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tv   Local News at Ten  ABC  November 11, 2015 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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all the details on central iowa's wild day of weather, next on local 5.
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5 news at 10 in hdteam and we start with your forecast first." brad/wx wall weather adlib: afternoon for much of central iowa with severe weather from all over the the most common report along with tornadoes were also afternoon across just north of the dsm airport around 3:30 pm. " local 5 news at 10 in hd starts now. we are
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jack: you don't expect to see these kind of images in the middle of november. campers turned on their sides. semis blown over. and tress in front of quiet suburban elementary schools -- knocked down in the parking lot. that's only supposed to happen in the summer, right? jack well, wrong! central iowa was treated with a rare batch of november tornadoes, as well as heavy wind and rain. stephanie: definitely a wild day of weather across central iowa. starting in the afternoon, stretching into the evening. we were on the air live as your severe weather headquarters through the whole system. and joining us
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now to recap the action is chief meteorologist brad edwards, live in the weather center. brad it was a very stormy afternoon for much of central iowa with severe weather reports coming in from all over the place! high winds were the most common report along with damage, but at least 6 tornadoes were also reported this afternoon across iowa. one of those was just north of the dsm airport around 3:30 pm. brad stephanie: brad, thanks-- we're going to take you on a tour of the we're going to take you on a tour of the damage-- starting here in the metro.
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there were many reports of downed power lines and trees. personal belongings were pulled into the air from backyards. local five's kattey ortiz shows us just how widespread all the damage was. pkg "some dark times here on fleur drive where power has been out for at least three hours in the surrounding areas. but the effects of this fast moving storm go far beyond where i am, most of the metro is cleaning up as the storm pummeled through the area in just the blink of an eye." --- mitchell schippers was watching the rain fall steadily outside his window on northeast 26th street in des moines. "then everything started going that way. and i mean really fast. i heard a big old loud roar, and i started to yell at my kids to get in the bathroom" what he believes was a tornado came through his neighborhood right before his eyes, just missing his house. a tree fell over in his yard, inches away from his power line. "we saw this big chunk of metal back here and apparently that's what's left of his shed." his next door neighbor's shed flew up and over two backyards ... bouncing off mitchells fence and slamming into a tree. his belongings are drenched. their child's swingset
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in shambles. debris scattered all over the grass. his family spent the rest of the evening cleaning up the mess. fences in the neighborhood toppled over -- trees and branches littered the streets. over on fleur drive -- stop signs were used in lieu of lights as a power outage left the area in the dark. workers at be-bops and johnny's had no choice but to stay ... trying to keep themselves entertained while crews worked to repair the lines. down the road -- this truck belonging to the national guard was pushed into a fence at the des moines airport. when the massive storm rolled through ... mitchell had only one thing going through his mind. "oh crap. i'm dead now!" "it's definitely something different i've seen high winds i've seen tornadoes and this was definitely a tornado." -- in des moines kattey ortiz for local five news we are iowa. stephanie:
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and here's some video that popped up on our facebook feed we just have to share-- check it out... this is not snow. it's hail... that all piled up in a parking lot in west des moines. this video sent to us from kerri petersen marks. we appreciate you being our eyes and ears on the ground during the storm and after. stephanie: if you've snapped a cool photo or video tonight, post it to we are iowa dot com. just click on the share it tab. jack: there are still some neighborhoods in the metro and beyond without power tonight. at its peak after the storm-- the number was as high as 3,000 customers in the dark. but if you look now on the midamerican energy outage watch website, there are currently still 2,400 people without power in the des moines metro area. midamerican telling us they'll keep crews out through the night to keep working in problem areas. jack
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and here's the reason for many of those outages... downed trees. this picture from knoxville where the wind just took a chunk out of this tree. the knoxville fire chief saying he's unsure if this damage was a tornado or straight line winds. but it definitely left a mess behind, including at the walmart store in knoxville, which was damaged. see the tipped semi trailer outside the store. the store is closed until further notice. jack: speaking of tipped semi's-- check out what happened near a-vo'-ca, iowa this afternoon. a semi rolled over. it was actually one of three flipped big rigs tying up traffic on i-80 today. jack and near corning-- a semi blew off the road on highway 34. the creston news advertiser reports the driver is okay. stephanie: we also got to see some pictures of the storm up close. here's one of the funnel cloud spotted near winterset... the high winds in madison county did end up causing some damage to winterset high school. stephanie: the school reports that the
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football field scoreboard was damaged... as well as the softball dugout and damage to a school storage building. students were still in school when the storm passed through -- the superintendent saying it blew over them quick. they held the kids in shelter there until it passed. jack: lots of schools taking a precautionary approach today, because of the storms. some kept their kids in the classrooms until the rains passed. others wouldn't give the all clear unless a parent stopped by. local five's jacob peklo has more from waukee. kori young, parent: "the timing couldn't have been worse to come pick up the kids." students at waukee elementary school were forced to stay after school a little longer on wednesday. hannah wheeler, waukee elementary student: "they said it's going to pick up a lot of wind." instead of boarding the buses, the school kept them inside their classrooms until the storm passed through the area. jared johnson, parent: "we actually live about five blocks away, and there was a little bit of hail, little pieces of ice hail and the rain was coming down pretty good, and the wind was blowing stuff around pretty good." students say some of their classmates were more worried than others. hannah wheeler, waukee elementary student: "i felt a little bit scared, and worried about my sister." it's why the line of
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cars spilled into the street, right after the storm had passed. but many parents say it was worth a little inconvenience for them to keep things running on a somewhat normal schedule for their children. chad torstenson, parent: "she normally stays in an after school program. so, she's usually here for an hour, hour and a half after school, but today, it was kind of a pressing need to get to her. " jared johnson, parent: "we were a little worried at first for the safety, but we know that they'll take good care of them." in waukee, jacob peklo, local five news. we are iowa. stephanie: and our storm coverage doesn't end here. and our storm coverage doesn't end here. tomorrow is the 10 year anniversary of some deadly tornadoes in iowa... "" "it was absolutely mind-blowing devastation when you came into town" jack: we look back on what members of the community say was a life- changing day in woodward. stephanie: then, a three year old falls three stories... and survives! we'll tell you how it happened, ahead. take sot tomorrow on good morning iowa... feel like there isn't
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enough time in the day.. well, it may be time to utilize your smartphone.. we'll get a look at some time saving apps to help you find more time. plus... sam has an early look at the weekend ((:04 wx ad-lib)) that's tomorrow on the all-new good morning iowa! "your watching local 5 news at 10 in hd with jack miller, stephanie angleson, we are
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forecast with chief meteorologist brad edwards and local 5 sports with sports director jon schaeffer. this is local 5 news at 10. we are iowa." jack: we've shown you
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all the damage done by winds today. but check this out... some torrential rains came with this storm system as well. stephanie: you know it's amazing to see that video... but really the rainfall totals didn't amount to much, right brad? brad much, right brad? brad brad: weather adlib: brad: weather adlib: it was a very stormy afternoon for much of central iowa with severe weather reports coming in from all over the place! high winds were the most common report along with damage, but at least 6
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tornadoes were also reported this afternoon across iowa. one of those was just north of the dsm airport around 3:30 pm. while the severe storms are long gone, there will still be few showers tonight in the wake of this powerful weather system along with some very strong winds coming in from the west at 30-40 mph with some gusts even higher. it will also get much colder tonight with some rain showers wrapping around this strong low pressure system. there is even a slight chance for some snow mixing in with the rain in western counties. after a couple of cool days, we will have a nice warm up this weekend. so, just stay safe tonight and all will be well! brad stephanie: jack: stephanie: this is a picture of a farm stephanie: this is a picture
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this is a picture of a farm damaged by these storms today in woodward... and here's the crazy coincidence of the day... years ago, we had tornadoes just like we did today. stephanie: they tore through dallas, boone and hamilton counties. one of the first towns hit was woodward. but, 10 years later, the town has rebuilt, though that day is still a fresh memory. local 5's claire powell has the story. "it was very windy that day, very windy and out of nowhere the storms started brewing" "i looked to sw and see a black column and dirt surround the tornado" november 12th 2005. by the time tornado sirens rang out, this twister was on top of woodward. " it kind of just came out of nowhere" barreling down on homes and businesses. " i didnt even bother to put shoes on, went 3 miles down the road, came back adn it was
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all over that quickly" but as quickly as it came, it ended. "it was absolutely mind-blowing devastation when you came into town" the path cut across the southeast corner of town, leaving debris, homes and livlihoods scattered across dallas and boone counties. "barn gone, east wall was gone, porch was gone and you know part of the roof you start to realize you've got a big chore ahead of you" john kiley, his wife and dog- mac "last time mac, last time" escaped just in time. their house, barns, their entire farm was one of the first to go. "its easier to laugh then cry, laughed about a lot, but 4 days after we got a tornado, we got a snow and that wasn't very funny" "it may have destroyed every building in its path it did not destroy this communities spirit"--old school amanda" 10 years later, that still stands true. the town torn by the tornado, has rebuilt. the damage may be gone- but its far from forgotton. "doesnt seem like ten years, its very vivid in everyones minds" "you pick up clean up and go on with life" and a while after cleaning up, john found something that did make him smile again. another so called- survivor. "it kind of survived the tornado what is that for- that was for the champion dairy cow at the kossuth county fair" "and we survived didnt we mac?" from woodward
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"yeah we did" claire powel local 5 news we are iowa . stephanie: our coverage of this anniversary continues on- line too... you can watch our 2005 reports from woodward on "we are iowa dot com." you'll see the story of the stratford tornadoes that hit that same day, tomorrow. we'll be right back.
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miraculous story this morning from des moines. a three year old girl is fine after window three stories. it happened at building in the 37-hundred block of twana drive around 10 a-m. the girl was near the window, when she fell out. she was taken to the hospital as a precaution, but emergency crews say she was conscious on the scene. stephanie and developing now in altoona. stephanie a death investigation... on 11th avenue southeast in altoona. police were called there today...and found a woman dead. we visited that home this evening... still an active crime scene. but police aren't saying much, though they have called in state criminal agents to help. an autopsy is happening tomorrow and we'll keep you updated as we learn more. jack it's veterans day and plenty of ceremonies were held around iowa to honor our vets.
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the iowa events center hosted its annual veterans day program. iowa senator chuck grassley was there. he shared his thoughts on this day dedicated to honoring those who've served. "if it hadn't been for generations of patriots and selfess americans, like you represent here today, these people willing to put their lives on the line, the freedom that we take for granted, would have been long ago, disappeared." jack: and here's another place where veterans were being recognized... studebaker elementary, a special assembly was held to teach the kids to respect those who've served. stephanie: jon is here now-- and iowa state gearing up for their season opener friday night jon: yeah jack and it's against an old big 12 opponent coming up on local 5 sports we'll hear from the cyclones and how they're chomping at the bit to open the season. " now, local 5 sports
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jon: welcome back. grandview christian entered the 1a state volleyball tournament number 7. to move on they'd have to take down the second ranked team out of trip-ole-uh. the thunder trying to pull off the upset tonight in cedar rapids. opening set......abby booth goes
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oppo.....and lays down the perfect angle......thunder take the first set.... second set now...tripoli takes control...kenned y drewis goes over top two blockers...panth ers up 6-3 early.... a few points later....the thunder bounce back in the form of cassidy budd...christian down 13-9....but tripoli wins the next two sets... and the panthers were too much to handle......on match point...heather heine makes it count.....grand view christian sees its season come to a close 3-1..... the thunder end their season with a 30-13 record. number 3 e-b-f taking on number 6 dike new hartford in 2a quarters. second set.....wolverines won the first.....baylee peterson rises up and smacks the kill...dike new hatrtford up 10-3.... later in the set....taylor leffler answers for the rockets......but ebf still down nine points..... they would hang in tough....karlie taylor attacks the net and she delivers....the senior not going away... and its taylor once again a few points later.... but the rockets get swept by the defending state champs. here's a quick look at the 3a action from earlier today--
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nevada tops columbus catholic 3-1. and they'll face kuemper catholic who handled sb-l with a 3 games to one victory. semifinals start bright and early at 10am tomorrow in cedar rapids. we'll also have first day of semifinal football underway from cedar falls so a busy couple of days in high school sports coming your way. jon: the iowa state cyclones men's basketball team get their regular season underway friday night in sioux falls south dakota. the cyclones face old big 12 foe-- colorado. the cyclones come in ranked number 7 in the nation-- and out to prove they've moved on from last year's early exit from the ncaa tournament. it's been a long off season-- and the buffaloes feature a tough test inside with josh scott-- a 6 foot 10 forward who averaged over 14 points a game last year. for the cyclones-- they're ready to pass the opening game exam. even more so-- ready for the season to just start already "excited i mean every year you're excited and every year you have your own stories and it's own special moments and i'm ready to get it going. it's a well known university and to open up on espn2 everybody can watch, people back home can watch me all around the country just see how good we going to be this year. it's great to finally get things rolling again it's like we been practicing for like
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three months now before the spain trip and everything leading up to that. so it's good to finally get out there and showcase what we've been working on this whole off season. " iowa state and colorado tip off at 4pm on espn 2 from sioux falls-- they'll play in the sanford pentagon-- pretty new facility-- great place to play-- should be a fun way to start the season for the cyclones. and the wild fall tonight on the road to grand rapids 5 to 2. they've got a pair of games this weekend at home friday and saturday night. jon we'll be right back... you're
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you could call it the "calm after the storm." images like this
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took over social media after the storms passed this afternoon and evening... pretty rainbows... a much better image to end on than angry storm clouds. brad: weather adlib: it will also get much colder tonight with some rain showers wrapping around this strong low pressure system. there is even a slight chance for some snow mixing in with the rain in western counties. after a couple of cool days, we will have a nice warm up this weekend. so, just stay safe tonight and all will be well! stephanie: jack: thank you for
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