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tv   Local News at Ten  ABC  November 22, 2015 10:00pm-11:00pm CST

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then you want to turn right you wanna argue all day making love all ght first you're up then you're down then in between oh, i really want to know what do you mean? when you nod your head yes and want to say no what do you mean when you don't want me to move but tell me to go what do you mean because you're running out of time what do you mean oh what do you mean better make up your mind what do you mean
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>> amas, what's up? i gave you the key when the doorwasn't open i gave you faith turned to doubt and to hope, can't deny it now i'm all alone tell me where are you now that i need you where are you now well you know that i need you couldn't find you anywhere when you broke down i didn't leave you i was by your side so where are you now that i need you
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where are you now that i need you? where are you now that i need you? where are you now that i need you?
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[ cheers and applause ] you gototta go anget angry atll of my honesty you know i try but i don't do too well with apologies i hope i don't run out of time could someone call a referee i just need one more shot at forgiveness i knonow you kn that ii made those mistakes maybe once or twice and by once or twice i mean maybe a couple of hundred times so let me oh let me redeem oh redeem oh myself tonight i just need one more shot at second chances yeah is it too late now to say sorry cause i'm missing more
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than just your body oh is it too late now to say sorry yeah i know that i let you down is it too late to say i'm sorry now i'm sorr yeah so sorry sorry yeah, i know that i let you down is it too late to say i'm sorry now i'll take every single piece of the blame if you want me to but you know that there is no innocent one in this game for two but i'll go, i'll go and then you go you go out and spill the truth can we both say the words and forget this yeah is it too late now to say sorry
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just your body oh is it too late now to say sorry yeah, i know that i let you down is it too late to say i'm sorry now i'm not just trying to get you back on me 'cause i'm missing more than just your body oh is it too late now to say sorry yeah, i know that i let you down is it too late to say i'm sorry now i'm sorry, yeah sorry, yeah sorry yeah, i know that i let you down is it too late to say i'm sorry now
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so sorry sorry yeah, i know that i let you down is it too late to say i'm sorry now [ cheers and applause ] >> announcer: you just experienced a game-changing t-mobile finale. [ cheers and applause ] >> i had a wonderful time tonight hosting the amas. i hope you guys did, too. and i want to thank eveveryone w made my dream come true. everyone that made my dresses, all of it.
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i'll never forget it. thanks, larrrry. thanks, barry. god bless you guys! >> announcer: nominations are determined by chart performance in billboard, based on sales, airplay and streaming data tracked by nielsen music and cial interactions measured by next big sound. the voting is administered, monitored, and verified by telescope inc., an indendent vote management company and the results remain confidential until the time of presentation. air travel provided by american airlines. american is introducing new planes every week to keep you comfortable and connected in the skies. now that's going for great. come along with us. what happened backstage tonight at the amas? well, tomorrow, just wait till you see, on "good morning america"! plus, who wore it best tonight? first thing in the morning -- your ultimate ama fashion recap is on abc's "good morning america." and tomorrow night, it begins -- the "dancing with the stars" two-night finale event. see who takes home the mirror ball, plus live performances by meghan trainor, nick carter, andy grammer and more.
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"dancing with the stars" is live -- tomorrow night at 8:00/7:00 p.m. central.paul rhoads. we're taking a look back on his career and what's in store for the cyclones' future. local five news at 10 is next.
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5 news at 5 in hd. we james it looks like we have
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bottomed out on our coldest temps, and will be warming up as we get to mid week. your week will start out sunny and cold, but the melting will really start on tuesday as highs move back into the 40s. 50s will quickly follow mid week, along with rain showers for thanksgiving...yes rain, not snow! making those holiday travel plans a lot less stressful. average highs and lows will return as we get to the weekend. have a great sunday! nikki also coming up on local five news at 10... paul rhoads is out of a job. we're taking a look back on his career and speaking to fans... nikki one week after a deadly crash in des moines.... the family of the victims want a change to be made at a popular intersection.
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nikki high school students in ames are making a big difference this thanksgiving week... with a project they started on their own for a local food pantry... " local 5 news at 10 in hd starts now. we are iowa and we start with breaking news" nikki: good evening. welcome to local 5 news, i'm nikki davidson. nikki: we begin tonight with breaking news. des moines police tell us two people are dead after a shooting tonight... around 7 o'clock... police were called to the 42 hundred block of hull avenue on a report of a shooting. both des moines police and fire responded to the call. detectives are now conducting a double- homicide investigation. they're still in the process of notifying family and have not released many details on what happened. police say they plan to release more information on the case tomorrow... stay with local 5 as we continue to follow this story, nikki: big news out of ames tonight. paul rhoads is out of the job at iowa state university. rhoads spent 7 seasons as the cyclone's head football coach--and the announcement doesn't seem to
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surprise many. local 5's sports director jon schaeffer joins us now with more. jon? jon/bam thanks nikki -- i said it at the start of the season-- i felt rhoads needed to win 6 games this year to keep his job... that didn't happen-- now the announcement itself may not be surprising-- but the timing of it is. jordan: jamie pollard announced today that paul rhoads will not be the head coach of the iowa state football team next season-- but will coach the team saturday at west virginia. as nikki said this was his 7th season as head coach for the cyclones. it was filled with plenty of surprises. we saw the school's first thousand yard rusher since 2009-- mike warren. the firing of offensive coordinator mark mangino. the benching of sam richardson-- and emergence of ankeny grad joel lanning. jon: the cyclones nearly upset oklahoma state last week before seeing the cowboys claim a victory late in the 4th quarter. then isu blew a 35-14 halftime lead yesterday at k-state-- it was truly a meltdown-- but
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one i didn't necessarily blame on rhoads. still it was enough for pollard to make the decision. jon so let's look at rhoads' resume--in 7 seasons as head coach he was 32 adn 54 overall-- 3-8 this season with a game remaining. 1-2 in bowl games-- he hasn't been back to a bowl since 2012 i know rhoads would probably rather have his job over the money-- but it's estimated he'll be making four and a half million dollars in his contract buyout. his contract ran through 2021-- and they owed him 750 thousand per year. jon/bam jordan first let's talk about rhoads-- great person, speaks his mind, you can tell he loves coaching, and coaching right down the road from his old stomping grounds. you see the relationship he develops with players, he's a genuine person. something that needs to be considered for the next hire-- but this is a business of wins and losses.... jordan: (and that's what it comes down to...rhoads is a great motivator
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him, but winning and i think the way they lost was the troubling part. jon: alright so now way they lost was the troubling part. jon: alright so now jamie pollard will start the vetting process for a new head coach-- a couple of names i've heard tossed around are navy head coach ken niumatalolo-- a totally different scheme there at navy offensiveley... then there's utah state head coach mike wells whose current o-c- is jake wells-- paul rhoads tight end and wide receivers coach for four seasons. jordan: (looking for that steve prohm kind of guy) jon: alright we'll have more later
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alright we'll have more later in sports and of course tomorrow here on local 5. now we go to jacob peklo who has more from social media more from social media reaction to the firing. jacob/dmc twitter is flooded with thoughts from current iowa state players as well as some distinguished alums. former bulls forward marcus fizer had this to say..."hate to see anyone lose their job."
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weighing in as well. running back michael warren..."i'm thankful for the opportunity he gave me to play at this level. very genuine being and the most selfless person i know." wideout alan lazard..."after my first career catch, i'll never forget that moment." defensive back trever ryen..."i'm so thankful for coach rhoads. he gave me an opportunity of a lifetime and taught me so many things about life. i love you coach!" i traveled to ames this afternoon to get reaction on the firing. a lot of people felt bad because rhoads was so well liked in the community. here's a little bit of what they had to say. jacob miller, isu senior: "everybody thought it would happen, but he and jamie pollard are great friends i've heard. so, i think he gave him a chance and gave him as much as he
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could." zach reece, isu junior: "the coaching wasn't there, with letting mangino go. some people spectulated there was problems on the coaching staff. so, maybe this year, was a better year to let him go." bob hammond, isu fan: "he was a good coach and he worked his tail off. i know that. and had a lot of good players, so you can't necessarily blame it all on the coach or all on the players." andrea butler, isu fan: "i feel bad for his family too, and just reading things on social media or facebook is probably hard for him and his family because people are probably really upset about it. jacob/dmc viewers at home are sharing their thoughts about the announcement as well.... sandra says...."we will definitely miss rhoads enthusiasm and love of isu but think it's time. now what do we get is the scary question?" kathy says... "i hate to see him go!"
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cheryl says.. "and now he gets 4.5 million dollars to not work. where do i sign up for a job like that?" reporting live in the newsroom, jacob peklo, local 5 news. we are iowa. nikki/ots a home in nikki/ots a home in earlham was destroyed in a large fire this weekend. the blaze started while a man and his dog were still inside... multiple fire departments were called to the scene... it happened at a rural home off 320th way in earlham around 2:15 yesterday afternoon. it took firefighte about an hour and a half to take out the flames. fire officials are still investigating the cause of the fire but say it may be electrical and have started in the internal walls. no one was injured in the fire, but the home was deemed a total loss. nikki: residents of a des moines apartment complex were evacuated last apartment complex were evacuated last night after a fire started on a deck and spread inside... it happened at 2100 east virgina avenue... fire crews arrived around 9 p.m. saturday. and found a fire on one
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apartment deck, and a fire in the cieling between the second and third floor. they say there are no reported injuries at this time and the cause of the fire is still under investigation. nikki: now that the weather is colder, it's bringing more people into homeless shelters across the metro. the central iowa shelter and services saw an influx in numbers. more than 200 people stayed with them this weekend. they say they didn't turn anyone away and expect to serve even more people this winter. they say everyone is welcome to come in whether they stay with them or not. "we do have 150 beds and then we do have chairs for individuals to sleep in when its cold out its not the most comfortable but its warm its out of the elements and it will give you a nice meal " nikki: the shelter relies heavily on donations and is in constant need of supplies. if you'd like to help, they say have a shortage of winter clothes and men's jeans. nikki/lam one week ago, two brothers died in a crash near a des moines intersection family members say there are no skid marks to be found near the site of the crash at hubbell and east 37th street. and that's why
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tonight, they're saying changes must be made. nikki: local 5's jacob peklo has their story. one week ago, rebecca sonnenburg and her family received a phone call that was their worst nightmare. rebecca sonnenburg, daughter: "my father was the one who was dead on arrival, and my uncle died being transported to the hospital." she says this intersection at hubbell and east 37th street has a number of problems. rebecca sonnenburg, daughter: "speed, no stoplights. there's no crosswalk. it's just a free for all drag race zone." family members say the corner has been problematic for a long time, and they want to see a change before it's too late. tamara cox, niece: "we were turning in here and we almost got rear-ended ourselves." randy sonnenburg, son: "they need something here. when they were doing construction, they had lights. they worked. where are they at now?" on sunday night, exactly one week after the deadly crash, family members gathered near their memorial to hold a vigil. and the hope is that something can be done, to protect others from a similar experience. rebecca sonnenburg, daughter: "hopefully, this is a learning experience for people, not to drive
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distracted. drinking, drugs, the texting can wait. just think before you get behind the wheel." at 6:11, the time of the crash, they blew out their candles as a way to say good bye. rebecca sonnenburg, daughter: "there needs to be some kind of traffic control, so there's not more statistics like this." it's a tragedy they'll never forget, and one they hope others will never have to live through. in des moines, jacob peklo, local five news. we are iowa. nikki: coming up on local 5 news at 10... more than three thousand pounds of food.... we'll tell you where it's all going thanks to the good deeds of local high school students... nikki: and.. families with special needs are giving back....and making holiday wishes come true for kids around the globe. james: and i'll have your forecast ahead " " "now, we are iowa's most accurate forecast with
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most accurate forecast with meteorologist james peterson. certified by weatherrate the independent weather experts" james/wx wall it looks like we have bottomed out on our coldest temps, and
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out sunny and cold, but the melting will really start on tuesday as highs move back into the 40s. 50s will quickly follow mid week, along with rain showers for thanksgiving...yes rain, not snow! making those holiday travel plans a lot less stressful. average highs and lows will
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the weekend. have a great sunday!
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plus... coming up
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plus... coming up on local 5 news at ten high school students in ames are going above and beyond to help the hungry just in time for thanksgiving. nikki: next.... in this week's farm to family this farm was tucked away in story county and has been in the works for nearly forty years. we'll show you how a family transformed a hill into a garden getaway.
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others are hidden gems- blanketed by winding roads and the canopy of trees. this weeks farm is the latter- hiding away in story county. making it a perfect spot for a garden getaway. nikki: local 5's claire powell has the story in this week's farm to family. " " down a long, bumpy one lane road "we have to keep up with what we already have thats a lot of work" sits joe lynch's hip- roofed house along onion creek. "late 70's was to build an energy efficient home after the first energy crisis in 73" a passively solar heated sort of cabin with a barn-like feel. surrounded by beautiful gardens. "cant have it look beautiful without the work to keep it in good condition" part of their house- belongs to comg and going guests- in need of quiet place to stay. "the part thats the guest house was
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unused and we didnt know what to do with for us, it has" layers. the hosue and chicken house is where we plant most of our flowers" to the acre filled with veggies for market. "some things work well one year next year they dont work at all, do the best you can and fight the weeeds" the lynch's garden keeps growing-which keeps onion creek farms, busy and in business. "avid gardeners, small became a large garden, then large became a way to make a living" this year- the best garlic season yet- hang drying in an attic of a barn. "this is german, crisp , delicious and keeps very well" with 12 thousand miles on his electric vehicle- joe says some days its harder to keep up than others. but it's been worth the decades of planning for imperfect
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perfection out on the onion creek farm. "almost 40 years, taken a while to figure out what we wanted todo how we wanted it, no end to the work but its our work, thats the good thing" from story county, claire powell, local 5 news we are iowa. nikki: you can find onion creek farm products at ames hyvee, ames farmers market and wheatsfield. if you'd like to know more about onion creek farm, visit our website. we are iowa dot com nikki tough day for iowa state... jordan: you never want to see a coach get let go, but for paul rhoads he just couldn't turn the tide... coming up next, we begin our look back at paul rhoads' career, what started with a lot of promise, ultimately fell short. you're watching local five news at 10.
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welcome back...the news out of ames today wasn't a complete
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surprise, but it's still tough news to take. paul rhoads out as iowa state head coach after 7 seasons. rhoads will still coach the team's final game this saturday at west virginia... jordan: a 32-54 record wouldn't bode well for any coach. but with paul rhoads it's the ending of a career in ames that showed a world of promise, but ultimately fell short. "our new head coach, paul rhoads..." "paul rhoads and iowa state were almost destined to meet. born just down the road in nevada rhoads was an assistant coach for the cyclones from 1995 to 99. after that he went on to make stops at pittsburgh and auburn as d-coordinators before coming ba ck to ames in 2009. "it's good to be home." rhoads' first season in ames was nothing short of historical. highlighted by iowa state's 9-7 win over nebraska. it was the cyclone's first win in lincoln since 1977." "i am so proud to be your coach...." despite losing three of the final four games of the season, rhoads and the clones went on to beat
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insight bowl rhoads became the first cyclone coach to win seven games in his first season since 1907 and the first to have a winning first season since 1931! 2010 saw another milestone achieved. rhoads brought a 3-4 team into austin texas and for the first time in history, iowa state took down the mighty longhorns! but the season once again ended in disappointment as iowa state finished 5-7, dropping the final three games of the season.. 2011 was perhaps the most exciting season under paul rhoads. after squeaking by uni, the cyclones took down iowa in a triple overtime thriller giving rhoads his first win in the cy-hawk series. iowa state would proceed to drop its next 4 games to start the big 12 schedule, 3 against ranked opponents before rallying off two straight wins. then on a friday night in november, magic
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they did it!" iowa state upset #2 oklahoma state in double overtime, ruining the cowboys but once again, disappointment ended the season as the cyclones dropped the regular season before falling to rutgers in the 2012 brought renewed optimism. another win over the the road at #15 tcu gave isu a 4-1 record to start the season. that would quickly change as the cyclones would go 2-6 the rest of the way to finsih 6-7 after a loss to tulsa in the liberty bowl, a team isu beat 38-23 to open the season. jordan coming up later, we'll take a look at what we now know was the beginning of the end, the 2013 season which saw some tough losses. jon: we'll also hear from jeff woody, and rewind to an interview with jamie pollard from after last season asking about rhoads, what he has to say is almost prophetic. we'll have more
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on that later on...nikki... nikki: thanks guys still to come on local 5 news at 10 people around the metro are helping spread holiday cheer to children around the world. nikki: and.. they started with a goal of collecting one thousand pounds of food for the homeless... we'll show you the surprise these high school students got today when they counted it all up... nikki: next.. brussels is still on high alert after terror threats showed an imminent danger. police are still searching for the suspects. you're watching local five news at 10.
10:35 pm " nikki/lam lockdown in belgium subways and stores remain closed, and americans are warned t tstay home - due to an threat. at the same time, we're hearing american band the terror attacks. abc's marci gonzalez has more.
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a second day of lockdown in brussels- soldiers patrolling streets? the metro closed. sot - mos tourist "christmas tree. armored vehicle belgian officials say they'll maintain this highest level of alert- at least through monday?a response to what police believe is a serious, imminent threat of possible attacks targetting malls and public transport. sot - local police "we have support from the belgium army so everything is secure here in brussels." amidst this lockdown - the manhunt -growing for escaped paris killer- salah abdeslam. authorities say the 26- year-old terrorist, went to belgium following the attack and a lawyer for his driving companions claims he was possibly wearing a suicide belt. back in paris? the memorials still growing- as we learn new, chilling details of the nightmare inside the bataclan concert hall? (sebsnow instagram vid) nats - "?music/gunshots?" (lemonde video) shared by- the lead singer of the american band playing there that night, in an upcoming exclusive interview with vice news (vice interview - no excerpting-fair use / no archiving / no obscuring video logo) sot - jesse hughes / eagles of death metal
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"several people hid in our dressing room, and the killers were able to get in and killed every one of them-except for a kid who was hiding under my leather jacket," meanwhile, police released this picture- of another accused terrorist: one of the men they say passed through greece before detonating a suicide vest outside of this stadium? while today-president obama - again vowed to put an end to isis. sot - president obama "we do not succumb to fear." marci gonzalez, abc news, paris. nikki: flames could be seen coming from chicago's hancock tower saturday. a fire broke out on the 50th floor in a residential unit. five people were injured... and one of them was taken to the hospital. the person inside of the apartment at the time of the fire-- got out safely. firefighters put out the flames quickly... they say within 30- minutes of the first call " there was a total of 5 injuries with this fire. all minor, some smoke related and a twisted
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investigators are still looking into the cause of the fire. nikki: tesla is recalling all of its model s cars -- 90- thousand in total. they say they got one report of a seatbelt malfunction in the front seat that would not securely connect. the car wasn't involved in a crash and no injuries were reported. but the company said there was a potential for future issues and decided on the recall to be safe. tesla says the problem was not found in other models. nikki/ots pack some patience if you plan to travel away from home this thanksgiving. airports and roads could be crowded. triple-a says nearly 47-million americans will travel at least 50 miles..from wednesday through sunday. the good news for them... triple-a says gas is the cheapest its been since 2008. the costs are also down for those flying-- they say airline tickets are ten percent lower than last year and are expecting more than 300 thousand passengers than last year . nikki: speaking of thanksgiving... a group of local highschool
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students are making a big difference in their community... the ames high school "future health professionals" student organization held their first ever food drive... with the help of a few other student organzations they collected food from shoppers at ames area farewaystores... they set a goal of getting one thousand pounds of food donations and went way past that... they collected three thousand... seven hundred and fifty pounds. they said the upcoming holiday season inspired them to take action for the community... "we've definitely seen how great the need is so we thought it would be a great idea to have something like this and just helping out the community as a whole." nikki: most of the food they collected will go to the first food pantry in ames... another portion will stay inside the school and go to the ames high school food pantry. nikki: dozens of people around the metro are spreading holiday cheer one gift at a time. at valley community center in west des moines, people packed boxes full of goodies as part of their annual operation christmas child. the goal is to
10:40 pm
fill shoe boxes with toys, school supplies, and hygeine products to at- risk children around the world. today they hosted a "packing party" where families with special needs helped pack some of these gifts. "i've been a part of the operation christmas child journey for years and last year i had the chance to go to panama and actually deliver boxes to children and it's so special that our community and our entire church ralleys behind this opportunity " nikki: they say they'll pack more than 12 hundred boxes at this event and send 3 thousand each year. this is the 20th year they've been hosting it. nikki: still to come on local 5... a lot of people got out to enjoy the first snow of the season... some even ran a race in it... wev'e got some go pro video from the living history farms off road race... we'll be right back... you're watching local five news at 10.
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season... a lot of people got out to play in the winter weather... and whether we liked it or not... thousands of runners for the 37th annual living history farms race had to take on the course in several inches of snow... nikki: that included mornining meterololist sam schrier, photographer ryan davidson and myself... ryan wore this go pro during the race... and take a look at this ...sam looking very graceful as he made his way down this hill...
10:42 pm
creek and got our feet a little wet... all in all the race was six miles... they ended up cutting out a mile of the course and the most rocky terrian with more creeks. it was all still pretty slippery...we caught a lot of people wiping out, but it was a good time. nikki: here at local 5, the men are growing out their beards and mustaches to raise cancer awareness. it's week four. just one more
10:43 pm
comparison so far this month. nikki: jordan james and our production department had a little fun with the comparisons. james is tony stark and jordan with the "galifianakis" nikki: if you'd like to help our cause-- donations will only be accepted
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through the no- shave website. for a link to that head to our website at we are iowa dot com. nikki james i'll have your
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meteorologist james peterson. certified by weatherrate the independent weather experts" james/wx wall it looks like we have bottomed out on our coldest temps, and will be warming up as we get to mid week. your week will start
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but the melting will really start on tuesday as highs move back into the 40s. 50s will quickly follow mid week, along with rain showers for thanksgiving...yes rain, not snow! making those holiday travel plans a lot less stressful. average
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the weekend. have a great sunday! nikki: paul rhoads still
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conversation today... jordan
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it's a move that's not suprising, but still tough to see nonetheless... we finish our look back at rhoads career in ames coming up next... you're watching local five news at 10. jon
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