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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 6PM  CBS  November 18, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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saturday night it will accumulate in the snowbelt. look how warm it is out there now. 69 cleveland and by 9:00, 63. and temperature drop not until tomorrow. check this out cleveland 19 news app. technology. we give you video updates for your area. and of course we have the radar. you can track the front and track the line now. it is a free download on your mobilizes. what i have here on the tablet. over to you. >> romona: we are getting answers about lead concerns and harry boomer reports they are replacing dozens of drinking fountains and faucets. >> that's a high level. >> jose ramos has a son who attends wilbur wright elementary school. no parent wants to hear that
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it. when wilbur wright was tested they had 4,480 parts per billion of lead. the environmental protection agency says 15 parts per billion or less is the standard. >> he is in the first grade this year. >> and tate's grandson also attends wilbur wright. >> he drinks the water and we were never informed there was lead in the water. so he could be tested >> that's terrible. i don't like that. i am glad i came to know that so i could let her mother know that because it is terrible. that can affect all the kids. >> findlay is principal at wilbur wright elementary school on the city's west side. >> i am comfortable with what the district has done with regards to being pro-active. >> when you do the fix, repair
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safely, it is the outlet. if it tests on the third time, if what you do on the outlet we know it is a piping issue and we will do more extensive repair. >> reporter: this water fountain is turned off and water made available. and they know parents shouldn't be concerned about lead. >> i don't want parents to panic. we are fine. their children are fine. we are getting good drinking water. >> reporter: getting answers harry boomer, cleveland 19 >> lead poisoning has no obvious symptoms. to be sure, the eppa says have a doctor do a simple blood test and it can result in behavior and learning problems, lower i.q., slow growthing hearing problems and anemia. >> mark: dani carlson joining us. we have uncovered high levels of lead in berea schools, right. >> reporter: this is going off paul orlousky's investigation.
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testing positive for lead and two others with high levels of iron and after digging through some documents at least two schools in berea exceeded acceptable amounts of lead in their drinking water. berea schools had water tested in all the buildings by environmental analysis and management out of mentor. we reviewed test results two schools had higher levels. middlebrook a staff lunch room sink, two classrooms and preschool area sink and that is not used by the district. berea mid park high school. the music hall water fountain on the second floor and secondary water fountain on the same floor. the testing company recommended these fountains should be taken out of service. >> the testing company recommend fountains be taken out of service and the school district exchanged those fixtures, mark. >> mark: this exclusive investigation continues tonight in the berea water system. thank you, dani. appreciate it. romona?
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protests since donald trump was elected president and tonight one in downtown cleveland. allison brunner is live to show us. allison? >> reporter: guys i am at cleveland downtown public square. you can see a crowd. dozens of protestors are gathered here. i am told more than 900 people are expected to be here tonight. the crowd is getting bigger by the hour. right now i want to catch up to speed on what they are doing. that are talking and doing cheers and chants andly about 30 minutes they will actually start walking. protesting to cleveland state university. they will walk back here to public square. i am told proceeds will wrap up around 11:00 tonight and i can tell you that our weather is certainly cooperating for the protests tonight in november. getting answers allison brunner
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alabama senator jeff sessions is president-elect donald trump's first cabinet pick serving as attorney general. mr. trump also tapped retired general michael flynn as his national security advisory and congressman mike pompeo of kansas to be the c.i.a. director. >> mark: an 18-year-old hospitalized after police shot him. firstenergy gave us this picture from before the shooting. a group trying to steal scrap metal on east cleveland. when officers arrived the 18-year-old fired shots and returned fire and hit his shoulder and two others are in custody as police look for another. investigators want to talk to this man about the deadly incident on i-90 near west 117th and may have witnessed what happened. andrew shubic of north ridgeville died. an rta bus hit him when he tried crossing the highway. today we are getting appears
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people's lives lost or ruined due to the opioid crisis. lacy crisp joins us and why doctors are partially to explain. >> reporter: dr. ed explains to me in the past year we have doubled the number of opioid deaths in cuyahoga county and he says doctors need to play a role in reversing the numbers. more people in the u.s. will die from opioid use than traffic accidents. that's a staggering statistic needs to turn around. >> from a social perspective and citizen of the united states this is a huge problem. >> reporter: he says doctors need to take a long hard look in the mirror and they play a role in the epidemic. >> they play a huge role. i hate to disagree with many of my colleagues and all aspects of med. if we overprescribe opiates and we overoperate on patients who don't need surgery.
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>> reporter: the doctor says it is too common for doctors to simply medicate instead of addressing problems of chronic pain. >> a gross misuse of drugs and opiates play a role for post operative pain and they play no role in my opinion in a chronic pain situation. so they are being misapply. >> the doctor is working on a program called back on track to help those who rely on opioids and with 50 patients enrolled. the doctor says patients use physical therapy and other methods instead of the pills. nearly 30,000 people in the u.s. died from opioids in 2014 which was the highest on record. more than half involved a prescription opioid. until doctors play a role in the solution, the problem will only continue to get worse.
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cleveland 19 news. >> mark: we want to help spot signs of opioid use. go to and click on your health tab. >> cleveland 19 news is teaming up with knr to give away 1,000 turkeys. beth mccleod joins us across summit mall at kisling nestico and redick. beth, do you have a lot of good stuff coming in. >> reporter: donations have been coming in. what did you >> three canned goods. >> canned goods are a good thing and colts and you are about to get your turkey. you are giving back to the community. we are giving you something. >> absolutely. it makes me feel wonderful. i can help someone else. >> i like your hat. >> thank you. >> let's get your turkey. come on, girls. he gets one turkey for his donation. it is heavy. come on. we'll help you. thank you very much. have a happy thanksgiving.
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brainchild. you have given away almost a thousand turkeys. how does it make you feel the outpour of support for your turkey give away? >> you know it is heartfelt. you look at these people and need a helping hand this time of year and we are thankful for their support and we will thank them back. >> you have talked about this before. it is thanksgiving and the family gets together and it means a lot to you. explain how you like to pass it forward. >> we like to pass it other families. i am blessed to have my family with me and they are helping out to give back to other families. >> reporter: really quickly. and salvation army, doesn't it warm your heart to see all these people turn out. >> we have not seen the weather yet but we will be prepared. >> reporter: it is nice today. i got the forecast right and it will be great. can you blame the snow on jeff. back to you guys. >> mark: i don't think it works like that. >> romona: they will help
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>> love it. >> up next, more issues from the police union president. why the commission is set up for police reform with steve loomis. a local alert from a city where we see clear surveillance video after a rash of car break-ins. jeff? >> beth gets to track snow squalls that's around. we are around 70. here is the colder air with the front. we are on s weekend. the up to date information when i come back. get breaking news and weather on the cleveland 19 news app powered by calvetta brothers floor show. it is time to fall
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live from cleveland's newscenter driven by don joseph toyota in kent, this is cleveland 19 news. cleveland's police union president is now dealing with another issue. the cleveland community police commission is asking he voluntarily resign or be removed from the commission. you remember it was formed as
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police reform. the cpc says he consistently misses meetings and we believe it is in the best interest of the cpc and the cppa to have a union representative actively present at commission meetings respectfully voicing cppa interests and concerns. we told you yesterday loomis is currently serving a six day suspension after an altercation with another officer at that man shares a child with loomis daughter. internal affairs is also investigating him for wearing a police uniform to an akron donald trump rally. there have been a rash of carjackings on the west side. at least 18 since october 29. police sent surveillance pics of the one that happened on madison. two men with guns stole a
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safer this is a sievers security alert. one broke into cars on westlake on mentalson, beethoven brahms and queen. surveillance video shows a suspect, a thief took a bunch of items including cash, credit cards skeen medicine. remember lock your doors. >> yes, please. >> okay. very, very nice day for november. >> i have only taken the bus once this week and walked the whole tim beautiful. >> romona: not tomorrow. >> mark: no. tomorrow will be different. i'll stay home. >> jeff: a heads up. if you are going to the browns game sunday dress like it is january, okay. that's how bad it will be out there. we are still around 70. there's your front. it is meterology 101 on the other side of the boundary a squall of showers and storms moving through indiana and
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we will not see big storms to the west but showers develop here overnight. until this front passes, warm and windy tonight, you can see even at 1 a.m. we are between 55 and 60 and the front coming through between let's say 4:00 to 7:00 a.m. ribbon of rain. then we, too will drop in temperature. 10 a.m. tomorrow morning and around 40 and lollygag around and 4 p.m. tomorrow and we will get the winter mix going tomorrow night. it is lake-effect snow and very windy. not pleasant at all tomorrow night. in the snowbelt areas south and east of cleveland we could be looking at accumulation. get into winter driving mode in a hurry. the ground is warm. if this snow comes down fast enough it will accumulate. i don't care how warm the ground is.
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most of geauga and portage, trumbull inland ashtabula county and 1-4 outside of that including the greater cleveland area won't be as heavy. the snow is sunday and boy it will be windy and cold. 48 is the low tonight. we will not hit 48 until morning. warm and windy. clear sky akron-canton. your morning temperature will be 47. we will tomorrow through the 40s. winter mix southwest to west wind gusting to 40. rain changing to sleet. and then snow eventually 48 at 7:00 a.m. 40 at noon. 5:00, 38. lake-effect snow. very windy tomorrow night with accumulation expected. sunday snow showers and windy. most accumulation sunday should
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we will have snow flying around even in cleveland and downtown during the game. windy monday and cold. we dry out, though. 38 the high mostly cloudy. tuesday 45 and here comes the thanksgiving system. showers, rain on wednesday, 50 windy and windy thanksgiving and scattered showers and 44. romona? >> romona: there's still time handing out free turkeys until we are partnering up with knr to donate a new or gently used coat or nonperishable item to charity i. now this is the serpentini chevrolet sports report on cleveland 19 news. >> mark: well, browns are two days out from their game against the steelers and a little looking ahead to next week. not by browns players, by us.
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will or should he play again this year if he comes back. i say yeah. if he can help them avoid 0-16 get them out there. hue jackson does not know if he will play yet. cleared for practice does not mean cleared to play. >> he is definitely cleared for practice without contact. you know, there's a chance things will work out. he still has to getan medically to see for sure if he is totally okay and if the bone is healed totally, properly. he will have the opportunity to start practicing next week. you know, go out with teammates and perform and do what he can do. >> mark: browns and steelers sunday at 1:00 on cleveland 19. these guys getting you started tony zarrella and bernie kosar
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every sunday best tailgate in town. up next cavaliers about to be ousted and j.r. smith, will
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cavaliers get back to basketball at home against detroit pistons. haven't seen them since april. remember the series cavs first victims in the playoffs swept detroit in four games. they didn't make it easy. cavs hit a lot of three's in the series and pistons were competitive in the second half and fourth quarter of the games. lebron remembers it well. >> we had to execute a lot of games down the stretch. executed plays and timeouts and had to execute with the short clock. so it helped us along the way. competitive series. >> all right. he is coming back.
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line up tonight. he missed last three games with an ankle injury and did shoot around and game time decision and made the announcement on uninterrupted a few minutes ago. >> romona: all right. >> mark: he is back.
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i will bring you the latest information at 11:00 and for now plan on it falling to the 40s winter mix, very windy and lake-effect snow tomorrow night and on sunday. >> romona: they're saying they have 50 free turkeys to hand out at summit mall. if you can make a donation, go out and get a free turkey. thank you for joining us at 6:00 a editorial from our new general manager eric shade is next. now this is a cleveland 19 news editorial. >> hi. i'm erik slader. >> my family and i are happy to be in northeast ohio. we have enjoyed friendly people, amazing restaurants and things to do. at cleveland 19 will you see me from time to time doing editorials and here is how we are turning the floor over to you. cleveland 19 is about getting
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getting answers and holding people accountable. sure, i will take positions on things that impact us once in a while and answer your questions. questions about northeast ohio, questions about how television news works and even about specific stories that go on the air. >> air, erik, why do you spell your name with a k? >> i was told i was named a czar. >> e-mail me. >> erik, have you decided on the east or west side. >> we have not decided. i will get you an answer. >> with the election, people are not shy about giving you their opinion on facebook, social media this is your forum. want something answered, want& something changed? tell us about it. i will be on facebook too and i look forward to hearing for you. and i have to find one answer for myself, where's the bathroom
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>> we encourage your response to this editorial.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> dickerson: trump steers to the right. three conservatives are picked to head his national security and law enforcement teams. also tonight, the president-elect settles avoiding a federal fraud trial over trump university. the b u.s. history, and it didn't happen here. >> this is just one stack of fake $20 bills. >> dickerson: and "on the road" with steve hartman. a little girl's bold question to a grumpy old man changed two lives. >> and i said, "you don't know. this is the first time for quite a while that i have been this happy." this is the "cbs evening news"


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