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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  October 17, 2015 7:00am-8:00am CDT

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now. >> this is what i cannot get across to go home. >> and the struggle to get the roads cleaned up and back open. nfl quarterback johnny manziel and his girlfriend pulled over by police. their high-speed argument that had witnses calling for help. e police report. was alcohol involved, and the nfl's new domestic dispute problem. caught on camera. scaffolding collapse. the massive construction accident. workers trapped. the debris crashing down. how did it happen? and ray of hope. former nba and reality star lamar odom answering his family's prayers, opening his eyes and even speaking. just days after collapsing at a
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his famimily to fa this morning. and good morning, america. dan is off this saturday and it is fantastic to have tom llamas by my side once again, and this morning we are seeing images from southern california that are just incredible. we want you u to take look. from the air you can see some of the thousands of cars and trucks that are stranded on the roads, many still in that thick mud, tom. >> ah, these images are incredible. while down on the ground the big digout is going on. right now the slow, hard work of clearing it away, removing the stuck veries and underneath. abc's aditi roy has the latest from hard-hit lake hughes north of los angeles. aditi. >> reporter: good morning, tom and paula. this is one of the roads that's now impassable. take a look at the tall piles of mud here on the side. in fact, we had to be escorted by authorities to this specific location and now thehe biggest challenge that remains for workers is diggiging o hdreds of stranded cars with more bad
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behind us. >> it was ju rainingng then ca started floating. >> reporter: this morning thousands of cars and trucks stranded in ththe wake oa massive mudslide in southern california. back on the move and the race is on for officials to dig out before another round of wild weather hits. >> it's a lot of work. it's going to take several days for the cleanup weather permitting. it's a tedious process. >> reporter: rescue workers probing the dried mud up to six feet deep looking for signs of buried vehiclesnderneath with no way to tell if trapped drivers or cualties could be inside. >> you know, our concern is a motorcyclist perhaps, smaller vehicles. >> reporter: while others count their blessings having survived the brutally fast onslaught of mud and water. >> this is what i cannot get across to go home. >> reporter: barbara santiago-brown helpless to
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in her car for four hours watching wateter and debris pour in capturing these images. >> i've never seen this before. >> reporter: surrounded by deafening hail hitting her car and strong winds. rescue arriving to help the mother andnd her chi climb to freedom and safety. wewe're gladhey're doing okay. officials say so far there have been no reports of anyone missing or injured. but another round ofof wild weather is expected later today. >> remarkable everyone is okay considering those extraordinary images. aditi, thank you. and there is more rain on is that right, rob? >> yeah, paula, basically the flow hasn't changed much over out of the southwest, a lot of mes down fast and furiously. happen there. so we've got flash flood watches posted for nevada, utah and parts of arizona and again for southern california so we'll see where those storms linee up.
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could see 2 to 3 inches, maybe more in spots targeting parts of southwest utah. we also had a severe dust storm kick up yesterday in response to this system and big-time cold. we'll talk more about that in a few minutes. tom, back over to you. >> yeah, we're gearing up tore that cold weather over here. okay, rob, thank you. now to more off the field trouble for a young nfl star. football bad boy johnny manziel john football fresh off a stint in rehab facing a new brush with the law and raising new questions about the league and domestic violence. abc's mara schiavocampo has thestory. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. police stopped his car after reports of a heated and physical argument with his girlfriend after drinking. neither of them are facing chargeges, and n both have taken to social media to defend themselves. this morning, cleveland browns quarterback johnny manziel on the defense as police reveal the 22-year-old heisman winner and his girlrlfriend we questioned over an alalcohol-fued domestic argument. abc's cleveland affiliate we obtaining this police report
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speeding at 90 miles an hour. his girlfriend, colleen crowley, reportedly making multiple attempts to exit the moving car. witnesses calling for help. >> originally kicked the door open, came out, was dragged back in, ca out almost totally and left arm was in the car and got dragged back into the car again. >> reporter: the report says crowley accused manziel of hitting her in the car and pushing her head against the window. the couple both reportedly admitting g drinkingarlier in the day. cops determining manziel was not impaired, released the couple on the scene with no charges. >> he was not intoxicated but he had been drinking. that's a concern because, you know, is this a major setback for him? >> reporter: overnight the couple insisting on social media there was no violence. manziel calling it a dumumb public arment and embarrassing but not serious.
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good" and acknowledging, "i can see how looked." the nfl saying we are aware but declining to comment on manziel and crowley's run-in with police. it follows manziel's stay in a rehab facility earlier this year and the league's heavily criticized response to a string of domestic violence cases involving ray rice, adrian peterson and greg hardy. >> 24 has got to be a concern. it's not out of question for the nfl to try to bring him in to have a conversation about what did happen. >> reporter: now, manziel is cleared to suit up on sunday. in a statement overnight, the we have taken seriously and expressed our concer directly toto johnny. that she had an abrasion on her arm and that was determined by try to keep her in the car because she was trying to exit while it was moving. >> important distinction. the 2016 election and wild card who could shake up the he is still deciding if he'll
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critics say he missed his sending out a letter. comments on 9/11. white house. devin, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, paula. the republican front-runner was compasassion in e white house during a national crisis. donald trump saying he has a big heart, then took a swipe at the man in the white house on 9/11. donald trump arriving in massachusetts with a presidential-style motorcade. >> nobody's going to mess with these guys. that, i can tell you. > reporte trump on the stump and stirring up new controversy with thehe former publican president george w. bush. >> i like him. he's a nice man. >> reporter: a compliment from trump overnight after launching this bold critique of bush just hours earlier. >> when you talk about george bush, i mean, say what you want, the world trade center c came down during his time. >> hold on. you can't blame george bush for that. >> he was president, okay. >> reporter: jeb bush firing back on twitter, "how pathetic for trump to criticize the president for 9/11. we were attacked and my brother
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kept us safe." trump true to form digigging in calling jeb pathetic. the fefeud eruptg as trump teams up with another opponent, dr. n carson, to successfully take on cnbc. the network agreeing to limit after the pair had threatened to boycott. >> and we won. >> reporter: for democrats this morning, the big debate is over vice president joe biden, will he or won't he get into the 2016 race? president obama is pushing patience. >> i'm not going to comment on what joe's doing or not doing. i think you can direct those questions to my very able vice president. >> reporter: but many biden supporters and hillary clinton's rival campaign seem to want biden to just get on with it. a decision has to be made. >> reporter: clinton added she's not trying to rush biden but clearly the pressure is higher than ever on the vice president to make a decision. he's spending the weekend with his family in delaware.
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his supporters sending out that e-mail asking everyone to hang on. his decision now likely imminent imminent. tom. >> we want to talk about that right now. thank you so much. for more let's bring in matt dowd in austin, tes, matt, good morning. speaking about that e-mail one of vice president biden's top aides sends out a letter to staff and supporters laying out a platform saying biden would run an optimistic campaign if he gets in. matt, you've been a top what does this signal? >> reporter: i think the aide he was encouraged or accepted by the vice president. myeeling after the last debate was that the vice president was very close to getting in and i think he's even closer now to getting in in in this. his staff wouldn't be doing those thing, having those getting ready to get in the ra. >> now, on the republican side, the outsiders are not only raising more money than the establishment candidates,
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for the next debate. with all your experience, is there any telling where this race goes next? >> reporter: wewell, i tnk donald trump right now is the leading candidate. he has stayed the leading candidate for the next three months. i understand his concern about a debate. ththe last debate was three hours long. i understand as a person that's advised candidadates that you want to limit that time. i think donald trump right now continues to be the leeing candidate in this race and it doesn't seem anything he does negatively drops him down dramatically in this race. >> it's a good point. okay, ma dowd dowd, thank you very much. >> thanks, tom. >> will biden run? won't he? one thing there's no suspense over whether o or not rowill do the news and you're here this morning. >> no doubt. good morning to you, all of you. good morning, everyone. we begin with dramatic new video of that massive scaffolding collapse in houston, "texas rising." abc's marci gonzalez has the story and remarkable images. >> reporter: oveietght new video emerging showing the horrifying moments when the scaffolding collapsed in downtown houston. falling down like a stack of dominos.
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the mangled metal trapping six construction workers. >> i was taking a picture of the station in front of the buding. we heard something. people crying, then i turned around and took all the picture and the video. >> reporter: first responders were on the scene immediately to begin pulling workers from the wreckage. >> our scope is the rescue and our concern is secondary collapse. >> reporter: the building developer for the apartment complex tweeting, , "we are grateful to the first responders on the scene and pray everybody is okay." police say that the six workers have significant injuries but they are all expecteded to recor. the houston fire department is still investigating why the structure collapsed. marci gonzalez, abc news, new york. violence in the middle east ahead of next week's meeting planned between john kerry and officials saying that police fatally shot two palestinians
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on saturday in separate incidents as they were trying to stab israelis in jerusalem. israel rejects the palestinians' call for u.n. support to help ease tensions on jerusalem's temple mount. and take a look at this picture of a small plane nose down seconds before impact. in lancaster, texas, a single engine plane crashed and bursng into flames. moments later sparking a huge blaze on the ground. investigators say the plane clipped a power line just before the crash. amazingly, both people on board that aircraft managed to parachute to safety bere the plane hit the ground. very lucky. >> and poce in phoenix, arizona, are asking for the public's help to try to track down three heavily armed men behind at least two brazen home invasions in phoenix. one of the suspects appears to be armed with an ak-47. the trio was capred on home surveillance video. police say the men shot two people inside one of the homes, both of them expected to survive. and now to airline history, the final us airways flight has landed in philadelphia this
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a red-gh flight from san francisco and the crew prepared to fly their passengers aboard flight number 1939, designated for the year the airline began. us airways now becomes part of american airlines. and now to a fumbling finale to an alleged holdup in florida. an armed robbery spect is caught on camera demanding money at a liquor store on thursday before firing his weapon but then he tries to make his getaway and you see itere, the sh flying out of his hands. he then tries to get himself together scouring the ground for the cash before taking off. fortunately, in that incident no one -- there he is grabbing his money. i guess it's his money before taking off from our florida file of weirdness. >> ron, appreciate how objective you are, an alleged holdup. he has the -- >> look, if he gets a good lawy, you never know. >> until he's charged -- explain it away. >> -- he's innocent until proven guilty. thank you, ron.
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>> all right, paula. we' going to stick in florida for a surprise attack by an eight-foot alligator. a guy lucky to be alive after the gator jumped out of a canal and tried to pull him into the water. abc's phillip mena has the story. >> he came in the water like a torpedo. >> reporter: doug brown recalling his narrow escape from the jaws of an eight-foot florida tor. >> a big splash, i turned my head andaw a white belly and an open mouth coming straight to me. >> reporter: recoverinin a central florida hospital with serious injuries, brown says he was repairing a water pump near the shore of a lake behind his mother's home with his family. he admits ignoring her warning. >> she sd, watch out for that gator. he looks pretty mean, and i looked over my shoulder and jokingly said, do you want me to take care of that for you. that's wheit attacked. mom watching in horror. >> i was thinking, oh, my god, you know, he's got my son. >> reporter: the 45-year-old suffering a four-inch gash and severed tendons. the gator's teeth slashing him as he pulled his hand from its
7:15 am
>> i tried to get my hand out quick or i was going for a swim. i looked down and saw there was bld and a gash on the back of my hand. >> reporter: the florida wildli and fish conservation commission says there are seven unprovoked gator bites every year requiring special medical treatment. overall, the odds of getting attacked is only about 1 in 2.5 million, a dangerous long shot, brown says he's pretty used to over years of ignoring mom's advice. >> i had been there 20 minutes, and mom didn't even know i was there. i'm familiar with alligators quite a bit and d it's theast thing i expected was for it to do what it did. >> reporter: for "good morning america," phillip mena, abc news, new york. >> unbelievable that guy survived, eight feet. huge. >> tried to get pulled underwater, no thank you. >> like a torpedo. i like that. >> like a torpedo. we turn to baseball's exciting pennant push leading up to the fall classic showdown. the american league championship series opening last night with the royals beating the blue
7:16 am
jays, 5-0. >> and tonight an epic battle begins between two rival cities, new york and chicago. the cubs who are almost always hibernating this time of year to take on the mets who also have a legion of long suffering fans. this mning, the chicago cubs gearing up to -- meethe mets meet the mets >> reporter: to meet the mets in new york for the first game of the national league championship series. >> we've got superstar talent from both sides. it's a championship series with the talent of tomorrow on display right now. >> reporter: a grudge match 46 years in the making. brewing since the mets famously derailed chicago's run for the pennant in 1969. >> the cubs have lost it for their fifth straight defeat. >> reporter: cubs fans hoping history won't repeat itself. the emttled team last winning the world series in 191908. a losing streak widely believed to be caused by the curse of the
7:17 am
billy goat brought on in the 1935 world series after a fan was kicked out of wrigley field >> it's got to end sometime, right? i mean -- card team have an ace in the hole? general manager theo epstein joining the cubs three years ago, epstein credited with rebuilding the red sox and endi their 86-year l losing streak. >> red sox fans have longed to hear it. champions. history. our guys are too young, you know, to remember it. i said you think they're worried about 1908. they're just worried about getting their laundry done. reporter: they're favored in new york still plans on giving money on the way to the fall classic. >> we're all ready for it. happened in the past really > i've goto say i worked in chicago for six years, covered the cubs, and know we're
7:18 am
can i just say it? > i was ichicago earlier this we and i got you a little souvenir. >> you did? ah, this. it fits perfectly. >> but there was an ice cream >> at one point. >> you worked in chicago. >> i was a white sox fans when i lived there. >> i know, but you kcan still supppport the bbies.s. i'm staying out of that one. last time i said something about the mets, i was in trouble. >> the farm time so by extension i go for the chicago cubs. >> pass the hat. give me the hat. >> that'll be for the baby, okay. littleaby. >> nothing like great postseason and it's been a great postseon so far and a little chill in the air not only for the royals but t especially for the mets game tonight. want to show you this picture of the dusttorm that happened yesterday just outside of phoenix. this is all in response the storms happening in southern california. we have thunderstorms that went severe across parts of arizona and kicked up that dust, 50-mile-an-hour winds at one point knocking out power and dropping visibility. some crashes, as well.
7:19 am
then we have this, the other big weather story we're dealing with. some cold air, the coldest season coming down the great lakes. two inches of snow yesterday in marquette, michigan. we've got frost and freeze advisories out this morning. a lot of blue on the map. cold air pouring down from the north, 35 around that in chicago. right around the freezining mark in detroit. we d don't warup too much this afternoon. it'll breezy at times. a bit of a chill in the air, then tomorrow morning that cd extends across the i-95 corridor. temperatures near or below freezing in some spots. it gets down to the gulf coast but dry and some of these areas are in droughts. fire watch out for alabama and so we have a fire weather watch out for eastern parts of texas, louisiana and getting into parts of alabama and mississippi. very, very dry air down in. meanwhile, some storms across
7:20 am
winds and some heavy rain. playoff time but a lot of conference rivalries in college football happening today. >> yeses. >> iowa and northwestern. >> in the big house. oh. >> iowa and northwestern. >> sc/notre dame. >>he 'canes/virginia tech. anybody? the 'canes, hurricanes. >> more importantly on abce we're talking penn state and ohio. deal with that. >> well, coming up on "gma," tragic love triangle. a mother accused of killing her husband and the lover they shared and getting her own daughter and boyfriend involved in this plot. the crime scene mistake that led to the arrests. plus, encouraging signs. lamar odom opens his eyes and speaks. can the basketba and reality
7:21 am
show star recover from a reported drug overdose that left him fighting for his life? his condition this morning. drone, why you'll need uncle sam's permission to fly it. "good morning america" is brought to you by, a zillion things home. there's something out there. it's a highly contagious disease. it can be especially serious- even fatal to infants. unfortunately, many people who spread it
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bizarre love triangle killing. and the best news yet about lamar odom
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keep it here and find out.chime]ting hometown trivia time and today we are saluting our affiliate in monterey, salinas, california, asbw, channel. okay, ready. >> beautiful. >> fairly easy one. ththis authoborn in salinas wrote a classic american novel about the fishermen who used to work on montherey's cannery row. >> john steinbeck. >> ooh. >> oh. literary knowledge. >> way to go. out of nowhehere. >> i think rob will get this one. this rock 'n' roll superstar was famous for his performance at the 1967 monther ray pop festival, i'll give you a hint -- >> jimi hendrix.
7:28 am
>> no mas. a tiebreaker. >> there's a big language
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this is halloween. this is halloween pumpkins scream in the dead of night sara, this is getting you in the halloween spirit, isn't it? >> oh, halloween. for the rest of you bah humbugs, hopefully these images will help.
7:30 am
they're from the great jack-o'-lantern blaze in new york's on the hudson. this spectacular display features 10,000 pumpkins and they got started on carving these pumpkins. >> oh, those are pumpkins? >> those are pumpkins in and they started carving them back in june. i want to know how they presved them. >> bleach. that's onef the tricks. >> bleach? really? >> rob marciano. >> i just learned that. >> martha stewart. >> random but not too useful facts. >> the guys loves entertaining and arts and crafts. >> come on over to the house, top. plus, coming up the encouraging signs from lamar odom found unresesponsive st days ago at a brothel in nevada. what will it mean for his recovery? but first the wife charged in a bizarre and twisted double murder plot in a story that is shocking a small community in maryland. >> police say she orchestrated the killing of her husband and another woman they were both involved with. abc's mary bruce is in maryland with this story for us and good morning, mary. >> reporter: hey, good morning.
7:31 am
there are so many twists and turns to this story, these court documents read more like a soap opera than real life. this is a tragic and confusing case that has left two people dead and the suspects include the victim's wife and daughter. it's a twisted bizarre story of love, betrayal and murder. a maryland woman this morning accused of plotting to kill her husbsband and s lover. and police say she didn't do it alone. she, her 13-year-old daughter and her daughter's 18-year-old boyfriend all charged with murder. >> it's very uncommon, this type of a case, you know, a love triangle gone very wrong. >> reporter: police allege 42-year-old ann anastasi enlisted gabriel struss, her daughter's boyfriendnd to kill her husband of 18 years, anthony anastasi and 25-year-old jacqueline riggs. >>he scene was staged very well. it was staged well as a murder/suicide. the only reason we we able to do determine the double murder
7:32 am
was because of great detective work. >> reporter: police discover 40-year-old anthony in the couple's bedroom shot in the head, a crime scene investigators say it was staged but just not carefully enough. a 45 caliber handgun next to his body, not a match for the 380 caliber shell casi found nearby. >> riggs who also lives in the family's home is found stabbed to death in her basement bedroom. according to court documents, while ann and anthony were both romantically involved with riggs, their marriagwas fraught with conflict. >> recently the relationship between mr. anand mrs. astai cooled down. >> reporter: cooled down so much, she sent a series of text messagages to hedaughter and struss to cover the exchange of the gun, transportation to the crime scene and the specific discussion of two murder now, police say struss has admitted to the killings.
7:33 am
detention facility. both facing charges of first and second degree murder. as for the 13-year-old daughter, she's being heldt a juvenile facility, also being charged with first degree murder. tom and paula. >> multilayered, confusing and tragic. mary, thank you. let's send things back to ron. you have a developing story out of mexico. >> yeah, hi, again, paula. good morning to you and good morning, everyone. we begin with the escaped mexican drug pin, joaquin el guzman escaped capture in the northwest part of that country leg fleeing. if you're thinking of buying a drone, you'll soon be required government. the recent spike in close calls between drones and airplanes sparked the new regulation. the registry should be up and running by christmas. and astronauscott kelly now in the record books for the most days living in space as of this morning.
7:34 am
kelly s spent 384 days in space over four separate trips. currently he's in the middle of a year-long mission aboard the international space station. finally, meet dina the cockatooho is allegedly neighborhohood, alledly. >> dina, resident -- dino. >> very common for a name. >> dino. my mistakeke. residents say that dino screeches like a dinosaur, hence the nickname. >> is it dino then? >> screams like a gnawing on the woodwork. dino is spep seems to like this home which happens to be the birthplace of robert kennedy. >> okay. i was wondering about those otos. >>ino refusing bait and unfazed by blaring rock music met to try to chase him away undeterred. >> you never hear sounds like that on the set, do you? >> like a pterodactyl? >> never. >> usually -- >> rob does a mean pterodactyl. >> it's so mean i'm not going to replicate it right now. we go to where pterodactyls have
7:35 am
it's gorgeous out. check it out. chilly. my goodness. temps in the upper 40s. cobalt blue skies, great day to take on a game out at citi field if you're so inclined or lucky to have tickets or apple picking, some pumpkin hunting today. might have some not only frost but some snow on the pumpkins up there in northern maine, upstate new york and new england. temperatures not going to climb that much. mamaybe gettg into the 50s. upstate new york might stay in th 30s right on through the rest of today so lake-effect snow showers. may not stick, 1, 2, 3 inches in spots but it's too early to get a good dousing. that cold air drives to the next few days look for a bit of warm-up across the midsection of the country and chilly across the eastern two-thirds this morning, but we'll look for temperatures to rebound in des moines, 70 degrees the high. it'll be 60 on sundaday in chicago. talked about those interconference rivalries today. penn state taking on ohio state.
7:36 am
43 degrees at kickoff. sparties are in the big house. in michigan that will also be another great game. florida, lovely weather. dry temperatures in the mid to upper 80s. >> this weather report is brought to you by breathe right. back to you. i like to breathe before our floor dictor fonzie said look alive, rob. that's my cue to that the camera is coming back on. >> you know it's early when they have to remind you to look awake >> coming up on "good morning america," five days after collapsing at a brothel in
7:37 am
odom on the road to recovery and, sara, what's going on? >> on periscope. today talking ice cream flavors and everyone wants to know and clearly we're all hungry in the a.m., want to see more of us behind the scenes, join us on periscope. we do a lot before the show. there's no question off limits. >> dance or something -- >> are you going to dance, tom? >> to break. >> there you go. >> all right. >> and ron is over it. i wouldn't do >> okay.ldn't do >> okay. through your nose. suddenly, you're a mouthbreather. a mouthbreather! how can anyone sleep like that? well, just put on a breathe right strip and pow! it instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than cold medicine alone. so you can breathe and sleep. shut your mouth and say goodnight mouthbrereathers.
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welcome back. this morning what could be a ray of hope for former nba star lamar odom days after collapsing at a nevada brothel after a reported drug-fueled binge. >> the is word that he opened his eyes and spoke from his hospital bed. kayna whitwortrth is in s vegas for us with more. hi, kayna. >> reporter: hey, paula, tom, good morning to you. so obvusly this is welcome news for friends and family of lamar odom who have been gathering at this las vegas hospital for days now. overnight his aunt putting out a statement saying that his complete healing is paramount and their primary focus. this morning, a glimmer of hope for lamar odom and his family.
7:41 am
a source close to the situation reporting the former basketball star is conscious and able to khloe kardashian. a representative for odom's aunt telling abc news the two-time nba champion oned his eyes and gave a thumbs up, those simple words launching him back into the headlines. >> there are new developments in lamar odom's fight for his life. >> lamar odom is awake. >> lamar o odom comi out of his coma today. >> reporter: it's among the first signs of hope since he was found unrespsponsive ia nevada brothel five da ago. >> they can't get him to wake up. >> reporter: the kardashian family along with other loved ones rushing to his side. on thursy his children from a previous relationship telling fans, "thanks for your outpouring of prayers and support for our dad. e troubled star was reportedly working on an nba comeback. his former college coach a and close frnds telling abc news how much he believes in the former nba superstar. >> i certainly think he can beat everything and get healthy and
7:42 am
well, and there's a lot of people willing to help him, but he's got to be willing to help himself. >> reporter: so certainly again this is encouraging news this morning. but a source close to the situation saying that at this point lamar odom's condition remains guarded. m and paula. >> that's a big question. all right, kayna, we are sending him our thoughts and our prayers and best road to recovery. and coming up on "good morning america," bringing back a major part of music history that millennials are totally clueless about. i hope you set them trait in "pop news." >> we'll introduce a little bit of the '80s. >> that's what i'm talking about. >> you're welcome. in my world that's lactaid. right. 100% real milk, just without the lactose. so you can drink all you want... ...with no discomfort? exactly. here, try some... m, i it is reamilk. see? delicious. hoof bump! oh. right here girl, boom lactaid . 100% real milk. no discomfort
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all right. best time on saturday. time for "pop news." sara haines, she has it all. >> thank you very much. >> you really do have it all.
7:45 am
but no one is listening. >> we are. >> angelina jolie and brad tt's children are following in their famous rents' footsteps. the glamorous family making their "vogue" debut. shot by annie leibovitz, angie, brad and six kids look carefree and happy and perhaps getting into the halloween spirit a little early. the actress telling "vogue" the children are homeschooled by teachers with different backgrounds and religions and learn about the history of their countries. it hits newsstands october 21st. they grow that family and they're international travelers and those kids are going to be -- >> they're going to have it all. >> like you have it all. >> they're on the front of "vogue." >> they're a family cool family. >> and their parents aren't bad looking either. that's my mom and dad.
7:46 am
a dionne warwick singalong, i can confirm that "my best >> this is great. >> julia roberts's hit movie being developed into a tv show on abc. the film's oscar winning screenwriter will pen the new thmovie left off and follows jules and her best friend joel as they navigate life in new york city. how amazing is ts? >> ron claiborne is so ecstatic right now. >> did you see that movie? >> i did, a lo time ago. >> did you love it? >> i loved it! >> did you like the karaoke scene? >> i cried, i laughed. >> when she compares it to jell-o and creme brulee. >> that's what i cried about. >> okay, i wanted to make sure you knew the good parts, okay. and morgan freeman has jusust been voted the person with the sexiest american accent. i didn't realize american accents could be sexy. a british airways poll full his dulcet tones to be the most attractive to our friends across the pond. >> one day when i got a long white beard and two or three marbles rolling around upstairs,
7:47 am
the list, dolly parton. >> dolly parton? >> yeah, and coming in third reese wiwitherspoo >> reese witherspoon? >> all of them hail as some point from tennessee so clearly they love the southern accent. >> yeah. >> i didn't even know people tell me like if you ask somee with another accent, they're like american accents sound really harsh. >> they do. >> they're just jealous. >> i don't know if that's what they're talking about. they're usually australian when i'm asking this question. >> bostonian accents are pretty >> dan not even here to defend himself. >> when n breaks into that -- >> i love it. less of that. this is epic. today is international cassette day. >> yes. >> so it's time to rifle through mixed tapes from your glory days. if by chance you didn't t keep our cassette selection, never fear, urban outfitters will give away tapes all day. >> oh, my goodness.
7:48 am
>> andelling players. don't show them to your children because the folks from fine brothers entertainment did on their shows, kids react and >> oh, what is this thing? >> i have no idea what it is. >> what is this? >> nope. >> how do you put it in? >> wow. >> how old -- >> they have no idea. now? >> it hurts my heart. >> we managed to dig one out and like i think everyone at this table can safely say, you remember like even working out with these and having to flip the tape. >> it's difficult to run with one of those attached to your shorts. >> especially those headphones. >> it's huge. >> well, these are like probably not the best example of this. this makes me feel like a dinosaur, but i mean seriously remember how this was all we knew. you had to rewind to the special song. >> do you still have -- i i stilha my mixed tapes. >> i have new kids on the block, i have survivor. >> def leppard. >> footloose. >> journey, chicago. >> soundtrack to "girls just want to have fun." >> you don't remember eight track tapes, do you? >> i do.
7:49 am
>> how do you work this thing? >> no, i don't. >> remember that -- you used to run with an lp player. >> sure. >> good exercise. >> oh. >> we'll be right back. >> yeah. >> o oh, my go i've smoked a lot and quit a lot, but ended up nowhere. now i use this. the nicoderm cq patch, with unique extended release tenology, helps prevent the urge to smoke all day. i want this time toto be my lt time. that's why i choose
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"good morning america" is brought to you by lumber liquidators. hardwood floors for less. don't forget, big game on abc tonight. >> 8:00. penn state, ohio state. >> michigan/michigigan state cubs/mets. what more do you want, people? >> you back tomorrow? >> notre dame. >> 'canes/virginia tech. go, 'canes.
7:52 am
>> wow, you went there. good morning, america. good mning, america. kevin the coach with you, what a friday night it was. alcs, game one, kansas city trying to go back to the world series for the second straight year. oh, look at the sights above the "k." let's go to the bottom four, royals already up 2-0 with salvador perez, fourth career postseason home run and the royals up, 3-0. edison volquez. he was dynamic. top six, oh, troy tulowitzki right down broadway, volququez, six innings, no runs, two hits. eric hosmer, a little insurance. bottomight,
7:53 am
the blue jayays in gamone, 5-0. brett rypien and number 21 boise state facing utah state. already 38-10.0. utah state leading. closing seconds of the first half, wait a minute. rypien's pass off the hands of thomas sperbeck. marwin evans, run them jewels fast. half by boise state. ah state, the 52-26 win. going to be a tremendous college football saturday. enjoy the football or enjoy the farm if you're bringing your daughter there.
7:54 am
connors, good morning, ameririca. connors, good morning, america.
7:55 am
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