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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 5PM  CBS  November 18, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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the temperature today was close to a record high. jeff tanchak has a first look at the forecast. you have been talking about this for days. who will get it? >> jeff: for one thing it will be lake-effect for us and we are not getting a system snow like the upper midwest. the cold is coming here. the rain will change over to snow eventually tomorrow. i am calling it a winter mix. massive cold front come through and we will see in temperature. wind gusts up to 50 miles an hour as this comes tomorrow night. we could be looking at damaging winds just from the system itself. can you see we are dry. we will stay that way most of the night. look at what's happening to the west. severe thunderstorm warnings in indiana. that's the strong cold front that's coming through. it won't be storms by the time that reaches us. but we will be getting rain
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it will be very windy tomorrow. in fact, it will be that way throughout the weekend. winter mix tomorrow and then strong winds tomorrow night and that's also when the lake-effect snow will start to develop. 67 currently. akron-canton with that south wind at 14. look at downtown cleveland. that's the current temperature. 72 degrees. your out the door forecast at 70 next hour much more on the blast of winter coming our way this weekend straight ahead. tiffani? >> tiffani: well, the first snow of the season is in the forecast and people across the midwest are getting ready and maybe limited to snowbelt areas and it is also a good time for us to get ready for the winter, right? it is around the corner. check the snowmobiles salt scraper and hand warmers and you
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>> looks sturdy enough. >> looks sturdy enough. remember the slowdown and pay attention when you hit the road. when the snow starts to fly be cautious. make sure you are ready to handle the weather. >> put the phone down. remember the cleveland 19 first alert weather app. you can watch the weather and hour b cleveland 19 back out in berea today. we have been talking to people about the water woes and now it is leading to trouble with hot water heaters and other appliances. >> we have been there all week talking about the water issues in berea and paul orlousky has an update for us now. >> as my son calls it, acid. it ruins everything. >> reporter: donna has the same complaint as other people. the water ruining her
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water heaters. >> reporter: she says appliances, faucets and tanks top of the line. it is so corroded by water she doesn't dare use it. she sees it when the water flows from the sink. >> i have to undo the faucet and i have to clean out, there's a screen and i get rock substance and they say you have hard water. i say this is more than hard water. >> we heard the same thing from candy who uses an expen >> we have a moen and it is supposed to last six years and it lasts six months. >> and they warn not to give the water to their pets. >> we give the dogs their water. >> complaints about the water are no secret. donna says every time she makes a trip to the hardware store or talks to a plumber, the story is the same. >> i say i live in berea. they say oh, we have heard about berea water.
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i can understand why you are up there. >> as we have done with several residents we collected a sample and sent it for testing and results should be back next week. >> there has to be a solution to this. not at the cost of us homeowners. >> her bill is $200 a quarter. >> getting answers, paul orlousky. cleveland 19. >> tiffani: coming up at 6:00 on cleveland 19 news we have our hands on the water inspection reports from berea schools and dani carlson reveals what she uncovered. cleveland 1700 drinking water fountains and faucets this summer each testing for lead levels and results are now in. how many had elevated lead levels also coming up at 6:00. >> denise: a police-involved shooting overnight. officers shot a teenager at the illuminating company service center. this was on east 146th street. investigators tell us four teens were trying to steal scrap metal. one fired at officers as they
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an officer returned fire hitting the teen in i.t. shoulder. he is in stable condition at university hospitals. a rally is expected tonight in downtown cleveland. >> hundreds of people may be protesting president-elect donald trump. allison brunner is live downtown with the latest. allison, how are things going? people starting to show up now? >> i am here downtown cleveland public square where protestors are gathered. they are signing up right now. can you see they are out behind their signs, walk with me. they have signs and mega phone. live from beautiful downtown cleveland. we are here to say we are not going back. we're not going back. we're not going back. >> they have more signs. i also want you to see cleveland police are in full force behind me. police officers are out there on their bikes. i am told around 1,000 people are expected to be here tonight.
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speakers. at one point they will walk to cleveland state university and the protest will end here tonight at 11:00 here in the public square. we will continue to follow this protest and bring you the latest at 6:00. getting answers, allison brunner cleveland 19 news. >> tiffani: president-elect donald trump made hits first cabinet level decision. >> denise: he selected two more to serve in his administration and the focus is on security at home and abroad. kenneth craig with the >> reporter: vice president president-elect mike pence is thrilled with the team donald trump is building. >> welcome forward and serve this administration. >> friday the president-elect announced jeff sessions as his first pick to be attorney general l. trump tapped retired general michael flynn as his national security advisory and congressman mike pompeo of kansas to be the c.i.a. director.
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job looking for the best talent he can for his talent. >> reporter: after a week at trump tower, the president-elect is spending the weekend at the trump national golf club in new jersey continuing high-level meetings. mr. trump's first choices aren't without controversies. general flynn once referred to islam as a cancer and tweeted in february that fear of muslims is rational. and they blocked sessions from becoming a federal judge after allegedly made racist remarks, a claim he denies. a confirmation could be easier this time with senate majority leader mitch mcconnell announcing he strongly supports sessions to be the next attorney general. >> reporter: kenneth craig cbs news, new jersey. >> denise: president-elect trump meets with mitt romney tomorrow. the two were often at odds during the campaign. a rep for mr. trump says the meeting is informational. >> tiffani: we know the
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andrew shubic of ridgeville. his vehicle broke down and he tried to cross the highway and fell. the driver tried to stop and could not in time. no one else was hurt. police are looking for any possible witnesses. >> denise: police in westlake are looking for a prowler who operates at night. officers share this had surveillance video of the guy at work. he rummages doors and steals what ever he can. call the police if you maybe recognize that guy. cleveland 19 news is joining forces with kisling nestico and redick and giving away free turkeys. >> tiffani: we ask to you donate a new or gently used coat and nonperishable goods. beth mccleod is there. i know the weather is great for you today. >> reporter: let me tell you,
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the line is moving a little bit. look at the donations. look at the food we have collected at this point. this is macaroni and cheese and beef stew and chicken helper and spaghetti sauce and dan flowers is here with the akron-canton food bank. dan, does it warm your heart to see the donations? i am excited to take this to the akron-canton food bank to be sorted by a army of volunteers on to sort and give up their time a in good condition to distribute to people in need and distribute it to over 500 food kitchens and food pantries. it is for people struggling. it is a beautiful thing. >> reporter: you love the food donation. right now what you are looking for, year-round. >> sure. food and financial donations makes it happen. we are nonprofit and depend on donations and always holding our breath. the financial donations we
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akron-canton am helps. >> reporter: it came off a big semi. chuck, you are in charge of all the turkeys. how many turkeys are left in your truck? >> right now we have 300 left in the truck and probably 30 out here. >> the turkeys are going. but we always have a couple leftover. this is your brainchild. kisling nestico and redick off market road. thin give them a shout out to donate. >> come on down. there's a big need and we want to give out these turkeys and give out the full thousand turkeys. >> we don't need any leftovers. >> we like leftovers from thanksgiving but we don't need frozen turkeys. >> the need is really great. it warms our heart. we need more help. we need more support. >> we always need the support
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the community. >> it is getting bigger and bigger meaning there's more need for it. >> there's more need. this year it will be cold. everyone will need their coats. big turnout here. we go to 6:30 and need to get rid of all these turkeys market street at 77. traffic is still just a little backed up and it is worth your cause. they are looking for canned goods and coats, guys. the cars are all lined up. backyo we know cleveland will come and support us. it continues for 90 minutes or so. laura demaria was there at noon. beth will be there until 6:30 tonight and always people who come out and donate. that's what cleveland does. >> denise: generous hearts and so simple. you don't have to get out of the car. just give them the coat or canned goods and voil?. still ahead at 5:00, a young boy with a generous heart.
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live newscenter driven by don joseph toyota in kent, this is cleveland 19 news. >> denise: check this out. the first snow of the season in montana. several inches on the ground there. the ski resorts are very happy about this. there's snow in our forecast, too. nothing like that. jeff tanchak has an update in just a few minutes. now to a big hearted 8-year-old in summit county.
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toys for a school instead of birthday presents. shanice dunning has his generous donation. >> reporter:-year-old kyle is about to make a special delivery. >> it always brings tears to my eyes when an 8-year-old thinks of somebody beside himself. >> students in akron have no clue what this visitor brought to them. >> i have stuff and other people don't have a lot. i wanted to donate. >> reporter: m could think of endless possibilities for their birthday wish list. their son is different. >> what would you like? are there things you are looking to get? he pretty much shrugged his shoulders and said he is good. instead of receiving he told his parents he wants to give. at his birthday party he asked guests to bring playground toys, balls for soccer, football and basketball. >> what do you say to colin?
5:16 pm
mary teaches phys-ed. >> playground equipment gets warn out real fast. we will use it for that. >> the principal tells me even though the school has received donations before, they have never received donations like this and kids can stay active on the playground and colin is thinking about next year. >> what will you do for your birthday next year? >> donate again. >> reporter: shanice dunning, cleveland 19 news. >> tiffani: the soo it plans to use some of the toys to reward students who do well in class. >> denise: now a cleveland 19 news consumer alert tonight. this is a warning about your mortgage. the average 30-year fixed rate spiked to 3.94% close to the highest level all year. the fed is strongly hinting of an interest rate hike when it meets next month.
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power of x-ray vision. its new smart phone app lets users scan a barcode on the side of the box and the app shows you exactly what's inside the package. amazon will help keep your christmas gifts organized. >> tiffani: mcdonald's is making big changes. they are expanding to table service and touch screen ordering and mobile pay options. changes are in california, new york and florida and we will of course will let you know when it first alert traffic on cleveland 19 news is sponsored by ford. >> tiffani: tgif as people are traveling home getting supplies for the weekend. an accident cleared on summit on route 8. it has slowed traffic to portage trail. a delay of one minute and a broken down vehicle blocked westbound before west 28th street. as always, give yourself plenty
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>> denise: at least for tonight, the roads are clear right now, jeff. smooth sailing. >> jeff: beautiful night. it is rain in the morning. you will know when this front comes through. you will step outside and the wind will be whipping around especially on the lakeshore and that's where the strong winds will be. let me show you the cold front. we have thunderstorms and part of this system, we have all facets going blizzard-like conditions and parts of the upper midwest and minnesota seeing video of that. this is the cold front that's coming through. we are not getting a blizzard here. look at this. we have storms moving through indiana. we are mainly clear anyway. there's the heavy snow up there pushing to minneapolis and flight delays there and this evening. 71 cleveland and the front is
5:19 pm
the front is 59 and we will be warm this evening and 7:00 in the 60s. at 1:00 a.m., temperatures between 55 and 60. remember this is 1:00 in the morning. fast forward to 7:00 a.m. >> the front is moving through the area at this time. 7 a.m. with showers and then the wind really continues to pick up. notice how temperatures are dropping by 1 p.m. around 40. even in the 30s and by 4 p.m. tomorrow there's your winter mix setting up. tomorrow night is the best opportunity of snow. boy, strong northwest wind setting up moving over the warmer waters of the lake. especially inland. that's where we are looking at pretty good snowfall tomorrow night geauga and parts of portage county, trumbull.
5:20 pm
4:00 to 8:00 in ohio outside of the 1-4 inches of accumulation and this is a range. the majority of you guys in the darker purple in the-5-inch amount. we have more snow showers on the way sunday. it won't be as intense as what we will see tomorrow night. get recalled. all right. increasing clouds, warm and windy out there. by morning once the front passes we will drop down to 48 with the south to akron-canton clear sky and it will be a warm night for you. 47 by morning. then tomorrow, rain. we could get sleet in there and eventually snow showers. very windy. winds gusting up to 40 today and crashing through the 40s. 47 at 8 a.m. 456789 at 11:00 and 44 at 2:00 and there you go. by 8:00 p.m., 38. that's about the time
5:21 pm
tomorrow night very windy and lake-effect snow 31 and sunday for the browns game and only 33 for the high. snow showers flying and very windy. you are locking at wind chills sunday dropping in the teens at times. monday, though we dry out mostly cloudy windy and 38 and leftover snow showers east and i don't expect significant snowfall monday. tuesday mostly cloudy 45 alerts wednesday and thanksgiving for showers. windy weather on wednesday, 50 and 44 the expected high on thanksgiving. there you go, ladies. thank you, jeff. straight ahead on cleveland 19 news at 5:00 a hip-hop artist is performing in the cle. >> denise: a 60s music icon is playing northeast ohio.
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>> tiffani: it is your time for eye on entertainment and harlem globetrotters are coming to cleveland. >> denise: a major weekend for music lovers. two people are in northeast ohio. ? like a bridge over troubleed waters.? >> denise: art garfunkel is in northeast ohio performing at the hard rock rocksino. you can expect to hear old favorites here. plenty of seats door. >>. >> machine gun kelly plays cleveland performing at the house of blues sunday and monday night. a few tickets remain for the two shows. they added a show after christmas. >> what's up. >> we're back. >> i know. >> trying to get another record. harlem globetrotters are back with a new world tour and
5:26 pm
250 cities at the q in cleveland. it is the second stop. tuesday december 22 and one at 6:00 tickets are on sale right now. so much fun to watch. >> how do they do those tricks. >> i am always afraid to break a nail. >> coming up in the next half hour here. this is the day a lot of people are waiting for. fantastic beastla theaters. we have a behind-the-scenes
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>> denise: check out this video. the first snow of the season for colorado. at least inches on the ground in denver. there were reports of black ice on the roads this morning.
5:30 pm
long out there. the forecast calls for 67 and sunny by sunday. they're getting like a reverse of what we are having here. >> tiffani: i don't want to look at the colorado video. it could be coming a little bit. right, jeff? >> jeff: the cold for sure and we will get lake-effect. and the reverse is happening here. by the way, they say the same thing in colorado, wait five minutes and the weather will change. they say that everywhere. >> 71 in sandusky across cuyahoga county. we have 66 strongsville. 69 brecksville and lakeshore and warmer. 72 lakewood and euclid. cleveland 19 first alert weather app and i will demonstrate more about our weather app in a bit. you get the hourlies for your neighborhood and customize it to your location and obviously when you first download it, it is the best app in the area, i'm
5:31 pm
we will still be at 4:00 a.m., 54 and we have to wait for the front to come through when the big plunge will occur. very windy as all of this happens. especially later tomorrow. tomorrow night and sunday. it will be a winter mix. rain switching to sleet and snow and then it is all snow saturday night and sunday. we have the alert going obviously for the weekend. wind gusts up to 50. the stronge lakeshore and that in and of itself could cause a little damage. some power outages and perhaps some tree limbs down and forget about it. we have leaves blowing all over the place. if you have your christmas decorations up, make sure they tie them down as well. we fall to the 40s as well. we fall to the winter mix. 44 at 2:00 and 40 at 5:00 and
5:32 pm
akron-canton as we drop through the 40s there and then we've got the lake-effect snow in the forecast tomorrow night. now what i will do, got the tablet version of our app. let's take this. and that's cool. we do this video. >> especially you folks in the snowbelt and same graphics i use on air. they last 30 seconds what's cool, if you go to the daily, we pin it to the day. obviously saturday we have that highlighted. earlier this week with the app we had video clips pinned to that day right through the week. that's cool. when we have action going, we can actually highlight your area and just send you in that area. the video clip. >> tiffani: personalize it. >> jeff: very personalized. >> denise: cleveland 19 news
5:33 pm
nestico and redick and we are giving away 1,000 free turkeys. >> tiffani: all we ask is you to donate a new or gently used colt or canned goods. beth mccleod is giving away the turkeys. you have 600 turkeys you gave away, 700? >> you know what, the cars are lined up so far at this point and donations keep coming in. take a this is a coat mountain. a few minutes ago it was higher and we had an avalanche and sat down on the coats to smoosh it down a little bit. taking coats and cans and give you a turkey. becky is here with volunteers of america. does this warm your heart to see this good and giving? >> it does. even if it was warm outside today. people brought their jackets to
5:34 pm
come in and changes are coming in, do you see a uptick in the need or more people donating? >> in the summer people don't need shelters as much. now that it is cold shelters are warming up fast. >> we have a lot of them which is great. they clean them and categorize them. >> and the football coach is here. what a great group of guys you brought out with you. what do they get out of this experience of the canned goods. what do they get out of it. >> they give back to the community and play it forward and that's what we talk about in the football program and that's what their parents instilled in this. and knr gives them the platform. >> they do it every year. the minute you are winding down and line is long and they are doing so many good things for
5:35 pm
you a turkey update coming up. >> tiffani: thank you, beth. the holiday season is about here. that means sobriety checkpoints. summit and stark counties announced several checkpoints for next wednesday, the night before thanksgiving and that's traditionally a big night for drinking. >> mothers against drunk driving is out with its annual report card. >> denise: that's right. the group not shy when it comes to lax drunk driving laws. dan deroos has the grade for a national average. i want to show you where m.a.d.d. would like ohio to do better. we put this over the state of ohio and we get 3 of 5 stars. what they would really like to see, ohio does not have a law that says if you are busted for drunk driving you must give an interlocking device where you have to blow in the breathalyzer to start your car. what we don't is a law.
5:36 pm
least once a month in the state. automatic license revocation meaning you lose your license right away. we have stiffer penalties if a child is in the car. we don't have state laws on what to do if you refuse to take a sobriety test on the road. one of the worst states is our neighbor to the north. they only get one star on this map. they are pretty lax when it comes to a different area. they don't have sobriety checkpoints. the only area they get a star is enhanced penalties for child endangerment. important to look at this as a state and m.a.d.d. wants to get to lawmakers to see if it will be a stiffer penalty in ohio. >> getting answers, back to you. >> people need to use uber or taxi.
5:37 pm
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>> tiffani: might be a good weekend to go to the movies if it is cold outside. the movie opens in local theaters and talking about "fantastic beast" and where to find them.
5:40 pm
opens a whole new chapter in the wizardy story. >> reporter: the new harry potter spin off takes place decades before the boy wizard enters the scene. in "fantastic beast" and where to find them, the commander is the scattered brain hero. this story is set in new york. it stars oscar winner eddie reedman as commander and arrives >> at the beginning of the film he is not that necessarily easy and a prickely person and see his love and passion for the animals he has a great heart. >> people without magical powers when one accidentally releases the commander, the wizarding community is at risk. >> mr. english guy, your egg is hatching. >> colin farrell plays the
5:41 pm
security and it is his job to safeguard the wizarding world. >> they have withdrawn from society. at large, just things people shouldn't have to live in the shadows and be a shamed of a beautiful gift. as the wizards face the dark forces author j.k. rowling returns to the theme audiences learn to love and be true to yourself. sue los angeles. >> denise: we told you earlier how critics warn against inflated expectations and "fantastic beast" is a movie about wizards and magic and this is not part of the harry potter franchise and little pg 13 for a reason. it is not good for little kids. romona? >> romona: all right. coming up at 6:00 high levels of lead in the water and in cleveland school buildings. we are getting answers about what's being done.
5:42 pm
the cleveland police union. steve loomis is asked to resign from a commission he serves on.
5:43 pm
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all right for this story it is a doozy. a teacher fired for cursing and shouting a racial slur at some of her students. >> tiffani: one of the 8th graders records it on his cell phone. >> get out of my class. get students you are getting zeros for doing nothing and uses offensive language happening in a baltimore classroom. the teacher said she was just trying to restore order. >> the behavior in that video was not about a teacher trying to regain control of the class. the focus of our reaction was really about the way the teacher went about it and frankly, the way young people were treated
5:46 pm
>> tiffani: some parents say she was a good teacher and the district does not tolerate that kind of behavior. now local uber drivers violating company policy. >> denise: they are picking up passengers as young as 14. we are asking questions about why this is happening. carl monday and his team go undercover to get some answers. >> reporter: question, would you let your teenager in a car with a complete stranger? of course not. many kids are doing just that. >> it sometimes, you know, you are like i will give you a ride when you don't know that person. >> reporter: forget the car keys, need a ride, download the uber app. >> a lot of kids use it. >> a lot. >> uber's web site says service is not available if you are under age 18. bennett is 15. >> i go to my friends house or something or i want to go to the movies. >> call uber? >> yep.
5:47 pm
>> it hasn't stopped taylor from riding uber. >> i use it to go to concerts. >> taylor's parents know when they use uber. >> i think a lot of parents don't know. it is not like parents will check their phones to see if they have that app. >> uber does background checks using a private company and no background checks or fingerprinting by law enforcement. >> one thing background checks can't could behavior. >> no one could have predicted recent states where uber drivers are accused of kidnapping and sexual assault of teenage girls, 14-year-old trinity richey will stick to riding her bike. >> do you use uber. >> no. >> reporter: why not. >> because of rapists. it scares me. >> afraid who will pick you up. >> uber has a policy no riders under 18. uber tells us it is up to the drivers to enforce it. >> how well are they doing?
5:48 pm
a young teen gets in an uber car what should the driver ask. >> who they are and ask how old they are. >> robinson-carter is an uber driver and also a mom. with her permission, we hooked up 14-year-old daughter with a credit card and set up an uber account and requested a ride. >> how far is it away. >> it says 11 minutes away. >> a ford pick up pulls up. >> hello. >> how are you? >> i'm good. with a total stranger. we are right behind in our undercover van. my and my producer nearby. mom's heart is pounding. >> it really scared me. even though we were following her. she was in the car by herself with these people and i have no idea who these people are. >> four minutes into the ride, the male driver asked her. >> do you go to school this way? >> yeah. i go to shaker high school.
5:49 pm
the movies at shaker square where her ride is almost complete the driver comes close to asking her age. >> what grade are you? >> 8th grade. >> driver number 1 was friendly, courteous and never inappropriate and never asked the question, how old are you? >> how are you m uber man. we asked him why not. >> nobody told me that. >> nobody told you that? >> no. >> reporter: s pick up anyone under age 18? >> it is scary she is able to go anywhere and they didn't ask, hey, you are 14-years-old. >> number 2 didn't ask either when he picked her up at shaker square as she is dropped off at the library. >> we give driver number 2 a quick quiz. >> did you realize when you
5:50 pm
14? did you know that? >> no. i didn't realize that. >> is that part of your responsibility as a driver? >> we don't ask for i.d. or check for age when we pick up customers. >> reporter: it is getting dark. time for one last ride. >> six. >> hello. >> during the 15 minute ride home from the library uber driver number 3 admits she is not her first underage passenger. >> do you pick up my age? >> picked up to go to the movies. they were getting out of school. >> driver number 3 gets our teen home without incident and claims he knows nothing about uber's age restriction. >> they never told me anything about not being able to pick up anybody under 18. i have picked up people at high schools before. >> tamika has never picked up an underage passenger and as a mom,
5:51 pm
more than a closely monitored exercise to keep her young daughter and other teens safe. >> reporter: getting answers, carl monday, cleveland 19. >> denise: how about that. >> we provided an uber representative with a link to carl's story and asked for their reaction. we will let you know what they have to say as soon as we hear back. okay. let's focus on the weekend. a huge change and ourir snow. everybody excited about that. >> by the way, we hit 74 and busted the record high by 3 degrees. that doesn't happen often when you break a record that much. when you break a record by a degree, we shattered it today. we fall in the 40s. a winter mix and windy as all this happens. damaging winds and bringing down power lines.
5:52 pm
gets winter-like. lake-effect snow 4-8 inches tomorrow night. higher terrain east of cleveland geauga, portage, trumbull county and inland ashtabula county 1 to prepares 4 inches outside of that. >> snow showers, wind and bitter cold sunday for the browns game. 33 the high. wind chill 20 or even lower on sunday. by monday we dry out 45 on tuesday. wednesday, thanksgiving. we will dole with another system. this will slow down travel. showers and wind on wednesday. 50 and windy thanksgiving. a little cooler and scattered showers 44. denise. >> denise: still ahead at 5:00 a school custodian leaving a surprise for students.
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>> tiffani: the world's most famous mouse turned 80 today.
5:56 pm
disney is having parades and parties around the parks keep your eye for the new music video and tweet happy birthday mickey. >> denise: maybe mickey's image will be on the carpet at a school in new hampshire. the custodian likes to draw pictures on the rug using his vacuum cleaner. he has usually comes spur of the moment and students think it is cool and so do we. look at that. >> very creative with the vacuum. >> and they look forward to coming to school. >> quite the artist. >> you don't want to do that. >> coming up getting answers about the opioid crisis. are doctors to blame?
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cleveland 19 news sponsored by empire window company your local window, siding and door expert since 1960. live from cleveland's newscenter we're getting answers for you. cleveland 19 news starts now. >> mark: it is the big story. everyone is talking about. the weather. >> romona: we are going from warm to cold. jeff tanchak is tracking snow in your first alert forecast. >> jeff: just your more. that's what we will be seeing. 74 the high. i will show you the cold front. it is in indiana and severe storms there. >> we are not expecting severe storms but they have 70mile-an-hour winds with the line. wow. we will see some rain in the morning. that's the front. alerts throughout the weekend. wind gusts up to 50 miles an hour as all this happens.
6:00 pm
saturday night it will accumulate in the snowbelt. look how warm it is out there now. 69 cleveland and by 9:00, 63. and temperature drop not until tomorrow. check this out cleveland 19 news app. technology. we give you video updates for your area. and of course we have the radar. you can track the front and track the line now. it is a free download on your mobilizes. what i have here on the tablet. over to you. >> romona: we are getting answers about lead concerns and harry boomer reports they are replacing dozens of drinking fountains and faucets. >> that's a high level. >> jose ramos has a son who attends wilbur wright elementary school. no parent wants to hear that


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