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tv   Local 5 News at Five  ABC  November 6, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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local minister's editorial in the des moines register this morning. stephanie: here's an excerpt of senior minister matt mardis- lecroy's editorial where he criticizes the conference's meaning of religious liberty. mardis-lecroy says he is "saddened to see his faith turned into a tool to push for the unequal treatment of single parents and same-sex couples." stephanie: local 5's claire powell spoke to minister mardis- lecroy this afternoon. claire, what else did he have to say about religious liberty? claire/bam: stephanie, that was just a short snipit of mardis- lecroys full editorial. in our sit down, he stressed the point of religious freedom being for everyone... religious or not religious. and that he doesnt want fear promoted just for political gain. " ""think theyre using the phrase but not getting the concept" matt mardis- lecroy is a senior minister at plymouth church in des moines. he wrote this editorial because he felt the term "religious freedom" was being misused. "some people are using the phrase religous freedom to mean their freedom to impose beliefs on those who dont share them, thats the opposite, its disturbing" lecroy said in a society where christians make up the majority, he feels it's other people, like gay couples, who
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"respecting the rights and guarding dignity of people, especially people who disagree" and, he says, the word persecution- seen here on the conference website- is just to stir people up. "its a great word to get people riled up. it gets a strong reaction" however as the first day of the conference wraps up, conference organizer kevin swanson says the focus should stay on that term "relgious liberty" " when the state steps in and dictates the thoughts, morals and conscience, we have a violation of conscience. for some politically correct sin of the day" using iowa's gortz haus as a prime example, swanson says people should be able to speak for what they believe... including the visiting presidential candidates. "stand firm in their convictions and still hold to business and property not be sued or sent to jail for mainintaing convictions" all the while, lecroy hopes the candidates dont use fear just to gain an edge in the political polls. " think maybe its not what they think it is" from des moines, claire powell local 5 news we are iowa. jack: meanwhile, a des claire powell local 5 news we are iowa. jack: meanwhile, a des
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moines register reporter's tweet about a donald trump supporter is getting some attention. reporter brianne pfannestiel was looking up donors to trump's campaign and tweeted a snapshot of an iowa donor's personal information, including her occupation as a divorcee. viral overnight, and many across iowa have taken to social media to call for pfannestiel's resignation. a donor's personal information, such as address and occupation, information, are published on election commission's website.
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stephanie: new at five now... stephanie: we're getting a look at a high speed chase that went through two counties today. it started in warren county around 9 in the morning. state patrol helped out deputies from warren and madison county in the chase, and as you can see on the dash board camera video, the driver was able to stay ahead of police during the chase. the driver eventually stopped in a dallas county farm yard, and was arrested. police tell us the driver is randy lee barnes of adel. no injuries were reported. stephanie: in des moines...three people were taken to the hospital this afternoon after a roll over accident. it happened around 2-15 in the afternoon at 9th and grand avenue. a car hit an oncoming car...causing it to rollover. des moines police say the victims are still in the hospital. jack/ots: president obama rejected the proposed keystone xl pipeline today, ending the 7-year political fight over the canada-to-texas project. it would have carried 800- thousand barrels of petroleum a day from canada to the gulf coast. president obama made the
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announcement at the white house alongside vice president joe biden and secretary of state john kerry. kerry says the project isn't in the country's national security interest, and the president agrees. " the pipeline would not make a meaningful long term contribution to our economy. the pipeline would not lower gas prices for american fact gas prices have already been falling. shipping dirtier crude oil in our country would not increase america's energy security." jack: the move comes as the white to promote its agenda and climate change. next month... president obama paris climate talks. jack: the latest a-b-c / poll shows a majority of americans disagree with president obama's decision and say they'd like the next president to keystone oil pipeline. those polled say they'd like to have the next president pipeline, say they want the next president to
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oppose the keystone xl pipeline. 11 percent have no opinion on the issue. jack: here in iowa we have our own oil pipeline to deal with. public hearings on whether to allow the bakken oil pipeline to come through the state begin next week. the iowa utilities board is taking public comments about the pipeline that would cut diagonally through the state. they'll let 210 people speak at thursday's hearing, half in favor and half against the pipeline. we'll have full coverage of the hearing on local 5 as it unfolds. stephanie: state university students...scorin marketing and world. have been working on new football gear, and it's set to be in a spring sporting goods catalog. jacob peklo could soon see them in a nfl game. it's an absolute football players. department chairman: "players are very image conscious, so, one of the things that i know that the students have to developing a product and the teams a signature look." at iowa state, the industrial design program has formed
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cutters, a premier designer of receiver gloves for football, david ringholz, "company may have something in mind when unleash the power of a studio full of industrial design students and there are often unexpected a final product that dick's sporting goods spring catalog. perfect look that caught on with cutters didn't come david ringholz, "we teach convergent and divergent thinking, techniques that kind of teach students to set aside their most obvious ideas." ode to the military...and fighter david ringholz, department chairman: "the hope is that when a player puts these gloves on, it's like they're ready for battle." and gloves might not be the end, as the class continues, the students will try to for the sidelines and on the field. plus, experience that could put them on the in the field. david ringholz, department chairman: "they'll have something for their resumes, something for their portfolio, as well as something that's a very memorable academic experience." in ames, jacob peklo, local five news. we are
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stephanie: in addition to the partnership with cutters, the industrial design students are also partnered with tupperware, boeing and . pretty cool opportunity for those students. jack: another round of high school football playoffs tonight. here's local 5 sports director jon schaeffer live at johnston high school. jon? jon: thanks jack the valley tigers and johnston dragons are getting ready to battle it out in a little over an hour and half. the dragons are a little bit of a surprise being here in the quarterfinals. it's the furthest they've been in 4a history. now they will try to upset a valley team that hasn't won a state title since 2011. they were back in the dome in 2013 but came up short. valley entered the season as number one but two losses dropped them in
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johnston is at number 9 and very dangerous after they knocked off centennial last week-- the jags beat valley in the regular season and johnston is playing with a lot of confidence right now. jack: watch local 5 news at 6 for a complete preview of high school playoff's from jon schaeffer and the sports team. stephanie/2shot coming up on local 5 news at five... facebook versus you tube...who is the king of online videos? why that question may not have a clear cut answer. jack: but next... if you visit a fast food chain next week, your meal could be interrupted. "you're watching local 5 news at 5 in hd with
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iowa's most accuraforecast with chief meteorologist brad edwards. this is local 5 news at 5, we are iowa." jack: a huge "like" for facebook's video views. jack: facebook
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founder mark zuckerberg told investors this week that the social media giant averages eight billion video views a day. that's double the number from last april. and it makes facebook a strong competitor to google-owned you-tube in terms of digital video. but while you- tube counts 30 seconds as a single video view, facebook only requires three seconds. about 1.5 billion people now log onto facebook at last once a month. stephanie: you may notice something different at your favorite drve through next week... fast-food workers are planning a nationwide strike this coming tuesday. workers from 270-cities are expected to walk out on their jobs, demanding a living wage of 15-dollars an hour and the right to unionize. at the same time, thousands of protesters are expected to be at the republican presidential debate in milwaukee. ..also on tuesday. jack: just how much would you pay for those thin mints and tagalongs?
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some girl scout troops in the u.s. are planning to hike the price per box to 5- dollars. troops in eastern massachusetts plan to raise the price when sales begin on december 11. two california girl scout councils are also planning to raise their price per box. last year the price was 4- dollars a box. the girl scout councils point to higher cost of ingredients, transportation and storage as the reason. stephanie: chief meteorologist brad edwards joins us now.. brad ((ad lib weather toss)) "now, we are iowa's most accurate forecast with chief meteorologist brad
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experts" jack: chief meteorologist brad edwards joins us now with central iowa's most accurate forecast. brad? brad: (adlib) brad: (adlib) brad: weather adlib: put script here in green those 60s and 70s we had all week are long gone, and it's time to get back to some ole' fashioned fall weather! we can expect a good amount of sunshine in our forecast along with more average
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temperatures. today we did okay with mid 50s for most locations, and saturday should be about the same. there will be some clouds rolling in tonight with maybe a sprinkle possible later this evening for mainly southern iowa. we will then clear out after midnight and get kind of chilly. some locations will get close to freezing the
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next two mornings, but i doubt the metro will freeze in the next 7 days. sunday will start out pretty cold, but will warm up close to 60 with southerly winds increasing too. next week is looking mild and dry to start with but will end with some rain and colder temperatures. there is still a slight chance for some flurries next state too! brad/wxhang (adlib) jack:/ stephanie: thanks, brad! stephanie:
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if you capture any good pictures make sure to post them at we are iowa dot com. just click on the share it tab! jack: coming up next... what's going on with all this cardboard in a local school? "you're watching local 5 news at 5 in hd. we
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shooting that happened overnight. it happened a little after 1-30 in the morning in the 12-hundred block of fillmore street. the homeowner says someone shot into his house five times, one shot breaking a window. as of now, no suspects have been found. stephanie: also last night...a man was shot in the arm when he was standing outside his house. several people were inside the house at 31-07 cambridge street...across from findley elementary...whe n the shooting happened. the suspect fled the scene before
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police arrived. we were told the victim is recovering. stephanie: a week after a confrontation between a johnston bus driver and a student was caught on cell phone... the school distrct is considering installing security cameras.. johnston schools have cameras on two out of their 80 busses. they say even before the incident, they ordered eight more and plan to install them once they arrive. they say they know the cameras are important. "if there can't be an associate on the bus, so essentially a second pair of eyes to monitor behavior, it's great practice to have a camera on there in case anything should happen. stephanie: for the past few years, many metro districts have installed cameras on all their buses. coming up tonight on local 5 news at 6, we'll explain what's holding johnston back. jack: big things happening with kids and cardboard. meredith elementary school and hoover high school students got into it this week. their creations are part of the global cardboard challenge, which asks students to use their critical thinking skills to build anything they want out of
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cardboard and recycled materials. people were able to see the cardboard displays earlier today at both schools. stephanie time for another quick break... chief meteorologist brad edwards will be back with one last look at our forecast. jack: a 1984 case of a
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boy may be getting a new look by des moines police. this renewed hope comes after a break in the abduction case of a boy from minnesota last week. daniel heinrich is now a person of interest in the disappearance
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of jacob wetterling in minnesota in 1989. during his court appearance this week, a judge ruled heinrich would remain in jail.... calling him a "danger to the community." heinrich only faces child pornography charges. so far, nothing related to the wetterling case. jack: evidence in the heinrich case has caught the attention of a retired des moines police detective. he worked on the case of missing des moines paper boy eugene martin, who was abducted in 1984, and never found. local five took a look back at the case that gripped the life of a police officer and all of iowa. " you can leave a homicide at work, i know that sounds bizarre, you can leave a shooting or stabbing or robbery at work, but there's a boy missing and all he was doing was delivering papers." jack: if you want to see more local 5 archival footage from when this case first came about....... we have those stories on our website -- at "we are iowa dot com." brad/wxhang weather adlib: put script here in green those 60s and 70s we had all week are long gone, and it's time to get back to some ole'
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breaking news tonight. ben carson, and the questions about his claim he was offered a scholarship to west point.
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