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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 5PM  CBS  November 22, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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cleveland worker attacked by a group of six out-of-towners. >> he told police he has no idea who they are or why they did this to him. catherine bosley is getting answers on the investigation. did they catch these guys, catherine? >> reporter: yeah, they did. they made the arrests. six arrests. the victim says it happened so fast and doesn't remember much about the attackers except they had pittsburgh steelers hats on and didn't see them coming? >> from his 24-year-old jason bush shows us the staples in his head and then some. after getting beaten up in downtown cleveland landing in intensive care at first. >> so much blood around my face. i couldn't even open up this eye. >> it happened at 2:00 monday morning when he and his boss left work and walked around the corner to prospect to visit another restaurant and jumped by a lot of guys. >> i was the ground and really
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was getting punched and kicks and everything. >> he remembers fearing for his life and his boss stopped the attack and next thing he continues he was in an ambulance. >> can you imagine his mother's shock and relief that seems he will be okay and police arrested all six men accused in the attack. men from arizona staying downtown. men jason says he has never seen before wondering if it had something to do with him being blinn him appear vulnerable. >> i was confused, what did i do. >> why does anybody have to go through this. >> hard for anyone to understand especially in this booming part of down. >> sad to hear that. >> disappointed. don't expect to see that downtown. >> neither did jason with a hard lesson learned. >> these things wake you up. >> jason doesn't have much to say about what he wants to happen to the attackers.
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back to work. the suspects are charged with assault and scheft. catherine bosley, cleveland 19. >> denise: thank you, catherine. two years ago today police shot and killed tamir rice outside the cudell rec center. tamir had an air soft gun that looked like the real thing and tamir's mother is still angry and frustrated that the officers involved in her son's death haven't been held accountable. >> she vigil outside police headquarters. harry boomer has the latest with this story. boom? >> reporter: i am outside the first district police station on west 130th. samarra rice is with a group of supporters chanting "i believe we will win." they are calling for the prosecution of the police officer who shot and killed her son within two seconds of arriving at the scene. police have been coming to this
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will go until 6 p.m. this evening one more each hour tamir rice was alive. they have been coming and going in shifts and calling for justice for tamir. two years ago the rice family and cleveland were rocked by the news that tamir rice was shot and killed. the two officers involved in the deadly shooting still work here at the first police district headquarters on west 130th. tamir's mother along w refuse to give up or to forget. now they are marching. fight back. fight back. >> let's listen just a little bit here. >> they are blocking the street as you can see right now. they did a little earlier. police came out and they moved to the sidewalk. they don't stay here very long. let's hear from one of the
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>> prosecutor mcginty to retry the case in an open trial this time without the secrecy of the grand jury and actually charge the officers with aggravated murder. >> these demonstrators are in the middle of the street and actually blocking a car right now. the car cannot move. so it is a tenuous situation and picked up in the last couple of seconds here. of course cleveland 19 will be on the scene and have the latest for you. live from police districthe cleveland 19. >> chris: if anything happens we will go back to boomer. a small business owner and father of six gunned down in his own store. >> denise: police are still looking for the person responsible. mark nolan is at the news desk getting answers. >> they are reeling from the loss of the father of six from north olmsted who died after an armed robbery in cleveland. he was at work yesterday at the
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a man walked in, pointed a gun, demanding money and he tried to slap the gun away. the suspect shot him in the chest. police and ems crews tried to save him but he was pronounced dead at university hospitals. no arrests have been made in this case. the suspect still at large. cleveland police would love you to call if you know anything. >> reporter: mark nolan, cleveland 19. >> denise: thank you, mark. now the body of a missing cleveland teenager found in a vacant house. >> chris: the victim's father is speaking publicly about his son for the first time. jen picciano is live in cleveland with that story. jen? >> reporter: of course alex mullins father told me his son was helpful and resourceful and would look at youtube to figure out how to fix a car for somebody or repair at home and is really sad for the city and neighborhood to have lost a kid like him. when 16-year-old alex mullins went missing henry mullins says
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combed through dozens of vacant homes in the slovakia village sickened and sad by what they saw going through trash trying to find clues of what became of alex. mullins found out when his son called 911 he feared he didn't make it out of the neighborhood alive. mullins acknowledge his son wasn't perfect and had normal teenage issues and the victim's father says alex didn't have a drug problem, was soft spokenan got along with everyone. >> that was his problem. he talked to too many people anded to help. that's not a quality to have around here anymore. >> reporter: i have been in touch with cleveland police today. unfortunately there are no leads, no arrests and no suspect description in this homicide as well. of course the family hoping that will change. there is a vigil starting as we
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alex was found. getting answers, jen picciano, cleveland 19. >> chris: thanks for that. all roads open after a gas leak 271 northbound and southbound in warrensville heights. the gas has been turned off. the leak was blamed on work crews that accidentally hit a gas line. >> denise: boy, the sun was deceiving out there today. it looked beautiful and step outside and oh, yeah, it is still freezing. >> chris: at least the was down today. >> jeff: compared to yesterday. no wind chill and it will be that way tonight and cold night again because of that light wind. i don't think clouds will be thick enough to prevent a temperature drop. we are at 36 now at cleveland hopkins. look at where my forecast is at 7:00 around 30 and dropping in the 20s here tonight. everybody starting to drop now with the sun going down.
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35 ashtabula and across the greater cleveland area, 36 parma and hello, shaker heights, you are at 37 degrees. we will see the high clouds around keeping it dry tonight. dry for the morning commute tomorrow and during the afternoon here comes the next system. it will be a light rain developing. the steadiest rain potential is actually tomorrow night. that will create wet roads out there and get wet around these parts. as we head into thanksgiving a little bit of drizzle and cloud cover one of those days and i think the steadier rain should be out of there earlier in the morning on thanksgiving. we have another system to contend with and we have forecast details on that coming up. here is a look at the traffic. first alert traffic on cleveland 19 news is sponsored by ford. >> denise: all right. even though the roads are nice out there we have some trouble
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there's an accident 271 southbound at fair mount boulevard and also an accident on 271 in the express lanes out at richmond road. that's southbound. there was an earlier accident on the shoreway east 185th being cleared and also an accident 480 eastbound at broadway avenue. a whole bunch of little trouble spots. >> chris: holidays creeping closer. and speaking of, neighbors giving thanks a few days earlier. >> denise: that's right, families are coming together to help make thanksgiving possible for hundreds. allison brunner is here on feed the need effort. >> some of our popular athletes from cleveland browns helped serve meals at town hall from turkey to pie. sweet potatoes and turkey. >> reporter: this traditional thanksgiving meal is a reality
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>> be able to come and make it with the people i know and haven't seen in years. >> thanksgiving arriving early and even bringing out big name sports stars. >> i want everybody to know we are having a great day. all the kids and everyone. >> reporter: from nba athletes on the court to famous nfl players. >> you don't realize how fortunate you are. >> serving more than just belly full. >> i appreciate these people having these doors open for us. >> our community coming together to give thanks. >> happy thanksgiving school this is the fourth year they have been doing this. feed the need town hall raising money for cleveland st. augustine hunter center during this event. >> getting answers, allison brunner cleveland 19.
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5:00, we're asking questions about school bus safety. what parents need to know about how their kids are getting to class. plus cleveland 19 news giving away the hottest toy of the season. a lucky viewer can win win a hatchimal. we will announce the winner tomorrow on cleveland 19 news at
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live from cleveland's newscenter driven by don joseph
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cleveland 19 news. crews hauled a way a school bus in chattanooga, tennessee coming one day after the horrific crash that killed five young children. >> chris: the driver is behind bars charged with secular homicide. police say he was speeding when he lost control of the bus. school buses carry our most precious cargo. we are asking what's being done to keep kids safe to and from chief investigator carl monday spent the day digging for answers. carl, what did you learn today? >> reporter: we found 60% of students ride on school buses and we want to know who the state is putting behind the wheel. it can happen in the blink of the eye.
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bus in suburban houston flipped. the driver who admitted being distracted swerved to avoid a stopped vehicle. fortunately, no one was hurt in the crash. we have seen our fair share of school bus accidents in northeast ohio like this three-bus collision in streetsboro last january sending 20 students to the hospital. data from the state highway patrol shows four school bus crashes in ohio 2015. what does it take to become a school bus driver. we reviewed the ohio department of education list to transportation qualifications and found a total of 18 key requirements. among them school bus and van drivers have to be at least 21 years of age and current valid cdl with a endorsement. the bureau of criminal investigation does state and federal background checks on drivers when they apply and get
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system every six years. school bus drivers have to clear a state motor vehicle records check upon application and twice a year after getting the job. they undergo testing to see how to handle stressful situations. drivers are also subjected to random drug and alcohol tests. we reached out to the state highway patrol and state department of public safety and department of education for the numbers of citations issued to bus drivers in three years. when we will be sure to pass it along. >> reporter: getting answers carl monday cleveland 19. >> denise: good to know, carl. thank you. now a cleveland 19 consumer alert. a new report claims more people plan to shop on-line later this week on black friday instead of going to any stores. bank says only 23% of people plan to brave the crowds. it also found young people
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most enthusiastic about shopping on black friday. google wants to help you avoid the crowds this holiday season. the tech giant isn't offering a new tool for shoppers similar to waze but for pedestrians. the live crowd feature tells you when a store is the busiest. >> chris: very cool. amazon is currently working on a deal for sports fans. they are in talks with the nfl, major league baseball and nba about wall street journal says amazon wants to create a premium sports programming package for its prime subscribers. have you heard about this one? cheesey could be the new chic this holiday season. chee-tos offering a line of luxury christmas gifts. >> denise: what? >> chris: the snack food company offering a jewelry set for $20,000.
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chee-tos perfume. chee-tos and chic, sin moss, jeff. >> everybody getting into the act, i guess. >> all right. what do we have going on here? >> we have increasing cloud cover now. it is mainly high clouds. you know the question is how much does the cloud cover prevent the cloud cover. i have a hunch we will go in the 20s thisve evening to the west of us until west of chicago and that's the moisture with the next system headed this way. by the time it makes it here it is looking for rain. if we are traveling west tomorrow it could start as a winter mix over by toledo and into indiana there. 7:00 this evening. down we go. we have 20s as you get along
5:19 pm
shore and dry throughout the night and evening tomorrow morning. i think most of us will be well in the 20s to start things off tomorrow. >> then we warm above 40 degrees during the afternoon and 1:00 mainly dry here according to the future model anyway. then the first slug of light rain will get in here during the afternoon. amounts won't be too heavy with that. >> sad 1 a.m. tomorrow night headed into early thanksgiving morning. if you are getting off to an early start on thanksgiving, wet roads around the area. you can see by 1:00 we will have a lot of cloud cover and perhaps some drizzle around by 1:00 on thanksgiving. most of the steadier rain will be out of here. wednesday afternoon is when the alert kicks in. i have it starting at 1:00
5:20 pm
tomorrow night. that can slow down holiday travel as i mentioned. friday we have a weaker system that moves in bringing light rain for your black friday. you may need the rain gear for the black friday shopping. mostly cloudy and cold out there tonight. i have us dropping to 22 in cleveland. akron-canton again high and mid-level clouds around and 19 your low. tomorrow up to 47s a little bit of sunshine in the morning. we become cloudy. rain spreads in here during the afternoon. and once that rain starts it will most likely drop in temperature a little bit. tomorrow night we don't drop much at all. 42 the low and warmer with the rain. areas of drizzle on thanksgiving and a cloudy sky 46. light rain showers on friday.
5:21 pm
rain. nothing too heavy but enough for an umbrella for your shopping adventures. 48 on friday. a winter mix on saturday. that will be lake-effect. not expecting snow accumulation out of that, though. >> denise: that's good. >> jeff: sunday looking a lot letter. >> chris: all right. >> jeff: sunny and near 50 and warming close to 60 monday for the next system. light rain monday morning and better opportunity of light rain monday night and tuesday windy and temperatu normal. >> denise: it will wash away the tiny snow on everyone's roof. it is in the same spot. you drive down the street in the crevice. >> jeff: if the sun doesn't hit it, it will stay there. >> denise: all right, jeff. thank you. >> chris: coming up next on cleveland 19 news, a christmas classic dancing in cleveland. >> denise: a new movie will
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>> chris: time for your eye on entertainment. the nutcracker opens in-house square and a first look at the new smurfs movie. we begin with a romantic musical comedy. a film called la la land has it all. ? here's to the hearts ache.? >> denise: emma stone and ryan gosling stars following a musician and aspiring actress. as their success grows their relationship starts to shrink. it opens in select cities next month. >> if there are other smurfs out there we need to find them. >> the lost village isn't out there. >> reporter: the new trailer out
5:26 pm
to find her purpose. it features voicing of demi lovato and randy and smurfs, the lost village opens in local theaters. ?[ music ] ? >> denise: get ready the cleveland orchestra and pennsylvania ballet are joining forces. this is video of a rehearsal for the nutcracker. 7 shows tomorrow night at the state theater here in cleveland. you better act fast because tickets are going fast. >> they always do an amazing job. >> when you get off the set at 6:00. still ahead president-elect donald trump details his plans for the next 100 days and a new
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hail trump. hail our people. hail our victory. a controversial video surfacing of an activist. he appears to use a nazi salute to celebrate the election of donald trump. the transition team for donald trump is denouncing that video. and the president-elect is laying out his plans for the first 100 days. >> chris: we showed you part of the video plans. the path to the white house remaining bumpy. diane gallagher with the details. >> my agenda will be based on a simple core principle putting america first. >> reporter: so far this week donald trump has had a closed door sit down with network heavy weights and on-again off-again with "new york times" tuesday. when it comes to actually outlining his agenda, the president-elect chose to prerecord a two and a half
5:31 pm
questions. >> i will cancel job-killing restrictions on the production of american energy including shale energy and clean call creating millions of high-paying jobs. i am going to issue our notification of intent to withdraw from the transpacific partnership. >> reporter: though a major campaign issue. >> don't waste your breath it will be built. >> on immigration i will direct the department of labor to investigate all abuses of vi american worker. >> reporter: notably missing in his 100 day outlook is a deportation and refugees and the wall. one particular rallying cry for trump supporters. >> if i win, we will look into the crime very, very seriously, folks. very, very serious. >> reporter: according to the president-elect, won't be happening. his senior advisory explains trump is moving on. >> i think he is thinking of
5:32 pm
of the united states. things that sound like the campaign aren't among them. >> reporter: in washington, i'm diane gallagher. >> chris: a new poll is out on the president-elect. 53% say mr. trump will do a good job as president. 44% say he will do a poor job. >> denise: all right. jeff always does a fantastic job on the forecast of course. >> chris: 100% approval rating, tan. in tomorrow. we want to start with big travel day coming up tomorrow and some of the problem spots you might encounter. this is tomorrow morning. we have snow flying in wisconsin and around minneapolis, minnesota and also chicago some rain. that's the system coming at us. >> and that rain extends down some storms around louisiana, shreveport and pacific northwest
5:33 pm
bringing mountain snow and rain there. as we move on through the day, that's the moisture coming in here. it looks quiet in the central part of the country down in texas and southwest. if you are headed to florida, no issues there, either. cold night here and dry. the rain developing. it will start out as a light rain tomorrow afternoon. better opportunity of showers tomorrow night. and that will diminish to areas of drizzle and i don't think we will thanksgiving. a low cloud deck will set up making things kind of gray. could be worse. >> 36 now in cleveland. sandusky at 30. look at wooster dropping to 34. on the cleveland 19 first alert weather app great tool to have. if you are hitting the road and have it set to my current location it will follow you wherever you go and will you get the latest conditions.
5:34 pm
overnight well in the 20s around here. the alert, i will have the details on this coming up my next weather hit here. it is rain. i have the alert starting at 1:00 through tomorrow night and that will create wet roadways eventually around here. forecast details for the big thanksgiving day and the weekend coming up. denise? >> denise: all right, jeff. thank you. the christmas season is a big time for scammers, of course. no matter how careful you are, sometimes it just consumer experts say the bottom line is buyer beware. they say you need to check your credit card statements and check with your bank and have alerts sent to you. that way you can refute any charges as soon as possible. the ohio attorney general is also out with a warning for christmas shoppers. >> he is offering advice to avoid holiday shopping problems. dan deroos in the answer center with some safety tips. dan?
5:35 pm
black friday, cyber monday, call it whatever you want. the holiday shopping season will kick into high gear we expect 147.4 million shoppers this weekend alone according to the national retail federation. 36% will be on cyber monday. let's look at some of the things according to the attorney general you want to be aware of. fine print in the ads and limited quality, only on-line, only in the store and only certainrs don't show up and that 60-inch tv for the first fye people that got in the store. in ohio every seller gets to choose what the return policy is. there's no blanket law. you have to figure out if a store has no refunds and limited time. if you buy it now christmas is a month away and someone tries to return a week after that, there may be a 30 day
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cards. in general, not all, but most cards will last five years and fees vary greatly and some cards lose their sal value and a certain percentage comes out. lay away. it is a big thing and not everybody knows the rules and every store has different rules. find out if there's an initiation fee or service charge. how long can you do it. what is the payment schedule. if you decide not gifts, will you get your money back? in some cases no, whatever money you put down on lay away you forefet. coming up on cleveland 19 news at 5:00, on stage meltdown. kanye west in the hospital.
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>> chris: hip-hop star kanye west reportedly in the hospital said to be hold preventing him from leaving. >> reports claim west is treated for exhaustion following a series of erratic public outbursts. vladimir is getting answers on his latest trouble. >> you still can't believe me. you know why? because you was lied to by mark zuckerberg. for a man who seems to find himself at the center of controversy this week was tough
5:40 pm
on touch. after a string of mid-concert rants and walking out on a show after only 30 minutes. >> get ready. get ready for the show to open. the very public and outspoken rap star scrubbed the remaining concert on his mega tour. monday afternoon los angeles police and fire were called to an arrest in west hollywood home to celebrity trainer harvey west was taken to ronald reagan u.c.l.a. for exhaustion, sleep deprivation and placed on a psychiatric hold. on monday night in new york city west's wife kim kardashian was expected to make her first public appearance since being robbed at gunpoint in paris last month and she never showed. her mother chris jenner defended her son-in-law. >> i think he is exhausted. just really tired.
5:41 pm
reported hospitalization is latest detour for the rapper. few speculate about his health. >> kanye has his music career, clothing line, parent, husband, married to kim kardashian f. he was focusing on one of the areas it could cause exhaustion. >> denise: west played cleveland back in october with no reports of an outburst. a rep for the performer was not available for comment. two cleveland 19 news investigations. paul orlousky shows us what's going on in brook park. two councilmembers having trouble with the law. carl monday gets action after police officers were caught
5:42 pm
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>> denise: look at that.
5:45 pm
exploding in flames. it is the annual tradition by the consumer product safety commission. they put this out every year warning people at thanksgiving time about the potential danger. it reminds you to read the directions to cook your bird safely. another holiday tradition is the parade in new york city. of course millions are expected to watch it thursday on tv. >> chris: turn it on every thanksgiving. security a big concern parade an excellent target. janelle burrell shows us how police are preparing. >> reporter: police barricades put in place concrete barriers and security cameras. bettina paige lives near the starting point. >> it is scary no matter what precautions and i am glad they are thinking ahead. >> this is a fraction of the security operation planned for
5:46 pm
the nypd as vigilant as ever with threats against the city and magazine naming the parade as an excellent target for a truck bomb attack. >> we will have a large detail of cops out there that day. over 3,000 cops will be assigned to security there. nowhere along the route will there be cross streets. everything will be closed at 42nd and 52nd street. >> this year 80 sand-filled trucks will be added as additional security barrier placed at strategic barriers to prevent bombs from the two mile parade. even with extensive security plans some are skeptical. >> there's very little one can do to prevent something like a boston marathon bombing. somebody could hide something in a knapsack. it is easy. >> reporter: that was janelle burrell reporting. thousands of people expected to
5:47 pm
parade terror threat or not. >> denise: a school bully is causing an uproar on line. the video is tough to watch. can you see one teenager walking down a school hallway. he is pushed, hit in the back of the head and the teen is cornered when he tried to run. the superintendent of the alabama school is shocked. >> it's very disappointing and disturbing when i watch it. i understand the reaction has really spread about the video. >> denise: i'll say. >> the school and police are investigating this. 3 million people have watched this attack on facebook. it was shared more than 42,000 times. it has also generated plenty of comments. most people wondered how this could happen. a scary scene this morning in a philadelphia neighborhood. a 60-year-old man was hurt opening a panagiotakos edge and it blew up.
5:48 pm
been delivered to target the victim. no word on the man's condition. >> chris: a two alarm fire in downtown chicago. can you see the smoke pouring out of the windows of the building. flames broke out at the old post office building. police closed several streets as a precaution. falling glass made it dangerous for pedestrians and drivers below. no one was hurt and no word on the cause. a blue-haired vandal i police say she did thousands of dollars of damage of local landmarks. can you see her with a cigarette in one hand spray paint can in the other. there she goes to work. police say she sprayed anti-trump graffiti on at least 4 buildings. authorities say she took her time spraying her message, too. people passing by say enough is
5:49 pm
obviously we all have feelings and, you know, there are so many ways to express. i feel like now is not a good time to do more damage. yeah. >> that damage will cost thousands of dollars top clean up. investigators hope the woman's blue hair will help someone to recognize her. >> there's no criticism for facebook and handling of the so-called fake news. >> denise: the web site weed out misinformation. cherica duncan is getting answers on the details. >> reporter: facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg told global leaders in peru he wants to connect the world. >> you can take any system in the world and make it much, much better than it is today. >> he demonstrated virtual reality to peru's president he was forced to deal with the more troubling reality at home, the seemingly unchecked
5:50 pm
a facebook representative addressed the controversy monday. the amount of news on the site as you call it fake news is very small. we are not satisfied with that. >> reporter: zuckerberg outlined several ways the social media giant hopes to curtail misinformation, stronger detection measures and easier reporting of stories by people and fact checking organizations and possibly adding warnings, flagging false stories by third critics say zuckerberg's proposed fix are too little, too late. >> i think as a diplomatic answer it was great. but i think what people want are more specifics. he failed to deliver that. >> adam was contracted to work for facebook's trending topics division in may. he says he was laid off four months later and the division was eliminated. >> reporter: in your opinion should mark zuckerberg have seen
5:51 pm
>> maybe not mark zuckerberg per se. but leaders within the company should have been paying more attention to what was showing up in people's news feeds for sure. >> cherica duncan reporting there. >> critics say it is unrealistic for everyone to fact check all the news on their feeds. really it is up to the distributer in this case, facebook to step in. where you live now your cleveland 19 news first alert forecast. >> jeff: all right. a little action showing up on the 7-day forecast as you might expect this time of year. tomorrow we've got rain developing during the afternoon. dry for the most part in the morning. we will become cloudy. if we can get enough sunshine in the morning we will warm to 47. we have milder air coming in. there's a better opportunity of showers tomorrow night with this
5:52 pm
what we are seeing right now. on thanksgiving here a lot of cloud cover. we will see light rain early in the morning followed by some drizzle. it will be one of those days on thanksgiving. not the best of days. we are up to 46 here for the high. friday light rain for your black friday shopping. 48. then on saturday it looks like a winter mix will be developing. rain, sleet and perhaps a wet lake-effect. saturday night we drop down to 36. sunday looking a lot better sunny and milder. 49. by monday we are actually close to 60 with light rain in the morning and it will become windy. denise? >> thank you, jeff. coming up at 5:00 a wild turkey found wandering the streets.
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oh, my goodness. scariest time of year to be a turkey. one wild bird trying to disguise himself as a dog.
5:56 pm
head and have hugs. >> look at that, an animal rescue worker in stockton, california says the wild bird was found wandering the streets. >> she wasn't sure if she escaped from a farm or someone's backyard pet. he likes being carried around and a belly rub. folks at the animal sanctuary says he has the potential of >> i never heard of such a thing. >> if you can approach an animal like that. >> denise: i guess. not the same as a puppy. >> chris: best of luck in the next few days. tonight at 6:00, speaking of black friday almost upon us. you may be surprised how many
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
>> jeff: now at 6:00, it will be another cold night and this moisture moves in tomorrow in the form of rain. >> romona: plus we get answers how a local sheriff's department is trying to keep deputies safe. they don't come in contact with drugs in the air. >> mark: a carl monday investigation revealed officers parking in spaces reserved for disabled drivers. now the police department is responding. cleveland 19 by empire window company your local window, door and siding expert since 1960. live from cleveland's newscenter we're getting answers for you. cleveland 19 news starts now. >> get out of my yard. >> reporter: can we talk to you about your citation? >> why? >> reporter: i am interested in it. what's that? >> mark: he is a brook park councilman during an orlo wants
6:00 pm
away from our cameras. it could be a wild night at brook park city hall, the first council meeting since julianne mccormick was arrested for shoplifting. >> romona: some wanted her to resign because of that. in advance of the meeting, a startling discovery. she is not the only person in trouble with the law. >> reporter: what in the wild, wild world of pocs on bpal book park. >> a lady was trying to push a full cart of items out of the entrance. she had two tv's. i noticed that because one fell out of the bottom of the cart when they were trying to stop the cart. >> reporter: that is not all. kids clothes, jeans, lounge pants, a- line dress.


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