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tv   Local 5 News at Five  ABC  October 29, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm CDT

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deputy on the side of the road. now the driver is charged with assault causing injury and child endangerment. local 5's kattey ortiz is live at johnston middle school with the latest. kattey? kattey/live jack and stephanie -- that shocking video shows just how scared and shaken up students on that bus were after witnessing their driver shove a 15 year old special needs student down to the floor. it was an early release day for students here at johnston middle school, they were on their way home when all of this happened. this was the scene around 12:20 this afternoon at the 3600 block of southeast glenstone in grimes. after students recorded the video ... the bus driver continued on their route ... and it was at the next bus stop that students saw a sheriff's deputy that is normally posted there.
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they ran off the bus and flagged him down about what they just saw with the video to prove it. tonight -- the bus driver --- identified as 61 year old robert scarbrough -- is in polk county jail, charged with assault causing injury and child endangerment. "this was a very poor choice by a driver. and our drivers undergo regular behavior training as part of our positive behavioral intervention and support system, and this person made a very poor choice in how to handle a behavioral issue today." kattey/live the victim of the assault was treated and released at the scene. police say scarbrough got upset with the student when he wouldn't sit in his assigned seat. the student allegedly said some inflammatory comments back, that's when he was shoved. according to the school district ... scarbrough had only been with them since the beginning of the school year. he passed a background check. at six -- students are shocked after seeing that video -- we'll let you know what they have to say. live in johnston kattey ortiz local five news
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we are iowa. jack: in polk city, the search is on for trucks. but these aren't off the street. the two ford f- 350's were public works-- logos and all-- tools inside. local 5's jacob peklo shows you got away with prominently marked vehicles.
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barely recognize the cars by now. roger sanders, polk city police chief: "well, it's very possible that the thieves have already taken measures to strip this signs and identification things off the side of it." sanders says anyone should be on the lookout for the liftgate on the back of the trucks, as well as the large toolboxes in the cab area. roger sanders, polk city police chief: "nobody's done anything wrong, nobody's done anything negligent. everybody's done exactly what they're supposed to do. the only people who've done anything wrong here are the thieves who've broken into our facility and stolen our equipment." jacob peklo, reporting: "at this point, police aren't commenting on how the burglars were able to break in or how they were able to get out. reporting in polk city, jacob peklo, local five news. we are iowa.")>> jack: the city has insurance, so it'll be paid back the full value of the vehicles. no city projects should be disrupted because of the theft. police are encouraging anyone who might have seen anything about to contact polk county. for more information head dot com. stephanie:
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imagine answering your door to find two men holding guns. police say that's what happened in a fort dodge burglary. it happened just after midnight at 13-07 first avenue north. the caller told police that a person was knocking on their door and they thought they had a gun, when officers arrived, the people in the house say two armed men stole things from the home. both men had their faces covered, but the victims say they are hispanic, around 20-30 years old. one was wearing a green hooded sweatshirt ...the other in a red hoodie. they are still investigating. stephanie: new at 5 tonight, a major break in a decades old child abduction out of minnesota. local 5's amanda krenz is here with more. amanda/bam there are a couple of reasons iowans know about this case and are intrigued by it. first of all it happened one state away in minnesota... 11 year old jacob wetterling was kidnapped in 1989 when he was riding bikes with his brother and a friend. also... it reminds many of us in iowa of some similar unsolved missing children cases.
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52-year-old daniel james heinrich of annandale minnesota is considered a person of interest in jacob wetterling's kidnapping case. the reason he was arrested is because police did a search warrant in july... and they found a bunch of child pornography. right now heinrich is only a person of interest in the wetterling case... but that case sparks memories of these two young men, johnny gosch and eugene martin. johnny gosch disappeared from his paper route in west des moines in 1982 when he was 12 years old. martin was also a young paperboy who went missing in 1984 in des moines. law officers from both police departments say the news from minnesota defitely make them think about these boys, and wonder if there's a possible connection. both of their cases remain open. live in the studio, amanda krenz, local five news we are iowa. jack: governor branstad has a plan for out-of- state companies to take over iowa's medicaid program. but it's not going smoothly. the latest hiccup is this hearing. there's a former
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iowa lawmaker on trial, renee schultee (shult'-ee). she also used to work for the department of human services. she's defending herself against accusations that she may have used inside, confidenditial information to help get one of those out-of- state companies selected to take over iowa's medicaid. the iowa hospital association has been opposed to the governor's plan from the start and says this trial is only one of many concerns. stephanie/ram round three for the republican presidential candidates was a spirited debate. the 10 on stage launched fierce attacks on each other-- not even the moderators were spared. (sot - kasich) folks, we have got to wake up. right from the start: the frontrunners, donald trump and ben carson, come under attack. (sot kasich) we cannot elect someone that doesn't know how to do the job. then, a classic trump counter punch against ohio governor john kasich.. (sot - trump) "his poll numbers tanked. that is why he is on the end. and he got nasty. he got nasty. so, you know what? you can have him." the real estate mogul
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failed wall street firm lehman brothers. and another sparring match... as jeb bush goes after first-year senator marco rubio for missing senate votes to campaign. (sot - bush) "when you signed up for this, this is a six- year term. you should be showing up to term." (sot - rubio) "someone has convinced you that attacking me is going to help you." rubio defended his voting record with a comparison to john mccain and others who missed votes during presidential campaigns. new jersey governor chris christie drew applause for his slam on a question about regulating betting for fantasy football. (sot - christie) we have 19 trillion in debt, people out of work, we have isis and al qaeda attacking us and we're really talking about fantasy football? can we stop? as the candidates battled over their records and tax plans... they found agreement on one thing: ted cruz vents their shared frustration with the moderators. (sot - cruz) "this is not a cage
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jack: the u-s house of representatives has a new speaker, representative paul ryan. the wisconsin congressman was elected with the overwhelming support of republican members, receiving 236 votes. democrat nancy pelosi got 184 votes. while addressing the chamber after receiving the speaker's gavel, ryan called the house "broken", and said he intends to push for more inclusion. stephanie/2shot coming up on local 5 news at five... floating aimlessly across the sky. how a military blimp when on an unintended journey. jack: next... it's a special delivery for many people across the metro. how these kittens could come visit you with just a quick phone call. stephanie: and... straight ahead on local 5 news at 5... they do it for the reactions. see a metro yard that is all decked out for halloween. "you're watching local 5 news at 5 in hd with jack miller, stephanie angleson, we are
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forecast with chief meteorologist brad edwards. this is local 5 news at 5, we are iowa." jack/lam they're still trying to figure out what happened with that blimp that broke free from a miltary base and crashed in pennsylvania. the balloon was followed by fighter jets as it floated across two states. abc's marci gonzalez reports. today - investigators are trying to figure out how this happened. nat viewer vid - "oh my god" this 175-million dollar, top-secret military surveillance blimp, ripping free from a military base in aberdeen, maryland yesterday afternoon. ..
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nats - oh my god it's dragging a 66-hundred foot metal cable behind it, knocking out powerlines, wn kid down our power at school and it knocked columbia's power. the helium-filled blimp... crossing over neighborhoods.. we were just like holy cow! that thing is enormous. military officials- unable to stop it ganyard there's supposed to be a switch that somebody on the ground, in an emergency can flip, that will do an emergency deflation and bring it down. in this case, they tried that switch but it didn't work the blimp, equipped able to search an area the size missiles and nearly 3-billion dollar system to defend the nation's ganyard pentagon was not only where does it come down, but they need to keep technology because it is so sensitive that they don't want anybody to see it. after four hours- the balloon was finally - snagged by trees, in moreland township pennsylvania... we are now working
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you may have heard shot gun shot.. that is how we are deflating it? though experts say factor in this blimp free, military officials explanation. mg abc news ny stephanie: several injuries reported after a plane caught fire on the florida airport. the f-a-a says the dynamic international airways flight was preparing to depart from fort lauderdale- hollywood international airport today when the pilot reported a fuel leak. shortly after, the boeing seven-67 caught fire. passengers were evacuated from the plane via slides onto the taxiway and the airport was shut down due to the blaze. stephanie/ots furry friends on demand. that's what people across the metro enjoyed today through the uber app. "nope...sam!" stephanie: uber drivers delivered these kittens to our uber drivers delivered these kittens to our
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newsroom this afternoon. for a fee of thirty dollars, you get 15 minutes of playtime with these tiny felines. uber offered the service across the country and in canada to help support participating des moines it's the animal rescue league. "i wouldn't be surprised if our 3 get adopted by some of our visits. we've had some pretty interested people that we've been visiting that weren't quite ready to give them up." stephanie: in total, 15 kittens visited people across the metro. best of all-- some are still available for adoption. jack: meteorologist james peterson joins us now.. james ((ad lib weather toss)) james ((ad lib weather toss)) i'll have your forecast next "now, we are iowa's
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forecachilly temps overnight tonight, we'll get clear skies back across the skies with much less wind and lows falling in to the mid to low 30s. friday is going to be kind of awful as well with temps in the mid 50s and a gloomy second half of the day with clouds building back into iowa. we have a rain chance late friday night (probably after 10pm for the metro)
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through saturday morning, but i think tailgaters for the isu and iowa games will be in luck since the rain should be gone fairly early in the morning. sunday is the start of a brief warming trend that should get us into the 70s by monday and last into next wednesday, so there is some light at the end
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james/wxhang (adlib) jack: thanks, james
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thanks, james and if you're wondering where brad is tonight. he's receiving the i-s-u distinguished alumni award for his work in the geological and athmospheric sciences department. congratulations brad.
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jack: coming up on local 5 news at five... think you've seen a cool halloween display in your neighborhood? wait until you check out this urbandale yard.
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jack: one urbandale family is really getting into the spirit of getting into the spirit of halloween this year. the scott family has been decorating their home for more than twenty years, but this is the first time they've done it since moving to urbandale two years ago. tombstones and skeletons adorn their long front yard, which they set up over the course of a weekend. they say it's a family friendly design, with lots of puns and allusions for kids and adults alike. brenda scott, urbandale resident: "i think the best part is the reactions that we get from everybody. to me, halloween is a time to be outside yourself and be somebody different. it's for the kids mostly, and it's just to have
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fun." jack: the scotts say one of their favorite things will be the flaming jack o'lanterns that'll be outside of their house tomorrow night. they say, taking down the display is a lot easier than setting it up. tear down only takes a few hours. stephanie: haunted houses that are more than scary-- they could be dangerous. it's what local fire departments try to crack down on but they say it's nearly impossible. most big attractions spend thousands of dollars to pass safety inspections and get approval from the city. but some still slip through the cracks, and safety officials say it could turn a night of fun into something serious. tonight at ten, local 5's nikki davidson shows you what to know before you go-- and how to avoid a potential danger. stephanie: and if you're looking for a haunting this halloween -- local five has a round-up of local halloween events happening across the metro.. just head online to we are iowa dot com for the can also find the latest news and weather there as well.
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jack/2shot time for another quick break... time for another quick break... time for another quick break... meteorologistja mes peterson will be back with one last look at
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mid to low 30s. friday is going to be kind of awful as well with temps in the mid 50s and a gloomy second half of the day with clouds building back into iowa. we have a rain chance late friday night
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through saturday morning, but i think tailgaters for the isu
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tonight, the passenger plane
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bursting into flames.
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