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tv   Local News at Ten  ABC  November 15, 2015 10:00pm-11:00pm CST

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accurate weather team and we start with your forecast first." james rain showers will move in by early monday, then redevelop later on during the evening hours. more rain (not snow!) will return on out on wednesday. temperatures stay in the 50s and 60s through mid-week, but keep those winter coats handy for the end of the week when highs will be in the 30s and 40s with overnight lows down into the 20ws...and snow chances return to the forecast at the end of the week....brrr!
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nikki also coming up on local five news at 10... a crash on hubbell avenue leaves two people dead... the story behind what happened... nikki and france -- answering to this weekends terrorist attacks with airstrikes in syria... more about where they're targeting isis... nikki and if you put down money to play in online fantasy football leagues... this is a story you don't want to miss. a lawsuit in new york may change the way you play the game. " local 5 news at 10 in hd starts now. we are iowa" nikki: good evening. welcome to local 5 news, i'm nikki davidson. nikki: new at 10 tonight two people are dead after a fatal crash at a des moines intersection. nikki: des moines police say it happened just after six tonight on hubbell avenue and 37th street... they're still investigating what caused the crash but say two vehicles were involved... one was heading west, the other was turning into a quick trip when they collided... two people, including one man have died in one vehicle... the driver of a second vehicle
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has been taken to the hospital. people who live nearby said the sound of the collision was like nothing they could have imagined... "my great grandson and i were sitting in the livingroom watching tv and then all of the sudden there was just a great big it sounded like a tremendous explosion no screeching of brakes or anything just the loud explosion and we came out here and we could see the accident " nikki: traffic in that area was blocked off for several hours tonight as police worked to secure the scene. nikki: a van meter man is dead after an early morning crash on i-80. it happened in van meter near exit 113 around 1:30 saturday morning. the state patrol says 28-year old danny dunton was driving westbound getting off the exit when he hit another car that was parked on the shoulder. dunton's car flipped on its top into a ditch and he was pronounced dead at the scene. the crash is still under investigation nikki: in des moines, police are investigating a drive-by shooting they were called to a home at 13-32 jefferson avenue around 12:30 saturday morning. the homeowner says when her kids were
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returning home someone fired at them. her daughter told police they believed they were followed by the shooter from a birthday party but don't know why they were shot at. the homeowner says this is the fourth time shots have been fired at her house since june. nikki: one person is recovering after multiple shots were fired near an alley overnight. police say they heard about 15 rounds fired near clark and mlk parkway around midnight saturday morning. one victim showed up at mercy following the incident, but their condition is unknown. police also found seven shell casings in a nearby parking lot. nikki/ots a pair of lawsuits in new york could soon mark a monumental change in online sports gambling. right now, iowa is one of only five states that does not allow that type of gambling. local five's jacob peklo joins us now with more on how that could change. jacob/bam nikki, if you're like many now, you've probably seen those fanduel or draftkings commercials on tv, hundreds of times. however. the saturation
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campaign doesn't get absorbed the same way here in iowa, where it's illegal to play for cash. but, if lawsuits in new york succeed, it could unveil a new era of gaming here. (colby oberembt has been a sports fan for years, but he's noticed how he watches has changed with the rise of fantasy football. colby oberemb t, adel resident: "i was always a huge packers fan and that's all i cared about, and never watched any other games beside that, but now it's turned into all i want to watch are the guys that are playing for me." colby's not alone. monitoring multiple games and players is the norm now, with more than 75 million people expected to play fantasy this year. but in iowa, the latest fad...daily money leagues like on fanduel and draft kings...isn't allowed. in fact, no kind of online gambling is allowed in iowa. colby oberembt, adel resident: "i guess i don't understand why iowa won't allow it. it's kind of weird that so many other places do it. i mean, i realize it, there's ups and down. like with any other gambling, sometimes you're going to win and sometimes you're going to lose." keith miller has been studying sports law for more than a decade. he says iowa has closely followed that precedent for more than 80 years miller says there was a bill to legalize online sports gambling failed in the state legislature last year.
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and with larger states like nevada and new york deeming daily fantasy a form of gambling, he doesn't see iowa bucking any trends. keith miller, drake law professor: "what is more likely is that issues about sports betting are going to become more prominent nationally, and that if sports betting were to become legal, then probably daily fantasy sports leagues would as well." draftkings and fanduel maintain that daily fantasy is not a form of gambling, but is in fact, a matter of skill. it's why they're both suing new york's attorney general to get the sites back online in the state. with the line in the sand, miller says both sides will be watching new york with baited breath. keith miller, drake law professor: "if new york were to get a judicial affirmation that fantasy sports was illegal business, illegal gambling, that would be a very serious blow to the industry.")>> jacob/bam miller told me there is still one major obstacle to sports betting becoming legal on a mass scale. that's the
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national football league. as long as the nfl is not on board with it, it could be a long time until changes could be made. live in the studio, jacob peklo, local five news. we are iowa. nikki: moving now to your local election headquarters the attacks in paris have presidental candidates talking... following yesterdays big debate... hillary clinton and martin o'malley stopped by the central iowa democrat's fall barbeque in ames... nikki: the barbeque was held at the hansen agriculture student learning center on isu campus. the candidates touched on many subjects including the economy, education and climate change. hillary clinton took some time to address the attacks in paris. "there is so much at stake in this election the attacks in paris as i said last night at the debate are a sobering reminder of the challenges and the threats that we face and the importance of american leadership the hard truth of our time we need to own is this 70 percent of us are earning the same or today than we were 12 years ago that is not the way our
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to work that is not the way our country is supposed to work. " nikki: the barbeque is held by five different county democrat groups. thousands of people came out to see the candidates speak today... nikki: last night, drake university hosted the three democratic presidential candidates in their second debate of the primary process. thats where bernie sanders gave his take on the best way to handle isis. " the united states cannot do it alone. what we need to do is lead an international coalition which includes, very significantly, the muslim nations in that region. we're going to have to fight and defend that way of life." - bernie nikki: drake university also released the results of their student straw poll today... bernie sanders is in the lead with 43 percent of the votes. there's a significant gap between sanders and hillary clinton who has 24 percent of the votes.
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martin o'malley comes in third with 11 percent... meanwhile... 22 percent of voters were undecided. only drake students could vote. the results give what they call a " unscientific snapshot" of students' preferences after last night's debate. nikki: coming up on local 5 news at 10... just days after the attacks in paris... french warplanes are plummeling isis targets in syria.. nikki: and.. thousands of mormans... leaving the church in utah... we'll tell you why they're rallying together in protest. james:p' and i'll have your forecast ahead "monday on good morning iowa... tired, feel sluggish in your daily routine? childhood.. you're never too old to take a quick nap plus...a look at the week's weather ((:04 wx ad-lib)) that's monday on the all-new good morning
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most accurate forecast with meteorologist james peterson. certified by weatherrate the independent weather experts" james/wx wall rain showers will move in by early monday, then redevelop later on during the evening hours. more rain (not snow!) will return on tuesday before we dry out on wednesday. temperatures stay in the 50s and 60s through mid-week, but
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coats handy for the end of the week when highs will be in the 30s and 40s with overnight lows down into the 20ws...and snow chances return to the forecast at the end of the week....brrr!
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plus... coming up on local 5 news at ten france is responding to isis attacks... by conducting airstrikes in syria... nikki: next.... in this week's farm to family it's a fun activity for you to try...and it has a sweet reward. that story is straight ahead
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there are many ways for news to spread...from social media to even catching it on your local news... but sometimes word of mouth may be the quickest... thats what a berry farm in indianola found out... they've grown and grown... all thanks to the customers who keep coming back. local 5's claire powell has the story in this week's farm to family.. " on the edge of the woods away from any city... "insistent berries are picked fresh and taken home fresh" is a place full of
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sweet, ripe berries... "husband decided to plow it and plant it, what an opp to put red raspberries out there..i put out 40 plants" beth mcgeough has loved raspberries since she was a little girl. "do you liek the black ones? i liek them all too....berry season is my favorite" but her love- you can say, has officially blossomed.. "however next year i adde 125 then 250 and it mushroomed, i then had to have black berries, raspberries and tart cherries" the berries are ripening from march until the first hard frost in october- so theyre ready all summer long.. "darker the color the riper they are, if youre picking, pick the dark reds are these gorgeous?" rows and rows and rows uniquely marked so the people who come to pick or pick up- know where to go. "i havent advertised, we've grown strictly by word of mouth" "good morning yall , good morning!" "have peopel come out to the farm, we meet peopel we never
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wouldve encountered" "was your garden low, it was wet? yeah" with the help of some neighbors- beth make jellys, jams, pies and you name it as long as there's berries involved. "13,14, 15 and 20 ive had people they usually dont make it home- thatd be me" "i love being outside, love seeing thigns grow and just the pleasure of watching something like this grow, develop and have wonderful fruit, fun to see and be part of" "i say its a berry good day- laugh" from indianola, claire powell local 5 news... we are iowa. " nikki:
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for more information and more farm to farm stories visit our website more farm to farm stories visit our website we are iowa dot com nikki another sunday of top plays... jordan: and with two seasons wrapping up at the high school level, our local athletes keep bringing it! our latest top 5 might include the greatest catch of the year...we'll be right back... you're watching local five news at 10.
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are iowa sports" jordan: the high school football season is winding down with state championships to be decided later this week, while the high school volleyball season is already complete... athletes from both sides brough it this past week, and top plays is reaping the benefits! let's check out our top 5 plays of the week all made by local
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athletes. play number five...central iowa is really really good at volleyball. there were so many plays at the state tournament i bunched em all together. first up dowling's mykal sadler, the middle hitter is headed to umkc, and you can see why! next is harlan's taylor frederick, also bringing the pain. then it's a pair of johnston dragons, denise ssozi, rising and firing! then her teammate, taryn knuth cleans up the trash at the night! what a week for our athletes in cedar rapids, and remind me never to play volleyball with them... play number four ..comes to us from the uni- dome. norwalk versus sgt. bluff-luton. the warriors, brady brandsfield taking the snap rolling out and fires a dart to tyler schamel did he get it? yes he did! take another look, brandsfield threads the needle where only schamel can catch it and tyler has the great hands and stays in bounds! wow. plays like that are why norwalk
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will play for its first state title in school history thursday against pella! play number three ..also comes from the dome. thursday's 8-man semi between m- m-c and glidden- ralston had a sick catch! g-r's clayton christian in the pocket throws up a deep ball to christopher brown. and brown gets a little assist from jacob spieler! the tipped pass is caught by brown and taken in for the score! one more time..what could've been an interception turns into points, thanks to some amazing concentration by one christopher brown! we stay in 8-man for play number two...defending champion newell-fonda battling don bosco... the dons looking like they're gonna march in easily.. not if cole wise has anything to say about it! the d-lineman sticks up his massive paw, gets a hand on it and is on his way to freedom! 64 yards for the pick 6! coaches always preach to the d- line to get your hands up on passes... cole wise, showing how wise some coaches are! turning defense
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finally play number one is in the running for the best of the year! van meter versus western christian... ben trent and anthony lowman have already made it on once, this play trumps their last one! are you kidding me! i don't believe what i just saw! check this out again. the pass to lowman appears to be tipped, bobbled by lowman, punched up in the air and then caught between his legs!! i slowed this down even more and still can't believe it! espn you missed out on what i thought was a for sure top play earlier this year, don't make the same mistake twice! holy cow! the kid is standing on his head for play #1 anthony lowman number 27 in your programs, number one in our hearts! in our local 5 top five plays of the week! nikki: thanks jordan still to come on
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10 some peoples junk is other's treasure... we'll explain how some people got an early start to thier christmas shopping in des moines with a junk jubilee. nikki: and.. leaving the church... why thousands of mormons are renouning their membership in utah. nikki: but first... a false alarm reignites fear in paris... as mourners gather to say goodbye to their loved ones. we'll be right back... you're watching local five news at 10. "your watching local 5
10:22 pm " nikki/lam in world headlines tonight french warplanes are pummeling i-s-i-s targets in syria, two days after the terrorist attacks in paris. france says the planes to took out command and recruitment centers in raqqa (rocka), the group's home base of sorts. today's airstrikes also hit an i-s-i-s training camp and an ammunition
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depot. and according to a french official, all targets were destroyed. the islamic state claimed responsibility for a series of attacks in paris friday night. nikki/lam the investigation into the paris terror attacks is crossing international borders. police made several arrests in belgium and now word from french officials that another attacker is on the run. tonight, paris remains on edge - one false alarm sparking chaos and evacuations. here's abc with more. nats - "?crowds chanting?" crowds in paris trying to reclaim their city - chanting and singing? but just moments later -- nats "?running people?" pure panic? everyone running scared? police moving in - weapons drawn. nats "?yelling in french - to get out?" it spread from the plaza - through the streets - to nearby restaurants? and scenes of friday's attacks. but authorities quickly determined it was a false alarm? fireworks, not gunshots. sot - french police "?we have to act, because maybe there is somebody with a gun - we have to see?" nats "?yelling?"
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heating up. heavily armed police swarmed a man outside a belgium train station this weekend? the raids netted several people - including one member of the attack team who had managed to escape. at least one more man remains on the run. investigators releasing this picture? a 26-year-old french national - salah abdeslam -- considered dangerous. (le monde) nats - "...people screaming?" the arrests come as we learn more about the gunmen who attacked the bataclan theater... one of the shooters - identified as a 29-year- old french citizen - had been flagged as possible terrorist five years ago - but never charged. sot - richard clarke / fmr. national security official / abc news contributor "they did not have enough people to follow all of the suspects on their list of people who have been radicalized and who may be isis supporters."
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we also now have the picture of the passport found on one of the attackers - identifying him as a syrian refugee... he came through a greek island last month - alone and unarmed. karla barguirena oncam close: the prosecutor's office confirms to abc news that a car linked to the attacks was found in a paris suburb - and had several kalashnikov rifles inside. karla barguiarena, abc news, new york. nikki police are investigating the stabbing death of a 17-year-old girl found dead this weekend in georgia. officers discovered abbey hebert's body outside a residence yesterday morning. police found and arrested another girl, 18-year-old olivia smith, near the body. smith stands charged with murder and is being held without bond. students gathered at the victim's high school in memory of their slain classmate. the school is planning to have grief counselors available on campus tomorrow. nikki: more than 25- hundred people crowded a salt lake city park saturday... they participated in a mass resignation from the church of jesus christ of latter-day saints. some mormons are upset about a new policy regarding children living with gay parents. they say they had paperwork to renounce their membership with
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the help of an attorney. friday, the church's first presidency released a letter clarifying their policy. they say all children are welcome to attend church meetings and participate in church activities. nikki: you may have noticed something a bit unusual if you drove around clive. it's an orange spray painted bicycle near the banker's trust off university. it's orange all over, from the seat, all the way down to the chains that lock it to the sign. but the bike hasn't been left behind by anyone. the bike serves as an advertisement to encourage people to head down to orangetheory fitness in clive. there, you'll see a matching bike with lock. nikki: believe it or not, we're less than six weeks away from christmas. some people stopped by the state fairgrounds today to get a head start on shopping. the fifth annual brought in more than 150 vendors from all over the midwest. booths were decorated with winter themes, and people from all kinds of vintage things to add to their if you missed out
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on this weekend's event, there will be another one in april. nikki: meteorologist james peterson joins us now with a quick look at the forecast. james rain showers will move in by early monday, then redevelop later on during the evening hours. more rain (not snow!) will return on tuesday before we dry out on wednesday. temperatures stay in the 50s and 60s through mid-week, but keep those winter coats handy for the end of the week when highs will be in the 30s and 40s with overnight lows down into the 20ws...and snow chances return to the forecast at the end of the week....brrr!
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nikki: coming up in our weekend buzz.... mabye you've noticed a little extra fuzz around here... we're talking no shave november and more when
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nikki: last week was a big week for high school football. friday night was the big matchup between my very own dowling catholic and our rivals... the valley tigers. they faced off during the semi- finals at the uni-dome. in case you missed it, i challenged sabrina ahmed before the game. take a look. "no captioning for this sound bite " nikki: sabrina did have
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a video response back but our producer lost the footage. so sabrina wrote us tonight. nikki: she says "i admit defeat and
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present for you, nikki. i understand your high school has a better football team this year and i'll be in maroon and white tomorrow morning. i'm not a sore loser, but there's always next year." nikki: sabrina stopped by this weekend with her surprise.... here at local 5, the men are growing out their beards and the men are growing out their beards and raise cancer it's week three awareness. it's week three
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now. can you guys see a difference? here's a comparison so far this month. jordan james nikki: if you'd like to james nikki: if you'd like to nikki: if you'd like to
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donations will only be accepted through the no- shave website. for a link to that head to our website at we are iowa dot com. nikki james i'll have your forecast next. "now, we are iowa's
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meteorologist james peterson. certified by weatherrate the independent weather experts" james rain showers will move in by early monday, then redevelop later on during the evening hours. more rain (not snow!) will return on tuesday before we dry out on wednesday. temperatures stay in the 50s and 60s through mid-week, but keep those winter coats handy for the
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end of the week when highs will be in the 30s and 40s with overnight lows down into the 20ws...and snow chances return to the forecast at the end of the week....brrr!
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hawkeye football, but the hawkeye basketball team also in action... jordan
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this is that time of year where basketball and football coexist, it's nice! coming up next, iowa looks to start the season 2-0 with some newer faces taking on coppin state. we'll be right back... you're watching local five news at 10. " now, local 5 sports with jordan furbee. we
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jordan: not too many people know what to expect from the hawkeyes basketball team this year. sure they bring back four year starters adam woodbury and mike gesell as well as jared uthoff. but the hawks also bring in 10 newcomers to to the team, tied for 2nd most in the country! hawks taking on coppin state this evening... first half it's mike gesell, the pride of south sioux city nebraska drops in the triple! then from the big man, adam woodbury, the silky finish extends the hawkeye lead. more long ball, dom uhl buries the three, he finished with 18, part of a 17-0 run then more from gesell. he set a career
10:39 pm
high with 9 assists on friday. check out the sick left handed pass to uhl... then just before the half, gesell kicks it out to brady ellingson, the redshirt frosh drains the three ball. he finished with a game high 20 points off the bench... gesell had 10 assists at halftime, he'd set a new career high with 12. hawks up 30 at the break...2nd half they run away.. ellingson gives it back to dale jones and the juco transfer drops in the triple. he finished with 16 off the pine. 11 different players scored as the hawks move to 2-0, 103- 68. jordan/fullscreen the iowa women also in action at the hawkeye challenge. the ladies take down tennessee martin 62-56. four players finished in double figures as its iowa's 20th straight win at carver hawkeye. let's check out some hoops action, drake women hosting iowa state in their home opener. cyclones up early, but here come the bulldogs. off the miss, maddy dean grabs the board and kicks it out to nicole miller who splashes in the three, miller finished with 13 more long ball
10:40 pm
from drake now, caitlyn ingle flips to to dean from almost the same spot, cash money, dean had a double double of 10 points, 11 boards. bulldogs on a 8-0 run to go up 15-8. but back comes isu with some 3's of their own.. jadda buckley drops in a triple to pull within one, she had a game high 18. next up kidd blaskowsky tickles the twine for three more, she finished with 12 cyclones up 21-20 after one. but drake goes up at halftime and hangs on for the 74-70 win. jordan: the iowa hawkeyes are 10-0 for the first time ever! in the 126 year history of hawkeye football, no team has started this well! alex giaimo has more from iowa city "(alex giaimo) for the first time the iowa hawkeyes have played ten games and have won every single one of them. they are off to the best start in school history with the win over minnesota. after the game the head coach acknowledged this special moment for his team. (kirk ferentz) yea they should feel really proud of that its significant there's no question about that uh it was significant last week to go 9-0 and match that 2009 team. uh, but yea to push it to 10-0 i think it feels pretty good i think we are all so focused in the moment quite
10:41 pm
frankly that it will you know sink in. (giaimo) here's another first for iowa..they have now scored at least 30 points in four straight big ten games. (austin blythe) nobody else in the history of this program has done that and its very special. its something we will remember forever. hearing these honorary captains come back and tell us about their teams is hopefully something that i can come back and talk about. (matt vandeberg) it's awesome i mean to do something that iowa has never done before is pretty cool and to do it in front of that crowd is exciting. (giaimo) the hawkeyes are in the history books but aren't finished writing their story. (tevaun smith) um it's big for us especially making history like this. uh, the guys are excited you know we got two games left now, i mean, everybody's going to enjoy it tonight but 10 and 0 is not really the goal. (alex giaimo) next weekend the hawks have a chance to clinch the big ten west division title with a win over purdue. that game will be at 11am here at kinnick stadium. in iowa city with your hawkeye headquarts report, alex giaimo, local 5 sports, we are
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chiefs-broncos holding a moment of silence before the game for the victims of the paris attacks 1st quarter, 7-0 chiefs peyton manning becomes the nfl's all time passing leader with 71-thousand 840 yards on that pass. but that was as good as manning's day would get. here he's picked off by josh mauga, manning's third int of the day. and it got worse! 3rd quarter now 22-0 k-c. manning is intercepted again! his 4th of the game, he would be benched the rest of the game. chiefs get another on the board here as alex smith finds charcandrick west for the 80 yard score. k-c hands denver its second straight loss, 29-13. vikings going for their 5th win in a row taking on the raiders.... late first half, oakland up 14-13. until cordarrelle patterson, haven't heard his name that much this year, but he takes the kickoff 93 yards for the score, vikes up 20-14 at halftime. now 23-14 with just more than 2 minutes in the 4th...
10:43 pm
adrian peterson puts this one on ice. a-p takes the handoff and is audi 5000! 80 yards for the score, vikings move to 7-2 on the year, 30-14! jon: we'll be right back... you're watching local five news at 10. nikki:
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need a lot of quarters for this vending machine. carvana has opened a five- storvending chine filled with used cars, in nashville....and we're not talking hot wheels. you pick a car online first, then go to the dealership. then go to the dealership. you get a special, large coin to put in the machine, and it pushes out your car! you can either test drive it, or buy it on the spot. james rain showers will move in by early monday, then redevelop later on during the evening hours. more rain (not snow!) will return on tuesday before we dry out on wednesday. temperatures stay in the 50s and 60s through mid-week, but keep those winter coats handy for the end of the week when highs will be in the 30s
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and 40s with overnight lows down into the
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