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tv   Local News at Ten  ABC  November 13, 2015 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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warning. the governor even questioning why the sirens didn't sound. local 5 news at 10 starts in 30 seconds.
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brad/wx wall weather adlib: today turned out pretty nice with less wind and milder temperatures! well, why stop this great, fall weather now? we are going to do even better this weekend! look for clear skies and fairly light winds tonight as temps fall back into the 30s by saturday morning. jack: the town of knoxville says they got no warning! why the sirens didn't sound during iowa's latest round of severe weather. "society's looking favorably on the veterans and i want to keep it that way." stephanie: a veteran spends 15,000 dollars of
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doing it? jack: and french police storm a paris concert hall, ending the hostage situation. but not before a tremendous loss of life. the latest on this breaking news, straight ahead. " local 5 news at 10 in hd starts now. we are iowa" stephanie: a city that's known terrorism itself a city that's known terrorism itself stands for france tonight. this is the 408 foot spire on top the new world trade center in new york city, lit blue, white and red in honor of victims killed in the paris attacks. stephanie: the death toll now more than 150. and the latest news we're learning -- five attackers are dead. jack: but there could still be more of them on the run inside france. " " carnage in the streets of paris as gunmen
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sot woman we heard a bunch of gun shots maybe 8 to 10 and then there was kind of a pause and there was a few more. dozens of victims are dead after attackers opened fire with automatic weapons. explosions -- also heard. nats up boom at soccer stadium at least one explosion -- reported here at a soccer stadium while a game was underway... at a concert hall... one hundred people were reportedly taken hostage. security forces assaulted the building, killing at least two attackers. concert- goers could be seen filing out from the hall, hands on their heads. one official said the attackers had tossed explosives at the hostages. the casualty figures unknown. a crowded restaurant -- was also among at least four locations under fire. audio eyewitness "charlotte" sot over video: describes woman fatally shot parisians ran dazed and terrified through the streets as police took up positions across the city president obama quickly expressed solidarity with the french people sot obama
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attack not just on the people of france. but this is an attack on all of humanity and the universal values that we share. we stand prepared and ready to provide whatever assistance that the government and people of france need to respond jack: the french president has declared a state of emergency... and shut down the country's borders until all attackers and accomplices are caught. we've checked in about iowa college students who are studying abroad in paris. iowa state confirmed to us that they have three students who are all safe and accounted for. and drake has two students who are also confirmed safe. stephanie: the national weather service in iowa has now confirmed that 10 tornadoes were spotted in iowa wednesday... it was a rare burst of severe weather in the middle of november. the storms came fast-- too fast in
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fact to even trigger the sirens in many places. stephanie: new at 10 tonight, kattey ortiz shows us why. kattey we knew this storm was going to move fast ... but weather is always unpredictable and can be difficult to track. governor branstad noted the warning procedures during his tour of the damage in knoxville .... since a tornado warning was not issued before it touched down. tonight the national weather service tells us exactly how they alerted the public. with winds reaching 107 miles per hour ... a tornado in knoxville came and went in a matter of minutes. packing a mean punch .... leaving destruction behind it. "people had very little time to take shelter once the storms were issued severe or tornado." for days the state knew wednesday would bring severe storms. the national weather service had three times more staff than a normal shift -- tracking -- calculating -- spewing out alerts and warnings. but knoxville's tornado slipped between the cracks. the n-w-s issued a severe thunderstorm warning for marion county and knoxville. "we indicated tornado possible in the warning, but it was not a tornado warning. we just weren't confident enough that there was actually a tornado in the storm." sixteen minutes later ... it touched down and
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"when the radar got back to that same spot in knoxville, the tornado had formed and dissipated before we got another look at it. so it's a really difficult decision to decide when to warn." no sirens were blared. the storms were simply too quick for the national weather service to keep up. "i completely get it. people's lives were impacted. we live in iowa too." the numerous warning methods were brought into question thursday during governer branstads tour of the damage. "i think it's always good, after an incident like this, to review the procedures and to see if there's improvements that can be made" kattey tornado sirens are really only meant for people who are outside and have no other access to weather information. so it's best to make sure to
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sign up for alerts on your phone. there are several ways to do that and we've put information up on our website, we are iowa dot com. in the studio kattey ortiz local five news we are iowa. jack: sports director jon schaeffer joins us now... lots of folks in the metro interested in what's going on in the uni dome in cedar falls tonight. it's an instant classic. valley -- dowling. jon thanks guys-- now they're running nearly an hour and a half late-- this game was supposed to start at 7 didn't kick off until close to 8:30 it was 10-3 at halftime-- we're working on getting those first half highlights for sports jon so we'll keep you updated on the game, and all the rest of the action at the dome today coming up later in sports. and it was iowa state's regular season debut. we'll bring you more on that coming up. stephanie:
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jack: veterans day is past -- but there was quite the patriotic ceremony this evening in grimes. a crowd gathered to open up the new veteran's memorial on james street, installed by rick hutcheson. he's a retired vietnam veteran. he built this himself, paid for it too... about 15,000 dollars. it took him about a month and a half to finish. the rock was painted by a man in woodward. rick says he just wanted a place for people to come and give thanks to veterans. permanent from the start, i designed what i went to the legion and said hope you like it" " jack: rick says part of the reason he did it was because of this controversy in knoxville. the silhouette of a soldier of a cross put up
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there got complaints that it violated the first amendment. the city council voted to remove it. its new home in across the private jack: pretty much the center of the political tomorrow. stephanie: all set to host the three democratic presidential candidates in their second debate of the primary process. it'll be at sheslow auditorium. stephanie: and coming up, when you bring all the candidates in town ... there's bound to be some other excitement going on-- we'll show you what we mean, ahead. "how stupid are the people of iowa?"" jack: you heard him... what else donald trump said on his latest trip through iowa. take sot "monday on good morning iowa... tired, feel sluggish in your daily routine? it may be time to revisit a habit from childhood.. we'll explain why you're never too old to take a quick nap plus...a look at the week's weather ((:04 wx ad-lib)) that's monday on the all-new good morning iowa!"
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meteorologist brad edwards and local 5 schaeffer. this is are iowa." brad: weather adlib: today turned out pretty nice with less temperatures! well, why stop this great, fall weather now? we are going to do even better this weekend!
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tonight as temps fall back into the 30s by saturday morning. with lots of sunshine and southwesterly winds of 10-20 mph, we will warm up into the low 60s for most areas and maybe the metro will even reach 65! that is about 15 degrees above the seasonal average. sunday will start off sunny, but clouds will be increasing into the afternoon and there could be some showers by the evening. we will still be mild in the upper 50s to near 60. showers will be possible sunday night into monday, tuesday and possibly even wednesday, as next week is looking very unsettled. it will start off rather mild next week, but will end rather cold! in fact, we are looking at the possibility of snow next weekend- i'm just sayin' there's a chance, but stayed tuned to local 5 on this folks! brad stephanie: jack: jack: the next
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democratic debate is tomorrow night in des moines. and all the top democrats are here. debbie w-s "you'll hear each of them draw a contrast between our policies and our views" jack: but stayed tuned to local 5 on this folks! brad stephanie: jack:
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democratic debate is tomorrow night in des moines. and all the top democrats are here. debbie w-s "you'll hear each of them draw a contrast between our policies and our views" jack: but we go beyond the politics... and have a little fun with all the hoopla in town.
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stephanie: drake students getting excited for tomorrow's college democrats had a sign making party today, hanging up their artwork all across campus. stephanie: it's pretty obvious that something big is happening on the drake campus this weekend... there's definitely a buzz.
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jack: we're less than 24 hours away. local five's jacob peklo has been on campus throughout the day today..... trying to soak in some of that atmosphere. he joins us live now from outside drake's sheslow auditorium. jacob stephanie, jack, it's a little more quiet tonight, but that's more of a calm before the storm type of deal. i'm standing in front of old main right now, which is the backdrop for all of the events tomorrow. if you want to call this event a circus, you wouldn't be exaggerating. some people i talked to say this is one of the biggest buildups you'll see for a political showdown. signs, and twitter, and bulldogs...oh my. it's an indication that the political circus is coming to town. rachel paine caufield, political science professor: "i wouldn't say circus because it seems...okay, maybe i would, circuses are well organized and this is surprisingly well organized." while the tents are a sign of the heavy security that'll be in place on saturday, there's still a lot more that meets the eye. kevin bell, drake university: "it's just those odd things that happen around campus. you know, whether it be the twitter sign out in front
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of old main, or if it's the sign driving around campus, or it's just the people you never see around here." rachel paine caufield says the energy this time around feels higher than it was before the 20-08 election. rachel paine caufield, political science professor: "you have kind of a new group of people coming in and it's the first time that we've seen widespread use of social media across the board." paine caulfield says the students are eagerly looking of the process. rachel paine caulfield, professor: "iowa is in the country, so you opportunity to see candidates, see campaign activity, get involved." so many people, seeking a place inside, but instead having to set up shop on the known presidential candidate robby wells. robby wells, democratic candidate: "we've got a lot of other people that want to sit down now and do interviews. i'm going in front of any camera that wants to
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hear what we've got to say. this is about prosperity." but, of course, what election wouldn't be complete without another dark horse candidate...or in this case---another dog, putting his paw into the ring. kevin bell, drake university: "no surprises here today. he's not going to fully announce everything. you know, he's got to think through those platforms to make sure they're perfect. but you know, they're going to be great. people are going to love him. " stephanie: jacob, thanks.that debate starts tomorrow at eight o'clock. we'll have full coverage of the day, live leading up to the main event during local five news at 6. and a live wrap-up on local five news at 10. and analysis of the democratic campaigns continues on our special sunday political show "this week chairwoman wasserman for that discussion sunday morning at 9 a-m. jack: there's been lots of discussion about ben carson this week and donald trump jumped into the fray. jack: carson's facing criticism about parts of his recent book. many are questioning if they're true... including an incident in which he claims to have thrust a knife into stomach, only to be stopped by a belt buckle. donald trump called him out on the campaign trail in fort dodge last night. then ben carson responded
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"trump - i saw what the hell have we come to, what have we come to when we hae to believe thais kind of stuff and we're gonna put someboyd in office who considers themself to have pathalogical disease? how stupid are the poeple of iowa, the people of the country to believe this crap? " "i expect that kind of thing. that's whats been going on our country for years, that's dragging us in the mud, and i don't expect it to change anytime soon." "i'm hopeful that, at some point, we reach a level of maturity that we can actually deal with the issues that are facing us right now and stop getting into the mud and doing things that really don't matter." jack: character is a jack: character is a real issue in this election. character is a real issue in this election. and the " character counts" organization hasn't forgotten that. they're taking
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their "show some respect" message to the debate tomorrow in des moines. check it out-- some sitckers, some signs. we'll see if it works for the democrats. stephanie: jon is here now-- and a lot of good games in semifinal action today at the dome jon: yeah jack-- two games coming down to the wire in the class a-- tonight it's 4a coming up on local 5 sports we bring you first half action from the dome between valley and dowling you don't want to miss it! " now, local 5 sports
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jon: the valley dowling rivalry is storied to say the least. 10 titles combined since 2000-- and one of them will be seeking another next week. first they have to square off at the uni dome tonight-- winner returns a week from tonight. dowling topped valley once already this year-- would the tigers get redemption let's find out! let's check out the action... it was a battle of the qb, valley's rocky lombardi vs. dowling's 2- qb's j.t. brown and kurt walding... late first quarter, all tied at 3. valley driving, but brawntae wells bringing the boom! comes up with the sack of lombardi. tigers going for the 47 yarder, but cole hahn's kick, doink! right off the upright. 2nd quarter now, dowling
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going with the trickery trying the reverse wide out pass, but valley's pete economos comes up with the pick. interesting play hereren 3rd and 9 from their own 5. rocky lombardi punts it away and kicks it pretty well. but dowling takes advantage later in the drive... j.t. brown finds stevie sarcone in the endzone for six! dowling goes up 10-3! but valley would march down and get another try for hahn, this time from 46. and he knocks it through! 10-6 dowling at halftime... here's a look at the class a semifinals action from earlier today-- denver falls to gladbrook reinbeck 19-16 in overtime. and mount ayr loses on a two point conversion by akron westfield-- a great battle there... you can go to we are iowa dot com to view highlights from that game. jon: the iowa state men's basketball team tipped their season off this afternoon in sioux falls. they battled old big 12 foe colorado-- and fans were excited to see what steve prohm had in store for his
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cyclones who have high hopes riding on their shoulders this season. we start iowa up one in the first half-- georges niang with the nice hook shot-- floats it down for a pair isu up 3. niang doing more work-- the spin-- and in-- nifty kiss off the glass. now the connection we will see all season-- monte morris the ally--- jameel mckay the oopp two handed finish... iowa up one... then monte morris the cross over and a step back jay-- nothing but twine iowa rolling into halftime up 5. second half more mckay on the fast break-- he slams it home finished the night with 8 points. then naz mitrou- long spots up from the land of three-- and he buries it-- iowa state maybe a little closer than fans expected and lower scoring... they get the win 68 to 62 in sioux falls. iowa taking on gardner webb tonight at home... jarrod uthoff with basket and adds one from the stripe for three point play uthoff for three mike gessell to
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uthoff for a pair dom uhl for slam iowa rolling past gardner webb this one not quite over yet but iowa is up webb this one not quite over yet but iowa is up late in the second. women's hoops iowa tops north dakota 83 to 61 the final from iowa city. iowa state takes care of hampton in a big way winning by 36 up at hilton coliseum. to the ice...great color on color matchup between the musketeers and des moines. in the first, muskies controlling the puck...christian meike fires one from the boards but nick macnab makes the save and he would get a workout. muskies on a power play and cj dodero with the pretty setup
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to josh wilkins for the easy goal...1-0 good guys. later on, they continue attacking...eeli tolvanen gets a one on one but macnab makes the sprawling save. under a minute to play in the period...muskies back on the power play and wilkins makes des moines pay...he goes five hole to go up 2-0. but the bucs come back with three goals in the second and third to win 3 to 2 over sioux city. jon we'll be right back... you're watching local
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and now, abc's "jimmy kimmel lilive." >> dicky: from hollywood - it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight hillary clinton.
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