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tv   Local 5 News Late Edition  ABC  October 31, 2015 10:30pm-11:00pm CDT

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>> kirk: think p.j. walker and the boys thought about this, walker and thomas, growing up together, same high hool, thought about this opportunity? 2:02 to go, playing notre dame? a top ten team and a chance to go down and try to beat them? >> chris: irish show pressure. walker escapes. darts up the middle. and is knocked down after he makes a first down at t the 38 by redfield >> kirk: day got in there in a hurry and this time, you saw the ability to escape the pressure by walker and theat athletic ability. they want him to use his feet more. that's an example of needing to do that right there. >> chris: quick 15 yards. first down. delivers incomplete. anderson in traffic, could not make the catch with redfield bearing down on him. >> kirk: talked about these guys growing up, playing at the same high school. elizabeth, new j jersey. had walker who was a little bit more heavily recruited, really
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not that much more. but being recruited, he told matt rhule, you have to look at my running back. you have to look at my running back. now here they are, playing for temple. >> chris: they met as 8-year-olds playing pop warner and basketball together. warner delivers a complete. and short of the first down, a couple yards short is deloatch who makes his first catch, so, third and two. it's been a problem area for the owls. >> kirk: and brian vangorder not getting conservative. bringing pressure. bringing the blitzes from the safeties there on second down. >> chrhris: walker. loops it down field for anderson -- it would h have bn a very tough throw, over russell in coverage. anand now i comes to a fourth and two. there's a flag down and sheldon day saying the owls grabbed him. hands to the face is the preliminary signal against temple. >> referee: personal foul.
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hands to the face, offense, number 72. 15-yard penalty. third down. >> kirk: i don't -- i don't see a 72 on the eld. >> chris: neither does matt rhule. >> kirk: 75? >> chris: 52, lofton there. >> kirk: 75 going up against sheldon day. that is a costly penalty for temple. >> chris: rather than a fourth and two, back them up to a third and long from the 32. walker escapes and then throws down field, intercepted! russell jumped in front of john christopher, and the irish are going to hold on. >> kirk: when the game is on the line, you need your better players to step uand make a play.
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walker's just tryin to make a play. steps up in the pocket. looked like he may have had a chance, maybe underestimated the closing speed of russell. heart breaking for p.j. walker, but a good play by russell, who incidentally, against usc, with the game on the line, came up not only with a big interception, but also a tipped pass that led to an interception by max redfield. so, back-to-back games, one of their better players, late in the game, needs to make a play, and russell does exactly what he needs to do. and yes, he got his hands under it. that's an interception. >> chris: i think christopher thought he had a catch. russell came from out of nowhere to make the pick. the first turnover for temple tonight. owls can stop the clock twice. and prosise tackled and temple will spend the first time-out with 1:02 to go. cassidy hubbarth with the ford
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we'll have more reaction on this onone, as well, as the irish take an important sp towards that 11-1 season, staying in playoff consideration, among the top one-loss teams, along with alabama, who plays lsu next week and, of course, stanford. those two teams will collide at the end of the year in palo alto. >> kirk: yeah, and they are jt trying to get to that point. you know how it is when you get to november. there are no foregone colusions. when the rankings come out, the pressure becomes very, very severe and sometimes you have teams that have nothing to lose and they go in to play you and sometimes they can shock the world. >> chris: 7:00 eastern time on espn, the ignaugural of the college football playoff top 25 show. the 12-perso cmittee will be
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with their first set of raings. that theyan change a lot. we saw that last year. zer. a very safe play, just keeps it. actually shakes a tackle. gets out across the 40 and the owls will spend their final time-out with 58 seconds left. the lg v-10 moments of this saturday weren't any significant surprises. clemson was given a hard fight by nc state, but they dodge the potential look ahead to the noles, and they win it by 15. how about this one? favorite game of thehe day here, only 12 scores. >> kirk: oh, man. start watching some of those games in the big 12, it's painful. >> chris: goal line stand there to win the little brown jug against the gophers in minnesota. and d vangorde never stops coaches. just in case they have to go
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a hail mary. he's still coaching them up. >> kirk: one of the things that the committee has to evaluate, some of the games in the big 12, where you see the shootouts and all the points being scored versus a game like this where you see notre dame go into philadelphia and play temple, i you don't realize temple is a really good foot wall team this year -- this is more impressive of a win than maybe some people realize, because of what kind of team temple has. >> chris: you watch this game tonight, you know how ha-earned this victory was for the irish. they have temple take the lead with an incredible drive. couple of fourth down conversions, as kizer is knocked down just short of the marker. it will be fourth down and temple cannot stop the clock running at 45 seconds. 75-yard drive. did it in six plays. 2:36. and will fuller, philalphia
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native, making the catch that may prove to be the game winner for brian kelly's team tonight. >> chris: looks like he's just going to let it run down to that onone second, call a time-out. chris, we should say, if notre dame goes on to win this game, and we'll see, it's not over. we all watched the michig/michigan state game. it's not over yet. if they do, this is a heck of a win by the irish, finding a way late, showing that toughness that they've had to show sometimes this year on the road. they found a way to win. and for temple, they have nothing to apologize for. this is a big, big week for them. a lot of expore, everybody wondered how they would handle the primetime, the spotlight, playing here where the eagles play, it's sold out, which doesn't happen that afternoon. and they took advantage, in my opinion, of this stage andf this opportunity and they put on a great performance coming up a little bit short. >> chris: did not come out here for moral victories, but i agree with what you said. they showed the country, this is a very, very solid team and a solid football program.
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this won't be just a one-year blep. you brought up the mimichigan/mhigan state game. we have to run off the final five seconds here. brian kelly knows how good temple's been at blocking punts. >> kirk: five seconds, you snap the ball to t the quarterback, you run backwards for three, four seconds and you take a knee. you got a couple personal prectors to take care of him to help him out. >> chris: you don't even risk a punt here? >> kirk: i wouldn't. not t at all. >> chris and kizer is still involved inn the conveversation with kelly. >> kirk: if something happens like that against michigan and michigan state, everybody learns from . you think you've covered it and everybody makes sure they have a little bit more time on thursday in practice to cover these kind of situations. >> chris: they put two seconds back on the clock. seven seconds to play. kizer, by the way, was an excellent punter in high school. he's been a pooch punter occasionally. >> kirk: no, no. >> chris: you could leave him in the game, just boot it down there, though. >> kirk: he could just drop
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back, throw the ball as high and far as he can, straight up, you kn, land it about the 20 yard line. you could do that, too. or throw it out of bounds. just throw it as far as you canan out of bounds. the clock will expire. >> chris: kizer in the game. wh will do just that. drop back -- lost the ball mow momentaryily and just throws it in the bench. oh, my goodness! the clock has run out. but very nearly a turnover and can you see that kizer -- knows they got away with something there. >> kirk: i was surprised that he -- i thought he might do that, but i dn't he would step in front of two defenders. 50 gets his handsds on the ball anknocks it away. >> chris: if temple had been able to fall on that -- game is over that perhaps would have had a second or two to throw it to the end zone. but the irish, as kelly congratulates rhule, come into
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philadphia and take d down a very game temple team. a come from behind fourth quarter rally by number 9, noter dame, to stay in playoff consideration. heather with brian kelly. >> heather: chris, thank you so much. coach, temple didn't make it easy. how did you keep this team believing? >> well, we've got a group that's,, y know, veteran and they believe they're going to win, as well. we've been a fourth quarter team all year and, you know, we made a play when we needed to. we had too many missed opportunities, obviously, in the red zone, but we showed great resiliencygainst a very, very good team. >> hther: you've talked this week during your bye week that this is a team that is in march madness mode. how did you get them to play like it's one and done but not pressing too much? >> again, we're playing with a young quarterback. we have to play better around him but he made a huge play when he needed to. we mounted the big drive when we had to come up big and i'm proud of the way our kids competed
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tonight and found a way on the road to win a good game. >> heaer: and your defense stepped up, as wellll, seeming the win with that interception. what was your reaction as your defense did that? >> we needed to make a play. we hadn't made many plays and it was goo to see that play. and we knew we needed to, obviously, offensively, get a first down and obviously made it tough there at the end, but we found a way to win. >> heather: describe the confidence level you have in deshone kizer, after throwing two picks in the first halalf and coming to play in the sesecond. >> it's the confidence that he has in himself. we're going to let him play he made a checkdown in the red zone. wead a run play on. he checked out of it and threw a grt ball in the corner of the end zone. >> heather: congrats on the win. >> thank you. >> chris: heather, thank you. a comprehensive analysis from coach kelly. the at&t strong performance focusing on kizer, who was 23 of 36, 299. had a late touchdown pass, the game winner to fuller. did have a couple of picks, and a great game on the ground, as
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well. ran for 143 and he's with heather. >> heather: chris, thank you so ch. congratulations. we just talked to your coach and the level of confidence that he has in you. he said it's about your confidence level. where is it right now? >> you know, i've gotten a lot of experience in the first, you know, six, seven games of the season and i've been in a lot of situations as a young quarterback and it's kind of sculpted me into the guy i am right now. the last drive there, that we were playing, i already went through it once and twice and that experience is what's allowing me to be comforble. >> heather: describe your mind set after two picks. how do you come out andnd he the second half performance that youou did? >> it's tough. it's frustrating. going into the red zone in the first half two times and end up with two interceptions is unbelievable. that's uncalled for. i'm not allowed to do that. i'm taking that upon myself. i'm trying to fit balls into spots where they're not supposed to be. and that's, you know, that's lalaziness o my part. i have to make sure to improve with. that but to go into the locker room, see the guys that have the
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confidence in the irish offense, it makes it easier to play some good football in the second half. >> heather: describe how the play developed and how you guys reacted to your fellow teammate over here, thehilly native and will fuller in the final game-winning touchdown drive? >> they were playing a lot of cloud coverage, bringing the safety overtop of will all game. i understood there was going to be a hole in that area that i wasn't able to come across throughout the whole game. and once we came out, we came out with a run play. they put a little extra in the box. broke it down and got into max pro and i trusted the bestt receiver in the country to get one for me. >> thank you. >> >> chris: and there is will fuller right there. established starter has twice engineered fourth quarter game-winning drives, both times converting and touchdown receptions by number 7. >> kirk: when things happen continually, you start to realize that -- i told himim thi before the game, at the 50 yard
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line, i said, there's some guys that work their whole careers to have that and there are other guysys that a just born with it. and i really think his background as an athlete, he just handled himself when he's under pressure. he performs at his best when the game is on the line. we saw it in the very first time well were introduced to him as a notre dame quarterback in charlottesville when everybody was terrified that zaire was down. he stepped up and made plays and hasn't l lookedback. the clemson game, he pyed well enough to give them a chance. he's special. he believes in his team and his team more importantly believes in him now as their leader. >> chris: at pittsburgh, wake forest at home. that's their only home game remaining. boston cocollege, tn that road trip tostanford which could be a playoff elimination game. the irish get a scare tonight, not as big a scare as you got at halftime. but they go to 16-0 all-time on halloween, to put that to bed. >> kirk: and notre dame is still going to be in the mix with the rankings, but for temple. ththey are still in the american conference, they still have a
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of the teams that are up there. going to against a chance against memphis. they will g get a chance against houston. that chance of being a member of a group of five and playing a new year'six is still out there for the owls. >> chris: great point. they didn't get the signature win, but doesn't affect their chance of winning the american conference, which is their goal. kelly's team marches the field toll snatch the victory away from templ 24-20. totonight's me produced by be bonnell. for kirk herbstreit heather cox and our entire crew, we wish you good evening on halloween from philadelphia. time not for the ford wrapup show, including more on this one, we send it now to the studio and cassidy hubbarth. thanks, chris. it's been a halloween filled with tricks and treats. and none more than the end of
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for three weeks in a row, we've had special teams craziness. how about michigan/michigan state? then last week at florida state/georgia and now this. after duke scored with six seconds left, miami down three and here on this crazy kick return, miami has eight laterals. again. eight laterals before finally it ds up in corn elder's hand. and elder would take off. somehow he's going to find the end ne. and as you're watching this play -- it took awhile to develop and it took awhile to review. there was a nine-minute review of this touchdown. and after the review -- touchdown stands.
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fashion, 30-27. yes. after an up and down week, miami hitting the huge win. staying in the acc, number 3, clemson, taking on nc state. fourth arter. clemson up 47-34. deshawneeshaun watson to ray ray mccloud. watson accounted for six total tds and 383 passing yards in the 56-41 win. one of the best plays of the year, florida state down 7-0 to syracuse. watch travis rudolph. on the 75-yard pass from sean maguire. it's how he f finishes. he says, ah, ain't nobody got time for your tackling, and gets in. florida state wins it 45-21. number 18 houston hosting vandy. third quarter, william jackson iii. 55-yard pick six. houston, everybody watch out.
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they win big, 34-0. they improve to 8-0 on the year. tulanene takingn number 16 memphis. third quarter, paxton lynch finds jamarius anderson for the touchdown. memphis wins it 41-13, to improve to 8-0 on the year. to the big ten. maryland and undefeated iowa.. fourth quarter, maryland down 24-7. perry hills intercepted by desmond king who takes it 88 yards to the house. iowa wins 31-15. they improve to 8-0 for the second time in school history. sewhere in the big ten, cory clement scored three tes in wisconsin's win over rutgers. mimichigan nded a goal line stand as time expired to beat minnesota on the road. penn state won 39-0 for its biggest conference win since 2008. purdue won -45. to the big 12. oklahoma state and texas tech. final seconds of the game.
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and patrick mahomes intercepted by are mraymon richards. highest scoring game so far this season. oklahoma state putting up 70, winning 70-53. at the cocktail party, georgia and flida. harris, 66 yards too antonio callaway. florida would win this one 27-3 and the can clinch the s.e.c. east with a win versus vandy next week. and over on espn, right now, sanford trailing 6-3, they haven't trailed at halftime since its season opening los to northwestern. reminder, this game, again, over on espn with five to play in the second quarter. also, gameday will be in tuscaloosa for lsu/alabama. at's it for this ford wrapup. i'm cassidy hubbarth. see you next week. (nature sounds)
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and roar, and crack, and storm. but mother nature can't stop us. the new 2016 ford explorer.
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accurate weather team and we start with your forecast first." bree first order of business...turn those clocks back before falling asleep tonight! now to the weather. the skies overhead will clear tonight allowing temperatures to fall into the 30s and 40s. after enjoying that extra hour of sleep tomorrow morning, you will wake up to
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those mostly sunny skies. we will also have a breeze streaming in from the southwest and wonderfully warming temperatures topping out in the upper 60s to low 70s! no tricks, all treats to begin november! the good news keeps on coming too as the first half of the work week will be filled with sunshine and highs in the 70s. monday looks to be the warmest day in the mid 70s, but the wind will be with us as well. towards the end of the work week, highs will drop off in to the 60s and eventually the 50s with our next rain chance coming on thursday. nikki also coming up on local five news late edition. a town in central iowa is going all out with a new one- of-kind celebration. it's in honor of a special little boy. nikki republican presidential candidates are back in des moines this weekend. but two big names were missing from the growth and opportunity party. nikki a group of homeless people facing eviction earlier this month... is still trying to find a place to live. we have an update on their struggle to find a new home. " local 5 news at 10 in hd starts now. we are iowa" nikki: good evening. welcome to local 5 news i'm nikki davidson. glad you're with us tonight. nikki: a group of homeless campers faced the possibility of being evicted earlier this month. the campers told us they weren't sure where they'd go if they were
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forced to leave. local five's jacob peklo has more on their quest to find a more permanent place to live. jacob peklo, studio: "as the calendar flips to november, a group of homeless campers at sacred heart is hoping the winds of change will blow their way soon." bret bell, homeless: "it's been a little depressing out here. i'm not going to lie. i mean, with the weather, it's been rainy and wet and cold." a few weeks ago, the campers at sacred heart were looking at the prospect of eviction from the des moines woods. natural sound: "you want to help?" christine griffin, homeless: "we haven't had anybody come down here and speak with us, and we've got someone here 24 hours a day around the clock." found a better spot to facing a number of bret bell, homeless: "my tent will leak will leak sometimes. their tent might leak and we get scared, you know. his tent will start blowing over in the middle of nowhere. and it's just, 'how are as the temperature starts to plummet, working hard to find work and a two or three bedroom place to stay for the winter. d'andre carter, homeless: "but i have my income coming from care, but i try to take
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christine griffin, homeless: "having rapid rehousing and someone who has a felony of 12 years old, people are still, it's really hard for us to find a place." on monday, christine griffin hopes to meet with some low income housing representatives. and if the meeting goes well, they're hoping to have a new home. christine griffin, homeless: "as long as we keep the campsite clean, we're hoping that they're able to leave alone until we're able to get into a place." but in the meantime, they'll continue to lean on each other. d'andre carter, homeless: "it gets depressing where you just want to give up, but you know you can't." jacob peklo, studio: "on saturday, the campers got a well- timed delivery from nonprofit care for camps. they say the new clothes and food they'll received will give them a great head start to the colder months. in the studio, jacob peklo, local five news. we are iowa." nikki if you'd like to help out some of the homeless in des moines, care for camps is still seeking more donations for the winter months. they say their biggest need is for socks and soup.
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nikki: a bad crash in story county takes one life, and four other people are recovering. it happened last night around 7:30 at 170th street and george washington carver in gilbert. police say a car blew through a stop sign and was broadsided by another car. a 92 year old passenger in the car that ran the stop sign was killed. he's identified as kenneth kemmerer. his son was the driver of that vehicle. four people in the other car were taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. so far, no charges have been filed. nikki: in madison county, a man was found dead this morning after his jeep flipped. it happened around 5 a-m near the intersection of oakcrest avenue and 290th street in peru, iowa. the jeep wrangler was flipped upside down and the driver, 60-year- old paul shafer of des moines, was dead inside. investigators say they do not know the cause of the crash. nikki/ots turning to your local election headquarters. the parade of presidential hopefuls continues through iowa. this morning was the gop growth and opportunity party at the iowa state fairgrounds.
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local 5's sabrina ahmed has the highlights on what happened. we are here at the growth and opportunity party.. hosted by the iowa gop... 10 candidates.. each get 15 minutes on stage. those 15 minutes they can use in whatever way they want... but there's something missing from this event.. and that's the two front runners, dr ben carson and donald trump. as you can imagine, that's getting some mixed reaction from the crowd. costumes in towe, thousands of repulicans filled the varied industries building to listen to and meet the candidates. 12:31:21:10 "just to get an idea, there are so many candidates, its so hard to pick right now and i think th is a great opportunity to narrow my choices down a little." others in the crowd had a bit more aggressive approach. 12:35:18:05 "not that i think they'll listen but i'm actually going to encourage some of the candidates to drop out." while trump and carson weren't on the list of attendees... they are still at the top of the polls... and the top of some minds... while others preferred they weren't there. 12:34:42:24 "i dont think that says a lot for them, but its early in the election.. i think theyre at the top for now but i think they will slowly slide off." 12:32:01:25 "i think theyre going to be here even if theyre not because of the impact theyve had on the race." those who did take the stage... paul, cruz,
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christie, jindal, rubio,
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