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tv   Local News at Ten  ABC  October 30, 2015 10:00pm-10:35pm CDT

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5 news at 10 in hd .webrad/wx wall weather adlib: it's the halloween weekend, and rain is moving in! should we be scared? well, in many areas of the metro, we should luck out with most of the rain increasing after 8 pm when beggar's night ends. rain will be likely overnight, so drive safely. temps will be in the low 50s
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evening. some rain may still be around saturday morning, but should move eastward and out of central iowa by mid-morning. we might see some clearing in the afternoon for especially areas to the west. temps for halloween day are looking like mid 50s stephanie/2shot good evening. i'm stephanie angleson. jack/2shot and i'm jack angleson. jack/2shot and i'm jack miller. tonight, new video released in the johnston bus assault case shows what happened before and after a 15-year-old special needs child was shoved. the bus driver in the video, rober scarbrough, is in jail facing child endangerment and assault charges. stephanie: we showed you video of the incident yesterday, and now local 5 has new, longer version of that confrontation. it shows what happened before the altercation, we've blurred out the children's faces. " children talking...get up! behind you. get up here. you! get up here! suck my...woah! hey don't say that to me. hey, stop! stop! stop! say it again.
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can't do that. sit down! sit your a down. you canont do that. you cannot assault another kid. hit me again. knock it off. i'm following this story since it broke. she spoke to the johnston school district about how they train their bus drivers. they told us, scarbrough did follow some of their protocol. ""it takes a special person to be a bus driver." robert scarbrough semester as a school school district in johnston when he allegedly assaulted a boy with special needs. but he went through all proper training. when they're first hired ... bus drivers get one-on-one attention with a trainer who's also a driver. "everything from bus mechanics, radio etiquette, etiquette with the kids." the kids go through their own training too ... called the positive behavior intervention system -- be respectful, be responsible and be safe.
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students. but sometimes things get out of hand. "they're advised to pull over, stop the bus, call the district transportation office and say i need assistance. the transportation office calls the johnston police department and they come out to assist however they can." assistants can also help manage the situation for the driver. scarbrough didn't have one on his route. standup: "the district says in a perfect world they would have an assistant on every single bus route, but because they provide transportation to every student no matter where they live, it's something the ultimate question: did scarbrough do anything according to protocol before everything escalated? "when the driver felt a need to speak with students, he correctly pulled the bus over and stopped the bus so that there were no dangers of any kind, no moving violations."" they say he also radioed dispatch at one point ... but what he said and at what
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stephanie: there are various trainings throughout the year for drivers monthly, some on basis. scarbrough is on administrative district and in he has a no with the victim we've asked you at home to share your thoughts about this story. stephanie: altoona called in thinks " the children's behavior was than the bus driver, and that those kids should be commended for standing up to him." a woman from ankeny who asked us to not use her name told us, " obviously the driver's behavior is appalling, but we need to look at the bigger issue of why children are becoming increasingly more disrespectful to adults and what can be done about it. jack: the number one attack target from wednesday night's republican debate on cnbc wasn't democrats or other republicans -- it was the moderators. jack: now-- republicans,
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angry about the questions asked wednesday, are taking action. jack: the republican national committee is changing the channel for its february debate. in a letter to nbc, the r-n-c says, quote, the questions were inaccurate or downright offensive." specifically referenced was the first question directed to donald trump, asking if he was running a comic book version of a presidential campaign. nbc was set to hold the gop debate on february 26th with both telemundo and the national review. the republican national committee says the debate will continue... just without n-b-c. jack: ten of the republicans running for president are around the metro this weekend for the state party's "growth and opportunity party" that's at the state fair grounds tomorrow. today, the iowa democratic party is speaking out about the large gathering of republicans. "they don't care about growth and opportunity for seniors or immigrant famlies or students or lgbt iowans too often their policies would lead to fewer opportunities and
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to get by and fufill their dreams " jack: one of the republicans attending tomorrow's party, threw a party of his own downtown. at buzzard billy's tonight, senator rand paul held a "stand with rand" halloween costume party. we stopped by to see if the candidate was costume, he wasn't. but tonight's holiday party. i want to hear about what hes planning on doing with his tax policy i want to hear him talk about the federal reserve a little bit more i really think rand's a wonderful canidate he stands for very small government which totally resonates with me the biggest thing i was hoping to hear from him tonight is how to decrease our deficit. jack: again, rand will be in the metro tomorrow as part of the "growth and
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opportunity party." look for coverage of that event tomorrow on local 5. stephanie: the des moines police department trying something a little bit different this year for halloween. they're stopping trick or treaters in their tracks, with a fun surprise. local five's jacob peklo joins us now with more. jacob? jacob: stephanie, it was definitely a fun night to be a kid. and if you got stopped by a police officer while you were trick or treating, it was definitely a good thing. officer jason hempstead's patrol of des moines was a little more laid back on friday. natural sound of officer hempstead: "somebody was digging into this." instead of writing tickets, he was giving out candy to trick or treaters. natural sound of officer: "want some candy?" natural sound of parent: "say thank you." jason hempstead, des moines police: "we're handing out candy to the young people of the city. trying to build relations, build rapport, connect to them." there were times, where the message wasn't immediately so sweet. natural sound of siren natural sound of officer: "please put your hands on your head." but others, where the kids knew something good was coming their way. jason hempstead, des moines police: "we have a large bag of candy, and i'm going to give liberally to whoever wants it." like the other 18 or so officers deployed across the city,
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hempstead says the giving was the easy part. jason hempstead, des moines police: "we're usually a hero to some and a zero to others, and that zero's often because we've had negative dealings with people they love and oftentimes, they don't understand the entire circumstance." and while there was a little work involved to get the candy. natural sound of singing: "like a diamond in the sky." natural sound of officer: "that's great." natural sound of children: "thank you." natural sound of bag rustling. the payoff for both the giver and the receiver was well worth it. natural sound: "what do you call a cow with no legs?" officer: "what?" child: "ground beef." officer: "oh, good one." jason hempstead, des moines police: "oh, it's great. their joy is my joy. and when they smile and they appreciate what we're doing and they feel that there is a connection to a police officer, they treasure it, and we treasure it just the same." jacob: hempstead says the department would definitely like to try this event again next year. live in the studio, jacob peklo, local five news. we are iowa.
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stephanie: want to share your family's halloween fun? share them with us. go to we are iowa dot come and click on the share it tab! stephanie: chief meteorologist brad edwards here now... brad ((ad lib weather toss)) jack: coming up on local 5 news at football season starts to wrap up, the ice heats up. we head to urbandale for tonight's bucaneer's game. stephanie: then, cedar falls is looking to the sun to go green. how they plan to power nearly 300 hundred homes. jack: and... it's the opened up today in iowa. there. "monday on good morning iowa... it's not a scene from movie... but we'll see where a costumed "here" has taken to patroling his neighborhood... " plus... did the owl or jack win? we'll have the results from our pumpkin carving competition...
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iowa! vote for the owl.
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meteorologist brad edwards and local 5 meteorologist brad edwards and local 5 sports with sports director jon schaeffer. this is local 5 news at 10. we floating pumpkins in texas.
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it's not part of some halloween tradition. it's from all the rain and flooding they're having right now. 12 inches of rain since midnight last night in some areas of central texas. several people had to be some areas of central texas. several people had to be rescued from street flooding in austin today. stephanie: jack: brad brad: weather adlib: it's the halloween weekend, and rain is moving in! should we be scared? well, in many areas of the metro, we should luck out with most of the rain increasing after 8 pm when beggar's night ends. rain will be likely overnight, so drive safely. temps will be in the low 50s to upper 40s this evening. some rain may still be around saturday morning, but should move eastward
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iowa by mid-morning. we might see some clearing in the afternoon for especially areas to the west. temps for halloween day are looking like mid 50s with western iowa a bit warmer. it will be mainly clear and cool for any trick-or- treaters that are going out saturday evening. then we head into november and back to standard time on sunday. but the real exciting thing is that we will push our highs close to 70 that afternoon! and we keep the warm trend going into the first half of next week. it will cool off with some rain by thursday and friday, so enjoy those 70s while we
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brad stephanie: jack: jack: local 5, a tough
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season. we'll preview the weekend ahead for the them as they try to right the ship. stephanie: next....a renewable fuels milestone. why this iowa ethanol plant is one for the record books. "your watching local 5 news in hd. home of
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the world's largest cellulosic ethanol plant opened its doors. dupont's had a special celebration this morning at their newest facility in nevada. the plant will transform corn stover-- which includes the leaves, stalks, and cobs-- into ethanol. this new technology
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house gas emissions by 90 compared to gasoline. create 85 150 seasonal jobs, and will help provide extra income to 500 farmers in the area. branstad: "this new how we provide value to farmers, to the processors, and the throughout the entire world." stephanie: production at the plant will start next week with shipments expected year. they expect to produce 30 million gallons of fuel per year. stephanie: and people in cedar falls are trying to go green! work starts soon at prairie lakes park in cedar falls... where 1.5 mega watt solar panels will soon cover an entire field enough to supply electricity to about 275 homes per year. those who buy units or share will have to pay 270... but already people are showing interest. including the university of northern iowa and veridian credit union..
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adapt solar so yeah, this is a great alternative " " stephanie: they're hoping to start the installation this winter jack: jon here now-- and jon i played hockey-- you played hockey-- who doesn't love a little puck. jon: yeah jack a great night to take in some junior hockey action. coming up on local 5 sports the bucs have a big battle with the fighting saints-- could they get the w in front of the home crowd? find out next. " now, local 5 sports with jon schaeffer. we
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moines buccanneers are 4-5 and one. it's still very early in the season-- but every point matters. tonight they host the best team in the eastern conference-- the dubuque fighting saints. over to the madhouse on hickman-- dubuque lighting the lamp early in this one. gordon green feeds mitchell smith-- the one timer finds the back of the net one nothing saints. five minutes later-- dubuque at it again nathan sucese in alone on the break away goes five hole-- things not looking good. but late in the first patrick grasso-- the des moines native-- and new hampshire bound player stuffs home the loose puck to cut the lead to one. second period. layne mckay with the nice backhand pass to wyatt bongiovanni who
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shelfs it where grandma hides the cookies-- tying it at 2.... bucs go on to win 4 to 2 the final tonight.. they'll be back at it tomorrow night in cedar rapids. the iowa wild also haven't been off to a hot start this season-- but the injury bug has hit them hard early. tonight they were in rockford. but they've got a pair of home games saturday and sunday. head coach john torchetti won't call their 2-4-1-1 record a tough start. he sees a light at the end of the tunnel-- if they can make some changes to their intensity. " playing without three center men it's been really hard down the middle it's a puck possession game and that's a part of being confident and more comfortable with the puck now we gotta work hard chip pucks in try and get pucks back without having possession coming through the neutral zone with speed we have to work harder for loose pucks and we're not a very big team so we have to learn about that work ethic part and keep getting better i thought you're seeing our second period in our last game was our best period all year so you're seeing good things come. the wild take on milwaukee at 7 pm tomorrow night
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at wells fargo arena-- then rockford comes to town sunday night at 5. the wild fell tonight 4 nothing to rockford. jon: this week alex giaimo met up with iowa place kicker marshall koehn. koehn has hit 10 of 12 field goals-- and was looking to show alex how to put it right down the middle as well check it out. "(giaimo) so marshall i don't know if you know this but i am a little bit of an athlete myseld i used to play soccer back in high school in new jersey. i've never kicked a football though and i've always wanted to try do you think you can show me how? (koehn) yea, lets do it. (giaimo) okay well before i make a fool of myself show me how it's done. (koehn) okay so we just got a couple of basic things, um so you're going to kick the ball with the top bone of your right foot, that's where you want to make contact. you want to take 3 steps back from the ball, so if you are right footed, then you go two to the left, then you are going to square it up, find your target the uprights, and am i hitting this? alright. (giaimo) okay so like inside? okay...your like big toe? and like kick it...just like a soccer ball.'s been a
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long time. (giaimo) marshall did you deflate this ball for me? (laughs) (giaimo) one, two, three. one, two..(laughs) and (screams) (giaimo) that's it we are ending on that one..done! (giamo) alright marshall...definitely not as easy as it looks but i think soccer helped me a little bit. you were so great. thank you so much. (koehn) thanks a lot alex. " " koehn and the hawkeyes kick off at 2:30 tomorrow here on local 5. we'll recap the game at 6:30 on the cyhawk rewind. "see what happens here, jesse down there ready to get this one short-- binger how we looking?
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now jack and stephanie that was me a couple of fridays ago in north polk-- hitting a 35 yard field goal. i know alex giaimo will watch this so the challenge has been brought-- giaimo me-- you field goal contest... get your cleats ready.... date to be determined. let's take a look at the world series game 3 tonight in new york kansas city up 2 nothing in this series. jon/3shot (wrap sports) stephanie: jack: we'll be right back... you're watching local
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halloween may have found a new featured feline. stephanie: a "creepy" new breed of cat called lykoi -- greek for "wolves" -- have made their debut and earned the nickname "werewolf cat" because of their eerie resemblance to the fictional canine. now although they are 100 percent cat, the felines have some of the signature personality traits of a dog. they wag their tails, track scents like a hound dog, and they'll even play fetch! jack: and this just in from a viewer, west des moines police were also out trick-or- treating tonight. thanks to emsuda sak-ah- novic for sharing these
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and thanks to all begger's night. brad: weather adlib: it's the halloween weekend, should we be scared? the metro, we should luck out with most of the rain increasing after 8 pm when beggar's night ends. rain will be likely safely. temps will be in the low 50s to upper 40s this evening. some rain may still be around saturday morning, but should move eastward and
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and now, abc's "jimmy kimmel live." >> dicky: from brooklyn, it's
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