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tv   ABC5 News at 530  ABC  November 22, 2015 5:30pm-5:59pm CST

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nikki also coming up on local five news at 5:30 paul rhoads is out of the job. we're speaking to fans in ames about the shocking announcement. "we have a lot more people to serve during the winter just more people in genreal coming in wether they stay with us or not " nikki: the dropping temperatures are bringing more people to shelters across the metro. nikki is still on high alert after terror threats showed an imminent danger. the search for the suspects is underway. "local 5 news at 5:30 in hd starts now. we are iowa " nikki: good evening. welcome to local 5 news, i'm nikki davidson nikki: big news out of ames tonight. paul rhoads is out of the job at iowa state university. nikki: athletic director jamie
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pollard made the announcement this morning, informing coach rhoads of his decision before releasing a statement to the media. pollard went on to say that the change will be effective at the end of the season and that rhoads will coach in the season finale at west virginia on saturday. in rhoads' 7 seasons in ames, he compiled a 32- 54 record, leading iowa state to 3 bowl games in seven years, but none since 20-12. pollard and rhoads will both meet with the media coming up on monday. local 5's jacob peklo caught up with fans and has more from ames... jacob peklo, reporting: "definitely a disappointing, if not somewhat surprising turn of events in ames today. paul rhoads...fired just hours after the team's latest setback. now, i talked to a number of students and fans of the university and they told me that rhoads definitely had a great grasp on his team and they were definitely playing hard for him, but the results on the field, including the record on the field just was not up to par." alison metzger, isu senior: "it's sad to see it happen this way. i would have loved to give him more chances, but he's had his time, he's had his chances, and he's not winnning. and ultimately, that's what football comes down to." andrea butler, isu fan: "we need to have somebody that really can execute wins and make the decisions, and i think every iowa state fan agrees that even though we love him as a person, that maybe it's time to have
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somebody else in there." rhoads' tenure was filled with near wins, like the last two seasons against oklahoma state. but it's a lack of success in a tough big 12 conference that fans say cost him his position. jacob miller, isu senior: "he's been a great coach, he's very passionate about what he wants to do. it's just, it's not all passion, you've got to be able to do some other stuff too." zach reece, isu junior: "i was very surprised on him still being able to coach the last game, kind of puts the team and other people in different situation, possible uncomfortable situations. so, let's hope we get a 'w'." jacob peklo, reporting: "now, even though the team is 3-8, the talent here is actually far better than that. so, whoever gets the next job coaching this team is in a good situation. reporting for local five news, jacob peklo, back to you." nikki: coming up later in sports, we'll take look back on rhoads' time in ames. nikki: viewers at home are sharing their thoughts about the announcement. on facebook, angela says "pollard needs to go, too" tod says "paul rhoads is a
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class act despite his win loss record. and this is coming from a hawkeyes fan. good luck next week isu, send him out with a win." and cheryl says "now he gets four point five million dollars to not work. where do i sign up for a job like that?" nikki: we want to see your comments. connect with us on facebook and twitter. just search weareiowa 5 news and you could see your comment on air. nikki/ots a home in earlham was destroyed in a large fire this weekend. the blaze started while a man and his dog were still inside... multiple fire departments were called to the scene... it happened at a rural home off 320th way in earlham around 2:15 yesterday afternoon. it took firefighters about an hour and a half to take out the flames. fire officials are still investigating the cause of the fire but say it may be electrical and have started in the internal walls. no one was injured in the fire, but the home was deemed a total loss. nikki: residents of a des moines apartment complex were evacuated last night after a fire started on a deck and spread inside... it happened at 2100 east virgina avenue... fire crews arrived around 9 p.m.
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saturday. and found a fire on one apartment deck, and a fire in the cieling between the second and third floor. they say there are no reported injuries at this time and the cause of the fire is still under investigation. nikki: now that the weather is colder, it's bringing more people into homeless shelters across the metro. the central iowa shelter and services saw an influx in numbers. more than 200 people stayed with them this weekend. they say they didn't turn anyone away and expect to serve even more people this winter. they say everyone is welcome to come in whether they stay with them or not. "we do have 150 beds and then we do have chairs for individuals to sleep in when its cold out its not the most comfortable but its warm its out of the elements and it will give you a nice meal " nikki: the shelter relies heavily on donations and is in constant need of supplies. if you'd like to help, they say have a shortage of winter clothes and men's jeans. nikki: dozens of people around the metro are spreading holiday cheer one gift at a time. at valley community
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center in west des moines, people packed boxes full of goodies as part of their annual operation christmas child. the goal is to fill shoe boxes with toys, school supplies, and hygeine products to at- risk children around the world. today they hosted a "packing party" where families with special needs helped pack some of these special gifts. "i've been a part of the operation christmas child journey for years and last year i had the chance to go to panama and actually deliver boxes to children and it's so special that our community and our entire church ralleys behind this opportunity " nikki: they say they'll pack more than 12 hundred boxes at this event and send 3 thousand each year. this is the 20th year they've been hosting it. nikki: coming up on local 5 news at 5:30... lower gas prices means more traveling this holiday season. why you may need some patience if you're going far from home. nikki:'s day two of the lockdown in brussels. subways and stores remain closed while police continue to look for the terror
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"you're watching local
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are iowa" nikki/lam a security lockdown in belgium continues. subways and stores remain closed, events cancelled and americans are warned to stay home - due to an imminent terror threat. at the same time, we're hearing from the american band that survived the terror attacks. abc's marci gonzalez has more. a second day of lockdown in brussels- soldiers patrolling streets? the metro closed. sot - mos tourist "christmas tree. armored vehicle belgian officials say they'll maintain this highest level of alert- at least through monday?a response to what police believe is a serious, imminent threat of possible attacks targetting malls and public transport. sot - local police "we have support from the belgium army so everything is secure
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here in brussels." amidst this lockdown - the manhunt -growing for escaped paris killer- salah abdeslam. authorities say the 26- year-old terrorist, went to belgium following the attack and a lawyer for his driving companions claims he was possibly wearing a suicide belt. back in paris? the memorials still growing- as we learn new, chilling details of the nightmare inside the bataclan concert hall? (sebsnow instagram vid) nats - "?music/gunshots?" (lemonde video) shared by- the lead singer of the american band playing there that night, in an upcoming exclusive interview with vice news (vice interview - no excerpting-fair use / no archiving / no obscuring video logo) sot - jesse hughes / eagles of death metal "several people hid in our dressing room, and the killers were able to get in and killed every one of them-except for a kid who was hiding under my leather jacket," meanwhile, police released this picture- of another accused terrorist: one of the men they say passed through greece before detonating a suicide vest outside of this stadium? while today-president obama - again vowed to put an end to isis. sot - president obama
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"we do not succumb to fear." marci gonzalez, abc news, paris. nikki: flames could be seen coming from chicago's hancock tower saturday. a fire broke out on the 50th floor in a residential unit. five people were injured... and one of them was taken to the hospital. the person inside of the apartment at the time of the fire-- got out safely. firefighters put out the flames quickly... they say within 30- minutes of the first call " there was a total of 5 injuries with this fire. all minor, some smoke related and a twisted ankle from what i understand." nikki: investigators are still looking into the cause of the fire. nikki: tesla is recalling all of its model s cars -- 90- thousand in total. they say they got one report of a seatbelt malfunction in the front seat that would not securely connect. the car wasn't involved in a crash and no injuries were reported. but the company said there was a
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potential for future issues and decided on the recall to be safe. tesla says the problem was not found in other models. nikki/ots pack some patience if you plan to travel away from home this thanksgiving. airports and roads could be crowded. triple-a says nearly 47-million americans will travel at least 50 miles..from wednesday through sunday. the good news for them... triple-a says gas is the cheapest its been since 2008. the costs are also down for those flying-- they say airline tickets are ten percent lower than last year and are expecting more than 300 thousand passengers than last year . nikki/2shot we are iowa's most accurate weather team... meteorologist james peterson is here now... james: i'll have your forecast coming
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peterson certified by weatherrate the independent weather experts" james/wx wall it looks like we have bottomed out on our coldest temps, and will be warming up as we get to mid week. your week will start out sunny and cold, but the melting will really start on tuesday as highs move back into the 40s. 50s will quickly follow mid week, along with rain showers for thanksgiving...yes rain, not snow! making those holiday travel plans a lot less
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return as we get to the weekend.
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nikki/2 shot coming up in sports
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out of the job. we're taking a look back at his time with the cyclones.
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jordan: the news out of ames today wasn't a complete surprise, but it's still tough news to take. paul rhoads out as iowa state head coach after 7 seasons. rhoads will still coach the team's
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saturday at west virginia... a 32-54 record wouldn't bode well for any coach. but with paul rhoads it's the ending of a career in ames that showed a world of promise, but ultimately fell short. "our new head coach, paul rhoads..." "paul rhoads and iowa state were almost destined to meet. born just down the road in nevada rhoads was an assistant coach for the cyclones from 1995 to 99. after that he went on to make stops at pittsburgh and auburn as d-coordinators before coming back to ames in 2009. "it's good to be home." rhoads' first season in ames was nothing short of historical. highlighted by iowa state's 9-7 win over nebraska. it was the cyclone's first win in lincoln since 1977." "i am so proud to be your head coach...." despite losing three of the final four games of the season, rhoads and the clones went on to beat minnesota in the insight bowl rhoads became the first cyclone coach to win seven games in his first season since 1907 and was the first cyclone coach to have a winning record since 1931!
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2010 saw another milestone acheived. rhoads brought a 3-4 team into austin texas and for the first time in history, iowa state took down mighty texas! but the season once again ended in disappointment as iowa state finished 5-7, dropping the final three games of the season.. 2011 was perhaps the most exciting season under paul rhoads. after squeaking by uni, the cyclones took down iowa in a triple overtime thriller giving rhoads his first win in the cy-hawk series. iowa state would proceed to drop its next 4 games to start the big 12 schedule, 3 against ranked opponents before rallying off two straight wins. then on a friday night in november, magic happened. iowa state upset #2 oklahoma state in double overtime, ruining the cowboys shot at a national title. "." but once again, disappointment ended the season as the cyclones dropped the
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final two games of the regular season before falling to rutgers in the pinstripe bowl, 2012 brought renewed optimism. another win over the hawkeyes and a win on the road at #15 tcu gave isu a 4-1 record to start the season. that would quickly change as the cyclones finished the season 2-6, capped off by another bowl loss. this time to tulsa, a team isu beat 38-23 to open the season. 2013 was a frustrating one for rhoads. a home opening loss to fcs opponent uni, was followed by a loss to iowa. then in what looked like a turnaround game for the cyclones ended in heartbreak. a 31-30 loss to texas, which turned on this controversial play. rhoads let his feeling be known after the game. "." iowa state would go on to lose 9 of its first 10 games before winning two straight for a disappointing 3-9 year. in what was supposed to be a better year, 2014 started off disasterous.
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another loss to an fcs opponent in north dakota state was followed by a loss to kansas state where the cyclones were shutout in the 2nd half, falling 32-28. the game that may have saved paul rhoads was a 20-17 win over iowa. cole netton kicked the game winner as the cyclones made it 3 wins over iowa in 4 years. after that, iowa state would finish the season 1-8, going 0-9 in the big 12. this season was a little better, but the cyclones still couldn't turn it around rhoads record to this point is not especially pretty, 32-54, 16-44 in the big 12 and just 4-28 in the big 12. but perhaps nothing sums up paul rhoads more than what his former player jeff woody had to say... "but the guy who has the ultimate say, said it best in an interview earlier this year..." jordan tonight at ten, sports director jon schaeffer and i will delve deeper into this move and speculate on what's next for
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nikki: we'll be right back... you're watching local five news at 5:30 james:
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will be warming up as we get to mid week. your week will start out sunny and cold, but the melting will really start on tuesday as highs move back into the 40s. 50s will quickly follow mid week, along with rain showers for thanksgiving...yes rain, not snow! making those holiday travel plans a lot less stressful. average highs and lows will return as we get to the weekend. have a great sunday! nikki/3shot thank you for spending your time with us tonight. log onto our
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