way, go to your app store. search cleveland 19. this is a free download. if you click on this right here, we pinned it to the day. you getha information i just talked about on our -- in the newscast right here about that snow potential saturday night. but it's beautiful right now. we're going to go down to fairlawn where my colleague beth mccloud -- beth, get ready to track the snow over the weekend as you know. right now you're giving away turkeys. take it away. >> reporter: jeff, really? you have to ruin this beautiful day with snow? it's not on me, my friend. at least not yet. it's gorgeous down here, like
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market street. we're handing out turkeys. the brain child behind this whole turkey give away. a thousand turkeys is what we'll be giving away. rob, a couple years now, four or five years we've been doing this how long? >> this is our fourth year. >> reporter: are you always amazed at how big the need is? >> it keeps growing every year. we have some people that show you this is the need that this community has and we're giving back to them. >> reporter: so we're looking for cans or coats and you get a turkey in return. why? peoplen' just a couple cans of food. it seems like something is going on. explain that. >> no. we're just giving the canned goods out to the akron-canton regional food bank and the coats are going to the salvation army. gently used coats. giving that away. that supply is for the donation and we turn around and donate the turkeys to everyone who drops off any goods. >> reporter: if people were lined upstarting at 2:00 this afternoon, 2:00. same guy has been the first in line every single year.
4:19 pm
market street is. >> right now they're all backed up all the way to 77. it's an entire gridlock. >> reporter: that makes you feel good, though, doesn't it? >> it does. to know we're helping this many people. >> reporter: so russ is here from the city council of akron. you don't mind this kind of back up in your city, do you? >> not at all. these are good problems to have. we're proud to have kisling, nestico and redding here. it's a win-win for everyone. so we can delay the traffic one day. >> reporter: but it's not too late. you can come on out. we are here u did you bring jurado nation this year? >> i did. and i've already given it and i'm going to stay around here and watch us for a while and see what happens. >> reporter: yes. the police don't seem to mind this kind of backup. ramona and mark, it's beautiful out here. let me just tell you, still plenty of time for people to come get in line. grab canned goods, a gently used coat and you can get a turkey. can't beat that. >> romona: sure.
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do you hear that? it's beginning to look a lot like christmas. >> mark: it's looking like it. and it sounds like it too. >> romona: yes. i hear the music. >> mark: i think it's coming from back there. >> romona: back there. >> mark: i want to go see. because i would like to know. all right. let's take a look. here you go. oh. i think this happened last year. okay. yes. okay. we're at magic 105.7 which kind of makes i know -- okay. they're all setting up with holiday -- let me see. i'm sure that -- i remember last year something -- oh, boy. was i supposed to -- am i supposed to know. was that santa? i don't know. there's no way. it wasn't santa at all. it was action jackson. how are you, young man? what is it cleveland? greatest holiday hits. is that what is happening right now? >> yes. we're getting everything ready. kind of like last year.
4:21 pm
ben crosby and natt king cole. >> mark: that's wonderful. >> christmas music all the way until december 25th. >> hey, ramona. how are you doing. [ laughing ] >> mark: perfect. all right. there you go. oh, buddy, the giant 6 foot 8 elf is here with us too. how is it going? >> good. >> mark: what's going on? >> it's christmas time. we're here. >> mark: yes. excellent. >> i got something. it's a snowflake. will you give it to ramona for >> sure. a golden snowflake. i i'll go ahead and pop this in here. we have to get back to the station. i knew the music was coming from somewhere. here we go. hey, it's joe, everybody. all right. here we go. [ laughing ] >> mark: how did you do that? >> romona: how did you do that, mark? >> mark: holy cow. i think i lost a couple of pounds back in there. >> romona: well played. >> mark: i should get you that. i have a golden snowflake. >> romona: thank you. this is so beautiful. i'm going to put it on my tree. thank you.
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>> mark: yes. >> romona: very nice. >> mark: nothing but holiday hits. >> romona: look at you and your tricks. trending today, a heart tugging white house visit. and kanye causes controversy yet again with his latest
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. welcome back. kanye west leaving many scratching their heads. a president meets a little guy wise beyond his years. but first. >> i voted on trump. >> romona: hip-hop superstar kanye west latest stream of consciousness at his show earlier this week is trending now. the politically charged rant made for some aggravated fans
4:26 pm
west also said we are in a racist country. however, talking about racism was a distraction and that no presidential candidate was going to change that. now this. you remember the 6-year-old boy who wrote a touching letter? >> mark: young alex like the rest of the world was moved after he saw this photo. well, alex's letter to the president was shared over and over again online in september and inspired the president to quote himin leader summit on refugees. well, alex got a chance to meet the president. check it out. >> i heard what you said. you being so nice and kind hopefully makes other people think the same way. i was very proud of you. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. >> mark: so the instagram that the white house posted of the meeting has already been viewed a number of times. it's getting into the millions there. >> romona: that's a special young man there. >> mark: absolutely. great guy.
4:27 pm
still to come at 4:00. . >> you cannot arrest me until i know i have a warrant. >> mark: what came after this
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. welcome back. our top story today at 4:00. the cleveland metropolitan school district found that 9% of the district's drinking outlet contain elevated levels of lead. the results after cmsd did testing over the summer. the district taking immediate steps to remove or replace the drinking fountains throughout schools. water coolers for drinking will be supplied until that work is complete. a warning. this video may be disturbing to some. shocking video of two men who overdosed in the parking lot of a sandusky mcdonald's. this video was posted to facebook after they were found
4:31 pm
driver's seat. a nurse was able to wake him up. the other was found on the ground unresponsive. they were both given narcan and rushed to the hospital. an arizona police officer is on administrative leave after a disturbing video surfaced showing him punching a woman. >> mark: a flagstaff police say now the recording shows the officers striking the woman in the face as he tried to arrest her. the officer believed she had outstanding warrants. carter evans repos. know that i have a warrant. >> reporter: cell phone video captured wednesday shows flagstaff police officer jeff boner striking melissa morris outside of her boyfriend's home while attempting an arrest. >> hey. >> hey. >> you can't hit a girl like that. >> reporter: boner who has been with the department almost three years was assisting another officer with an eviction when he noticed morris on the property. >> you're going to get extra charges. >> no, i'm not.
4:32 pm
>> contain melissa for the investigation of warrants in place for her at that time. >> he yelled at me that i had a warrant and i said, no, i do not. and he just brutally attacked me pretty much. >> reporter: morris did hold two failure to appear warrants for dui and resisting arrest. but they were resolved before wednesday's incident. >> i don't care. >> i'm not going in any car. >> reporter: officer bonner was wearing a body camera but according to his own police report he turned it off before approaching morris the flagstaff community, the officer and the department a full and complete investigation. >> reporter: also in his report, morris appeared to be on a stimulant drug and resisted arrest, kneeing him in the groin and legs several times. in the report, bonner admits striking morris in the head several times. >> i know what happened because i have to live it every day. i have to feel it. it's pretty embarrassing
4:33 pm
>> reporter: carter evans, cbs news, los angeles. an angry rant at a starbucks is making the rounds on social media. a man claiming to be a trump supporter made abusive comments to an employee after his coffee took too long to arrive. >> you're trash. because i voted for trump. >> so what. >> trump. >> you lost. now give me my money back. what is your name? i want your name. i you're garbage. you're complete trash. >> romona: this happened in florida at a store near the university of miami. a customer started filming the whole thing on his cell phone. another customer finally stepped in telling the man to stop it and the two men almost came to blows before the angry customer stormed out. if you live in westlake, make sure you lock your car doors. if you park in your driveway. early this morning someone stole
4:34 pm
streets. mendelson, beethoven, brauns and queens court. he got away with everything from credit and gift cards to prescription medications. one suspect is believed to be about 5 foot 9 inches tall, 150 pounds wearing a cap with ear flaps and a hooded sweatshirt with a semi circular logo on the front of he was carrying a draw string bag. if you recognize him, call westlake police. well, jeff, snow is in the no forecast. we know that. we can enjoy this wonderful weather today for a little while. >> yes. even this evening. we have the playoff games going on. you may even want to have dinner outside tonight. that's just how warm it's going to be this evening. cleveland 19 first alert weather app interactive radar, severe weather alerts. when we get the alerts into the office, you'll get them on the app. and, again, we got these customized now video push alert capability on first alert mobile
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can highlight it and it's just the areas that i highlight that will get the alert. everybody else won't get it if you're not being affected. 73 at 5:00. look at that. 67 at 7:00 here. even at 1:00 a.m. we're going to be around 60. windy and very warm night. wow. unbelievable temps here. 73 in sandusky and in cleveland. a little cooler in strongsville there at 68. but 75 in euclid right w. breaking record highs as we expected across the board. very windy tomorrow. it's a winter mix. and then strong winds with snow showers that will set up saturday night and even during the browns game where i think several inches of accumulation could come down. not so much in downtown cleveland but away from the lakeshore in the higher terrain. wind gusts up to 50 tomorrow night. and many spots looking at the first accumulating snow of the
4:36 pm
tomorrow. look at those winds. southwest to west gusts to 40. and there you go. 45 at 11:00 a.m. 44 at 2:00. 40 at 5:00 with that winter mix. i'll update you on the rest of the weekend and how much snow we're going to get tomorrow night. that's straight ahead. mark. >> mark: jeff, thank you. we are less than a week away from thanksgiving. we're talking turkey. beth explains how you can get your turkey for free. hey, beth. >> reporter: yes. right off of market street at knr giving away a thousand turkeys for your donation of canned goods or gently used coats. first things first, caroline. what's our counter at. what's it at? >> 152. >> reporter: 152. the traffic is lined up. but we did the math. and over two and a half hours of giving out a thousand turkeys.
4:37 pm
we got a lot of turkeys to give away. you guys brought a donation. what did you bring? . >> the fire union and the fire association we brought about 20 cases of canned foods. >> reporter: that is really great. now, you guys didn't take turkeys, though, did you? >> no. no turkeys. it's just a lot of good people here. >> reporter: and you like to give back? >> absolutely. >> reporter: not that you don't give back every single day. we thank you for always protecting, which is great. aren't you amazed at how many people need this year? >> it's a big >> reporter: well, we're glad you're here too. we had to get them on because you never know when they can get called out. rob nestico, it's turkeys for donation. you have a big heart to do this. but why turkeys? why thanksgiving? >> thanksgiving is a time of year that you thank god for everything that you have and we thank god for everything that we have. so we're giving out and we're going to pay it forward. >> reporter: we still have almost 850 birds to give away. do you think we'll do it? >> oh, yes, we'll do it. >> reporter: what's your name?
4:38 pm
>> reporter: what did you donate? >> i brought food cans. cranberry, corn. and a few other things. >> reporter: and did we see -- did we see santa? santa is out here. it has to be the first mark. did you see santa? >> he seen santa. >> yes, he did. >> reporter: so it's a lot of fun out here. festivities. things going on. >> it's really fun out here. it's enjoyable. good things. great things. we appreciate that. thank you. >> reporter: yes. rob nestico, it's a great thing that you coming back up. but we'll chat with santa. we'll see what the biggest request is. i'll give you a tally. right off of market street. go ahead and jump in line. we're here until 6:30. >> romona: all of the generosity out there. >> mark: yes. love that. very good. it's time for timeout. i'm talking with mark schwab. we're going to talk about robert griffin 3 and j.r. smith. and who can do it better? and by it we mean multi-tasking.
4:39 pm
debate. oh, boy. >> romona: i know the answer. >> mark: uh-huh. there's a look outside right now. 77 in and out of the city. what a gorgeous day. everybody moving along just fine. >> first alert traffic on cleveland 19 news is sponsored by ford. i work 'round the clock. i want my blood sugar to stay in control. so i asked about tresiba?. ? tresiba? ready ? tresiba? is a once-daily, long-acting insulin that lasts even longer than 24 hours. i want to trim my a1c. ? tresiba? ready ? tresiba? provides powerful a1c reduction. releases slow and steady. works like your body's insulin.
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we are celebrating the cavs championship. we are getting the old stretch of road in his honor. renaming a part of breks field road. it will be called cavaliers way. it will be on monday afternoon at the corner of breksfield and rock side road. it will lead north to cleveland clinic courts where the cavs train. now for a quick timeout with ramona and tony. >> romona: i'm going to start robert griffin iii will practice next week. is -- it's hard to remember. is he still our starting quarterback? >> mark: it depends. that's a little bit of a gray area there. how gray? we don't really know. we don't know. and he's supposed to be practicing next week. still has to get cleared for contact. i guess that will come next week. but, you're right, once he's back and he's practicing, is he the starter? and here we go. are we back to the -- are we trying to win games? are we going to see what we have for the future when you talk
4:43 pm
i think -- if they had one or two wins already this year, maybe you just pull the plug. you play the kids. you can't go 0-16. if you think he can help you get a win, you play it. you can't do 0-16. they can't do it. just don't. >> romona: that's what i keep hoping. but i don't know. >> mark: just stop it. they've done a lot of dumb things. don't do that one. >> romona: okay. let's talk about something fun. >> mark: the cavs. [ laughing ] >> romona: yes. not fun for jr. i'm going over there toni >> mark: he might play. >> romona: he might. >> mark: he did go shoot around today. because of ankle.hree games - he is doing shut around. they're calling him game time decision. if he's doing shoot around, he'll still be okay. he's going to get out there on the court and do the pre court dribble around and put up shots. they are playing detroit. if you remember, they had a pretty good series with them in the playoffs.
4:44 pm
>> romona: exactly. [ laughing ] >> mark: they could use him. >> romona: all of these teams are really trying to beat the cavs. you notice how tough they're playing. >> mark: i think we talked about it once before. how cool is it that the cavs are the team -- that's their superbowl and the cavs it's like, na, it's just a game. >> romona: yet out of here. >> mark: it's november. it's just a game. >> romona: let's go over to mark. okay. this is kind of cool. a new app that will make nostalgia even easier during the hoys why everybody is talking about google scan. >> dan: yes. some of us remember when you had to go develop a picture. you took it with an actual camera. not with your phone. w well, now google has a great app that can scan those photos. it's called a photo scan. it's going to digitally take that picture and make it so you have access to it and post it. i'm going to take this photo of my lovely grandmother. we're going to show you how it works. you just hit scan.
4:45 pm
white dots. what it's actually doing is scanning the photo so that it gets rid of all of the glare and all of the other stuff. and then it takes the picture. here it is. you can even rotate it. i'm going to rotate. and now i've got it digitally on my phone. and i can post it. really cool app. i've tweeted about it on twitter. but you can also just pick it up. new from scan and it'- in the answer center, dan deroos, back to you guys. >> romona: cool. >> mark: i like that. >> anchor: it does look denise joins us. what's coming up? ni>> denise: coming up tonightt 5:00, you've seen the forecast from jeff i'm sure by now. now the shovels, the scrapers and snow blowers. cleveland 19 news is getting you ready for snow. plus no birthday gifts for a local 8-year-old boy. he told his parents he wanted something else instead. and we introduce you to this kid with a very generous heart. plus this is the day many people have been waiting for. fantastic beast is now playing
4:46 pm
preview. tiffani and i will see you at now on the cleveland 19 news app powered by the calvetta brothers floor show. it's time to fall
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. okay, guys. don't shoot the messenger. i can't say i didn't already know this. a recent study in human physiology found men require more brain power than women when multi-tasking. >> mark: that's the wrong message. >> romona: the findings say men suffer more on average. women were better able to tackle e-mails, phone calls and assignments while running in and out of meetings. we already knew this. right?
4:50 pm
this conversation. jeff. jiu- >> jeff: there you go. >> romona: you are better at weather. >> jeff: what task. our producer is a woman and she's like you have to do this. you have to do the feazel roof cam. you have to promote the weather app here. that's multi-tasking. so she assigns that to me. >> romona: yes. >> jeff: which she's very good at doing. [ laughing ] >> jeff: all right. here we go. feazel roof cam. what a night out there. weig official high. i'll get that in during the 5:00 hour. well, forget about that. tomorrow we fall through the 40s. and it's going to be a winter mix. very windy, in fact, throughout the weekend it's going to be very windy. the strongest winds saturday night. that's also when we're going to see the heaviest snow. saturday night could be tough go trying to get around especially in the snow belt and only 33 for the high on sunday. all right. higher terrain in the snow belt. notice this is away from the
4:51 pm
now, 8:00 would be the max. most areas in here will get about four inches, i think. perhaps up to 5 in the higher terrain. outside of that, this is 1:00 to 4:00 which does include cuyahoga county, lorraine county and also medina county here. you saw the 33 only on sunday. wind chills 20 or maybe even a little lower along the lakeshore during the browns game. windy on monday. mostly cloudy but cold. 38. snow will be over on monday. tuesdayos 45. and then we're talking rain. we warm back up to 50 on wednesday. showers. right now for turkey day, 44 on thanksgiving and scattered showers. it's also going to be pretty windy out there as well. mark. >> mark: all right, jeff, thank you. remember, download that cleveland 19 first alert mobile app. i did. you can watch the interactive radar. get hour-by-hour forecasts and even check customized conditions
4:52 pm
? so tell me how long ? ? how long it's going to take until you speak, baby ? >> mark: wow. >> romona: yes. >> mark: remember this guy. he went viral for singing a maxwell tune. well, tonight luke holiday is going to meet maxwell. the artist invited him to join him on stage at his show in detroit. >> romona: oh. i wish i could see that. >> mark: that's goin >> romona: on social media we probably will. >> mark: we'll see it as it happens most likely. >> romona: yes. here comes the bride. why this woman shows that love and happiness can be found at any age.
4:53 pm
4:54 pm
. it's time for a little useless trivia with me, mark nolan. it is friday, ramona. jo >> romona: yes, it is. >> mark: what percentage of women who say men over 40 who wear a baseball cap backwards look ridiculous? [ laughing ] >> romona: 60%. >> mark: you're close. it's 73%. [ bell ringing ] >> mark: i'm going to give it to you. >> romona: i'm just winning
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
. welcome back. we're told it's never too late to find love. >> romona: and this 80-year-old first time bride can testify to that. maria teresa kobar just got married. her groom is a spry 95-year-old carlos saures. they met a he moved in across her room at the nursing home. now the couple will move from their separate rooms into the center's honey moon suite. >> mark: there's a honeymoon suite. >> romona: yes, there is. >> mark: good for them. teacher's tirade. wait until you see this. an educator caught on camera being less than studious. what she said will leave you shaking your head.
4:57 pm
beth. >> reporter: so we're out here at kisling, nestico and redick right off of market street and i-77. we're giving away turkeys for
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
cleveland 19 news sponsored by bill dotty kia and kia, what's in your driveway? asking questions, getting answers, cleveland 19 news starts now. >> tiffani: it's the first snow of the season and in the upper midwest. the snow from northern minnesota. this winter storm is in effect and that cold and ice could head our way. >> denise: oh! >> tiffani: of course cleveland 19 news is getting you
5:00 pm
the temperature today was close to a record high. jeff tanchak has a first look at the forecast. you have been talking about this for days. who will get it? >> jeff: for one thing it will be lake-effect for us and we are not getting a system snow like the upper midwest. the cold is coming here. the rain will change over to snow eventually tomorrow. i am calling it a winter mix. massive cold front come through and we will see in temperature. wind gusts up to 50 miles an hour as this comes tomorrow night. we could be looking at damaging winds just from the system itself. can you see we are dry. we will stay that way most of the night. look at what's happening to the west. severe thunderstorm warnings in indiana. that's the strong cold front that's coming through. it won't be storms by the time that reaches us. but we will be getting rain


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