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tv   Local 5 News at Six  ABC  November 7, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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this game, as clemson, a very strong saver, after after allowing the opening touchdown, held the 'noles to two field goal >> kirk: they got challenged early. an they answered the call. really, i think, again, they did mo in this game, than anything we've seen all year,, going up. and florida state is an athletic, talented team. and they took it away from them. they took the crown away from them. before they achieveve their ultimate goals, they had to accomplish this tonight. >> chris: and they did it with 302 yards offense, after intermission. clemson, has won the division. but a lot more work to do,o reach, what they hope, will be the ultimate goal. the selection committee's number one team, played like it in the second half. and they dethrone the three-time reigning acc champions from florida state with a 17-3 edge, in the seconhalf. what a scene here in clemson. the ball game, this quarterback, this team.
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tony elliot, this coaches will never forget. on abc tonight, it's the unbeat buckeyes, hosting the gophers on "sunday night football." for kirk herbstreit, heather cox and our entire team here at emson, chris fowler saying, so long for now.
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division. iowa's most accurate weather team and we start with your forecast -- first." "you're watching local 5 news at 6 in hd. we are iowa's most accurate weather team and we start with your forecast first." bree/wx wall on into the overnight. conditions and lows in the 30s. tomorrow looks to be a beautiful breeze, and temperatures expected to top out in 60! that great weather start of the work week, but it doesn't work back in on tuesday although we'll still be in the low 60s, "they had a little through from an incident that happened a couple months again, would lead to
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it's the first homicide for waukee in decades, but it's not the only one that happened overnight. we have the latest on both homicide investigations around the metro. nikki: good evening. welcome to local 5 news, i'm nikki davidson. nikki: two homicides overnight. right now police are investigating two deaths in right now police are investigating two deaths in the des moines area. the first homicide happened around 10:30 last night near the intersection of 13th street and jefferson avenue in des moines. police found the body of a 28 year old man with a gunshot wound. just hours later around 1:30 a-m, a second homicide occured at the 500 block of southeast carefree lane in waukee. police found a man with multiple gun shots wounds. he later died at a local hospital. police identified the victim as 41- year old gino risola. waukee police issued a warrant for 42-year old brendan mcguinness for his connection in the shooting. and around 3-30 today, they arrested him in east des moines. nikki: local 5's jacob peklo is live at the scene in waukee with the
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very latest. jacob? jacob/live nikki, this was quite a joint effort to capture mcguinness. the investigation included the local attorney's office and des moines police. waukee police haven't dealt with something like this in a very long time. police say this is the city's first homicide case in nearly 40 years. michael seeman was still in shock saturday morning, after hearing his good friend, gino risola, was killed overnight. michael seeman, des moines resident: "you know, i thought he's such a great guy. he's a father, a great husband, and it just blew my mind that somebody would even raise a weapon at him." waukee police were called out to 5-05 carefree lane around 1-30 saturday morning, after getting a call that risola was shot outside of his home. neighbors say it's way out of the norm for their community. brian anderson, waukee resident: "never had anything like this at all, never even had any burglaries. it's been a pretty quiet neighborhood." risola's wife told police that mcguinness confronted her and her husband in the street right in front of their house. john quinn, waukee
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police chief: "i'd say definitely that she was in jeopardy john quinn, waukee police chief: "the victim and his wife had no idea that the suspect was there waiting for them to return home." police went around the neighborhood telling home owners not to worry, but to be on the lookout for mcguinness. natural sound of car driving by brian anderson, waukee resident: "it's an isolated incident, but it's still kind of nerve racking." seeman spoke with detectives saturday, just hours after texting with risola and meeting him for a drink. michael seeman, des moines resident: "we were just hanging out at the bar briefly about 4 o'clock and he kind of told me some things that were going on, and i just told him just keep your head up and things will be okay." seeman says he knew both mcguinness and risola, and still can't believe a small quarrel could balloon into something like this. michael seeman, des moines resident: "you know, i hope that's not the case, that this guy pleads his case and turns out not to be the guy they need to find, but if it is, he deserves every bit of what he gets." jacob/live we still don't know all the details around how mcguinness was captured, but he surrender peacefully to
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police. mcguinness is facing first degree murder charges and will be questioned later today. he was transported to and is now being held in the dallas county jail. reporting live in the life of another man in des moines last night... des moines police say in a seperate incident around 10:30 pm.... a 28 year old man was shot to death. the homicide has neighbors questioning their own safety.... " blue lights and police filled the street at the intersection of 13th and jefferson ave last night in des moines... people who live nearby said it seemed to have happened in an instant. 17:07:42 we were sitting in the living room watching tv, heard a thud and then heard a gunshot and chaos ensued. a chaos that left this community in shock. 17:08:09 after the gunshot happened it was silent. police got to the scene before many even had time to call 911... thats where they found 28 year old jose
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some who live here say they aren't sure just how safe this neighborhood is anymore. 17:09: 04 within a couple of blocks over the past few years it's not uncommon on the drive home, not to be able to get into our driveway, police are blocking the way. police say there were several witnesses to the shooting... they don't know much about why it happened... 8:27:38 there was a dispute between the victim and the suspect. details are sketchy, but its nothing worth dying for. and say this crime shouldn't make people worry for their own safety... 8:28:58 theres not some trend of violence that will touch the entire community, its obvious theres some kind of interpersonal relationship that for whatever reason at the moment goes horribly bad. nikki: there are several leads in this case... police expect that they will be able to write up a warrant and make an arrest in the case shortly. nikki: des moines police are also investigating shots fired into a home. officers were
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des moines around 1:40 friday morning. the victim says someone fired several shots into the back of the house. when police arrived, they saw large glass windows and the glass sliding door had been broken out. police found fragments and a bullet hole in a wall. they also found shell casings in an alley area nearby. a parked car nearby was also struck by the bullets. the investigation is still on going. nikki/ots three people, including two teens, were arrested for their involvement in an armed robbery in newton. the robbery occured at the casey's store located at 12 hundred west 18th street south on wednesday. police say they recovered the weapon used in the robbery and clothing worn by the gunman. yesterday they arrested 16 year old gabriel crandall, 17 year old taylor helton, and 24 year old matthew bridges all from eldora. they've been charged with first degree robbery and are held in the jasper county jail. nikki: a teenager has been arrested and charged following police pursuit in fort dodge. police were
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called to a care facility at 24 hundred sixth avenue north.. around 4:20 this morning after a person was peeking inside a window. the officers saw the truck leaving the home. when they tried to stop it, the driver sped off and led officers on a chase around the neighborhood. the pursuit ended when the driver hit a utility pole. police arrested 18-year-old (on- tay-rel) onterrail altman, jr of fort dodge after he tried to run away he's charged with reckless driving, possession of marijuana and cocaine, and interference with a weapon, and four other charges. we'll be right back you're watching local 5 news at 6. " you're watching local 5 news at 6 in hd.
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nikki: comic and sci-fi fans from across the country gathering right here in des moines. the new mid-west
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center. it's designed to be one of the largest family- friendly comic book conventions in the country. the event features several vendors, creators and illustrators, and even celebrity guests. the convention starts up again tomorrow at 11 a-m. there's free admission for kids 10 years and under. nikki: this weekend is also one of the top gatherings in the country for g.i. joe fans. 200 people came to the des moines social club for the 6th annual g.i. joe convention. attendees could to colelctors, the man who joe's for hasbro. the event also collected the annual toys or tots drive. "this is really its a overwhelming because just the passion these people have for the toys bringing their kids and their famlies and watching the familes enjoy and celebrate together is great " nikki: they say the goal of the event is to
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next generation. nikki/2shot we are iowa's most accurate weather team... meteorologist we are iowa's most accurate weather team... meteorologist most accurate weather team... meteorologist bree sullivan is here now... bree meteorologist bree sullivan is here now... bree meteorologist bree sullivan is here now... bree i'll have your forecast next "now, we are iowa's most accurate forecast certified by
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bree/wx wall clear skies will carry on into the overnight. expect calm conditions and lows in the 30s. tomorrow looks to be a beautiful fall day with sunny skies, a southerly breeze, and temperatures expected to top out in the upper 50s to near 60! that great weather will carry on into the start of the work week, but it doesn't last long! clouds work back in on tuesday although we'll
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rain works back in by wednesday afternoon, and cooler highs in the 40s and low 50s work back in by thursday. nikki/2shot thanks bree. we have a special
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new star wars movie coming up. you're watching local 5 news at 6. nikki/lam
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after getting a surprise gift. the latest trailer for "the force awakens" filled with clues about what will be in the long awaited seventh part of the film saga. abc's clayton sandell has details - and a warning - this report may contain spoilers. " "nats - trailer / music in the latest star wars trailer? the dudes are back. nats - han: "all of it." han solo?an angry chewbacca? nats - chewbacca
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growl / explosion ? and the new guy. nats - rey: "i don't know your name". finn: "finn." but this surprise new ? and the new guy. nats - rey: "i don't know your name". finn: "finn." but this surprise new peek at "the force awakens"? released in japan? nats - trailer / x-wings & tie fighter dogfight ?seems to suggest this time? the force is with the females. daisy ridley's character rey? no damsel in distress... although this(lightsaber to rey's neck) looks bad. sot - darren franich / senior writer, entertainment weekly / "this trailer makes it very clear that the kind of 'luke skywalker' character in this movie is in fact going to be daisey ridley. and this new line? nats - rey: "i know all about waiting for my family." ?sparking all kinds of speculation: is rey a solo? a skywalker? who's she related to? sot - darren franich / "my bet is probably not admiral ackbar." sot - admiral ackbar clip: / "it's a trap!" there's a lot more bb- 8? who seems to always know when trouble is near. nats - bb-8 chirping a quick new shot of princess leia in a command center? and
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more yoda-esque talk from a mysterious character... played by actress lupita nyong'o. nats - trailer: "hope is not lost today. it is found." luke skywalker is still missing from this trailer? for some... (stormtrooper flamethrower) reigniting the whole "luke-is-the-bad-guy" theory. sot - darren franich / senior writer, entertainment weekly / i feel like when he is revealed to us he will be the luke skywalker we know and love. that being said, if he is evil, i think that would be so fascinating. maybe he's just somewhere waiting to be rescued... by rey. nats - trailer nikki: we'll be right back... you're watching local five news at six.
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this morning, 200 people took the plunge to raise money for special olympics. the polar plunge had a change of venue this year at the jordan creek town center. our very own elias johnson made the jump with his dog rufus. the participants helped raise 50 thousand dollars for special olympic athletes. bree/hang clear skies will carry on into the overnight. expect calm conditions and lows in the 30s. tomorrow
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to 9-0 on the season. and iowa with a late start against oklahoma. back to back wins. that's up next on the cyjahawk rewind. >> welcome back.
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