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tv   Local News at Ten  ABC  November 6, 2015 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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what this metro pastor says it does. local 5 news at 10 starts in 30 seconds. "you're watching local
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ac brad/wx wall weather adlib: those 60s and 70s we had all week are long gone, and it's time to get back to some ole' fashioned fall weather! we can expect a good amount of sunshine in our forecast along with more average we did okay with mid 50s and saturday should be about the same. there will be some clouds rolling in tonight with maybe a sprinkle possible later this evening for mainly southern iowa. we will then clear out kind of chilly. some stephanie/2shot ottumwa are heartbroken tonight. good evening. i'm angleson. and i'm jack
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miller. they're upset after learning their target store is closing its doors after more than 40 years. but they're making sure it's not going down without a fight. jack: local five's kattey ortiz is here to explain how they're begging the retail giant to reconsider, kattey? kattey: when i was there tonight ... before i even had the chance to interview anyone ... someone drove by me yelling "save target!" it's all anyone's talking about. especially on social media ... where there's a campaign called "save the ottumwa target." "it's a big deal" it may be one small store for target ... but it's one giant loss for a town that doesn't have much to choose from. "it's either walmart, or you come here." this target store in ottumwa is one of 13 stores closing nationwide due to falling profits. the news is making waves. "i was telling someone we were going shopping after school and they were like oh target's closing so it makes me sad." those who already travel far and wide to come to this location will now have to travel even farther to get to the next target. "it's pretty popular because it's either des moines or iowa city." passionate social media
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several days. this facebook page titled save ottumwa target has more than six thousand likes. there's even a petition on change dot org with nearly a thousand signatures in hopes the corporation will notice. "i want the community to rally together to keep target open because we really need it." "it's heartbreaking because there are jobs that are going to be lost, my family shops here all the time." but it's not just mom and dad who'll have to change their routine. even the little ones are disappointed. "it is awesome! are you sad to see it go? yea" kattey: target won't talk with local 5 about the closing. but they are responding to emails from the facebook group. unfortunately ... the store will close without question january 31st. kattey ortiz, local five news, we are iowa. jack: we want to know how you feel about this store closing.
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to keep it around, or can you sympathize? or do you think it's just a business decision? let us know, we may use your comments on-air. you can post you thoughts on twitter and facebook. or send us an email or give us a call . we'd love to hear from you. the contact information is on your screen. stephanie: religion is the hot topic in your local election headquarters tonight. stephanie: over 16 hundred christians from around the country convened in des moines today for the national religious liberties conference. this event addresses religious freedom in the military, medicine, parenting, education and the workplace. these three presidential candidates were invited as keynote speakers. during his time on stage, ted cruz was asked about kentucky clerk kim davis and if he stood by her stance to not issue marriage licenses to same sex couples. cruz called on christians to stand up for their beliefs. "i believe that we're at a time of crisis again, and it's critical that believers stand up for our values to turn
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stephanie: preceeding the event tonight, a local minister wrote an opinion article in response to the conference. des moines minister matt mardis - lecroy said he believes people are misusing the phrase religious freedom- including the conference. he said people at the conference are unfairly excluding single parents and gay couples, who may also be religious. mardis- lecroy was met with opposition by organization leaders who say the state should not sue businesses and people for holding to their beliefs. "respecting the rights of people, especially people who disagree" stephanie: the conference continues tomorrow at the tomorrow at the center down town. stephanie: accusations neurosurgeon this comes after the candidate surged to the pack in recent
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carson has repeatedly said he was offered a scholarship to west point throughout his campaign. there are claims now, that carson lied about his offers to the elite military academy--in fact, we've learned he never applied. there may have been a verbal offer of admission, but west point saying tonight that that's only part of the scholarship process. carson was asked if he regretted his story. sot- ben carson (phoner cbn) that was the way it was presented to me. i understand the way west point works is through a different mechanism, but that's the way it was presented to me stephanie: stories of a violent past are also under scrutiny. jack/ots: president obama rejects the proposed keystone xl pipeline today, ending the 7-year political fight over the canada-to-texas project. it would have carried 800- thousand barrels of petroleum a day from canada to the gulf coast. the president made the announcement at the white house alongside vice president joe biden and secretary of state john kerry. kerry says the
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project isn't in the country's interest, and the president agrees. " the pipeline would not make a meaningful long term the pipeline would not lower gas prices for american fact gas prices have already shipping dirtier crude would not increase america's energy security." jack: the move comes house continues to promote its agenda and climate change. next month... president obama will attend the paris climate talks. jack: most americans don't agree with the president on this one. the latest a-b-c / washington post poll shows most want the next president to support the keystone oil pipeline. 55 percent of those polled want the u-s to approve the keystone xl pipeline, while 34 percent say they want the next president to oppose it. 11 percent have no opinion. jack: here in iowa we have our own oil pipeline to deal with. public hearings on whether to allow the bakken oil pipeline to come
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through the state begin next week. the iowa utilities board is taking public comments about the pipeline that would cut diagonally through the state. they'll let 210 people speak at thursday's hearing, half in favor and half against the pipeline. we'll have full coverage of the hearing on local as it unfolds. stephanie: a high speed chase went through two counties today, we've got the dash cam video of the whole thing. it started in warren county around 9 in the morning. officers found a man sitting inside a stolen truck--the driver spotted police and the pursuit began. the driver was able to stay ahead of police during the chase--driving out of bevington, into madison county. officers through out stop sticks to end the chase. the truck was stopped in a private driveway outside of earlham. randy lee barnes of adel was arrested and charded with theft and eluding police. no injuries were reported. stephanie: and massive fire to our east, on a golf course. it happened early this morning in the amana colonies. the course's
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clubhouse reduced to rubble after the blaze. four fire departments spent two hours fighting the fire. it could be seen for miles, burning so hot it ignited golf carts sitting nearby. in the daylight, you can see the remains clearly, the once clubhouse, now smoldering rubble. "you pop over this hill, you see the clubhouse. it's a beautiful sight. it'll be sadly missed." "i know that the amana community will help us out and do whatever they need to. we will just be looking to lean on them a little bit, and see what we can do. hopefully rebuild and kind of take it from there." stephanie: luckily no one was injured during the fire. the general manager says the clubhouse was fully insured. jack: coming up on local 5 news at 10... what the school district in johnston is doing about cameras on buses after the recent assault between a student and a bus driver. stephanie: then it's the kind of college project that could land these students their dream job. see the high tech gear that may soon be worn by your favorite nfl team. brad: ((ad lib weather toss)) take sot
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tomorrow on good morning iowa... it's friday so local five heads to the movies... we get a look at the latest james bond movie... and a well-loved comic strip jumps to the big plus, your weekend we're looking at a dry, sunny, and cool weekend here in the the all-new good
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edwards and local 5 spor with sports director jon schaeffer. this is local 5 news at 10. we are iowa." jack: our cooler weather brings some good news. it's almost time for the brenton skating plaza downtown to open up for the season. opening day is friday november 20th. it's the 10th season for the outdoor skating rink. opening day coincides with the east village holiday promenade. the rink will be open from noon to 11 that night. and a special tree lighting ceremony will be held at 6. for more information on ticket prices and hours visit our website at we ticket prices and hours visit our website at we are iowa dot com. stephanie: jack: brad brad: weather adlib: brad
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stephanie: snap a cool
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iowa dot com.
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jack: coming up on local 5 news at ten, straight from iowa university to the national football league? it could happen, and we'll show you how. stephanie: next.... a confrotnation between a bus driver and a student.. it was caught on cell phone. tonight we find out why johnston school busses don't all have security cameras.
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we would want something in place that is monitoring the environment of what's going on" jack: johnston community schools is looking to get more cameras on their buses. but there's one big thing that's holding them back. jack: the district says it's installing more of them. but covering the whole fleet looks unlikely. one of the buses without a camera...... was the one where a driver is accused of
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assaulting a special needs students last week. and if it weren't for kids recording the whole thing on their cell phones, we may have never really known what happened during that confrontation. stephanie: johnston community schools already have 2 cameras installed on their buses and eight more are on the way. but with a total of eighty buses, they say there's one big problem in the way. local 5's stephanie kim has more. stephanie? the need for more cameras on buses is more apparent than before. for johnston community schools, it's something they've been working on. "a second pair of eyes to monitor behavior, it's great practice to have a camera on there in case anything should happen." only 2 out of their 80 buses have cameras installed... and they say before last week's assault, they ordered eight more. "once they arrive they'll be installed on buses that have the highest need for situations like that." johnston schools is one of the few in the metro that own and operate their buses. that means the money for the cameras will have to come out of their budget but at two thousand dollars a piece... covering their whole fleet will take time.
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" that's 160 thousand dollars, we're in a deficit, we can't do that" some school districts around the metro like west des moines, waukee, and ankeny have security cameras on all their buses. they also have contracts with other bus companies. others like des moines public schools bought their own cameras and have been using them for the past eight years. "all of the buses have at least 1 camera on the inside of the bus, some of our buses, have 2 cameras, on in the front one in the back. with 105 buses and over 12 thousand kids to transport everyday, they say they need the extra set of eyes. "the camera does act as a bit of a deterent" and they say even with the high cost "they're not inexpensive they are between one thousand to two thousand dollars per bus" they can't imagine what it's like without them. "the cameras truly changed how we do business, improves the safety for our kids, and backs up our drivers." stephanie: johnston community schools is also
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looking at possibilities of privitizing bus services for the next school year. they say cameras will be a priority if they do decide to contract buses. jack: here's some background on this story. a 15 year old johnston student with special needs got into it with the bus driver on the way home from school on october 29th. the bus driver, robert scarbough, was charged with child endangeremnt and assault, and has since bonded out of jail. the student and his family have spoken to local 5 about the incident, and are waiting for the school district to finish its investigation before deciding on any possible legal action. stay with local 5 for the latest on this story. stephanie: coming up on local 5 sports, a group iowa state design students are looking to revolutionize the way we play football. see the new gloves that may soon be on your favorite team. "your watching local 5 news in hd."
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sports tonight. it must be getting cold because college basketball is starting up. tonight both iowa and iowa state hosted exhibition games at home. first to iowa city, where the hawks trailed augustana for most of the game. they were down 6 points at half. they almost caught back up in the end, but the final score wass 76-74 in favor of
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augustana. iowa's next game is at home next friday against gardner-webb. tip off is set for 8:30. the game is on espn 3. jack: the cyclones at home tonight taking on grand valley state. a much different story for iowa state -- at half they led 52-21. they won the game, 106 to 60. their next game is also next friday afternoon. they take on colorado in sioux falls south dakota. that game will be on espn2. jack: have you noticed so many more players are wearing high tech gloves in the nfl these days? and all these gloves behind me are the work of students at isu. now the gloves are making it into a sporting goods catalog. and local five's jacob peklo explains why some superstars could be wearing them soon. it's an absolute essential on game day: a pair of gloves for football players. david ringholz, department chairman: "players are very
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image conscious, so, one of the things that i know that the students have to consider was developing a product that gives the players and the teams a signature look."at iowa state, the industrial design program has formed several partnerships including one with cutters, a premier designer of receiver gloves for football, including the nfl. david ringholz, department chairman: "company may have something in mind when you come in, but you unleash the power of a studio full of industrial design students and there are often unexpected results." a final product that will now be in the dick's sporting goods spring catalog. but finding the perfect look that caught on with cutters didn't come immediately. david ringholz, department chairman: "we teach convergent and divergent thinking, techniques that kind of teach students to set aside their most obvious ideas." the final design, an ode to the military...and fighter jets. david ringholz, department chairman: "the hope is that when a player puts these gloves on, it's like they're ready for battle." and gloves might not be the end, as the class continues, the next group of students will try to develop other gear for the sidelines and on the field. plus, experience that
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could put them on the fast track to a career in the field. david ringholz, department chairman: "they'll have something for their resumes, something for their portfolio, as well as something that's a very memorable academic experience." in ames, jacob peklo, local five news. we are iowa. jack: in addition to the partnership with cutters, the industrial design students are also aligned with tupperware and boeing. some big business company for a bunch of kids who haven't even graduated yet. good luck! jack: now moving back to the last round of high school football playoffs before state. our sports team is working hard to bring you high lights, scores and more from playoff games across from playoff games across the state. tonight, we have nine games on deck. jack: in 4a, lewis central takes on dowling catholic in 4a, lewis central takes on dowling catholic at williams stadium. and valley will take on johnston. in 3a norwalk taking on dc-g. pella is at davenport assumption. and webster
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city goes on the road to sb-l. in 2a south tama county is at albia. this is a battle between number one and two in class 2a should be a great game. in 1a, van meter goes on the road to south central calhoun. in class a lynnville sully will head to mount ayr. mount ayr made it to the dome last season, trying to get back again this year. and in 8 man, defending champs newell fonda hosting colo-nesco. jack: see highlights from all those games tonight on the final episode of the blitz, playoff edition. that starts right after the news at 10:35. stephanie: alright thanks jack, we've got one final look at your weekend forecast coming up after the break. stay tuned. brad: weather adlib: put script here in green stephanie: jack: thank you for
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