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tv   Local 5 News at Six  ABC  November 12, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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"when you look around this room many of these people are here because a pipeline project to them means supporting their family. "it means a lot, you know. that's how i put my kids through school and buy clothes." "construction workers are used the the temporary work, a pipeline project would mean a gaurenteed paycheck for a decent amount of time." "it's a lot of work, it's steady work, it will last all year long." "it's their livelyhood, it's how they make their money and raise thier family." "and for iowa workers, a pipleline through this state means they get to stay close to home." "when a family gets that, when they are in the construction it helps the kids and the spouces because the kids see their parents leave home to go to work and not come home once a month, every weekend. you know, whenver time is allowing depending on how far they are amanda/tvu some of the
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better for workers to wrok on projects that use clean energy not fossil fuel. short term economic interest trump the environment and our long term sustainability at the utility board." "think about us really your decision to make. who are you to put the ypung people across the country into jeopardy so you can what? pad your resumes by successfuly protecting corprate interest at the utilities board?" amanda local 5's jacob peklo is live with more in our team coverage. jacob/tvu now, it's all in the hands of the iowa utiliteis board. geri huser, libby jacobs, and nick wagner. this was the only day that the
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public could comment on the issue directly to the board. on monday, the process continues with an evidentiary hearing. after that, it's in the hands of the three board members. they can have a meeting to discuss their decision or they can just send out a written notice. jacob/tvu again, though, the key to remember is that there is no time table for when that has to happen. the board can take as little or as much time as they want to, to come reporting live in boone, for amanda krenz, i'm jacob peklo, we are iowa. today is all about cleanup across central
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iowa after tornadoes and strong storms left behind damage. the national weather service is out surveying the damage. so far they confirmed ef-1 tornadoes touched down in knoxville, and northern mahaska county near barnes city. and say ef-0 tornadoes hit the lake panorama and yale areas. they say strong wind caused damage in southwestern jasper county--near prairie city and southern marion county--east of melcher-dallas. stephanie: today governor terry branstad homeland management director mark their day surveying the damage in knoxville. they headed to the walmart there and walked around neighborhoods to get a first- hand look on all the damage. knoxville had the most powerful confirmed tornado out of yesterday's storms with winds up to 110 mph. "we didn't have any serious injuries and we're hopeful most of this will be covered by insurance and i want to complement marion county emergency management for the way they've handled
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this situation as you see they are already well into the cleanup and recovery process " stephanie: there was one injury reported in this storm. jack/lam iowa farmers know that tornadoes are hit and miss. one farm can be devastated and the next farm over has no damage at all. and that's how it is in melrose tonight, where norman vote's farm is a shambles, and his neighbors are helping him pick up the pieces. hell yes it was a tornado. there's no doubt it norman vote's mind that the devastation at his farm (1478) was no funnel cloud or straight line winds. that's because his wife saw it herself. clip 1454 24:32 my wife saw it coming through the window and i said let's head for the basement." 24:35 butt to 24:38 as i was going down the basement i saw the carport leave, and we went down and holed up. i gotta take this." 24:44 (1460) the calls are coming in fast and furious. not only from norman's insurance agents and all the others he does business with -- but also the most welcome calls of all. those from friends (1482) and neighbors who are ready to help. a lot of them showed
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up today, and they're shocked by just (1486) how much damage is here clip 1493 49:12 i thought it was terrible, i didn't imagine it being this bad." 49:17 (1428) the damage list is long. norman's house (1507) is on the line right now between fixable or needing to be torn down and rebuilt. he lost three sheds. trailers (1377), trucks and farm equipment are flipped and crumpled, silos and bins are beat up, one has the top ripped right off. (1390) clip 1471 42:37 "if you find any tools, just throw them 42:39 weird images that only a tornado (1448) caught up in the boat motor (1378) that came out of nowhere. but just like an iowa farmer, norman's emotions are in check. he can laugh (1470) in the midst of all this -- and his outlook is level headed. clip 1455 woke up this morning fairly healthy, we didn't have a scratch on us, so i guess we felt pretty good about it." 26:52
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jack: the votes haven't even let this devastation move them off their land for one night. last night, they slept in the basement of the house, even though the roof is ripped off. stephanie: if you can believe it, ten years ago today a tornado tore through the town of stratford. " it was something we see and hear, you never think its coming your way but it did"" stephanie: 12 tornadoes touched down in iowa that day. an e-f-3 left one person dead and around 30 others without homes in stratford. coming up tonight at 10, hear from the people who were there that day, and what it took for them to recover. it's a story you'll see only on local 5 news. jack: coming up on local 5 news at six... technology and politics.. we'll tell you how the two worlds are colliding in des moines right now. brad and i'll have your forecast ahead "your watching local 5 news at 6 in hd with jack miller, stephanie angleson, we are
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meteorologist edwards, and local 5 sports with sports director jon schaeffer. this is local 5 news at 6. we are iowa." jack: iowa's 21st state house district is currently without any representation. the previous republican representative was the late jack drake. right now the iowa democratic party and the precinct committee for the district is holding a nomination convention to fill the vacancy. the elegible delegates include the precinct committee people from the 21-st district who were elected at the 2014 precinct caucuses, as well as those who've been
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elected since then. there'll be a special election to officially fill the position on december 8. stephanie over at drake university, people are bringing politics to the digital age. the first ever "yahoo conference on technology and politics" is underway. high profile elected officials, campaign strategists, techies, and journalists took part in panels throughout the day. they discussed how technology is shaping the democratic process and the relationship between citizens and the government, especially during debates. "a head of a major labor union can send out a tweet during a debate, miley cyrus can send out a tweet, right you have no idea. but, anyone in democracy now, can be actively engaged and all use the same hashtag and be seen." stephanie: hundreds attended the conference throughout the day and a spokesperson with yahoo said thousands more watched their live online stream. jack/wxcdl chief meteorologist brad edwards is here now... brad:wxcdl ( local 5 weather is
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coming up next. i'll have your forecast next "now, we are iowa's most accurate forecast with chief meteorologist brad edwards. certified by weatherrate the
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experts" brad/wxc: welcome back. i'm local 5 chief meteorologist brad edwards. brad: accurate forecast. brad/wxwall: i would like to say our weather has calmed down from wednesday, but that is really not strong wind in the wake of our tornado producing system. that powerful november storm has produced winds in excess of 50 mph in most areas thursday,
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and while they will drop off a bit tonight and tomorrow they are not going away just yet. skies will be clear tonight and into friday. we will see our temps drop into the 30s in the metro while the wind chills will fall into the 20s by friday morning. friday will bring us nw to w winds of 10-20+ which is just a nice breeze compared to today. highs will be about average for mid november in the low 50s. the good news is that we are going to have a nice little warm-up this weekend! saturday is looking sunny and warmer with sw winds getting us up into the 60s. sunday the clouds will be on increase, but we should still manage to get close to 60 for the high. next week we are
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but no tornadoes! brad/2wx: that's all for my forecast. check out for the latest in weather . stephanie/2wx: thanks brad.
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snap a cool weather photo? post it to we are iowa dot com. just click on the share it tab! i'm here with jon schaeffer, and jon football the only semifinal action today for high jon/2bam: the only semifinal action today for high
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school sports jon/2bam: yeah jack-- volleyball teams are a game closer to raising a title trophy coming up on local 5 sports we'll show you the action from cedar rapids-- don't go
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are iowa sports" jon: welcome back-- the semifinals are underway in cedar falls for high school football. it all started with 8-man this morning. local 5 sports' jordan furbee made his way up to the dome this morning-- he has more from cedar falls. "outside it may be blustery and cold, but inside we've got 72 degrees of football splendor. the state football semifinals kicked off this morning in 8-man with the two previous state champions facing off... 2013 champ don bosco taking on last year's winner newell-fonda. mustangs winners of 23 in a row... first quarter, the dons driving. but cole wise sticks up his paw to deflect it,
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makes the int and he's off to the races. 64 yards on the pick 6, mustangs up 7-0. don bosco scores later in the quarter to make it 7-6 that was the score at halftime! these two teams came in averaging more than 45 points per game! second half, don bosco had an offensive explosion. after two quick touchdowns put them up 18-7. they add another here as brandon bagby hits caleb rigdon who turns and is off to the races. don bosco scores 30 unanswered as they end newell-fonda's 23 game win streak and their season 30-7 the final. "you know it wasn't biggest thing i want them to understand is how proud of them i am them." the second semifinal ralston taking on #4 marcus-meriden- cleghorn. both teams have undefeated at 11-0 on already 14 all after the first. ahead to the 2nd quarter, mmc would roll out. open jacob spieler. eagles up 20-14 at move ahead to the 4th
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again, this time specht keeps it himself to make it 28-14... but don't count out the wildcats, clayton christian drops back looking for christopher brown. it gets tipped and what can brown do for you!? the 44 yard strike makes it 28-21. but mmc would put the game on ice with one final drive. derek erdman has reservations for six! glidden-ralston falls short of its first championship game since 2005, 35-21. "they're a little down right now, obviously they should be disappointed and upset, but it won't be long and they'll realize what they've accomplished which is something pretty cool." from the uni-dome in cedar falls, jordan furbee local 5 sports we are iowa... " jon: ankeny centennial is looking to defend their 5a state title from last year. they took down johnston yesterday. today they have to face off against hempstead-- a team that shocked dowling in the quarterfinals.
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let's head up to cedar rapids for the action. second set.....jags won the first....elizabeth fleckenstein for hempstead drills one down.......mustang s down 22-17 t back comes ankeny centennial.....tas ha vipond up big on the block...that gets it done....23-17 jaguars.... then its haley matter with a big swing....ankeny centennial wins set two 25-19. in the third....jags going for the sweep.....ari winters with a pretty attack at the net......inching closer to the title match.... and on match ace seals the centennial is back in the 5a the second straight season. harlan taking on bishop heelan in 4a semifinal action. set.....allie cooke gets up and smashes a kill...set tied at one a few points later...sam mccabe gets the job done for the an up 11-0. then its taylor frederick....she elevates and finishes with a big kill for the
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lead in set one... heelan wins the first set...but next two and on cyclones get it done... back in the title match 3-1. and in 3a semifinals-- nevada tops catholic 3 they'll take on the championship match tomorrow at 2:30 in cedar rapids. jon/sx3s stephanie/sx3s jack/sx3s we'll be right back... you're
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meteorologist brad edwards. brad: i would like to say our weather has calmed down from wednesday, but that is really not the case with these strong wind in the
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ex-nann all i can do is follow heart. >> gwen watched hisex-nanny try to single white female her. >> smiling images of the alleged affair was exp
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